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VOL. 3.
NO. 78.
2 CO
- 0
t ffi
afi$S&$2? t0 Wool, Hides,
CENTER STREET, is tho Ner.to.st, Nicest and Cheapest
Assortment of
PTDo yon comprehend that lit Marcus & C'lemm's, Centro Street, is a perfect collection of
That right here is the place where you eitn buy just what you want for less money thim you
pav for inferior (foods elsewhere ? We urn prepared to J'U( VE. l'ermit us to show our Moori
nuil Prices. They also keep the Largest Stock of (j roeeries, WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Call on
Centre Street,
Sast Xjxxu Vegas,
Successors to Herbert C Co.
Drugs, Medicines, Toilet Articles and Perfumery.
PrescriptlonsiCárefuüy Compounded.
Northwest Corner of the Plaza, Las Vegas.
Brocade Silks, Velvets, Satins, Tassels, Cassimeres
(Of All Color.-)
Fine Washington Cloth, Momie cloth, Silk Bunting
(Of all colors.) Alo a full line of
Ladies' French Kid Shoes
wXiadies' IF'in.e Bonnets .
Our Carpet Department is complete in the latent and most btnatiful designs. We invit
Inspection of our stock.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
The Oldest, the Largest, the Best Imsurance Go's.
JamL im
Name of Company.
Mutual Life
Liverpool, London and Globe
Home Fire Insurance Company.
London Assurance Corporation..
SprinRlleld F. ft M
Commercial Union
Insurance Co. of North America.
Fire Insurance Association
North British & Mercantile
All Kinds
Bed Springs of all Kinds, Pillows of all Kinds,
Window Curtains of all Kinds,
"Wholesale and Retail.
East Las Vegas, - Opposite Browne & Manzanares.
02O Reward.
Straved or Stolen, from my milk ranch, three
miles South-west of Las Vejras, one spnn of
mules, about U'i hands hhfh. One bay mare
mulo. One irrav horse mule, branded S O L
on the loft hip, The above reward will be paid
for information leading to the recovery of
game. 0. P. JONES.
Fresh Oysters at Bell & Co.'s, the
Plaza Grocers ami Bakers. ü-17-tf
SOCO11K0", S.TI.
iu tllP
- Etc.," Iioth hero mid
. Eastern Msrkets.
TtToTxr jVCoxico
Location. Assets.
Newlfork $ 1,7:15,780 02
London & Liverpool 31,005,104 05
New York ,800,(i:?J 32
London 15,886,111 10
Hartford 3,217,11 92
Liverpool 4,821,57 00
Spjinglield, Mass... 2,128,(120 01
London (1,098,571 21
Philadelphia 7,805,588 90
London 1,040,141 14
PhiladelhiKii 2,i:tl,o:t9 17
London 1,Sil,783 01
London 0,204,50 21
Hamburg:, Germany 887,803 14
188,770.fi5 34
All Kinds
for Sale or Rent.
Kostauiunt fixtures, complete, for $400, the
bulldinji for rent at $50 per month, or both for
rent at $75 per month. This is tho best loca
tion for 11 restaurant in the city and is now
dointf a lino business. Inquire of Calvin Fisk,
real estate agent, Optio Dloek, East Las Veas.
Fifteen cases of buckle shoes just re
ceived direct from Boston by T. Rome
ro & Son. 10-4-3t.
The News From the Capital of the
There is a Possibility f Another
Senatorial Deadlock.
I'hc Star Route Prosecution Progresses
The Court Is Reticent Concerning: the
(jiaiteau Matter,
Fearing a Rough Crowd will Roughly
Handle the Wretch.
The Dog is Sick, and Afraid His Doctor
Will Poison Him.
Intelligence of a Startling Nature From
Arabs Destroy Railroad Property and
Massacre Europeans.
Ex-Governor Moses in Jail for a $25
Fiendish Red Devils Still on the War
Path in Arizona.
National Capital Sewn.
Washington, October 5. There is an
evident wish to avoid a dead-lock
among Senators of both parties here.
Since the announcement that there will
be a certainty of two Democratic Sena
tors paired, blater and J; air, it is seen
that the Republicans can, if they see lit,
prevent the election of a Democratic
presiding oflicer by breaking a quorum.
The rules of the Senate provide that a
quorum shall consist 01 a majority 01
all the Senators appointed and sworn.
