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Apache drum beat. (San Carlos Apache Reservation, Ariz.) 1959-19??, December 01, 1963, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Snapshots: American Cathedral
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The Cathedral of St. Augustine, Fla., is the home of America’s
irtdest Christian parish north of Mexico. The present Cathedral was
completed in 1797, enlarged and restored after fire of 1887. Parish
•ecords date back to 1594. Unlike other old buildings, the true age
•bd significance of St. Augustine’s imposing old Cathedral is not to
fee measured entirely in terms of the age and beauty of its stones,
Mortar and inward adornments. Actually one of the last Spanish
a ructures to rise into St. Augustine’s ancient skyline, the Cathedral
a ands as a crowning symbol of America’s early Christian zeal. In a
| ractical sense, the mightiest Spanish forts have crumbled into use-
Iffssness while the majestic Cathedral lives on as a monument to
Man’s eternal quest for salvation.
by Rev. Curtis Bunny
1. American Indian Crusade
under Dr. Henry Hedrick of Los
Angeles will be our guest Sun
day, December 22. They will
feature Louis Zarnperimi, who
was converted under Billy Gra
ham Crusade, he will fly into
San Carlos airport, above the
American Indian Church. He
will leave that same afternoon
the noon service is over. Zam
perini was a World War II pilot
and will be telling some of his
2. On Christmas Eve there
will be a musical presentation
of the Christmas story, Public
3. A delegation of young peo
ple from Costa Mesa, California
Lubrication Auto Assessories
Car Wash Motor Tune Up
Tire Balance Wheel Alignment
Battery Welding
Motor Oil
Guarantee on all car repair
i?- Xy - F ; ■-
Weekdays open until 8:00 p.m.
£ 'K • tr % . -
Sundays 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Coming Events
Baptist Church will be our
guest for a special youth rally
on December 27.
4. Regular election of officers
will be held on New Year’s
5. Rev. Bunny and family will
be guest at a missionary rally
in Phoenix on January 1, 1964.
American Indian Church ex
tends its Season’s Grettings to
the readers of Apache Drumbeat
and congratulations to the staff.
A college swimming coach
summarized his team’s achieve
ments for the year in one sent
ence: “We won no meets, but
nobody drowned.”
Ladies plan
May we wish you all a very
blessed Christmas. May . the
Christ who was born of the
Virgin Mary be also your Savior
from sin.
December 24, at 7:00 p.m. the
j pupils of Our Savior’s Luther
i an School will again present
the Annual Christmas Eve Pro
; gram. The Christmas story
will be given out to all those
I present.
December 25. at 10:00 a. m.
j the congregation will celebrate
| a joyous Christmas. We hope
i you can be with us. The Our
j Savior’s Ladies’ Aid will have
j a Christmas party for the ladies
| of the congregation January 1,
I 1964. We will begin the New
I Year with a Worship Service
at 10:00 a.m.
In November the Lutheran
Ladies’ Aid from Canyon Day
enjoyed a day of fellowship
with the Bylas Lutheran Ladies’
Aid. We also have the ladies
from San Carlos join in the
May the ONLY-begotten Son
of God bless you all this Christ
mas and in the coming year.
Activities Held
By Gabby Margo
On November 7th and Bth
our Mission School teachers at
tended Teachers’ Conference at
Redeemer, in Tucson. Reuben
Stock, Dorotha Uplegger, De
lores Cassadore, and Gabby. Mar
go attended. More than forty
teachers of Arizona and Cali
fornia Lutheran schools attend
November 14th was the date
of our P.TA. meeting and more
than fifty people attended. Pas
tors R. H. Zimmerman and F.
G. Frey came down from Glen
dale as our speakers. Mr. Meier
of East Fork High School came
as a school visitor and took
part in the meeting. Other
speakers were Mr. Stock, Rease
Bullis, Harrison Porter, Rev. A.
