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NO. 132.
VOL. 3.
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11 1 .. ; , LT It :
r.s - '. xt.X. t .-jr. ;-( i. : '
"Onoo Moro to tlxe Fuoiat ! "
New York Clothing House
it :
I ! 1 !
onrthree house cany din hnwensostockutch cimblos ue Ur defy 11- competition. Wo
call especial attention to our being ' '
. The Agents, for. Devlin & ,Cp.
' For suits ttT ordef Iri fifteen diiya. Satisfaction guaranteed or fio alo. Also Agent for
ñBurt & Mear's Celebrated Hand-made Boots and Shoes.-!!
t (Jome one!
Latest styles
v .Qur u e w . II o u
The fresh stock unbroken
jHats,(Oaps, Boots arid Slices
In, any shape you choose,
' Noiie lower ' tliaií our, margin
if Go to the New York - Clothing 1
House to Bargain. ,' '' '
"1 :p ;. T.AÍS Vlícils AKD
,2 m
w 0
víia. i.rzmmw jay.
i? fTOASiX W w ool,; Hides,
Plumbing Goods, Steam Fittings, Gas Fixtures.
House Furnishing Goods.
Cornice Making a S p e cialty
All Kinds
Bed Springs of all Kinds, Pillows of all Kinds,
w Window Curtains of all Kinds,
v : t : Wholesale and Retail. ?y s "
East Las Vegas, 3d Door
1 ?
('KNTHK STREET, is dio
. I i -Assortment 01 H
J.fT'Do yon comprchoml thututM .1). Marcus, Centro Street, is a perfect collection of
:-.:sv . DO YOV -BELIEVE ; fn ......
Tlmt rlirht hero Is the place where you can buy
pay for inferior (rootls elsewhere ? We are prepared to FKOVE. Permit us to show ourOoods
anu iTices. lie aiso Keep ine j.artfi'st stock 01
Centime Street,
Bast Ijaa vogas, - -
HÓPPE jpt -3311.1 O S
film I IP
mm anevi
. BUUIS O XX U 13 3 HXXU. UV11H. X UI.U18XXJ.UK xJrOUClo, I f I
, - ' -- ;v Tí r ' , 4 . j P, 6
Country Produce a Specialty. Special attj iitif Klv n to Milling flhd Itntlwm.l iraer!, All
Kuaranteed flrst-class. v.utvi i,, .... Ji.ji'.iÁiA . Jf j..
Eivot Xv!3 Vegas, : ! NeWi OMCex.
J. H. ÓVERHXJLLS, Propori, Jkm;
Ten miles' from DLas VegasJ oiV 1 the ; Gallinas
:-' llnnad and UnjilancJ Lumber of nil Kjndj Kept Constantly on Hand and?
Made to
and iDerKXlxxg
come all
this Fall,
s e is open, -
i 1 1 ie'sf- Propr's
ORIto;; .jil !.V'j fji! !lf
Ktc, both liero ami In tiie
All Kinds
West of St. Nicholas Hotel
Xoatcst,1 Nicest anj Cheapest
Just what you want for less monei- than von
uroceries, wiiuiiiSAljJi; and KKTAIJj. tallón
- - Now VIexloo
mám - Jztfj Jbü mmT:
A" Day of ' DIsastreiis Jilrcs
and Other
1 1 Casuáltiea. J
The Loss ef Life bj.;th Ylennk
Now Pat at 1,000.
Twenty Lives Lost in Burning Hotel
lit Pennsylvania.
Seven Men VictlniB of a Railway Col-
' V .! ,: lision'ln'Éngland.",:!i 'r'
K. I-.
-,.( ,.
The City, of Chicago Visited by a $500,
V - V' 000 Fire- - ;
Three Hundred And Fifty Bills Already
Introduced in the Senate.
The Secretary of the Treasury's Report
, s '
Frightening Buliioii holders.
Hart, the Colored Pedestrian Ahead in
' Ithe Walk olf Memphis Í 1 1
A Mexico Desperado Kills .a,,Scorft of
;ivl ; hPewomii W oA. DájiH ft .
Two St. i Louis MnrdererifCiranted a
.A U r !
r. f --. Respite. -; I I o tl ill
s juj i u 3 Ho dril
Klxteen Men Burned to IeHli,
Pittsburg, Dec. 10. News of a terri
ble and shocking holocaust which 'oc
curred at Kock Cut some; tailea, fiom
this city, this morning about 3 o'clock
by which sixteen men were burned to
death and a lame number fatally burn
ed has been received here. The fire oc
curred in a boarding house in which
nearly fifty workmen employed at Da
vis1 dam were boarding.! t I j j;
Vakotheu account.
