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NO. 127.
Once More to tlxe 3Fx9otcl !
New York Ciothinq House
ed Rock Price
ourth; e hmes carry an immense stock which enable t-) d. ly uü ooiapctítíon.. 'A?
cull i special attent'on to oiir being , -
The Agents for Devlin & Go.
Fur suitsto order in lineen 'day., Satisfaction guaranteed or no sale." A1.v Agent fur
iBurt & Mear's Celebrated Hand-made Boots and Shos3.
Come one ! . come all !
Latest styles this Fall,
Our new House is open.
The fresh stock unbroken
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes
In any shape you choose,
None lower than our margin
Go to the New York Clothing
House to Bargain.
Gardner & Gillies, Propr-s
i A
z 0
t n
-i.cr.eiil iitli iiti.m tdvmi to TTr".l TTÍrifl!-
buying awl usUIng . Yvüi, UlU'v")i
STO V ES and
Pltualiiug; Goods, Steam
House FurnishisiK Goods.
Cornice Making a Specialty
"mrrr sisa & egp.r ".
'MAT I Kfc&SAiiKi8
Eed Springs of all Kinds, Pillows of all Kinds,
Window Curtains of ail Kinds,
Wholesale and Retail.
Ea.st Las Vegas. 3d Door West of St. Nicholas Hotel
l KNTRK ST11KET, is tho Neatest, Nicest, and Cheapest
Assortment of
fciTDo you comprehend that lit M .D. Marcus, Centro Street, is a perfect collection of
Thnt right here is the place where you can buy just what yon want fur less money thnn you
pay for interior goods f lKowbore Í Wo nro prepared to PROVE. Permit us to show our Good
it ml Prices. H.' also keep th" Largest Stick of Groceries, WHOLESALE mid RETAIL. Callón
33.i3t Xj,í3 "Vos -
Boots Shoes and Gents' Furnishing; Goods,
Country PndwT a Specially. Rpcclal Attention given to Mining awl Rullrend orders. All
ods guaranteed fir. t-eluss. i
23-st Vegas, ITCTcrw 3Vtx.
Hy. Hy singer, "
Commercial.. Agent.
1 am pleimrdtxinrorm you that I inn now lo
cated iu Kiiht Lug Vt'Kiis, h udtjuiirti rs nt the
City Shoo Htoro, opp.iito Grtms. ül.ickw 11 Si
Uo'a eo!innlslon hounr. I urn sellmji Hllcn-mes
of (roods iiudshiill be ulenfe-d to ' ve ti ni!.
HY. HV-SlXiiElt,
Fresh cocoanut at Cooper's candy
factory. ' "a'0-1v.. ,
Buy your clothing nt T. Romero &
Sou'u. . , ll-G-8t. i
X ti Uü,
lile, bnlh heñí and in the
Fustera M;irk-ts.
Fittings, Gas Fixtures.
bhwh ersacs
- - - rffow IVIo2wlco
"-ÍO.-R. O
Eugene Clemm
Commission Merchant
Potnfoe, Apples, Corn. Fi nir, Butter, Er k
Poiiltiy, and Vcki tWi. '
At Lowset Market Prices.
Budwoiser beer at BUly's. 5-C-ti
CoiiTt'niiitr of the Frfy-.Scven1h ('un
cross. Keifrr tleeted Speakcrof tho Huiis.
of Kepi'escntaiiTOS.
X l.;.rg .Viüi'b- r of Bills íish'otlue. I
the St-n:!!'.
Objection i ."'latle t) tJio SwMU'Iujj-Ia of
51 mb: m.
('oiienior Sheldon 01P rs Reward" of
Five Huiiilnd liolUrs Each
Fur the Capture oí Iitue R;id.ib8ii;h 'and
J. J. Webb.
X Fresh Uiitbi'cak of tito Aitti-Jewish
Moveuient Aiüi jijhced.
On account of the teerraph wire be
ing out of repair we wt-rc unable w
obtain a iuli report. Eu.
$500 kienn.d.
Sptciul to tho Gazette.
Santa Fe, Dec. 5. Gov.. s!;eÍüo;i I aft
to-day for Dona Ana, and (5ra.nl- i onn -ties,
to consult with the .Sljeríí-'o of
these counties as to the best way of put ting
down the rustlers' element aid
stopping the cattle and horse stealing.
Before leavingGovcruor Sheldon issued
a proclamation, offering a reward of
live hundred dollars each for the cap
ture and delivery to the Sheriff of San
Miguel County of David Iludabaugh
aud John J. Webb, escaped criminals
from the Las Vega3 Jail.
