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Conference To Be Held At White House Tomorrow
Night To Consider Bank Loan
WASHINGTON, March 18. —The soldiers* bonus muddle is to be referred
to President Harding again.
Representative Mondell of Wyoming,-the Republican house' leader, an
nounced today that lie had requested a conference with the executive for
Monday evening after th ereturn of Mr. Harding from Florida.
lie said he would be accompanied to the White House by such other
members of the house handling tho
bonus legislation as the president
might wish to consult. The specific
purpose of the proposed conference
v. as not disclosed hv Mr. Mondell, but
ll was reported that ho would seek
to obtain the presidents vievvij on the
compromise' bill with its hank loan
provision iu Ib-u of .1 cash bonus, an
well as his opinion as to whether the
measnr*' should bo called up under a
suspension of the rules ns most house
leaders desire
Mr. Mondelbs announcement follow
ed conference between Speaker Gil
len and 27 house lenders arranged pri
marily to the question of pro
cedure in *on iderlng tho bill.
Mr. QUlett announced afterward he
would not make up his mind before
Monday morning as to whether he
would entertain » motion to suspend
the rulew and pu**» the bill.
Such a motion would block all
amendments and also prevent a motion
to recommit the toll with Instruction*
to the wa > •• and means committee.
Tho confercn I speakers of
fice .•«t*d more limit an hour ic d was
behind *1 •<! doors Mr Mondrll was
delegated .»s offi. ial spokesman and
mild* I'm -taten *llt
"Wo dts <is-«d the situation of the
bonus In -ill .t* phases fully, freciv,
good n.iturcdly. but did not reach any
definite conclusion or make any defin
ite arrangement
Chairman Fordne.v of the ways and
means committee. >.«:d h*\h*d noth
ing to add »u llmt statement.
"1 want to call up Ilia bill Just as
•oou -is iiomiMr,' lie said "Ns wiM
to be passed quickly 1 don’t think w«
will change tho crossing of a ”t" or
the dotting of an ”1 We have a good
Representative L of Cali
fornia. a fornrer servlco man, who
holds a petition l«*e»rlng sufficient etg
natures of house iu»h>rity metnben* to
lnsnro th# .ailing Of ‘ P»rty confer
ence. for neat Tuesday evening, at -
ter.dod th* conference with the speak
er H- also bad a long talk with Mr.
Mondoll but il*ei| n «l t.. say what had |
Mr l.lneberger Is withholding *he
pree«*nt.ition of til- petition to Chair
man Town, r of tho house Republican
organization explaining that ho hoped
|? would be possible to achieve with
out ■ ouferrn* •• the things that he
and other dßn**r* of the petition ex
(Continued on Png* Three)
Crc*o!*tr'* StntTH. W li** IHiii!
l.ifo, "'Vill Oivo Nairn* to
‘‘lyO VO I 5/11>ir*S
DF.NVKR. March IV -So that her
husbands 'soul mnto" and two "love
babies'* might exchange the atlgma of
Illegitimacy for a name and respecta
blllty, Mrs Gr J arret Htoffel. legal
wife l.f .;...rg< str.rf.-i. proprietor or a
toe it game* ..btn' e.j in «oiintv court
ti.fiav a preliminary decree of divorce.
Wmo her Bi • d« I all
months from now. Mr* Stoffct sa>*
her husband will l.e fr*-e to marry "the
other w .man ' ni<l theret.y giin «»
name f..r the woman, and tho t» . chil
dren she lias borne Htoffel In th*' last
four year Mrs MofT«*| will s'. |. ■ •m
--pietely . • of th«. trlnugln which has
disturb'd the harmony «>f her house
hold fo several >e.i r»
The domestic affairs of the Stoffrls
(Continued on I’nge Threat
The lnjild'eg .. mpitd by the Kit la
Manufacturing company H and]
Lainkln •if"* and nil of the stork
and mnchlner*. »>f the '••mi'nny were
«|eatro\ed by fire early veaterday morn
ing with n resulting ’*.•.« ~f approxi
mately fino.ooo a<-r«.rdtng to estimnt.-s
made late ve<*ten|s\* ft»-rr«H". The
building wae owned by former Govern
0 Mva Adams and had been « pled
by tho Fitts Mnnufactuilng cump-inv I
about to venra.
