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1 hanUrlTl ;nrally Observed by
Oar (ilixeui.
Thursday was ouo of th brightest,
clearest unl pleasantest days that could
be imagined, and consticuted one tiling
to be thaukful for, even if everything
luring the year past had gone wrong
with some. The sun lose bright iu a
cloudless ky and the weather contin
ued clear during the entire day, not
even a cloud as large as a "man' a hand
having the courage lo aliovr up and
mar tin; serenity of the day. This
weather is appreciated by everyone
after the trying snow of two weeks ago.
Very little business was done during
the day. The retailers who opened up
as usual in the morning closed up one
by one as trade grow slack towards
dinner time. There was not a larger
amount of drunkenness nor a greater
number of quarrels than oa any other
day, which 8eaks well for the city.
were, of course, among the main fea
tures of the day.
Thanksgiving is not countud as pro
perly observed without the regulation
turkey among those who can afford it,
and as a result the turkeys nunibervcry
many less than before Thanksgiving.
The St. Nicholas Hotel led the van by
getting up a iirstelass dinner for invit
ed guests. The Gazette was repre
sented and testifies to its excellence.
The Sumner spread before its guests a
most excellent special dinner, and all
the hotels of the city did the same
square tiling.
The most appropriate event of the
day was the
at the new and spacious Presbytcriau
church on Douglas avenue. At 7:30,
when the services wen; opened, every
seat in the large room was taken, and
those who came in later were obiiged to
stand. Key. J. 0. Eastman opened by
Stating the object of the assemblage.
This was followed by singing the an
them, "Praise the Lord." The choir
was composed of representatives from
the choirs of each church, and tliw mu
sic rendered was excellent. Rev. J. E.
Cohenour then followed by reading the
103d Psalm, and Kev. V. W. Welsh
read a short chapter, llev. Stephen
Smith offered a most fervent prayer
followed by singing ami the sermon of
the occasion was then delivered by Kev.
D. M. Brown, who held the close at
tention of his hearers throughout. All
who heard it pronounced the discourse
a well prepared one, requiring deep
thought, and most appropriate to the
occasion. A Gazette reporter was
present and secured the discourse iu
full, which we present on another page.
The services were closed by a prayer
by Kev. W. W. Welsh, followed by
was gathered together at the St. Nich
olas Hotel in about a half hour's time
in the evening and a most pleasant
dance was indulged iu by the twenty
couples or so who enjoyed themselves
hugely until nearly midnight.
dance in the evening was a lively affair
and under the management of J. W.
Zclhirs passed off finely. The
large rooms were comfortably tilled
with those who tripped the-light fan
tastic, which continued to the modest
morning hours.
gave a dance in the building formerly
occupied by the .niams Express com
pany. A goodly number of young folks
attended, anil had a good time, of
Mr. Nick Challin, formerly of the linn
of Clialliu & Duncan, and Miss A.
Groen, were joined in wedlock Thurs
day afternoon at ! o'clock. They start
south on a wedding tour to-day. Our
best wishes follow them.
which was gathered Wednesday lo
make the poor happy on Thanksgiving
day was distributed to such as called at
the Kosenwald building. A committee
will to-day (ind places for such articles
as were not called for. ,
Thanksgiving as observed in Las Vegas
c ld not well be improved upon. The
itay was pleasant and quiet. Several
observed that it seemed like Sabbath,
and where work was going on it seemed
altogether out of place.
The I'roUti of Nicc.
Capt. J. G. Clancey is up from Puer
to de Luna. He has just sold his herd
of fine sheep to Dinkel, Handy I5ros. &
Co.. for the neat sum of $22.000. This
includes the bunch of line ranis which
he recently brought with him from
Vermont. The new firm is composed
of Handy Uros, and Messrs. Geo. J.
Dinkel and J. S. Pishon, cashier anil
assistant cashier of the First National
Bank of this city. Mr. Clancey came
here some four years ago from Califor
nia with a small bunch of Hue sheep
and went on to a ranch on the Pecos.