This morning's horror excels any
thing in this vicinity since íhé collision
on the 25th., A frame boarding house,
located on the Hue of the Pittsburg &
Lake Erie . railroad some seven miles
below this city; Avas set on fire by the
explosion of a lamp, and of forty men
known to be sloeping only twenty-four
escapeu auve, ana mey were an more
or less burned, and not one of them
succeeded in securing his clothes so
rapid was the progresé of the flames.
Others were literally roasted to dc-ath
without the possibility of an effort being
made to rescue thorn, The building in
which the hre occurred, as stated above,
was located about seven miles from the
city, at lioek Cut . It was owned by
luariin uoyer, a conrracior, Dut was un
der the management of a Mr. Kenown
and known as the boarding house. It
was about thirty feet wide and fifty
íect long, anu constructed oi sixteen
loot ooarus piacoa on end. it had a
board roof with a very steep pitch, and
tuo loit tormed ov tne slonina: root was
the placo in which the laborers -were
huddled for the night. In the lower story
was a dining room and at the end of
the building was the kitchen. The
stairs leading to the loft were little bet
ter than a ladder and were located just
nt. t.lin siilfl of th flonr lnlinr frnm tlm
dining room to the kitchen. In the left
bunks were arranged, but the only light3
which penetrated were two openings
without glass, but which were closed at
night with sliding doors so as to keep
out the chill night air. Into this dark
laft some forty-three men were suppose
ed to have slept last night. At least
that number were at supper last ave
ning and none were reported away when
tne nour ior retiring came. The on
gin of the flames M'as the upsetting and
the cause was the explosion of a ken
sene oil lamp. -4 - - - : ; "
The story as told by an eye-w itness of
uie are was suuuiaiuiauy as ionows
Between two and three o'clock this
morning Mr. Kenown, the boardine
i. i. i i ti i . .
UUU313 jvuepur, muse itnu KlDUieu me
kitchen tire. He left a righted lamp on
a table near the door leading to the
dining room and went to arouse his
wife and servant girls. While .hewas
gone the explosion occurred and in an
instant the dining room was filled with
names, j Mr. nenown succeeded in : es
caping with his wife and girls but could
not do more than call; upon those tip
stairs to escape for their lives. In an
other moment the flames had envelop
ed the stairs, thus cuttinar off the doom
ed mud above except through the small
openings at the other end and ironi
uiose uie snuing uoors nau to oe re
The loft was Idled with straw and
combustible material used in bedding
ana oniy tnose nearest to tire openings
could make their exit. Twenty-three
occupants of the rooms succeeded, in
squeezing through the openings ,$ome
way, with their underclothing on .lire
or nude. , Others rushed frantically
about the rooms, first to one and then
the other, their location being known
bv their cries, until the smoke suffocat
ed them and their voioes were stilled in
loss time than it takes to tell it. The
building was wrapped in sheets ot fire
and the survivors could only writhe and
shiver in the . frosty , air ; of the early
morning. i As soon as possible -word
was sent to other boarding houses along
the line or the work in progress and
physicians were summoned from the
neighborhood and eitv. A sneeial
engine was sent down the Pittsburg &
Lake Erie road and in the .meanwhile
the shivering creatures wejfe, provided
witn sucn clothes as could bo obtained
The; seriously injured were brought to
the depot, in Southside and thenóe 're
moved to the West Pennsylvania" Hos
pital, while those who were less serious
ly burned were removed to the hotel of
Martin Joice on Pennsylvania avenue
lho soenes this morning at the eite of
ill fated building were of a sickening
character. In a heap in one corner of
the ruins were the charred remains of
six men who had evidently succumbed
to; tho fire while endc&Yorlng'tof, escape
iniuuyii nu upc-uiug ill ine roul.
''';,,. Death of n. Bnnlngr. '
Cincinnati, Dec. 10. Gen. H. B. Ban
ning; an ex-member of Congress, from
the Second District of Ohio.i-diedVsud-
denly and unexpectedly this morning
Ho has been suffering ill health sev
eral weeks: m -tttm-tn-ia.-tni
St. Louis, Dec. 10. The supreme
court granted a stay of execution until'
January 80th to the murderers, Michael
J. Katowsoky and Charles Elles, the
latter colored. ... i nuu tt.u
Ijbúdón, Dec.
