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Wednesday morning, novembei
3, IHH1
isro. 1 17.
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Bpeceal attention en t"
iiitvini; anil setting
Wool. Hides,
The Largest Clothing House
S$ o s o fi 1 o ü 1 1 1
All KinCs
Bed Springs of all Kinds, Pillows of all Kinds,
Window Curtains of all Kinds,
Wholesale and Retail.
East as Vegas, 3d Door West of St. Nicholas Hotel
Poultry, Eggs,
Iiooatod o-t tlxo oidi citxrs.-j mac&vomm affloo
ipr" On yoin-i'iiiiri'li"ii'l lhal ni M
Tlmt right hero is the plaoe whore
pay for Inferior goods elsewhere 'I
and Prices. 1 1 - also keep tin- Largi
ive. id.
Karst Ijas "VoKsas,
Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Wholesale and
Kt ep the Largest stock of Lumber, Bash, Do
Merchant Tai
Lai ifi Kt an'l l est stock of piece goods awl tHtnm
North asido Pina
v -ni OUItO, N. M.
both hew mid
Eastern Markets.
in the
Butter, Etc,
& Bloch
v Tj
ATI itBESüífí
. is the Neatest, Nicest ami Cheapest
Assortnu ut of
ii perfect oollootli
hi run buy ,iust what you want for loss
Wo aro prepared to PROVE. Permit us i
it Stuck of Groceries. WHOLESALE and
money than you
i Bhow nurGooils
RETAIL. Callou
Wow IVIoatioo
Retail Dealer In
uimiis. Points, Oils muí Glass in the Territory,
m hi the Territory . satisfaction guaranteed,
: Xtcta VoeftB XV. 3fcX.
Trial of Ikfl Assassin Slill Um on
in .ludiré ( ox's Court.
Seoville Lives (he History of i he Unites
Frequeai interruptions From the
Letter! Dating as Far Back as 1838 Pro
BxC0nral6eneral to Hosier Kong in Hot
The President of Mexico Reported Se
riously 111.
Eight Persons Drowned by the Swamp
tag of a Boat,
William Jones Has Been Released on
15,000 Bail.
General Busk Elected Governor of
cousin by 12,000 .Majority.
Wool .Market Stock Exchange
Claims. Etc.
File Ualtenn Trial.
Washington, November 22, The pris
on van in which Cruitean wos conveyed I
to tilo court this morning was escorted
by six mounted policemen in addition I
t two officers who rode on the van.
The trip was made without incident.
After reaching the prisoners room,
Ouiteau partook heartily of breakfast
and expressed himself satisfied with the
police arrangements made to insure his
safety. He thought the same precau
tions should have been observed at t lie
outset. The court room was crowded
in every nook and corner.
John Guiteau was in the court room
soon alter nine o'clock and obtained
subpoenies for six additional witnesses.
None of the gentlemen Invited by Gui
teau to assist in his defence have yet re
sponded. It is understood, however,
that Seoville expects to secure the ser
vices of Trade, of Chicago, later in the
week. Several legal experts summon
ed by defence are in attendance this
morning, among them Dr. Bice, who it
is said, advised his committal in an
insane assylum four years ago on the
ground of emotional insanity.
Guiteau was brought into the court
room shortly alter ten o'clock, and Seo
ville resumed the argument, lie called
the attention of the Jury to the plea set
up by defence of insanity and discussed
at great length the growth and changes
of public opinión upon the subject of
insanity and its treat men t by courts when
set u)i as defense in criminal cases. He
cited numerous rulinirs in several noted
1 ones. He claimed that the plea of in
sanity having been set up by the de
I fence the burden of proof rests with the
prosecution, There was just as much
ground to indicate Guiteau' S insanity,
i "Why," said Seoville, "even President
I Gartield said, 'why did this man do it?
He must be insane.' Blaine must have
I believed Guiteau insane."'