As there are three unsworn Senators a
majority will be thirty-seven in full
Senate. The Democrats have thirty
eight. Without the two paired Senators
thev have thirty-six, one short of a quo
rum. In order to enforce their right to
a presiding officer, one of the - paired
Democratic Senators must be here. It
is not believed that all the Republican
Senators could be broiiirnt to a point of
breaking a quorum, which could be re
medied in a week by the appearance 01
Slater and Fair, and even if one of
these could not bo obtained such an ex
hibition would not be pleasiug to the
country, nor benelicial to the party in
the approaching elections. Indeed, the
expressions of Mr. Dawes, who led the
Republicans in the dead-lock of the
last session, shows almost a willingness
to concedo the Democratic organization
without any struggle, even should it in
clude the Secretary. It is very certain
that Gorham, the Kepubhcan caucus
nominee for Secretary cannot now re
ceive the united vote of the Republican
Senators and probably not halt of it. It
is very positively asserted that David
Davis will act with the Republicans to
elect a presiding olhcer should the un
sworn Senators be admitted previous
to the election.
Counsel for the accused Star Route
conspirators will to-morrow move to
vacate tho order granted to-day requir
ing two days notice to the prosecution
before tho hearing of the motion to
quash the information filed Friday.
This will be denied and Brady, French,
Turner and the rest will appear and of
fer bail, and penalty on conviction for
conspiracy to delraud the government,
iixed at two years' imprisonment or
10.000 fine or both. The maximum
line will probably be the measure of the
bail required, which can be readily tur
nished oy each of the accused.
There is an absolute reticence in re
gard to the arraignmont of the assassin
in open court. As much as possible the
public will be deceived as to the time
so a disorderly crowd mav be prevent
ed from assembling on the road from
tho jail and in the courtroom. Guiteau
becomes more demoralized each day
He is now reconciled to the fact that
Mr. Scovillawill be his onlv counsel.
At first he scornfully rejected, him as of
too little reputation, but he appears
very anxious now that he should come
He says ho is willing to submit to any
line of defense selected, though he
scouts the idea that he is really insane.
Guiteau, whose cell overlooks the
eastern branch, is now being treated
for malaria, and quinine is administer
ed in large doses. The wretch reluc
tantly takes powders, fearing some sub
tle poison may be in the medicine and
his life taken by a hidden drug. He is
too anxious to five, so ruards say. to at
tempt his own life, neither does he want
to die by the act of a physician any
more than by the hangman. He has
nervously put aside several of the now
ders prescribed and said he could take
them when he felt like it. The guards
say he is tho most criminal coward that
ever lived, lie icars his own shadow,
and when taken to the bath room, a
short distance from his cell, he insists
on the guard covering him so that if
thero is among the soldiers on duty on
the rotunda another oergeant Mason,
he will have to fire through the escort
to reach 111m. lie is still strangely con
fident that his brother-in-law's defense
will acquit him. Scoville is expected
to-morrow. The line of defense will
consist mainly on offering evidence to
show that he comes from a family in
which hereditary insanity lias been con
spicuous many years. Who will be as
sociated witli Scoville is not known,
but it is feared by the Government that
some disinterested lawyer will be ac
cepted who will present all kinds of
questions for the consideration of the
Court and in this way embarrass the
prosecution, compelling a consideration
of the law of jurisdiction, of the right
of practice on the part of the President's
surgeons, and several other important
points consuming time and putting the
Government at great expense in sum
moning witnesses from abroad.
j Arizona Artvlces.
San Francisco, October 5, A Tucson
dispatch says the reports that General
Wilcox paroled certain of the Indians
taken prisoners at San Carlos Reserva
tion is without shadow of truth. The
fileteare as follows: Mr. Hoag, Sub
Agent, sent to General Wilcox's head
quarters for George and Bonita, who
were under the safeguard of the Inte
rior department, which General Wilcox
was bound to respect. He told George
and Bonita that they could return to
Mr. Hoag, which they did. Wilcox
sent immediately a strong military
force to arrest them and their bands,
when Hoag interferred and urged Maj.
Biddle to permit them to draw rations,
assuring Biddle that George and Boni
ta were men of their woruT and would
gowith him as soon as their ra
tions were drawn. Mr. Biddle believ
ed this and waitedunder cover of Hoag's
representation. George and Bonita
ran away with their bands and Biddle
returned to St. Thomas without them.