After the meeting was over
Mrs. Cassadore’s class enter
tained us. Esther Kenton played
“Minuet” and Wanda Mull
played “Lullaby.” Miss Upleg
ger’s first and second grades
gave their Thanksgiving chart
and verse for the year. They
also sang in Apache and Eng
lish, “Shi - Yah -GoShav-Hi,”
Blessing on my way.
November 22nd was a sad
day. Upon hearing of the death
of President Kennedy, the
whole school went into the
church. After a short prayer
school was closed for the rest
of the afternoon.
Our Peridot high school stu
dents attending East Fork were
home with their families for
the Thanksgiving recess. We
had the pleasure of having as
visitors that day two of our
former teachers, Miss Virginia
Jahnke and Mrs. Eli Pamer
enke and family.
The young soldier’s first child,
born in an Army hospital, was
wrinkled, as newborn babies are
likely to be. “Isn’t that just like
the Army,” remarked the GI,
“to issue him a birthday suit
that doesn’t fit?”
1 mile east Geronimo
First Americans Last
By Ruth Mountain
This story was taken out of
the Gospel News with permis
sion of the Church of Jesus
The federal lawmakers show
great concern about the suffer
ing people of the world, but
seem hardly aware of the great
suffering in our own country.
The United States is one of
the great world powers because
we have been so bountifully
blessed with all natural re
sources. Our fertile soil is
nourished by rain and sun to
bring forth the most prolific
harvests on earth. Our rivers,
our forests, our minerals, the
energy and know-how of our
people have all contributed to
make this truly a land of plenty.
The government has felt it
necessary to limit the amount
and kind of planting done in
order to reduce our huge sur
pluses which exceed storage
facilities. The freedom allowed
Americans to choose our line of
work and to develop abilities
has made possible great prog
ress in all kinds of endeavor.
We give thanks for all this
bounty and are proud that our
nation wishes to share with the
less fortunate in neighboring
lands. The government has spon
sored plans by which food, med
icines, clothing, tools, and ed
ucational supplies are sent to
backward peoples.
Billions of dollars have been
given overseas to help alleviate
the suffering and to improve
living conditions and facilities.
Individuals are constantly hear
ing appeals for help by differ- *
ent organizations and agencies
to contribute to overseas aid.
This is good and all charitable
people should support such ap
peals when possible.
But right at our doorstep is
poverty and misfortune which
is almost unnoticed, Our Amer
ican Indians, especially those
in the southwest, are existing
The place to buy
Records Gospel
Supplies Top 100 Hits
Miami, Arizona
The Most Complete Store in the Southwest
A complete selection of Toys to
make your children's
Christmas a Happy one!
* *4
• a; * . ts-. , .
r* *
December, 1953
in the most wretched condi
tions. They live on barren land
which cannot produce without
water. It is impossible to raise
crops. They exist in shelters of
the meanest kind which cannot
even be called shacks. Many
suffer from exposure and are
dependent on charity for any
kind of clothing. Schooling is
practically non-existent. They
are sick and their bodies show
the effects of constant malnu
trition and disease. Their only
help comes from begging. What
a pitiful plight for a once pros
perous and enlightened nation!
It is a miracle not only that
they have survived at all, but
that they are actually increas
ing in number.
Can more be done to bring
attention and help to these
poor people? Their plight has
been publicized and their dele
gates have visited officials in
Washington, but funds for the
Indians seem very limited. Per
haps much has been done that
do not not know of, but would
it be possible to re-channel
some of the billions now sent
overseas and share more of our
great surplus with our first
Americans? Paul told Timothy
that “if any provide not for his
own, and especially those of
his own house, he is worse than
an infidel.”
Would this also be the con
dition of a nation which is very
generous toward its neighbors,
but noot so mindful of its own
needy ones? The Indians need
help so badly. We pray that the
time is not far Off when our
officials will recognize more
fully the right of all Americans
to the pursuit of happiness and
will remember that charity be
gins at home.
Smart men live to sit and think.
Fat men live to eat and drink.
Lazy men live to nod and blink.
But rich men live to buy girls

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