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1STO. 129.
"Onoo Mor to tin DFrorLt Z "
New York Clothing House
' Bed Rock Prices
Our three homes parry an Immnwo stock which enables us to d:fy all competition. Wo
call especial attention tci our ticing
The Agents for Devlin & Co.
For suite to order in fifteen days. Satisfaction guaranteed or no sale. Also Agent for
HBurt & Mear's Celebrated Hand-made. Boots and Shoes,
Come one ! come all !
Latest styles this Fall,
Our new House is open.
The fresh stock unbroken
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes
In any shape you choose,
None lower than our margin
Go to the New York Clothing
House to Bargain.
Gardner & Gillies, Propr's
g CO
E fi
V02XS 10 Wool, Hidss, Pelts,
Plumbing Goods, Steam Fittings, Gas Fixtures.
House Furnishing Goods.
Cornice Making a Specialty
A.- IRi-
aii Kinds MATTRESSES A" K""ls
Bed Springs of all Kinds, Pillows of all Kinds,
Window Curtains of all Kinds,
Wholesale and Retail.
East Las Vegas, 3d Door West of St. Nicholas Hotel
f KNTHH STREET, is the Neatest, Nicest and Cheapest
Assortment of
.ffDoyou comprehend thiit at M .". Marcus, Centro Street, is a perfect collection of
That right here is the place where ymi can buy just what, you want for lens money than you
pay for inferior goods elsewhere ? We ore prepared to PROVE. Permit us to show ourGoods
and Prices. He also keep the Largest Stock of Groceries, WHOLESALE and RETAIL, ("all on
Centre Street,
33 cist Las Vegas, - Wow IWXcotloo
Boots Shoes and Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Country Produce a Specialty. Special attention given to Mining und Railroad orders. All
(roods guaranteed llrst-class.
H3st Las Vegas, nNTe-w Mex.
Hy. Hysinger,
Commercial. Agent. I
I am pleased to inform you that I am now lo-
cated in East Las Vegas, headquarters at the
City Shoo Store, opposite Gross, Mack well & ,
.Co's commission house. I am wiling nllolnsses
jit goods und shall bo pleased to see yon nil. ,
Fresh eot'oanuts at Cooper's euudy;
factory. 20-1 w. j
Buy your clothing at T. Homero &
Son's. ll-6-8t.
Etc., both here and In the
Eastern Markets.
IB 5tT
Eugene Olemm
Commission Merchant
Potatoes, Apples, Corn, Flour, nutter, Eg g
Poultry, and Vegetables.
At Lowset Market Prices.
Budweiser beer at Billy's. 5-0-tf
President Arthur's Message Considered
Far Above the Average.
Admission of Campbell of Utah Pretty
Well Assured.
J. J. Ingalls, of Kansas, Introduces a
Bill in the Senate
For the Admission of New Mexico Into
the Union.
Witnesses Still Giving Testimony in the
Guiteau Trial.
Explosion of a Candle Factory at San
Francisco, Cal.
A New Kailroad Company With Twenty
Millions Capital.
Interesting Testimony of Flipper in the
Flipper Case.
David Davis, President of the Senate,
Manifests Indignation.
Congressman Belford, of Colorado, Goes
for President Arthur.
At the Capital.
Washington, December 7. The gen
eral comment on the President's mes
sage among Senators and Congressmen
of all sections of political belief appear
to be that it is a very able document.
Opinieus as to the correctness of its con
clusions vary of course, according to
party affiliation and individual senti
ment, but there is a general agreement
that in clearness of style, dignity of
tone, and force of argument it is far
above the average level of the annual
President's messages for a number of
years, and that it indicates the posses
sion, by its author, of a much higher
grade of ability than has heretofore
been attributed to him. There is some
disappointment among the Paciiic coast
representatives at the absence of any
hearty recommendation for legislative
action to restrict Chinese immigration
especially as the President takes pains
to suggest that Congress should care
fully regard the interests and suscepti
bilities of the Chinese government in
legislating on that subject. On the oth
er hand, it is noticed with gratification
that the message does say that legisla
tion is necessary to carry the treaties
into effect and also that the President
signiiicantly, though not so open as
might be desired, refers to the evils of
unrestricted Chinese immigration when
he says that our government views with
concern the efforts to seek replenish
ment of the diminished population of
the Sandwich Islands from outward
President Arthur's vigorous utteran
ces upon the Mormon question give un
alloyed satisfaction to the Pacific coast
people and all other opponents of poly
gamy, and will probably have a deci
ded influence on the result of the pend
ing contest in regard to the admission
of Campbell as an anti-Mormon dele
gate. It is considered highly probable
that the Republican members of the
House will solidly sustain Speaker Kei
fer in the position taken by him to-day
in favor ot Campbell, and these com
bined influences will also.it is believed,
be reinforced by many Democratic
members whose abhorrence of Mor
monism will lead them to forgo the pos
sible advantage of embarrassing the
Republican Speaker, which is appar
ently the purpose of the opposition, led
by ex-Speaker Randall, so that on the
whole Campbell's admission seems to
bo pretty well assured.
