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V OL. 3.
NO. 84.
s,,eiííi 10 Wool, Hides, Pelts, Elcr,!'Z. in the
CENTRE STHKET. is the Neatest, Nicest and Cheapest
Assortment of
K2TI)o you eemprchond thut at Marcus & Clemm's, Centro Street, is a wrftn eolloction of
That rlirbthoro is the placo whero you e-mi buy just what you want, for loss money than you
pav for inferior tnods elsewhere ? We are prepared to PROVE. Permit us to show our Goods
anil Prices. They also keep the Largest Stock of Groceries WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Call on
The Largest Clothing House
Gohn & Bloch
The underiiifned have received direct from the
Tn order to close out the same as soon tm possible the above named (roods will be sold at
Public Auction!
To the highest bidder for cash, either bIiikIo or in collection, to suit purchasers. This is a rare
opportunity for parties who wish to decorate- their parlors. The sale begins
Every Day at 2:30 and 7:30 P. M.
Railroad Avenue, nest to Ward S Tamme's
And continuo until all are sold. Pictures enn be bought at private sale during the day. Pictures
now on exhibition, free. Hespectfully, L.S.SAMPSON.
i-- JrC j&l. Jzj JJ
All Kinds
Bed Springs of all Kinds, Pillows of all Kinds,
Window Curtains of all Kinds,
Wholesale and Retail.
East Las Vegas, - Opposite Browne & Manzanares.
Wow 3VE3eJ.oo
New York A rt Assoeiatton a rare collection of
All Kinds
m t l
Happenings, Principally Political, at
the National Capital.
The Uncertainty of Senator Davis the
Chief Topic.
No One Knows How he Will Vote, and
lie Won't Tell.
The Republicans Hardly in Favor of
Electing; Him President.
The President Sends in a Large dumber
of Nominations.
Ben Butler Declines to Act as Chief
Counsel in the Guiteau Case.
The Republicans Make a Clean Sweep
in Ohio,
And in Iowa They Have a Fifty Thou
sand Majority.
Rational Capital Happenings.
Washington, October 12. Scoville,
the brother-in-law and counsel of Gui
teau, was in Court this morning and
said he had no notice of information as
to when the arraignment of Guiteau
was to take place, and that he had not
yet received any answer from General
Butler as to whether he would act as
counsel for the defondent; that a state
ment was already published as to Mer
rick's expressing unwillingness to argue
the question of jurisdiction if raisett is
correct, that he has been advisod by
distinguished lawyers all over the coun
try, including several judges, to raise
every question and make every point
that can be properly made on behalf of
his client; that much is also expressed
in the instructions of Guiteau and that
he, Scoville, has no apprehensions of
personal violence being offered to the
prisoner on his way to or from the
Court. He stated that the District
Judges also expressed a desire that all
legitimate and proper questions
be put.
In t he executive session of the Senate
no business was transacted other than
to lay nominations received from the
President upon the table to await refer
ence to the Appropriation Committee,
when organized. Both Democrats and
Republicans met in caucus this after
noon. The Democrats discussed the
Committee question and without agree
ing on any definite plan of apportion
ment merely decided to oppose the
adoption of Edmund's resolution. The
Republicans remained in session but a
short time, discussing the general situa
tion, and took no decided action on
any particular question.
The Democrat caucus, this evening,
authorized Senator Garland to amend
Senator Edmund's resolution so as to
create a list of not more than ten Com
mitte's or such as may be made neces
sary by presidential communications to
stand lor tins sesison only ana mus save
the expense and relieve public business
now suffering.
General Butler telegraphs from Bos
ton that imperative legal engagements
preclude the possibility ot his accep
ting the proposal of Scoville to defend
The President sent the following no
minations to the Senate : Wm. W.
Dud ley, Indiana, Commissioner of Pen
sions; Otis P. Clark, Rhode Island,
First Deputy Commissioner of Pensions;
C. B. Walker, Deputy Commissioner of
Pensions ; II. C. McFarland, Kansas,
Commissioner of General Land Office :
Chas. II. Howard, Illinois, Indian In
spector; Addison Brown, New York,
United States District Judge for the
Southern District of New York ; G eo.
