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Jolm Chapman has sold his fine team
to the Street Railway Company.
Maitland's store on the East Bide is to
be moved to Colorado Springs, Colora
do next week.
George Wiley has been held in $300
bonds for selling liquor to Indians at
the A. & P. R. It. front.
Work will be commenced on Gardner
(V Gillies' new store on Centre street
soon. It will be built of solid stone.
Com puny I, Ninth Cavalry, has
gone from Ft. Wingale to Craig en
route for "hot pursuit" of the Apaches,
or vice versa.
An Albuquerque man has offered to
raise a volunteer company Id light the
red-; providing horses and provisions
;tr( furnished.
The renegade chief, Nane, 'has been
recognized in several instances during
the recent raid of the Apaches, as lead
ing the red curses in their deviltry.
T. Rutenbeck has just received a
large invoice of filigree and other
styles of jewelry. The public will find
a splendid assortment at his store.
'Die date of the grand ball to be given
by the Hook and Ladder company, has
been changed. It will be held Aug.
18th in Dr. Milligan's new brick build
ing. Our telegraphic report has been
somewhat limited for the past few days
as for lack of wires and rush of com
mercial business no press report has
been sent until after midnight.
Billy Burton is still adding attractions
to his saloon on the south side. He has
recently obtained a live badger, a real
beauty, and yesterday lie got in two
eagles, a bald headed eagle and. a Mex
ican eagle, both fine birds.
The express train from the south was
a little more than an hour late yester
day. Near the summit of Glorieta hill
the track spread and let a part of the
train oil the metals, the only great in
convenience being loss of time.
Our informant was in error in stating
that Gov. Sheldon had gone to Cimar
ron, hence our blunder in yesterday's
issue. It was Mr. Sheldon, editor of
tito News and Press, of Colfax's capital,
who returned from the East whither he
had been to meet his wife.
Friday night lirjng was heard with
in fifteen miles of San Marcial, and it
was thought that a light was going on
between the Indians and the whites.
Eighteen men guarded the pass
at Antonnita all day Saturday, ex
pecting a portion of the band to
pass there on their way to the reserva
tion. An Albuquerque woman who 'spied
her husband at a gambling table last
Saturday night embraced the oppor
tunity of giving her hubby a curtain
lecture there and then. But she failed
to convince him that it was the correct
thing for him to spend his spare cash
for bread instead of chips, and he con
tinued the play until the latter had all
been lost.
Twice Deserted.
Yesterday Deputy U. S. Marshal II.
J. Franklin took down to Lamy a de
serter whom he arrested in this city.and
who was to have been turned over to a
Sergeant at that point. Marshal Frank
lin had had his eye on the fellew, Joe
Hardy by name, for some time, as he
lias been a rustler about the saloons for
a number of months. But he allowed
him to go on as the fellow was a harm
less sort of chap, who was paying pen
ance for any misdemeanor he might
have committed by bein obliged to
"rustle" hard for a living. On Monday
night Hardy stole a pair of boots from
oil" the feet of a shoe-maker who had
fallen asleep in asaloon and then Frank
lin took him in. Hardy deserted from
a 15th Infantry company stationed at
Ft. Sclden on the ;jrd of February
last. He had previously deserted and
was confined at the time in the guard
house at the post, awaiting shipment
to the military prison at Ft. Leaven
worth having been sentenced to four
years' imprisonment. He is likely to
get six years now.
X arrow Ernp.
Brother Paulian, Superior of the
district of M issouri and New Mexico,
accompanied by Bro. Biuolph, Presi
dont of St. Michaels College, of Santa
Fe, came near being drowned last
Saturday while crossing the Manueli
tas river near Sapello. It seems the
river was rising rapidly, caused by
heavy rains above. When the brothers
drove in the water took the buggy and
carried it down the stream some dis
tance. Luckily it did not upset, and
some men being near at hand, threw
in ropes and drew them ashore.