Fanned bv a stiff wind the flames
were stubbornly fought b> -he fire -|
m«'n but an hour after th*- h* si alarm'
had been turned In tin- building was
prurtlrally destroyed The first alarm 1
w . turned iu about o'clock and was 1
Imtnedlatelv follower! hv .. -1«11 • lona I
• .: Ils \v|||r|| br<-'ght out The entire Orel
fighting • i'lin > • of 1 lie -TV 1 '«*•
wind wa* b'.» wlt.g » »■> *■ ’•“«■* is.; •
600,000 MINERS
Plans Ready For Evacuation
of Mines On April I,
Lewis Announces
NKW Vi'UK, March IS.- Kiv him
deed thousand union miners In the an
thra< ito and bituminous fields will quit
work April 1 unless Minin unforeseen
solution i" the Wage controversy Is
offered In the meantime, John I. la
International president of tho I’nltud
M:rv Workers, announced today.
l’lanw ft.r the evacuation of the mln*w
nr- already under way. Mr. Lewis said.
In th*’ evotil of a walk oul, crews of
pump tix-n. engineers, firemen, watch
men and helpers will remain at their
posts t.. prevent flooding of the mine*
ami maintain the properties, he said.
11* estimated that one thousand men
would remain on duty in the anthrs
■ lto and 5.000 In the bituminous dutj
tot »*u h purposes.
Final orders for withdrawal of tjio
men will be l**u»d by the generaT plvYT
c!es committee ~f the union at Cleve
land or Chicago, probably next week,
aald effective In case operators and
miners fall to arrange a new working
<Continued on Page Three )
WASHINGTON. Match l* s . The whole ficl.l of c«nlrovcruics centering
ab<nit the arms conference was reviewed anew in the kcnntr toflay during an
r.ll-dax debate on the lour-power Pacific irenlv. For the fir*t lime sinen
early in I lie week the treaty's sapjvorlcrs joined battle directly with its
irreconcilable opponent* and a score of senators and fully n-* many issues of
th. treaty fight were drawn Into the.
running crone-fire of argument.
Dpnapcxmt ol At
ks* •*•**. started the field day of ora
tory with a speech supporting hla t
amendment to pledge th« four algra
tnry iki.vi * ag.iixt r. t diplomacy
ll* was second*wl In tho attack by Sen
ator Johns'.n. Republican of <*ntlfornla.
who asked whv He Fra tiro-Japanese
alliance a- well a« the Anglo-Japan-j
•so alliance had i.• • t been terminated,
by the four power i*act. and inter Sen- |
ntor Horah, Republican of Idaho. Join- j
ed to with an assault on the Shantung j
settlement ns an rxnmpla of the sort of j
diplomacy with which he said the i
United states should not associate It-j
When the discussion drifted to the .
naval limitation treaty and Its fnrtlfl- >
cation provisions. Senator Poindexter.
Republican of Washington. defended 1
lit* conference ns n real f a«-e n- c«.m- (
and when the Shantung
agreement wa* assailed. Senator L*n* [
root. Republican of Wisconsin, read ,
portions of the Shantung tr*'M>* to sup. ;
t*«.rt t»t*. argument that the conference
had produ* ed a great deal of actual
benefit to china.
I*rrp.» « d addresses supporting the
four |"*wer pa t. were made by Sen
ator Jnne*. Republic.m of Washington,
and Capper. Republican **f Kansa-
The manner In which the treaty was
continued on Page Three.)
of having t*» string lines of lu*se for
some distance, the firemen were Under
u handicap from the very start.