A Tomstone dispatch says that from
a party iust returned Irom south Pass,
Dragoon mountains, the particulars of
Sesterdays battle were learned. Col.
iernard came up with the Indians be
tween four ancf five o'clock Tuesday
evening, near Jochise s stronghold, the
Indians going into camp. The Indians
numbered one hundred men. besides
women and children. Bernard attacked
the Indians, who made a fight, the wo
men and children driving the troops
back along on foot. The Indians then
struck right over the top ot the moun
tain. Ihe troops followed them up to
South Pass, when the Indians got on the
west side, and darkness put an end to
the pursuit. Indians and animals are
all badlyfagged out. The soldiers came
from Wilcox in the same condition this
morning. Lieut. Bayley, with forty or
fifty scouts, struck the trail about six
miles east of Tombstone, the Indians
making for the west end of Sonora.
One Indian is known to be killed, and
three colored soldiers were wounded.
(Inp Trwliii.Ti o-irl nlinif nin-lit vnoij rd1
was taken prisoner. She was richly
dressed, aua is supposed to be a chief's
daughter. Col. Bernard sent into
Tombstone for supplies.
Trmis-Oeeunic Advices.
Faris, October 4. The insurgents
have torn up the track of the French
railway and burned the station at Wa
desergah and massacred more than a
dozen employes, including several Bri
tish subjects, some of whom they burnt
alive, ihe remains ot the station mas
ter who was among those murdered
were buried in the presence of an enor
mous crowd, the railway was much
damaged and a large quantity of roll
ing stock was destroyed,
Gen. Favre, Minister f War, has
confirmation of the burning of the rail
way station at Wadesergah and the
massacre 01 a number ot employes, in
eluding several Englishmen by Tunis
insurgents, the attack was made by
the Arabs who recently attacked Ali
Bey. The station master, an ex-lieu
tenant in the French army and Cheva
lier 01 the Legion oí Honor, was burn
ed alive and ten employes, mostly Mal
tese and Italians,were massacred. Rou
slari, the French Minister at Tunis, in
vited the English and Italian consuls to
assist in an official inquiry into the dis
aster. The English and Italian consu
lar clerks, etc., have accordingly gone
to Eyadzegua for that purpose. Six
hundred French troops went there on
the 80th ultimo, but the Arabs disap
peared long before their arrival. The
massacre was undoubtedlj' caused by
the wholesale destruction of olive for
ests, vineyards and villages which Gen.
Sabatier considered necessary around
Zaghouan. The Tunisian authorities
are evidently trying to screen the Arabs
accused of murdering Maltese and Ital
ians. No arrests yet. The Tebcssa
column of French troops have already
entered the regency and captured Capa
after a severe battle with Djerid Arabs.
Ali Bey has sent a messenger stating
that he is not able to hold out longer,
and demanding a French escort to ef
fect his retreat. It Í3 rumored that his
position is critical, mutiny having bro
ken out in the camp.
Vienna, October 4. Two women sus
pected of preparing to make an at
tempt on the life of the Czar have been
London, October 4. Princess Louise
sails from Liverpool for Canada on the
20th inst.
Dublin, October 4. Patrick Moran
has been unconditionally released after
five months imprisonment in Galway
The C. B. A Q. Xears leuver.
Denver, October 4. The Times says
the end f the Chicago, Burlington &
Quincy track is twenty-five miles west
of the Colorado line. They have built
seventy-five miles since August 22nd,
and are advancing towards Denver as
fast as possible. The early completion
of tho road depends on the severity of
the winter and how seon it sets in.
Fonnd Guilty of Blurder.
Dover, Maine, October 4. Benjamin
Sladbourne and son Wallace were
found guilty of murder in tho first de
gree, in killing one Walson, at Park
man, Maine.
Certificates of Contribution.
Cleveland. O.. Octobers. The Monu
ment Fund Committee announces now
that it has a lithorraphic certificate
ready to be issued to all persons who
may contribute one dollar or more to
the Monument Fund. The certificates
are for SI. $3 or $10 or more, according
to the amount contributed. The com
mittee says that bankers, postmasters,
ana an other duly appointed agencies,
in solicitinír fundís from anv portion of
the conntry will have certificates for
warded ou application or on sending
in a list of contributions.
A Mintake of Moiei.
New York, Oct. 4. Franklin J. Moses.
formerly Governor of South Carolina,
was locked up this evening on a charge
vi Bwiuunng Tvm. Li. riaii, a retired
hotel keeper, out of 25. He secured
that trilling sum by agreeing to recover
some property stolen from Hall, if it
were paid him. He wanted to com
promise by paying the $25 back, but
Hall refused and will prosecute him.