He attended strictly to business, took
care of his herd, improved them and
cleared $18,000 by this sale. Some
people may think that sheep do not pay
so well, but these figures indicate the
j contrary. "Where the sheep walk there
is gold" is an old Spanish 'proverb and
vthe fortunes accumulated by New Mex
ico wool raisers demónstrate it. Wo
believe the Captain cannot do better
than reinvest in New Mexico. '
An overland outfit of ten wagons and
sixty head of horses passed through the
city this morning. They came from
north of Denver and will halt in New
Mexico. Several half frozen, half
starved women and children were with
the party. I'ucblo Ni wa.
Extra lino weather.
Thanksgiving passed off" pleasantly.
Mrs. Potter ndTertbrs canary birds
for sale, singly or in. pairs.
Corn is selling in Mora at three dol
lars a fenega and wheat at 2.25.
It is intended to have the Hot Springs
hotel ready for occupancy by April 1st.
Gross, Blackwell & Co. unloaded
thirteen car loads of merchandise yes
terday. Kollock and Cooper received a fine
lot of dressed turkeys and chickens,
An addition is being built to the mil
linery store opposite tha Sumner House
on Douglas avenue.
It is said to be raining and snowing
alternately in the East. Mud now pre
vails without let up.
The Adams Express company have
opened an oilice at Englo station with
Kim Ki Rogers as agent.
The office in the Exchange Hotel is
being remodeled, n new counter being
one of the main features.
Mr. N. B. Stoncroad is building afine
residence on Zion hill. Thus the good
work of building up Las Vegas goes
A private 1 ter received here yester
day from St. Louis states that Gillie
Otero is slowly recovering, lie is now
able to walk across the room.
William Gillerman yesterday loaded
20,000pounds of freight to be shipped
to his store at Liberty. This looks
like there was some trade in that sec
tion. The receipts of the entertainment
held at the Presbyterian church Tues
day evening are much larger than at
first estimated. The net rcceipls were
A. II. Kaynolds yesterday bought a
lot thirty feet front from Mr. Charles
B'anchard, on Bridge Street, west of
the Gazette office for seven hundred
and fifty dollars.
A new Philharmonic music society is
being organized by our best and most
talented musicians. It has for its ob
ject the study of the best classic music,
and will meet once a week for that pur
pose. A new sidewalk has just been finish
ed in front of J. C. Blake's harness
store, near the First National bank.
This sidewalk laying is a worthy enter
prise, and we would like to see more of
it on the part of citizens. .
The depot at Watrous is being en
larged. The new building will be 30 by
GO feet, and two stories in hight. A new
section house is also being built. This
will supply a want long felt at this
place. Mora Co. Pioneer.
The Santa Fo papers are getting hot
ter and hotter in their slings at each
other. Just think of one accusing the
editor of the other paper of being older
than Santa Fe, the oldest village in the
United States.
J. C. Booth, superintendent of the
street railway, is rigging a turn table to
turn the cars this winter. This will be
a great convenience and will enable the
drivers to keep themselves more com
fortable during cold weather.
J. W. Foster has purchased the in
terest of Mr. Howard iu the California
meat market. Mr. Dames will remain
and the firm will be known by the name
of Foster & Dames. Mr. Foster also
expects to go into the sheep business
on a large scale.
The fare from Las Vegas to the
"Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe" at
Paso del Norte has been placed at $30
for the round trip. The sale of tickets
w(!i commence December Otn and con
tinue to the 2 lili, and they will be good
returning till the 31st.
The Las Vegas Coal Prospecting Com
pany have employed a force of .men
who commenced yesterday to sink a
shaft on their claim a few miles west of
town. The executive committee feel
confident that coal will be found, and
we heartily hope it will, as it will great
ly benefit the city.
Superintendent Booth is the nisst
aceomniodatg street car manipulator
we ever had the pleasure of meeting.
