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SUNDAY, JULY 10, 1881.
Leer' s .stamp mill at the White Oaks
will be started in a few day.".
Tin- train from the north came in
over three hour late yesterday.
A Miner's Union was to have been
organized in While Oaks last night.
The rainy season i just setting in. A
slight shower each day indicates its
Wolf & I'titnian had a line layout of
lunch last night which made their bil
liard hall a general resort.
A new dry washer arrived al Cerillos
a tew days ago. It will be put up this
week and set in operation.
M. Whiteinun made his wife a pres
ent a few days ago of a handsome gold
watch chain that cost !?1Cj.
The Park Restaurant, to be run on
the European plan, will soon be opened
in Hold's block, on the plaza.
There is talk of adding an ornamen
tal front to the Jesuit college, on the
east end, fronting the railroad.
Uilly's free lunch last night was gen
eral headquarters for visitors and stran
gers in town, as well as old residents.
A new telegraph line is being built to
Fort Stanton via White Oaks. One sta
tion will be made at the mine of F. A.
Mcndcnhall, Hunter & Co., have over
eighty head of horses in their stables.
This is one of the hu'gest livery stables
in the West.
The new strike in the Little Mack
started Col. Prichard to the White
Oaks in a gitVy. lie is a half owner in
that property.
A. F. Jilson & Co., the new proprie
tors of the Occidental Billiard Hall, will
relit it a:d make it one of the finest
halls in the city.
More new buildings are going up in
Las Vegas at the present time than in
any other city in the Territory, and yet
there is no boom.
Mr. Whitcman states that miners
who are miners, and willing to work,
can find abundant employment atthree
dollars a day in the White Oaks.
Milt Yarberry, the ex-Marshal of Al
buquerque, has been sent to the Santa
Fe jail to await trial in the District
Court for the murder of Chas. Camp
bell. The Duryee smelter, at Honnnza, was
started up last week, but as some part
of the machinery was broken soon after
starting, it had to be stopped for a few
A notice to contractors will be found
in another column, of Architect Whee
loek, asking for bids for the purpose of
erecting a two-story residence for Dr.
Mr. Ward, of the iiriu of Lantry &
Burr, will soon commence the erection
of a large dwelling bouse on the west
side of the East Las Vegar park. The
building is to be a story and a half
The Little Mack mine at the White
Oaks is now being developed. A very
rich strike was made in this mine last
week. It is free milling ore, and rich
in free gold. It is likely Ihc richest
mine in the Territory.
It is reported that Col. I.erginarm, in
his three clean-ups this year of his
placer claims on Ute Creek, in Colfax
County, has taken out over !() nuggets,
varying from $5 to $100 in value, be
sides about 200 ounces of dust.
The Sunday school picnic which has
been talked about so long will take
place Tuesday at Romeroville. The
situation is a very nice one. The man
agers of the atl'air were busy yesterday
engaging vehicles to carry the little
folks to the grounds.
We publish to-day a comment on the
decisions recently delivered on the
"drummer' lax law. It will be found
interesting reading at this time, when
the question is being so generally dis
cussed, owing to the enforcement of a
similar law in this Territory that has,
till recently, been a dead letter. There
is much tobe said on each side, and the
decisions that we reprint are worthy of
The miners about Ute Creek are just
waking up to the value of the copper
veins in "Old Baldy."' The prospect
of the transfer to a Nashville company
of the Mayilower, Monarch and Pull
man lodes has created some excitement,
and we hear of several new copper dis
coveries on both sides of Baldy. Some
of the specimens are very beautiful and
give promise of rich mines. Viiuurrun
Metes a ml I'rens.
We have just received from Ilermo
sillo, Sonora, Mexico, an invitation to
attend a grand ball and celebration of
the Nation's birthday, at Pueblo de
.Seris, given by those engaged on the
flnaynias branch of the A. T. & S. !
R. R. The celebration was to have
lake a place on the night of the 3rd of
July. The invitation is signed by the
following gentlemen, well known in
Las Vegas: C. L. Annan, Fitch B. Tay
lor, II. C. Walker, Sijnon Mack, W. R.
