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Will Attempt to Frustrati
Xuiuorous Small Mexirmi
MEXICO CITY, Fob. H. -(By The
Associated Press)--Thn iron hand of
President Obrogou. which liar- hc C n
used uparlngly during the fourteen
months of hi.-> administration now is ef
fectively gripping the incipient revolu
tions in Mexico which in tin' pant
month have be«n nu-r" frequent than
at any time since the last change in
Tills morning General Antonio Pru
noda former commander < r the feder
al troops in the .-at.. ..f chihuahua
met death at the hands of a firing
squad. He had been convicted by a
courtmnrtlal on charges of r-b llion
in connection with the activltie- oY
General Francisco Murgia, former
minister of war.
Eight of Primerin' of fleers "ho came
to the capit • 8
the war office aud wle. w.-re taken
into custody with him ar<- oeing held
for court martial. The trial ..f Pru
r.eda lasted thruout Monday night and
th. vordlt t calling
hands i.f a firing - t iaa.’\as announce
at 6 o’clock tlrb morning. Shortly
afterward Prune.la, w.... rxeciKcd. He
mot death calmly. 11•• pleaded inno
cence of the charge laid against him.
Pruned.. , hold high mllit *ry
commands In the ntati of Col ulla, Chi
huahua and Tnmnuiip.-is. It is re
ported her. that in the state., of Uhi
huahua, Jalisco W . Uhu/.. roahulla.
Onxft a Mlclio.i an and Durango ‘there
ate small bauds which aro attempting
t > intimidate the inhai-itan:.-*. in sum
Instances they have sacked and !• irm-I
haciendas and f-vikill village*-.
tlons of leaders of navy yard em
ployes who have lo>l their employ
ment that flte yards could provide
Jobs for them ■: undertaking t:.e
scrapping •:ii. •. s*. at. i- gar l
ed as impract.,., naval department
off • s pointed
da. that th** - 'apping is confined al
most entirely to cutting up of tho
ships and ’ho moving of heavy
weights win a « i.. *c done with un
skilled l.i i mm'.
The breaking up of the new ships
wdl not be undertaken until tlie naval
limit* lUflod-
Waite Hoyt, Yankee
Harter Signs Contract
NEW VOIIK F« . Watte Hoyt
)., ke> pit !.• r. win* starred in the
world sc rice last fail, visited th<* club
. .'flees 'MI» hi** bride today u:id Migned
a contract f**r the . <>ming season. The
youngster who received JJ.eOO for his
work • • > > g nted an In
crease of more "thuu 10*> per cent.
Intercity Boxing Plans
Made in Denver
—Xeg a e
.: ... igher,
fight promoter of th.- Denver Athletic
f . ib. ■ , >. .... int -. ;ty .mat ur
’ p i ;.n i tu I i some
t'.tn# next • ' Gallagher Is in com
ma c it with amut.ur b.>x>*r* of
s? i.. i k .*• t’lty, Omaha, Salt
l ike « it> and *•?'■- i i a- •s. 11.. pro
poses .s th. municipal auditor
ium as the p’.ac? f..r the bouts.
penalty *-\rr handed out in the l nltrd
States di : . • .rt ..f Colorado f" r
violation . f th • V>m*(«*.i«l laws ’"d"
wa- inq I «•-. Sam P . alias satn
Ponchi. who "as sentenced t.» six
month. In jail nrtr-r j.;. .Kims Kullty
before Judy. Colin Neblptt-
Far.. Id.
Eastlak l ’. •-.!•• «! ic* he wa* alleged
to be . per il.u« • b»rg. -*'
e-al officers « • lifts* i'< l - a *
of mash In th** raid.
La* t week F.uo finish. 1 serving i
i N-da
ty Jail fo the -nm uffen e He a.-o
paid a fine ..f $--. f -0-
Award Leviathan Contract
Chairman laiskm* tin* shipping
hoard ha. deride.l to award the con
tract for reconditioning the liner I.**-
\ t»than t.i tli* New port N-w - ship
building and Dry Dork company to
morrow. it was niUI today on high au
thority and the board will in—*t at 0
o’clock tomorrow morning to ratify
formally thlo decision.
