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DAILY gazette
O A T E I T K I.r. I X I H í M.
Mrs. T. li. Mills is quito siek.
Don Andres Doltl is under the woath
cr again.
Smith Sins i;-ii. :ru old roMOcnt of
Tuns, is in town.
Family matinee this afternoon at Haca
Hall at mint ed prices.
Felix Strauss of 15. Lowensteiii & Co ,
Mora, was in town yesterday.
The remains of Miss Clara Hawkins
will he buried in Las Vegas to-ifay.
The Xrirsund I'nus. f KaD, i
sued an extra rui the occasion of the.
Judge Sumner will open his bar and
. billiard room in the hotel, on the first
Tin1 Odd Fellow's ball is spoken of as
one of the most pleasant ever given in
Las Yogas.
TheCood Templars of Trinidad are
moving in the matter of' establishing
a free reading room.
The Magdalena mountains as seen
from Soeorro Wednesday morning,
wen; white with snow.
Ve understand that miners are in de
mand in WhitoDaks ; one man dosire-
ing forty or fifty more men than he can
Sul.biieher says that ; judging from
(Initeaii's Jilea, h' has been aeeiistomed
to a code praetiee when; any plea is ad
missible. Tlif railroad people don't like the
proposed reduction in wages, an
nounced to go into effect the first of
next month.
The Sornri'o Xcw claims that its sub
scription list is constantly increasing,
and promises soon to expand into alive
column piper.
J.J. Fitzgcrre'.l says he sold two
thousand dollars worth of real estate
yesterday, before he smoked his cigar
after breakfast.
Luis and Felix Haca, sons of Mrs.
Dolores Daca, leave for Las Yegas to
morrow, to attend thy Fathers' col-lege.--Trinidad
Leopold Chene, of Las Yogas, New
Mexico, formerly of Trinidad, is "tying
his old home a visit on business and
otherwise. 7 rinidnil Titncx.
It is reported that in sinking a well
at the steel works at Pueblo, Colorado,
a vein of oil has been struck and Pu
eblo is expectant accordingly.
A force of men were at work yester
day disinterring the water pipes by
which the railroad lank and machine
shops have heretofore been supplied
with water.
Prof. V. II. Ashley has declined the
position to which he was recently ap
pointed by the school commissioners of
this county, air teacher of the public1
school in precinct No. 20.
Herbert C. Bl.vthc, of Glen Mora, is
in England, and wo doubt not his faith
in the future of Las Vegas will dons
good as a means of diverting some
English capital in this direction.
Mr. A. Mennct and family will re
move to Soeorro next week. Mr. and
Mrs. Mennetl are popular and active
members of our best society and their
removal from our midst will be much
A meeting, of the Directors of thoSan
Miguel County Agricultural and Fair
Association, was held yesterday and to
gether with the transaction of other
business they decided to issue :20,0(KI
in bonds of the Association.
We were shown yesterday an excel
lent portrait of Dr. M. M. Milliganin
crayon work by Mr. II. II. Tallman, of
this city, late of Peoria, Illinois. Mr.
Tallman is making a number of these
portraits and seems to be giving very
line satisfaction.
Tho Nellie Boyd P. a ml has attracted
quite an amount of attention and of
favorable comment, in their daily pa
rade through the principal streets of the
city during the week, and the musie to
which they have treated the public
without money and without price.
J. J. Fitzgerrell, the live real estate
man, sold yesterday to Rev, J. E. Co
lionoiir.the Warner property on Seventh
street, at a fair price; also a handsome
lot on (, rand avenue, two lots in the
Buena Vista edition and two lots on
Railroad" avenue at a total of $10,500.
The Trinidad papers are at it again;
one of them calls the other a liar and
the other comes back at him with the
frightful epithet of "Twilight Organ.
If these men were Virginia politicians
Trinidad would witness a duel at long
distances with very small pistols before
the spring time emmes again.