The bln?** started in the northwest- 1
ern portion «.f t!u> bulldln- and is bo- 1
llM* d bv Mr Fit'* to l.r ■ started I
front sparks blown from railvvav lor*.-!
m-'ll'O In the V r?nt|V The !!e.rv
that it slarle,| iu the Indler room w i
dlamiv?ed l*v Mr. Fitts Who -aid l*e
cause nf tho r'cetit warm daV*. there
had ben n»» drs In the boiler r***«m
for mat" loutrs. Another theory is
that the building mav have lvern stril. k
by ligh*nl c • I'it ing th*' • icc? t!« ,i| *•. rm
early Hatfirdav morning
However, when the Ida re ws <|is- !
iitVrrH il was burning fieroly. Officer
lirandon who patrois that region beard i
the warning and continued blowing nfi
(Continued on i'sge Three '
\ Miin "f Itosrription Spt-n Wnn-
I 'lering About in AVold
i OINVIR M,-- . MV, \ s»«ln.
{newspaperman and politician, who dts-
] appeared mysteriously from his homo
last Thursday had not been found Up
I a late hour tonight and searching
■parties and friend* now express the
f*'i»r that h« may not be found alive.
\ man sup|»oi»ed to have been Swain i
wa • last reported seen wandering 1
»''.>ut in \v.'d and Morgan iounti°*. ;
ni '-e than r.*» miles from Hrnvcr late
Friday a short time before a terrific;
• lortn ’W<ft ibat section of the ntaU- !
\ cl c. king up of farm houses in that i
*ect ion failed to revest that anyone .
answering Hwoln's doScrlptloti had j
, sj»ent ihe night In any of them.
, Une re.-irchlng i»arty that spent Krl
iday night In the Prospect Valley!
{school near the town of Hudson, rc i
Ip. .tied that a man answering j
*Jc >. riptlon had been seen walking ;
|thru th** town Friday along the rnll
* r*' id tracks Tho man reported to have
• m (twain rb'scribetl him rather ac
curately. it was said tin declared the
I man he • uv a|»pr.*re«l to bo cold and
J was walking almlc«s|y in the wind.
j A full d* tail of Uoloradu
Jwor* sear* lung the country armiml
!Hudson Fa inr day night. Colonel Pat
| ri< k llatnrtx'k announced
Sva In was ~ good friend of Ihe |
Rangeir. said Colonel llamruck and
kn**w most *'f them personally. All th' j
Hangers have bren notified t«» he on tin I
i lookout for him.
i No news of the missing man had
lp. on received nl his home hero tonight,
IMm S'valn still <-Ungs t» the belief
that ..a husband Is sufferlug fr«*m
I'n temporary mental derangement
ft |( ' ■ I
and •• - * work.
Odd And
IlF.nill.NG, (in.. Mar. 111.—(ienrge
heluilir*. n ftPHTr, s|M*nt most «*f Ills
tlino tinlay trying to find mil tl»c
nouns* of a lie e'lrlvril last nigltl
sigunl "Hu Hlux Klan." The note
warm'd s« linltc> to leave town nl onee
t»r suffer the eouqucncc*.
nlso sahi tliat lie found tin* letters
"KKIi" luserilH'*| hi fresh cement In
front of Ids store vvln n lie ('aim* down
to work this morning.
CTIKYI’.XNI \V>o.. Mar. IN.— -A life
was risked for .1 life here Inst mglit
when Miss Helen Reek a student nl
Vi'hraekn \Yi*sleynn university gave
her hl«H>d qi an at tempi til *hvc her
father Dr. I*. I. Meek, Clieyenne s|s*e-
lir. Reck lias been In a critical con
dition friim the «-ffe*-ts of liloml poison
ing induced when he allowed an ear
protu* to drop «*n la Ills kites' mw cm I
weeks ago.
Touiglil wiili half a pint of his
dniightcr's bliHwl In Ids arteries Ills
condition was -aid to he improved.
Illtl K\. Oik. Mar. IH.—I Timer
Smith, an attorney of (’cinrnlln.