DUN VEIL Feb. 14.--Permission to
r, ~rl ... Hi- CM.' «..«•• !<**lc at vv'li
~r it-, mines was granted to the Rocky
Mountain Fuel company by the state
Industrial .-oniinission today. The
mines at which the old scale will bo
,1,(0 effect are: Simpson, Acme, C.or-
Columbian. Standard. \ ulean.
Offh'tnla of the company stated that
no proteats to the reduction were made
bv the employe**
The Ruling Passion
He owned a handsome touring car,
To ride in It was heaven.
He ran across some broken glas ß
Bill 111.97. '
If*' look some friends out for a ride—
’ll’was good to bo alive.
The carbureter threw a fit
Hill $20.85.
lie started on n Ilttl° tour.
The finest oort of fun.
Ho stopped 100 quick and .'Tipped his
gca re—
Bill $90.61.
He took hi" wife downtown to shop,
To save carfare was great.
He Jammed into one lamp-post--
BUI 1265.
Ho spent about all that ho had,
And then In anguish cried:
"I’ll put a mortgage on the house
And tako Just one moro ride.”
—New York Evening Mail
According to one authority tlm upper
class women of (Thina give little at
tention to serious affair**, spending
most "f their time in gossiping and
Sporting Notes
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.—Charles W. I
jo< k.;t t"-i, jo years old, hurling product
* | l,l Band lots, has boon signed
,h ’' Brooklyn club in tho National
I baseball league, it was announced to
! * UICAGU. Feb. 11. This is getaway
j*\ ..ok f,, r Chicago’s two major league
j h»seball clubs. The Nationals’ first
• -squad is scheduled to leave for its;
'j training camp on the Pacific coast!
Thursday, while the American league
.battery mm will depart for Marlin
Springs, Tex.. Saturday. Already a ,
nurnl or of athletes have reported to
the club secretaries, while others havo
advised that tin y will board the trains
•mi route. Manager Kid Gleason of the
" bite Sox will lead the advance guard
1" Tex at}, while William Klilofer of
the »’ubs will have charge of the party
to Catalina Island.
t.AKE PLACID. X. Y„ Feb. 14.
Canada, Switzerland, Norway and
Sweden. in addition to the United
States, will be represented at the an-
T'M.il international ski-jump here Feb
ruary -jj under the auspices of the 1
, e üb. K. Des Haibets, club
director, announced today.
* GUI*’AGO. Feb. 11. Jack Dempsey,
world’** champion prize fighter, left !
i for Ni w York in re- i
at he said was an ifr
' message from hk manager, Jackl
K«*.irn*». that lie was about to sign the 1
■hamp lon for a match In London or
Ear:-, presumably with Georges Car
I’.oxsr.g fans of Philadelphia aro
strong for Phil Salvador, the* San
Francisco lightweight. Salvador had
t ven consecutive victories in the
Quaker Cltjy to his credit.
| Vincent (Pepper) Merlin, (he crack
(Brooklyn featherweight, who is going
Ifi - - pea to, get .a
crack at Johnny Kilbane when the
champion returns from Europe.
1 u'ATi’ii iiodgk:
That s th>* tip that comes from the ;
White Sox camp.
Ularenco I lodge, the riayton, Ala..
bo> grabbed from Nashville during the
lfi'-’O campaign, is tlie gent referred to. |
Hodge and two other youngsters.)
1)* uglas McW • ney and Roy Wilkin- I
son. are counted on to help Dick Kerr
ami UrNun Fa tier materially this year.
Dodger was born at Clayton July
6. IRtM. made Ids bow to baseball
1 i IM3 with the Duthon, Ala., club by
winning fourteen and losing twelve
garm-s. n<- showevl tile Muff lie is
mud " of when he hurled a seventeen-
Inring game for tlie Dothan club on
July Fourth, thn*. year, allowing the
opposition six hits and only five bases
.-a balls. Tough luck. tho. lie was
beaten Z to 2.
Tho n• xt veiir !■* p’.iyed with Mont- [
g.*ni**r>. the following '■ ir with I.ee i 1
Tnrnehlll at Jin ksonvlll**. and in 101 S j
started with Wn Ht wi at to war
.•mi t.n bis return wa> to.
Nashville. Hi- work there, that season j
,i ml the early part of the next nttrnct
o.l tie- ,«i tent i'Ui of tlie Sox scouts and |
in August of that year h* was acquired :
1 by tli*' Sox.