St. IMnry'a Collcec
Brother David, the genial and able
President of St. Mary's College of Mo
ra, is in the city. He is making prepa
rations for the closing exercises of this
collcgo which will take place on the
24th inst. This institution has á de
servedly high reputation for learning
and all arc cordially invited to attend
the closing exercises, and will bo made
welcome. .
Just received at Theo. llutenbeck's,
a nice lot of filigree jewelry. 8-10-tf
Stealing from Train.
Yesterday J. S. Rogers after having
been in jail several days had his exam
ination before Judge Steele, being
brought up for breaking into A. T. & S.
F. freight cars and stealing goods. The
Judge bound him over for the action of
the Grand Jury. Rogers, who has been
a brakeman on the Southern division
of the railroad was nabbed about 10
o'clock last Friday night in the yard
here by Deputy U. S. Marshal Frank
lin, just as ha was about to take his
pick of articles in a car that he had
broken open. There has been system
atic stealing from cars on the road in
New Mexico for some time and the
company has been obliged to pay out a
considerable sum for goods thus taken.
Franklin had been at work at the case,
and when he shadowed Rogers he
knew his man. He has been known to
dispose of at least three cases of canned
goods at Kingman station, his only ex
pense for which was his time and
crime. Rogers confessed that there
were others besides himself in the
game. Clothing, hats, boots and shoes,
canned goods and other articles luive
been sold at stores at different points
along the line considerably below cost
and they were undoubtedly sold for the
gang that has kept up this pillage.
Some of the stealing , no doubt, has
been done by tramps, for only a short
time ago a case of clothing was found
broken open when it arrived here, and
a pair of breeches, a coat and vest of
different sizes missing. None other
than a Irani) would have been no indis
criminate in choice and anyone mak
ing a business of stealing would have
been more fastidious. But those who
have been carrying on a traffic in goods
thus stolen, and those who do the steal
ing should be made examples of.
Woodei !'nl (ármit.
We have to thank Col. W. S. Fletch
er, special agent of the Interior Depart
ment, for an exhibition of the finest
specimens of silver matte ever discov
ered in the Territory. They are from
the wonderful new strike in Grant
county, and Col. Fletcher is fortunate
in owning an interest, which, although
small, is very valuable. The specimens
were taken from a twenty-five foot shaft
on the "Blue Bell" claim located in the
Burro Mountains near "Bullard's Peak
and only sixteen miles from Silver
City. The ore is from a well defined
vein between three and four feet wide
in micaceous granite, through the cen
tre oí which runs a six inch strata of
native silver. The specimens which
were shown us by Col. Fletcher are re
markable as to richness, and beautiful
specimens. Several are nothing less
than a mass of wire silver entwined
about black quartz, and even the finest
workman in liiigree cannot match them
in point of workmanship. They con
tain silver in all varieties, genuine ru
by silver among others. It is the rich
est silver strike thus far made in the
Territory and its discovery is another
feather in the cap of Wonderful Grant.
Mr. C. P. Crawford of Silver City is
half owner of the "Blue Bell" and a
number of others are interested with
him. The lucky prospector is Chero
kee Jim an old Indian scout who has
prospected not a little in the Southern
A few days ago John Wilson of White
Oaks picked up on Baxter Mountain
one of the finest specimens of gold
quartz that has ever been exhibited in
that camj) of wonderful specimens. It
was literally filled with gold containing
at least a pound of the precious metal.
It was taken from the surface of the
"El Capitán" lead and bore the marks
of long exposure to the weather. Gen
tlemen just in from the camp say that
the "Honiestako" never looked so well
as now. Other claims arc showing up
well and before long that camp will bo
sending forth the glad tidings of the
wealth of hidden treasure in the shape
of golden kidneys and bullion, and the
mint will know the name of White
Oaks, and less attention paid to cab
inet specimens. With the trade of such
a camj), with such great prospects as
that now ours, are we to lose it from the
lack of an exhibition of enterprise on
the part of our citizens. Consider
the following from the Kcv Mexican
and act:
Las Vegas is not, behind in securing
the White Oaks mail and trade and the
papers announce that an oiler has been
made for the line already, which it
would be advantageous to 'accept. If
Santa Fo merchants would move in the
matter they would have the White Oaks
trailo as easily as not."