At the close of the Thanksgiving servi
ces at the Presbyterian church he had
four cars in waiting at the door, two
ready to start each way. He has the
thanks of all who had occasion to use
the cars at the close of the service.
John Brady, a passenger for Socorro
on Thursday's Pacific express, had an
overcoat stolen from his seat in the
coach while he was out taking dinner
at the Depot Hotel. The overcoat was
a reversible one, and had in one of the
pockets a double action38-calibre Colt's
revolver. If found, a suitable reward
will be paid for its return to this office.
Bell & Co., the plaza grocers and
bakers, give a very flattering report of
the fall trade in their line. It h as
largely increased over last year at the
same time. There is a much greater
demand for fancy groceries this season
than formerly which indicates an in
crease in this class of buyers. There
has been a ready sale for all classes of
poultry and game and they can hardly
keep up with the demand for chickens1'
turkeys, quail, etc. The town is grow
ing rapidly and their trade is keeping
pace with the general prosperity.
The Texas Journal of Commerce of
Nov. l!)tli comes to us with a large map
showing the proposed extensions, bran
ches and connections of the Gulf, Col
orado and Santa Fo railway, or great
"Texas Midland Route." Its route
runs through Las Vegas, Santa Fe and
thence on through Utah ond the north
west. The scheme is to tap in succes
sion the great railways throughout the
Rocky Mountains and draw the trade
of the country through that sea port.
It is a Galveston enterprise and it has
the men and money to back it. The
projected line strikes the Canadian
valley in the vicinity of Liberty.
I'l.USOX Al .
E. Hogau returned from Albuquerque
T. M. Ettrnhart left fur Ft. Sumner
11. F. Willis, of Raton, is a new arri
val in town.
Telesfor Jaramillocame up yesterday
from Las Lunas.
Charles D. Carter, Springfield, Mass.,
is at the Sumner.
W. J. Ford, Pittsburg, is registered
at the Depot Hotel.
A. M. Grunsfeld. of Santa Fe, re
turned South yesterday.
Chas. O'Rourk was down from tbe
Hot Springs yesterday.
C. F. Meyer, Santa Fe, arrived yes
terday, and put up at the Sumner'.
Wilson W. Robinson, of Preston, Da
kota, is registered at the St. Nicholas.
M. M. Ganan and Mrs. Vv'arlem, from
Wallace, are quartered at the National.
Mrs. T. E. Ford and daughter, from
New York, are stopping at the Ex
change Hotel.
M. Gallagher anil W. G. Owen, St.
Louis, came in Thursday and stopped
at the Depot Hotel.
Mr, C. F. Scott, of Silverton, Colo
rado, came up from Santa Fe yesterday
and is the guest of E. E. Faxson.
V. S. Whiter, formerly of Las Vegas,
now of the New Mexico & Arizona rail
way, has returned from a two week's
visit East'.
M. M. Chase came down from Cimar
ron. He says they had more snow than
at this place, the snow standing 22
inches on the level.
Ofiicer Franklin returned Thursday
from the South with the man he
was after, who was wanted for
forgery. Franklin got $100 for the
arrest. -
John Florence, the clerk of the Pro
bate court of Mora county, came over
yesterday on business. He rode a
three-year old mare which weighed 990
G. Masse, K. J., who arrived in Las
Vegas three days ago direct from
France, went up to Tiptonvillo yester
day with Francis Tomassini. where he
will labor in the future.
W. G. Franklin, manager of the con
templated railway line from Socorro,
went through the city yesterday on his
way to St. Louis on business, lie re
ports the prospect of the future road
to be in a nourishing condition.
L. II. Maxwell, lumber inspector for
the A., T. & S. F., returned Thursday
from an extended Eastern trip. He
was thoroughly disgusted with the
weather back- there, and says he saw
but four days of sunshine during his
entire trip.
Tin Watt r Work.
Work is being crowded on the water
works, this pleasant weather, at a rapid
rate. There are now between seventy
and eighty men engaged on the several
mains ill progress of construction. The
main over Zion hill toward the M. E.
church is being laid in solid rock. The
dam, three-quarters of a mile above
the springs which is to furnish the sup
ply will be finished by next Tuesday.