He in credited with winning one and i
ton *ig "ii. gamo In 1920 for tlm Sox.
ID record |„ th-- Southern A v, --». iatlon |
, r.,;. M ! g N • *livilli* was seventeen
i end • igliteen d 't' fair j
. igb ■ sidering that the c|ub fin- .
: ished in !»'venth place.
•* omt he won r*\ and lost right
i games for the Sox.
* * ' |
DENVER. Fab 14 Safe blowers I
i. .s their depredations in this
i, • night. Two places of bu.*d- j
0m- ed to pollt >• fcsrljp this
.. „ : i,.• • safe '-low ers had wreck-j
.. ;,m,j ran-ncke*! their safes. j
\ .. j..-11:1.1 Mifc was removed from,
t i,‘. Harris restaurant in the heart of I
t . .low iit* wn theatre distrl-'t some
• ur.- .luring the night In addition to J
to.-coving the safe, the rash register
lik.-wis. was taker. Several hundred
.. irdlng to
: proprietor, who «' • tumble to j
-■ itemt as to tiio
!contents. Eniranc to tin restaurant I
i-vas pained by cutting the look on the
'front door. |
; Two ,*afes in tlie office* of the Ga
'txottcer Publishing company wore
'.town open during tb*' night aiul a.
large amount of money taken.
If straightened out, an ounce of J
hpidcr’s vveb would extend .130 miles. *
New England
Do You Ask For It By Name?
When you call your grocer and
" order Bread, do you let bitn deride
“THE BIG what kind you rhnll get ? Or <Io
QUHW” . v °u make sure of getting what you
otIUW want by specifying “New Eng-
Friday Night land”?'
n lt*B well to form the habit of
pc 1 * asking exactly for what you want.
”* The grocer is ft busy man. and he
may forget sometimes that you
prefer New England.
tiuMviiir nnkinK < '> Old Fashioned
“Unk.Tx ..r m 1-- -
Unod Hrcml 1 «
Additional arrests were made yes
terday by detectives bore-, in an effort
to cleat* tip' sumo uf tho recent rob- *
beries. Elmer and Troy Nash, arrested. !
yesterday on suspicion of having some' 1
knowledge of tho Pcnroso and Whit-:
man store robberies, will be held for ;
Investigation. !
Four arrests made last Saturday'
solved some of the burglaries, thru tho'
« fforts of Chief of Polite Johnson, who ;
had worked up tho case to the point I.
resulting in the arrest of Elmer Beas-I,
ley, Fred Randolph. Lester Allen. Ray
Raymonds and Sum Rotola and led
to other arrests.
Most, of the stolen goods recovered
in the arrest of tho men has been
identified. Allen, Rotola, Johnson und |
Randolph sent to Penrose, Colo., to
face charges of burglary there last ,
year had their hearing yesterday
morning before Justice of Peace Ham
blot at Florence, three of the men
waiving hearing were bound over to
the district court. Randolph and
Allen were held on $2,000 bond and
Rotola and Johnson were held on
SI,OOO bond.
Elmer Beasley believed to have
helped in some of the robberies and
directly charged with holding up a
gambling game in a rooming house
near Fourth and Santa Fo sti-eets has
not as yt been implicated in the Pen
rose, Whitman or Ashcraft store
robberies, but tlie detectives feel con
fident they will be able to unearth evi
dence that will Implicate him with
sonic* of tho cases.
Advertising Feature
Makes Great Hit
Tlie progressive firm of Ray-McKin
ney Clothing Company advertised in
Tuesday’s Chieftain that they would
be open for business from 7 to 9 p. in.
They employed an orchestra as well
as offered somo big special prices for
tlie two hours. You should have seen
th<- store. It was crowded tho ftill two
hours and everybody folt ’’Jazzy” and
enjoyed a pleasant evening and bought
lot.*, of merchandise cheap.
New Pictures of the
San Isabel Forest
Nine largo pictures of the San Isa- !
be 1 national forest have been present- i
rd to the Pueblo ' ’otnmcrcc club by
The Missouri Pacific railway. The
house committee of Hie Commerce club
w ill meet Wednesday morning and ar
(range to hang tlie pictures In
Commervo Hub rooms.
Tlie pictures were taken by the Mis
souri Pacific official photographers
[several months ago. and all of them
show scenes In the San Isabel national
forest. The rand dunes, peaks, lakes,
(camps nnd other mountain pictures
larc in the group. They are beautifully
[framed, and measure twenty-four by
eighteen inches each.