Forly-Sventh Congress.
Washington, Dec. 5. The assembl
ing oí the first, regular session of the
forty-seventh Congress drew quite a
number of visitors. Keifer stood for a
short time behind the desk and was
warmly congratulated. At noon Clerk
Adams called the body together and
announced the opening session.
He then called the rod. ;
The roll eall showed two hundred and
ninety representatives present. Those
absent being Morris, .Scales, Mills and
Nominations for speaker being iu or
der, Keifer was put in nomination by
Holeston, Randall by House, and Ford
by Murch.
Burrows, of Michigan, llolman, Mc
Couk and Ladd were appointed teilers
The roll being called resulted in
whole number of vote 285 ; necessary
for choice H3' For Keifer 148; Ran
dall 1J ; Ford 8.
Those, voting for Ford were Burrows,
of Michigan, liazietou, Jones, of Tex
as, Ladd, Mosgrove, Murch, and Rice,
of Mi.-soiiri. None of the candidates
voted. Fulkerson and Paul, of Virgin
ia, readjustees, voted for Keifer.
Keiter was escorted to the chair by
Randall and took the oath. It was ad
ministered by Kelly of Fennsyivania.
Davis formally convened the cham
ber at noon.
Senator Windom qualified resolutions
for the committees of notification to tho
House of Representatives and Presi
dent informing them of the organiza
tion of the Senate. Adopted.
Large numbers of bills were introdu
ced, among them the following by Gar
land, for the appointment of commit
tees to investigate the questions of tar
iff and revenue laws; by Reek, for the
retiring of trade dollars, and recoining
them as standard silver dollars; by Mil
ler, of California, to enforce the Treas
ury stipulations relative to Chinese; hy
Longer, to promote the efficiency of
the. hie saving services; by Windom, to
incorporate the.Garlield memorial hos
pital; by Logan, to place General U. S.
Grant upon the retired list of the army.
Recess was taken until 2:30 p. .m. to
await the notification of the organiza
tion of tiie House.
Among other petitions introduced and
temporarily laid ou the table were quite
a number against unjust discrimina
tions in railroad rates and to forbid al
leged extortions in freight and trans
portation charges; by Logan, from
army officers for the compulsory retire
ment of all officers after forty-live years
service. Terry submitted a resolution
instructing the committee on patents.
Gniteitu Trial.
Appeared. He said lie could not un
derstand why he was subpoenaed.
Scoville wiil this afternoon call on the
President and try to get him to assent
to appear.
Guiteau says he had several inter
views with Arthur, and it is known t hai,
he has written the President several let
ters which the defense want to have ou
record. Guiteau was unusually scared
and begged the officers to take him in
to court to-day by tho back cntrarroe.
and with a trembling, cringing gait
shuffled through tho angry crowd? Ab
ject fear was depicted upon his face and
he did not regain composure for several
1 Ofi'iH
Dublin, Dec. 5. Boycotting and all
kinds of threats and intimidations are
on the increase.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 5.' News has
just been received hero of anti-Jewish
riots at Odessa.
The reports of the attack on Sarah
Bernhardt went without comment until
Sunday's issuo of one of the leading
journals which makes remarks on the
affair that arc a disgrace to journalism.
A correspondent says that he can
state on good authority that a fresh
outbreak of the anti-Jewish movement
in Russia is considered imminent.
Wc.aston, Ontario, Dec. 5. The tug
Tommy Wright, after diligent search
for the missing propeller Jane Miller,
has recovered a large quantity of truck
identilied as belonging to her. The ev
idence shows that she foundered near
White Cloud Island with the entire
crew of twenty-live men. . She; was
worth $80,000; insured for 60,000. She
was considered staunch and had a fine
captain aud crew.
::b'd By KolHtlVP. -
.St. Louis, Dec. 5. Monday evening
two young men called at the resirt -pee
of Mr. Joliu M tiller. No. t51 HtiUnrd
s;rect, and told the family that their
daughter was very sick at her home.
So. áüCiü Fulton street, and wanted to
see them. The. family went to the
uuinber on Fulton street ami found
tueir daughter well aud in ihe lie-t, ot
spirits. Mopecling somel xiur. wtig,
üiey hastily loiunied home, aud found
thai in their absence the house had
been broken into and about fc2J() wAr h
of eiotiiiiig and jewelry taken,. The
burglars haul also left a pair ot pants
and checkered shirt, having uivlo.ibt
tdiy donned some of !tiv. Mullur'u
u.ctaius in place of tlier.i. The .:L,iri
and pauls v, eve recognized .by c:r oí
of tne luiüily ai Uloiiüüiá lo the bus
baud of u iiiece of Mr. Mulietytiud it
was so reported to the police. The tid
pvcled lei. the, WiUiam Miller, who
ives v.ii.h his wiio at No. 417 Ohio
street, was arrested lai niht, together
witii a colímelo named C. N Waiters.