10, 1881.
Two nrominent members of the Land
League were arrested in Cork under the
Coercion Act. i A .
Hearing of the summons against Miss
Reynolds' the meeting of the Ladies
Land League has been adjourned for a
fortnight. .-. , M
Bv a coTIisloVWl- Crtnntihburg, on the
North London ! railroad to-day, seven
persons were killed and more than 00
severely jnjured. . rv a ' J
A Vienna special savs: Onthearrival
of lire brigade it was found impossible
to penetrate Deyooa db ursi, uer ui iuc
theatre, the rush of suffocating smoke
aid air extiguishing the lamps. Tho
bremeflú fecpause. their shouts were not
answered: weré under the momentary
impression that there' were no more
people in tne Duuaing. xuose jwuu
escaped on first alarm, however, sbon
undeceived inemv-'Anoiner enort was
made to penetráis the parquet of the
theatre which were not actually blazing.
In the harrow passage between the sec
ond and third gallery a mass of eorpses
was discovered so closely packed it was
hardly possible to part them, l he nrst
man discovered .was. got, out alive, but
all the réárwere dead. There' were
persons who had lost their i way in con
sequence' of the'; turning on ine gas
which is now ascertained was done Dy
irresponsible person with a view to pre
vent an explosion. Some men were
Efoun grasping w each others throat,
ubsequently investigation showed in
some cases persons, . who finding es
cape' Impossible "committed suicide.
It is stated tbv survivors that women
were seen to throw their children from 1
the galleries into the pit at the time of
the outbreak of the flames. 1 The gal
leries allotted to ladies were full. Many
are missing. t , . , . '
New York, Deiv 10. A special: from
Vienna has, the following additional de-
tails " ? V r'i't f t
' Vienna, Midnight IV extent of the
calamity has herdtofote been much
misunderstood. One thousand one hund
red and thirty persons are announced at
the police bureau as missing 8 nd assum
ing that many of these willturn up, it
is feared that the total loss will not' be
much less than a thousand persons. It
is now, th ought, jxrobabhv, that there
were gWhWAdretriif the fourth gallery.
The persons in the third tow of the par
quette perished. Some persons who
entered the theatre a few minutes after
the fire was discovered remarked at the
time that comparatively few escaped.
The theatrq holds . 2,000,4 Every place
was occupied except the parquette and
boxes, consequently tho total loss may
be found to be i nearly one thousand..
Three hundred and sixty tickets : were
issued for the fourth gallery seats for
the last night's pertormance, and . of
these about fifty have been found.
They had made their escape from the
inside only to find death by suffocation
in the passage way which had no exit.
About 2 o clock the fourth gallery
fell in and the firemen are carrying out
lumps of charred bodies :without form
and far beyond the possibility of recog-.
nition. Who these victims aro will not
be known until their relations have an
nounced them as missing.A. To look at
the bodies in the morgue tells more of
the terrible death which the victims
met than the report that any eye wit
ness has yet given. Some appear to
have died from suffocation alone. ; Two
beautiful girls are there with their faces
scarcely discolored, looking as if they
were only asleep. Another youthful
female figure lies there, one charred
stump of her neck remaining, while her
body and lower extremities are un
touched. The linen of her undercloth
ing is as spotless as when on the altor
noon of the fatal day she dressed, her
solf for the play. Her death is de
scribed -easily:'- Caught in the dense
surging ' crowd the names descended
upon them all, charring and consuming
only the hands and the heads with the
heat, and most of the better preserved
bodies show one' arm uplifted as if
struggling for freedom, while the other
hand is clasped closely to the mouth to
exclude r the distressing i breath
of the , fire. Others have
the heads and upper 1 part of the
bodies disfigured, while the feet and
legs are charred off. Other victims are
represented by trunk alone, the heads,
feet and legs missing entirely. Those
who were exposed to the flames are as
dark as Africans with the form and fea
tures often faithfully preserved. In the
narrow stairway between the second
and third galleries the firemen discov
ered a confused mass of human bodies
wreathed together. The corpses taken
out of the galleries were so . mangled,
also entwined, that it is not doubted
that the unfortunates at last struggled
and fought each other in order to gain
the door. Three of the corpses could
not be separated and were borne away
together. ; f .'if ,
The scenes descriptive of 1 the
bodies ( awaiting recognition in
various places are too fearful to repeat;
Many of the dead appear to be ladies
of the better class. . On the fingers of
one are brilliantdiamonds. t Most of the
bodies are simply without human shape.