M. Duskin, Alabama, Attorney of the
United States for the Southern District
of Alabama; Robert S. Foster, Indiana,
United States Marshal for the District
of Indiana : A. C. Phillips, Arkansas.
Receiver or Public Moneys, Harrison,
Arkansas ; George H. Spencer, Minne
sota, Indian Agent at Crow (reek
Agency, Dakota ; August Brosins, Penn
sylvania, Indian Agent at Great Ne
matha Agency, Nebraska.
Should Edmund's resolution be adopt
ed Bayard will have power to fill vacan
cies on Committees of last session oc
casioned by the death of Burnside and
the resignation of Conkling and Piatt.
Several important Committees would
thus be made Democratic. Burnside
was chairman and Conkling members
of the Foreign Relations Committee ;
Piatt, Finance ; Burnside, Military ;
Conkling, Judiciary ; Piatt. Post Office;
Burnside, Education ; Conkling, En
grossed Bills. Bayard might assign
new Senators only to the three inferior
Committees and make the other three
important ones Democratic.
Talk in the Republics n caucus and by
Republican Senators outside of the cau
cus is not generally favorable to the
proposition to elect Davis, of Illinois,
President of the Senate and thus dis
place Bayard. Republicans appreciate
the fact that they would bo compelled
to elect Senator Davis without any
pledge from him as to how he would
vote on party questions, and prominent
Republican Senators say he would as
likely vote with the Democrats as the
Republicans on such questions. A Re
publican Senator said this morning that
he preferred Bayard to Senator Davis,
because be knew just what to expect
from Bayard, and that if President Ar
thur should die, Bayard would natural
ly employ all the powers of thht officer
while acting President to elect a Demo
cratic President of the United States,
and this would unite the Republican
party, but Senator Davis would proba
bly adopt a middle or independent
course which might not help the Repub
lican party.
Up to noon there has been about
$350,000 three-and-a-half per cent.
bonds received for redemption under
notice to redeem five million bonds em
bodied in the 105th call. Should there
be more than five million dollars in
bonds offered it Is quite probable re
demption will be mado pro rata.
This Senator said the Republicans
had no authoritative information
whether Davis would accept a nomina
tion or not, and that should they nom
inate him he would vote against himself
and thus defeat the movement. It
would be embarrassing if he expressed
himself for letting Bayard alone until
the Republicans can elect one of their
Bayard said that if the Republicans
nominate Davis, he will move to elect
him and thus put him under as much
obligation to Davis for his position as
to the Republicans. Davis has informed
the Senators in friendly conversation
most positively that he would not con
sent to the use of his name, and that
he will vote against any preposition, to
change the presiding officer. It is more
than probable that no effort will be
made at this session to displace Bayard.
The Republican Senators are desirous
of an early adjournment, and will not
be likely to consume time in fighting
over the presiding officer, unless they
have a show of electing a Republican.
Neither party has positively decided
anything about the election of Secretary
and regular committees. Indications
are that only such as are necessary will
be created.
edmund's resolution.
It is thought the Republicans will all
support Edmund's resolution, and
should Davis vote for it it will be adop
ted. Foxhall and Iroquoiv
New York, October 12. The Herald
says : If Keene and Lorillard imagine
that the American people will ever be
satisfied until Iroquois and Foxhall
meet in a race they are the most mis
taken couple on this terristrial ball.
Keene was asked yesterday if he would
run Foxhall again this season in Eng
land and replied :
" I have-not yet made up my mind in
the coming Cambridgeshire race which
is only about half the distance of the
Czarowitch. His weight is 112 pounds,
but as he has incurred a penalty by vic
tory to-day of fourteen pounds rising
the imports, ho will have to carry 128
pounds. I am at present dubious as to
the advisability of starting him. No
three-years old has ever won the Cam
bridgeshire with anything approaching
the weight roxhall has to carry."
Keene was asked if he would be afraid
in THit 1'YíyIiíiII níríiirwl. Trnminid rr nnfr
" I should not Tie afraid as to the re
sult if they met at equal weight ver
any distance."
Republican Victory In lito. .
