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NO. 307.
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Á Much Excitement in Mexico over tlie
1 Recent Railway Accident.
Tolal Number of Killed, 15)3 Soldiers and
13 Offlccrs.
Two Men Rob a Stage Between Alamosa
and Leadville.
The Job Reported to have been Quietly
and Quietly Done.
73 "3
"5 ryj
Ü C3
53 P
2 h
(ft rH
4- O
-H iH
The Oldest, the Largest, the Best Imsurance
panics in the World.
Mt'TUAL LIBE, New York !tl,7
HOME, New York .MIO
IR'EKN. Liverpool 4. ft! I
SI'KINGKIEI.I), Mansachnsi t.ts 2,ik
lIAMi:ijRii-jMA(iDEi:RG. winanv S"7
Wholcnle and Hetail Dealer in
Ladies' Dresses Made to Order,
VLadies' Hats Trimmed to Order.
And District. Attorney for the Twentieth Ju
dicial District of Texas. All kinds of business
attenilert to promptly.
KM ray.
Taken up at Suttin's well rump, near eaiiyon
Henardo, a small, light, bay horse, pony, brand
ed on the hip, both sides, both hind and right
fore foot white, dark main and tail, saddle
marks on eaeh Bide, and now bndly palded,
white strip on nose.
i wner can have the same by proving prop
erty anil paying rharges. Apply to
rt-2H-:)t J.1LSUTFIN.
Flower Pot ami Vases.
(iostantinl Ruttl has now the sale of the
beautiful Bower pots and vases, mainifaetured
in Las Vegas, at reasonable rates. Ho also
gives special attention to repairing parasols
and umbrellas, grinding scissors, etc.. He will
go after work ami deliver it. Apply at the
northwest corner of the plaza. fl-ÜVtf
Notice to Tax-Payers.
Notice is hereby given that all tax-payers
must call Hiid pay their ttixes on or before the
1st of August, under penalty of an increase of
twenty-Uvc por cent.
-L'H-tf Sheriff Han Miguel County.
Itnlly Stapo nnd I'.ipren Lino.
Itetween Cimarron and Springer. Leaves
:imarron at 7 a. in. and urrlves at Springer at
11a.m. Leaves Springer at; 1 p. tit. and ar
rives at Cimarron ut 5 p in. Will carry pas
M'tiger cheaper than anv other line.
Dress goods, lawns,
etc., etc., at greatly re
duced prices, at
Isidor Stern's.
Fruit dressed lemonade at Billy's.
For cheap hardware o to Loekhart
& CVs. Ü-lltf
C!ar)ets, window shades, oil cloths
and mattings at Loekhart & Cos.r-tltf
Haled hay $1.25 er hundred at J. W.
Love & (!os.
(Jo to Judd's biirher slioj and get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. if
Keep the dust out of your rooms hy
using Loekhart & Co.'s Rubber Weath
er Strips. 5-1. Uf
Burls celebrated Hoots and Shoes
at the New York Clothing Store.
Nearly every lady has promised liber
ally towards the Academy Fair. The
committee now requests that all articles
as fast as finished be sent to Mrs. llov
cy, on the East Side, and Mrs. Leon on
the West Side. In that way the com
mittee will avoid confusion and know
just how the work is progressing. íl-1'.'tf
Guitars, accordeons,
Richtcr harmonicas, at
Isidor btern s.
One hnnd red boxes of Pittsburg
Lamp Chimneys received by Loekhart
& Co s and ottered at lower prices than
ever. 5-1 ltf
Canvas shoes at the New York
II ami Made Slioc.
Fine French calf, for gentlemen,
splendid foot wear, at II. Romero &
Rrother's. fi-il-tf
( ream Ilrcnri
Fresh every day at J. Graaf & Co's old
reliable bakery.
The Next Reform Movement by English
Parnell Coming m Another "Visit to the
United States.
Terrille Explosion of Gunpowder and
Gunootton at Tucson.
Scandinavians Held as Slates in the
Sandw ich islands.
Newsy Telegraphic Paragraphs from
Over Land and Sea.
Violators of Law Arrested.
Cincinnati, Ohio, June 29. Pools
have been sold on the recent races in
violation of lately passed law. Arrest s
were made to-night of the guilty parlies.
Mexirnn Jlnttprn.
