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THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1881.
The street cars are expected next
The air is fast going out of the gas
pipes, and to-night the gas will burn
Wells, Fargo & Co. find their busi
ness steadily increasing. They put on
an additional clerk in this city yester
day. .Mr. T. M. Sibbs, formerly with J. J.
Connor, lias opened a boot and shoe
shop on Center street, opposite O. L.
The Telephone Company yesterday
placed a telephone in the Gazette
oilice for the benefit of the public and
ourselves. Hereafter if you have any
idea you would like to "thump" the ed
itor just ring us up, and do it by wire.
The Episcopal convocation, convened
in Santa Fe, elected Rev. II. Forrester
and W. C. Ha.ledine, of Albuquerque,
delegates to the general convocation.
Mr. II. C. Baldwin, of this city, was ap
pointed one of the Standing Committee
of the diocese.
Mr. M. Whitcman, one of our live
business men, shipped i, TOO pounds of
freight yesterday, and 4,(100 pounds to
day, to his branch house in WhiteOaks.
.Mr. Whiteman says his business is in
creasing so fast that he will be justified
in buying teams to do Ids freight-
I). 11. Maud, contractor of the Las
Vegas gas works, left for Trinidad yes
terday and will return on Saturday. He
will arrange for the turning on of the
gas in the Trinidad works before he re
turns. His last words, as he jumped, on
the train before leaving, were, "I don't
expect to meet Houghton there."
C. M. Villianis was yesterday mov
ing his stock of drugs on the east side
into his new store room on Railroad
avenue. This isa good room for the
purpose. Mr. George C. Sharp, for.
inerly with Ford & Arnold, Kansas
City, and a thoroughly trained drug
gist, will take the -management of the
east side store.
It is confidently expected that the
street railway will be placed in opera
tion next week. The cars were shipped
from St. Louis on the Slh, and are due
here to-day. The live stock for the line
is all at luind, and everything in readi
ness for beginning running as soon as
the cars do arrive. Leaving a few days
for a margin, it is safe io count on t lie
opening of the railway next week.
News reached here yesterday of an
accident on the Southern Pacific R. 11.
near El Paso. Only a meagre account
of the wreck has been received. It hap
pened about three miles west of that
city, and an entire passenger train was
ditched. The. train was oil the rails
fourteen hours. We have received no
intimation as to whether any people
were injured or not.
The new railway hotel at. Denting
Junction opened yesterday morning,
breakfast being given for the first time,.
The hotel proper is not yet opened as
the furniture has not arrived, there be
ing delay in shipping it from Chicago.
It was started from there on Tuesday
but it is not likely thai it will reach
Deiningto permit the fitting up of the
house before the middle of next month.
The dining room, however, will be run
in the meantime, and that in the old
car that formerly did duty in Las Ve
gas and later at Lamy Junction has
been discarded.
There has been another change in the
managers of the Depot Hotel. W. E.
Stimpson, who has been in charge for
four or live months, wan yesterday su
perceded by R. Jefl'ries, manager of the
La Junta house. This arrangement is
only a temporary one, as a new man
ager from the East is expected to arrive
in a few weeks. Mr. Stimpson has
been unfortunate in his management of
the house on many accounts, and has
labored under many disadvantages. He
has by no means done himself justice
during these past few weeks, and not a
few would be glad to see him given
another chance, lie is a tip-top, genial
fellow, and we believe hint to be a com
petent hotel man. He and his agreea
ble wife leave to-day for Chicago, and
will then go to New York State. 'They
will be missed in Las Vegas.
The gas works have been formally
turned over to the Las Vegas Coal and
Coke Company by Mr. 1). II. Irland the
contractor. The company accepted
the works as satisfactory in every way,
and now have them under their full
control. Now that they have passed
from Mr. Irland's management, the Ga
zettc desires to thank him on behalf of
the people of Las Vegas for the strenu
ous efforts he has made to complete the
works as soon as possible, constantly
contending against diilieiilties. We can
all take pride in saying that for their
size, there are no better works in tho
west. The stockholders of the compa
ny are also to be complimented for
carrying out their lirst successful plan
of public improvement. Two directors
in particular have been untiring in their
efforts to attain this result, J. Rosen
wald Esq., President of the company,
and Mr. T. F. Chapman, ex-Secretary.