Columbus, O., Oct. 12. The feature
of the election was that the Democrats
gained in Republican eountien, and
vice versa. This is attributed to the fact
that in several Republican counties.
church and temperance people, very
strong iiepuulicans scratched ioster on
nnpmint. rt tlif fnilnro nf thp lnnriulai-nvn
last winter to give additional liquor
legislation. The Legislature attempted
to give this legislation, but could nwt
agree on account of the variety ot plans
offered. Foster's gain in Democrattc
counties, offsetting his loss in Repub
lican counties, is attributed to Book
waiter's brief connection with the Dem
ocratic party. The Democrats polled a
full vote in these counties, and there
was a stronger poll of Republicans there
than in reliable Republican counties.
It is denied in political circles that this
has been Foster's mainstay. Returns
official from sixty precincts of Hamil
ton county, with forty-live precincts to
hear from, show that nine out of ten
Republicans were elected to the House,
and two Republicons out of three elect
ed to the Senate.
Republican Victory In Iowa.
Chicago, October 12. A Des Moines
dispatch says SherWin has 50,000 ma
jority. A Republican is elected in Web
ster county for the lirfc time in twelve
years. A Republican Senator was elec
ted in Dubuque and a Senator and rep
resentative are secured to the Republi
cans in Lee county. The entire Repub
lican ticket was elected in Polk county
and the Republican majority in the
Legislature will be ninety.
Iitlllcrs and Kpirlt Dealer.
Chicago, October 12. The National
Distillers and Spirit Dealers Association
met this morning. In the absence of
the President, II. II. Shufcldt, of Cin
cinnati, W. II. B, Miller, of Springfield,
was chosen temporary Chairman. May
or Harrison made a speech of welcome.
The annual address of the President
and the Treasurer's report were read
and the Association adjourned until the
The Country In Peril.
New York, Oct. 12. The Times and
Tribune favor the suggestion to elect
Davis President of the Senate. The
Tribune says if it is true, as Judge Da
vis will not deny, that the present situa
tion places the peace of the country in
peril by inviting any reckless and des
perate man to change the administra
tion through the use of the pistol. It is
the duty ot the Senate to end that state
of things.
Transoceanic Cablegram.
London, October 12. In a heavy gale
at the mouth of the Mercy, this morn
ing, a schoonor, name unknown, foun
dered with all on board.
Thn Bank Wa Solvent.
San Francisco, October 12. The
small run on the German Savings Bank
owing to statements made by William
Hollis that it was insolvent. The Pres
ident of the Real Estate Association
says that the bank was not secured on
his indebtedness to it. The officers of
the bank deny Hollis's statement and
make light of the run which they say
was confined to small depositors. The
Bank Commissioners reported favora
bly on the bank two weeks ago.
A Sale of a Coat.
"Herman,1' said a Poydras street
merchant clothier, addressing his clerk,
4thuf wo unLl nil nf finco nvprminta vnt.
vas left over from last vinter?'
"No sir, dere vas tree of dem left
yet." -
"V ell, ve must sell 'em right avay, as
de vinter will not last, you Know, Her
man. Pring mo out one uf the goats
und I vill show you somedingj about
the pisness. Ivill dell you how ve vill
sell dem oud, und you must learn de
pisness, Herman; do vinter vas gone,
you know, und ve have had dose goats
in do store more es seex years."
An $8 overcoat was handed him by
his clerk, and smoothing it over he took
a buckskin money-purse from the show
case, and, stuffing it full of paper,
dropped it into one of the pockets.
"Now, Herman my poy," he con
tinued, "vatch me sell dat goat. I haf
sold over dirty fife uf dem shust de
same vay, und I vant to deech you de
pisness. Ven de next customer comes
in de shop 1 vill show tie vay Rube Hoff
eustein, mine broder in Detroit sells his
clodnig und udder dings,"
A few minutes later a negro, in quest
of a suitable pair of shoes, entered the
store. The proprietor advanced smil
ing, and said.
"Vat is it you visli?"
"Yer got any cheap shoes hyar?"
asked the negro.
"Blenty uf uem, my front, blenty; at
any brice you want."
The negro stated that he wanted a
pair of brogans, and soon his pedal ex
tremities were encased in them, and a
bargain struck. As he was about to
leave the proprietor called him back.
"I ain' t gwine tcr buy nullin elze. I'se
got all I want," said the negro sullenly.