The settlers are already completed and
in addition a large well has been dug in
order to guard against any possible
failure of water. This precaution was
thought necessary as it was feared that
large amounts of sediment might settle
above the dam and thus cut off' the llow
of water into the settlers for a time.
Should the present beautifurweather
hold out the works will be ready for use
in a very short time.
'nvm Sociable.
Thanksgiving evening, the Germans
of Las Vegas feeling thankful for the
manifold blessings bestowed upon them
during the past year, assembled at the
residence of Mr. Van Lomm and en
joyed themselves as only they can do.
There were about fifteen couples pres
ent. They had plenty to eat, plenty to
drink, and the music was excellent.
Under these circumstances then, who
could blame them for tipping the light
fantastic toe until a late hour in the
morning. The supper was all that
could be desired and every one went
homo alleging that it was very pleasant
to give thanks,
By a dispatch on the telegraph page,
it will be seen that the directors of the
Atlantic & Pacific have determined to
push work on the construction of both
the Central and Pacific divisions of that
road. Construction of the road from
Vinita westward has been authorized.
The surveyed line of this railroad conies
almost to our door and a little effort
wiil deflect the road sufficiently to take
iu Las Vegas. It will come to us in
order to get into canon Blanco, Dm only
real good, practicable and available
route through the mountains to the Rio
Grande. The road from Vinita here
will be almost an air line ami place us
in direct communication with St.
Fuc Jlei ln Rains.
W. J. Colvin, the breeder and ship
per of fine Merino rams, of Larned,
Kansas, will arrive here in a few days
with a lot ot horses, mules and forty
full blood Merino rams, and will stop
here for some days, Those desiring lo
purchase will find this a splendid op
portunity. 11-20-tf
L a (1 i o s' c 1 o a k s,
ulsters and dolmans at
the lowest of prices at
Chas. Weld's.
1 1-21-1 w.
Fresh cocoanuts at Cooper's candy
factory. . (l-lw.
Six varieties new tigs at Cooper's
candy factory. 20-lw.
Alnay Ahewil.
At the Oyster Bay
Everything first-
Sutlin's addition.
m mi
Office In Optic Block,
Offers for sale the following city
Five lots in the Buena Vista addition
for $-10 each.
1 ive lots in the Buena Vista addition
for $50 each.
Six lots in the Buena Vista addition
for 00 each.
Six-lots in the Buena Vista addition
for $75 each.
Three lots in the Buena Vista addi
tion for $90 each.
Three lots in the Buena Vista addi
tion for $100 each.
Six lots in tbe Buena Vista addition
for $Vij each.
Four lots in the Buena Vista addition
for 175 each.
Four splendid corner lots in J. II.
Phillips' subdivision, two blocks from
the center of business, $150 each.
Several nice lots in the San Miguel
Hill and Town Site Co's addition, rang
ing from $75 to $125 each.
Las Vegas Hill Site Towli Co's addi
tion, the nicest building lots in Las Ve
gas. These lots are just in the market.
There are only about 50 of them sold,
and in this addition several beautiful
brick residences will soon be built, cost
ing from $4,000 to $10,000 each. These
lots will be sold from $50 to $275 each,
and wiil double their value in sixty days
from this date.
Business Lots.
One lot in front of Sumner House,
price 1,000.
One lot fronting on Sixth street and
Grand Avenue, price $1,500.
One lot fronting on Douglas street, in
front of new San Miguel National Bank,
price $1,000.
Business Property.
Business house and lot on Douglas
Avenue, price $1,100; rents for $35 per
month .
Two lots with inferior improvements
on Douglas Avenue, price $2.200.
Topeka House and lot on Railroad
Avenue, price $1,800 ; rents for $50 per
Corinthian Hall and lot on Railroad
Avenue, building 25 feet front by 10
feet deep ; rents for $1,000 per vear :
price $2,050.
