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Mttor Motor Service Bureau Oevunv'of ttavie
.. Inspecting Piston-Rings
SOM w in va°T< d , f 1 carancc Shou,d R e Checked Up
. -< II I'A AS low llKTHhli the gap between the ends of a rmo- is
excessive can be obtained as the piston is being taken out, for if the piston
OiVu f enou " ‘ BO I,lat tlie to P •W > s .i«»t beginning to come out of
n : 118 ancc J b ?, t ' VCC n «nds. when in can be seen and
uglily measured, and the same observations can be made on each of the
other rings successively, as it comes into sight. When installed, the gap in
an ordinary sized ring is around 1-04 inch and, if the gap is found upon in
spection to be many times this amount, i\ indicates either poor fitting or
very great wear with t ho probability that there is .considerable leakage at
this point. IF. when the piston is removed, the rings are found gummed in
their groove--, making the piston overnight in kerosene will remove most of
this gunirn\ material, so that it can be .veertnined whether the rings are
excessively loose i n t hoj r grooves on account of wear. If ""they are, "ns will
pass out under them from above and compression will be lost. * A ring should
have hardly perceptible up-and-down play in its groove, but should ho per
fectly free to spring in and our and if‘it lias very noticeable freedom of
up and down movement, it should bo replaced. When it is decided which
rimrs are to be discarded, they can be sprung out of their grooves by forcing
their ends apart and worked off the end of the piston, no special care being
required in handling them, as they are of no further use. The treatment of
the new ones which are to take their places should, however, he much mor
centle, ns piston rinc- are easily broken In rough usage. A pair of special
piston-ring pliers, designed to expand the ring evenly and to hold it thus,
while being slid into its groove 1 a great convenience.
J. J. K. asks: Wliat is the host mo- j
thod for reeharpiup the magnets of a
- high-tension magneto?
Answer: They ran ho recharged.)
without removal, as follows: Obtain I
a sufficient length of hon\ y-mnductor j
flexible cord and wind it into a tem
porary coal around the magnets hv I
threading it thru the arch. There'
should he at fifty turns. Con
nect one end of this mil to fine term
inal of a large storage battery (the or
denary ear batterv will hardly «uf-,
fire) and toueb the other end of the
eoil to the other battery terminal mo
mentarily. several time'. Before do-,
ing this. determine the existing
polarity of the magnets with a com
pass and be sure that t!ie connections
f.rc such a • ... t Mme di
rcetion and not to discharge. Any
eleetrical textbook w;!i give yon the
rule for current direction. Fleet rival
service station; usually ha'e the re
quired battery ami all other equip
ment for doing this work. Some pre
fer to remove the magnets and charge
them by contact with a magnet izer a
special elect ro-magnrt charged ••<*m
an external rtirrrtn -o;rce
uiwvnuimj ob/vivo
R M. D. ask*: What do you think
i« the matter with the :cnr cud of my
Ford? At a U m p. Ii. speed there i*
an nneven prowl, but at higher and
lower speeda if is not so noticeable. It
is rather bail when the ear is going
down lull and on rough roads, but not
very fib-cet?onablc on smooth road*.
Answer On the fare of it, this
•cents like incorrect or irregular
•"calling the final drive "ear*, as.
stiminp. of c mrse. that your lubrica
tion it all right Wear of t a
washers, provided lietwrcM the iii'-idc
roller benr ; up support*- of teh axle-
|~ Ohfyiner 1
Certified Car
The Finer Dort
Sedan repre
sents a new
ac h ievement
in closed car
Model t*Tourin« I **.«
Model 14 Roaduter »6S
Model l*-S.Sedan 144.4
Model 14-CCoupe 131.4
Modrl 14-TSedsn 1114
Model 14-T Coup* 1*44
Light Delivery Car 825
All pHcrt f. o. b. factory
Motor Co.
210 W. 7th. Tel 1083. j
tr f. hirtlrftf f*'>'( ( 7*v- Tit mufti j
I shafts and the differential, would per
i mit some end of the ring gear.
! Excessive wear of the axle-shaft roll
| * r hearings, might also cause uneven
1 gear mesh, as also would a slack ad
! Pi«tmeut o’ the thrust collar in the
j'■ ’opcHcr shaft. Rough roads would
l ' •ins© the results of worn bearings to
.show up strongly. Yon may have to
It is straight ran 68-60 New Navy specification a as.
From a view point of service rendered. MONOGRAM
costa lesa than inferior and cheaper oils.
Makes correct piston seal—therefore assures more power.
Reduces carbon formation to a minimum.
Because of its superior body, the heavy gasoline which
seeps into the crank case will not thin and kill its lubri
cating properties m readily as with most oils.
Makes motoring s real pleasure.
It cuts down your repair bill and helps eliminate 80% of
your motor's troubles which can be to faulty lubri
C. & S. Main -TWO STATIONS- Bth and Main
The Arkansas Valley
Petroleum Co.
Royal Royal
Cords Cords
In Your Line of Burine**— DO YOU EVER GIVE AWAY
Other lines of hn.tineee are just like yonre—lf yon get SOME
THING GOOD yon pay for it. and if yon buy an inferior article yon
naturally pay leu* for it.