On many the legs, arms and hands are
wanting. Outside the burning theatre
wives are seeking their. husbanaSjChild
reh . lookingfor 'thelrparents and parents
for their children The immense crowd
stood silent as: death watching the
llames. The telegraph office, only two
minutes walk away .from ;the fire, was
Crowded with persons who had escaped
and informed friends and relations of
their safety to allay fears. Many Amer
icans were cabling home that they were
among tnle living. " -ijlii
1 ' The generally accepted theory of the
brigin of the fire ' is the accidental up
setting of a smalUamp which set fire to
one of the side scenes and the flames
extended aulcklwin The Emperor has
telegraphed fot full details" to bé sent
opened by thé Vienna 'papers' for ;the
relief of sufferers. l,
Futthe 'inquiries aT to' h brigin of
the fire at the' theatre,: established the
fact that the people entrusted with the
duties of firemen on the stage ran off
frightened at the first blaze, one even
tumbling head-long from the flys to the
stage floor, and another who had charge
of tbe.gasi thinking that an explosion
had occurred, or would occur, turned
off the gas at the meter, plunging the
theater into total darkness until it be
came illuminated - with the blaze of the
conflagration. The reserve of pctro-t
leuni lamps placed in tho theater six
months beiore by order of ' the police
had tMrtVbee lighted . th8-occasion
And probably had never been lighted
since the first night of the order. There
was a fire gauze curtain ready to be let
down in -each case of emergency and
supposed,, to be managed by a special
mechanic well trained in his duty,
;iit addition:' if,
tilo II.
Ueavr Pire la hlta.
Chicago, Dec. 10. The ; four-story
brick ware house of D. M. Osborne &
Co., on South Morgan street, was en
tirely destroyed by fire this morning.
The alarm was eonnded about 4 o'clock,
but the flames had gained such head
way that it was impossible for the fire
department i to subdue them. -The
building . was filled with i reapers and
machinery on which there was an in
surance ot $100,000. The building it
self was insured for 1200,000. The loss
on the stock was : $280,000, and on the
building $46,000. The loss is total, but
there were no casttlties connected with
it. The cause of tho fire is unktown.
For some months the firm had employ
ed no watchman. The building was an
extensive one. It occupied Nos. 000 to
601 Morgan street. 4
The Tariff QueMton.
New. York,. Dec. 10. The Post's
Washington correspondent says: 'K.
Sparks, a Democrat from Illinois, says
there will be a sharp agitation on the
tariff question. Exactly what shape
the light will take has not yet appeared
but it is coming, and when it breaks,
there may be time at least for a serious
division in what has been ' the Demo
cratic party. He presumed that a new
school of protectionist Democrats
would make trouble, but the free trad
ers were going to make a square open
fight and trust to the ' future to show
the wisdom of their boldness. He be
lieved that Illinois .would approve a
reveuue tariff reform movement by
5,000 majority .and it would be so . in a
greater or less degree in all the , States
of the grain belt..
A Political Leader.
i New York, Decl0.'A special from
Brownsville, Texas, says: Isabel
Almes, a noted political magnate at
Chamamero, Mexico, has just com
mitted a wholesale butchery. Going to
a ranch he commenced to beat the wo
men there savagely and one Guadalupe
Sopati who interfered was killed by the
infuriated desperado. The next ranch
he visited he shot and wounded no less
than seventeen people before his career
was checked. -
Frightened Bullion Holders, j
i New York, Dec. 10.-The Commer
cial Advertiser's Washington special
says: The owners of silver oullion have
apparently become frightened at the
recommendation of : Secretary Folger
and Director of the Mint Burchard, re
garding the discontinuance of the coin
age of standard dollars as there was
mote than double the usual amount of
bullion offered to the Treasury this
week at somewhat reduced prices.
Declared OH.
; San Francisco, December 10. A Tuc
son dispatch says tho proposition of H.
B. Clafllin & Co., of New York, to take
the assets of Lord & Williams and pay
fifty cents of all the indebtedness in
case creditors would come forward and
n a contract to accept the same in
full is declared off as creditors repre
senting thirty-nine thousand dollars re
fused to. sign the contract within the
time specified.