Col. Corkhill here rose and said with
j much emphasis. "If you will allow me,
Mr. Seoville. the President thought he
I was not insane: he thought him sane
i all the time. Blaine never thought him
I insane, lie has said under oath he be
lieves him sane.'
Semille explained that he snoke
from information derived from the
newspapers and would not take issue
on the statement. He then took tip the
j who are of Hugenot extraction and who
j had, he said, retained to the present
day as a marked characteristic of the
sturdy adherence to relative convic
tions which caused the expulsion of the
Hugenots. He said insanity was he
reditary in the family, and went on
to give the story of Guiteau' s life in
Guiteau appeared satisfied till
Seoville plainly intimated that the lack
of capacity on Guiteau's part had re
duced his law practice to collections of
bad debts, when he wincked and broke
out with, "I brought great many suits
ami generally gave them all they want
ed on the other side." After a moment
of quiet explanation to the prisoner,
Seoville was about to proceed when
Guiteau, apparently appeased, waved
his hand pleasantly to Seoville and
said, "Go in, Mr, Seoville, that is an
Interesting story and is correct in detail.-
Continuing Seoville said, in effect,
that Guiteau made a good living and
supported his family all this time and
paid his debts.
Guiteau then broke in with, I had
first class references and so I got busi
ness, Besides that i had no bad habits
of any kind.
To illustrate Guiteau's freaks as an
indication of insanity, Seoville related
his rambling attempt at speech on cer
tain occasions when he had been as
signed by the court as counsel for the
prisoner on trial.
Guiteau, again in his excited manner,
said : "That's absolutely false, 1
never tried the ease w ith Charlie Reed
In my life. J don't want to Interfere
with your theory, but your remarks are
false. I want the jury to understand
my peculiarities. There are a good
many people who will swear that 1 am
insane." Keeess.
s oville CONTINUES.
At one point in the argument Seov
ille, in detailing more intelligently the
treatment of insane people in vogue at
the asylums, said : "In other words,
those in charge of the asylums act with
little inore reason than the inmates.'"
This sally seemed to amuse Guiteau
Immensely, and a broad smile broke
over his features, which reappeared
two or three times, as if his mi nil re
curred to it. Seoville called attention
to the prejudice which undoubtedly ex
isted against the plea of insanity gen.
erally, and especially in the ease of the
prisoner. He said newspapers had in
timated that Guiteau was only feigning
insanity, and such seemed the general
theory of the public.
Gafteau turned uneasily in his chair,
and with a nervous articulation said :
"I never feign. I act myself sane, or
insane, without nothing in tempta
tion." Seoville then alluded to the arrest i f
th man at the time of President Hayes,'
i i augural, who was sent to the asylum.
This man, he said, had as carefully
made bis arrangements to kill l'res'
den: Hayes as did Guiteau to kill Presi
dent Garfield, and but tor his arrest
might have succeeded.
Alter ice M Seoville continued upon
the same line of illustration, frequently
ns'mg the expression "mental Incompe
tency." Guiteau freely at the slight
est Imputation of the laek of brain pow
er and his intense egotism showed it
self in frequent Interruptions. At one
time he exclaimed, in taking exception
to the statement of Seoville. "It is not
line and it can't he shown. I always
speak the truth." and again he broke
in, "I had brains enough but my mind
was devoted to theology, that's why I
ran behind. There is no money in the
ology business. J am out of that now."
Seoville continued to speak of his im
pecunious condition at that time as
shown by his seedy clothes, w hen Gui-
teau interrupted him with a show of
impatience, saying. "I was always well
dressed. Don't put thatin." Seoville
related an incident in Guiteau's life
which his friends thought at that, time
was insanity. Guiteau with much
Warmth said. "I've heard that story
before and it is absolutely false. Don't
tell any such stuff as that again."