To! ;nlz,i1 Umi Kt'hrcni',
A commission composed of General
T. W. Conway, of New York, who was
formerly Superintendent of Public In
struction in Louisiana; Rev. C. A. Har
vey, D. D., and Prof. Thomas Robin
son of Howard University, Washington
City, are in the Territory. They are
here for the purpose of examining the
Pecos valley with the view of ascertain
ing its advantages for the colonization
of thousands of people who are looking
towards New Mexico as a place of resi
dence. They come accredited from
Washington and are the bearers of let
ters from Secretary Kirkwood, Gen.
Sherman and other high officials. By
order of Gen. Pope, (Jen. Hatch has or
dered the detail of an officer and es
cort from Fort Union, who is instruct
ed to join in the report of General Con
way, and also to make an individual re
port of his observations and opinions.
J. C. Meeson, of Silver City, is in I
Wm. Stone, of White Oaks, camo up
Fred Harvey came up from Deming
Don Francisco Robledo, of Chaperito,
is up to court.
J. Beriiell, of El Paso, Texas, is a j who had been here several days wait
late arrival. i ing to strike a job. Late in theevening
L. A. Levy is in the mercantile busi- the latter urged the young máu'togo up
ness al Sabinal. ! town, and invited him into a saloon to
Don Manuel Gonzales, of La Cinta, is
in attendance at court.
JamosAbcrerom.be came up from Ga
llinas station yesterday.
J. B. Collier, of White Oaks, is stop
ping at the Mimner iiouse. : peet(l to .ct him full. But later the
F. R. Anthony, of Colorado, is slop- jToung fellow was persuaded to take an
ping at the St. Nicholas. other drink, and that was the last that
W. C. Wihly, of Paw Paw, Michigan,
is registered at the Sumner. '
Mr. E. Doweese was over from Wat-
rous vesterday on business.
. .'' rir . ' 1 " mF un !
the A. T. & S. F. came in yesterday,
Dan Marrow is up from Albuquer
que. He will be in town several days.
Don Severo Baca and Charley Dor
sett came up from La Cinta yester
day. Rev. T. Harwood will be here Mon
day and hold services in the M. E.
Mrs. Charles Jewett, formerly of this
city, arrived on yesterday's train from
Kansas City.
Joseph de St. Quentin and Andrew
U , i'T f 1 J 1 1 . '
Soutor oí La Cinta- made tis a nleasant.
,, . , i
can ,5 o.Mcruay.
Mr. A. L. McDonald, of the Nicolet
Hotel, Socorro, is stopping at the St..
Nicholas Hotel.
Ed McCaffrey is now on our streets
again. Ed has been plastering Lam
bert's hotel at Cimarron.
Frank Springer, Ejq., of Cimarron,
came down yesterday to be in attend
ance at the term of court.
Col. W. S. Fletcher, U. S. timber in
spector, went down to Santa Fe yester
day to return again, to-day.
John H. Mink and Andres Nelson,
citizens of Anton Chico, are looking at
the improvements in Vegas.
McLean Bros, are down from the Hot
Springs. They are doing the plaster
ing of the new hotel at that place.
Cal. Sampson, who has been sick for
some, time at Rincón del Tecolote, is
now rapidly recovering and is able to
be out.
Mrs. W. B. Leonard, wife of the pop
ular conductor, and Miss E. C. Leon
ard, of Ohio, have returned from a visit
to Santa Fc.
II. K. Chamberlain, with T. Ruten
beck, is a thorough workman and like
wise an excellent engraver. He ex
ecutes work in this line in fine style.
Col. Wm. N. Ewing, Sup't of smelt
ing works at Kansas City, passed
through on yesterday's train to Santa
Fc. He will return to-day or to-morrow.
Louis Hommel, editor of the Red
River Chronirfe, is in the city. As sec
retary of the Stock Growers' Associa
tion, he has called a meeting to-day at
A. Dold's office.
Col. Lockhart left on yesterday's
train for an extended trip to Chicago
and the lumber regions of the North.
