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“Chimes of Normandy”
Rehearsals for the production of tHe 1
rnn'i.- upcrat, "The Chimes of Nor
mandy” arc going on nicely, and when I
the time comes next week— March 2!)
:.iul hO— 'Mi'li of the characters and tho j
chorus will be absolutely perfect. The j
loading role, that of "Serpalette" will
Tie filled by Mrs. Grace Lovern Rutter, j
one of rueblo'H leading and most tnl- |
ented sopranos. The illness of the di- 1
rector. Tom Christian, has been some-,
what of a drawback, but the rehear
sals go on Just the same. Mr. Christian,
according to reports, is convalescing
and will be physically able to take up
his work during the coming wc-k. The
chorus will be in the bands of tho sreej
Works choral dub, comprising a
galoxy of splendid voices. The opera
will he produce,! t n the theater ~f the
Steel Works "Y” and it is safe to pre
dict that the theater will ho crowded
by music lovers on both evenings. Fol
lowing is the cast <>f characters of the
principals taking part in tho opera:
Serpnlotte Mrs Grace Rutter
( Saprnno)
Germaine Mrs Fthel Rees, Nizzo
Henry-Marquis of Ccrnoville
( Baritone i
Joan Grenicheaux ..Vance Kiestor
Gaspard The tni’-er K.anko T’nrrnnleo
i Bass)
The Hnllli Win. Martin
The Notary Gunter Gullormscn
Stage Director .. Miss Norris
(Date with the Harrison Players)
Scenic Artist
Don Albertson and Ross Wilson
Costumes by Clark of St. Doul*.
I (L
Gloria. Swanson in the ParamounL.Rcture
"HEK tIUSbAND'b THAI) EM ARK, at the Rialto four day, btarling today
•glorious lov#r
Wm BuHhe daq be mixed
mm MB burine»isodplMsure
I g rL busiest hour qou ewer
M Vl saw in pictures.
wMmi. ooK-k
■Kiiiiiii’' x V
" Ihe ' " II
Did You Get Yours This Week? IV
President Harding and John D.
Rockefeller, the Standard Oil
a. right. President Harding returning from the golf links In the auto
of Edward Beale McLean, at the wheel. Ten minutes later John D.
Rockefeller (left) arrived at the course.
magnate, might have engag-d in
a friendly little tussle on the golf
links recently bed not Joh D.
arrived ten minutes too late.
Harding completed his round on
The annual meeting of the Fin and
Feather club was held Tuesday night
when officers were elected for tho en
suing year. It. B. Sipc was re-elected
president with A. A. Bennett, vice
president; John Swlnton, secretary
apd Fred Cook, treasurer. A program :
la Id out for t|m duo is of interest to j
all sportsmen and includes the placing
"f fish In the laker and streams of the’
■ Minty and the arrangement of suit-'
Me feeding grounds to attract wild,
fowl. Model lake is being stocked
with fish the use of which reservoir
has been obtained by the club as a:
-booting and fishing preserve. Two
thousand perch have been placed in
the lake and a large shipment of bass
has been obtained for the same pur-I
p, Trees will he planted in the
vl :r:i*y Ilf the Ink*- and the building
<*f a- lub house will eventually result
from, this year's plans. A shipment
■ «.' pheasants has also been received
from the game department.
I/0«*al strr: ear service wns aban
doned here Monday following a ded- !
-i* given by the public utilities cotn
»*. -•don a month ago. The Trinidad
rransmla iton. Railway and J
'•as company. Immediately began to j
• up the trueks on lines abandon-j
• •! Crews are at work on Pan Pedro,
street. General Manager Southnrd
stated that two weeks' time Would l»e
necessary to complete the work of
taking up the tracks. Camp < ars will
. be run on a hourly schedule and will
continue td cover the district on San
Junn street. Pine and Commercial
| streets.
l/ocal lumber dealers who met
with the hoard of directors of the
1 Chamber <*f Commerce Monday after
noon pledged their cooperation In the
inquiry Into the general building slt
• Glen and promised to a Mist In every
• •«% n order to further plans of the
Chamber of Commerce to stimulate
building In Trinidad.