The Trinidad Xrws says that "Libra
do Martin, a Mexican, was bitten by a
skunk a few days since, and that there
is no known rcmedyfor the bite of a
skunk, hydrophobia being always sure
to follow." Tim article concludes as
follows: "Martin was bitten by a
skunk, as far as can be learned, and if
this is so, the doom of an impending
horrid death is hanging over him."
Some mischiveously inclined Dr. must
lufve been giving the Xcus man a very
considerable dish of tally upon the sub
ject of skunk bites.
A good indication of the improved
state of society in New Mexico appears
in the orderly and peaceable character
of the crowds which meet from night to
night to witness exhibitions in our publie
halls and the commendably decent and
decorous deportment of the large crowd
at the Raton ball a few nights since and
at the Odd Follows ball in this city
night before last. There are far older
communities than ours, and communi
ties that would not hesitate to sympa
thize with the primitive character of
our institutions, without t:,king the
trouble to .look very closely: where it
would be a miracle, to bring together
twelve or fifteen hundred people in the
comparatively unrestrained freedom
of a public bail without making enough
history to keep several justice courts
busy for a week. The times of ruttian
ism, and the relies of barbarism are
fast, disappearing from ' this favored
land, and our people are rapidly ac
quiring the character of sober, peacea
ble and law abiding citizens, in com
munities where their intor'.t and
their futures lie, and whose good name
it is both their interest and iheir duty
16 preserve without reproach.
The attendance at Raca Hall last eve
ning to witness th" presentation of "A
Celebrated Case" by the Nellie Boyd
Combination showed i, o diminution in
the inlere.it accorded this company ;
since the beginning of its engagement
in our cilv, and it may be said to the
..TllllW l.f fill, 1H lí II .1 I Í .11 I ll 1 I Vil 111'! II If
.. , , "
the entire engagement every member I
ot the troupe has played his part in
each piece for all it was worth, and all
have manifested an earnest purpose,
not so much to got through the engage
ment anil get away : as to afford during
their stay, such substantial amuse
ment and entertainment as should
make tlu ir coming to Las Yogas again
an event to be desired bv our citizens.
To-night is Miss Boyd's benelit night j
and "Camille, or the Fate ot a Co-
quette,'1 Alexander Dumjis' Croat
Sensational Drama, will be presented.
We bespeak a crowded house.
We understand a company has been
formed to develop a mineral prospect'
within a few miles of Las Vegas ; and
and that the projectors are. extremly
confident- of striking something rich
within the immediate vicinity of this
city. If this should occur there would
be a boom in Vegas, such as has never
been witnessed ; even in this country of
bonanzas and booms. There is said to
be sonic very line indications of rich
carbonate leads within three or four
miles of this city, and we understand
these people mean business, and if it is
there they may be expected to bring it
to light.
At the meeting of the coal company
night, before last, Capt. A. II. Whit
more was elected president and C.
Frank Allen, secretary. The Directors
chosen at this nieeiiugare W. II. Shupp,
Chas. Blanehard and Col. J. A. Lock
hart. The prospectors think they have
found line indications near town, and
immediate steps will bo taken to work
the prospect for all it is worth. Our
people are paying enormous prices for
coal and the man or company who
diall develope a supply convenient to
town and thus cheapen the supply tons
would be little less than a public bene
The new addition north of Bridge
street has been divided into abwut three
hundred lots excellently located for
building purposes and will be called I he
Lopez, Kosenwald and Sulzbacher ad
dition. The building boom will be
started in this addition by the erection
of two valuable brick residences at once.
This addition is about equally divided
by ICth street in one direction and Inter
Ocean street in another. Mr. C. Frank
Allen will have the plat complete by
Monday, and the lots will then be on
the market.
