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Sam Gompers Lays Blame
For Industrial Lock on
Mine Owners
WASHINGTON March 16.—Bitlmin
oua coal miners who have voted to
ca**o work April 1, “come what may.
will have the support of tho Ameri
ean labor movement in their struggle,"
President Gompers of the American
Federation of Labor, said in a state
ment tonight.
Coal mine owners, "bound by :
solemn agreement to confer with the
workers upon tho terms of a new
wage agreement," after that date,
"have refused to abide by the terms of
llicir own pledge.” ho declared, adding
that no group of employes in any in
dustrial controversy In this country
lias ever placed Itself in a more inde
fensible position.
"The citizenship of America can
draw from this conduct but one con
clusion." Mr. Gompers continued, "and
that is that tho mine owners wish It
to be understood that the pledge of the
mins owners is valuless. They aro
willing to break their own word if by
so doing they can reduce wages or
weaken the union. Profits and power
with the mine owners come first x x x.
The T'niteil Mine Workers of America]
have an honorable record of agree- I
merits honorably kept.
The industry for twenty years has;
been conducted upon the basis of ne-,
gotiation and joint agreement. The j
mine workers have met .very demand 1
made in those agreements x x x
What they ask now Is negotiations
and agreement. The thing they want
least of all is to be compelled to cease
to work as a final protest against the
dishonor of employers.
"The cause of the miners Is Just
and 1n that Just cause, they will have
the united and unswerving support of
the great labor movement of our coun
try "
No action was taken today by the
government affecting the probable
break In the industry and officials
conversant with the situation appeared
convinced that nothing more should b#
done to adjust the d*agrcem»n? in
Advance of Its final development."
J. A. Morrow, vice president of the
National Goal association, made public
tonight copies of a letter he hag ad- 1
droaaed to Jahn L. Lewi*, president of
tha United Mine Workers, complaining
that the union had sent ‘'broadcast"
•rronaoua versions of testimony given
by coal wltnessea. seeking railroad
rsts reductions, before the Interstate
commerce’ commission.
Mr Morrow declared hr had neyer
tegtlfled that s'erage selling prices of
bituminous coni were lie.RO during
1921. out of Which the miners received
fl 97 as lsbor cost, hut had fixed the
total cost of mining bituminous coal!
during f»ctober as averaging $7 .‘>9 per'
ton. against an average selling price
received by the mine operators of $2.73.1
Tndeponilrru'o Is Crcftal With
O-rtvit Coimbration Thniout
CAIRO. Egypt. March 16. —t By the
a^Press | The proclamation
of the Sultan Ahmed Kuad I’nsha de
claring independence of Egypt today
was accompanied by the Bring of
Salvos of 101 gun- In Cairo. Alexan
dria and Port Said and of 71 guns In
all the other provincial capitals
Field Marshal Viscount Allcnby.
hitherto the British high commission
er. accompanied by members of his
staff called »l the Royal Palace and
congratulated King Fuad, whom lie
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WASHINGTON. March 16 It can
not be said that the bottom out of
the fight op the four power treaty, but
It I* dear that that opposition in not
going to be anv stronger than it now is
and that the treaty will be rntlfhd by
a small hut safe margin.
The opposition has not been able to
start any measurable momentum either
In the senate, or , whnt is more im
portant. in the country, ft is res lived
that the country Is overwhelmingly in
favor of rntlfleatlon, anti the oppon
ents of the treat} In the senate have
been discourage,! by their Inability to
start even the faint beginnings of any
such movement of public feeling as was
worke I up against the league of na
In the .senate debate the friends
of the tre«t> have done much better
than Its opponents. Lodge made a good
presentation of his case and came out
of the heckling which the Democrat*
had prepared for hint with so much
gleeful a tit iclpuatlnn, without being no.
a Green Bow Today and Help the ]
District Attorney Requested
To Issue Warrants
After Hearing
NEW YORK, March 1«.-Chief City
Magiatrs te McAdoo, who conducted a
"John Doe" investigation of the Amer
ican Cotton Exchange, tonight request
ed tho district attorney either to draft
warrants for th* .arr**?t of certain of
ficial s and members of the exchange
or immediately to lay before it grand
Jury evidence of bucketshopping
Besides officers of the exchange.