New Portrait of
Gov. Alva Adams
Several months previous to the flood
there was placed on tho walls of the
Pueblo Savings ami Trust company a
life size portrait of rormer Governor
Alva Adams, president of tho batik.
It was painted by J. 1. McClymont of
Colorado Springs.
But the flood took the portrait a"ay.
Recently employes or tnc bank con
: trlbutcd to a fund and had another
1 portrait of Mr. Adams painted by the
| same artist. Yesterday the finished
| portrait was brought to tho bank and
(will be hung on th*' walls ns soon as
I w orkmen arc through with tlie work
of remodeling tlie bunking building.
“Bus” To Call For
Troopers Monday Night
Beginning next Monday the big
't-uck assigned to Troop ”<J” and to
Buttery "A” will come to tow n to I,
! pick up any members who care to go I
I in it t*> the fair grounds for drill. Tlie
I (ruck will leave Fourth nnd Main at j
7.13 p. in. and will leave the Mesa
Junction at 7:23 p. m. All members
are notified lo be at one of these
points at the time specified, as tho
truck will not wait for "tardies.” This
Will continue ns long a* the boys wish
to tako advantage of it.
YUBA CITY. Cal.. Feb. 14.
.Jonathan Rtltf. 92 years old. the ol*l
- member of Hie independent order
of odd Fellows In the United States In
both ago and membership according'
to local records ami a member of
North I/Otip I/odg** No. 412 of tho 1
order In North Loup. Neb., for moro
than 7 2 years, died today at tlie home
of his daughter near hero. Britt was
horn in Pennsylvania.
Only one man in three is perfectly
1 healthy.
Ben It. Lindsey, world's*,
judge of the Denver juvenile court,
spoke for nearly two hours at a father
and son banquet given at tho First
Presbyterian church, Tenth and Court
streets, by tho men’s club, making a
special trip here for that purpose.
Judge Lindsey drew mostly Horn his
personal experiences in court for his
speech. 110 was inclined to bo lenient
to the boys,-blaming lack of something
to do for most of their evils. Brutality
was condemned as causing hatred.
Parents who were too stHct or on Hie
other hand too easy, came in for their
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.—A disturb
ance central tonight over Southern
Louisiana caused tho weather bureau
to order storm, warnings displayed be
tween Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and
Cedar Keys, Florida, and from Cape
Hattcras to Sandy Hook.
vg J teBß!gf
Columbus was glad
to see the U. S. A. after
his long trip.
And when he could
throw a rope! A lucky
strike for him.
When we discovered th*
toasting process six yesrs
ago, it was a Lucky Strike
for us.
Why? Because now
millions of smokers prefer
the special flavor of the
Lucky Strike Cigarette
It’s Toasted*
*£— vfbcA mmmlm in Of
delidout Bur/my firor
And ml so because it's—
- I
You can make your own clothes JFwm
■MIWk Pictorial Review Patterns
bill, mot I sty l Uh, and moit eiortoir.icol o! all
U '
fTinAi.iA i and 46 bust No 5557-34,36.38. ~ 1 M>. SM 3-U, 36. B lorn*, 9670-3*. No. 9S2S- 14,36.33.