Seoville then related (iuitcau's
varied experiences during the Moody
and Sankey revivals and his efforts and
failures as a lecturer on religious sub
jects and the lack of appreciation shown
by his audiences. Guiteau supplied the
explanation, JSew ideas in that sub
ject. That they had not got to them at
that time and thinking perhaps be had
not quite made his meaning plain he
added, "soon afterward I had ideas,"
but no reputation and ideas would not
draw Guiteau belief that he was serving
the Lord and that it was the Lord's
business to pay his debts incurred in
his Society, was mentioned by Seoville
when Guiteau laughingly supplied, an
other illustration, "1 dead headed from
Toledo to Chicago, on the impression
my appearance made with the conduc
tors. I got put off twice though."
Seoville continued his description of
(iuitcau's religious experience and was
was frequently interrupted by the pri
soner with, "I left a $5,000 business to
do that work and you sec how I
made out." And again: "The same
kind of business Apostle Paul was
engaged in. He got his pay and I
expect to get mine sometime
out of that book I bought," A
moment after with a show of enthusi
asm and raising his voice he exclaimed,
"I used to go around the streets selling
my lectures to people who thought 1
was a book agent, and 1 was happier
when 1 was doing that work than ever
before. 1 was working for the Lord,
not tor money." Seoville then alluded
to Guiteau's susceptibility to the Influ
ence of women and said such was his
disposition in this respect that he would
talk to any woman so long as she would
listen to him. "That is not true," said
Guiteau. t put a notice in my autobi
ography that any lady who wanted to
correspond with me or who would send
her address, if she was all right it
would be Well received. To this notice
I got a response from a lady worth
$100,000. That, wasn't bad, was if:1"
(Laughter generally indulged in.)
Seoville continued: it is true as he
says, that notice brought on a response
which shows there is one woman in the
United States that probably has lost
her reason also. This remark elicited
a great ilea! of laughter bul not from
the prisoner, who exclaimed: "1 wrote
her I wo letters and she wrote me two.
You, Seoville. suppressed the rest. 1
have been looking tor a response to my
last letter for three weeks and am cer
tain you have lied about it. 1 tell you
so publicity" he continued raising his
voice: "You can't fool me. I am going
to follow her, (laughter).
Seoville -The letter's Guiteau wrote
! 1 did not send.
"No you did not send them. I know
you hail lied about it. That is not the
first you have told," cried the prisoner
emphasizing his words with a blows on
the table.' 1 knew you had been
lying. You told you sent those letters
and now you say you have not. The
court remarked to Seoville that if there
were any such letters they never could
reach the jury and this attempt to get
into public colloquy with this man is
reprehensible. Let this man play his
part when his time comes.
Seoville I will not reply to Corkhill
at present for his insinuation, when the
the time comes for argument he will
get his answer.
"1 had considered." continued Seo
ville, "this evidence was competent.'1
To the prisoner! "You will not have
any success from the Lord by lying."
"You lie: you lie. I've found you
out. When a man lies once 1 never be
lieve mm again. You have lied to
once anil that s played out. Hie pris
oner in making this speech seemed to
be convulsed with a passion and it was
in rain his brother and sister tried to
quiet him.
Seoville All 1 want in this case is
that truth shall prevail and if you be
lieve 1 produce an item of evidence for
theatrical effect without earnest oonvic-
turn that it is just and proper to be
done, I want you to not only reject but
charge it against me with tenfold effect
in your tinal verdict. The prisoner was
called when a boy -"
Prisoner "Julius Ctcsar. 1 never
liked the name. Too much of the ne
gro about it."
Seoville "The name as I understand
was Julius Charles."
Prisoner "My legal name is Charles
Seoville then proposed to read a bun
dle of letters written by the prisoner
dat ing back to 1858 as showing the bent
of his mind.
The District Attorney objected as it
was not connected witli the crime.
Prisoner "We will show they are
The Judge admitted the letters, most
of them being addressed to Mrs. Seo
ville and some to himself. Those of the
earlier date, 1858, show nothing pe
culiar, but gradually they drift into
a religious turn ot quoting texts and
scripture, am
turn to Gód.