Magistrate McAdoo said the follow
ing person* had been Involved ro far
in testimony taken at the "John l*ot:"
Martin Goulke. trading under the
name of Martin and company. Israel
Goulke. trading under ths name of
Anderson and company. A. T Jennings
and C. Cocheu. trading tinder
the namo of A. T. Jennings and com
pany. Edward L ration trading
under the name of Edward I*. Palm* r
an«l company.
Raymond Palmer, trading under th*
ns no- of Palmer ami company.
Randolph Bose. Sr . and Randolph
Rose. Jr.. trading under the name of
Rest* and son.
SPOKANE. Wash March 16 - After
wHiking Into a local hotel this afternoon
and firing rive shots at person* sitting
In the lobby. Injuring one perron.
Bichard Snyder, aged about t*. tan
Into a room ami shot himself thru the
head, dying Instantly.
damaged From I ho
! standpoint It not the best possible
Istrategy to Intrust the btRlnnlnff of
Ilho opposition fight to Heed. of Ml«
jootirl Heed ma'lr n allowing wht*h. i*>
the raw of n man who took hlmfelf
l morn seriously, or who won tnhrn by
I tho public in«>ro serloualy. might hn'o
markedly lessened the public I
for him. III?* argument at beet
wandering ''nil snprrfi-’lnl. a*id mo
otto who followed It elonel> an«l
Judged it l»> any reasonable test of in
tel|e«-t ii n | strength was tpo\ rd t • * emo
tions ;i roioldrntbU distance front .a 1
A one point Reed wn«= talking a« |f
ho n ‘Uniol tho Amjtlo-.lnpnno*o alli
ance would continue to exist after the
adoption iif tho four power treaty.
Senator 1.enroot called his attention
to tho foot that tho treaty in Its lan
guage specifically terminates tho Ai
g|o..lap»nr .«*> alliance, ’rhoroupon |*r« 1
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Odd And
CHICAGO. March !•. Getting
d«mn on hin knee* before Judge John
J. Salllran In criminal court, Patrick
Paul Ttrruejr today pleaded that be be
Hanged for tho murder of hin wife
and three yrmr old son, whom be
hacked to Jesth with a hatchet sev
eral month* ago. Tierney **ld he
was guilty and wanted no rouasrl. hut
•iudgv .sulltvan Informed Itlm that tho
law required tIUM In* have an nttor
-1 appointed one for him and arc
I the trial for March s:>. Tierney sant
lie committed tl»e murders bemuse he
ilHwgtti tils wife was going to Irate
. luni. lie gave himself up to the
police the next <|n>. voluntarily ruo
! feasing.
Kl. PASO. Texas. March !••
I "tiiMNlhjr. I'm gone." shouted Juat*
1 Ramirez to his friend* behind tin* barn
at tusin Onlay ns l»e |m|ird from tbe
second ssi*rjr of five county jail and
esrnpril. He was sentenretl to nl*
! months on a charge of theft ami
would Ivave been r<’leasr<l September
•. He had Just becu made a trusty.
t'OMHt \ |H) .srUINGH. COtX>..
Mareti I*.—John, one-month* old *•*»»
«»f Mr. and Mrs. ti. J. I*rrn»rr of M
bert. was sunewlull) operated
on for appendicitis here jrstmlsy.
The child was brought to a local hos
pital for a hernia operation. The a|>-
(m imllv was found to be live seat of
the trouble. Dr. 1,. 11. MrKinnle. live
surgeon. saM live appendix was nb*»ut
as large as a pin.
OAKLAND. Calif.. March l«-
Trafflr IV d iceman \\ . 11. < Mirra ft ap
is** red on the police court record* to
day as the vsunpbdtilng witness
against hi* wife for cutting a comer
at its* iti߻lng wln-re In* w*s on duty.