Lot Ca Celebrate and Rejoice Together.
"It is now probable that President
Garfield will recover from the danger
ous wound inflicted by the madman
Guiteau. In view of such ultimate re
covery, and when he is declared by his
physicians out of danger, it is proposed
that meetings be held throughout the
country to express joy and satisfaction
at such a happy result. In this matter
we cannot afford to be behind the times,
and the Gazette proposes that a grand
celebration be prepared to take place
on the announcement that the Presi
dent is out of danger. This celebration
should not be local, but general, and
we extend a cordial invitation to all the
people in the Territory to meet togeth
er in Las Vegas and give voice to the
pent up feelings of rejoicing that Gar
field, the ablest President that has held
the office since Jackson, has passed the
dangerous period of his wound, and
spared to continue his beneficent ad
ministration. At an appropriate time
a meeting will be called to appoint
committees to provide the ways and
means to make a proper display,
secure artillery from Fort Union, music,
bonfires, fireworks, etc., and arrange a
programme of speeches, inviting able
orators in English and Spanish to par
ticipate. In case Garfield recovers then
let us have a general celebration of the
event at Las Vegas, and show the world
how Americans can rejoice when the
people are thoroughly aroused and
awakened to the well being of the coun
try. The Las Vegas Gazette rehashes
the specials from El Paso which have
appeared in the Xcw Mexican during
the past week, and sends it out a a-n
associated press dispatch. When its
exchanges come in it will be surprised
possibly, to read the full particulars
sent from the New Mexican oilice forty
eight hours earlier than it gets them oil'.
The following is the rehash. A'-
Mexican of Ihc .Villi.
The Santa Fe daily has puffed itself
up to such an extent that it has either
fallen into the habit of misrepresenting
its contemporaries of the Territorial
press, else must plead guilty of being
imbued with such supreme cheek as to
play a game of bluff in the matter of
trying to deceive the public- into the be
lief that it is really enterprising. It is
attempting to defend itself, and (lis
pule the former charge, in a fierce tri
angular warfare waged by three papers
in the Territoiy who at. present appear
to be getting the best of the fight. As
regards the latter condition, all that it
is necessary to state is that the Ga
zette "hoids over it cverv time. We
don't propose to wrangle with the Xcw
Mexican for it is a railway organ, known
and acknowledged as such, and we
have as great respect for the A. T. & S.
F. Railroad company that controls it, as
we have contempt for its moulhpioce.
The Gazette has repeatedly had op
portunities for taking the Santa Fe
railway organ to task for decidedly un
professional, not to say discourteous
treatment. Rut we have remained si
lent both because we do not approve of
professional squabbles, and on account
of our respect for the "small" spirit
that characterizes the mouthpiece. Rut
on this occasion, we are led to defend
the Gazette from the charge imputed
to it, of attempting to dupe our Colora
do brethren. This oJllce was called
upon on Tuesday night to turn into the
Associated Press for the benefit of the
Colorado press, then suffering a tele
graphic embargo by reason of violent
storms on the Missouri river, any items
of interest we might be in possession of.
We complied in so far as it was possible
on a supremely dull ,day. The Xcw
Mexican saw lit to publish four of the
five telegrams sent out by the Gazette.
That over which there was such a rum
pus cut up had been published in this
journal on Tuesday morning, at the
same time that a "telegram" of the
same tenor was published in the Xcw
Mexican. It was sent by the press ope
rator here who had first asked if it was
desired. As regards the publication of
Indian news the Gazette has been one,
two, and even three days ahead of the
N. M. since the lamentable massacre
of the Mexican Central Railway engi
neers. A word to Editor Greene. We have
not written one word of this for your
benefit, but solely to set ourselves right
with the Colorado press. We court no
controversy, we propose to have none
with you! All we went is fair treat
ment, and we propose to have it
Acting Governor W. G. Ritch has
telegraphed the following in reference
to the setting apart of a day of Thanks
giving for the delivery of President
Garfield from death by assassination:
Santa Ff, N. M., July 11th, 1881.