Yon will also admit that THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST in the
long run.
Then why ahoi-Jd you consider CHEAP TIRES *
Any one who haa «y»r need a ROYAL CORD TIRE will tall you
Try a ROYAL when you need a tire next time, and yon hare onr
pereonal guarantee aa well aa the factory’, that you will be well re
paid both in eatiefaction and ralue.
ROYALS are now aeUini; for approximately SOO/ n LESS than in
The Knebel
Automobile Co.
114 W. 2ND BT.
lake the rear end apart, eliminate all
end ami radial hearing play and
secure a correct gear mesh.
Proper carburetor action is depend
ent in no slight degree upon the main
tenance of the correct level of gasoline
In the float chamber or carburetor
bowl, which nhould bo at such a height
that fuel will not overflow from the
spraying nozzle or nozzles and yet will
stand high enough so that a very slight
suction at the jet will cause gasoline to
l»e omitted from it. The general prac
tice is to keep the level a very little,
perhaps 1-16 Inch below the spraying
orifice, the directions accompanying
each model of carburetor usually stat
ing the proper level, which is generally
given as a certain fraction of an inch
below the top edgo of tlie fuel bowl.
This can readily be checked up with a
scale, when the fuel bowl cover has
been removed. If the fuel level is
maintained very much too high, gaso
line will escape continuously thru the
spray nozzle and drip from the carbu
retor noticeably, but if it is only
'slightly too high it will escape very
slowly—mainly when the fuel Is warm
—and may not bo discovered, but it Is
likely to collect in the carburetor pas
sages and cause an extremely rich
mixture when the engine is started.
Many cases of black t-tmoke, loading
and irregular firing at starting, result
from slightly overflowing carburetors.
On the other hand if the gasoline level
i* too low—considerably below the
spraying orifice—more than the normal
suction is required to cause fuel to
flow out of the Jot. and some weaken
ing of the mixture will ho the result.
When suction Is slight, as at very low
Idling or cranking npecds, too weak a
mixture to fire reliably may be pro
thiccd and very slow operation and
easy cranking thus be interfered with.
Morovcr, missing and weak power at
very low speeds, with op*n throttle,
aM in severe hill climbing, may be
caused by the-suction being inadequate
to lift gasoline thru an abnormal dis
tance out of the spraying nozzle In suf
ficient quantity to keep the mixture
sufficiently rich. Carburetor float
levels are supposed to be correctly ad
justed at the factory, but on account
of .the widely varying densities of
gasoline, they sometimes have to bs
readjusted. The higher the gravity of
the gasotino used and the colder It Is.
AUGUSTA, Ga.. March 18.—James A
Tant, aged 60, and his wife, aged 45,
lost their lives in a Are that early to
day destroyed the Old Grand opera
house here. The couple had lived in
the building for 20 years.
tho more the float rises in it and the
lower the level is maintained. Old
carburetors, designed for lighter fuels,
generally run too low fuel levels on
this account and can sometimes be
greaAly improved by float mechanism,
readjustment. Wear of *the float
mechanism. Including that of the float
needle-valve, tends In general to
cause a high level.
In five minutes “Pape’s Diapepsin” ends
Indigestion Gases Heartburn
Sourness Flatulence Palpitation
“Pape's Diapepsin" "really do#s” put
had stomachs in order—"really does"
overcome indigestion, dyspepsia, gas,
heartburn and sourness in five minutes
—that—Just that—makes Papes Dia
pepsin the largest selling stomach
regulator in the world.
If what you eat ferments into stub
born lumps, you belch gas and eru .tate
sour, undigested food and acid; head
is dizzy and aches, remember the mo
ment "Pape’s Diapepsin" comes In
'■ V«V»VV«V.V«VVo . < V.V.V.V. , . , .V. , . , ,V. , ,V.V, , .V, , .V.V
I Auto Supplies \
m m Rajardleaa of tho moke of cor yon drive, whether it cor. “Western Auto” is the place, and in our afore* you ■"
"■ be small, medium or large, there is ONE place in will find the largest assortment of auto supplies, tires, ■
■ town where you can get just exactly the type of ac- repair materials, etc., in the city, courteously dia
mn cesaory or tiro, etc., you wish and need for your own played and at prices that are pleasing to say the least. m m
% 1 ■■
. jacks s.opSi*»i. Master :■
:j Pumps
JmJm at-' IVBBII Quick Acting
■ Jtmt flnlahad paying H 1.48 for tTsad extensively by ri• * -a a •
■ having my tire carrier repaired. W trucks and stages OIZO JL 1 •T’ Hl* ■
■_ Would have saved that and the where a sharp, die- ■
% a itnrd* dsMAdshi. taAh (. tn attendant bother had I been tlnet warning I* a positive nacas- _ . ■
W and *“ Price $1.25 /
■: ~ ■"jS.sv,; P" u.7... ».,5
i: m itOßari;
> a iJjL, Notice the cars on the street ■
lw Ain and see how much neater they — ■
■ look equipped with running-
■ board mats. They prevent ■
®_ slipping end kcev’ Interior of ■
■ The coet of a coat of top dress- Keep your car Intact. Bent fenders and broken headlights, et.. are c »r clean. ®
• Ing la low. but the rMults oh- not only expensive, hut they never look the eamc afterwards. Put Cocoa mat* 96c p
tained In improved appearance on * r*if of bumpers—they soon pay for themwlvcN tn the damage Pebbl* rubber 460 ■
and waterproofing ia great. We prevented. Barred rubber .75c ■
have a type for every oar top. $8.50 to $18.75 1 ■"
n . l ire Covers ■
.. 1....... t . i’’.! ..