Col. Lockhart intends to look after the
lumber supply for the coming large
trade in Las Vegas.
Joseph Theobald arrived on yester
day's train. He was down last week
looking after the business prospects of
the city, and having satisfied himself
that Las Vegas' lias a better future than
any of her neighbors, has come down
to go to work.
Mr. Frank II. Lea arrived fromWhite
Oaks late Monday night. Ho has gone
to Kansas City for treatment of his left
eye, the sight of which ho lost through
along-seated neuralgic trouble. Mr.
Lea is tiie popular Justice of the Peace
at the Oaks, and all wish him great
benefit from the delicate operation that
he is to have performed.
Mr. E. Grover, who has been con
nected with the A. T. & S. F. engineer
force for eighteen months with head
quarters at San Marcial, started cast
yesterday. He will rusticate at his old
home in East Walpole, Mass., for a
month and will probably return at tne
expiration of this his first vacation
since coming to New Mexico.
Mr. II. O. Baldwin, for a long time in
the engineer department of A. T. & S.
F., and who has resided in this city
since last December, will leave in a few
days to accept a very responsible posi
tion on the D. & R. G. R'y. He will
be division engineer on the Gunnison
extension of the Denver & Rio Grande,
and will have a very important post.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Baldwin both in this city and Santa Fe
will be sorry to learn of their removal
from the Territory. Wc congratulate
Mr. Baldwin on his success, but regret
his leaving Las -Vegas. Mrs. Baldwin
will spend a short time in the Gunnison
country with her husband,
For Wnle.
I Tliis week, at a bargain, a small,
l clean stock of Groceries, on Centre
j Street, and the good will of the busi
! ness. For particulars apply to C. K.
Browning. 8-10-(it
Xotlce to Lonve.
I A serious charge is made against
man who is braking on the Southern
un i.ion oi me 2. l.xb. r.
.It... ! .1. . A fi. P 1
clinrt 1
time j"o a vniino- mnn i-miio tn T.na Vp.
gas and made application for work on I
., i Ü . . . I
me rauroau. imer paueniiy waning
he was given a position as brakeman
running south from this city. He came
back from his iir. run onMowlsy
night, and met an old railroad man
drink. IIo kepfe urging and urging un-
till the young fellow had taken two or
three stout doses of whisky, which
! he bore up . under bravely eon
i trnry to the expectation of the
i old railroad man who undoubtedly ex-
he remembered till ho waked early
(yesterday morning completely broken
j wIthíS Watc!'' mnoy ,
! onc- ,('0,"S l". th lra ?fl"rc,hc
j iound that lus friend of the night be-
fore had taken his run out about mid-
night. There is every reason to be
lieve that it was all a put up job, and
that that last drink was 'drugged as in
his desperation at not striking work as
soon as a man of his self-estimated im
portance should, he had dropped ahint
that it would be a good scheme to get
some man drunk that he might step in
to his place. The unfortunate young
man has made quite a number of
friends among :tho railroad boys and
they threaten to make it hot for the
smart chap who rigged up such a
IULK, U lllCV l U JUt JLU1 illdlLV iliILVJ Jill 11
' ' J
to leave town
Stock Growers AsKaeiriMon.
The regul ar semi-annual meeting of the
San Miguel County Stock Growers As
sociation will be held to-day, at 9
o'clock a. m., at the office of Mr. An
dres Dold. All the stockmen of the
county now in the city are respectfully
invited to attend.
L. Hommel, See'y.
I. litest Style.
French breakfast caps in all shades at
Charles Uield's. 8-10-tf
New Potatoes $2. 75 per hundred at E.
Germain & Co., El Paso, Texas. 7-2-1-1 m
Mint julips at Billy's.