To His Excellency, Charles Foster, Co
lumbus, Ohio:
I wholly agree, as all patriotic citi
zens of this Territory will also agree,
with suggestion of your telegram of the
lOte inst., received to-day, that in view
of the recovery, hopefully foreshad
owed, of President Garlield, from the
horrible attempt at assassination, proc
lamation be issued by the Governors
respectively of the States and Territo
ries on a day to be agreed upon for
thanksgiving and praise to Almighty
God for the President's deliverance anil
his preservation to liberty and a free
people, W. G. Ritch.
Chief Engineer A. A. Robinson left
for Arizona yesterday on business, to
be absent about two weeks.
M. Brunswick is in Santa Fe.
F. A. Manzanares returned home yes
M. M. Chase is down from Colfax
looking after business matters in this
Mr. E. Conklin, of the Frank. Leslie
corps, went down to Santa Fe yester
M. E. Kelly was in town yesterday
laying in new goods for his store at
J. A. La Rue and wife, of Lincoln,
have gone to Santa Fe after a very
pleasant visit in Las Vegas.
Sol. Jofla. of Jaffa Pros., Trinidad,
came down yesterday, lie will lie m
town a day or two and then go to Albu
Charles Rosenthal is now in Chicago
purchasing a heavy stock of goods for
their store in i his city. He will secure
a choice and varied stock.
A. Vacnberg, of San Francisco, is
among the recent arrivals. He likes
the appearance of Las Vegas, and
thinks of engaging in business here.
Mr. Rufus E. Sayles, Agent for Kill-
burn Bros. Celebrated Stereoscopic
Views, is in town, intending to canvass
the place and give our people a chance
to see something choice.
Dr. J. V. Noel, kindly remembered
by many people in Las Vegas, is now
Chief Clerk in the oflice of Chief Engi
neer Vaughan, of the Mexican Central
Railway at Paso del Norte.
Charles llfeld and his sister-in-law,
Miss Emma Nordhaus, returned yester
day from Las Cruces. Miss Nordhaus
has been visiting some time with her
sister, Mrs. A. Shutz, of that city.
F. 1). Blake, until recently manager
of the Depot Hotel at Raton, left yes
terday for a visit of several weeks in
Chicago. When he returns there is a
strong possibility that he will resume
his old position.
Hon. E. A. Fiske returned to Santa
Fc yesterday after spending several
days in this city. Now that the gas
works are in successful operation, we
must not, lose sight of the fact that to
Mr. Fiske we are greatly indebted for
this new improvement, as to him is due
the credit of inducing Mr. Irland to take
the contract for the works.
Mr. W. R. Morley, Chief Engineer of
tlie Guaytuas branch of the A. T. & S.
F. R. It., arrived front Hcrmosillo yes
terday noon. He left again on the Pa
cific express to confer with Chief Engi
neer Robinson, but returned to the city
on the "Irish mail." He will remain
here a week or more; long enough to
cool off. It was partly to cool off and
partly on a business errand that he
came up. lie is looking well, although
not as stout as when last in Vegas.
The Sonora Railroad is building cast
and the A. T. & S. F. west. .The point
where these two lines will meet on the
border is .Kit vet settled, and to reach a
determination in this matter by confer
ing with Chief Engineer Robinson is the
business object of Mr. Morley1 s present
visit. The road in Sonora is progress
ing very favorably. The heat at Iler
niosillo ranges front 80 to 1 18 degrees in
the shade, the higher figures being the
ordinary temperature this season of the
year. i lie greatest uimcuities have
now been overcome and the road is be
ing built steadily.
Nuccesafnl Work.
To-morrow Mr. I. B. Keepers, out
side superintendent of - the Central
Bridge Company, of New York, leaves
for the East with his force of men that
has been engaged for some time in put
ting in iron bridges on the line of the
A. T. & S. F. R. R. To Mr. Keepers
and James Lowrey, his foreman, ami
all his men a word in commendation
should be spoken. They have set up
seven large iron span bridges and four
large turn tables, and have shown
themselves to be first-class mechanics.
