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[—WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 1922.
Mark Predlvlch. charged with false
pretenses In securing 50 boxes of
grapes from Nick Badovinac, was
given a hearing lu the court of Justice
of the Peace Corson yesterday and by
that official bound over to the district
court of SSOO.
It was last fall that the occurarce
took place which is alleged to be off
color from a legal standpoint.
Nick Badovinac was extensively in
the business of wholesaling California
grapes. He is a resident of this city.
Predlvlch was living in Deadvllle and
working for a mercantile Arm by the
name of King. He was charged with
ordering the grapes worth $337. for the
firm for which he was working. On
the stand he denied this, stating that
he bought them on his own account
and for himself, and agreed to pay for
them when he sold them.
Assistant District Attorney I-ang
don handled the state’s side of the
hearing and Attorney E. C. Holt rep
March 24, 1322.
Hugh F. Waters, Special Officer A
T. & 8. F. Co.
Editor Chieftain, Fueblo, Colo.
Dear Sir:
Would respectful call your stten
tion to a fow fa'' l * ln r, ‘K ard to th.
Swift attempted robbery, in whifh my
name has appeared in regard to noti
fying the polire.
It no doubt looks to the public that
la from the gtatement in the Chieftain,
that T could have aided materially in
the capture of these fellows If I nou
fled the police in time.
Theee are the facta: On the night of
the :sth I naa making my usual
round,. I discovered that some one
tvs a in Btviffe office: to make aure
that It was not one of the men em
ployed there. 1 looked In the »'nd°-a
by getting up close eons I could get a
good view, and which I did. This took
about five mlnunw. ae l had to go
cautiously so as not to be heard,
immediately rushed to the
fie. in atone depot and phoned the po
lice headquarter#. They" said the pa
trol was out and could not send any
one right then, but had the red l.ght
,u7 on city hall. I -old the party
■which I presume was the deak ear
aeent. that I would go back and »t''
until aomeor.e earn-. That wa»
~ m. and at 1:30 the police came and
drove right up In front cf Sw.f. a ot
ftc in a Yellow Tail. The robbers
heard the machine drive up. and im
mediately made their getaway. aa ‘
watched them from Wwreen *o™'
freight cars, run to the rear_from th
office as they drove up. Pa.rolroan
Brown and myself found the aban
doned automobile a block away after
,h kC«'nt fault that the three
men were not captured, and If the
building we, ■"‘crounded inatead of
driving right up to the door at -hey
did. the police would not be try ing to
pass tie buck' to me. M> ° b {* ct ™
writing thl, i* to give fact, to th
nubile and I believe that your
> 1 givs this communication •» much
JobnSE «» you did the dope” you
*ot from the pollc*v
Your* truly
Good Cheer Extended
By American R. R. Assn.
The spirit r n*»e**©d by Fueblo *
r “cognized In other cities a* a 15
received Tum«lsv *t the Pueblo com-j
m-rc* chib concerning th- Opera House,
-lock flr- Plainly *how» Th- •* j-r
•vaa written by Frank MackUt. J ••
business manager of th- Am-rh-an
Railroad Men’s association. of which
Tl-omo* Cureton of TMcblo. Is grand
pr-slden* Th- letter in part
Mr Thomas * »reton. grand pr-s -
d-nt. has Informed inv of the I°** ;
- i.etalnod bv your cltlaeP* thru th*
srnlng of * ' r opera hou«- I read
th:s -©w* with a feeling of ragr-»
and I am r-rtalr. that I am voicing
th- sentiment * of all our Milwaukee 1
members In conveying an expression J
r our f—lings of sympathy to our
Pu-hl'> m-rnb-rs Fortunately. «h- low,
• no* Irreparable and ahould steps 1-
taken to rebuild your op-ra houa-j
hv popular subscription or contribu
tion I am certain that our members
'ill he pleas-d to contribute their
-hare to help it the advancement «f
the finer forms »>? entertainment th»’
trere conducted In your lost building
T am certain, too. that the aam- com
mendable spirit “f f«*rtltud- that
<-* ;»ed you to m-rc- \ .otoriou* from
th- recent gr-at disaster Inflicted by
th- flood, wall cause your clt sens to
•urmount this difficulty In th- snm©
tnanre- ]n truth, therefore, w* be
«vc that ti.e spirit of Pueblo ref|Uir-s
nor request*. no svmpathy. but p-r
--mlt us to express a feeling of good
Help the Starving
Children of Europe
Thera are r.Qfl ftno starving, strh k--,
rhildren In Europe and * '•methlng
must h- don- l»y the people of Am-ri
ra to r elle\ e this »|jstress anti suffering
\ drl'e is now in progress In America
endorsed by President Harding and
Mr Hoover, to raise funds for the
relief 0 f these starving children, tnd
wii©n th- commltt-e . f Pueblo Ihi sines*
men cad upon >ou to ask aid for those
suffering 11*tl« on-s in Europe. g|\»
*’>d gin gg liberal]) as you rail toe
they n--d v our help, and we as a
• hristian p-».pte with plenty should b*
willing to aid those who have pot e'en
th- necessities of life to keep away
starvation and sufficient clothing to
kaep them from freezing Rememh-r
whan this committee call* upon you
for aid that you are doing something
—when you give to th- cause that
>our govern men i endorses and human.