The bell on the old Presbyterian
church, en the West Side, was taken
down yesterday and elevated to a posi
tion in the belfry of the new East Side
church. Tho process of raising a bell
weighing a half ton, to the top of a
house, is no small matter; but the feat
was successfully accomplished under
the direction of Mr. B. B. Borden, and
the bell now reposes securely upon a
substantial frame in the top of the new
tower, from which, may its peaks long
be the; harbinger of gladness to the peo
ple, of Las Yegas.
Hon. E. B. Wells of St. Louis, for
merly a member of Congress, from.
Missouri, went i'outh yesterday to look
after mines in which he is interested,
in the southern country. Mr. Wells
has recently sold out. his controlling in
terest in two of the best street-railways
in St. Louis, and is well lixed for buying
A. Lempke, who recently opened his
wholesale house on the plaza, express
es himself as well pleased with the
trade that he has secured in so short a
time. He has added to his establish
ment a neat private room carpeted and
provided with tables whore ranchmen,
minors and callers can have a comfor
table place to stop.
Attention !
The new Delmonieo restaurant in
East Las Vegas near Mendenhall, Hun
ter & Co's. stables is now open to the
publ ic with all the delieaclies of the
season. The hungry and the fastidious
public will govern ihemselvos accord
ingly. The house is lirst-class and
meals will be served from bills of fare.
C. S. Porter, Doming, is in town.
Fred Maxwell, New York, is at tke
I)e',ot IIotd- . . ,1 Las Vegas, X. M.
W. (iarrett, Baltimore, rcgi-tered . j j F,tS!!f0rrPlh tho ,lve n.al ,.slllte
at the Depot Hotel. ! has for sale a largo number of fine business
1 j und desirable residence lots In different pans
Dr. J. M. Cunningham went out tt , of the new und old portion of the city. Par
. tiett eeekinif investment ill reul estate. Iiusi
hlS ranch yesterday. micss chances, business mid dwelling bouses,
... , ... ,, , 1 should culi on Fitzgerrell; he can uceommo
Wesloy AN. Moore, New l ork. is a ,ato them.
. , v:..!. ..!., i UARECII ANCK. Will sell a valuable, in-
fcuuM m wit? o i. .titHt.ia-. .
M. M. IIodrmau and family, f S
Louis are among recent arrivals.
W. L. Sampson and C. . Comstoek,
Albany, Missouri, are in Las Vegas.
J. C. O. Morse is up from the White
Oaks, stopping at tne Sumner House.
Dr. E. C. Ilenriques went down 4o
Santa Fe yesterday for a few days visit.
L. P. Browne ami wife weat down to
Socorro yesterday to lie gone for a few
Dave Winternitz went down to Anton
Chico yesterday; afler selling his wool
in this city.
Frank Knstick came in from Pueblo,
Colorado, yesterday and registered at
the Depot Hotel.
Ileury Beneke, with the Simmons
Hardware Company, Sc. Louis, went
down the road yesterday.
II. Folson, of Oskaloosa, Kansas, and
J. A. Daily, of Torre Haute, Indiana,
are stopping at the Grand View.
E. W. Parker is in the city superin-
tending the shipment of the Electric
1 . .. . .
j Milling Company's machinery to the
White Oaks.
L. F. Wilson, a prominent banker of
Kansas City, and wife; stopped over in
Las Yogas day before yesterday, and
visited the Hot Springs.
T. T. Plair, Esq., a prominent at
torney of Pueblo, Colorado, came in
yesterday and drove out to the Hot
Springs hi the afternoon.
av. P. Staim and James Camnboll
came up from the Panhandle -country
Thursday. The latter got in in time
for the Odd Fellows1 ball.
Col. J. II. Shankliu; a capitalist of
Trenton, Missouri, and largely inter
ested in New Mexican mines; is a re
cent arrival at the St. Nicholas Hotel.
Wni. Kroenig; proprietor of the noted
Kroenig ranch, and one of the old time
resident-? of the Territory was in town
yesterday and went out to his ranch
last night.