A proof of their excellent work is a very
complimentary note addressed to Mr.
Keepers by so critical a man as Chief
Engineer Robinson on the occasion of
Accepting the bridges. These seven
bridges have been placed, in position
without occasioning the slightest delay
to the trafile of the road, and not an ac
cident has happened to any man engag
ed on the work. Mr. Keepers has made
his headquarters in this city, and those
who have had the pleasure of forming
his acquaintance will regret from sel
fish motives that his work on the line is
finished, lie is an experienced and
careful man in the supcrintendency of
iron bridge building, and had charge of
the work on the celebrated Dale Creek
bridge, on the Union Pacific Railway,
and other large structures. His men
have deported themselves throughout
1 heir stay very well. They go from
here to La Salle, 111., where they will
put up a three-span, double-track
bridge on the Chicago, Rock Island &
Pacific R. R. After that is completed
they will be engaged on bridges on the
Lake Shore road, between Cleveland
and Buffalo.
Come HMI Svo 'Pnrity."
We have received a large lot of Proc
ter & Gamble1 soaps, purchased at first
hands; also Kirk's Imperial and Blue
India soaps, specially adapted for our
alkali water, at Geo. F. Maitland &
Co's. 7-14-lt
Cream Bread at Bell & Co's, tho
Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
R. G. McDonald went down the road
yesterday, partly on business in Rincón
and San Marcial, but was induced to
take the trip at this time more on ac
count of hopeful news received from his
mining properties in the Cerillos dis
trict. The &haft on his "Golden Gate11
mine is now down 5.j or CO feet, and he
has received advices that it continues
to grow richer as they go down. It was
rich in the beginning, and it signifies
much that it is growing richer.
John II Hoffner and li MeCnusland, Phila
delphia; J J Hood, Xcw York; Geo II Carpen
ter, Wm Mfllcx, Railroad; Sidney Austin, Kan
sas City; Sol Jaffa and Perry Jaffa, Trinidad,
George Sharp, Kansas City; A Ü Kensted
and wife, St .Toe,;Missouri; S T Reed, Santa Fe;
Win Robert, Anton Chico.
Edmund Xasse, Hermann, Mo; Theodore
Graf, Hermann, Mo; Lena Munex., St Louis; J
S Lyon and wife, Kansas City.
Champagne cocktails 25 cents, at Bil
ly's. 7-14-tf
a la Delmonico at
Cream Bread at Bell & Co's, the
Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
Fine line of Straw Hats
New York Clothing Store.
at the
Notice to the Public.
For fruit and ornamental trees,
shrubs, bulbs and flowering plants of
all kinds, see R. Armstrong, of the
Geneva Nursery. N. Y. He will remain
in town a few days for the purpose of
taking orders from those that may de
sire to purchase. Refers respectfully to
Jeff Raynolds, Esq., First National
Bank. 7-10-1 m
Cream Bread at Bell & Co's, the
Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
Try "Billy's Ponies" Cigars, pure
Fresh vegetables every day at the
Park Grocery. 4-10tf
A large invoice of white lace and veils
just received at C. E. Wesche's. (-2tf
The traveling public will find every
thing first-class at the Grand View Ho
tel. Cream Bread at Bell & Co's, the
Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
Pickled tripe for lunch at BILLY'S
All summer goods
at reduced prices at
Isidor Stern's.
Ladies' Nanimer Suiting.
New Fabrics.
New Styles.
Fast Colors.
Beautiful Shades
at the store of
C. E. Wesche. 7-12-tf
Patent copper rivet
ed California overalls
at the Boston cloth
ing house. 7-7 tf
Two car loads of stoics received by
Jjocknart & Co. o-ll-ti
Fruit dressed lemonade at Billy's.
Cream Bread at Bell & Co's,
Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
For cheap hardware go to Lockhart
& Co's. ' 2-1 ltf
Fine line of straw goods at the
v V....1. j'i u ........ r. 11 i.
AVW 1 01 K V lUlllllli: IIUUSC. Ü-11-1IU
Everything- in sum
mer goods for ladies'
and gents' wear at re-
duccd prices.