Bolii deny the charge, but Mr. Miekr,
who !i;.'veVr aw his u;eces husband before-
iüeniiiied him as one of the young
men who ended aed notiiiod him tu 1 i
daughter':) aii-ged illness. Tlio pris
oners are loeked up ai the Mnáisem
sireut sfutiom
Ka'.eiirlí, N. C
, Dec. 5. Early ti
murnmg between í-evcr.iy-n ve auu one
humlrcd nia.-ked men took frouiOxf.ird
it-.ii j!hu Brodie aud bhadrock Hester,
Uoiored, el.r.viui with tiio murder it
IT. IVt. ij.M.-eh, and hanged tlu-iu a
! niyil grove car the spot- where the
I murder' w;s commiited. The jailer
I v.a-, nikeü i rom.' home, and forced to
j o..:;n il.; jail aud üí.) guarda worts dts
i :-.ruK:u uild shut up in ue uiuartl-hotise.,
i llur-dveds oí ocoula visited t!ic !ri.ve.
I 'he victims, ti is reiiorted, nttun:
confesión. Everything was eondu
v.ith Ihe. i!!nio.M. -.icrcev. l'.-eir -"dii.
tt-.e isim
in on
If 1
Blooming! en, 11?.
ton has for some v
deal from scarlet f
not anile epidemic
l,f".W'.'t ;. g- -. d
Wuie.i, iiwugh
i sei.tioi ed ail
over tho city. The exci tun
some measure revived to-
nt tv o 'j in
! I.
sudden death of a i-vear-or.t !;m "uaiuH.-i
Barnstead from a malignant 1-jpc oí lie
disea-sc, after an illness of about thirij
hour,;. The death occurred in ;; .! ;
diate proximity to- the . Second: Ward
and High Schools,' which were suspeiulr
ed two weeks ago on account, of a case
of scarlet fever occurring in the jani
tor's family.
A .oik Kuiiding.
Iowa City, Iowa, Dec. 5. The City
Hall, just being completed, is a line
building, and much needed. It was be
gun in July, aud cost $15,000. It accom
modates the city officials and tire de
partment, and has a police court and a
small jail building, 60x80 feet, of two
Objecdnto SweHrliitf In.
Washington, Dec. 5. It is stated that
Robinson will object to the swearing in
of Chalmers, of Mississippi, and Dibble,
of 'South Carolina, on the ground that
they are not elected. The Democrats
say they will resist and a deadlock is
possible. Wells, of Michigan, will op
pose the. swearing of Cannon, of Utah.
It is likely the message will not be
opened this' afternoon. . , ;
Small-pox. ,
Waupaca. December o. There is
quite a small-pox scare at Ogdensburg,
mis county.. A boy by the name of Sar
geant died of the disease this week, and
a Mrs. Nehunmn lies in' a critical condi
tion. Over fifty people have been ex
The Montreal half-yearly bank divi
dends were paid yesterday, and amount
ed to 1,000, 000.
The Mayor of Council Bluffs announ
ces that there is not a single case of
small-pox in that city.
The failure of the National Marriage
and Dower Association at Union City.
Ind., is announced.
Public meetings
cow allowed at
Havana, upon giving the local iuuhra
ties twenty-four hours' notice.
Huntington, of Paciiio railroad fame,
is having built at Philadelphia the pio
neer vessel of a ileet for freight anil
passenger terviee on the Paciiio coast.
O. W; Knggles, assistant general pas
senger ageut oí the Could Southwest
em combination of railroads, has ac
cepted the general passenger agency of
the Michigan Southern Railroad.
The Postmaster-General has decided
that tho American Manufacturing Com
pany, o" Boston, is a fraudulent con
cern, and forbidden the company re
ceiving money orden or registered let
ter?. Ki9 Me. Fi.'imsna.