Ity approves.
A Man Like Mtnson lunravcd
Through Hl* Heart
resented the accused: the case was
closely contested, and there was a con
siderable amount of evidence adduced.
Judge Corson decided there was
enough in the case to warrant the de
fendant being held for the district
Then as Predivich began to look
around for bond. Deputy Sheriff Del
liquadri escorted him up to the sheriffs
office where there was waiting a war
rant Issued out of Fremount county
for Mark Predivich on another charge.
As soon as he was appraised of this.
Predivich voiced a vigorous denial,
stating that there was another rnan
by the same name at Ueadville. ana
he knew the Fremont county warrant
was not Intended for him. Und-rsheriff
Kenvon got busy on the 'phone and
talked to officers at both Canon City
and Leadvtlle: this verified the state
ment of the Predivich in that
lie was not the man wanted at Canon
Dear God. Thou know’st how many
tasks await my ha mis today;
If all are done at the set of sun, no
time is left to pray.
Thou know st how mar.v duties press,
how urgent is each need.
I may not dare a moment spare to
fashion me a creed-
Thou know’st th© hungry must he fed.
the naked clothed must be.
My scant store wanes; no gift re- (
mains of sacrifice for Thee.
So if. when life is done, I come with .
no gift in my hand. |
No prayer nor creed—Just this I’ll ]
plead. Thou, God. dost understand.
By B. Y. William*. ,
Mr*. William Senger will be hostess J
at th© meeting of the Wednesday
Morning club today when the subject. {
“Educators of th© United States.” will
be discussed by Mrs W. S. Hutton. ,
assisted by Mrs. A. A. Welland and
Miss Grac© Pollard
The regular meeting of the Woman's :
c[ub will be held this afternoon with
Mrs. J. F. Sprregle who will bo assist
ed by Mrs. Y. Smith and Mrs N <*. J
.Smith. Roll call will he answered with ‘
current events and the Rev William
K. Bell will give a talk on “Issues of
Life." There will be music.
The Beta Tau Delta sorority
meet this evening in the horn© of Miss '
Martha Keating
j The twenty-first district conference (
of International Association of Rotary t
I Hubs will be held In Greeley. r ’olo.. |
! Wednesday. Thursday and Friday.,
i March 23. 24 and 2.5. The Initial gather
ing will be at a dinner Wednesday eve
:n!ng to b© given by Mr. Harvey park-
Jer. district governor, in honor of the
lmm-dlate past international president.
I Mr. Estes Sn-decor. of Portland. Or-.
[Mr. B F. Scribner will h© toastmaster
on thl* occasion and will preside also
jat th- afternoon session on Thursday.
Mr. Frank E Park* and Mr. C. A.
| Ballrelch will give addresses The fol
lowing will go from Pueblo: Mr. Frank
iK. Parks. Mr Walter 1,. Wilder. Mr
| J Will Johnson Mr. Charles W. I.e-,
Mr. R F Scribn-r. Mr. C. A. Ballrelch.