The wage scale was discussed and
’he dealers agreej that the scale paid
•he various craft' was not too high
for expert workmanship, but added
that owing to an element of Ineffi
ciency In two of the local crafts, tlm
scale Is too high for the re .tilts :,r
--oompllshed Kxcesetve freight rates
on the various commodities used In'
building wan given as one of the '
•auses which would not Justify any*
very grent difference which could he
made In the prices of building ma
terials nt present The Chamber of.
Commerce, however, will endeavor to
er.< outage In every way n revival in
building, especially of homes her#
during the present year.
If you are *irk and want to Get Well
and Keep Well, write for literature
that tells How and Why this almost
unknown and wonderful new element
bring* relief to rr» many sufferer* from
Constipation. Rheumatism. Sciatic#.
«»OUt. Neuritis, Neuralgia. Nervous I
Profit ration. High Itlnod Pressure and
diseases of the Htomach, Heart. Dunes,
Diver. Kidneys and other nlltnrpta.
> on we#r Dfgncn'n Radio-Active polar
Pad day and night, receiving the
Radio-A< live Ravs continuously- Into
your eyntem. causing a healthy cir
culation. overcoming sluggishness,
throwing off impurities and r - oring
the tlwoies and nerve* to a normal
rendition—and the next thine you
know ye’i are getting well.
Held on a test propoaltloi You are .
thoroughly •s»ti*fic.i ;? :« helping you
before the appliance j* yours. Nothing
to do but wear it. No Trouble or e*-
P«*nsr, and the mo«t wonderful fact
nhnut the appliAtv • is that It Is so
reasonable that It Is within the reach
of all, t»nth rich and poor
No matter how lad your ailmert. or
how tong standing, v •• will be pleaded
to have you try It at our risk For full ,
Information write today not tomor
row. Radium Appllanoe Co . :•?.** Brad
bury Bldg., Dos Angeles. Calif
the Ormonda, Fla., links juat be
fore Rockefeller arrived. A
friendly match between the oil
king and the president would
have been an interesting one, hod
it been arranged.
NEW YORK, March 18.—Chargee
against officials of the American cot- j
ton exchange, made during the "John |
Doc” investigation of bucket shop* by '
the district aWorney's offices, will he
presented to the grand Jury, district j
Attorney Banton announced today af
ter a telephonic conference with chief
city Magistrate McAdoo, who heard the
original complaints. j
WASHINGTON. March 18.—Altho no j
official Information could be obtained;
fi'"m tho state department today, it be
came known that the name of Dr. Otto*
Dudwig Wledfeldt. one of the high of- !
(Vials in the Krupps organization, has I
been submitted by tin* German gov
ernment to the Fnitod Slat"* to de
termine his acceptability as ambassa
dor from Berlin to Washington.
Don't Worry If
Back Is Aching
Stop drugging and get a bott|p
of old reliable Bt.
Jacob* Oil
What is rheumatism? Pain only.
Sr. Jnrobs Oil will stop any pain so
quit drugging
Not on# case In fifty require- In- '
teriml treatment. Rub soothing, pen- 1
' etrating St. Jacobs OH directly upon |
) tho tender spot and relief conics In- t
stontly. St. Jacob# Oil Is 'a harmless !
rheumatism and sciatica liniment. I
which never disappoints and can not !
burn the skin.
Limber up! Quit complaining! Get i
n rmaii trial bottle from your druggist. .
land In Just a moment you’ll be free '
from rheumatic and gelatin pain, sore- j
no**, stiffness and swelling. Don’t
suffer! Relief nwaits you. Old. honest ,
,Hr Jacobs oil has benefited millions (
of rheumatism sufferers In the last
i half century, and Is Ju«*t as good for
s< inticn. neuralgia. lumbago, backache,
sprains and swellings.
Vigor of Youth in a
New Discovery
Science Produce* * Vtinllxer Superior ‘
to Ftomnus ‘.land Treatment—-Magic '
Power of n liark From Africa.