Messrs. McCullough and Davis, sheep
raisers of Missouri, were in the city
yesterday. The former brought to this
country and sold to Mr. Garrard a lot
of line rams about a year since.
Charley Porter; formerly an assistant
in the ofliee of Trainmaster Dyer at
this place, and afterwards train dis
patcher at San Marcial; has been pro
moted to the position of telegraph
superintendent along the entire line of
the A. T. & S. F. U. R.
F.xri'llent I. iinch.
The best of lunch, Limburger and
Sweitzer cheese, saner tripe, pickled
sheep tongue, ham sandwitches, Den
ver keg beer, at the Las Yogas beer
garden of Reidünger Bros. 10-2!)-3t
For cheap hardware go to Loekhart
&CVs. 2-lltf
hid ;i.ovi:s.
Light kids in all colors received yes
terday by Mrs. J . II. Baker & Co.
Budweiser beer at Billy's.
Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Maxcy have
received their new goods, and are now
prepared, to do all kinds of line mil
linery work. Mrs. Roberts daughter
also adds her services which makes
it one of the most complete establish
ments in the citv. Second tloor, Baca
building. 10-5-tf
Alargo and complete stock at the
most reasonable prices, to be found at
Loekhart & Co's. 10-5-lf
Homemade taffeysat Carter's. 10-23-tf
Rohrer whiskey, ten years old, 2o
cents a drink, at Billy's. 3-25tf
To-Night, Oct. 29th
Tendered by the citizens of Las Vegas to
On which occasion will be presented Alex
ander Dumas' Grand Emotional Drama, on-
The Fate of a Coquette.
AllllllsNiOll, tit TS CfN.
Ilti veil NenlN, t i ft 1.00.
Grand Family Matinee, SATURDAY at 2 P. M.
Tickets for Salo at the P.O.
Civil Engineering and Surveying of all kinds
carefully attended to. Spcciaf attention
given to topographical maps of
mining districts.
n mi
imeniaiy oenem
.P,.Ht WhiteOak.t minen and mill um-,
i eliinery ut a irreat bargain on account of siek-
ness. Ini-uircov J. J. rit.gcrrcll the live real
estate man.
"I i) Will buy im elegant four room
fAJO-' bouse 'in tine order, renting
tor i.ki per month.
J Will buy four resilience) lots.
$050 1
"Tn Will buy a nice resilience on Main
Street renting for f 14 a month
r "ff Will buy a (rood four room house
fV-'VV- renting l'or$:o u month.
-I iíí Will buy u wood hotel on ltail-
OIOUU road Avenue rcntinfr at
per mouth.
Ofcl W 1 A ifoou uusmcss nouse on
5ltJJ-S Haili'iNid Avenue renting for
M.iHto a year.
C 1 C( Wi" l,uy ono of ,ni' "'st ",ii"
JJ.Vx ness houses and two lets on
Dmifiliis St.
di 1 ELEVEN DOLLARS a month for
pl J Twelve Months will pay for a choice
j.)Ubuy a one room house with h siilemlitl
lot centrally located. Enquire
Tho livo real estate agent.
TTOIt LEASE -Four lots s in Douglass and
j ' Lincoln Avenues.
I prA DOLLAltS will buy the Bedsteads,
TnJU Bedding, Crockery, Glassware., and
Stoves, and a genera louttit to n hotel. A lease
can lie had for one year at low rent ; hns plen
ty or rooms and is well in ;atel.
' ft"i DOLLAltS will buy u
O V J f J XS J grant of WI.000 acres ; one
of the best cuttle rangua in tho Territory.
DOLLARS will buy a fine
stock dairy and l'ariiiing runeb
near the city.
-I J? fi DOLL A US will buy a splendid
lOvU new residence, six rooms, two
lots fronting on Maine Street. Itonts lor f 40
per month.
WILL EXCHANGE, farms and town proper
ty in Kansas and Illinois for real estate iu Les
V egas.