Wash.. Mil* prevenieil from making a
public speech her** lonlglii b> •-'» wnn
l»»*rs of I lie \merlean legion, |K)liro
and deputy • licrlffs. The former *s*r
vl«s* men ft I* il the ptniform
when smith -laried to s|s*ak anil In
fortiK'd Idm «!»•' aililres" would n'»l Im»
|M*rmittcd. smltii was lodged In jail,
i lie police said, for Ins own proleetlon.
Muiiii was inril on a charge *'f mur
ilcr in connect ion with the lirml-tlec
• lav demonstration In mitt and ac
POUT WORTH. Tex., Mar. I*.—
•tack l»e Grnftenreld. rnwho). we pi
l«sla> when I*' look his siiiillr *»ff
"Indian Molly" and turned flic faith
ful cow |ionv over to (•. t'. Tidilas **f
l-'ort Worth for Sl.n.*»n. This I* said lo
have ticrn the highest price ever paid
for a row horse. The animal was
ml-rd from a coll by tie Grnftrnrcld,
the latter’s home in Itrcekcnrtdge,
tnirned this ,wrk; no insurants' was
I.GS IM.I 1,1 S ( allf.. Mar. IH.—
**(’»»ltl light” wa* demonstrated hero
Itcfore a group of scientists liy 'I.
Hlllerralli, los \ngeles Inventor, who
told Ins hearer* his Invention wn*. lit*'
result of four years’ work.
"Cold light" Is to he pure
white and SO free front beat that high
• v explosive photographic film mav
Is* snl»j(s*trd to it for hours without
hurtling it I- said.
It is d is’ln red the discovery will be
of great value in the projection of
motion pictures.
U INt 111 STI R. Vn.. Mar. IH
Confederate veterans Imloi vv'*rc live
(r<-ntlnurd on Tagc Three)
NEW YORK, Mnrch 18.—Several hundred disabled aoldiera taking voca
tional trainint: in Now York and its suburbs, crowded into the district office
of the veterans bureau today and unsuccessfully demanded their sotni
montlily pay. Behind Iho cashier's window were 6,000 treasury checks made
out Cr r the veterans, hut tlicro were held up since tho bureau was out of
jiiivcs Self Up With Statement
That UoSliot To Defenil
Self ,
S|.« ii| to The Chieftain.
DELTA, Colo., March 18. A man by
l!>•• name of McConvilla, of Crawford,
• ’oto . "n* shot nn<l Instantly killed
hero tonight, by Kuban Fluke, a crip-
It Is reported lhn» Fluke and his
brother, tils't McConvllle In a pool hall
and nn altercation followed. They
v rro «w'i< imtcd. When the Fluke hro
ihrrs r*'iurn*-,l to ihdr home they
found McUoiivlllo there walling for
(Continued on I’sg* Thrco )
NEW YORK. Mar. 18.— (By Til"
Vsoolntcd Pres*.) \ thrilling lain of
firo at m a with lot panic stricken
men and women locked In their stal"-,
rooms, and sinkers h* bl nl llielr posl?t
under Iho threat of drawn pistol**,
was related by passengers of the
United (ttaie«, liner potonia**. when she
arrived here today from Bremen.
It was a tale of Yankee pluck nnd
Ingenuity *»f •« skippers refusal In give
up Ids ship until every hope had been
abandoned, and of his acceptance of
Mi** "thousand to onn chance" which
turned * threatening entnatropha into
• merely hirrowing experience for
t h**se a boa rd.
Tlv firo wis discovered at midnight
March -’. a few hours after the Poto
mac. with Captain William Method In
charge saiiod from Bremen up the
( ««.ist «.f Holland Into the North Sea
She had l»een steaming along on a
*m*»*»th » when suddenly with howls
of warning. Dio Spanish and I'illplno
Towns In Southwest With
out Lights or Power;
Wires Down
DENVER, March 18. —A combined
raiu anti snow storm, accompanied by
liieli winds that reached the velocity'
of more than 40 miles nn hour in
Some sections, swept the region east
of the Rocky Mountains up the
Upper Mississippi valley today and
apparently reaching its climax in ca»t
orn Nebraska tonight lmd cut ihe west
off frorA all wire communication, in tho
Wire communication from the cast
stopped in Denver at 6:45 o’clock to
night, both telegraph and telephone
companies reporting that they were
unable to reach points east of North
Platte, Neb. Light power and tele
graph servico In various parts of Colo
rado was hampered by the storm.