"Kiss, nie, mamma, beforo I sdecp."
lluw .simple a boon, and yet how sooth
ing to the little suppliant is that suit
gentle kiss. ' Tho little head pinks con
tentedly oi the pillow, for all is peace
and happiness within. The brighi eye:)
close the rosy lips part in a sweet
smile, for the little heart is revelling in
the bright and sunny dream, of inno
cence. Yes, kiss it, iu amine, for that good
night kiss will linger in its memory
when the giver lies smouldering in the
silent grave. The memory of a gontle.
mDther-s kiss has cheered many a lone
ly wanderers pilgrimage, and has been
the beacon light to illumine his desolate
heart, fdf remember life has ' many a
stormy billow to cross, a. rugged path
to climb, and we know not. what is in
store for the liLtle one so sweetly slum
bering with no care or sorrow to dist.nrh
its peaceful dreams. The parched and
fevered lips will become dewy aain, as
recollection brings to tho 6ult'crtr'a
couch a mother's Tove a mother's kiss.
Then kiss yoitr little one's ere they
sleep; thero is a niagio power in that
kiss that will endure even to the end of
life. . ' ' '"
A narrow escape: "'I have good news
for you," said old Bnyerton to a clerk
in his office. "Your ; uncle, who died
last week left his Ohio farm U your
cousin Ben and you get nothing." The
clerk laughed a loud laugh of joyous
relief. "By George !" he said, "that
takes a load off my Uncle Ezra was so
angry at mo the week before he died
that lie swore he would leave me that
farm. It has two tax titles and three
mortgages on it, there is a flaw in the
original patent, five families are fight
ing for it, and there is a stranger in
possession. Ben must have made tho
old man awful mad somehow." Ami
the happy clerk turned to bis desk
with a glad,, light heart. Burlington
Hawkcyt. '- -
A "roo ftlír" un.
Charles Frost Williams began to bo
particular as soon as locked up. He
wanted a looking-glass and a spring
bed in his ccl!; relused to drink from
the dipper in common use, and stood
up for three hours rather than it down
ou the well-worn bench. When his
turn camo to appear in court he wanted
a clean collar, a toolh-bmh and some
perlutuo for his handkerchief, and hu
seemed greatly put out as he was left
facing the desk.
"Can't this ease be adjourned until I
can get on nty Sunday clothes ?" he
softly asked.
"Cau't be done."
"Can 1 1 b-j tried in a private room,
''Not a bit of it. You'll have to
stand trial riht here. You wera drunk
ou the street."
'i might Lave been slightly over
come by the weuuier. I am very sus
eeptibhi to changes.1'
'Yes, but the weather doesn't make
a man sit in the stairway aud sing
through his nose,
nor strike au ollieer
who oilers to put hnn
on a street ear.
'I rnTght have partaken of a little
sweet wine, but. ready, sir really, I
(o proiest against the statement that I
v, as drunk. Loafers get drunk, sir."
'Weli, yoor-1 was a Uai, siliy drunk.
I happened m here just as they brought,
you iu, and your tongue was too thick
to say sugar""
"1 cawii't r.-ikve it really cawn'l
'Tisn'ta bit like me."
'.:!. ne
ive dollars all the
"Be as
but 1
i uere.
will pay.
It is most
Mere, sir, i
r ready most annoying to
rncrning, ,-ir." bcii'oit l s
me. Goodf.
'ttv:' Si njnofO-.? íi-iíixii
an iiiigii
t liar, liii.'
i ...xciiunge: it is cu
I'll'.isii tramp se.onld
eg overlooked by iin:
i ol the sc.inipi-ih i'el-
ha vi
a 1 1.; en so .
pide writer.
would .'-ei. in. Í
i:uve in Mm nu vi r
?jitia!s l''r
U'aituiT. !
:vry striiviiig piece oi
e wo read. d iio oí
s 'v;i'l
'avir.g rtostroyed hi; own
tauiag a tiighl's oigog
ai-.i). v-a b:'o";jht into
;i v í.'iiiii'.'d up in a" ijhiniiel
at th
cocci' j like Dickens' Mr. Mc.pes. vYhilu. Ids
i cas:', was bo:ug heard lit: ..Heasionally
I shcek oi'f his covet iug, ji'sc to l;y,v
I the Musgisirau: ihut 'L'e rorlly had no
I ciwciitiics. Au even mora iuipade-tit
d.'-o' ":'; tho Va:r'M':;íi;ü trr.rno whotiio
: .. .'. i ., , : .1 ., . i ' ..') r . n ... i
u.'.j i.vM'.i a vi.-i.i, ee i.ije uuu i-, i i-jiiu
Inn in thai i own. ,Ou his lirsi. visit h
s-VF-r:p-iat'.i .--onie throe pounds ot
cheese ami eseaped with i'h b(.!y. al
though the landlady caught sight el the.
ragged dcspoh:r as he t.vs nvkuig oír,
with the cIu cjc dropping from' hi.s
pockets. He docs not seem to have
been aware that she had observed him,
for in the course of half an hour back
he came to the house. Then, putting
on what is known among the Irish as
"the poor face," he begged the kind
lady to give him a morsel of bread to
eat with a bit of cheese he had picked
up. Now, it would have been just as
easy, and far more safe, for the scamp
to have gone to some other house, and
we can only conclude, therefore, that
he was temped into danger by his
sense of humor. It would be such a
capital joke to obtain from the plun
dered landlady a piece of bread to ac
company the feast of cheese with which
she had involuntarily provided him.
ile Must lHe.