Morley, F. O. Von Fritsch. E. Norman,
II. B. Reed, J. McMurray, C. W. Stur
tevant, T. J. Woodside, J. Aron, John
Dargie, It. Ward.
Lighting Our Streets.
The citizens' committee, appointed
by the Board of County Commissioner?
to report on the feasibility of lighting
our streets by gas, made their report to
the board yesterday forenoon. After
taking the matter under advisement,
the commissioners voted to accept the
proposition of the Las Vegas (as and
Coke company, and the contract was
duly drawn up and signed. By the con
tract, the company agrees to keep thirty-live
lanterns lighted, the county to
pay $1,. 100 per annum, the same price
being paid for thirty-iie as for thirty as
at lirst proposed by the company. It is
expected that the posts and lanterns j
will arrive in about two weeks, and
will be duly placed in position.
The prompt action of the commis
sioners in deciding to light our streets is
to be commended. It is just what was
needed, and we are glad that the mem
bers of the board have decided the
question, as all our citizens had hoped
they would.
At or near the centre of park, West
Las Vegas.
One at each of the four gateways
opening into the park.
Northwest corner of the First Nation
al Bank building.
Corner of the plaza next to the court
In front of court house.
Northwest corner of plaza.
Northwest corner of new hotel build
ing. Intersection of Santa Fe and Pacific
At or near gate of Exchange corral,
in Central street.
At or near Catholic church.
Southwest corner of plaza.
At or near Friedman's wool house.
Intersection of Gonzales and Moreno
Between Moreno street and Jesuit
At or near Jesuit college.
Between the plaza and bridge, on
Cíen 1 ral street.
Northwest corner (allinas river
Intersection (.'cutral and Twelfth
Intersection Douglas and Twelfth
Intersection Lincoln and Twelfth
Crossing of the acequia and Lincoln
Northeast corner of public square,
south of Lincoln street.
Southeast corner Block 10.
At or- near alley south side Centre
Southeast corner Block 8.
Northeast corner Block 7.
At or near Cross, Black v. ell & Co.'s
commission bouse.
At or near Browne & Manzanares1
commission house.
Southeast corner Block T.
Northeast corner Block 8.
At or near Sumner House.
At or near St. Nicholas Hotel.
Viro Aesuleoiy Fair.
The following table is a statement of
the iinaneial committee of the receipts
and expenditures of the fair recently
given in this city for the benefit of the
Academy building fund. TIm; net re
sult is three hundred and seventy-two
dollars and seventy-three cents, a sum
of money which will aid materially in
the enterprise and which is likewise
complimentary to the successful man
agement of the fair. The committee
requests us to express thanks to all who
participated and generously aided to
make the fair a success.
mr,r,s l'.vii).
Kent of hail ?""
li( x-kintf clntir 1 .V
Flowers Hint expresa charges '.) "i5
Music unrt culler v-t I in
Fans ;
Printing, J.tiytiiii 7 íiü
Printing, (lu.ette I i)'-
Merchandise. Hell & Oo B !
do McDonald & Co T"
do n"Uviitd & (': -Z nil
do lheM i
do Mrs Lidcll .";
Milk , 4 80
Kxprcssiiuin "' 0I)
MerehMiidi.se. Woschi) 7ó
do Mrs Dinkel i'5
Carpenters t "
Nails -'
Laborer I '-"
do 1 00
do 75
di 1-2".
holder -t W
do Hil
lirown, m-.tkin- ice eivam -1 IM
Total "
liahmuc on Imiid 'Mi '."!
Total ?17ü S
First niht of Fair ill I is
Second niu'ht oí Fair is" 15
Third nhflit, lull '"
Total .SIVH :s
Due on imtoyruph album I5 n
Cash on hand í:i
Net receipt '.i'i- 7:1
The bridge over I in; Pecos river has
been swung into position, and will In
completed some time during the coming
week. When that is finished Mr. I. B.
Keepers, outside superintendent of the
Central Bridge Co., that has had the
contract for putting in a half dozen iron
bridges on the railroad near this city,
will go east with his force. They will
lirst put up an iron roof in Kansas City
and then resume work on the Rock Is
land & Pacific R. R., setting up iron
bridges on that line.