I appealing to his sister to
This feature of them is
marked. In the first letter, which is
dated February, 1881, he lays down
the doctrine of communism.
When this letter was read the prisoner
said :
"1 forgot that letter. It is a very
good representation of the influence
under which I lived for six years. I
was not aware it was in existence."
In the last letter, dated October, 1800,
It is stated that his views had changed;
that he desired to leave the community
and go to New York to qualify for a
position in some bank, and asking Seo
ville to lend him $50. The prisoner
"I was recovering from mv insanity.
I was getting my eyes open tben, away
from those miserable people. I had
been subject to their fanaticism."
Seoville explained that others of the
prisoner's letters being burned up in
the Chicago fire, th ase loiters happened
to oc Kepi at nome .
The next letters
road were from New York and Brook
lyn in lsilT and lsiis. There was no
striking peculiarity in any of these let- :
ters. except when they ileal! wi! b re
ligious subjects.
Adjourned till to-morrow.
I. mi ii flol in VOW lexie Vrl-
Washington, November 22. The an-1
nual report of the Secretary of the In
terior calls special attention ti that
portion of the report of the Commis-
sioners of the General Land Office,
which relates to land claims in New
m....: a .....I
Colorado. Secre-
UC&IUU, .11 ! .. Kill.
! tarv Kirkwood adds
Thc uncertainty
! existinir as to the validity of claims and
their extent make the little to them of
merely speculation value, and retards
sales and settlements generally the
injury to those sections in which these
land grants are situated. The present
system for the settlement of these
claims appears to be wholly inadequate
and some more efficient system should
be speedily provided. Secretary Kirk
wood's annual report contains the fol
lowing passage concerning the San
Carlos reservation: Its boundary has
not been surveyed, yet it is ascertained
that on the southern part of the reser
vation there are extensive deposits of
coal. Fuel is scarce in the Territory of
Arizona, in which this reservation lies,
and hence coal deposits are supposed
to be very valuable. Parties have
sought to contract with the Indians for
the privilege of mining coal, and dur
ing last summer a contract of this kind
was submitted to the Department for
approval. The contract was disapprov
ed, as neither the Indians or the De
partment had lawful authority to make
or approve of such a contract. 1 con
sider this a matter of sufficient import
ance to call it to your special attention.
The reservation' is a large one anil
might, perhaps, be so lessened, without
injury to the Indians, so as to exclude
the deposits of coal, or. if this cannot
be done, it may be enlarged to corres
ponding etxent elsewhere, and the coal
bearing portion withdrawn from the
reservation. The coal is, anil will be
needed for the proper development of
Arizona, but in providing for the sale
of land, care should lie taken that coal
is not monopolized by a few parties to
the injury of the Territory.
ji..-'Kn$icic a Contul'Ge aerol.
Chicago, Nov. 22.- A special from
Washington says: Some two years ago
t'ol. John S. Mosby, IT. S. Consul to
Hong Kong, preferred charges against
his predecessor, then ConsuT-Generalat
Shanghai. General Bailey, Secretary
of State, ordered an investigation and
the charges are being sustained. Bai
ley was removed anil it was given out
that the Department of Justice would
request the Secretary of State to insti
tute proceedings against Bailey in the
criminal courts of this country. Noth
ing, however, appears to have been
done and in conseauence Col. Mosby is
now on the war path am
what he has I
written here will undoubtedly ereati
sensation( nol only in the State De
partment, but elsewhere. Col. Mosby
in a letter says: "I am informed that
Bailey, whom I had dismissed for steal
ing, has gone home and got an appoint
ment to some office in Cincinnati. You
know he had been consul at Hong Kong
and was promoted to be Consul-Gcner-al
at Shanghai which created a vacancy
here, when' I was appointed. Well,
Judge Denvy succeeded him at Shang
hai and he. investigated him there, as 1
had done here, and reported all his
robberies while consul at Shanghai to
the State Department, yet no step has
ever been taken to prosecute him or
Loring, who was his vice, for their
crimes out here. Bally has not only
forfeited his bond as consul at Hong
Kong, but also at Shanghai. The latest
account of his rascality was the rob
bery of a bank in California w ith a bo
u.s draft. He also cheated the Pacific
Mail Company with bogus drafts of his
own on his passage home.
