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Published monthly by the San Carlos Apache Tribal Council
single copy, 10c Annual Subscription, SI.OO
Editorial Board: Buck Kitcheyan, Edith McQueen, Cecelia
Sneezy, Loretta Benally, Harrison Porter,
Happy Moses, Louise Nasby, Sylvia Rustin,
Geneva Noline, Jean Haozous, Sue Haozous.
Editorial Coordinator: Inez Hill.
Besides the Editorial Board, Pain Coe, David Perkins and Nan
nie Russell helped with the production of this paper.
Mailing address: P. O. Box 356, San Carlos, Ariz.
Advertising rates on request.
Bylas Bathroom being built
Now that the water line is in
and the sewer line is progress
ing at a good rate, people are
anxious to have bathroom and
kitchen sinks in their homes.
Some people are going ahead
on their own and some are con
fused as to where to star.
In the past it has been diffi
cult to get many people to come
to a meeting so the idea of dis
tricting Bylas came about. It
was felt that in a district small
groups of people could work
out heir problems better.
The nine districts are, Ist Na
vajo Point and Collin Rustin
is the leader. 2nd. Baits Wash,
Peterson Harvey as the leader,
3rd, Gila Peak, Paul Anderson
as the leader, 4th. Riverside,
Glenn Bylas as leader, sth, By
las Heights, Manual Hinton, as
leader and 6th, Wickiup, David
Billy as leader, 7th, Turn Bull
Park, Roy Kieheyun as leader,
Bth, Black Point, Hugh Goseyun
as leader and the Bth, is South
Boundry and Hugh Goseyun is
acting as the leader.
Bsi-ths For The Month Os
10-2-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Isaac-
Curly of Superior a girl.
10-18-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Mc-
Kenzie Smith of Peridot, a girl,
10-18-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Hunt
Young of Thatcher, a boy, Rob
10-20-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Arn
old Long of San Carlos, a boy.
10-28-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Randell, a boy, An
thony, of San Carlos.
10-28-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Hines Nozie of San Carlos, a
boy, Hernandiez.
10-29-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Son
ny Dillion of San Carlos, a boy,
10-29-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Frankie Miller of San Carlos,
a boy, Richard.
10-29-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Bobby Stewart of Thatcher, a
girl, Lillian.
10-30-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Billy' Curly of Ft. Thomas, a
boy, Lamuel Quine.
10-31-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Stevens of San Carlos, a girl,
Laura Jean.
10- to Mr. and Mrs.
Carlos Mclntosh of San Carlos,
a girl, Dianna.
Births For The Month Os
11- to Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Porter of Peridot, a
girl, Charlene. '
11-6-63 to Hr. and MrsJ
Curtis Kenton of San Carlos,
a girl, Brenda.
11-7-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Royde
Small of Bylas, a girl, Dinah
11-19-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Phillips of San Carlos, a girl,
Vonda Kay.
11-20-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Phillip Hunter, Sr., of Bylas, a
boy, Phillip, Jr.
A loose organization has been
formed called the Bylas Sanita
tion Council and all the Bylas
District Leaders belong to it.
The first meeting was held on
Thursday at 7:30 in he Clinic
Office. We held our first Nava
jo Point District meeting and
the 2nd Miracle Church on
Thursday at 2:00.
We discussed how to cooper
ate and buying materials and
how the work could be done
There our three demonstra
tions in Bylas. One is at Boni
Rope’s place, the other at Julia
Kitcheyun and a Delia Moses’
places As soon as they are
plumped we will have an open
house and begin bath room con
struction. The bath room con
struction will follow sewer line
construction. There will be no
jumping back and forth from
district jto district.
Hospital Auxiliary is plan
ning to have a Christmas party
and will be decorating the hos
Birth List
11-21-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Eric
Johnson of San Carlos, a girl.
11-23-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Arden Kozie of Bylas, a boy,
11-23-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Commander Chapman of San
Carlos, a boy, Darren.
11-26-63 to Mr. and Mrs.
Isaac Pike of Bylas, a boy,
Vernte Van.
11- to Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Kinedlay of Bylas, a girl, Cor
12- to Mr. and Mrs. David
Sine of San Carlos a boy, Ger
12-2-63 to Mr. and Mrs. David
Goseyum, Jr., of Bylas, a girl,
Merceline Beth.
12-3-63 to Mrs. Eileen Hoff
man, boy, Leonard Howard
12-5-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Burdette of San Carlos, a
boy, Harding James.
12 5-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Jess
11. Stevens of San Carlos, a girl,
Evelyn Theresa.
12-5-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Belvado of San Carlos, a
12-5-63 to Mr. and Mrs. Rol
and Boni, of Claypool, a boy,
Justin Troy.