"Dot may be so, my dear sir," replied
the proprietor, "but I shust vauts you
to look at dis goat. It vas de pure Rus
sian vool, and dis dime last year you
doan got dot same goat for twenty-five
dollars. Mine gracious, clothing vas
gone down to nodding and dere vas no
money in de pisness any longer. You
vant someding dot vill keep you from
de vedder undmakc you feel varm as
tmmim lilnn Tlj n-nncunmlmn iraa
i;umiuvi villus ...rv uiinuiu ILivii vein
rríú-ntr vinrnl nnii fin liMtriu ilnll inn if
..vita.. ..tu m uvvtvm vi.v.il iv
vas tie vedder. More dan nine bcoples
died round veré I lif last veek. Dink of
dot. Mine frent, dat goat vas Russian
vool, dick und heavy. " Vy, Mr. Jones,
who owns de pank on Canal street, took
dot goat home mit him yesterday und
vore it all day, but it vas a leedle dight
agross de shoulders, und he prought it
pack shust a vile ago. Dry it on, ray
dear sir. Ah! dot vos all right. Misder
Jones vas a rich man und he liked dot
goat. How deep de pockets vas, but it
vas a leedle dight agross de shoul
ders." The negro buttoned up the coat,
thrust his hands in his pockets and felt
the purse. A peaceful smile played over
his face when his touch disclosed to his
mind the contents of the pockets, but
he choked down his joy and inquired:
"Who did you say wore this hyar
"Vy Misder Jones vot owns de pank
on Canal street."
"What yer gwine ter ask fur it?"
"Dwenty dollars."
"Dat'spow'ful high price fur dis coat,
but I'll take it,"
"Herman, here, wrap up dis goat for
c:n snentieman ana arow in a cravat;
it vill make him look nice mit de
"Nebber mind, I'll keep de coat on,"
replied the negro, and pulling out a roll
of money he paid for it and left the
While he was around the next corner
moaning over the stuffed purse, Hoffen
stein said to his clerk:
"Herman, fix up anuddervon of dose
goats the same vay, und doan forgot to
dell dem dot Misder Jones, vat runs de
pank on Canal street, vore it yester
day." Acw Orleans Times.
A Journalistic Fight.
Thursday's Atchison (Uobe says :
Col. Anthony, of the Leavenworth
Times, and Major Sleyens, of the Kan
sas City Journal, met in personal en
counter at the Union depot this after
noon, but were separated in time to
prevent great bodily harm to either, al
though Stevens succeeded in hitting
Mr. A. once on the organ he refers to
as a hook. The men have been ene
mies for several months, Anthony hav
ing made application to the Western
Associated Press to have Stevens sus
pended for buying the news of a rival
association. Stevens was victorious in
the courts, and exultingly called An
thony a hook-nosed old devil, to which
sarcasm Anthony could make no other
reply than that of fisticuffs. It is the
opinion of a majority of those present
that if Munifordanu Baker had not in
terfered, Stevens would have jarred the
earth with Anthony.
Londonderry, Ireland, was lately the
scene of a demonstration on the occa
sion of drawing home the turf of an In
carcerated tenant. At 9 a.m. 3,000 carts
were assembled under the direction of
a mounted curate. The Londonderry
carts, 850, headed the procession. After
them came 20 little boys, in green and
orange, mounted on asses. The driyers
of the 3,000 carts fought for the honor
of carrying a sod. Prior to these pro
ceedings the prisoner's nephow inaugu
rated the demonstration by driving
round the farm in a basket carriage
drawn by six spirited beasts, and that
number of juvenile outriders in green
Lake trout, black bass, fresh oysters,
sweet potatoes and cranberries at Bell
& Co.'s, the plaza grocers and bakers.
Tbreatened Retaliation.
The following epistle, sent from Du
rango to Mayor Snowden, of Silverton,
explains itself :
"Durango, Colo., Sept. 28, 1881.
Gentlemen : We have just learned
that Dyson Eskridge is expected to ar
rive in Silverton iu a short time, and
probably by the time this reaches you,
therefore we take this opportunity of
calling to your attention the solemn fact
that should he be lynched at the hands
of the Silverton vigilantes, then sum
mary vengeance will be meted out to
any and ail af you in the near future.