Jones Out on Bali.
Washington. Nov. 22. William Jones
was released ibis morning on $5,000
bail. E. C Wheeler and Debastian
Amen becomins his securities.
Washington specials says: The man
Jones, arrested for shooting Guiteau,
is in all probability the wrong man.
The specials also agree in commanding
Seoville' S defense as unexpectedly j
strong. One says: Seoville cannot pass
before the public as an unskilful lawyer
any longer. He is not only shrewd,
quick and sharp, 1ml possessed of
consummate ability. His reply to
Robinson was delivered in the most
moderate and deprecatory tones with
every indication of personal announce-
i ment. I hat such an embarrassement
should have occurred completely
brushed the Washington Attorneys and
complimentary remarks of Judge Cox
inemitlng Robinson from further at
tendance upon the case could not wipe
out the feeling of victory gained by i
Seoville in securing the removal of a
man who had been of ne earthly
benefit to the defense.
New Stuck Exchange in ProeoM OÍ
New Fork, Nov. 22. The new stock
exchange combined with the Hank find
Trust company is in process of organ
ization. 'I he men who are said to be
engaged in the scheme are capitalists
of world wide reputation and railway
magnates. Anion"- the names mention
ed are: Wm. II. Vauderbilt, Jay
Could, C. P. Huntington, E. D. Mor
gan, Russell Sage. Da vis Dows. Sidney
Dellon, D. (). Mills, H. J. Jewett and
others, and bankers of St. Louis,
Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Louis
ville. Oilier large cilios, interested in
the scheme and it is said there are
many more powerful me
of the affair. Capital
five million
Eigbt lroii Ilrowned.
LTtiea, N. Y., Nov. 22.--Eight per-)
sous, two families, drowned while row
ing in Eel Lay, St. Lawrence. Saturday.
They were Frank Copper null, wife and
two children, and Charles Wilson, wife
and two children. The boat was over
loaded and the wind blew Strong and
the skill' was swamped. All the bodies
have been recovered oxeept that of an
llenltby Increase of Trade.
Boston, November 22. The Post. says:
Exchanges last week aggregated $1.
207,000,000, being a substantial gain
over the preceding week, due almost
wholly to legitimate trade, as stocks
have been dull and speculations stag
nant. The percentage of increase
amounts to 5.0. New York increased
5-0, Hoston gains 17.5. The full effect
of the bank troubles will not be felt un
til next week. Philadelphia gains 18.0.
Baltimore 4.2. New Orleans 2.1, Mem
phis 7.1, and San 1'raneisco shows a
gain of 12.6, against 11.3 last week.
Western cities continue to make satis-
I factory exhibitions.
I. iv l in e Trnyrili, k.
Las Cruces. Iff. M.. Nov. ii. This
place, hitherto the most quiet anil or
derly in the Territory, has come to the
front with aseries of tragedies recently
which are not calculated to redound to
its credit or prosperity. About three
weeks ago Severy Gomel, a Mexican,
stabbed his wife to death in a crowded
street while returing fram a dance. A
week later Nicholas Armijo shot his
cousin. Morgón Armijo, in the streets,
Inflicting a dangerous w ound. Last
week Joe Miller, a colored man, kicked
Juan Vfllanuva, a Mexican, in the ab
domen, killing him, and last night
Charles MeNeal fatally shot a Mexican
woman, called Passula Casada, in her
own house. A representative of the
Globe-Democrat found the woman this
morning suffering from a bullet wound
Just below the sternum., in the region
of the stomach, which the doctors pro
nounced fatal. She is said to be a lewd
woman, and w as shot while trying to
keep the drunken brute MeNeal out of
her room. MeNeal has been arrested,
and it is thought he will be lynched by
the friends ofthe woman.