City of Mexico, June 20. The rail
road "on which the accident occurred
two days ago was built by Mexican en
gineers and was a lirst attempt at rail
roading. The road was cheaply built
and the accident was prophesied by
competent engineers. Public opinion
blames Manager Sanchez who has left
the city. The Irain conductor's- de
fense is that there were no trackmen to
warn him of the danger. It was the
intention to extend the line to the Pa
cific at Ebelby by means of a govern
ment subsidy. The Lunes, the only
city ptiper without government subsidy,
attacks the government and tho ad
ministration. It says Sahe is to blame,
assails Perüdio Diaz and calls Sanchez
to account. The Diario, official govern
ment organ, considers the accident be
yond human foresight. The road has
cost the government so far $340,000 in
subsidies and sixty miles have been
built. A dispatch received reports that
Governor Gurrero is missing. It is not
known if he was on tho train. Over 150
bodies have been recovered in a charred
and mutilated condition. Reports have
been meagre regarding the accident as
the telegraph lines are destroyed by
the managers for the purpose of sup
pressing details. The official announce
ment ot tho killed was 11)2 soldiers and
13 olltcers.
Pacheclio to-day becomes Minister of
Public Works, vice Diaz, and Fernan
dez assumes Pacheco' a position as Gov
ernor of the district. Pacheco and Fer
nandez are reported to be interested in
the Moreloes road and will oversee the
investigation. It is alleged that the
government gave the manager of the
Moreloes road $80,000 to reach Cuantía
for July. It appears the road was con
demned by the public inspector the day
of its inauguration. There is general
indignation and the papers demand
that, the blame be fixed.
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Com- j td U2
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Peculiar Powder KxpIoKloii.
San Francisco, June 2Í). Sunday j
morning the Alta Chemical Powder
Works at Clark's Landing, Alameda;
county, blew up. Owing to the pecu
liar diameter of the powder the explo
sion made but little noise. Professor
Mannier, manager of the works, his son
and Engineer Anderson were all badly
burned, but no lives were lost. About
1H0O pounds went off with a hiss or puff.
VordSct in Favor of lii!orf.
Chicago, June 2!). A jury in the cae
of Architect John Clifford against Wm.
II. Drake for making derogatory state
ments which prevented plainiiff from
getting the San Francisco court house
to build, thus preventing him from
making, as complaint alleged, a quarter
of a million of dollars brought in a ver
dict of damages to the amount of eight
thousand dollars against Drake, who ap
pealed the case. Fifty thousand dollars
was the amount of damages claimed.
ftCNHtoitK Indiclniont Without I'ik.
Albany, June 2!). The indictment of
accused while his case was under in
vestigation by the legislative committee
was never known before in this or any
other country. The jury were also se
vere upon the District Attorney avIio
would not agree to have the. trial' be
cause he was not prepared witli evi
dence. The counsel laid stress upon
the District Attorney hastening the in
dictments and then delaying the trial.
Sew Ilnilroad.
St. Louis, Juno 20. The board of di
rectors of the Chester, Iron Mountain
& Western Railroad which is to run
from St.Marys Mission on the Mississip
pi, westward to Salem, penetrating a
very rich iron and lead bearing region
of Missouri, have been organized by
electing J. W. M. Jones of New York,
President; Charles R. Cole of Chester,
Illinois. Vice-President; Newton Crane
of St. Louis, Secretary. Engineers
have began to survey aline for this road
and work will be commenced at once.
French t'ciisnrel.
New York, June, 20. The World's
Washington special says the recent let
ter of French, auditor of railway ac
counts, to the President of the Central
Paeilic Railway Company in con
sequence of which the Central Paeilic
advanced sufficiently in the mar
ket to have netted French a snug for
tune had he been inclined to tke ad
vantage of it, was the subject of Cab
inet discussion to-day. The opinion
was unanimous that having been sent
west as Government agent, French had
no business to transcend his legitimate
duties, and that circumstances demand
ed his removal.
Tho Storm Kin;; Vislis Chicago.
Chicago. June 21). About 2 last night
a terrific wind storm burst over the
city and did considerable damage in hc
way of blowing down houses, unroofing
buildings, uprooting trees, etc. Sever
al horses were struck by lightning and
killed at Austin, a suburban town. An
Episcopal church, not yet completed,
was prostrated to the ground. No loss
of life is reported. There is very little
telegraphic communication with the
outside world in any direction and the
storm appears to have covered a wide
extent of country. The weather last
night was sultry but after a shower it
became bright and pleasant although
still rather warm.
Srantlinavinnu In Slavery.