Durango, Telluridc, SUvcrton and
Ouray wero reported without light or
power. In Denver, one death and sev
eral injuries occurred as the result of
automobilo accidents caused by slip
pey streets. Beginning here late yes
terday afternoon as a light rain, the
storm increased in intensity during
tho night accompanied by wind which
at times reached tho velocity of 40
miles an hour.
The rnin turned to snow during the
morning and by noon had covered the
city with a two-inch blanket.
According to reports received at th*
local weather bureau, the storm wa*
not accompanied by severely low tem
peratures. the lowest in iho state be
ing recorded at LeadMUe. where th*
mercury stood at -2 above zero. Tho
local weather bureau showed a mini
mum of 31 abovo xero during the storm.
Unofficial reports reaching h*'rc to
night staled that sev*n Inches of snow
had fallen near Sharon Springs. Km*..
by early evening yvtlfe thv.JiUpvv. JJall,
i*hhfYtTtnH|f"‘trlffi no sign* of luiatenWnt.
The snowfall In Denver censed early
this afternoon nnd Weather Forecast
er Sherrler tonight predicted fair
weather for tomorrow.
Railroad office* here tonight said
(Continued on Tage Thre«)
funds beenure copgreicv bad not passed
tli«- deficiency appropriation bill.
Tho disabled men. soma of them
pleading hunger and empty pockets,
wont up to th* fifth floor and begged
Major, 11 • nrv u. Opdycke, district
manager, to sc** that they got their
money. lie explained that ho had no
authority to act, but after telephoning
to Washington, permission wrna re
ceived to isstm emergency funds to
thofs* most In need.
This fund contained only a few
thousand dollars compand with the
5300.000 or more usually paid every
two weeks t*> tho 6.000 taking voca
tional training In tho Metropolitan
district. It was said that 105.000 cl Is—
■ I >li d gold lon p «• ••; c d o ■ • itu •••un
to faevd a similar situation toda>.
Tho state supreme court Unlay Up
hchl high school fraternities In nn
opinion today *»n a c«ne brought by W.
It. Wright nnd other tax pavers of
St I amis, against the acliuol board
of that city.
stoker* bounded from tho hold nnd
started for the lifeboats officers,
with drawn revolvers ordered them
back to ih" fireroom which had b«*-
* *'tn * an Inferno **f smoke with flames
billowing from an adjoining compart
ment where matt re ic, ||fo preserves
nnd ship's stores had mysteriously
taken fire.
Tho dread rrv of "fire" eprond
quickly thru the ship The in< pns
senger* broke fropi their staterooms'
and made for th o lifeboat**. I’aptailt
Mrlerol sent Steward* t«» herd them
back ami prevent the fr engird ones
from leaping overboard.
Chief Engineer E M Garland. «1-
rendv had placed guards over th"
boiler .room * - rews who with lines of
hose w ro spouting ton* **f vvate r on
the blaxe.
Th*' engine nnd fire room* were
flooded but huge clouds of Xmoko
t'"U*lng from the bntchvvnvs and th*
(t'ontlnued on r.»re Three)
Fair Sunday and Monday;
somewhat higher temperature
east portion Sunday. Warmer
cast portion Monday.
Firemen Control Gasoline
Fire at Hollywood, Tenn.
After Hard Fight
MEMPHIS, Tenu., March 18.-
Hollywood, a Memphis suburb, was
rocked Into today by the explosion of
two huge tanks of gasoline at the
plant of the Royal Refining com
pany. A scorn of employes sustain
ed serious injuries or burns but no
fatalities occurred, as almost *ll tho
employes had loft the grounds before
tho explosion occurred. The fire,
which caused tho explosions, was
brought under control after a fight)
lasting several hours.