, , John W. Forney-
y Philadelphia, December 10. The cof
fin containing tho remains of John W.
Forney will be borne to the grave Mon
day noon by General W. S. Hancock,
Congressman W. D. Kelly, General D.
E. Sycklee, ex-Speaker - Randall, ex
Congressman E. B. Hart, Congressman
Andrew G. Carlin, Colonel A. K. Mc
Clure.George W. Childs.Daniel Dough
erty and Louis C. Cassidy.
The Walk at Memphis.
Memphis, Dec. 10. The score stood
at 1 p., m.; Hart. 254, 0!Leary, 247,
Harriman234, Schmehl213. huU jjj
Capital Item.
Washington, December 10:-Secre-,
tary Hunt will leave here to-night for
Boston where he has been summoned
by the sudden illness of his father-in-law.
, I ' .( 1 .. ' . m
"J'ii!'oHÜnENATB BILLS.! ' "
The number of bills introduced in the
Senate during its four,, days session is
850 which is nearly or as many as were
introduced in that body during the en
tire third session of the last Congress.
One Senator has introduced thirty
three bills since last Monday. A large
proportion of measures introduced thus
far arc copies of private relief bills that
heretofore have failed to receive final
action. , .y . r -f ; jt: 4 -T
The bill introduced in the Senate by
Vest for the improvement of the Mis
sissippi and Miscouri riyers provides
for the expenditure of ten million dol
lars under the direction of the engineer
corps of the army, one-half of the
amount upon the Mississippi and the
remainder upon ', the Missouri, in ac
cordancc with plans , already recom
mended.. The bill also authorizes the
Attorney-General t institute proceed
ings in the United States courts having
jurisdiction for the appropriation oi
and and material necessary for perfec
ting the work, the land and material so
appropriated to be duly , appraised and
paid for. . , ; .
V The Lord's .Prayer. 1 ,Y
i Did you ever think,' '.'short'.' though it
is, how much there is in it? Oh, it is
beautiful! Like a diamond in the crown
of a queen, it unites a thousand spark
ling gems in one. ! . I ,li m ,
It teaches all of us, every one of us,
to look,, to . God .as our parent-rOur
Father.H H S 9 á - ,'
IP protnpts" us to '"raise our thoughts
and desires above the earth Who art
in Heaven. ' ' ' :' '
It tells us that we must reverence
our .Heavenly, Father Hallowed be
Thy name.' K j j V j i
i It breathes thé saints' reward Thy
kingdom come.
And a submissive, obedient spirit
Thy willbe done on earth as it is in
heaven f$ h H U U
And a dependent, trusting spirit
Give us this day our daily bread.. I
And a forgiving spirit Forgive us our
trespasses as we forgive those who tres
pass against us.
And a cautious spirit' Deliver us
from evil.
And last of all, adorning spirit For
thine is tho kingdom, and the power,
and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.
.; ;r " ."' ,
Fighting- Bees.
According to Mr. Volk, the sculptor,'
who took the Lincoln life mask, picture
in the: December Century Old Abe had
decided preferences as to preachers.
He said: "1 don't like to hear cut and
dried sermons. No when I hear a man
preach I like to see him act as if he
were lighting bees!1! And he extended
bis long arms, at the same time suiting
his action to the words. - -
' Cap t., Stark yesterday received a car
load of corn and still there is more to
follow: . Go to him , for , forage for your
horses, t .n 'C.úí W-Wt.
!' M. E. CHURCH (South.) .! i :ii ,
Re v., W,: W.Welsh will conduct ser
vices at Milllgnn's Hall, East Side, at 7
o'clock p. m. The Southern Methodist
church for Las Vegas will be organized
in the evening and at 3 o'clock in the
afternoon, a Sunday school wilt, be or
ganized, v Rev. ; W. T. Williams, who
has arrived from Virginia to take charge
of the new church, will aid in the servi
Preaohing. at 11 o'clock! a.1, m,, and
7 o'clock p. m. ,; Rev. R. Wi Kistlor is
expected t preach in the-morniug
Subject of the evening' s .' disfourse by
the pastor. "Answer to the Nation's
Prayer." V- ' '' - !
" , CONGREGATIONAL..' i'! ',- '
Rev. Stephen Smith, the pastor, will
conduct the morning service at U a. m.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. ; ' '.'i '
.' PRESBYTERIAN. ! ' i i: ' ;
Morning service at 11 o'clock' Preach1
ing by Rev. Wfl T- Williams, of the M.