Jfih?,.; Embroidery 40, 42, 44, and 46 . 38,40,42,44, and 36,38.40,42,44. 40, 42, 44, 46, and
40bu S t,an,i 16to>0 12z06 boat. Embroidery p. r ... ~ • ,• , a . 46 boat and 46 bus. 48 bust
N-0.12598 12596 Polo Cloth andl tncotine. taffeta ggas-STs yard. 40-ineh wool Canton Crepe
9812—‘J 1 yards, dli-indi nlieck InlTcla (a $2. ?4.26 a od crepe and figured silks, plain $2.90 $11.75
• T 8 ynrtl, 3C-inch plain tnlTcta for cuffs or in combination, arc the favored 1 3 s ynrtls 30-inch black Saleen
mul trimming @51.50.. . 56 matcria!s for advanced Spring f 'i' flo
1* l 4 yard satin ribbon (i 0 20c... 14 r t r r | v «l. 36-incli lining l.Uu
I Pictorial Review blouso paUrru 35 frocks for sports or street wear. | 'p„tt C iii „ 35
l iadings 1.00 Simplicity of trimming marks the Findings 2.00
wn . ~ „ really smart designs and dainty cort I c9m ¥*®J°. * *.*. Min tii
• Will cost you complete .......$6.60 . * , |f -*0662—.H.g yards, s*l-inch Tncohnc (n >.>.00. .$11.38
997(1 l‘s yard 3ti-iuch striped -ilk (o $2.23 .$2.63 embroideries, braidings, and sell- I B i yards, 54-innh Polo doth (o' f t5O. 7.31
* s vord 36-incli while ernpo do Chino covered buttons arc used to add a I Pictorial pal lorn 35
for* collar, raffs, nnd \ estco of «1.7.5.... 1.09 touch of distinction. iPirtoriol embroidery pattern .75
.1' vards narrow plaiting (in 35c 1.23 Findings 1.00
Cards salin ribbon Or 2.5 c 7 75 Will cost you complete $30.79
I pictorial Review blouso pnlleru 35 0796—2 W yards 40-inch printed crepe @
Findings 1.00 rT*l 1 f *2.7.5: $5.89
I 0k lprilo **s yard Ore (indie for collar (a) 60c ... .38
Will cost you complete $0,95 11,V 2% yards lace insertion, © 25c 83
9657—2-5« yards, 40-inch crepe do cliino P, l/'’ edr , 57
ff s ?6 - 48 StOFC Co. !!!! 1!!i"! !
emhrebierV^;;,;::::::: % <*«. Ho«e Block 1
I Pielorial Blouse pattern 35 —————— WUI co,t y ou co®Pl“* *»•»«
Findings, 1.00 1 " ’ 1 " ■■ -
Will cost you complete .. .57.71 VIEW PATTERN 3 THEREBY SAVING TROM 50c to $lO.OO ON EACH GARMENT.
.c blame. They should set an
i cxamplo to the children and just talk
I to them was his opinion,
i The banquet was attended b* r about
125 men and boys. F. IS. Hoag intro
. ducod the judge with a brief talk.
Other churches in tho city held
J banquets last night in conjunction with
tho boy scout father and son move
i Tho St. Paul, M. E. church had a
. novel banquet, each man bringing a
i hoys regardless of whether his son
was old enough to attend, thus giving
some of the boys of McClelland or
phanage a treat. About 120 men and
boys attended.
The entertainment at the Broadway
Christian church was another unique
one. Rev. O. S. Reed, the nearest living
relative of George Washington, giving
a brief speech to an audience of about
( 70 men and boys.
Altogether thoro will ho meetings in
24 - churches thruout tlie city before
tiie week is over. Somo of tho outlying
districts will also hold meetings.
Taub Brothers Special Hats
for Spring—dandy models,
Complets Spring line now on
our shelves. Also s complete
line cf new SPRING CAPS,
priced at
$1.50, $2.00
$2.50, $3.00
Come in and let us show yon
this line.
310-312 N. Main Street
Selling Out
One-half of this stock in ten days almost looks
impossible. Nothing is impossible. We are going to
do it. Why not, at such prices as these:
Nunn & Bush Shoes . . $3.95
Men’s Dress Shoes, all lasts and colors $3.95
Men’s Dress Shoes . $2.95
We stand back of every pair
Boys’ Shoes $2.15
Nettleton Shoes and Oxfords, while they last $3.95
We carry the famous RALSTON HEALTH SHOES
for men.
Ladies’ Brogue Oxfords in Welts $3.65
500 pairs of Ladies’ Black and Brown Shoes,
military heels, sale price $2.95
395 pairs Ladies’ brown and black high
grade shoes . $2.95
One lot of Ladies’ High and Low Shoes, * < 4E
all high grade shoes, while they last 'WW
Shoe Laces Arch Jet Oil
lc Pair Supports 7-
5 pair to a qj- * **
customer */OC a Bottle
Our window is loaded with bargains. They are
on the floor and on the tables.
Be here early as we expect a big rush later.
Compare prices, then buy where your $ goes the
Nledill & Massey
218 N. Main St.
I hang out and expect to hang out at SIS
North Main. My name hang* out elsewhere,
* Buy from ME—.Not My Name.
Six Saxophone Soloists
Often imitated, but never equaled. Wait for them.

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