For want-of a nail a date was
lost; for want of a date a man
was lost; f6r want of a man a
marriage was lost; fop want of
a marriage a fafnily was lost—
so for goodness sakes take care
of your nails.
Progress is where you blast
a two-ton bbujider into a million,
fragments called gravel
which you put back together
again with cement.
Good year
For the year 63-64 we will
have more Indian Students on
our team than ever before. We
anticipate a very good year.
The players are high in spirit
and want to win.
Those that will be on the
first string will be Herbert
Goseyun, senior, who made All-
Star one year, Leon Anderson,
senior, who made All State two
years, Kent Delma, senior, John
Dawahoya, junior. Those on
the second string will be Austin
Titla, Alfred Kenton, Wilkie
Casoose and Able Starr.
The basketball team has held
many honors. One was during
1960-61 they were Conference
Champions with a score of 17-
3. In 1961-62 they were State
Runner-up, Conference Champ
ions with a score of 21-1 and in
1962-53 they were State Champ
ions, Conference Champions
with a score of 22-1.
Program plan
On December 13, 1963 at
2:00 p.m. Mr. Dotsons 3rd grade
will present a Christmas pro
gram in the school auditorium.
All parents are invited to at
The kitchen staff is busy
decorating the dining hall for
the Chrismas season.
The teachers! and pupils have
attractive and colorful Christ
mas decoration's in their cjass
Mrs. Lamenti and Mrs. Kuch
en are both out of school on
sick leave.
The regular parents meeting
will not be here until after the
The teachers, the school staff
and I want to wish all of the
parents a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year. We also
want to thank you for taking
an active part in our school
program.. Continue visiting with
your children’s teachers so that
you and the teacher can both
work together in educating
younr children.
If all the perfect people in
the world were gathered togeth
er in one room—there would be
nobody there.
1; ;v.v.. ;;.m.<v,w wx'-.J
“It sure looks like Santa is going to have a ball at our wikiup tonight.* 9
A goal has been set
Under new management of
Wiliard Washburn, a goal has
been set for progress in opera
tion. San Carlos Tribal Store
has a number of departments
such as groceries, meats, drugs,
dry goods, hardware and a re
cent addition, the toy depart
Since the season has come
around to where millions of
people in our nation will be
buying toys for gifs, our store
has set up a separate depart
ment to serve the local people
more conveniently. Toys of all
makes and sizes are available.
Your choice can be made from
a wide selection. Mrs. Loretta
Benally is the sales clerk in
this department. She will be
available to accept lay-a-ways
and assist you in every way. Lor
etta is on temporary for the
rush season and so is Norma
Jean Dillon. She is in the Dry
Goods Department.
Personnel in the grocery de
partment are making every
effort to display merchandise
for a customer’s choice. This
may seem a daily routine to
others. When you go into detail
of what is involved, Ernest
Troglia and George Belvado
Jr., may be in a better position
to explain these things. Ernie,
before coming to San Carlos,
was employed at Bylas Tribal
Store and in years past had
worked for the Osborn Store.
George Belvado Jr., is a person
with service record to the
store. You might consider him
an asset to the tribe. George
started working for the tribe in
March 1947 as a stocker, today
assumes more responsibilities
«MBBBB^^i-^Ki^^^ j x : z^ : ; : .':v )JBS - vooctoiv -..., ■
■'r'- • jy-»»<F^
Right Samson Pechuli, cashier, checking out customer T.
Upshaw. Background Christinas decoration to give season spirit.
December, 1963
in checking incoming shipment
and is responsible to supervise
floor stocker. The combination
of George and Ernie being in
charge of groceries has been a
wonderful operation. By the
way you may wonder who does
such a job to see that everyone
of us get our daily paper, this
is done by Ernie. Combined
with grocery are the checkout
clerks. They are Abel Key and
Samson Pachuli. Mr. Key is
also in charge of the produce
care. The efforts of Mr. Key to
make all fresh produce avail
able for all is a hard chore and
he does make this possible
while checking out customers.
Samson Pechuli came to the
tribe when Higgins Trading
Post was purchased in 1960.
Mr. Pechuli is a participant of
various community organization
and a fine employee. Other em
ployers are Hart Preston, de
livery in place of Norbert Den
nis on sick leave, Stanley Rog
ers, Harry Margo and a new
employee Otto Rustin.
Leo Natsyn, assistant man
ager, is directly in charge of
the dry goods department.
There are various selections
you can choose from in this
department. Men’s and boys’
wear, women’s and girls’ wear
all in latest fashion for the
cold season. Y'ou should come
and browse around if you need
assistance, don’t hesitate to ask
Gertie Kewanletzema, a long
time friendly employee in the
Tribal Store. Michael NalfSzan
will be able to show a fine se
lection of shoes for the family.
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