E. Church, South. Evening service at
7 o'clock by the pastor, ReV. .East
man. Sunday at 9:45 a. m." t';"i-. u '
Services at 2 ;o' clock p. 'm.; in ; the
Spanish language, by Rev. ;L. . Vargas.
Citizens will all ,bfi made welcomti, ; '.
,-, , baptist. .!, . ''
Services at 11 a. m. and .7 p. m.iby
the pastor, Revv J. E. Cohenour. ; , Sun
day school at ld. m. Chapel oh Sixth
street, near St. Nicholas hoteL A cor
dial invitation is extended tó;' strangers
inthecitv. " '. !.(' '""'' '
: ' ' iWi'. 'i l'1'.' 'I
Dr. Pettljohh is building a handsome
residence at the" Hot Springs. It is 23
feet wide1 ; by 40' feet deep and two.
stories high. The inside of the house is
flnnvpnientlv ariláftédnearlv all the
rooms 'on, ,, thej )ower 'flwefj' 'pcing
connected by large folding, doors i, so
that in case Of receptions or social gath
erings of any kind, the entire first floor
can be made as one room.
Enterprise and Thrif t. ..
We would call especial attention to
the advertisement of the Swift Specific
Comoanv. to be - found in this issue.
We learn that the company have recent
ly erected costly and improved ma
chinery, by which their capacity for the
manufacture of their wonderful Blood
Remedy known as S. S. S. has been more
than doubled, xne company is com
posed of some of our most reliable and
enterprising citizens, and from the long
array of testimonials from the most re
liable people in different parts of
the country, the remedy seems to bo a
specific for all sucn diseases as iatarrn,
Eczema, Scrofula, Rheumatism and an
antidote or eradicator of Mercury from
the system in fact, a cure lor any dis
ease originating from a disordered con
dition of the blood. It is with pleas
ure that we note, in connection with
their increased capacity for the manu
facture of S. S. S., that they have re
duced the price of the regular size to
$1.75 per bottle, and from now on out a
small size holding half the , amount,
$1.00. 1 ' - ' -: ' ' '
This is a move in the right direction
and places S. S. S within the reach of
all sufferers. AtUntia (Ga.) Constitu
tion, Oct. 23, .1881. ; :! '
' Santa Claus, 1881.
On the -iSthyj inste, I
will show on . tjie, sec
ond floor of my , store
building the largest
stock of . toys . and
Christmas goods' ever
brought ' to Las Vegas.
; ; Isidór Steux. ;
i' ÍM.S-v.'VrWest Las Veaas.
Groceries for Las' Veg-as.
Bennett & Co. have opened a large
stock of groceries ; in samo room ' with
California meat market on Sixth street.
A full line of canned goods, teas, bak
ing powder, spices, flour, rrackers,but
ter, eggs and vegetables. Go there for
anything you want. , , , ) 2-8-1 w
: Mrs. J. B. Baker & Co. havo just re
ceived . a fancy lot of Christmas toys,
toilet mats, .light kid, gloves and also
the celebrated Foster kid glove. Ladies,
hair : and furnishing . goods Also a
fresh line of confectionery and elegant
cigars. Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel.
12-8-lw.i tjji jí-t í
Groceries of all kinds and meat market..-;
Best ' and freshest ; beef, pork,
sausage, etc., at. Austin's on Zion Hill.
Pickles, sauer kraut, cabbage, tur
nips, breakfast bacon, groceries of all
kinds and fresh bread every day at the
the M. E. church" 1 " ' i :' . l2-8-4t j
j .. .:t i " r. ... '
.AUention is called to the fact that A.'
O. Bobbins, the leading furniture man
of New Mexico, is how offering unpar
alled inducements to 1 his ' customers.
His stock was never so - full and com-
Í lcte as now and his prices are tho very
owest. It will pay you to look through
his immense stock before making5 your
Christmas purchases; ' '" ; 12-1-tf
'.'ni i i '' m. i . , 1 1 ii.i;1 ;
1 LosTTho',' photograph 'of ; a íády.
The photograph was a large bhe; about
ten inches long by six inches, wide., A
reward of ten dollars wtyl.'be '.paid he
finder by leaving the photograph at
this office. ,) y,.,..,,;i ,12-.2w ;
The ladies say those 'potatb-frye'r8f aí
Roberts & Wheelock'aare just toolove-
iy-,,..,j . .. 12-e-tf
' 'Still they come . ' Another carload of
stoves 'and furnitMre 'jast Teceived by
Ix)ckhart & Co. 1 ' 1 ''ii2-8-tf
1 f.Hl H! !