San Francisco', June 29. C Chlausen,
a Swede, who recently arrived here
from Honolulu, reports that several
hundred Scandinavians who went to the
Sandwich Islands under a labor con
tract made by Captain Lorange are
held there in what is practically a state
of slavery and disposed of by lot
among planters, suffering from climat
ic influences and held rigidly to the
terms of the contract on paid penal ser
vitude, although the other parties to the
Contract have failed to carry out at
least its spirit. His story creates a sen
sation in the city and several communi
cations have been sent to Norway and
Sweden warning the people against em
igration agenta from Hawaii.
ííiijjt roller's Conclusion.
Washington, June 2!). First Comp
troller Lawrence has given a decision
to-day in which he maintains that the
act of February 22d, 1875, as to the fees
of marshals and chirks does not change
the rate or mode of computing mileage
on writs served by marshals and that it
prohibits instructive mileage on writs
transmitted and served by deput ies and
mileage for travel not necessarily per
formed. Theopinion further maintains
that bv force of the revised statutes
subiHenas for witnesses who are re
riuired to attend 1 lie August term of the
circuit or district court on the part of
the United States should require them
to attend to testify generally on behalf
of tlie United States and under such
subpa'iia. they are required to testify
before the grand jury, petit jury and
court. Clerks of court are rotiuired by
law to insert in one writ the names of
all such wit nesses who at t ime of issuing
the warrant and who reside in one local
ity or the same direction from the place
where the writ is returnable. Mar
shals are entitled to but one mileage for
summoning witnesses. Subpoenas hav
ing been issued for witnesses whose
names should have been inserted in one
writ, the decision authorizes the proper
accounting officers of the Treasury De
partment to revise Ihe accounts of the
marshal and clerks oí courts of tiie
United States, notwithstanding their
approval by proper court. The statute
authorizing such revision Judge. Law
rence holds is unconstitutional.
:ii;v!U3i Political Topics.
New York. June 29. -The World's
London special says: Now that the
Land Rill is safe so far as the House of
Commons is concerned, and that law
and order are being restored in Ireland,
the Radicals are tiirr.'tng their attention
to great domestic reforn. ; noon which
they have set their hearts. . assimi
lation of borrough and countyfranehise
will be. a comparatively easy job. The
Tories who approved of Disraeli's re
form of H7 cannot logically resist its
application to agricultural labor nor
would it be prudent for Tory chiefs to
attempt to defeat such a measure. The
laborers are now bound together in un
ions and swayed by a central union
comprising men like Joseph Arch who
are wise and vigorous leaders. It is
contended that 1 hey are illiterate and
therefore unfit to exercise Unfranchise.
They may truly answer that the fault is
not theirs but the squires1 and the par
sons.' As regards educación however,
they are not one whit behind tens of
thousands of that residuum which Dis
raeli was not afraid to entrust to power.
The most important of the great ques
tions of reform will be the redistribu
tion of seats.
The radicals hope to annul to some
some extent the large influence wielded
in many constituencies by wealthy land
owners, in other words by house lords,
gramphftrend old sn.rnm and constitu
encies of that like have missed away
but the power of territorial plutocracy
is still in very many places unbroken.
Thus North Allerton, in Yorkshire, is
practically controlled by the Earl of
Hartwood: the Earl of Egmont really
keeps the little Sussex borough of M'ui
hurst in his pocket; Earl Fitzwilliam has
a controlling inlluence over Maltón, in
Yorkshire; Marquis of Ailesbury is a
power at Marlborough; Earl of Litch
field at Litchfield; Earls of Sefton and
Derby, in Southwest Lancashire; Duke
of Devonshire in the county of Cork
and Waterford and in several English
counties: Lord Monson in Surrey, and
so on. The radicals of course expect
the opposition not only of the Lords but
of the territorial party in the Commons,
but if Gladstone brings in the measure
next session his large majority will
drive it through the lower house and
the upper chamber will think twice be
fore rejecting it. Reform in franchise
and representation is always popular.
3Iagnzlnc Explosion.
San Francisco, June 2'J.-A Tuscon
dispatch says L. Ziekcndorf's powder
house containing two car loads, of En
glish gun cotton and a ton of powder
exploded at eleven last night. The
windows of tho city were broken and
the doors burst in.
Oaring Stage Robbery.
Leadville, Col., June 2!). Last night
at twelve o'clock Sanderson's stage
from Lake City to Alamosa was stopped
by two masked men, ten miles west of (
Alamosa. One man held the horses anil
the other turned a reflector to shine in
side the stage. He. then commanded
five men and one woman to come out,
one at a time on his side of the road
and threatened if any one w ent out of
the other side he would bo shot. After
pulling a sack over each head and mak
ing the men fold their hands over
the sacks and kneel in a row, they were
searched. The robbers secured between
eight and nine hundred dollars in cash
and one pistol. Everji;hing else was
returned. Then they made the woman
hold the lamp while they ransacked the
U. S. mail bags and then taking the
cash from the stage company's dox,
jumped on their horses and rode off.
