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November, 1963
tew art Student Reports
by Carmclita Stevens
Students of the Apache Tribe
are doing fine and they all seem
to be in good situation. Some of
the students get along fine with
the different kind of tribes.
Being educated today is a
very different thing from what
it was six hundred years ago
during feudal times. The boys
and girls today go to one of the
thousands of public or private
schools scattered over the coun
try. In school they find many
things to do.
There are classes in reading,
arithmetic, history, and geogra
phy in which they learn many
interesting things. There is the
library where they may spend
many pleasant hours with books
of travel, nature study, and poe
try. There are the domestic sci
ence and manual training de
partments where the pupils
learn many things that are use
ful in the home or in making a
living. And there are games and
exercises in physical training
that make boys and girls strong
and give them much pleasure.
The next thing I would like
to tell you about is my trip to
the University of Nevada in
Reno. 1 was chosen for an out
standing student in my Home
Economics class. Besides me
More about
Education . . .
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thing for yourself, you would
not know very much. When you
make a model airplane, you pro
bably follbw directions, the
ideas of others ,and possibly
develop some new ideas. Others
may then learn from you. This
process of passing information
from one person to another is
called “education.”
You can learn things in many
ways, but experience has shown
that school is the best place to
acquire knowledge others have
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were Edw’ina Cassa and Naesa
Gilbert. Six other different
kinds of tribes also went along.
We attended a “College Day”
for Home Economics. We had
classes in Housing, Food Re
search ,Child Development, Get
ting Acquainted, and Interior
Design. We all had fun learning.
That was the most exciting
experience for me. I will re
member it for the rest of my
life. I was very happy to repre
sent my school. I hope to see
one of the Apaches earn this
wonderful experience, because
I have learned to work with
many kinds of tribes. I also went
on a field trip to Lake Tahoe.
This is the name of the build
ing that I stay in. We have sev
enteen Apache students in this
building. I was chosen as a pre
sident in the building, and I’m
trying my best to help the stu
dents, not only the Apache stu
dents but also the other kind
of tribes.
Please, I ask the parents of
each and everyone of you who
has a child away from home to
write a short letter to encour
age them to go on to have fur
ther education.
Two cows were talking about
the cold weather:
“I don’t mind the short days,
or the long nights,” said one.
“It’s the icy fingers I hate.”
The smart politician is one
who can keep the envy out of his
voice when he accuses his op
ponent of fooling the public.
Just give the average young
man two tickets to a football
game, the nice, fresh air, and a
beautiful girl to take to the
game and you can have the
two tickets and the nice fresh
Law, Order
I’m going to write down few
things about Law and Order
Department. So far, I know the
Police Department is running
smoothly, since the arrival of
Mr. Phil Jordan, the new' police
commissioner, who replaced
Mike Windham.
The police Department is do
ing well although the people are
talking about it. This is nothing
unusual. It has been going on
ever since the first policeman
came on duty on the reservation.
A former policeman told me
one time that the council used
to get after them, lined them
up in the hall and asked them
questions, accusing them of
things that weren't true. He
said “things haven’t changed a
bit since then” and I agree with
The Law and Order Commit
tee had rather run this Depart
ment the way they want to run
it and not according to Tribal
Code they adopted. I know we
are working by the Tribal Code
which was adopted by San Car
los Tribal Council. Some people
run to the councilmen and tell
them stories and they believe
them and they say “We’ll get
rid of the whole police force.”
If they did, who will they
choose for replacement? The
same way is true with Chief
Judge. People are so concerned
about the was he is running
the court, the way it should be
run. People dislike a person
who- knows his business well.
The Judge we have now runs
the court like it should be run,
according to the Tribal Code or
During the five years I’ve
spent with the Police Depart
ment, the councilmen have had
several Judges and none com
pared to the Judge we now have.
We should have a Judge like
him who can handle cases per
fectly, as probate cases, estate,
etc., one that can make decis
ions about different cases. But
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S ° rV/C# )
' Nw (OMfAMY
why are people complaining
about the Judge? They want
somebody that can be told and
does it. Same way with police
man, they want somebody who
drinks to be policeman so that
when they are picked up they’d
offer them drinks ; —thinking
that this would make the police
man turn them loose. This is
the kind of policeman they
I think we should run the
police Department the way it
should be run.
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