That you hung the Kid, who was inno
cent of any crime, is well known to us.
That it is necessary for you to travel in
and out of ;your town on business, and
if j'ou believe you are safe on Mich
trips after you shall have lynched an
other innocent man in the person of
Dyson Eskridge, you are mistaken.
Give him a just trial and all is well ; do
otherwise and suffer the consequences.
We are determined and have a fixed
purpose to perform our work, therefore
take timely warning. We do not up
hold crime, but want the law to take its
"While we do not approve of the
lynching of men, neither do we endorse
assassination. The lack of competent
and honest officials makes strangling a
necessity at times. When officers as
sociate and sympathize with criminals,
a community will naturally seek re
dress. Give us upright officers of the
law, and there will be no need of vigi
lance committees. Put bad men into
official positions and the disease there
by generated on the body politic will
require caustic measures.' Durango
The help already given to the Michi
gan sufferers, together with the promise
of more, has saved many a farm to its
owner. Immediately after the lire,
speculators hurried into the burned-over
district with each, expecting to be
able to buy the land at trifling prices;
but the farmers, encouraged by the
prompt assistance, have declined to
The Walking iHtrh.
The walking match last night was de
cidedly interesting, and was witnessed
during the evening by a large number
of ladies and gentlemen. Fowler has
grit, and although his feet were blister
ed all over the bottom, he made a splen
did record for an amateur. Madame
DuPree walked with her usual freshness
and elasticity. Frank DuPree came on
the floor at !) o'clock, and gave a fine
exhibition of fast walking, making a
mile and nine laps in 11 minutes. Fow
ler did some good spurting in the mean
time, showing that he was as wiry
as ever barringj his feet. Between
8 and 9 in the evening is a good hour to
see fine walking. At 9 o'ciocklast night
Madame DuPree had walked 257 miles,
and Fowler 137. Edwards, the first man
walker, had made 72 miles, leaving the
Madame 48 miles ahead. The rests
taken during the day were from mid
night to 2:30 a. m.; breakfast 7 to 8; 10
a. m. 30 minutes; dinner 1 to 2 p. m.;
supper C to 7. Fowler's time expired at
midnight, and Billy Foster took his
Fowler finished his forty-eight hours
walk last night at 12 o'clock with a rec
ord of 150 miles.
Jiolo From Carbonateville.
Cakbonateville, N. M., October 11,
1881. Editok Gazette : This camp is
improving wonderfully in regard to its
mineral resources. Good, rich mineral
is being taken out every day from our
mines. The mines at this place an;
looking better every day. A great deal
of work is going on here at present.
Money is being invested here heavily.
A number of the mines are making ar
rangements for machinery.
The Bottom Dollar is producing some
very fine mineral at present. The Great
Western is having a road built to thr
smelter at Bonanza City to ship ore to
the same. Work will begin in earnest
as soon as the road is built, The Bo
nanza No. 3 mine is down to a depth of
275 feet and no water has been found as
yet. The vein at this depth is quite
large, carrying galena and copper ore.
They have quite a large amount of ore
on tho dump. No doubt this company
will erect smelting works. The ma
chinesy for the mine will be here seen.
The L. H. WhitsonCompany.of Iowa,
are going to work the Rue Alenia mine
(old Spanish.) The machinery at the
station will be put on this mine. Sev
eral shafts are on this claim and show
mineral in large quantities, one shaft
being 120 feet deep with several drifts.
Considerable ore has been taken from
this claim and from what 1 have learn
ed about it the ore paid the former own
ers. The Pretty Betsy mine is working
a full force of men. Some very rich
mineral is being taken from this mine.
Tho Aztec mine is now working. It will
sink to water. This is a valuable piecu
of property, carrying fine galena and
horn silver. Forty thousand dollars
has already been refused for it. Tho
Marshalltown, Iowa, Company will let
this week contracts on seven of their
claims. Work is plentiful and wages
good. Every one seems to be busy. A
great deal of assessment work is going
on. Hoping to write to you soon again,
I am yours, &c. XXX.
Silver bars 112 in New York yesterday.

Hast Lias Vogas,

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