A 32.000 gallon gasoline tank col
lapsed a few mtnptea after tho expl- -
slon find blazing oil spread In all di
rections and many sheds and small
buildings were destroyed. The main
part of tho plant, however, waa saved.
The officials of tho company to
night were unablo to give any asti
mato of tho damage. Kesldenta of the
neighborhoods fled from their homes
fearing tho ontlro suburb would bo
Stnnrls 0 To 3 In I'.ivor Of
Conviction, According
To Itumors
T.OS ANOEI.ES. Cut.. Mur It. —Tli"
Jury In the case of Mrs. Madalynno
Obehchaln, on trial charged with tho
murder of .1. Pepon Kennedy, which
went out at noon yesterday had not
reached a verdict late today and re
ports that It was deadlocked wero
current about the hall of Justice.
The Jury up t»» this time had malic
no attempt to coni in union to with tho
court. Itumors that the Jury was di
vided 3 to 3 for conviction persisted
during tho day but attorneys for tho
defen*© declared tl»«*y believed a ma
jority of tho Jurors were for acquittal.
Mrs. OhvnriiHln awaited the action
of tho Jury In the woman’s department
of tho county Jail. Hho refused to
make nny statement except that she
was feeling "well and hopeful.”
Tho Jury went to dinner at R:3l>
o'clock this afternoon. Judge fddney
N. fteev© left half an hour earlier,
directing that th*» Jury resume Its de
liberations at 7 o'clock.
l;ipmi Denies Britain Aske-t
Aiil To Suppress Possible
I'pri.sings In Imlin
mmneement was made today by th©
| American corn mission to promote self
government In India, that Great Hri
t-*ln under the trrmn of the Anglo
• .liipanoHi alliance had asked Japan for
■ military aid. If the pnsslvo rtvoluMnn
• ary movement in India, leads to a
i • general uprising" while at the earns
j ttmc tho statement was denied by thy
{Japanese emhnir*>.
| The statement of thn India society
jthat such request had been made upon
! the basis of confidential source a in
j Toklo and l<omlon, "whllo tho cinba*-
ij ■uu«mml dt i»'-i tii.it uk j• : *»• -
iw.ts ab*..;me|v discredited in Japan*:*)
official quarters >?» Washington
Tho Anglo Japanees atllanee, the etn
baa.sy ;«««• rt I contains. no « lnuse,
either e\pr« ~(■ iinpllr*) providing f«>-
Japanoe** Intervention in tho event of
(liunmtlo (rouble in India.
All MKI *AIt A I». Mrltlsh India, Mar. h
l' lMy the Associated l*resr * Mm
handas l\ Gandhi, the Indian non
• > .opera |ion Ist b ad* r. who was arrest
ed recently *»n *harge«,,f sesiition. v.*s
s«*nton* cd today to six u.ir.* Imprimr.*
m*»nt wlt lion l hard labor.
The arr.-ei ami aenten. e of Mohandas
K Garni I, whose power and personal
magnetism have gained r**r him th
. title* "Mahalinn," nr wonder worker,
were pn reded by a long series of civil
. disob* diene.- netlvitlrs, which have
aroused world-Wide Police. K<>r sotn
years he has been considered the mo .
influential public man In India.
Gandhi published Ms s<*h cme f.
nop cooperation In M*pt amber. IJ»re. in
Ills piogram were Included ihe rc*ig
nation of their post© by Itonorar*
magistrates. the withdrawal of pupils
fr* m government «>r state schools and
l >uring the war ho was Joint
parliamentary secretary for the na
tional service department and In lOlri
i was appoint* l .! i.ntlrr ae« r* iar> of slate
tor the war department * h| vi-e pres
ident **f the air council, lb was named
j chancellor **f the Duchy of l„in. aster
I '■ hen the 1 tlrorg.- tv. :ii?;rjr Was
Ifccn«t in at April.

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