1 O Cff DOLL AT.S will buy by
lií.UUU warrantee deed n ilrst
class eattlo ranche that will range 20,000 bead
of cattle.
HOTEL FOR SALE Oil KENT. .Tor partió.
ulars apply to .1. J. Kit.gerrell.
VvJjWvJxJ TEE DEED live miles of
living water controlling lOu sipniro miles of the
iinest range on the Pcous river. Call and see
pr A Dollars will buy one of the
t)j. best shiiiülc, mills iutho terri
tory, together wilh !i,0i() acres of tine land.
For h shingle mill man who understands the
business this is u fortune.
í) K f(f Dollars will buyoneof the
ifj rJJJ finest ranch properties on
the l'eeos river. 700 acres under cultivation,
with all kinds of fruit and vegetables in abun
dance. This is a magnificent stock ranch, nuik
king altogether one of the most desirable
homes and ranches in the territory.
rT f fff Dollars will buy one of
I U.UUvtlic largest ami best ap
pointed stock ranges in tho territory; a splen
did residence; eight, m lies of river front: nu
merous lakes and springs; well watered and
well sheltered; all under fence; making oneof
the best stock ranges in the world. Grant title
KA FZf wi" l"'-v 11 ,i(,0(1 n,'w" three room
f?rx:J J house and two lots near the rail
road ciepot and round house.
6)" (f( Head of sheep for salo
JJJJJ Wethers, ewes and lambs.
V O J KOOM HOUSE near the Machine
Shops. A bargain.
sale cheap.
the city lor sale.
1'or sale, one dairy and irardcnhisr fiii-m verv
cheap, two miles from the city,
One of the finest gardens iu New Mexico. A
rare chanco for a gardner and florist to make a
1 have for sale in Mills & Chnunnm's addition
to the Hot Springs; these lots will bo sold
I also have for sale several fino stock rnnehos
in the different portions of the Territory.
A number of desirable business houses on
the different business streets of ihe city, also
olliees, restaurants and dwellings. If you want
in rem property can.
Kemembcr that the best business chances
are always to be had by calling on
The live real estate ngeut, olhoo on Grand
Wanted-For Sale-For Rent-Lost.
WANTED. Five hundred cords of wood in
East Las Vegas. Will receive sealed
proposals for the same until Saturday, the ü'.ith
nisi, at j o clock, in lots ol twenty-live cords or
more t i suit contractors. All bids received.
.1. J. FlTXOKItRKI.I,,
The Live Rual Estate Agent.
A T ANTED. A strong Amerie;
IT about a store. Impiireal
an boy to work
at thisoillco.
WANT1CD To open a select school for chil
dren. English or Spanish or both lan
guages taught. Will also establish an evening
school for young gentlemen or ladies who wish
to aeipiiiv Spanish, Address, P. I). JlcKlroy,
thisollice ltKJHf
WANTED A dining room girl. Apply nr.
Oyster Hay Restaurant, East Las Vegas.
" rANTED. i f you want a No. 1 Husk Mat-
tress, go to AREY'S, third door west of
St. Nicholas Il.ytol.
"tr ANTED A gentleman wishes a single
TT room, furnished, Preferably with u re
spectable family, where? he can have break
fast. East Side. Apply at Mr. Browning's of
liee. T ANTED Hoarder by the week or day at
n the Oyster Hay, Center street, East Las
Vegas. First-class meal. i. rR'-l-ti
V Hotel,
Day Hoarders at the National
Rest table in town. Come and
bl-S-tl' i
T ANTED All people who like a good meal
T V to come to the National Hotel. 10-S-ti' I
;OII SALE-I will sell '"ix.-il) or 25x15 feet of
my lot in block No. 1 on Railroad Avenue.
opposite the depot. For particulars inquire at,
me .uicnignn nouse.
IT1 OR. SALE. Native shingles can be found
' ut Mr. Klanchard's store, on the plaza, at
wnoicsaie prices.