M. lieise has received the agency for
New Mexico for the sale of the. Excel
sior beer. He keeps in stock all kinds
of whiskies, which will be sold by the
barrel or ear load and has an immense
stock of all brands of domestic and im
ported cigars. 7-2'J-tf
All summer drink.3 at Billy's. -7tf
Fifty cases of imported wines, all
brands at
Billy's. 8-0-2 w
Cream Bread at Bell & Go's, the
Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
Ormul I; n li eli
every Saturday night at the Exchange
Saloon. 4-21-tt
Salad a
la Delmonieo at
Twenty For Cent.
Discount from the market price on
Queensware, Glassware, Hardware and
Notions at the store of
Las Vegas,
N. M.
Also the bargains of the season in
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
I do just as I advertise.
C. E. Wesche.
ilioiu,' lrierty For ft;tlc.
One-lourlli interest in the host devel
oped mine in the Mineral Hill mining
district, also two of the best milling
chums in the district. J. J. Fitzgerell,
the live Real Estate Agent. 7-27 2v
NlociiSjolricrV JIecti:i;r.
Notice is hereby given that a meeting
of the stockholders of tho Las Vegas
rureei. i:uivay company is cancu ior
the 1:2th of August, JSSi.'at 7 o'clock p.
in., at the olliee of Trinidad Romero.
for the purpose of electing a board of
street Railway Company is called lor
directors for the ensuing year.
Tkinidad Romeko, Prest.
.Jacob Ghoss, hoc y.
August 2, 18S1.
For SO ííayu.
I will oiler for thirty days Iho entire
stock of my Clothing aiid Root and
Shoe Department
This stock has all been purchased
within the past six months and con
sists of
Men's and Roys' Clothing, and Ladies'
Misses' Men's and Boys' Roots,
Shoes and Slippers,
And must be closed out in order to
make .the -necessary improvements on
the Store Building.
C. E. Wesciie,
' Las Vegas, N. M.
Tn liieoa mid trimniinfra.siipVi no Sunn.
ish (Juipiire, Brabant Vernieelio, Bre-
4 v...: . .1 i..! .1. : ;
ion Dwiss mu ins ii, an immense vari
ety, at such low iigurcs that we defy
competition, at N. E. Rosenthall, Rail
road Avenue, East Side!
Go to Mudd's barber shop and get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. tf
For all kinds of California produce,
such as new potatoes, oranges, apricots,
plums, apples and peaches send to E.
Germain & Co., El Paso, Texas. 7-2-1-1 m
Corset in all styles for ladies anil
misses, at bottom prices, at N. L. Ros
enthal's Railroad Avenue, East Side.
For cheap hardware go to Lockhart
&tvs. 1 -Mm!
Try "Billy's Ponies" Cigars, pure r
Fresh buttermilk on ice atPutman it
Wolfs. ü-10-tf
Ice cold Budwciser beer at Billy's.
Cream lemonade at Billy's.
.lMd:foi Sale-For Rent-Lost.
17"ANTED. A piod senmdres!: steady
V employment. Imiuiru at this olliee.
WAN iEU.-Kiitee:i n-oou euroi-uter. in
iuro at Loekhurt & Co s. W5-tf
WANTED. An experienced nml compe
tent l'iuno Teiiener, to instruct two
children. Apply at this office. "--Jü-tf
VirAXTED. A laundry woman and two din
' iiitf room girls, immediately, at the Hot
Springs Hotel. MT-tf
"ANTED Two Urst-cliiso cabinet men.
WANTED. Two or three, number one jilun
ir.s mill bench IrmdH. None but lirst
class need npplv. . At Woollen's planing mill.
Also a jjuud machine num. 4-JJ-tl'
WANTED A (íood eook, n niiddlo iied wo
mnn. Apply at the l'.irlt Kewtuurnnt.
I710R SALE. A fine ranch well adopted for
J either cheep or cuttle. It eomiiiiinds a
lnnui! of ten miles Pipiare. Address Henry
& Dunlup, or Charles llt'eld, L:w Vejnis, N. M.
tt-üdlw wit
ÍTOlt ALE.-The old St. Louis lot. in East
J Las Vcjriis. Price, í ' 50. Inquire of C.
:. Browning.