Russel Wright, at one time a promi-
j nent citizen of Albuquerque, has turned
out an embezzler. In his capacity as
deputy agent of the New Mexico Town
Company he appropriated to his own
use nearly $7,000 of the funds of the
company. Whisky and bad women
caused the downfall.
11. R. Buell Is up Loin Oloilcta.
T. J. 'Walker is over from Mora.
Will A. Ferris is down from Pueblo.
Chas. Ilfold started for F.l Pa-o yes
terday. Prof. John Robertson, the nsayor, is
out of town.
Don Lorenzo Labadic. of Santa Rosa,
is in the city.
Ben. Keene, of Texas, i' .-topping at
the inmd View.
Sam Mays, of Philadelphia, is a guest
at the Ora nd View.
Robt. Marshall, of Boone Valley. i,
at the St. Nicholas.
(. K. Dai! and C.co. L Montandon
are over from Mora.
Mr. Bell, of Stoops & Co.. went over
to Santa Fe yesterday.
(ico. M. Chilcott. of Pueblo, is stop
ping at the St. Nicholas.
Harry Holmes, of Decatur, 111., is
stopping at the Sumner House.
Col. (. W. Prichard left for Socorro
yesterday. He will visit White Oaks
before returning.
Fred Harvey, proprietor of the eating
houses along the line of the A. T. & S.
F. R. R., is in the city.
E. P. Sampson and N. C. Arnold,
travelling men for eastern houses, went
over to Mora yesterday.
Adjulant-Ucneral Max Frost came
over from Santa Fe yesterday on a visit
to friends in this city.
Hon. W. T. Thornton, of Santa Fe, is
in the city on business connected with
the new Palace Hotel at the capital.
Mrs. Chesbro, wife of the manager of
the Depot Hotel, Topeka, arrived yes
terday with her niece, and went out to
i the Springs.
1). J. Chase, Master of Transporta
lion of the A. T. & S. F., arrived last
night by the special train, and is stop
ping at the Hot Springs.
S. W. Horner, a prominent stock man
oí Colorado, is stopping at the Grand
View. He is looking for a favorable
location in New Mexico.
J. II. Leonard and M. C. Haywood,
artists from Topeka, are in the city.
They will take a number of views in the
vicinity of the Hot Springs and down
the Pecos.
Mr. J. E. Hixon arrived from Pinal
County, Arizona, a few days since. He
has some very line specimens of wire
and ruby silver taken from the Silver
King mine in that county.
B. Torjuson, the merchant tailor, re
turned from Denver on yesterday's
train. He will now be found in his old
quarters in Lockhart's building, where
he will lie glad to meet, those desiring
his services.
M. Wluleman, who is just up from
While Oaks, was hard at work yester
day loading wagons with freight for his
store in that flourishing camp. He was
sending down a large invoice of cook
ing stoves and a full supply of blasting
powder, with a great quantity of other
freight. He slates that men with
money are now going into the Oaks
who mean business.
L. II. Whitson, manager of the Gold
and Silver Mining Company, came up
from Carbonateyille yesterday. He re
ports everything in a lively condition
at the camn. As soon as the Mina del
Tiro can be settled he will go to work,
but not before, as he does not desire to
acquire the ill will of the miners who
now hold the mine by an adverse title
to those from whom Mr. AVhitson claims
title. As was slated in the Gazktte of
a few days ago, it is likely the matter
will be settled soon, when everything
will move off" satisfactorily. Mr. Whit
son will return lo the camp to-day, and
from thence he will go to his home in
Davenport, Iowa, for a few month
Last night about 6 o'clock a special
train arrived in this city conveying sev
eral Southern Pacific R. R. officials,
with friends. The party included Gen'l
Supt. A. N. Towne and Gen"! Freight
Agent J. C. Stubbs. These gentlemen
are now on their way home to Califor
nia from a conference held in Boston
between the oilicials of the A. T. & S.
F. and Southern Pacific R. It., when
the difficulties between the two roads,
I as regards the transportation of
j freights, were arranged. The parry
I immediately on their arrival in Las
! Vegas look carriages for the Hot
Springs, where, they will remain til! to
( ni r-ti Moi-virH.
i'i:i:sHVTF.i;iAi cncnon.