Ihe announcement made by Senator
Davis, of Illinois, of his position on the
question of changing the officers of the
Senate has definitely removed both of
these questions from the field of con
troversy during the present Congress,
unless the status ot the Senate be
changed by the death of more of its
members from doubtful States.
The candidacy of Gorham and Rid
dleberger for the ollices of Secretary and
Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate is ac
cordingly relegated to the domain of
dead issues.
Senator Miller to-day introduced
three bills, by request; one directs the
officers of the Treasury to examine all
unpaid accounts heretofore filed in the
departments for services rendered and
supplies furnished under the direction
of the Indian Department and its agents
and in cases where said services and
supplies are found to have actually been
applied to the benefit of the Indians to
report to Congress the balance equita
bly due on said account, notwithstand
ing no sufficient appropriation existed
to pay them. The second bill provides
that fees allowed to registers and re
ceivers for reducing testimony to writ
ing snail not do taken into account in
determining the maximum of compen
sation and that such fees deposited in
the Treasury since July 1st, 1878, must
be reimbursed to them. The third bill
provides that the President may rein
state Captain Alfred lledbert in the
United States Army by nominating and
the confirmation with his former date
of commission, and assign him the first
vacancy in the infantry.
Senator Teller reintroduced the fol
lowing well known bill for the payment
oi some live nuuureu thousand dollars
to Ben. Holliday for losses sustained bv
Indian depredations and while per-
t ; . .1 1 . ! -
lonmng overiauu man service.
Senator Grover reintroduced his bill
of last Congress to reimburse to the
State of Oregon 131,000 for expendi
tures during the Modoc war.
Onitean Trial.
Washington, Dec, 7. The criminal
court was densely crowded this morn
ing. Among the audience was Gen.
Sherman and Rev. Dewitt Taimase.
The prosecution commenced in re
buttal demolishing the theory of insan
ity. They will retraverso the ground
gone over by the defense and from the
stand point of the prosecution and
thoroughly ventilate Guiteau's past
life and habits beginning with his early
life in Freeport and concluding with
the vast amount of the best expert testi
mony obtainable in the country
As soon as the court formally opened
Guiteau addressed the court thus:
"May it please your honor, the
American people do not desire this case
to be tried over," and I do not
desire it. I say with the
utmost respect to this court and jury,
and my counsel, Scoville, that I am sat
isfied with the political situation as de
veloped here in this case. That's the
fist of this alleged offense. I say I
ave a right as a matter of law of ap
pearing as my own counsel. I ask
your honor that Gen. Grant, Senators
Conkling and Piatt and President Ar
thur anu other of that kind of men who
were so down on Garfield, they would
not speak to him on the street and
would not go to the White House, to
put on the stand. I have a right to
show my personal relations to these
men. That I was cordially received by
them and that 1 was well dressed and
fed-nt the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Grant
it to show my personal relations to
those men. I don't want to except to
your honor's ruling, but I shall be
obliged to do so, antT I have no doubt
the court will give me a new trial."
Judge Cox Your exception has
been noled.
Scoville then called up, the subject of
President Arthur's testimony and said
he had not received any response to his
interrogation that the Presidents
evidence was absolutely essential to the
Guiteau interrupted him excitedly
with, "I don't think it at all necessary
for Gen. Arthur to be here."
Scoville I don't care what you
want, I am doing this myself.
Guiteau I ask as a personal favor
that he shall not be dragged into court.
I think a good deal ót Gen. Arthur.
He is President of the United States
and 1 don't think he should be bother
ed with this matter. (Striking the desk
violently.) He is President of the
United States and I made him so and 1
think I should have something to say in
this matter.