.1 ...il.
, Booth's séléctédbys
ters at! the Park gro
cery, att70cts.per can.
Received daily.
.iWhyl Where did yom pet such nice
butter? At Bonnet ttCoa, of course.
: ; .n-.lhr.r -v't 12-10-tf. ;
". Las Vegas, N. M'i '
J. 3. Fltzgerrell, the Uve real estate man,
han f or isle a lanre number of fine business
and desirable residenoe iots In different parts
of tho new and old portions of the city. Iar-
lies secKtnir investments in rnti esiaie. uu.i
ness chances, business and dwelling houses,
shouM call on Fltzgerrell; he can accommo
date them. 1 ' '
DOLLARS will bur t'holua Business
Lot on Dourlas Street.
DOLLARS a moath, for twelve numUu,
wil 1 bur Cholee Residence Lot
DOLLARS win bur Oood Four Koora
House, near Machino Shop, i ,
OAA DOLLARS will buy Choice Lots ou
OUU Main Street. 1 . i '
CHOICE Residence Lots In Deuna VUta ad
dition ..
1 Ann DOLLARS till bur a Choice Corner
.JJJ Lt on Dourlas Street. . .
7An DOLLARS will buy House and Lot on
vU Main Street, renting for Twenty Dol
lars a month.
1 Ann DOLLARS will buy two of the Best
OvW Business Lots on Douglas Street,
1 fiffr Dollars will buy i Magnificent
luUUU Cattle Range Ten Miles Square
Well Watered .and Sheltered. AJI under wire
fence. ' . .
1ffg will buy six choice, resl
.JtJ dence Lots.
H f DOLLARS will buy house and
IWV two Lots. .
íri DOLLARS will buy ft choice resi
ZJJ dence Lot.
I f fr DOLLARS will buy one of the
JL.V JJ bestBualness Lots on Railroad
Avenue.. I,,
3 HUNDRED DOLLARS will buy a' three
room House with Lot near the Depot.
w0 1 fWl'l buv tw houses with three
pO 1JJ lots, fronting the Park. A great
banrain.' Rentlmr for 138.00 a month , .
itAKUCHAJNCU. will sella valúame in
terest In -White Oaki mines and mill ma-
chincry at a great bargaio on account of sick'
ness. Inquire of J. J. FitJiirerrell the live real
estate man. -1 .i i
i) Kf Will buy an elegant four room
iwXSJV house In Uno order, rent i nif
for f;tu per month. ; .r t ,
Úifi XA Will buy a nice residence on Main
ipVJOyJ Street renting for H a month. '
W1U bur ft"001 hotel o Hui1'
J XVJVJXJ 'road Avenue renting nt ft0
per month., . . i iv
( "i QHA Will buy one of the best busl-3J-C'-'W
ness houses and two lots oil
Douglati St. i .
PátJvbuy a one room bouse with a splondid
lot centrally located. Enquire i
"' J. J. FrrzúKRRkM.,
r ' ' ' -.. The live real estate agent.
T710R LEA3B Four lots on DouglaRS and
Jj Lincoln Avenues.' -tw .... ,.u
4 f f f : DOLLARS wUl buy, a fine
(UU J stock dairy and fanning ranch
near the city. . "
,1 K f ( DOLLARS will buy a splendid
JLtJ VJ KJ now residence, six . rooms, two
lots fronting on Maine Street. Rents for $40
per month. ,, ..
6R f ( Dollars will buy one of the
fj KJ J best shingle millJn the terri
tory, together with 3,000 acres of Une land.
For a shingle mill man who understands the
business this is a fortune. ,
H ( Cf C Dollars will buy one of
: I J 'JKJKJ tho largest and best ap
pointed stock ranges in tho territory; a splen
did residence; eight miles of river front: nu
merous lakes aod springs; well watered and
well Hheltered; all under fence; making oneof
the best stock ranges 1n tho world.' Orant title
perfect. il
CiJfY Will buy two lots on Zion Hil ,
SÜHiyJJ A splendid bamrain. .
(i Kf will buya good new three room
ztrJJ house and two lots ticir tho rail
road depot and round house. : ,
f AAA Head of sheep for sale
J ) V7 xJ KJ Wethers, ewes and lambs.