Isidor stern.
Cocón NntM.
A line lot of cocoa nuts and fresh can
dies inst received at Marcellino & Hot
fa's. Everybody invited to call and ex
amine them. It
Bur.ts celebrated Boots and Shoes
at the New York Clothing Store.
Tee cold Milwaukee beer on draught,
10 cents, at Billy's.
Flour by the whole
sale at T. Homero &
Buy your trunks and valises at
the New York Clothing Store.
Fresh eggs twenty cents per dozen at
Bell & Co's, the Plaza Grocers and Ba
kers. attenWonmiers ! I
The Boston Clothing
House has just receiv
ed a full line of Levy,
Strauss A Co.'s patent
copper riveted Duck
and Denim Clothing
warranted never to rip.
Patent copper rivetld California over
alls at the Boston Clo liing House.7-7-tf
President Garfield's Re
covey is Assured,
Belli Go.
Plaza Grocers Bakers
Come to the Front with Unheardof
Six pounds Choice Ilio Coffee, - SI 00
Canvassed Hams. 1H nounds. -. 1 00
Fresh Eggs, 20 cts per dozen.
Green Apples, 12 1 cents per pound.
Frcsli Fruits and Vegetables received
every day.
Cream Bread. Boston Brown Bread
Graham Bread, at.
Bell d& Co.
The Plaza (Jrocers and Bakers.
I hereby announce to the public that I have
established a new hack lino to the Springs.
Moderate ebiirsres and careful drivers. Orders
left ut Talbot's livery stable will be prompt ly
attended to.
Gold and Silrer Filigree Jewelry
Manufactured and sold by
In tho rear of the Catholic Church
The Public is respectfully Invited to call am
examine my stock.
Mining and lain
surveyor and civil en
gineer, Las Vegas, JN
M. 7-13-lw
Ice cold Budweiser
beer at Billy's
Fresh butter milk from the churn
brought in every morning from the
VU 111 V T A
ranch, at Billy's.'
A cook and porter; must he neat am
reliable. Apply at isilly s haloon.
Fine alifbrnia cloth
ing, stetson and Mor-
riseyhats a specialty.
Fine sununer clothing at the New
York Store.
For ladies' dress
goods go to T. Homero
k Son's.
Keep the dust out of your rooms by
using Lockhart & Co.'s Rubber Weath
er Strips. 5-1 ltf
I're.Hh Ureml
Of all kinds every morning, at the Old
Reliable Bakery of J. Grail' & Co.
7-2-tf .
that will stand the test
of hard knocks and
rough usage at
Isidor Stern's.
Urn ii ! Lnncli
every Saturday night at. the Exchango
Saloon. 4-21-tt
Harness and sad
dlery at T. Romero &
Pure Missouri eider at rutman &
Ice cold Milwaukee beer on draught,
10 cents, at "Billy's." 5-2otf
Genuine California wines just received
by Francisco Baca y Sandoval.
Las Vegas, N. M.
J. J. Fitzirerrell. the live real estato man.
hits for sale a lurite numlM-r of fine business
und desirable rettidonco lots In different part
of tho new and old portion of the city. Par
tics seeking investments in real estate, busi
ness chances, business and dwcllinjr houses.
should call on Fitzerroll; ho can ucooiiiino-
date them.
For sale, one dairy and irardciiinir farm very
cheap, two miles from the city,
One business Douse on Lincoln street at n
One livery or sale stable, at a bargain.
Two desirable fourToom cot taires, with irood
stone cellars each : one on Main and other on
tith street, at a bargain. Will jrent for 50 per
cent, on the Investment.
One hotel lumishcd complete, lias all the
business it can accommodate.
One hotel paying per cent, on the invest
One business houso on Lincoln avenue will
pay 60 per cent, on investment.
fiusiuess house and lot on Kailroad avenue
that rents by tho year for 'JO per cent, on in
vestment. Five room house and lot near the depot,
renting for twenty dollars per month. Price,
A splendid new residence, 0 rooms, Slots,
renting for 85 per cent, on investment. Price
Business house and lot on Railroad avenue
at a bargain, renting for !5 per cent, on invest
ment. Ono of tho best corner lots and business
houses in tho city for salo at a bargain. Call
and sec.