Mr C. N. Power. Mr J. F. Sprengle.
Mr. F ? Honk. Mr F. I. Crockett.
Mr P Clark. Mr O. G A Iverson. yir |
G Harvey Nuckolls. Mr. Fred Brown.
Mr. W F. Raber. Mr C. t Hopkins.,
'Mr James M. Dallv. Mr. J. F Keat
llng. Mr. Will White. .
Th© lambda Alpha I-ambda ©ororlty I
met In *he hom- of Miss Dorothy D*m- ',
eron Saturday afternoon. \Aft-r the i
brief husln-ss session, soc ial moment*
w-re enjoyed chatting ov-r n-edlework. i
,Thone present w-Te: Mias Euclje Creel.
Miss Marguerite McOras, Ml«s Irma'
•>v Miss In-x M'**arth> Miss Marl-
Finlan. the Misses May and Josephine
laiurdon Miss Edna Hawk-. Mr*.
laiuren e Mrs. n. W Whit-.
Mrs. Frank Flynn. Mrs. Car! Forsm*n. j
Mr ar. ! Mrs c. B. Hartshorn enter
tained at s progr-ssiv- High Fiv©
| party Saturday evening After the di
version of the carnes „ delicious lunch
eon was served bv th- host and host
's*. and Mrs Elliot and Dan Kahl-r
favored the happy throng with several
I vocal selections Those present were:
Mr and Mrs. Joe Spencer. Dr. and Mr".
, J H. Smith. Mr and Mrs. Dan Kahier.
Mr and Mrs J. 1,. Meyers. Mr. and
Mrs. Guy Elliott. Mr and Mrs W. F
rtul- Mrs Edna Kthrlngton. Ix>u
Hoery. Mrs Henry Harris. Miss Eth-1
Hartshorn. Robert Hartshorn. Jo-
Hartshorn. I.urlll- Elliott. Dorris Rule,
Georg© M*yers. Marl- Meyers, Ellen
Kahier. the host and ho*t—s
Mr snd Mrs Sherman Fosdlck will
hear* this morning for I.os Ang-les.
I Calif, where they will visit relatives.
I planning to make short sojourns «t
many places of interest They will he
'absent six month* daring which time
'.they will go to Portland. Ore., for a
, • 1 • t er relatives
Robert Work returned the first of
,'he * eek from a sojourn In Washlng
; ton. D C. New York. Chicago and
. Philadelphia.
Mrs Francis w Cooper who ha©
’ Irritation an«l Breaking Out often
i Healed Over Night. v ay«
Skin NprdsUrt
Any breaking out or skin irritation
on face, neck or body Is overcome
quickest by applying Mentho-Hulphur,
says a noted skin fg»-clallst. Hoc a us#
of its germ destroying properties, noth
ing has ever been found to take the
place of this sulphur preparation that
instantly brings ense from the Itching,
burning and Irritation
M-ntho-Hulphur heal© ecz-ma right
up. !*-a'lng th- sMn cl-nr and smooth.
It soblont fails to i —||r\ c th" torment
,or disfigurement. Ali * * !•» jar of Men
j tho-Rnlphur* may bo obtnlned at any
| drug store It !• used like cold cream.
Jam-s W. Galloway, an oversea*
veteran and a member of the fire de
partment, died at a local hospital
yesrterday after a sickness of a little
more than a week. He was bom in
Paradox Valley on the Western Slope
but had been living In Pueblo nearly
ail hi# life.
Galloway enlisted In th© army on
July 13. 1917 and went overseas with
company C of the Eighth Infantry In
August 191 S until November 1319. when
he received his honorable discharge
a: Camp Dlx, New Jeqpey.
He had been on the fire department
for more than a year and was rated
as one of the most efficient men on the
force, where he also was one of the
most' popular..