Conspiracy to AuanHinate Conkling;,
New York, Octocer 5. Relative to
the letter from Utica looking to the as
sassination of Conkling, the World
says : "Johnson, of 14 South street, who
got the letter from Rowley, appears
awfully scared. He said t a reporter
that he was never at police headquar
ters with such a letter, that he has not
seen any account of it in the papers
and that ho knows nothing whatever
about it.
Tbe Tammany Anti-UIouopoliitts.
New York, October 4. Tammany
Hall had an anti-meeting to-night. John
Kelly, in his speech said: "We ask the
Democratic party to send no man to the
State or National Legislature unless it
is understood that he goes there to leg
islate for the interest of the whole peo
pie and not in the interest of corpora
tions organized during the last quarter
01 a century. '
Conkliiiir and 'tohcrison will Stay
New York, Oct. 5. The World says
it has become well settled that Conk
ling will not be at the convention. It
is also said that Collector Robertson
will not attend the convention, fearing
the order of Hayes, which has not been
revoked, will be enforced in his case.
Horrible Accident.
Chattanooga, October 4. A small
eliíl.l- wliilf uf'irwMnrr nnar ei mnlnucnu
-., ' . VJ . . V . . X ... ... ... .V .,1.1WUU1J
evaporator, near Dondridge, Tennes
see, a lew clays ago witnessing the
evaporation with great glee, lost its
balance and fell into the seething mass
and was dead before its horrified rola
tives could rescue it.
Fiendlih Act.
Jefl'ersonville, Oct. 4. Late last night
Ed. McDermott, a notorious character,
killed John Keef instantly and fatally
wounded Barney McCordle, using a
knife in each instance. The murder
was unprovoked, McDermott forcing
the row. He was locked up.
Slater and Farley will be There.
Cheyenne, Oct. 5. Senators Slater of
Oregon and Farley of California, passed
through to-day on the Union Pacific
train, bound for Washington, which
point they should reach Sunday.
Prominent Frauds.
Burlington, Vt., Oct. 5. H. S. John
son, G. Peck, J. G. Weber and Noble
Love, were arrested for fraudulent tax
transactions. All are prominent citi
zens. Bnnii(lcN Successor.
Providence, R. I., October 4. Nelson
W. Aldrich was elected United States
Senator to succeed Gen. Burnside. He
will be formally elected to-morrow.
We have received a copy of the Com
munist, an utterly utter publication of
Principia community, Polk county, Mo.
Its motto is : " From each according to
his ability To each according to his
wants.'''' It is printed in phonetic char
acters, is independent in religion,
Geeenbaek in politics, communistic in
it s tendencies, and nihilistic in its influ
ence. Our candid conviction is that the
sooner this government shall define the
boasted " freedom of press" principle
in our institutions so as to suppress all
such publications, the better for the
general welfare and prosperity of our
republican form of government. Re
ferring to the above in oñr issue of Sat
urday last we have reeeived the follow
ing: Las Vegas, Oct. 2, 1881.
To the Editor of the Gazette :
Sir : -As a resident of this communi
ty, 1 was surprised to see in your issue
of yesterday an editorial on a paper
published in Missouri purporting to be
Communistic In which it seems to me
you have gone beyond the curtisies of
Journalism, in your strictures of a sub
ject, which you plainly do not under
stand. In common with the reading
public I might wish to treat your arti
cle with " silent Contempt." but asone
Man I protest against any Newspaper
in "W Aliiv r. olcurl-ioii Í ' n 1 1 í r n n n
11. A. . A' -V, . . vi. VlDHllVlU VHUIU (.11
this or any government, to proscribe or
limit tho liberty of the press.
It is a new doctrine in this Country
when one paper calls on Congress to
suppress another because they differ in
opinion on public policy. I Cannot be
leive the Gazette endorsed the Land -the
Railroad the Telegraphic and the
Banking monopolies, Or denies, that
Congress has the power to direct, con
trol, and utilize them for the good of
the whole people. This is one of the
planks of Socialism, and any person or
paper that denies these powers to the"
general government Calls in question
the rights of the people to self govern
ment. If any parties in this Country, through
the rostrum or the press should advo
cate any ism tending to elevate human
labor, and the socialsystem.theyshould
be encouraged & applauded not villi
fied or hela up to opprobium of the
Before the question of socialism or
communism was Known in the Country
attempts were mane-to uetino the
liberty of the press the authors simply
Committed political suicide For public
opinion in these United states will for
ever protect the right to change alter
or amend, the policy of tho govern
ment in the interest 01 the masses 01
the people when the People falter in this
right Good bye Republicanism and the
right of Man. A Workino Man.