It was arranged between the councils
that the President's answers should be
put in as evidence at an3T stage of the
trial and Sermllc called Gen. Sher
man. The witness simply recited the orders
he had issued for the disposition of
troops at the time of the assignation.
He identified the letter written by
Guiteau, and said he suspected all the
time there might be a conspiracy, but
afterwards concluded the shooting was
the act of one man.
As he left the stand Guiteau said, "I
thank you for having ordered out
troops that day. If it had not been for
you I should not be here to-day, I owe
my life to the protection which you and
General Crocker gave me during that
period when mob spirit was rife.,!
At this the General smiled grimly.
Afterward II. Barton, a lawyer, A. T.
Green and G. W. Gandir, all of Free
port, Illinois, testified that they knew
Guiteau' s family and considered all
The Flipper C'nup.
Washington, Dec. 7. At the opening
of court this morning Flipper made the
following statement of the first charge
and its specifications in his case.
I declare to you in the most solemn
and positive manner possible that 1 am
perfectly innocent in every way, shape
and form ; that I have never by myself,
or by another appropriated, converted
or applied to my own use a single dol
lar or any of the Government money,
or permitted it to be done, or author
ized any meddling with it whatever.
The funds for which I was responsible
I kept in my quarters in my trunk be
cause I felt more secure to have them
in my own custody. On May 2nd I re
ceived a telegram from General Small
not to transfer any funds as he intend
ed being absent from San Antonio.
This I contrived to apply to every
thing pertaining to funds. As I was
not informed, some one he left to attend
to the routine of business then during
my absence, submitted my funds
regularly to the commanding officer for
inspection and did not make a state
ment in consequence of the telegram of
May 2nd. I thought it unnecessary
and discontinued. For June the ac
cumulated funds, after verification, I
put in my trunk and they were not ex
amined until July 8th, I then discover
ed a discrepancy of $1,551. I did not
know what todo but chose to put in
my own check for the amount, intend
ing to deposit personally in the Bank
before required to remit. I relied on
getting money from the publisher of
my book who had promised it. I was
disappointed 'again. 1 had no theory
of how the shortage occurred and did
not suspect the servant had made up
the deficiency
Washington, Dec. 7. The chair sub
mitted certain proceeding of the Re
formed Episcopal Church convention
in New York on polygamy. Referred.
A bill was introduced by Ingalls to
enable the people of New Mexico to
form a constitution and State govern
ment and for admission into the Union.
Allison introduced a bill authorizing
the Postmaster-General to compensate
the C. B. & Q. road for facilitating the
transportation of the United States
The House resolution from special
committee to consider all petitions,
bills, etc. asking for woman suffrage
was referred.
The chair announced Morrill's tariff
commission resolution and ordered him
to take the lloor, but he being unwilling
to speak to-day the Senate adjournetf.
Comments on the Message.
New York, Dec. 7. The Journal is
rowded to-day with the President's
message and documents incident to the
opening of the new Congress. The
message itself is universally well spoken
of, particularly by the Republican and
Independent sheets.
The World says the message is full of
views and the views are not pretended
to be the views of the country, or even
of the party, but only the personal
opinions of President Arthur. No care
ful reader of the message can fail to
note this peculiarity and few reflective
readers will bo at a loss to assign it to
its true cause which made the letter of
acceptance of the Republican candi
date for Vice-President last year so
much more ftutspoken and positive than
the letter of the Republican candidate
for President. The World concludes in
regard to our foreign relations: "The
President speaks with a force and
clearness which will command the re
spect of men of all parties."
Dnvl Manifests Indignation.
Washington, Dec. 7. When refering
to his acceptance of the position of
President of the Senate in his speech
to day, Davis manifested considerable
indignation in alluding to various news
paper criticisms that ho had sold him
self to the Republicans. He was very
emphatic in the re-assertion that not
a single word tending to commit him
self to the Republicans passed between
him and them prior to his acceptance
of the position. His speech has made
the Senate officials and employees
Mar Roate
Philadelphia, Dec. 7. Civil suits
against the alleged star route conspira
tors came before Judge Butler and the
jury in the United States District Court
to-day. Verdicts were given against
Benjamin B. Wiley for 7,5O0; 8,000,
$8,000 and $400, amounts of bonds ac
companying the principals for carrying
mails on four routes for. which be was
bidder. Judge Butler formed the opin
ion that the (lovernment should have
other and more direct evidence than
that which it proposed to offer and a
new jury will consider it.