In the two weeks previous to the
Opera House block fire Galloway had
been confined to hi# bed, and returned
to the department the day before the
Or era House block burned. Another
• old believed to have be-n contracted
while fighting this fire caused him to
return to the sick list of tho depart
He is survived by his wife Mrs. Nellie
Galloway, formerly Nellie Daniels. Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Galloway, parent*;
Mrs. Charles Herrington, sister and
two brothers. James and Evan Gallo
way of Teilurlde, and Mr*. Joseph 11.
Door of this city.
The body is at th© United Davl.*-
Vories. funeral announcement mill be
made later.
The Owl member* enjoyed a very in
teresting debate on the bonus bill. The
proposition was stated. Resolved:
“That the aoldlers' bonus bill Is Justi
fiable.'' Tho affirmative supported by
Bernice Mourning and Lormine Brown,
received the deoiston over the negative
upheld by Ellen Ray and Thelma
White. Kathleen Wood* delivered a
short talk entitled. “Mardl Gra*.''
Th© CUonlan program was:
Glimpse of Early Irish Civilisation-.
Uyna Taylor
Th© Wit and Grit of th© Irish
Harriett* *Morehart
Irish Idealism* Annie Oltn
New Irish Drama Celia Knebel
New Irish Free State ....
.. Georglanna Glndle
Another Payment
For the Famers
The Holly Sugar Corporation at
Swlnk has decided to mak© to the:
farmer* of th% Arkansas valley an
other payment on sugar beets baaed I
on $4 75 sugar The Initial payment
was based on 14. Ed sugar. Thl* second
payment, immediately following th
payment to the farmer* by the Holly
Sugar company of a large aum for,
■tocK beet*. Is certainly encouraging to
the farm-ra snd beet growers of this
**ct!on of Colorado. Farmer* ar- now
signing up beet sugar contracts for
1922. the Initial payment being S4.W
per ton. to be Increased as th© price;
of sugar and the sugar content In th** ]
beet increase*
been enjoying a vistt of two week* with
her daughter. Mr* Albert A Fleckner
»nd family at Balid*. returned to her
home Sunday evening
Mr and Mrs. Walter Mu’.vay and
'small daughter, f'harisen Tilton, guest*
of Mr. and Mrs Sh*rmar Fo*dt<*k. will
! motor to their home In Victor today.
Ml** Grac© Buchen*u*r left Sunday
for Santa F*. New Mexico, where she
]h*s accepted a position.
! Mr. and Mr* R. W. Gibbon* and son.
Robert. Mr. and Mr* W F. Relntc
J*P-nt the pa«r week-end with friends
|ln Rocky Ford
Even a sick child lore* th© ’’fruity*' ,
taste of "California Fig Syrup.’’ If the'
lltti© tongue Is coated, or if your child
Is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold,
or hs* colic, a teaspoonful will never
fall to open th© bowels. In a few hours
you can st© for yours-lf how thoroly
It work* *ll the constipation poison,
sour bll* and waste from th© tender,
little bowel* and gives you a well.
pla>ful child agHln.
Million* of mothers keep "California
Fig Syrup" handy. They know % tea
spoonful today saves a sick child to
morrow. Ask your druggist for genu
ine "California Fig Syrup ' which ha*
directions for babies and children of
all ag*# printed on bottle. Mother!
You must say "California ' or you may
gat an imitation fig syrup.
who play hard
who p)gy hard mn*f food that builds up,
that pires nourishment and r»ood TTrcad
New England Bread- doe* that.
And it’s fortunate that bread is your cheapest f'><*d Lor
energy content. Feed the kiddie© plenty of it.
New England
M N \ 11, 1.E BAKING **».
“Raker* of llrca»l’*
Yesterday morning Arthur and Allen
who have the sub-excavating contract
from the Strang-Maguiro Paving com
pany started work on East Evans
avenue at Michigan street excavating
for the concrete curbing and ©’uttering
preliminary work in paving that thoro
fore from Broadway to Mesa avenue
in Bessemer, where it will Join pav
ing already’ down. The block between
Broadway and Michigan street is al
ready curbed and is about to grade for
guttering. Arthur and Allen will do
nil the necessary excavating and grad
ing work on the entire street making
ready for laying the concrete base and
Warren bithletic crown work. Inspect
or* for the city will use the shack of
fice on Broadway until the work gets
well along toward tho second mesa.