The writer of the above reminds us
of a man laboring under the conviction
that he has a grievance, without being
able to find out what or where it is.
His suggestion in regard to the courte
sies of journalism, and what we under
stand about communism arc, oí course,
gratuitous, and the only comment we
have to make upon his abortive effort
t construe our article into something
inimical to the interests of working
men, is the suggestion that we are
workingmen ourselves, and eminently
willing to render to the community in
which we live, a fair and full equivo-
lent for all we consume, and having
done this, if thero remains in our
hands any surplus, we claim in
all reason and common senso that a
man may do "what he will with his
own, and not to be called upon to put
it into a common fund for the support
of such members of the community as
are unable or unwilling to support them
selves, except as a spontaneous charity
shall incline us to do so. We admire
working men. We are as thoroughly
identified with working men as any
man that lives, but we have no earthly
sympathy with the "festering fungi"
whose glib tongues proclaim an inter
est in working men that their soft
hands and aversion to labor so eloquent-
ty belie, and these men are the men, as
a rule, who found the iters etats, the
Communistic communities, and all the
other various expressions of that Nihi
list spirit that seeks to level all things
by striking indiscriminately at all
things great.
Everybody Nay No.
Best goods, lowest prices, most com
plete stock; goods delivered free in
East or West Las Vegas.
Bell & Co.
The Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
. C. E. Wenche's Price List.
Choice Rio coffee per lb., 15.
Mocha colfee per lb. 35.
Powdered Sugar, per lb. 14.
Granulated Sugar per lb. 18.
A Sugar per lb. 13.
Green Tea per lb. 75.
Black Tea GO.
Tolu Soap, No. 1, per box, 3.50.
Legal Tender, per box, 3.75.
Imperial, per box, 4.00.
Silver Soap, per box, 4.30.
Blue Laundry, per box, 4.30.
Rosin Soap, per box, 4.35.
Red Mottled Soap, ber box, 4.75.
Canned goods, per doz. 2.50.
California canned goods, per doz. 4.00.
Sardines, is per doz. 1.50.
Dried Apples and Peaches, per lb. 13.
Baking Powder, s, per lb. 05.
Baking Powder. Is, per doz. 3.50.
3s, " " 11.00.
Blueing, per gross, 2.25.
Candies, per lb. 10.
Chocolate, per lb. 20.
Cigars "Tumarique" per 1000 22.50.
"Happy Family," per KMK) 30.00.
"Windsor Stubs," " " 33.00.
Glass 8x10 and 10x12, per box, 5.00.
Ink, small bottles, per doz. 75c.
Rope per lb. 15c.
Sirup in 1 gallon, per gallon !)5.
Pepper and Allspice per lb. 45.
Cinnamon, per In. 27.
Cloves, per lb. 00.
Nutmegs, per lb. 1.10.
Cheney & Son's Tobacco, 05.
Cigarette and Manil's Taper, per lb. 13.
Axes per doz. 11.00.
Coffee Mills, per doz. 7.00.
Conee Mills, per doz. 7.
Spades, per doz. 14.00.
T Scales, each, 1.50.
counter .)i.
Cartridges, 32 R. F., per 1000, fi.00.
38 0.00.
" 41 " " " 0.00.
41 " ' " 13.50.
50 " " " 22.50.
38 O. F., " " 15.00.
41 " " " 17.00.
44 " " " 18.00.
" 45 " " " 21.00.
50 " " " 30.00.
Spirits of Turpentine, per gallon, 1.00.
Linseed Oil, per gallen, 1.25.
Varnish, per gallon, 1.85.
White Lead, per keg, 3.00.
Paints in oil, per lb. 15.
Dry Paints, per lb. 10.
Dry Goods, Notions, Boots and Shoes.
Hats and Hosiery, in endless variety at
reasonable figures.
10-0-tf C. E. Wesche.
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Bell & Co's.
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most reasonable prices, to be found at
Lockhart & Co's. 10-5-tf
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Our cream bread, buns, etc.,
Bin o.
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& Co.'s, the Plaza Grocers and Bakers.
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ast or West Las Vegas.
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