One thing Í3 certain about Guiteau.
He is sure to die by violence. The de
velopments of the last few days make it
reasonably positive that he will be con -vieted
and sentenced to be hung, but
even if he is not his death is still sure.
If the jury disagree it is ten to one that
he wiil bo assassinated in court.
The sentiment is widespread and firm
that he must die. His death is de
manded by the harmonics. His couduct
while on trial has intensified the neces
sity for it. The apparent reaction
which has been created by the idiots
who have been guffawing in court at his
insolence only adtls to the certainty of
his fate. He must die because tho re
public cannot afford to let him live. If
tne iaw does not slay him the private
individual wdio will make up for its neg
lect will, in executing the unrecorded
sentence, represent tho entire nation.
There is some satisfaction in the pros
pect. Denver Trilninc.
The County Commissioners have
selected the following gentlemen to act
as election boards iu the precincts of
the county on Monday, December, 12
at the election of a senator to lili the
vacancy in the Territorial legislature
caused by the death of M. Barela..
Precinct No. 1 Jose Albino Baca,
Julian Sandoval and Antonio Sena.
Precinct No. a Jose Esmerejildo Lu
cero, Juan Auncio ami Antonio Casti
llo Cedillo. .. .
Precinct No. Si Julian Aragón, Pas
cual Baca and John Harrison.
Precinct No. 4. Luciano Solano, Hi
lario Martin and Cruz Gutierrez.
Precinct No. G. Ramon Ulibarri,
Feliciano Escudero, Alonzo Lovejoy,
Precinct No. G Apolinario Almanzor,
arios Martinez and .Santos Lope.
Precinct No. 7. Romualdo Marti
Jesus Garcia and Franco Crespin.
Precinct No. 8.-Cleu Ho y val, lb
Precinct No. 9. Manuel A. Pino, Josa
Aheytia aiid Simon G. Baca.
Precinct No. 10. Lorouzo Valdcz,
Gregorio Flores and Teodocio Salos.
Precinct. No. 1 i. -Lucierio Montoya,
Jose dc J t ons Gi'.ieriez and Ataaacio
Garcia. ....
Precinct No. 12. Ramou Flores, Vi
dal Blea and Herculauo Lucero.
Precinct No. .13. Felipe Sanchez,
Santiago Valdcrio and Richard Dunn.
Prccmct No. 20. Fernando Jimerez,
Jase Segur, snd Nacario Romero.
Fixciitet No. 27. Manuel Abren, Al
ejandro Segura,' l edro Maxwell.
, Precinct No, W. Domingo N. Baca;
Juan do Déos Lucero, W. G. Stoueroad.
. Precinct No.2i. J. A. Lotjkhart, Ge.
Sumner, Felix Mortinez.
Precinct No. U0.- Jnaii Vigil, Apali
nario Vigil, l'rauciüco Gallego?.
Precinct No. 81. Joso Dolores Sena,
Jeiian Gonzales, Jesus Lopez..
Precinct No. 82. Matias Rivera, Je
sus Rivera, Luis Sena.
Precinct No. 83. Bias Ortega, Jose
Ma. Gutierrez, Agapito Vigil.
Precinct N. 84. Ramon Flores, Ro
mualdo Flores, Miguel Sena.
Treeinct No. 35. Juan Jaramillo,'
Louis Lcroux, Cayetano Archuleta.
. There is always something to remind
a man of the shortness of lite,- eve ; if it
le nothing more Than a drug store- and
a doctor's buggy.
. Now will the lone and homesick oyster
take his annual hot bath in soup at the
church festival.' - :t
Cause and effect are not well balanced.
A man with a good cause often makes
little or no effect.
Col. V. C. Frt'a Nw RealdrntraBarn
to the Granad.
Hy Hard Work n Portion or the Fur
n 1 1 a re wn Kftved.
Last evening, at 0:13 o'clock, a bright
light was noticed northwest of town on
the Hot Springs road. Our night re
porter hurried over and found the new
residence of L C. Fort wrapt" d in
flames, and :. few neighbor earryu.i"
out the furniture. Tho d :.;i,-.e of ;
house front neighboring n...1, and th'j
lack of tools for tho tighlli'g of tho f'e.
made it impossible to extinguish h. .