Uses Rare Prints For
“Four Horsemen”
A collection of rare old prints, such
as rivals that of any museum in th©
w-orld In Intrinsic worth, was made
by Rex Ingram, the director, as an
aid in costuming his colossal produc
tion for Metro of “The Four Horse
men of the Apocalypse'- from th©
world famous novel of Vlvente Rlasco
Ibanez This famous film at th© Ma
jestic theater Sunday.
A canvas of the art world revealed
the fact that anything approaching a
visualization of The Four Hors-men.
as pictured ln the Bible, ln the Book
of Revelation, was all but unobtain
able. After an almost endless search It
was found that Arthur Denison, a col
lector of old prints, held one of the
two remaining copies of an original set
of Albrecht L>urer‘a etchings on wood
done in 1611.
In this collection, is a s-ries of draw
ings of the Horsemen-War. Famine.
Pestilence and Death—as pictured dur
ing the age of religious zealots. The
prints show the painstaking attention
to detail so characteristic of the first
work of the early worker* on wood
and tba Imaginative, flights of a close
student of th© Bible.
June Mathis adapt-d “Th© Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse" to the
Good-bye. «ore feet, burning feet,
swollen feet, eweaty feet, smelling
feet. tired feet.
Good-bye. corn*, collouoee. bunion*
and raw apoto.
No mor© *ho«
ttghtn css. no
more limping
with pain or
drawl n g up
your face in
agony. ’TIZ'* 1*
magical. act*
right off. *TIZ* #
draw* out all
tho polsonouO
which puff up
I Xhe feet. Use "TIZ" and forget your
foot misery. Ah’ how comfortable
your f**ot feel.* A few cent* buy a
bog of TIZ" now at any druggist or
| department store. Don't suffer. Have
good feet, glad feet, feet that never
| swell, never hurt, never get tired. A
i year * foot comfort guaranteed or
I money refunded.
(.rnndirn kept her lock* dark,
and yoathfnl with Sage Tra
and Sulphur
Th* old-time mixture of Sax© Tm
• and Sulphur for darkening gray.
5 streaked and faded hair 1© srand
f; mother * rtclpe. and folks ;*re again
11 using II to keep their hair a good OVOB
j] color, which l* quite sensible. a« wo arc
I living in an ns<- when a youthful ap
' I p©arance i* of th'. greatest advantage
• , Nowaday*, though, wc don't havo the
• troublesome task of gathering the
• j sage and the muasy mixing *t hom'
r Ail drug xtorre sell the rcadv-to-use
: product. Improved by th*» addition of
’’ other Ingredient*, call©-’ “Wyeth* ba*c
• and Sulphur Compound." It I* '"r>
• f»opul*r berau#* nobody can dl*cov~r
. It ha© bten applied. Simply moisten
your comb or a soft brush with It and
i draw this thm your hair, taking »n»
• small strand at a time, by morning
• th© gray hair disappears..but »hal dc
• lights th* ladle* with Wyeth'# Sag'
• and Sulphur t'ompound. I© that. Ifc.
f * Ide* beautifully darkening the hair
• after a ftw application* It also pro
r duces that soft lustre and appearance
of abundance which I* so attractive.
Dr. Corwin In India
Dr. R. W. Corwin, chief of the Colo
rado Fuel and Iron Co., medical ataff.
and head of the Minncqua hospital, is
having an interesting trip thru India,
according to a poet card received from
him by Secretary P. A- Gray of the
Pueblo Commerce club.
Corwin writes that there are many
beautiful buildings in India, a picture
of one being on the card. He mailed
| the postal on January 23, it was re
ceived March 14. A one and a half
Anna stamp was on it.
Fire Chief To Speak
Fire Chief Sam Christy will be the
honored guest at the regular meeting
of the Manufacturers' association to be
held Wednesday noon in the Fueblo
Commerce club rooms.
It is expected that Chief Christy will
point out the good and bad points of
the Are department, also he will prob
ably speak about Are prevention. ,
it’i because —we demand
it smothered-in oniona.