Tricky Thief.
Cincinnati, November 22. Miller Oul
calt; the Prosecuting Attorney of Ham
ilton count-, was the victim of a rob
bery to-day. About 2:30 this afternoon
a well dressed individual rang his door
bell, on Walnut Hills, and alter being
admitted by the servant, stated that lie
would like to see Mrs. Outcalt. The
stranger was ushered into the library to
await, the arrival of the lady, and the
servant retired. Taking advantage of
the absence of being left alone he dis
covered two valuaole diamond rings,
and one gold ring lying on the secre
tary, which he placed in his pocket.
When Mrs, Outcalt stepped into the li
brary the fellow appeared confused,
stating that he had been sent up to ask
Mrs. Outcalt to call at John Shillito's.
After he had departed it was found that
the rings were missing, valued at $200.
He had overlooked a gold pencil and a
purse, which were also in the secretary.
Well Whipped.
Clinton, IIP, Nov. 28. L. B. Pool, an
alleged fraud who has been traveling
from town to town, claiming to have a
patent on sharpening plows, and mak
ing the unsuspecting blacksmiths give
him a bonus, met with the wrong man
to-day at De Witt, III., where he was
beautifully Whipped and made to give
back the money ne had thus obtained
falsely. He is also charged with hav
ing beat his board bill in various places,
and was whipped by a Farmer City
landlord and made to turn over a part
of the amount he owed. He will nrob
ably be arrested on the charge of ob
taining money falsely.
The TIeeliuiiieN lluiik Aiiin.
Newark, N. J., Nov. 22. Mary
Conley bosun suit against the directors
of the MeeliMliies Hunk foe ' 1111(1
damages resulting from the loss of
slock and assessment for H full value.
Theodore Haidwin was arrested to-day
charged with entering on July last
$40 i,ooo as sent to the Mechanics flank,
New York, accounts for which the
bank do not show currency received.
DxTlS' Deserved Death.
Athens, Ohio, Nov. 22. Chris Davis,
a mullato, who was indicted for an out
rageous assault upon an elderly woman,
Mrs. Locke, (living at Albany, Ohio, was
hanged by a mob last night. The sher
iff was overpowered and held while the
mob broke into the eel! and took Davis
out. This morning his body was found
hanging to the bridge over Hocking
river at the south end of town. The
mob was recognized and will be ar
rested. Bobbed of Gold.
Youngstown, Ohio, Nov. 22. Jesse
Haidwin, who was robbed of gold last
week says the amount received recently
in Washington for bonds was not taken
and the amount was not nearly so large
as lirst stated. He believes a Washing
ton confidence man led the robbery. It
is the impression here that his loss is
H 'iaconsin Election.
Chicago, Nov. 22. As the official re
turns of the Wisconsin State election
come in the Republican majorities are
increased. General Husk, for (over
nor, has about 12,000 majority over his
Democratic competitor. All but seven
counties have been officially returned.
A Sbnrp Deellue in Wlient.
Chicago, Nov. 22. The depression in
prices on 'change which has been the
prevailing feature for several days past
continued to-day in the wheat market,
and .here was a sharp decline in prices
amounting at times to two cents, but
other markets refused to sympathize,
and with considerable irregularity
prices fluctuated, but mainly advanced
from the lowest, ligures of the day.
Woo! Market.
Boston, Nov. 22. There is no change
in wool and the demand continues
steady. We quote sales of Ohio, Penn
sylvania and above, 4ÜW-14.I. The price
for choice Wisconsin and Michigan,
Xll.Uii. 12J: medium and No 1 fleeces
454$ per pound, including Ohio and
Michigan unwashed wools in fair de
mand at 1830; coarse, 2480; line,
The President of Mexico Mick.