Have you lost your youth, vigor and
'■pep'”' Doe# life •••em dull nnd work
a grind? Don’t worry. Science has
discovered a new vltnllzer superior
even to the much (llncuaecd "goat
gland” treatment.
The principal Ingredient Is an ex
tract from the bark of an African tree.
It is said i** be the most amusing In
vigorntor ever discovered ‘’omblncd
with It arr other tOltlC Uld Vitalising
clement* of proxed merit In mo,.i ,
case*, the . oin: *"ind produces marked
Improvement la a day or two and in
a short time the vitality i# raised, Uis ;
circulation Improved nnd the glow of
health I* Mt in every part.
The new vitalix#r contain* expensive j
chemicals, but manufacturing In enor- i
m<m* quantities ha* brought the • n*t
within the roach of all Furthermore,
the laltoratorics producing tDI*- new
Tlttllscr! which I* ■ silt i Ri I
Tab* are so confident of its power
that they offer it on the basin **( no j
results, no pay.”
Any eador of this paper may test
the new discovery without risk. Hcnd
no money, but Ju*d your nam> and ad- j
•Ires*, to the RKRIDD I bora tor let, J
12t Gateway Htatlon. Ivannas «*lt>, ;
Mo., and a full trentment of RE- !
BIDD Tnls will bo mailed. Pay H
am! postage to the postman on deliv
ery. If not delighted by the rnsult* at
the end of a week, notify the labora
tories’ and your money w ill bo refunded >
In full. I*o not h«**|lnto about accept
ing this lest offer, a* it is full; guar- J
Rex Ingram's $1,000,000 production o L
"The Four Horsemen of the Apoca
lypse," made for Metro, is announced
by the Majestic Theater begihning to
day. At its New York opening, people
paid $lO-i seat. Critics said tin- picture
had definitely established the screen
not onl.v as capable of rivalling tin
stage at its host, hut of surpassing it
in its grip upon the emotions.
"The Four Horsemen” is the supreme
expression <>f the Great War. Certain
ly no novel has stirred the universal
appeal created by the Ibanez master
Brunswick Records
f U Itohrmr—Ttnreonto cl I llo'lolfo (Rudolph'# Narrative) Art
AOOOS J I t Puccini) Tenor, in Itntlnn Mario ' iMinl***
>.OO | Xliuinn Ah! /Fuyr *. L)ouc* Iningr' il>rpirt. F»lr VlnU-n* A, t
[ 111. Srrn* Z lUaiirnct) T*nor. In F*rrrich .... Mario I'litml**
f Addlo (Karewrll) Art lit . PurrlnU Soprano in
'Aooo I Italian Florone* B ston
‘••> n 1 Carnim- II»b»n/.-» < l<ov* la l.lko a Wood Bird > Art I ißtzrt)
> Soprano. In French Florence Kviton
..... I Andrea Chenier Ni-mlrn dellti Pafrin i Kn»my of Hl* /'own
a try' Act 111 * t;inrd.ano> In Italian .Cluaepp" I'nnl**
..00 1 otella Credo itagon Creed) Act 11 i Verdi > Harllonr. in
t Italian Ulueepp* Daala*
I Nalnmn'a Hanre—Part I. From the Muetr Drama "Salome"
B vS l * Strauee) Richard Streuea and Symphony* Orchestra
J Salotne'a Dance- Part 11. )>om the Muelr Drama ••Salome"
v iStraueet Richard sirauea > nd Symphony Orchestra
■ yiai 1 Spring Seng ■ Mendelaaohn > Pianoforte Solo . Leopold God'ieiky
150 ) The Mnlterer da I.UonJem) i('hamlnadt) Pianoforte Solo
t Leopold (iodoeeky
f Mmorkn (I#. MmSHar) (Op. ]#> fTVlentawakl) X'loltn