Mr. Fori. ;.ii.l family were Hitting u
the front parlor, when one of them, no
ticing a light outside, went to tho door
aud found the shed in the rear c;f the
house on lire. Mr. Tort immediately
rushed after the children, who had been
put to bed in another mem, and while
getting out ti; em and, hi;, vue, who is
delicate, the flames hail gained such
headway that ho himself could do no
thing towards stopping Ihcm, and So
went, to work getting out the i'urr.iiure.
Several M':xie;:i.:, who kr. ! arrived,
v.vrked hard lo's.tvc what they could.
Mr. Fort í'iys the lire.whe'n iirst seen,
was issuing from the roof of either the
sliod nr- kitchen. There had been u
j I re In tho kitchen stove since 6 o'clock
I i'.i the evening, and how it could have
j originated from, thy t source, three and
i a ii-iif hnir - l.iler. is a mystery to him.
j ' TIÍE I oss.
I Mr. Fort iid i-.i,-;'. linishe-d extensive
improvements ou tho house, in the way
of enlargement and repairing. The
house Lad been painted (nly a few days
before. '.The 'houtx, valued ut about
$1,000, 'was totally destroyed. It was
insured in the Boston Mercantile fc
Marine Irt-.r.r.auo Co.MiUs & Hndk-y,
age.iíj. f.nr 000, which amount he will
re;:-.;i c.
Th" h
í::0 Oi
ttirhold goods were vf.lued at
more.' . Most of them were
saved, except those in the .kitchen, cel
lar and shed. The ?.00 insurnce on tho
goods, planed with the same company,
wiil probably cover most of the loss ou
furniture, etc., although at present it is
hard to make a correct estimate.
Mr. Fort Has the Gazette's most
sincere sympathy in this sudden devas
tation of his' ncwly-niade home. It is
tiie first time he was ever burnt out, and
it comes pretty hard. ;
The residence of W. II. Evans, road
master, situated on Seventh Street, had
a very narrow escape from a disastrous
lire last night. A lamp in tho kitchen
was accidentally overturned by a child
at about 6:30 o'clock and an explosion
was the result. With the gallant as
sistance of neighbors and a tub full of
wet clothes in the wash, the fire was
soon stopped, with very little damage.
Charles Wheeloek had a little play
with fire in his office last evening about
supper time. He uses a student lamp,
and the kerosene which had settled in
the cup just under the part of the lamp
which holds the oil, took fire somehow,
and the flames shot up almost to the
ceiling. Mr. Wheeloek was badly
scared, fearing the explosion
of the lamp, and picked
it up and threw it out
the back door, burning his baud in the
operation. The lamp fell in a lot of
straw and boxes in tho rear of Mar
vvede, Bruraley & Co's, and caused a
little fire there for a few minutes, but
was soon extinguished. Mr. Wheeloek
puts in gas fixtures to-day.
7Jim.;:e nuil (etnsiipt !sn.
A writer in a medical couteiiiporary
makes some deiinite assertions concern
ing the inllnence of climate on pulmo
nary diseases. No zone, he declares,
enjoys entire immunity from pulmona
ry consumption; moreover, the com
mon belief that phthisis is common in
cold climates is fallacious, and the idea,
now so prevalent, that phthisis is rare
in warm climate;, is as untrue as it is
dangerous. The disease causes a largo
proportion of deaths on the seashore,
the mortality diminishing with the ele
vation ii) to a certain point. Altitude
is inimical to the development of con
sumption, owing chiefly to the greater
purity of the atmosphere in elevated
situations, its freedom from organic
matter, and its richness in ozone. Mois
tiiro arising from a clr.y soil, or due to
evaporation, is one of the most influen
tial factors in its production. Damp
ness of atmosphere predisposes to the
development of the disease, but' dry
ness is of decided value.
Ata siviul gathering on Austin ave
nue the following proceedings were
had : "So your nephew is going to get
married?" "Yes ma' am ; next Satur
day the knott. will hj tied.'? Little
Johnny, who lias been listening, with
open mouth, says "I say, ma, on tho
last day they let the poor fellow er.t any
thing he wants lo, don't they r1'' Trx'ns
Kyiiw,' '
"Pay as you go" is good ad vio?,-'and
does very well for a man thai doesn't
go much.
. I'm ry Careful Alioitt rite.''
' uV a man suvs to us nod n t ihe t,,ep'noiie
( ullcd us out of lied to si b S,i0 óf our com.
pnuir's good money go up in smoko from a
dwelling house that was mitir"Iy deti-.ch'Hl.