City of Mexico, Nov. 22.--The Pres
ident was very ill yesterday. He vo
mited blood. To-day he is greatly
A Hand Car Itim Down.
Piqua, Ohio, Nov. 22. At five o'clock
this morning Henry Hrakeroil and Joe
Blase were killed outright, anil Abe
Heart was seriously injured by a loco
motive running down a hand ear on
which they were riding.
Dublin, Nov. 22. Outrages are break
ing out again and the prospects for
winter are discouraging.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
22X.1 FASO, TE
Ollice in Stanton's Ruildhitf, first iloor,
Antonio Street.
Capitalists, Speculators, do not fall to visit
F,l Paso, Inevitably Ihc future gnat city ofthe
West, see its improvements, Its railroads, pros
perity of its business men, the rich valley
land surrounding It, Its (treat natural adran
taires and prospective relations to Mexico, and
I judge the situation and its prospects for yonr
I Helves, Call at my ollice lor any information
i von desire, or to buy prorerty of any description.
Las Vegas, N. M.
J.J. PHojenett, the Uv real estate man,
hun for mile a lunre nunitier of flue ImMimm
and (leslnilile resilience lots In different pan -
f the new und old portions of the cltv. Par
ties seeking investments in real Mtate. bust,
ness chunees, business and dwelling houses,
should call on PltBgOTTeUj he can accommo
date them.
A Hare Chance
will buy six choleo rest
nee Lots.
A IÍS will Imv a b.iii ami
jZ-'KJ Uenee. Lot.
two Lots.
DOLLARS will bur a choleo real
dence Lot.
1 flt DOLLARS will buvnniMifth,-
1 iKJjy-S best Uusiucss Lots on Railroad
K DOLLARS a month for eljht months
UJ will pay for a choice residence Lot in
Ortega's Addition.
HÜNDBKD HOLLARS will bar a three
O room House with Lot near the Depot.
te4.f"YTi" hx,y 11 ni,'e two-room house
sPTt-J with kitchen. This Is a barirain.
JQ infy"1 lnl-v ,wo houses with three
lots, fronting the Park. A jrreat
bargain. Renting for satl.uo a month
A RARE CHANCE. Will sell a valuable in
terest in White Oaks mines and mill ma
chinery at a great bargain on account of sick
ness. Inmiireof J. J. Fitzgcrrell the live real
estate man.
S 1 ) Plf"i win bay an elegant four room
rxftJv- house in fine order, renttnx
for SSUoer month.
Qj Will buy four residence lots.
(SirTkfl Will buy a nice residence on Main
PJUJ street renting for $14 a month.
S 1 ÚAA Will buy a good hotel on Rail
'?!OvU road Avenue renting at tM
per month.
Sil (inn''" Xmy one of the bett DUfi
flpAtvV ness bouses and two lots on
Douglas st.
m ELEVEN DOLLARS a month tor
Twelve Months will pay for a choice
pAMSVbuy a one room house with a splendid
lot centrally located. Enquire
J, J. KlT.OKIlltEl.r.,
The live real estate ugent.
IJ10R LIJASE -Four lots in Douglass anil
?. Lincoln Avenues.
A C( DOLLARS will buy a fine
iiUUU stock dairy and funning ranch
near the city.
1 KAí 1 DOLLARS will buy a splendid
JLtJXJKJ new residence, 8ix rooms, two
tots fronting on Maine Street. Rents lor $40
per month.
6K f f Dollars will buy one of the
UVU best Shingle mills in the terri
tory, together with :i,0U() acres of fine land
For a shingle mill man who understands the
business this is a fortune.
H( (lC Dollars will buy one of
JJJJ the largest and best ap
pointed stock ranges in the territory; a splen
did residence; eight m iles of river front : nu
merous lakes and springs; well watered aud
well sheltered; all under fence; making one of
the best stock ranges in the world. Granttitle
A rake BABQAIN-$l,rjoo will buy ;i lots
mid tin houses centrally located, rent -
ing lor 4S per month, at a bargain.