■ get a belt for your car? West- rractlcallv an» tool, separaie or A good spotlight is one of the
■rm Auto can stipplv yin with In sets, as well as other necru ment ing and useful nr- p . , ••xpcna.v.- . ■
a high quality, durable belt at *ary repair materials, can be that can l»c applied to v i*h a Ono appearing tiro
r - « r«*>nmbl. prlc. cu«<l In Ih. Western Auto Store, «»">",..U11. covrr
B 25c ABQ Up tt considerable savings. $3.45 to $12.35 I 5165 to 52 85 ■„
5 Saving Sam Says Ik [New 1922 Catalog' >
% "f*ave your money" «nd also lflf I” fr* J" i’l XI 11 ||l free for the a*King and p"
get the best v M fw W w/A contains hundreds of useful and ■
■_ aoto sup- « ornamental
% Sr- Company =jrrg=, >
1 ?” r "'soo N. Main St., Pueblo / >
that feeling Telephone 52 I I f, "' , w ls*
•L AVmA of security. ______ Western Bj/ ii
■ that comes OTHER STORES: ■
■ MM frn _ u nnmr Yam Aeselea ft mlnrtm) rmemdenm Saefa Ana ble.il pin- n \MKVA _™
m m rrom enow- BaberedeM Phaeslt Uarham to nend ■_
■ ing that CeWaO*. sprloge Vaet.l* SaaMle (3 Merre) t | |r|r nißl | _ - ■
’Vhl vmir -*nrv Reerrtt Pnmnna ‘•l-whlnn /^vMrW
> our t mry m— xi.rr.M- ....... orrlrr-. IWSi■ Ti
1 Plirchcse Is gl f antra Sacrantentn Walla Walla they got I ■
■_ backed by a Beater Salt l.ake nty Tahlma pivt what II
■ reAl Worth- Oreetey San tternarrllna Tamms _ .... ■
■_ J un 111... lh«) want *•-
S while guar- lans Heart* Nan Franrlara tt *lnrf«l I'nrllami *"»nd get It m
■_ ante*. Oakland San Ja*e ttolae «|lltckly.
■ - M ■
ALBUQUERQUE, N. M., March 18.—
The New Mexico Wool Growers' at
the closing session of their annual con
vention here yesterday afternoon
passed a resolution petitioning con
gress to transfer the forestry bureau
from the department of agriculture to
tho department of Interior. Tho resolu
tion was adopted nfter a heated de
bate. The control of the forestry
bureau recently has been tho subject
of a controversy between Secretary of
Interior Full and Secretary of Agri
culture Wallace.
Chieftain want ad*, bring remit*
contact with the stomach all such dis
tress vanishes. It's truly astonishing
—almost marvelous—and the joy is its
harmlessness. A largo slxty-cent case
of Pape's Diapepsin is worth its
weight in gold to men and women who
can t get their stomachs regulated. It
belongs In your home—should always
bo kept handy in ease of a sick, sour,
upset stomach during the day or at
night. It's tho most efficient antacid
and stomach regulator in the world.
This Pure Cream
Stops Head Colds
Apply In Nostrils —lf Opens
Air Passages Instantly.
Colds and catarrh yield like magic to
soothing, healing, antiseptic cream
that penetrates thru every air passage
and relieves swollen, inflamed mem
branes of nose and throat. Your clog
ged nostrils open right up and you can
breathe freely. Hawking and snuffling
stop. Don't stay stuffed up and miser
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream.
Balm from your druggist. Apply a
little In the nostrils and get instant re
lief. Millions endorse this remedy
known for more than fifty years.
Chieftain want ad*, bring result*.
—the top
built, her* WEARS WELL because it
is correctly designed, especially made
and tho best materials ONLY are
Let us recover or replace that pres
ent worn, torn and shabby top NOW
for the coming season. The cost will
f prove a pleasant surprise.
712 COURT PRONE 3468-W
■ ■— The Beet Auto Top Shop In tho State.
The First Application Makes Sk<n
Cool and Comfortable
If you are suffering from eczema or
some other torturing, embarraaing
skin trouble you may quickly be rid of
it by using Mentho-Sulphur, declares
a noted skin specialist.
This sulphur preparation, because
of its germ destroying properties,
seldom fails to quickly subdue itch
ing, even of fiery eczema. The first
application makes the skin cool and
comfortable. Rash and blotches are
healed right up. Mentho-Sulphur Is
applied like any pleasant cold cream
ami Is perfectly harmless. You can
obtain a small jar from any good

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