Building and lot on Railroad Avenue;
rents for $75 per month ; price $2,500.
Business property in various parts of
the city for sale, that will pay from 25
to 40 per cent, per annum on the invest
ment. Kesidence Property.
Large modem built brick house with
eight nice rooms and three lots ; price
fii.nOO, rents for $55 per month.
Fine brick house four rooms and one
lot ; price $2,000, rents for $30 per
Elegant frame house, eight large
rooms, two nice lots, good well of wa
ter, nice shade trees in front yard, price
$2,000, rents for $15 month.
An elegant residence with five corner
lots, that are worth $2,500 cash, twelve
large rooms, rents for $100 per month,
price $1,500.
Residence with six large rooms, two
nice lots, good barn, price $1,500.
Frame residence, lour nico rooms,
two corner lots, price $1,300.
Residence live rooms, two nice lots,
price $1,200. -
Kesidence aim lot, tour rooms, price
Three new houses, three rooms each,
rents for $13 per month, price for three
House with five rooms and lot, rents
for $25 per month, price $800.
Nice residence, two nice lots, furnish
ed complete, price $1,200.
If you want to buy a lot; If you want
to buy a house; If you want to sell a
lot; íf you want to sell a house; If you
have a house to rent; If you want to
rent a house; If you want to invest your
money so as to secure best returns in
shortest time, call on us and we will
endeavor to please you. No trouble to
answer questions. No trouble to show
you around. If you cjme to Las Vegas
to locate or invest, be sure and come to
see us and we will do you good.
ftptir Block, EAST LAS VEGAS
Niitfin'N Addition.
The Sutfin addition, immediately east
of the depot grounds, has been laid off'
into lots, which are ottered for Bale by
the undersigned at extraordinaria low
Drices. The location of these lots for
residence purposes, is as choice as any
in the city, while their close proximity
to the business center of town, renders
them still more desirable. For terms
and prices call on Calvin Fisk,
Real Estate A";ent and Notary Public,
Optio Block, East Las Vegas, New
Mexico. 11-20-tf
I'll nil tu re.
Lock hart & Co. keep a lino line of fur
niture of all grades; very superior par
lor sets, chairs, etc. , 10-5-tf
lili (iii
Ever brought to this Territory at
Chas. W. Banver's
Opposite San Miguel National Rank,
East Las Vegas
Have just opened n Large and Completo
Stock of Staple and Fnncv
Everything Now awl Frer-h i.;ri sold tit
"Bed Hock Prices"
Second 1 loor Eat of Hank Building, on
" Chickens
Prairie Chickens
& Fish
Nuts etc.

We have the best assorted stock of
staple and fancy groceries in the Ter
ritory. We also have an immense slock
of Christmas Candies which are now
in transit. Our grand opening day
will be fully announced in the columns
of this paper. We are selling groceries
cheaper than any house in the city. We
sell only
BELL & CO., The Plaza grocers and
Tliey all Talk Alioat it.
Every customer tells his neighbor
about it.
Every woman tells her husband about
Every boy tells his mother about it.
Every youth tells his girl about it.
Every maiden tells her lover about
Every visitor to Las Vegas talks
about the
Cream Bread
CAKES, ETC. , at
BELL & CO., The Plaza grocers and
Buy fhe Pearl Lined Croquet Alastic
Movent Movrft! KtovrH !
Three hundred in stock and 300 on
the road of the celebrated Vm. Rcsor
& Co., cook and heating stoves. Come
and give us a call. Makwede, Buuji
ley&Co. ll-li)-lnit.
J. C. Blake has removed his harness
shop from the plaza to Shupp's build
ing, east of the bank. He now has
more room to accommodate his largely
increased stock and growing business.
He employs the best workmen and can
fill orders for harness, saddles, etc.,
promptly and satisfactorily. 11-18-tf
A IMalogiif .
"Charley, where did you get those
fine oysters P"
"At the Park Grocery."
"They are the finest I ever saw.
Whose are they?''