Services tliis morning at 11 o'clock.
Evening service at 7:-M conducted by
Rev. Maxwell Phillips, recently from
the City of Mexico, Sunday school at
0:1.1 a. m.
! Bishop George K. Dunlop will preach
I at 10:110 a. m. and in the. evening at 7:30
! o'clock. Sunday school at tt-.ol) a. m.
I Removal.
j The telephone office will be removed
I rom its present place to Marwede s
new building, next to the Gazette
office. The removal will be made to
day. This is likely to cause a disar-
I rangement of the wires for a few
j hours, and any inconvenience caused
j thereby will have to be overlooked.
The Rt. Rev. George K. Dunlop,
Bishop of this diocese, will officiate at
the Episcopal Church this forenoon and
evening. The BMiop says that the ar
rangements for locating a minister in
this city permanently are not all com
pleted, lie is desirous of securing an
able man for this parish, as he is per
suaded that the people of Las Vegas
appreciate talent, and w ill not be satis
lied with other than an able rector. lie
has had many applications for the posi
tion, but none who would fill the bill.
He is at present negotiating with sev
eral gentlemen, but cannot tell delin
ately when he can ordain the right
The Board of Immigration desires to
secure a complete cabinet of mineral
specimens of this Territory. For this
purpose an advertisement will lie found
in another column, asking all persons
interested in mines to contribute to the
collection, sending specimens properly
labelled as to mine and camp. This
will be a most advantageous way of ad
vertising the mineral resources of the
Territory as likewise bringing to notice
particular mines. All who desire to
have a place in this collection will leave
specimens at this oflicc which will be
duly forwarded.
II K Buell, Glorieta; Harry Holmes, Decatur,
III; T J Walker, Mora; C T llillhis, Huston, M
lidiar, Wichita.
Koliert Marshall, IJoono Valley; Will A Ferris,
Pueblo; A Vanberry, Pan Francisco; Tony
Neis, Santa Fe; W A Smyth, Quiney, HI; O M
Iioutpll anil wife, Topeka; Geo M Chilcott, Pu
eblo; Jamos McDonald, Tramperas, G K Hall
and Geo E Montfliitlon, Mora Canyon; J II
Ilampson, Kl Paso.
Chas E IIyle. Mrs C Campbell, Kansas; L II
Whitson, Davenport, Town; W T Thornton,
Max Frost, Santa Fe; Harry Devlin, Leaven
worth; W U Judson, Kansas City; J H Leonard
and M C Haywood, Topeka.
Sam Mays, Philadelphia; Len Keen, Texas; S
W Horner, Salado; T Carson, Old Mexico; J
A 'Da ley, Chas F Piiiget and wife; M L Ellin
tfer; K Gardner, Kochello.
Notice to I tie IMi bl ic.
For fruit and ornamental trees,
shrubs, bulbs and flowering plants of
all kinds, see K. Armstrong, ot the
Geneva, Nnrserv. N. Y. Tie will remain
in town a few days for the purpose of
taking orders from those that may de
sire to purchase. Refere respectfully to
Jell' Raynolds, Esq., First National
Bank. 7-lu-lm
Everything in sum
mer goods for ladies'
and gents' wear at re
duced prices.
Isidor stern.
Just received, the. largest stock of
fresh vegetables and groceries in the
city at Hopper Bros. 7-8-2t
Milk punch at Billy's. 5-7L
All summer goods
at reduced prices at
Isidor Stern's.
Baled hay 1.25 per hundred at J. Wr.
Love &Co's.
Smoke "Billy's Choice" cigars, pure
Vol li e of ICeniovnl.
The San Miguel National Bank has
removed from the Plaza to the stone
building on the East Side, opposite the
St. Nicholas Hotel, where they will be
glad to see all their friends ami patrons.
Carpets, window shades, oil cloths
and mattings at Lockhart & Cos.5-lltf
Fresh, butter milk from the churn,
brought in every morning from the
ranch, at Billy's. 5-31tf
The Levy, Strauss &
Co. patent copper riv
eted California over
all for sale only at the
Boston C lo t h i n g
Hon sc.