He I vailed t lw* offending driver before*
diM*o«rrlng |»er blent «ty. hut arrested
Iter, any Ih*w. so,| «>rderrd Hrr tit pr*»-
ered In I lib fstllee stalknt. bh© obey
ed and d* posited kin hail.
OAKIAMI. « allf.. Msrrh IS.—Suit
to prevent hi* brltle, at) year* *»ld.
fmnt making out number will in
vvltb'lt lie might not Ite tlte henef|e<ar>.
Itsil ls*d »t file.) tf«day Ity Dr. I'- s.
IV'Hrleti. *.*» v«ars «dd. t»f Is** Angeles.
Hr. «Vllrlen's (irtltion set forth that
s* her fnmily tl***tor he tuul enter,
el Into mi agreement wttli a patient.
•ft y» ar* Id* •* -nlor. to marry her. give
up til* pmetiee in Merrede*. t'allf..
which Ite stated vva* worth •I'J.OOO
yearly, travel with her In Europe with
ilte understanding that her fortune ’
always woiilit |tr**v Me him ngaiitst l
want ami become hi* tin Iter death. I
III* bridle i|d*sertr«l hint on tltelr re.
turn fr«tm l.ur«»pe. It* wtatrvl. \ will,
maile d»ut shortly after tlvelr marriage
left SVTU.nou do relative* d»f Mr*.
(Vllrld-n nnd sl2n.«tHi tdt the physician. ‘
\V\HHI\GToA. .Mareh Ml.—VAntf.;
11. I*. Jaek dtf tlte es»l guarvl. has
been made "adlmtral" of the neatly
created prohibition "navy."
Meut. .lark. prohibition officials
saiil today. Its* I wen loaned Ity the
e»s«i guard to the prohibition unit s*
hai«on d»ffh*er in charge dtf the nine
sithmarlitd chaser* being msilc avail,
able for live enforcement dtf five na
tional prohibitltttt art In the water* dtf
tlte \tlantld* roast.
(Continued on Page Two )
DENVER. March U.—’Victor 8.
Keyes, attorney general of Colorado,
la an opinion furnished Carl 8. MHU
ken. acerotary of itstc, today declared
U»at In hla.Judgment the artlrlra pre
sented the secretary by tha Ku Klux
Ktnn In seeking Incorporation pnporrn
"are defective and do not comply with
the requirements of tha *tatute.”
"The specification of the business
and object* for which tho organisation
Is forgn*d." said th*- «ttd»rney general.
"I* too vague, general and Indefinite."
SPOKANE. Wash.. Msr'h 11-Two
ST AUGUSTINE. Fl*.. March 1«
d By The Associated |»rcsa.)--I>ecl*ion
of President llardlng to add one more
j day to hla vacation In Florida waa an-
J nounced today by Secretary Christian.
• who raid the presidential party In
stead of leaving here tomorrow. plan
lied to le.*'c Haturdnv und arrive In
Washington Sunday. The president !a
■ obtaining as much rest as possible.
playing g*df this morning and spend
, ing llio nrternoon fn nts hotel apart
Speaker Glllelt of the national
house of representative* left tonight
j for Washington. Before leaving he
said he expected to confer with Chair
man Fordney of the wavs and mean*
! committed*, and other house leaders,
i «-n the piirliamentlnrv situation as it
affects the soldiers bonus bill. He will
speak In Sprlngield. Mass.. Sunday on
the armament cdinferene* treaties.
Governor Martiwl'*k of Georgia, who
Is on a trip thru Florida, called on
President and Mrs. llardlng today.
JOHANNESBURG. Union of South
Africa. March 16. (By The Associated
’ Press*, The strike of miner* which has
; held South Africa in it* grip for more
; than two months has been called off
The decision ws* taken by th o old
i f*otnh African industrial federation
»* distinct from the federation's
: nngmentd*dl executive. It announced
• first, that the general strike was null
nnd void, wond, that (ho augmented
•executive wo'ild call off the min*
' strike, and. third, that complicity In
I the revolution against the government >
wa* repudiated by tho federation.