It the cases of Joseph Funk principal
and Joseph R. Black and Henry C. Ar
bucklc, his sureties, judgments were
given for $1,975, $4,150, and $3,018, the
amounts of contracts in which they
were concerned.
New Railroad Company.
San Francisco, Dec. 7. A new rail
roal company has been formed under
the name of the Arizona and Navada
Railroad and Navigation Company.
It's object is the construction of a line
between Caville, Nevada, and Yuma,
with extensions by rail or water as may
hereafter be determined, to Port Isabel
and Libertad, on the Gulf of California.
The company has been incorporated
under the laws of Arizona, but has its
principal business office in San Fran
cisco. The capital stock is twenty mil
lion dollars. The road will pass through
the lino of mining district on the East
tern bank of the Colorado river. From
Port Iasbel the line will continue to Al
tar and through the rich mining dis
trict to Libertad.
Violently Opnusett.
New York, December 7. The Post's
Washington special says: Western
Congressmen, notably representatives
from bullion producing States are vio
lently opposed to the recommendations
of the President and Secretary Folger
that the coinage of the silver dollar be
stopped and silver certificates be with
drawn. Representative Belford.of Col
orado, in speaking for their sentiment
says: Such a policy will alienate bul
lion States against which it discrimi
nates. It will be as unpopular there as
a suggestion to repeal the duty on iron
would be in Pennsylvania. If Presi
dent Arthur desires to make war on my
State, I shall not support him in his
Explosion in a Candle Faetory.
San Francisco, December 7. The
loss by the explosion at the candle fac
tory this morning is estimated at about
$20,000. The bouer was of high pres
sure, eighteen feet long, and two feet
in diameter. A piece weighing a ton
was thrown over a two-story building,
and landed in a gravel pit a thousand
yards distant. Other pieces of great
weight were thrown against the wall of
a warehouse and shattering adjoining
buildings. Bricks, timber, grease and
candles were distributed over the neigh
borhood. That no lives were lost is al
most miraculous. -
Dublin, Dec. 7. Justice Fitzgerald,
in opening the Munster AssisSes, said
the Government's peace measure which
exceeded the anticipations of the most
ardent advocate of tenant rights,
caused no diminuation of crime. The
number of indictments pending are
doule that of last year.
Taking Fast IIorwesEnst.
Cheyenne, Dec. 7. O. A. Hitchcock,
a well-known jockey, resumed his
journey east with the following horses :
St. Julian, Santa Clause, Overton,
Sweetheart and Promising, California
three-year old horses in a Central Pa
cific baggage car.
Ordered Eaul.
Council Bluffs, Dec. 7. This evening
Mr. Wm. Arthur, the only brother of
the President, passed through here en
route to New York. He has been sta
tioned three years at Ft. Benton, rank
ing as major, and now goes east by or
der of General Hancock.
General Sleeting.
Washington, Dec. 7. General Negley
President of the Nation Council of the
Union League of America, called a
general meeting of the Council in Phil
adelphia on the 14th of December.
Indianapolis, Dec. 7. Dr. Orphens
says all experts on insanity here who
have been summonsed in the Guiteau
case, are convinced by the cross-examination
of his responsibility.
Arizona Nnielting Furnace.
The following is a description of an
inexpensive copper smelting furnace in
use in Arizona: It is simply a largo
perpendicular square frame, built of
well dressed stone, and thirty feet
high. Five feet from the top the feed
opening is placed, and from there to the
bed of the furnace it is fifteen feet. It
has a capacity of fifteen tons daily. It
has stout copper plates in the masonry
where the heat will be the most intense.
It will be firmly secured from damage
by expansion by stout iron clamps.
The slag and metal discharge openings
are in front. The low position of the
smelter gives little show for a slag
dump, but that is lo be obviated by
the erection of a derrick with a thirty
foot arm, which lifts the slag pots and
swings them sixty feet from the fur
nace. The cost of the furnace does not
exceed $700.
The aggregate expenses of the courts
in New Mexico for two years past foots
up $73,810.43. This sum is divided as
follows: Bernalillo county, $3,451.30:
Colfax couuty,$3, 603.67; Dona Ana, $7,
839.83; Grant, $7,407.34; Lincoln, $4,
786.50; Mora, $4,504.30; Rio Arriba,
$3.211.78; San Miguel, $13,490.16; San
ta Fe, $14,264.69; Socorro, $2,857.62;
Taos, $3,623.50; Valencia, $3,189.77;
Supreme Court, January, 1881, $961.90.