Ice cold Milwaukee beer on draught,
10 cents, at Billy's.-
Flour by the whole
sale at T. Romero &
Iny your trunks and valises at
ihc New York Clothing Store.
The Boston Clothing
House has just receiv
ed a full line of Levy,
Strauss & Co.'s patent
copper riveted Duck
and Denim Clothing
warranted never to rip.
Alargo and select assortment of the
finest fancy candies on sale at Geo. F.
Maitland & Co's.
j Tiper Heidsiek champagne, imporl-
ed, just received by Francisco Baca y
I Sandoval. 7-2-lw
Las Vegas. X. M.
J.J. Vii.jrcrri'll. the live p'al estate man,
has for sale h Itirvc iiiiiiiIkt of lini Imsinisi
and definible rosldeneo lots in different jiarts
of tho new nnd old portions f Ihe city, rur-
tie neeKtnii investments m rein estaie. hum
ness chances, business nnd dwelling houses,
should call on Fitzjrcrrcll; he can aci-omnio-date
i'ur sale, one dairy and jrHrdeninjr farm very
cheap, two miles from the city.
One business house im Lincoln stree t at a
I iic livery or sale stable, nt a Uirfrnin.
Two desirable four room cottages, with jfootl
stone celhtrs each; one on Main and ojher on
til h street, at a bai-Riiin. Will rent for ."SO per
cent, on tho investment.
One hotel furnished complete. Has all the
business it can accommodate.
One hotel paying l'i per cent, on (he in ce
ment. Onebusinesshouse on Lincoln avenue will
pay f0 per cent, on investment.
Business house and lot on Kailroad avenue
that rents by the year for :K) per cent, on in
vestment. Five room house and lot near the depot,
rent inji for twenty dollars per month. JViee,
A splendid new residence, 0 rooms, 2 lots,
renting for tiri per cent, on investment. Price
Business house and lot on Hailroad avenue
nt a bargain, renliiiii lor ,V per cent, on invest
ment. One of tho best corner lots and business
houses in the city for sale at a bargain. Call
und see.
1 have vacant lots for salo on Hailroad ave
nue, Centre street, Lincoln avenue, KiRhlh
street nnd Grand avenue, in the heart of tho
city nt n bargain. Call and see.
One of the linest gardens in New Mexico. A
rare chance for a arducr and tlorist to make a
1 have for salo the most desirable business
property and stock of uroeeries, on Centre
street. Part payment down, balance on time.
Very cheap. Owner wants to turn his atten
tion to miuim;-
For sale One restaurant, one saloon, one
steam laundry and out; drug store. For par
ticulars cull.
For sale, in Geollrioii nnd Lueero's new ad
ditions. These are very desirable residence
lots. They enter tho market cheap. There is
fully one hundred per cent, profit in , these
lots us nn investment within the next si.
I have residence property and lots for sale in
nil parts of tho city. Examine my list before
I huve for sale in Mills & Chapman's addition
to tho Hot Springs; these lots will be sold
I have bargains to offer on Main, Lincoln
und Douglas streets, also on Zion Hill, that
will pay from 40 to tx) per cent, on tho invest
ment. I have for salo a lnr.uro number of tho most
desirable lots at tho I lot Springs that will bo
sold cheap.
I have for sale tho finest stock und furminji
raneh in New Mexico, cmnnmndiiitf the atten
tion of capitalist and colonist. Apply for par
ticulars. I also have for sale several fine stock ranches
in tho different portions of tho Territory.
Foil NEXT.
A number of desirable business houses on
tho different business streets of tho city, also
offices, restaurants and dwellings. If you want
to rent property call.
Kemembor that the best business chances
are ulwuys to be had by eallinji on
Lockhart's block, up stairs.
J 71 LEVEN DOLLARS a month for twelve
U months will buy n. lot fronting- on two
streets in tho most desirable part of the city,
close to street railway and postoliioe. Avail
yourself of this opportunity.