• »rdcr has been completely restored
rif«»EM\ Arlr. March II The
i nlted Htaiea i* rapidly emerging
from the industrial and finan. lal
collapse following th*» war. Herbert ,
11 on*, t, today told tha Arluona leg.»-
latnre in Joint session here. ||e did i
not meniion Gin »'olorado river prob- lj
’« m. Kecreiarv Hoover polnie'l out j.
i 'bat there had been a drop recently in L
j th" price* of agricultural products j,
which, howe'er, was not reflected Ini,
manufactured products. j
Plan of Amnesty for 113
Political Prisoners
WASHINGTON, March 15.—1 n the
face of apparent and outspoken oppo
sition, lawyers and representatives of
various liberal organizations, pleaded
with the house Judiciary committee
today to report a resolution, asking
the president to give "careful consid
eration” to the propriety of granting
immediate amnesty to 113 political
prlsonor*. serving long terms for vio
lation of the espionage act. Committee
men indicated that the resolution
would not pass, insisting that congress
has no right to direct tho president
in such matters, especially because ot
tho lack of opportunity to review tho
Gilbert E. Roe. an attorney of New
York, who advocated the general
principle of amnesty, said when ques
tioned that he aaw no impropriety in
moving the president, the attorney
general, and tho secretary of war. to
looking Into the appeal* because "tho
resolution seems as harmless as the
♦four power treaty."
.Speaking for the American Federa
tion of labor. Edgar Wallace declared
that war law* were nccewary, that
they should have been enforced, but
now in peace time* there was no good
reason for keeping "war timo offend
ers In Jail."
Thero were many clashes between
members of the committee and witnes
ses. Representative Yates, Republi
can of Illinois, charged that Repre
sentative London, Socialist of New
(Continued on Page Two.)
men wearing tha supposed regalia of
the Ku Klux Ktan last night entered,
tho circus tent In which » Methodist
gospel crusade was being conducted,
advanced it rostrum, presented
Evangelist George Wood Anderson
with a sirk containing sf*o and a let
ter and then left the meeting. The let
ter was signed In the name of’ tha
order. The work being conducted by
Evangellnt Anderson was praised.
"Wo aland." the letter read in part
"for the open Bible and tho tenets of
the Christian religion."
Wifo Weop' As Son of l.nte
Auto Manufacturer <iets
Pivo Days
mrTROIT. Mlrh.. M.rrh 1« John
Duval Dodge, son of the late John !•*.
Dodge, mUlionnlrn Detroit automobile
manufacturer, was sentenced to five
days In the house of correction nnd j
fined SIOO by Judge Charles L Bart
lett in recorders court hero today,
when he admitted driving his Mimmo
blle*23 miles nn hour three mile* In j
excess Of the speed limit. lie WAS j
Immediately taken to jail.
Judge Bartlett also recommended [
that Dodge's driver's license be revok-.
ed for a v ear.
Ylodge's wife wept a* sentence was
pa«*cd on tier husband.
As Dodgo wa* being escorted from
the courtroom ho was served with n
summons In a damage suit for $ in.non
Instituted In behalf of Edwin Schultz.
19 year old newsboy, who Is said to
ha> e been run down l*y an automobile
driven bv podge several works ago.
The speeding ebargo wan filed
against Dodge Mareh -V This morn
ing bis counsel asked f"r a contin
uance raying his client was wnavold
nbtv detained In Kalamaxon where he
was arrested Monday ehsrged with
driving an automobile while Intoxicat
ed an«l Illegally transporting liquor.
Judge Bartlett refused to grant the
coni inuanee.
The Kalamazoo case la the out-'
growth of n ride from the danee earb*
Sunday In which Dodge. B*x Earl of
Kalamazoo, and three girls, student*
’of Western Plate Normal, psrtlrlpated
and which resulted In Emmellno
Kwakerneck. one of th« girls. Jump*
1 Ing from tlie automobile and sustain
ing serious injuries Dodgs |* under
$7,000 bend to appear for hearing
i there March 2 l.