P. Gkislf.u,
i -SHI'
Socorro, N. M.
TOU SALE A choice lot of Mexican mules.
' Ituifhlnrlil liivil.'ii nml in liufi ,vr.vb iniT
comlltioti. Apply lo Prank A
Lan Y'e:.:8, New Mexico.
Make. Eni-t
fcALl! Connrr waranta bv'. O. Kill!
r bun
berg. ' ,VJ7-lf
TOIl RALE liSO Improved sheep delivered
aj at mo wnC'in .uoumi or vermejo. i"ir
lurtlier particulars impure of
VJ-tl tipper Las Vegas.
"T7V7K AL12 Fine süjck ranch, good ranc,
JLj plenty of rtmmng water, has a good house
and corral. M ill lie Koht lor cash, or calilo
taken in excliai.str Applv to C. IC. Browning,
Fust Las Vegas.
S0 li SALE One completo well drilling or
i prospecting machine; works in rook or
dirt; will sell cheap for cash. For particulars
address (!. Tit AM BUY,
7-y-lm Care of Chas. Blanchard.
Las Vegas, N. M.
TTlUU SALE Baca Hall, Van largest and Ih'St
. audience hall in the Territory, provided
i l hi good siatfti scenery, drop curtains, etc.
Cattle or sheep taken in exchange or tin.egiv
en on jiaviiicnis, Address A. J. Uuca and
Cha-. lU'elil. I as Vegas. Ii-1-tf.
.'OH KENT. Three good furnished rooms.
I1 Apply to Vim, Morgan at the National
17OU KENT. Furnished rooms.
1 tho National Hotel.
Inquire at
rpOK KENT. Two nice, largo rooms for of
L fices, in Marwede's new "building, Apply
to Marwede, Brumley & Co. " 7--!-tf
Í710U BENT. Tho drug store in tho Wesche
J building on the pla.u, nt present occupied
by F. E. Herbert, is f or rent. Apply to tho
Wanted! Wanted! Wit uteri!
1 dPb HAí ' 1,1 Cmmy Warrants,
D.LJ Jl s lor which ilio hiirhest
cush price will be paid. Apply to J. J. Fit,-
gerrell. the live real estate agent.
We now have on hand a superior quality of
brick ivliich will be sold in large or small
quantities as the purchaser desires. .Shipments
will he. mudo to any part of the territory and
the. patronage of the M:bho Is respectfully solic
ited. 3-b-tf . Jii'un Phiciiauh.
Iltix I'!, VLiiHegas,
To bo in readiness and to have sufficient room
For Fall Goods
Is What Wo are Conlemplatinfj
I If you tiro in need of Summer Woarine- An
I tmrelnow is the time to beneiit yourselves by
i fT
' ííHífS?
i E l i. fc U i
so wis Pi
The reduction in Ladies' Summer Dross
Goods and Gents' Lightweight Clothing will
be of Special interest to you.
I 0j
IJllll :
Kailroad Avenue, East Lus Vegas.
j OF
! AT
LOW PEIOESls Ho.usoTis thmy
Mammoth Store !
-ox the
-v . ,
JP Xjb A. 25 Jk.
If n
Las Vegas, X. 31.
J. J. FitZKcrrell, the live real cutntc man,
has for Balo a liirjr numlKT oí fine busiiicM
una desirable residence lots in different parts
of the new und old portions of the. citv. l'ur
ties seeking invcntincnts in reul estate. Imsi
new cbiinoc, business und dwelling houses,
should cull on i'itzjrerreU; ho con accommo
date them.
,OlJJvl TEE DEED live miles of
livintr wiiter controlling 101 mpiurc miles of the
finest rungo on the I'ecos river. Cull und see
UriLL EXCIIANGE.-Goodnew house, mid
lot fronting on two streets for 11 wngon
und team. For particulars see
Q" pT A month for ten months will pity for
?lt) a choleo lot centrally located and
fronting two streets.