I .loot J Solo.. ... Rronlela *** H-iherman
1.50 1 Mel«»dte <Op. 42. No. ti (Techalkoweky > Violin Solo
Bronlelaw Huherman
• anna f —Selection 'Puccini* Concert Band
• _ Vee»eUa*a Italian Band
t.ao l Toacn—Selection (Puccini) Concert Band
Veenelle'a Italian Han.t
Sl#7 J Coaxing the Piano (Confrey* Ragtime Plano Solo Ze« Confrev
75e | t.reennlrh B'llrli (Confrey) Ragihne Plano 8010../.e> Confrey
56C1 t The Great Awakening 1 Johnxi'n* Kriwen Tenor Then Kerie
I.o# | Beeauee . T»«*hf*n*rh»r t>* H *rd~|nt • Tenor Then Karla
( Onward ( lirUtlan Soldier* (Sir Arthur Sullivan*
•"R J Collegiate Choir
l.no l Berk of Agee • Toplady-Umi Mr* < Soprano and Contralto
Marie Tiffany and Kltxabeth l.enno*
( Song of the "\fueh On" ( Itohcrteon-Rhye Herbert i Baritone
VS < « . Richard Honetll
I>oa ( Rolling Down to Rio t Kipling Herman > Baritone
Richard Bonetll
I Rddle leonard Bines- /Stanton* T»nor and Baritone
*lf* < B:::v lon-a and Rrneat Hare with Carl Fenton a Orch-etra
• I Carolina Rolling Plane tParl*h Young Hq-ilrea* T*no r
L A1 Rernarg with c*rl Fenton a Orcheatrn
ti## I ,ir * nn ? ' Young- .\kati Iterlton- F.rnaet Mara
Y April Shower* ti>« Syl» a silver* * Harlton* Saxophone OMt
l gnto by Rudy W|»doeft • Krneet Hare
I Mammy I.o't /Sterling Moran Von Titter).Strand Hat* Quartet
I-ala w ana lullaby - White Stark/ Tenor and Baritone
•*® L char'** Hart and Elliott Shaw
• tat f *••• «f —Foi Trot (Rimakir K»r>»k/'»)
*l*2 ■< Rudy Wiedoeffo Cattforntana
1 Gear Mem Fox Trot fOaell Ward Standleh/
Hti'l W ledoeft ■ Californian*
f On the 'Ola *Oln '•!nay Shore ►‘or Trot , |>nn«M>nn *
‘llls Bennie Kruetera Or^hM'-n
Carolina Blnee Fox Tmt ißin«:-' R*nm* Krii»*>r » /rehestra
. Three O'Clork tn the Morning Walts .T»rr--* Robledo*
Sl#t I Carr Fentons Or h-atra
"5c l Indlaaa l.ntlahy Walt* /Terrlse Kendall*
1 Carl Fenton - * Oreheetrm
r ■ Uttle late Son# Fox Trot (Young I.«*l• Cooper*
•r, J teham .lonce Orchea^-a
7»c y My Mammy Knows Fox Trot iP* Casts Jerome*
' tsham Jonea' Orchestra
r Cranny Fox Tret ( Ak»t •
DM J Rennie Krucfer'a Orchestra
■ k I Dee-Dah Riga Fo/ Trot (Reee White/
Rennl* Krueger** Orch*etra
r f■ nut Cye Shanehat Fox Trot (Johnson M-
*lOO I Carl Fenton'd Orchestra
*se | While 'tlami Drrama—to* Trot «Lgan Wh*t'ng)
Carl Fcaiwao Orchestra
" r ho ?*.cx <*T IIMUMnI IXdluyi
SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 1922.—1
pici'f. The book, now in Its om.* htin
: ilred and sixty-sixth edition, lias hern
; read thruout tiio world. The* monu
mental task of trancf/Tring it to Hie
•seieen was aceomplishod by June Ma
this. who mad" a scenario that from
a.ll accounts lias preserved the force
of the original and in many incidents
heightened it. But it is tin* director.
Hex Ingram, who lias apparently
achieved the* most sensational success.
He is reported to have net a new mark
In artistry of picturi/.ailon.
1 Thru it all arc galloping Hie four
horwemcn, spoken of bv SI. John in the
Book of the Apocalypse— tin* grim fig
ures of Conquest, War, Famine and
Dr a tli.