Twenty-one other motorists were
1 sentejicrd today to term* In the house
of correct lons.
j AFBt'BN. Wash. March 16 Mary
Seattle, niece of «*htef Seattle, for
jwhom the city of prattle was named,
and one of the best known Indian'
[women of this section, died at her I
[cabin op r-e banks of Green River J
Missourian Fires On Senators For Diminution of
Interest In Debate Over Proposal;
Assails Other Treaties
WASHINGTON, March 16.-Tlie
campaign of tho "irreeoncilibles"
against tho four power Pacific treaty
continued without abatement in the
s*'nato today despite signs of waning
Interest and tho disposition of leaders
to regard ratification of tho pact as a
foregone conclusion.
For more than three hours in a
senate chamber, which most of tho
time was all but deserted. Senator
Reed Democrat of Missouri, assailed
both the four power and naval treaties
which he said would fit together to put
the United States in n position of
"helplessness" In tho Pacific.
Ho charged that the facts underlying
the flve-fl vo-three naval settlement
had been misrepresented and put into
the record figures of his own designs to
allow* that superiority of speed, arma
Closing Arguments Expected
To Be Ended By Prosecu
tion Before Noon
LOS ANGELES, Cal., March 16.
Asa Keyes, deputy district attorney,
was nearing the close of tlie final
argument In the trial of Mrs. Mada
lynne Obenrhaln. charged with the
murder of J. Belton Kennedy, when
adjournment was declared by Judge
Sidney N. Reeve late today. Indica
tions were Keyes would complete bis
address tomorrow morning and the
Jury w’ould retire by noon.
Keyes replied to defense arguments
that no motive had been shown for
Me*. Obenrhaln to conspire with
Arthur (’. Burch to slay Kennedy by
declaring It had been shown she had
been spurned by Kennedy. He reviewed
the relations between the defendant
and the slain, man from I*l7 to Aug.
1921, the date of the shooting, nnd read
from the letters which passed between
them. It was tho fifth time during the
trial Mrs. Obenrhaln heard these mis
sive* read. "Kennedy turned her
down not once but three times," the
prosecutor declared.
Keyes said that Mrs. Obenrhaln'* let
ters speak more truthfully than her
lips and nrcued to the Jury that the
letters showed the motive for the crime
In Kennedy's'refusal ti» marry her.
The Jury was told that Mrs. Oben
chaln held Kennedy, Burch nnd Oben
chaln "In her grasp nnd turned every
one of them Into love slaves." Speak
ing of Mrs. Gbcnchalu's testimony,
Keye* said:
"When Madalytine Obenrhaln tells
you she never was In Burch'* rooms
while he W*as In Los Angelos except
on one occasion she is telllnr you n
del I hern t e falsehood and If aha "111 li<-
about that she will lie about anything
in this rare. **•
In opening his nrgoment this morn
ing. Mr Keyes t«»M the Jury thnt there
was sufficient evidence to convict Mrs
obenrhaln of the crime **f murder,
"nnd said they would be false to their
oaths, if they let the fjict that the de
fendant was a woman affect the \er
Mrs. Obenrhaln watched Keyes In
tently os he argued but It was not
apparent that hT* statements concern
ing her actions or her testimony af
fected her She occasionally toyed with
n small silver pencil. Jud Rush, senior
counsel fur the defense, completed his
argument this morning In nn eloquent
plea thnt brought tenrs to Mrs. Oben
chntn’s eyes as she *nt beside hint
lie asked the Jury to return n verdict
thnt "would open the barred doors for
this woman who has suffered so
much.** 1
WASHINGTON Mareh 10 There
w orn Just two developments today
In the soldiers bonus muddle, one
:*ae the filing by Chairman Ford it e>
of the w avs and means committee. *of
the majority report on the compromise
hill, which was estimated to cost the
government a total of $t.<W,719.3.'»0 The
other was the circulation of a petition
by Representative Llneberger of «'all
fnrnla, a former service man, for a
conference of house Republican* for
next Tuesday evening to dlscuw* the
bonus legislation.
Mr. Llneberger announced tonight ,
that there were sixty signatures to
the petition or fen more than the num
ber required under the rules for a
conference call. lie said, however.