)( HOUSES WAXTED.-Purties having
fi7 dwellings or store houses for sale or
rent will do well to come and seo me. 1 have 11
large number of rentéis and purchasers on
PI f will buy a good new three room
VtfcO J houso and two lots near the rail
road depot and round house.
Q Pí f will buy two very desirable busi
?JJ.f ness lots between the two towns.
Ó 4 ) ( ( kuy a choice comer lot i'ront
Adf.J ii'ff on Eighth Street. 8-3-tf
EAIiE CHAXCE. The best paying saloon in
the city. Uood reasons for selling, s-'j-tf
6)ci nnn naa f phcc,p f,r
JlJJJ Wethers, ewes und lambs.
I, ""Oil SALE. Two of thobest mining claims
L' and n one-fourth interest in one of tho best
developed mines in tho Mineral Hill mining
C? cheap.
J sale cheap.
MINERAL CITY business and residence
lots i or si le.
rjTA WO NEW KESIDEXCES for sale or rent.
Good reason for selling.
the city lor sale.
Splendid dwelling lots in Gooffrlon's Luce
ro s and Buena Vista Co's. Additions. There
is fully ono hundred per cent, profit in thesis
lots us an investment within the next six
A splendid residence, grounds, furniture, all
completo for a home. Call and see.
For sale, ono dairy and gardening farm very
cheap, two miles from tho city,
Two desirable four room cottages, with good
stone cellars each; one on Main and other on
Mil street, ata bargain. AVill rent for SO per
cent, on the investment.
Ono hotel furnished complete, Has nil tho
business it can accommodate.
Ono hotel paying aó per cent, on tho invest
ment. Business house and lot on Kailrond avenue
that rents by tho year for i)0 per cent, on in
vestment. A splendid new residence, 0 rooms, 3 lots
renting for 33 per cent, on investment. Price
Business houso and lot on Kailrond avenue
at a bargain, renting for 53 per cent, on invest
ment. Ono of tho best corner lots and business
houses in the city for salo at a bargain. Call
and see.
One of the linest gardens in Now Mexico. A
rare chanco tor a gurdner and florist to make u
I I have for sale the most desirable, business
property and stock of irmni.Hi.a ,. c,..,i,.,.
street. Owner wants to turn his attention to
I have residence property and lots for sale in
all parts r.t the city. Examino my list before,
1 have fur sale in Mills & Chapman's addition
to the Hot Springs; these lots will bo sold
oh cm p.
I have bargains to offer on Main, Lincoln
and Douglas streets, also on Zion Hill, that,
will pay lrom 40 to (0 per cent, on tho invest
ment. I huvo for sale tho finest stock and farming,
ranch in New Mexico, commanding the atten
tion ot capitalist and colonist. Apply for par-i
Xi1,,ls"Ai.lV0 for 811,0 Revi'i"d fine stock ranellcs
in tho dillerent portions of the Territory
., A Vlrnl,Prol''nsin,l)ln I'usiness houses on
the dulereut business streets of the city, also
olhees, restaurants and dwellings. If you want
to rent property call.
Kememiiertluit the best business chaneca
are always to bo had by calling on
,. ,. , J. J. FiTKCKHRKMi
Hie live real estate agent, olliee on Grand
Notice lo Contractor.
Sealed bids will bo received at mv office up
to 7 o clock p. m., August mili, IsKl.for tho
construction of u brick residence for Isklor
Stern. Plans and specifications to be seen at
my pilleo. The right is reserved to reject any
or all bid j.
To Old Town Customers.
We will pay car fare
both ways to purchas
ers to the amount of
$2.00 and upwards.
Colin & Block
Boston clothing house
to tree t cars pass the
door every eight min
utes. ' 8-3-9 1.
Harness and sad-
! dlery at T. Romero &
C i
If You Are Interested
In saving- in the cost
of your goods, you
will do well to buy of
Isidor Stern.
The Boston Cloth-
piaee in jjas veiias
where you can ret the
i Levi Strauss & Co pat-
lent copper riveted
Duck & Denim cloth-
1 1 1 "
For ladies' dress
goods go to T. Romero
& Son's,

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