I have vacant lots for salo on Kailroad ave
nue, Centre street, Lincoln avenue. Eighth
street and Grand avenue, in tho heart of the
city at a bargain. Call and see.
One ol the nnest gardens in New Mexico, a
rare chance for a gardncr and HorlRt to make a
I have for sale the most desirable business
property and stock of groceries, on Centro
street. Part payment down, balance on time.
Very cheap. Owner wants to turn his atten
tion to mining.
For sale Ono restaurant, ono saloon, ono
steam laundry and one drug store. For par
ticulars call.
For sale, in Ocoffrlon and Lucero s new ad
ditions. Theso are. very desirable residence
lots. Thev enter the market cheap. There is
fully ono hundred per cent, profit In these
lots as an investment wnoin me next six
I have residence property and lots for sale in
all parts of the city. Examine my list before
I have for sale in Mills & Chapman's addition
to tho Hot Springs; theso lots will be sold
I have bargains to offer on Main, Lincoln
and Douglas streets, also on Zion Hill, that
will pay from 40 to 00 per cent, on the invest
ment. I have for sale a large number of the most
desirable lots at the Hot Springs that will be
sold cheap.
1 have for sale tho finest stock and farming
ranch in New Mexico, commanding the atten
tion of capitalist and colonist. Apply for par
ticulars. 1 also have for sale several tine stock ranches
in the different portions of the Territory.
A number of desirable business houses on
the different business streets of the city, also
olliccs, restaurants and dwellings. If you want
to rent property call.
Kemember that the best business chuncos
are always to be had by calling on
' Lockhurt's block, up stajrs.
ELEVEN DOLLAUS a month for twelve
months will buy a lot fronting on two
streets in the most desirable part of the city,
close to street railway and postollice. Avail
yourself of this opportunity.
The Livo Ileal Estnto Agent, Lockhart Hloek,
up stairs. 7-lo-tf
I701l SALE Tho Iiuena Vista Town Uompu
t: ny's" lots, the most desirable lots in the
north part of tho city, will be sold cheap. Just
in the market. J. J. FITZGEItltELL,
The Live Heal Estate Agent, Lockhurt's Hloek,
Up Stairs. ' ti-Si-Ot
r f r
&J ijJJ Wethers, ewes and lambs
in lots to suit customers, at a
price from one dollar per head ui
ward, according to grade. Can bo seen from
tho 15th to the üllth of July. J. J. Fitzgerrcll,
tho live real estate agent, Lockhurt's block up
stairs. i -"-'.! w
Chance lorn Itutclier.
The best patronized meat market for rent.
Will sell slaughter house, corral, and stock all
completo for the butcher business. Owner
can't attend to it on account of having other
business. Come and examine. J. J. Fit.ger
rell, tho live real estate agent, Lockhurt's
block up stairs. 7---i!t
Npcciiiieiia of Ore.
All parties, throughout this county, interest
ed in the mineral resources of the Territory,
are earnestly solicited to contribute specimens
of ore to the Territorial Uureau of Immigra
tion, labelled, as to mine and camp. Speci
mens left with J. H. Koogler will bo forwarded
to the oilice of the Secretary at Santa Fe, and
there placed on exhibition. 7-Í-2M
That in Supplying you with
We do it with as little trouble to
yourselves as possible.
A man especially for the purpose of
measuring your rooms for Carpets and
your windows for the shades you desire
to put up. We also make Window
Shades any required width or length,
and all you have to do is to select the
desired pattern or style. Wa also sew
your Carpets and lay them down, and
do everything in a workmanlike man
ner. You also have the advantage of
selecting from the most extensive Stock
in Las Vegas. Ono trial will demon
strate what we can do.
Real Estate and Stock Broker,
Notary Public and
hxtstth-ajntoe agt,
Examine Lockhart & Co's line new
stock of furniture before purchasing
elsewhere. 5-1 ltf
Carpets, Window Shades

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