"Theyaie Booth's New York Saddlo
Rock. You will find friend Mack there
who will be glad to meet all of his old
friends, and ho will wait on you in first
class style. They keep everything
there, 'lurkcys, Chickens, Geese, Ap
ples, Potatoes, Turnips, Cabbage,
Mince Meat, and if you call for any
thing they have not got you let me
know and! will blow up both Sam and
Mack the next time 1 see them. Tell
all the boys to go and see them and take
the girls with Ihem that they may learn
the way, and they will always go there.
A pound is sixteen ounces at that
place." ll-23-2t
Big dinner at the Dclmonico Res
taurant, Thanksgiving. 11-19-tf.
Once Moro to tlao JPiroxiX !
New York Clothing House
A!T3io.cf.uLo:rciuLo in.c3. Demlng
Bed Rock Prices
Our Ihrce hotifos carry an Immoiwo (tock which enable us to defy nil competition. We
call c?pec!al attention to our ta'tnir
The Agents for Devlin & Co.
For HuitH to mvler In fifteen day. Piitlsfnct
ilBurt & Mears Celebrated
Come one! come all 1
-r Latest styles this Fall,
Our new House is open,
The ft'csh stock unbroken
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes
In any shape you choose,
None lower than our margin
Go to the New York Clothing
House to Bargain.
Gardner & Gillies, Propr's
Han Opened the Lnrget
Xj. l. :E3:o-"wii5so:iaL, Manager
The Attention oí Dealers is Called to this Stock. Work Done to Order.
4 C Y
i i i
II mí U
Leading House
In the Territory.
R. R.Ave., East Las Vegas
j n nn no
if uuuuo
Fancy Goods,
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Carpets and Wall Paper
Hy. Hysinger,
Commercial Agent
I nm pli-iisr d t inform you that I urn now lo
patcd in Enst Lim Vcjriis, h'iilUiirti-rs nt tho
City Shoe Htnn?, oppimit (lrws, lllnckv 11 &
t'u'a eotniiiUsinn house. I mil wiling iludimos
of goods nml f hull be i1chc1 town voti hII.
r p
La lEi EE!
w s
We have Just opened n Merchant Tailoring fftiililinhinnnt nnd nro prepared to put up
suits In tho Intent Hlyle. ('loaning nnd repairing 8 siM! liilty. Work dono
at short notice. Cull anil ecu us. Opposite Lockhnrt'g Rlock,
ion guaranteed or no wile. Also Agi'tit for
Hand - made Boots and Shoes.
ami Host Assorted Stock of
C.n. llltOWMINO, EUWAnn HENItY, C. Y. XlJ.BS
Old and Reliable I
Established in 1879.
Office---Liiir.olfi Street, near Grand Avenue
Unimproved lots nnd property for salt
in all parts of tlie city, at prices from
10 to $1,000. ' ' '
Improved business and Residence
property at prices from $-150 to iO.OOO.
Property in Las Vegas Town Com
pany's Lands.
Property in Kosenwald' s Addition.
Troperty in Kosenwald & Co.'s Addi
tion. Property in Blanchard & Co.'s Addi
tion. Property in San Miguel Town Sito
Co.'s Addition.
Property in Rayiiold's Addition.'
Property in Las Vegas Hill site Co.'s
Property in Buena Vista Addition.
Embracing Property in the following
"A" 1, 2, 8, 7, 8, i), 10, 11, 12,
U, 1(5, 17, 19, 22, 24, 20, 29, :J0,
31, 40, and elsewhere.
Properly in both East and West Las
Ranch Property in San Miguel and
other counties.
Stores and Houses to Rent.
Also a good, well established and
paying Business in Las Vegas for sale.
Call and examine for particulars ami
Oilice open from 7 a. ra. to 9 p. m.
Eugene Cleinin
Commission Merchant
Pot ti tors, Apples, Corn, Flour, Uuttcr, Emr,
Poultry, and VcgrotuMcs.
At Lowest Market Prices.

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