Burely. it coats Honey to Raise
onions. Even Makes a Fellow Cry
to Peel'cm.
And it Costs Money to Deliver
It would cost a mighty lot o'
«mall change to deliver to a couple
m mmmmmm shm thousand homes all the Arapa-
All prices sooted, good for Live ones from our Sanitary h “ ° Ut ** Ch d * y
Wednesday aad Thursday, Market, March 15 and 16. Quit Kicking Old HO.L. W«
March 15th and 16th. __l Say and H«lp You Self.
Balk Hersheys Cocoa, Beef Liver I You can’t aHord to overlook
& 18c We don’t furnish onions, the * e *°° d , buy ‘’ tb,t " e
Bakers Cocoa, lb 42c lb. ... 7c lor Wednesday
BJcer, Cocoa % lb. 23c —— Thur,d * y '
Large Log Cabin Syrup 93c Rib Boil I Spnds, fancy, cwt $1.5 1
Jiffy JeD. pkg 5c Cabbage, lb 4c
Blue Rose Rice, 3 lbs. . 25c ° C Black Twig Apples,
Carnation Mush. pkg... 3oc D__r n . fancy h®* * 2 : 25
P I .n . • p , Deer KO&Sl Bananas, 3 lbs 25c
5 ||, t "* ° W er 9Sc Best Arm or Shonlder, 2Vz Libby Peaches .. . 29c
SZ* ** ! £
Cream of Wheat PoA ShoillderS Gallon Peaches 59c
X : 22c Fmh Lean Whole
cu a r, f. . Shoulders id, Gaßon Blackberries ... 89c
t-n, 8., Gfcu Stock 72c 14c e*. 89c
Fn Newtou, lb. 17c .... IS, Cdtoi Grated Pto-
Ginger Snaps, 2 lbs. .. 25c apple 69c
No. 2‘/ 2 Tomatoes, Hambarger, 3 lbs.. ... 25c No. 2 lowa Corn 12c
2 cans 25c — _____ _ No. 2 Colorado Peas . .9c
Uptons Tea, lb 76c Pig Hearts, lb 7c No. 2 Champion Pe«i 13c
, n-,. , No. 2 Daisy Peas ,17c
Creme Oil Soap 8c No. 2 Little Cherub
Palm Olive Soap 8c ***’*• 14c PeM 25c
Jap Rose Soap 9c DremdHens,lb. 28c ?°j, 2 T “ y lk , j??*
Lava Soap 9c - Qddy Crackers, lb. 12» 2 c
Defender Soap 8c Rc * Hmu ’ 27c BAKERY DEPARTMENT
Crystal White. 10 bars 49c - - „ Ik 77 21 oz. Arapahoe Bread lOc
Lg. pkg O.U 22c Bex Bacon, lb. 24c 2 4. 7 er Cakes 25c
Shredded Wheat, pkg. 13c g •«,» • .. Cake Doughnuts, doz. 20c
Beet Sugar. 10 lbs. . 68c ft ’ 34 c Cinnamon Rolls, doz. 15c
Beet Sugar, cwt .. $6.55 Park" House Rolls,
Major C Flour, cwt. . $3.50 Don’t Blame the Credit and R doi V !5 C
Mex. Beans. 15 lbs ..$l.OO the Free Delivery Store for K £s*, <Lz
White Beans. 14 lbs. $l.OO the High Cost o’ Liver. "Sn, Bread " ! 10c
Pet Milk, tall 10c Tin’t Their Fault—lt’s the I Whole Wheat Bread ’ 10c
Pet Milk, tall, doz. . . $1.15 j System’s Fault j Rye Bread 10c
\ ARAPAHOE rwr> \
\BUITER . . . O^C\
\EGGS, doz. . . wUC\
Meet Me at the
Buttermilk Bar
75c "Goodby Shanghai” I Carl Tenton'l
"While Miami Dream*" | Orchestra
75e "Granny” and "Doo-Dah Blue*" Bennie Kruger’s orchsstra.
75c “Just a IJttla Dov. Song" I Isham Jones’
"My Mammy Knowa” 1 . Orcheatra
*" nNst . :;,0 ' w —

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