Jurors' and witnesses pay,' mileage,
sheriffs1, district attorneys' and clerks'
fees, are included in the above. In the
court expenses of the first and second
districts are included traveling expen
ses for Judges Prince and Parks. Al
buqaerquc Review.
Frceze-to-be-nobby-young-mcn : The
fellows with carat diamondstiuU catch
cold quickest. They expose their laun
dried shirt fronts instead of buttoning
up the ulster
Intellectual legs: A London woman
esthete on Mr. lrving's limbs thus in
dulges: "Mr. lrving's legs are limpid
ana utter. Both aro delicately intel
lectual, but his left leg is a poem."
A religious paper printed at Poohah,
India, says of a young woman who
committed suicide: "She ended her
virtuous life in the cool retreat afford
ed by a convenient and umbrageous
A Printers Drraut.
A printer sat in his office chair; his
boots weie patched and his coat thread
bare; while his face looked weary and
worn with care. While sadly thinking
of business debt, old morphens around
him slowly crept, and before he knew
it he soundly slept, and sleeping he
dreamed that he was dead; from trouble
and toil his spirit had fled, and that not
even a cow bell tolled for the peaceful
rest of his cow hide sole. As he wander
ed among the shades, smoke and
scortch of hades, he shortly observed
an iron door that creaking hung on
hinges ajar, but that entrance was cros
sed by a red-hot iron bar, and Satan
himself stood peeping out and watch
ing for travelers thereabout, and thus
to the passing printer spoke and with
growling voico the echoes woke, "Come
in, my dear, it shall cost you nothing,
and never fear; this is the place where
I cook the ones that never .uay their
subscription sums, for though in life
they may escape, they will find when
dead it is too late; I will show you the
place where I melt them with red hot
chains and scrape of tin, and also
where I comb their heads with broken
glass and melted lead; and if of refresh
ments the y only think, there's boiling
water for them to drink; there's the red
hot grindstone to grind down his nose,
and if they mention they don't like fire,
I'll sew up their mouths with red-hot
wire; and then, dear sir, you should see
them squirm while I roll them over
and cook them to a turn. At these
last words the printer awoke, and
thought it all a practical joke; but still
at times so real did it seem, that he
cannot believe it was all a dream: and
often he thinks with a chuckle ana grin
of the fate of those who save their tin
and never pay the printer.
The Ilead-Lincr.
The professors of journalism who pe
riodically tell us about newspapers have
failed to notice a comparatively mod
ern and a very important feature of tbe
newspaper, namely, the head-lines.
This is a department of the paper
wheh has stealthily conquered for itself
an influence which even newspaper
managers sometimes inadequately re
cognize, It often happens that the in
genious artist in this department is
really editing the paper. He can con
vey an impression which the writers of
ponderous leaders are trying to avoid.
He can create a doubt or a waken a sus
picion by a single artfully-chosen word
or sow broadcast an opinion which it
may take columns of writing to show is
unfounded. Suggestions that are bur
ied in the bodies of articles may attract
no notice; but the flaming head-line
takes the eye at once, and its diagnosis
of the matter which it criticises may be
very wide off the mark without the av
erage reader applying any corrective.
The head-line largely regulates the em
phasis that is given to the report of cur
rent events. Small matters in this way
may be magnified, and mere conjec
tures invested with nearly the dignity
of established facts. Toronto Mail.
America is a country where a man's
statement is not worth two cents un
less backed up with an ofl'erto bet you
$10. . '
A correspondent wants to know how
"burnt umber" is made. Very likely
the makers have to cucumber to get the
burnt article.
When a man gives you his left hand
to shake, it is sate to infer that he has
done something with his right hand
that he is ashamed of.
Couldn't tell a lie: An honest Hiber
nian, when asked if he had a pleasant
time at the picnic replied: "I'll not
desave ye, sorr; it was a dull time; sorra
a black eye on the ground till after 3
The star route men have had seven
lawyers to pay for the last six months,
and some people are beginning to
think they are punished enough.
A Dublin newspaper contained the
following: "I hereby warn all persons
from trusting my wife, Ellen Flanagan,
on my account, as I am not married to
H'rhe London Spectator says: "Genins
protects itself." The Spectator has
probably heard of the purchase we re
cently made of a self cockingrevolver."