Tho Live Ileal Estate Ag-cnt, Lockhart Block,
up stairs. 7-lo-tf
FOR SALE Tho Iluena Visla Town Compa
ny's" lots, tho most desirable lots in the
north part of the city, will be sold cheap. Just
in the market. J. J. FITZGERRELL,
The Live Ileal Estate Ag-ent, Lockhart's Block,
Up Stairs. (WSHit
20,000 So,;:
of sheen for sale
ewes and lunibs
in lots to suit customers, at u
price from one dollar per head up
ward, according: to grade. Can be seen from
tho 1 5th to tho 20th of July. .1. J. Fitzircrrell,
tho live real estate agent, Lockhart's block up
stairs. 7-T-'2w
Chance for n EJuirher.
Tho best patronized meat market for rent.
Will sell slaughter house, corral, and stock all
completo for tho butcher business. Owner
can't attend to it on account of having- other
business. Como and examine. J. J. Fitzg-or-rell,
tho live real estate agent, Luckhart's
block up stairs. 7-2-ijt
Specimens of Ore.
All parties, throughout this county, interest
ed in tho mineral resources of tho Territory,
aro earnestly solicited to contributo specimens
of ore to .the Territorial Bureau of Immigra
tion, labelled, as to mino and camp. Speci
mens left with J. 11. Koogler will be forwarded
to tho oflieo of the Secretary at Santa Fe, and
there placed on exhibition. T-T-'Jni
Daily StiViC ami Express I.lae.
Between Cimarron und Springer. Leaves
Cimarron at 7 u. m. und arrives at Springer ut
11 a. in. Leaves Springer at 1 p. in. und ar
rives ut Cimarron at 5 p. m. Will carry pas
sengers cheaper than any other line.
Fine alifornia cloth
ing, stetson and Mor
riseyliats a specialty.
Fine summer clothing at the New
York Store.
Keep the dust out of your rooms by
using Lockhart & Co.'s llubber Weath
er Strips. o-ll tf
Fresh Itrenil
Of nil kinds every morninp-, at the Old
Reliable Ilakery of J. Grail' & Co.
7-2-1 f
that will stand the test
of hard knocks and
rough usage at
Isidor Stern's.
Patent copper riveted California over
alls at the Boston Clothing House. T-7-tf
Orand I. u:icii
every Saturday night at the Exchange
Saloon. J-21-tf
Always Ahead.
Just received, a line "lot of fresh
grapes at Marcellino & Holla's.
Harness and sad
dlery at T. Homero &
Pure Missouri eider at Palman it
A Sew Aspirant for Favor.
We have just received a large con
signment of Dilwort's excellent roasted
coll'ec, five pound for one dollar.
7-7-4t Geo. F. Maitland & Co.
Beautiful fans at Charles llf eld's.
in. ill.
To-day 1oj
Éie Reapers
Lyman Barbed Wire Fencing,
Mr. Houghton makes a specialty of
Agricultural Implements and Fencing
Wire, and keeps only those kinds which
time has proven to be tho best. Persons
in town to-day wishing anything in the
implement line will do well to consult
Real Estate and Slock Broker,
Notary Public and
That in Supplying you with
Carpets, Window Shades
We do it with as little trouble to
yourselves as possible.
A man especially for the purpose of
measuring your rooms for Carpets and
your windows for the shades you desire
to put up. We also make. Window
Shades any required width or length,
and all you have to do is to select the
desired pattern or style. We also sew
your Carpets and lay them down, and
do everything in a workmanlike man
ner. You also have the advantage of
selecting from the most extensive Stock
in Las Vegas. One trial will demon
strate what we can do.
Attention Everybody.
T. Romero & Son
W o u 1 (1 respectfully
call attention to their
ladies dress goods in
every style, ready
made dresses, ladies
hats, gents, furnishing
goods, boys clothing,
hats, boots and shoes,
a line line of ladies
shoes, groceries and
Hour by the car load,
qucensware, glassware
etc. They propose to
sell goods at bottom
figures believing in
small profits and quick
IIiumI Male Shoes.
Fine. French calf, for gentlemen,
mlendid foot wear, at II. Romero
All summer drinks at Billy'?. ' 0-7tf

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