No description of the men can be given
by the passengers. The robbery was
committed very quietly and quickly.
Acequia li ght.
Judge S. C. Parks has withheld his
decision in a very important water case
argued before him some time ago. The
case that t he Judge, has had under con
sideration is that of M. A. Otero and
others against Virgil and others. The
New Mexican says:
"Jt is a suit in chancery filed by the
complainants in the district court of Va
lencia county in 1879, and involves
many important questions relating to
water riglits. The parties are numer
ous on both sides, and deep interest in
the result is entertained by the people
of Valencia county. The question at
issue is as to the rights of certain par
ties who some years ago constructed a
ditch running from the Rio Grande to a
place called "Toma, distant from the
river about fifteen miles. The ditch
runs through a country where irrigation
is necessary to the successful cultivation
of crops and vineyards, and furnished
the water for this purpose and for Ihe
running of several mills.
After the construction of the ' ditch by
the complainants the defendants open
ed another acequia which tapped that
ot the planum s and obtained its sup
ply of water therefrom. This second
ditch was used for supplying water to
another section, and as there was plen
ty of water for both no objection was
made nit ihe part of the complain
ants, in IHiit, However, lucre was
severe drouth and the supply of water
in tlie ditcli hemg limited the detenu
ants appropriated t he entire quantity to
their own purposes, thus leaving the
original custodians ot the ditch trom
the Rio Grande to Toma without water.
The complainants thereupon brought
suit to determine their rights in the
premises whether they actually own
the water in. tho ditch "constructed by
them, and if not, what are the rights of
parties constructing acequias tapping
running streams of water i
Vlliimj A!v3ees.
Albany, June 29. A stir Avas created
to-night on the main floor of tho Dela
van House where it was reported that
an angry conversation took place be
tween Arsemblyman Crapser, a Halt-
breed, and Assemplymen Eemis and
Phillips and Senator Winslow, Stal
warts. Crapser charged the Stalwarts
with trying to destroy tlie Republican
party by foisting upon it candidates not
acceptable to either party or to the peo
ple and inferred that the Halfbreeds
were men possessed of manhood suffi
cient to not be led about with rings iu
their noses. The affair created great
It is reported that Vice-President Ar
thur said to-night that the only way for
the Republicans to get out of this diffi
culty was to concentrate on Conkling
and Depew.
n hies; rajiis.
Tilt; GOULU .Ul ItlíElí.
London, June 29. The murder of
Gould, on the Loudon & IJrighton rail
way, excites intense interest. The real
name of Lefroy, who is suspected, is
Henry Mapleton. He eluded the police
and is missing. The murdered man,
Gould, was in' the habit of traveling on
the train in question. Some articles,
such as Hanoverian tokens, M ere found
on the person of Lefroy, and also be
side the murdered mail, which it is
thought will implicate Lefroy.
Lefroy claimed to be the author of
"Pins and Needles," now being played
in the United States, and alsothe'au
thor of several burlesques and opera
booties performed in Melbourne. Australia.
At the wool sales to-day 7,140 bales
w ere disposed of, comprising New Zea
land and Sydney. The demand was
good,uul rates firm.
Loudon. June 29. The Timos says
the financial report of the Russian dele
gate to the monetary conference has
been submitted to his government and
op toses bimetalism.
I.:w for (jiniUancc of Intruder on
C fioelaw nnil Chirncmu' I. antis.
Washington, . June 29. Instructions
were mailed to-day from the Indian of
fice to U. S. Indian Agent Tufts, at
Muskogee, Indian Territory. Tufts is
directed in conformity with the decision
of the Attorney General to give notice
to all parties interested that reasonable
time, say thirty , days from July first,
will be allowed within which they can
make arrangements to comply with the
Choctaw and Chicasaw permit laws or
leave the country. Such as refuse or
neglect within that period to take
out the necessary permits will bo driven
I out ol the lerritory.
I Amount of BondK Kecclvcd fur t'on
, tiiiuancfi.
Washington. Juno 20. Ihe amount
of five per cent, .coupon bonds received
for continuance at 'A per cent, aggre
gates $89,000,000.
Why Parnell I Coming.
