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Schoo t YU...
Students Enjoy Haskell
by Mack Steele
Before I left for Haskell from
San Carlos I was told to write
to Apache Drumbeat. So right
at this particular time I finally
decided to write.
Since I was employed at San
Carlos Trading Enterprise for
two summers I am pretty sure
many Aapaehe people at San
Carlos know me very well.
Before I go on I would like
to thank the Education commit
tee of San Carlos for furnishing
my transportation to Lawrence,
Kansas not only for me, but
also for most of the students
elsewhere. I surely did appreci
ate their great help. I certainly
hope they keep up with their
wonderful system for a long
time. About Haskell, I know
that there were some Apaches
from San Carlos that attended
Haskell before, either last year,
five years ago or maybe early
before that. Everything that we
know today do not stay the same
as time goes by.
Today I think Haskell is
far more different than three
years ago. We have new large
boys’ dormitory and girls’ dorm
itory both with 412 residential.
Also a new school building, all
these new large buildings were
. completed .two years ago. Has
kell once again will look differ
ent next fall. A large Student
Building'is still under construc
tion at this time. There are 1080
students enrolled at Haskell this
fall. Eight San Carlos Apache
students are among them. They
are: Mac Arthur Key, senior
post graduate, Terrell Victor,
Jr., senior post graduate, Clan
cy Gibson, senior post gradu
ate, Lolita Hooke, senior post
I graduate, all of San Carlos and
(Marston Zaye, senior post gra
duate, of Bylas. The junior post
graduates are: Silas King, San
Carlos, Ethelene Kenton, San
Carlos, Mack Steele, of Peridot.
Before I wrote this letter I met
with all these students and talk
ed to them. I learned that they
are all doing fine with their vo
cational training or schooling.
So we are all doing very well
here at Haskell. We attend Lu
theran Church regularly every
Sunday which is off the cam
There are some students here
that I went to school with back
at East Fork. They are: Kynn
Kenton, San Carlos, Clancy Gib
son, Peridot, Marston Zaye, By
las, Josaphine Harrison, Ft. Mc-
Dowell, Pat Cruz, East Fork and
Jennie Mae Clawson, Cedar
Creek. So it seems rather
strange that we are still togeth
er here. I don’t think any of
these students are lonesome at
all. There are 13 students of
Apache tribe from Whiteriver,
’Arizona, attending school here.
1 like Haskell because there
•are many things to do and many
interesting places to go and ac
tivities to attend. Everyone has
great opportunity to join any
club or take part in any activity.
Haskell maintains a competitive
schedule in four sports: foot
ball, basketball, track, and cross
country. Haskell is a member
of Interstate Junior College
Athletic Conference. There are
Trading Post
Peridot, Arizona
General Merchandise
Indian Arts & Crafts
many other sports for girls too.
Our Apache boys seem to be in
terested in an Indian Club. In
dian Club is composed of all
students who are interested in
preserving the Indian traditions
and who know the dance, songs,
and folk lore of their tribe.
They have to own costumes.
Since we couldn’t get the whole
costumes we don’t participate in
that club. Each student is urged
to participate in some recrea
tional activity to promote im
proved physical fitness and a
means of establishing many
friendships. We have a nice
Snack Bar here, it is called Has
kell Shack. The Shack is main
tained for the convenience and
relaxation of Haskell students,
and it is open after 5:00 p.m. on
school days and on certain time
on Saturdays and Sundays. Op
portunities for higher education
possible at Haskell are two
fold. Commercial and vocation
al course beyond the high school
level are open to qualified stu
dents. Students are enrolled on
a working scholarship basis, and
each student is required to do
twelve hours of institutional
work each week in lieu of pay
ment for room and board. Has
kell also enrolls a limited num
ber of students each year to live
on campus and attend the Uni
versity of Kansas. The institu
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438 N. Broad St. Globe, Ariz.
John & Nancy Oddonetto
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Globe, Arizona
tional work assigned to these
students is planned in keeping
with the curriculum of each in
Haskell is one of the oldest
schools in the Indian service.
It has been steadily advancing
for more than 75 years. Today
it is a high school with two
years of vocational training at
the post high school level. It of
fers two years of training in
commercial work.
We have opportunity to earn
money on weekends. So on Sat
urdays many of us go to work,
usually at K. U. During football
games we sell cokes. It’s fun
to work there. So far I saw four
college games while working at
K. U., first game I saw was
when Kansas upset Syracuse 10
to 0, second game was a defeat
for Kansas as the lowa State
handed them its second loss 17
to 14. Third game Kansas de
feated Oklahoma State 41 to 7,
and their fourth home game was
against their own neighbor
Kansas State and once again
K. U. won 34 to 0. So it was fun
working there at K. U. Our foot
ball team has played their
fourth home game so far, and
Lawrence High played their
third home game here at Has
kell Stadium.
Every school is a very import
ant and interesting place to go.
I hope all the young students
will keep up with their work
and obtain a better education.
Remember education is neces
sary for everyone. So lets all
learn to support ourselves, to
stand on our own two feet and
to speak up for ourselves. This
is very important for us to
learn for our future.
(Education [Valued
by George Dickens
Os all teen aged persons in
the world, you who are in
school are in a minority. Even
if you live in one of the many
European countries, you might
well be working for your par
ents or at a trade. If you were
still a student, it might be to
prepare yourself for later train
ing or because your parents
could afford your education.
Today we enjoy thousands of
conveniences unknown to the
Pioneers, we have these con
veniences because of the ad
vance of Scientific knowledge.
How do we gain the knowledge
we have? We discover some
things ourselves, but learn more
Globe-Miami highway
• Appliances and furniture
for the home
• Maytag washers
The Most Complete Store in the Southwest
Quality pffpteasonable
Goods Prices
November, 1963
through sharing knowledge. For
example, thousands of years ago
a man probably discovered he
could travel down a river on a
log. He told others. To keep
the log from turning over, some
one hollowed out one side of it
and discovered he could ride in
this crude boat. Other men
learned to propel the boat with
a stick that was later improved
to make an oar. Next a sail was
added. Then came the steam
boat. Today we have ocean lin
ers propelled by motors. It re
quired many minds and thous
ands of years to progress from
the log to the ocean liner.
If you had to discover every
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