I BAvasviiKMJTB left in Martines nddi-
lion near me raiiroail
lepot. Will close
them out at u bargain.
siSOO Wffl buy two Jote on Zion Hill,
D'KJ A splendid bargain.
IjKKTR Desirable residence lots in the Ituena
. Vista Town Co. addition for sale.
Si J Pi", will buy a good new three room
'p-JcfJVJ huuse and two lots near the rail
road depot and round house.
QO.OOíSülá (,f ,heflP for salo
W-y'J, Wethers, ewes and lambs.
7Oi5J ROOM HOUSE near the Machine
ihops. A bargain.
Hs KOO W'H 1'iiy one of the best busi
Pj9'skj ness houses in the city, rent
ing at 11,000 a year. "
"A five for su 1(! several fine stock ranches
in the different portions of the Territory.
A number of desirable business houses on
the different business Streets of the city also
Offlees. restaurants and dwellings. If you wan
to rent property call.
Remember that the best business chances
are always to be had by calling on
.. J. J. Fusoiaaau,
the Uve real estate ngent, office on Grand
2.000 head of best improved cattle for sale.
Fot particulars enquire of J. J. FITZGER
REL, the live real estate agent. H-stf
Wanted-For Sale-For Rent-Lost.
T House.
-A go.nl cook at the Michigan
opposite depot.
A good messenger boy. Rn
telegraph ollice. over t'n'o nnat
quire at
WANTED. A situation by a practical en
gineer and machinist with good refer-
Auurees s,. unrieL ;;: Mioma street.
Kansas City, Mo
WANTED-A position
some private family
as housekeeper In
Inquire at this of-
nee or oi mrs. rant r-
irry at Springer, N. M.
I7OH BALE A lot of good horses and mules.
1 For particulars call at the Exchange eor-
ral, west of the plaza
WAN I ED Everybody who likes a good
meal, and a good bed to sleep in, to come
to the National Hotel, South Side Plaza 11-1011'
t. t'enti
at the Oyster
street, Bast
T T restaurant. Center
Vegas, at 14.50 per week.
To buy and sell second hand
TT goods.
Will liuv and sell at reasumidle
rates. Money advanced on goods at a reason
rate, I also make furniture repairinf a speci
alty. Nell Colgan, first building east of the
If you want a No
1 Husk Mat-
TT tress, goto
third door west of
St. Nicholas Hotel.
gentleman wishes a single
TV room, furnished.
Preferably with a re
spectanie lamily
fast Fust Side.
where he can have break
Apply at Mrlrowning's of-
Eton SALE. Native shingles can be found
Jj at .Mr. lilanchard's store, on the nlaza.nl
e plaz
wholesale' prices.
MERINO 1IUCKS-100 for sale cheap. Ap
ply to lllyth Druthers .V Co., (lien Mora
nanea, natrons.
T7V)R SALE-10U0 cedar
Xj (Ikohoe Ross, or at Lo
pi ists.
hart's store.
POB RENT. -Haca Hall, for balls.
I entertainments, lectures, eti
For terms
, ui lien.
apply to Will C Hurt, m. Agent and Manager.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between F. W. Potter, Al
bert ('. Rupe and Frank W. Castle, under thu
name and style of F. W. Potter St, Co., doing
business in New Mexico, Is this the 10th day or
November, 1881, dissolved by limitation.
Las Vegas. N. M., Nov. IS, 1SH1.
Notice lo Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received at my office up to
7 o'clock p. in., Saturday, November 20. for the
construction of a mn -story mansard residence
for Mr. Btouemad. Plans and specifications
ean be seen at my offloe. Rirht is reserved to
reject any orall bids. CHAS. WHEELOCK,
10-17-I0t Architect.
Complete Assortment of New Mexico Scenery.
Oo to Rogers Bros,
horse shoeing.
for first class

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