New York, June 29. A London spec
ial says: Parnell has a two-fold object
in visiting the United States in autumn,
to-wit. "to pass the hat and to induce
the skirmishers on your side to mod
erate their bloodthirstiness. The utter
ances of O" Donovan Rosas' paper and
of other journals of that stamp are ca
bled over here ever week to Parnell' h
embarrassment. One of these dis
patches quotes a skirmishing journal as
saying, "without some kind of fight or
skirmishing outside of Ireland and back
up what Parnell is doing to draw off the
enemies attention trom Ins peaceful
and constitutional agitation, that agi
tation will collapse." This forces upon
rarnell an alliance utterly ruinous to
his power, and the Catholic bishops in
England, without exception, have de
nounced skirmishing in a solemn man
ner. Parnell is taunted with these wild
harangues by his opponents, and his
friends urge him to take steps to muz
zle the patriots of that kidney. Father
Rylott , a member of the Dublin Execu
tive Committee of the league implored
the people at the last meeting to pay no
heed to the teachings of Irish papers in
New York, and to abstain from acts of
violence against the constabulary. Par
nell will probably find it difficult to gag
New York preachers of force, especial
ly those who run skirmishing funds In
connection with their advocacy of dyna
mite. Telegraphic Briefa,
A fire at Ryersburg, Tennessee, Sun
day night, destroyedTifty houses includ
ing a building occupied by the State
Gazette newspaper.
A Springfield, Ohio, special says a
severe wind storm visited that city yes
terday morning. The plow factory of
Doyes and Evans house were unroofed.
One thousand two hundred and sixty
shade trees were blown down by last
night's storm in Washington, scores of
houses were unroofed and damaged and
400 street lamps were damaged. AH
the gas was blown out.
Ex-Secretary Ramsay, to whom was
assigned the work to examine into the
charges preferred against Superintend
ent Dodge, of the San Francisco mint,
has received his instructions.
Messrs. Ferrington & Co. have sold
their bowling alley and saloon to Law
rence Romar who will refit and stock it
in a manner to suit the trade. Charlie
Carter, formerly manager of the bar in
Motley's Theater, Santa Fe, will have
charge of the liquid department.
Wednesday evening there will be a
broom, brush and pail voted to the most
domestic young lady in Las Vegas.
Friends w ill govern themselves accord
ingly. Notice of Removal.
The San Miguel National Bank has
removed from the Plaza to the stone
building on the East Side, opposite t he
St. Nicholas Hotel, where they will be
glad to see all their friends and patrotis.
All summer drinks at Billy'?
Fine summer rlothiug.it the New
York Store.
The fiscal year of the Gazette ends
the month ol July. All subscriptions,
both monthly and others must be paid
promptly in 'order to enable us to bal
lance the books. The undersigned will
call for all monies due on the 80th inst.
Cu.vs. C. Hall,
ii-28-4 City Circulator.
Rubber Coats oí' all descriptions at
the New York Clothing Store.
fr'jiie Cigars.
Just received a lot of the faumiis H.
S. cigars fresh from the factory of Hen
ry Switzer ; also the Golden Crown, the
choice and favorite of Kansas City. All
the famous smokers smoke them. Also
a fresh lot of liquors, the best to lie had
in the market. New attractions in ev
erything every night, and the finest
"goods and best brands known at the
Exchange Saloon. Wolf & Putman.rnitf
Sweet Missouri cider fresh every day
at five cents a glass at P.. C. Roun-
Fresh butter milk from the churn,
brought in every morning from the
ranch, at Billy's, ' .-31tf
Tine line of straw goods at the
New York Clothing House. ;Vll-lni
ice cold Milwaukee beer on draught,
10 cents, at Billy's.
1 i a
liny voitr trunks and vr
the New York Clothing Store.
Everything in the house fund
line kept by Loekhart. & Co.
Fine line of Straw Hats at the
York Clothing Store. 5-25tf
Mrs. Andrews sets
town for the money.
at Robert Frey
best tattle in
glasware, of
& Co.'s East
all kinds
Las Ve-
For Sale.
Twenty-one first-class Mexican mules.
All thoroughly broke and m prime con
dition. Apply to Frank V. iilake, East
Las Vegas, New Mexico. 5-M-tf
Another lot of those fine imported and
California cigars have arrived at the
shooting gallery. They are superior to
anything m the Territory. To try them
is to be convinced. ' O-Sü-tf
Fresh vegetables
i Park Grocery.
every day
at the
4-101 f
Ice cold Budweiscr beer at Billy's.
Family Oioccrien.
A large stock, cheaper that the
cheapest, just received nt 'I'. Romero &
Son's. 5-14tf
Fresh tomatoes, peas and cherries.
20 cents per can at B. O. Ronntree'..
Fresh buttermilk on ice
nt Putman &

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