Synopsized opinion by the court
"These defendants are dismissed. The
court finds they stole a large amount
enough to entitle them to respect. Call
the next case."
Landscape Gardener and Florist
Will contract for laying out
New Grounds, Parks, etc., etc.
Critors takon for planting out
Shade Trees and Evergreens.
All trcng warnnted to live. Terms onc-hnlf
cnxh, at timo of painting; the other half when
sutistlcd that the trees will grow. Address
13. A. HOWARD, Las Vegas, N. M.
Millinery and Fancy Good.
Mrs. S. R. Saulsbury, from Trinidad,
will be ready to display
her fine line of millinery goods
Thursday morning, corner of Main and
Seventh Streets, opposite M. A. Otero's
residence. She has a very fine line of
goods and the ladies of Las Vegas and
vicinity are respectfully invited to be
present. 12-7-2t
Glorieta Shoeshop and Barbershop.
Opposite the depot, Glorieta, N. M.
12-0-lw J. A. Finch, Prop.
Blankets and wool
en goods in great va
riety at
Chas. Ufeld's.
Children's pianos and children's or
gans, just received byMarcellino, Boffa
& Perez. 12-H-ct
Mrs. J. B. Baker & Co. have just re
ceived a fancy lot of Christmas toys,
toilet mats, light kid gloves and also
the celebrated Fester kid g'ove. Ladies,
hair and furnishing goods. Also a
fresh line of confectionery and elegant
cigars. Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel.
Capt. Stark yesterday received a car
load of corn and still there is more to
follow. Go to him for forage for your
horses. 12-8-0t.
Las Vegas, N. M.
J. J. Kitzgcrrell, the livo real estate man,
ha fur sale a large number of line busincM
and desirable residence lota in different parts
of the new and old portions of the city. Par
ties seeking investments In real estate, busi
ness chunees, business and dwelling houses,
should call on FiUgerrcll; ho can accommo
date them.
A llaro Chance:
QAA DOLLARS will buy a Choice Busmen
OKJKJ Lot on Douglas Street.
ID DOLLAlt.S a month, for twelve months,
JLO will buy a Choice Residence Lot
Q Cfl DOLLARS will buy a Good Four Bimm
0J W House, near Maehinc Shop.
QAA DOLLARS will buy Chuleo Lots on
0JJ Main Ktreot.
CHOICE Residence Lots In Beuna Vista ad
dition. "innn DOLLARS will buy a Choiec.Corner
XV JJ Lot oil Douglas Street.
7flft DOLLARS will buy a House and Lot on
vv Main Street, renting for Twenty Dol
lars a month.
1 AOn DOLLARS will buy two of the Best
XJJJ Business Lots on Douglas Street.
1 Ori( Dollars will buy a Magnificent
0JJJ Cattle Range Ten Miles Square
Well Watered and Sheltered. All under wire
Q1 ff buy I choice resl
JliVWU denco Lots.
ii DOLLARS will buy a house and
OlW two Lots.
OnA DOLLARS will buy a choice r.vil
iJJ dence Lot.
1 CC O DOLLARS will buy one of the
A,VJVV best Business Lots on Railroad
HUNDRED DOLLARS will buy a thrce
O room Houso with Lot near the Depot.
wJO 1 nnwin- buy two houses with three
P XJ KJ lots, fronting the Park.A great
bargain. Renting for $:)6.(i0 a month
A RARE CHANCE. Will sell a valuableln
terest in White Oaks mines and mill ma
chinery nt a great bargain on account of sick
ness. Inquire of J. J. Fitzgerrell the live real
estate man.
Vi 1 4 ) fx O Wi" ,,uy Rn elegant four room
jA.iJ-J houso in flue order, rentlnjr
for if:io per month.
UífíriA Will buy a nice residence on Main
p)0J street renting for 14 a month.
Q 1 Q f f Will buy a good hotel on Rail
V XXDJJ road Avenue renting at r0
per month.
Q1 OOri WiUbl,y one of the bestbusl-fS-L
tjy-'J ness houses and two lots on
Douglas St.
P-wVbiiy a no room house with a splendid
lot centrally loeuted. Enquire
. r r. . - Tno "ve real estate agent.
OR LEA3E-Four lots ,3n Douglass and
Lincoln Avenues.