O Rfin Will buy one of the best bnsi
M?mJss ness houses in the city, rent
ing at $1,000 a year. , i .
I alao hare for sale several fine stock ranches
in tne aineront portions of the Territory. '
A number of desirable business houses ' on
the different business streets of the city, aluo
offices, restaurants and dwellings. Jf you want
to rent property cull.
Remember that the best business -chances
are always to be had by calling on
, 1 ' J. J. FlTZOKRRELL '
The live real estate agent, office on Urand
: CATTLE. !:
3.000 bead of best improved cattle for salo.
For particulars enquire of J. J, FITZGEK
REL, the live real estate agent. ; li-atf
si - ,7 ' . - . -, ! . . . '
Wanted-Fof Sale-For Rent-Lost.
WANTED A cook at tho Railroad House,
Ban Marcial. Apply to Chas. Bathbun,
Chicago shoe store. Las Vegas. , : , j , 12-Jl-tf
WANTED To buy a -second-hand Spanish
English dictionary , and DeTornay 't met h -odof
laming Spanish. Address P. W'1 Poit
pttice, Las VegHS. , .,, , , ,,, t,j . . .M
WANTED A smart boy1 to kick press; Ap
ply at this office. , lg-tf.
ANTED A first-class Oreesmaker.
piy at tnis otnee, , . ,
ANTED. A goud cook at the Michigan
US, iJ!uBiitt oepoi. "
WANTED Everybody who likes a good
meal, and a good bed to sleep hi, to come
to the National Hotel, South Side Plaza lMotf
WANTED. To buy and soil second hand
goods. Will buy and soli at reasonable
rates. Money advanoed on goods at a roason
rate, I also make furniture repairinf a speci
alty. Neil Colgan, Hfst, building east of the
bridge. " 1
WANTED A gentleman wishes a sin6lr
room, furnlHBCd, Preferably with a re
spectable family, whore he imn have break
fast. East Side. , APPl t u- browning's of-
INSTAIJíRNT PLAN-.Willsell a few choice
, residence lots on monthly payments, t
V-la-Mf.' " th e Heal Estate Agent.
FOB 8ALE-M)ne bed room set, one Queen
; Annie parlor sot, two carpets and ono
mirror at a bargain Inquire at tbe.Deltnonioo
restanrant, East Las Vegas. ' , , ; 12 7-tf.
T7OH SALE A lot of good horses and mules.
JJ , For particulars call at the Exchange, cor
ral, west of the plaza. , , . n-io-tr
OH SALE W, J. Colvln has a lot of good
I horses for sale at the Exchange corral.
v- - , ' -,,',
I 71QU SALE. Native shingles can be found
at Mr. Blanchard's store, on the plaza, at
wholesale prices. HM-6mt
MERINO BUCKS-100 for sale cheap. Ap-
P'y'oBlyth Brothers' & Co., Glen Moia
Ranch, Watrous. . . , I l(Kl-tf
FOR 8ALE.Canary birds, singly or In pairs.
Apply to Mrs. Potter na the street baulc of
the National Hotel. ,; ,, ll-ijtt-tf
FOR BALE 1000 cednr posts. ' Apply lo
Gsoroi HOS8, or ot Lockbarf's store.
,104-rf 'ii-.tl "i ;: i .i- r H ni.-,--
i ft, .' .i" ! l -i ,
I tnOH RENT-rFurolHhed rooms. . Annlr tn
V Mrs. Judge Hubbell opposite Gazkttm of
Í7OR BNT.-Bhc Halt, for' balls, parties,
. , entertainments, lectures, etc, For terms
apply to Will C Burton. Agent and Manager.
it t ill : i i( i ' i. r j.'.
i;)..' ,i .:! .t Dealeftp, (i .,.:
ii-.l. n i-i; :' iifu te, ! ti .i . i , .nil.,
b:i. .1 ;! ii'i."' ' i I'L.. 1: '
Best Native 'Wine
I.N !. (M- '. . ...... ,,..u. 1
f.,;( ..,, .Always On Haud,(1I
'; e'ii.t'- ! Hi.! .'.). ;. r.u.-l ÜT-.7
i Sayi Do you tnow"hat Bennet t Co.
keep first class staple and fancy groce
ri8? V. n v r.f.i' -T .!? iii riQtf-


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