Come around and tuko out n policrnn ymic
dwelling. . . Mills & ilAif
The lad ios say those potato-fryer., at.
Roberts & Wheeloek' 8 are just too love
ly- - 12-G-tf
Glorieta Shoeshop and Barbershop,
Opposite the depot. Glorieta, N. M.
12-6-lw J. A. Fixch, Prop.
Blankets and wool
en goods in great va
riety at
" Chas. Ilfeld's.
Las Voffs,- N. M;
J.J. Fity.KPrrr-ll. thn llvo ivul estate jnnn,
ban fiir fill.' a l.irif, iimiilM-r of fin.' iut!iit-ss
mid 1i-lnl,lo rmidcnoe lot in (liflnvut pans
of the nt'w und (.id portion of tho city. IVr
tt h so'kiiiK iuvcsiiiur.U In reul eitiitc. l.utd
ncss chunC' H, Imeiurs nml dvfclliiin hoiiacs,
RliniiM cul! on FiUjprrWI; ho can weomnio
d I thcin.
A liare Chunos: ,
QOA Dor.LAKd will buv a Ctjolcv Bimiuor
CVJVJ I.! on Douilus Street.
1Q DOLLARS a ruuiith, for twelve mono,
lO wil I luy a Chok'o Itwiilcneo Lnt
QKA DOLLARS will huy a Good Four Room
OvJW IU nsr, lu ar Miithiuo Shop.
Qrn T.iLLAU3 wiil buy Cbuiro Letn en
("VdVuCr. UeiiiuviMK) Lots In 11c ii mi Vis! od
.' itition
innn DOLLARS will lmv n Choice Corner
XJJJ r.nt on D merina Street.
TflO rU.AKS will Imv a House nnt IH on
M ini Street, rtmlng for Twnnt y iKl-
inr a month.
IQOn DoLLAHS wiil huy two of tho Best
XiJJJ Hiis:ii-. ss I,. its on I longlas Street.
InnA r' .lhim will buv a Mttiniiflcent
OUUU L'iitil.j RmiiioTen Mili-n Sijuanj
Wiil Watered milt SlirlltreU. AU under wtro
f. neo.
(tonco Lois.
tH i Dollars will imy
Í . t two Lots.
Chole rctd
a houn.i and
onr T)ot,i, iw wiii
OM, MiH will 1ii:t a. fthnicn rr-i-
(U'llOe Lot.
i i i dollars win buy two of tin
J J J bestllusines Lots on Kuilro t
1 IICNDRKD DOLLARS will bur a tbive
? room House witn Lot near the ilepot. -JiT)
"I rvfYvi11 ljl'y txTO houses with three
epw j 1JJ lots, X'rontnr the Park. A jreat
O.ii'tri.in Ihuitiiijr forjk.uuu mouth
It I HE C1IA XCli. Wih sell n vnluahlo in
j. t'.r"stln White Onks mines ami mill mw
'.'hiiHTy utu irreiit bnryam on account ot niek
e lii'i.uireof J. J. FiUaenrll tlio livoreal
estate man.
y 1 a Z ( Will buy un elegant four mora
JL5Jv-' hoiisii in tino m-dor, renting
for f-Á) per month.
djfi"tk Will buy a niec residence on Main
PoV Street renting for $11 a month.
C 1 O íí Will buy n irood hotel on loiii-
V XJVJ road Avenue renting at S30
per monlh.
Will buy nr.e of tho best busi
ness hous'.s and two lots on
iiooiu.-s re.
PAVMEX1-8. 25i will
huy a one room houso with a sulendid
lot centrally loeted. Enquire
' .1. J. FlTZGERHKM;,
The live real ostittu agent.
Í.10U LKA3E Fuur lot , m ltouglusa und
Lliaiulu Aveuues.
A ilfi DOLLARS will buy a ' lino
rilock dairy and l'lu'u-.ing raueh
iieur lh' eh v.
1 "i OLARS will Vuy it nplenhld
.A.Ov'VJ' uew rusidenee, bix rooms, two
l.it.-ironiijoa Maine Street. Rents for $10
fl fiA""111'" wl" l'ir one of (lie
UitJUU best shingle nulls iiuliu terri-to:-,
i.iKetlier with ,1)1:0 uctes of line land.
For it ehhiirle miil nmn who understiuultt th
business this is a 1'nfHine. . . .