1 that he hoped it would not be neces
sary to present the petition to Repre
sentative T»>w net, chairman of tlie
Republican House organization. It"
presentation, be added, would depend
open the outcome of the conference
, between hon**’ leaders and Speaker .
[Gtllett regarding procedure for ll;e
calling up of ths bill on the floor. I
Unsettled Friday with occa
sional rain or snow; somewhat
colder north and east portions.
Saturday generally fair.
ment and auxiliary craft would groat
ly increase the relative strength of the
British and Japanese navies.
Senator Reed's address was inter
rupted but a half dozen times by sen
ators. who questioned him on minor
points of information regarding the
naval estimates lie submitted and
when ho had finished the debate drifted
to other subjects. The administration
leaders made no effort to reply to the
attack maintaining that yesterday's
agreement to vote finally on the treaty
on March 24 had crushed all possibili
ties of an adverse vote.
Toward tho end of bis argument.
Senator Reed turned his fire on the
apparent diminution of interest in tho
debate, noting for the record that
only two Republican senators were
present and flaying tho Republicans,
who had stood witfi him against the
Versailles treaty but now were sup
porting the four power pact. These
men. lie said had heard the "com*
manding voice of their political party
hut kept away from tho debate on the
senate floor because they wors
In tho view of senators who hav«
canvassed tho situation carefully th»
two big Issues remaining to bo settled
in the four power treaty fight revolve
about the foreign relations committee
"no alliance'* reservation and tho com
promise reservation that is to be pro
posed regarding participation of out
side powers in conferences over pa
cific questions. A group of Republican
senators are still said to he strongly
opposed to nil reservations and inclined
to work against the committee propos
al even tho administration leaders
fear that its defeat might endanger
ratification of the treaty Itself.
The qonfcrence reservation has not
yet been offered but an effort will
he made to put It in a form accept
nbln to various senators who had ob
jected to the proposal when It was
before tho senate In tho shape of a
textual amendment.
Woman Jtcfused to Tnko Bad-
Husband Wlio Pcsortcd
DENVER. March IS.—Rlcharil,
Dlpace. 2$ >ears old. shot anti killed
Ills wife, Mrs. Elsie Dipnec, 24 years
old. tonight In a room of the Volun
teers of America Homo >t 2R04
Champa street, ninl then took his
own life. Two shots were fired in
rapid succession.
A third bullet went thru the call
ing. The last shot. It ts bolloVed. was
fired In n determined effort of the
man to make sure of tho death of
the woman.
Mrs. IHpnco had been staying at
th«* home fop some time. She told
th«* landlady. Ada Llewellyn that her
husband had deserted h**r last N"oV»
ember and that she was trying to sup
port herself and three children, tho
eldest of whom Is years old.
Wednesday night Dlpneo returned
unexpectedly from L n s Angeles and
visited Ids wife at tho home. lie ask
ed her to return to him. it is said, but
.•■lie refused. .
IMpncn was not heard from Again
by those at the homo until tonight
when three shots were fired In bis
wife's room. When tlio door had
been broken In. both Riparo ami bis
wife were dead. A nolo in Dlpare's
pocket evidently written a few min
utes before tho tragedy, pend ** f o j.
(Continued on Page Two)
If there n decision at that con
ference to consider the bill under a
suspension of tbe rules. Mr. Llnebrrg<
• aid the petition would be pr<»e n ;ed
There was some wp-culation a** •••
whether a formal conference call would
operate delay consideration of the i»- K
l*h\tion. ('liatrman Fordney dr. fared
It still "as his determination to bring
the hill up Monda> under n «*u«pei'
slnn "f tho rule* If that could be done,
nndgf not to call It up Tuesday nnd
a special rule, if such a ruto could
Speaker Cllllett Is due to arrive to
morrow from Florida and at that tit -
the question of whether the hill will
be taken up Monday probably wi'l
be settled. Mr Fordney «■> >•! t'ie r■■ •
bronco with the speaker would be
"perfect harmony' and thnt If Mr
Glllelt he|»l against a suspension of tlm
rule* |i<, would proceed with plans to
bring the measure under a special
Tlie chairman went on |e say that i'
tt'ontlnued on Tag" Two.)

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