4fff DOLLARS will buy a fine
J V KJ stock dairy and farming ranch
near the city.
"1 PC Oí 1 DOLLARS will buy a splendid
KJ KJ new residence, six rooms, two
lots lronting on Maine Street. Rents for $10
per month.
6PiO i"iI)oUar8 wl11 buy "0 Í the
. J KJ KJ best shingle mills in the terri
tory, together with 8,01)0 acres of tine land,
or a shingle mill man who understands the
business this is a fortune.
70 nnAwl"'111 buy no 'f
ypKJKJKJ tho largest and best ap
po mud stock ranges in tho territory: a splen
did residence; eight in iles of river front: nu
merous lakes, and springs; well watered and
well sheltered; all under fence; making oneof
the best stock ranges in tho world. Grant title
&6JOO Will Jbuy two lota on Zion Hll,
j3i-'v--V A splendid bartrain.
'iJ-Fifi will buy a good new turco room
vtt J KJ house and two lots near the rail
road depot and round house.
aV'íWí ' Wethent. ewes and lambs.
SiV! FÍOO W1" buy one of the best bnsl-
fP.'nf 11088 houscs in the city, rent
ing at $1,000 a year.
1 also have for sale several fljje stock ranches
in the different portions of théTerritory.
A number of desirable business houses on
tbe different business streets of the city, also
offices, restaurants and dwellings. If you want
to rent property call.
Remember that the best business chances
arc always to be hail by calling on
,. , J. J. FrrzoKKRicLb
luo livo real estate agent, office on Grand
3,000 heart of best improved cattle for rale.
For particulars enquire of J. J. FITZGEH
RF.L, tho lire real estate agent. ll-stf
Wanted-For Sale-For Rent-lost,
TNSTALMENT PLAN-Will sell a few choleo
A. resilience lots on monthly payments.
, . , J. J- FlTZOBRUKLL.
Live Real Estato Agent.
ITANTED A smart boy to kick press. Ap
TT ply at this cilice. 12-H-tf.
WANTED A flrst-cluss drecsmakor. Ap
ply at this office, v
VfAíí,T,?I"A i0UPl ff passengers for
, r n WhJK ?J4k? ,for0 Thursday. Inquire
of D. P. Shields in Optic Block. Vi$-3t
ANTED. A go:d cook at the Michigan
' ' ' 1"'
WANTED-Everybody who likes a good
,u n1 ' an? bed to sleep in, to come
to the Nutional Hotel, South Side Plaza 11-IOtf
WANTED -To buy and sell second hand
goods. Will buy and sell at reasonable
rates. Money advanced on goods at a reason
rate, I also make furniture repairinf a speei
brUl'gi, 'ür8t buiWu'lf east of the
WANTED A gentleman wishes a single
room, furnished, Preferably with a rc
spectublo family, where he can have break
liPt. ' AJ'u'y ftt Mr- Browning's of-
F'OR SALE One bed room set, one Queen
Annio parlor set, two carpets and one
mirror at a bargain Inquire at the Delmonico
restaurant, East Las Vegas. u -i
FOR SALE A lot of good horses and mules.
tor particulars call at the En liner A fne-
ral, west of tho plaza.
rORSALE-W.J.Colvin has a lot of good
J horses tor sale at the Exchange corral.
FOR SALE. Native shingles can be found
at Mr. Hlanehard's store, on tho plaza, at
wholesale prices. lÓ-Miint
1 IÍ,iaí,í?Uí-,no '"Mfo'cnTa'pTTil
i 1 Ply 'y Brothers & Co., Glen Mora
Ranch, Watrous. JO-l-tf
FOR S ALE.-Canary birds, singly or in pairs.
.. AnP'-v t Mrs. Potter on the street back of
tho National Hotel. U-28-tf
FOR BALE-MOO cedar posts. Apply to
Okouok Ross, or at Lockharfs store.
irí" KENT Furnished rooms. Apply to
V Mrs. Judge Hubbell opposite Gazettr or-i!0.-
nWR RENT. Baca Hall, for balls, parties'
L entertainments, lectures, etc. For terms
apply to Will c Burton. Agentand Manage
Dealer In
Best Native Wine
Always On Hand
Ven Non.
' Venison at Hooper's meat market.
Five tine, fat fawns just received at that
market yesterday.
liest head cheese, sausage, beef and
pork at the California meat market.
Thero is the place to get good bargains.


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