T f( lhur will Imv oiio- of
V J XJ KJ the iiU'KCSt mid hestur
poi'iL.'d sioek ranges in tho territory; ii splen
did rrslil.'uee; ijifrht miles of river front: ni
ineroiH hikes and springs; well wittered and
well ehelu-red; nil tinder lenoe; making oneof
ibe Oost stoek ranges in the. world. Grant title
peri et.
i0"4 Will huy two lots on Zion-Hil,
A splendid banrain.
J Pi " 1 Wl11 buy a good new three room
V"rfcJ W huuso aud tw lots near the rail
road deiiii and round houne.
Head of sheep for salo
Welheru. pvpa nnH lntnha
(hi) !((' Will huy one of the best htisi-
ua."vv uessauusesm the city, rent'
iiigail,(K)U a year.
1 ulso have for sale several hue stock ranches
in the ditl'erent portions of the Territory.
A number of desirable business houses on
tho diit'erent business streets of the eity, also
offices, restaurants and dwellings. Jf you want
to rent property call.
Remember that the tiest business chances
nro always to be hud by calling on
The Uve real estate ngont, oihco on Grand
2.000 head of best Improved cattle for sale,
jfcir particulars enquire of J. J. FXTZGER
IrEL, tho livo real estate agent. 11-stf
Wanted-For Sale-For Rent-Lost,
WANTED A jotinlo it íiussi-inreiM
Tt White Oaks lielore Thursday... Inquire
of D. P. Shields in Uptiu filoek. ' ti-ú-M
lit City Shoe Store.-12-S--81.
Apply at iice.
ITTAN Il.D-Iíaípn, dio rustier, waiiu u job
T to make himself useful ficneniily.
Give the hoy a chance. Good relY-tviice n
irANTSD-A.ti'nner nl. Santa Fe. For
t t acinars inquire at l'otti r &. Co.
I rANTRD. A go-Ml eook at tho Jliehiaan
i t i lltiuso, opposite depot.
j "VirAVTED. A good messenaer h.ij. Eii-
V 'iu:.t ui iciegritpu omee, over le pnip
WANTLU A position jis housekeeper n
some privste family. IiKpiiro nt this' of
llee er of Mrs. Kila Perry at Springer. N. it.
. U--lw
ÍOt. ALK A lot of good horsesnnd mules.
i rorpartieiilarseallat the Exchange cor
ml, west of the plaza. 11-19-Ü
II rANTI'.D Everybody who like n good
T meal, and u iroe.ü bed t slef p in. to com.
to tuofraf.oual Hotel, South Sido Pinza 11-lOtf
,rAN'i'EI).-To buy and sell second hnnd
l goods. Will buy and sell nt reasonable
rates. Money advaueed on goods at a reason
rate.. I also make furniture repuirlnf a sped
tihy. Neil (xi run, ilrst buiUiing east of tho
YYrAN'l ED.-If you want a No. 1 Husk MfU
J. l.fMuvto AHEY'S, third door wiKt of
St. Nmholaij Hotel. lo- tf
WAMED-A frentlemua wishos a sinslo
TV room, furnished, Preferablv with a ie-
spee.la bio family, whero ho can have hreak
ast. Lin t iide. Apply nt Mr. Urowning's of-
.Volt SALE, a Xo. I Mileh Cow. Cull for par- i
L ticuiuin at A'icholsoii's Cornil, Kast-HdH.
: , ia-a-it.
? OR SALE W, J. Colvin has a lot of good
I horits for sale at the Exchange cm ml. .
li-4l-3t.- '
ITIOIt SALR Native shingles can ho found
' at Mr. lilar.ehHi-d's store, on ilie p;lz, u,
whnlc.-.ile prices. liM-rtmt
MtlltiXO llfCKS-liB f;,r túachjÍrT '
ply to Illyth Brothers & Co., Glen Mom
liiiiuli, wiitrous. in-l-tf
TOli SALE. Canary tilrds, singly or In rfl.'rs.
L Apply to Mrs. P.otter on the street bnl'k of
the National Hofl. lt-!Ai-tf
ilOK SALE TXO ecdnr posts. Apply
i, J'y.-n"a" Ul)SS' "riM io l;biirt's Woiv.
W--I l.
1: ."-irs, Judge iiuooi'il opposite (JaíhÍth' ol-
; ' ' ll-2!Mf .
nOR RENT.- Unen Hall, for bulls, partnv.
I t litr vT. 'iimeiits. leelures, etc. For tensiK
apply to Wiii t; Rm i K1. Afeentand Manager.
Dealer In
Best - Native -Wine
s , Always On Hand ...
Ye who dclighi in your griddlo cakes
call at Roberts & Wheelock's. 18-6-ti

. - - r; &-te'-'--'

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