Clark’s 3rd Crulao, January 23, 1923
IS4HI Gross Tons, Specially Chartered
4 MONTHS CRUISE. 31000 end up
Including Hotels. Fees, Drives,' Guides, et%
Claris's 19f.h Cruise, February 3
25000 Gross Tons, Specially Chartered
65 DAYS CRUISE, 3600 and up
Including Hotel*, Fees. Drives, Guides, eta.
) > days F#yi4,Palestine.Spain,ItaJy,Greece, eto.
Europe biop-overs allowed on both cruise*.
cr.J Passion Play Part its, St 90 up
Frack C. Claris, Times Building, New York.
* mlmm " 1
i * =»
How Many Pounds
Would You Like to
Gain In a Week?
So easy now to have the lovely
rounded neck and shoulders
that everyone admires.
Scientific Discovery si VITARIIIMES
Quickly Builds Up This, Scrawny
llgarcs—No Drugs or Dieting—
! Quick Rellel For Tired, Worn-
Out People. Staple Sent FREE.
THIN? You nsedn’t be. Now it ia pos
sible for anyone to have smooth, full
; shoulders, rounded neck and a plump, trim
Agur* Alexander Vitaminss, attracted
j from a wide rang# of foods, ara primarily
raaponribls for convarting food Into Arm
Aaah and producing now vigor and vitality.
Lack of Vitamin## in tbs diet causes ner
vousness, loss of weight and vitality,
headaches and many dsAcisncy disease*
such as akin aruptiona and emaciation.
I Quick Relief — But whan Alexander
! No Druse or vitmmin— •«
A? a* * to tha diat, tha results
I UlOritlfe are amaring in thair rapidity.
I Within a few days an emaciated, scrawny
1 Agure begins to round nut—bony angle**
and ugly hollows disappear. Your weight
quickly bacomes what it ahould bs ac
cording to your height. Tha Aabby, uae
laaa tiaauaa which ara now a handicap
bacoma Arm flash and muscla—rich, red
blood is produced tasks now wsariaome
ara quickly dona bacausa tha food you
aat ia con varied into energy.
A Clear Complexion. Too!
Along with tha healthful gain in weight
' cornea a new. clear complexion, fra# from
{ pimplesandblemifthes-rney cheeks which
are Indicative of new vitality and a con
sequent personal magnetism and cherry
j that make for social success.
' Important: Alexander Vltaminea ara nor
1 to be confused with "vitamins" product**
now on the market containing drug*. A1
n»nd»r Vlumlnee erf pure vlt amine concrn
tratre. nolMng ele*. end ere widely rttrr
mended berbyelclan* Oueranteed te aamptr
with al! federal and atate food lawe.
Game J ! * Pound ain Font Dmyt i
' f e-n,..( is ( /".>• i-i,. f i»-, ,
AleeemArr IVM-.-m n --1 •flit 901 mlno n.,., J
l«mN4 •>» PS paaed* <in.< feel like n .
dtp rent perse* "
Cminm M PaeaW* Qmickly
"Aleman ter filarmtnee ha-* Inereaeertnm eemtght
•remade mmd dome teem term {. r >, -.
JV» are tlkePret thing le*ert-ied that palVM;*'
name I mdrtee ereef nerr- rm«, «er*tr*e
te leJhf them."
Generous Sample FREF
Can// A/n * went everyone to have en rr
Zm V pnrtunlty totry ALKXANDI -
VII AMIN F.ft In their owe hon -«
, 1 at no eapanee To Introduce IF •>'-
vlteminee In a million new home*. I will ~
1 a free eomrle to onrone who will write fn-
I want to make It plain that thl# doee not --•t
a c*nt. nor does It out you under anr oh’*s«
tl**n whatever Merely send me your name
end addre** TOD AY— a postcard will do If r -
*vl*h. I will aend you the aamr'f po<ir»
absolutely FKF.K
Alexander Laboratories
•01 Gateway Statist*. KANSAS CITY. AM
F**or Sale l»y all g»nd 'lrmiulflg find
especially ro. «»tmn.n«F.l by

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