MERINO TlUCKS-lOO for sale cheap. Ap
ply to Myth IJrothers & Co., Glen Mora
Ranch, Wutrous.
TTHJR SALE 1000 cedar posts. Apply
V G EOitGE Ross, or at Lockhart's store.
i, OR SALE A nearly new Waters piano for
I sale on easy terms of payments.
Olt KENT CHEAP.-Good house of three
' rooms and new kitchen, newlv niiiiited
und papered, short distance from depot. Just
the placo for u railroader. Call on E. Henry at
Drowning') real estatu office. . KR.'7tf
pOR KENT. Baca Hall, for balls, parties.
I? entertainments, loot urea, etc. For terms I
apply to Will C Uurton. Agent and Manager.
Teleiliiiuc for Itcsidenccn
Telephones will be placed In private houses
at the rate of "111 per annum. Application can
be made at the San Miguel National Hank. j
10-Ttf A. G. HOOD, Manager.
Lime for Sale.
In any quantity desired. Address,
2-Wtf. Watrous, N. M.
t H
- 0
s 0
- R
: --'. -s.' :.-!
Khr ,4:. f'3iSl
Spcienl attention :ivi'ii in
iiiiying and se'liinf
Wool, Hides,
Has Opened the Largest nnd Ile.it Assort I'd Sbck of
Xi. Ij. Howison, lVExixo,soir
The Attention of Dealeis is Called
CKXTRK STKKHT, is the Neatest, Nicest and Cheapest
Assortment of
ííTDo you comprehend that at Marcus & Clemju's, Centro Street, is a perfect collection of
That right hero is the place where you can buy just what yo-i want for less money tluifr yoff
pnv for inferior goods elsewhere ? We are prepared to l'ROVE. I'ermit us to show ou r ft x ids
anil Prices. TheV also keep the Largest. Stock of (rocines, WHOLESALE and KETAIL. CbLloir
The Largest Clothing House
Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Wholesale and
Keep the largest stock of Lumber, Sash, Doors,
Miss Blossom lias
just returned from the
east and is again pre
pared to make up the
i 1 j i n -i
JUUSL UlUlliUH ailll laSll- unmoor I . W. Potter ic Co., üoing tmsl
O i jiess at Las Veirus and Albunttermio. N. M..cx-
, . . r, -, I
lonaole ( li esses. La-
. I -1 -w-
, -.. .
(lies, ive her a call atr
nivs iiFnn's
LilAh. 1LI IAA) S..
I The candy factory is now opon, an.l
i is turning out the iinest candy evi r
i shown in this city. Center street, Ep jt
I Las Vegas. W. Cooper.
' V- 28-tf Proprfict or.
Í 2.
-.l.- M-i i'i-i,.
Etc., liolli litre and in tin;
KusU'rn MiirktttK.
to this Stock. Work Done t ) Order.
13 V. 1ST Xj-A-S vboas.
Now HVTojadoo
Ite ,aiJ Dealer in
Hi iivU, Paints, Oils and Glass in the Territory.
ILoIh For Knln Clirnp.
Marline addition to Uast Las Vegas, front
ing on Railroad Avenue and extending west to
the river. Near the Round House, very de-
rirnldo residence Property. Call on J . J. Fit,--sttKKKU,,
the live real estate man, nnd see the
To All Whom It May Concern.
The partnership existing between F. W. Pot--
1 It, A. C. Rupe ami V. W . Castle, under tho
1... 1 ! ... .ut., I
lures iiy iiiiiiiuiiou iiliv. in, i;
w tuai eonsent.
1SS1. unless sooner
Í "ei. 1,11.
- 1
Perzoine a specialty at
l"3"11 - lhLLY'B-
J JIIBt 0t.nci,
A setioml-band store, whore all kiii'ls
of seeond-hand goods, are bought and
sold at reasonable rates. Also, pawn
broking. First building east of the
bridge. NeilColoan.

3ZtE3" Lns Vog.:ts,

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