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VOL. 3.
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"Once MCoire
New York Clothing House
Bed Rocfc Prices
C ir"' -
call i'iit v. : t ji ii i
Tiie A oren
For u; to to rder ln llfi"?;i duys S-it -r-toti
SPBux; & Meir's Ci-:jt.-rl I
Come one! come all!
Latest styles this Fall,
Our new House is open.
The fresh stock unbroken
Eats, Caps, Boots and Shoes
In any shape you choose,
Kons lower than our margin
Gc o the New York Clothing
House to Bargain.
k GHlies, Propr's
Special attention given to TJTT..1 T-T-l 1 '-n TW'l'r' Etc- ,,oth ll n' nl1'1 tllB
buying and Belling YVU .'i, AlJ.'.l-.o. A vlO, Eastern Markets.
Are ( ff creel at the
Fr tn this by till the lust day of December, wo
Our Stock of
in very largo mid
Rega: JLless
Call Fo Vour Supplies at J. Roseuwald Co., South Side of Plaza.
lias Opened the Largest and Best Assorted Stock of
Xj. Hj- Howison, ISLstUiCisesjr
The AttflntiBrtf Dealers Is Called to this Stock. Work Done to Order,
GEOFC "3 ROSS, Porprietor.
Hu constantly !. !:i'l ill ' f y tIc lit ti reasonable price the best quality of conlintho mitrke
imd from fifty to one hnndred and fifty cords of
Dry XlrtorL cfc Cedar Wood
Cut by a horso power saw to any length deslrod; also a largo supply of cellar posts. All orders
left at Lockhnrt & Co's or Browne & Manzanares will receive prompt attention.
Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Wholosnlo and Retail Dealer In
iKocp the largest stock of Lumber, Sash, Doors,
:; !' uil ci,n.;ja;..-.n. V.'
r : fc Co-
jii ifU... red arr. . miIc. A No A;eut for
- .:::r:.: 2;v:3 and Bhoes.
D.iy Goods House of
will "i ll nil g.-ods nt greatly reduced prices.
Holiday Goods
must bo closed u(
or Cost
Blinds, Faints, Oils aid Glass In the Territory
. nun nu Tn rnnnnii
ii liiu di tuüniirn
A Terrible Shooting Affray Takes Plat e
at Socorro,
In which Charlie Hill liei-cives a Death
And Several Others ure Hurt, but not
The Criminal Court at Washington, D.
(.'., Crowded.
The Prisoner says he Enjoyed a Splendid
And Received Many Flowers From
Different Ladies.
The Steamer West Point Explodes on the
River York,
Killing Nineteen Persons and Wounding
Many More.
Socorro Shooting.
Special to the Gazette.
Socorro. Dec. 20. A terrible shoot
ins; affray took place here a 7 o'clock
last evening. It appears that during
last winter two brothers, named
Charlie and Butch Hill, desired to open
a dance house, which was opposed by
the best portion of the citizens, among
whom was Col. Eatou, the proprietor
of a drug store, who nets as deputy
sheriff, and who has resided in the Ter
ritory for the past thirty-two years.
This evening the Hill brothers and their
friends came in from the mines And en
gaged in drinking in M. A. Grenc
wald's saloon on the plaza. They
soon became enraged by drink and
made threats against those who had
formerly opposed them in opening a
dance hall. Col. Eaton, .upon hearing
this, ordered Chief of Police Monroe
to go and disarm them. The Colonel
went at (he same ttme and as he en
tered the saloon he was seen by
Charley Hill, who fired at him and
broke his left arm at the elbow. The
colonel returned the lire, as did also an
officer. Hill was shot in the mouth,
and it is not known at present whether
the wound, will pi ovo fatal or not.
much Lull is under arrest ami the po
lice are scouring the country for Dan
O'Neil, who was a a companion of the
Hills at the time of the shooting. Col
Eaton is not considered fatally, wound
ed. Officer Charley Ransom was shot
in the left hand, but the wound is not
Socoro, Dec. 27. Charley Hill, who
was shot here on Sunday evening, died
last, nmiit at 8 o clock. 1 lie town is
(ulle.iu Triitl.
Washington Dec. 27. The court to
day was densely packed. Upon reach
ing his seat Uuiieau said:
'T had a nice Christmas dinner ami
hope everybody else had. 1 had 'ots of
fruits, flowers anil lady visitors and a
good time generally."
superintendent of Ward's Island Insane
hospital, testified that during his prac
tice he had six thousand eases of in
sanity and had given special attention
to the study of insanity. The witness
stated the difference between delusions
and insane delusions, one being sub
ject of correction by judgement and
senses, the latter not being correctable,
and for that reason denominated in
sane delusions, also illusions and hallu
cinations, giving illustrations from his
own experience. He bel:eved, judg
ing from experience, that the claims of
inspiration frequently asserted by in
sane persous, proceeded from a source
of hallucination or insane delusion
effecting the senses.
The witness was then asked if a per
sons acting under the claim of inspira
tion would indicate it in any other way
than by their assertions, and replied
that actions and behavior would indi
cate it as well as their assertions. To
illustrate it the persons claiming to be
Jesus Christ, and acting under an in
spiration, clothed himself like the
Saviour and gave away property, slept
out doors, beouuse the Saviour had not
where to lay his head.
The witness was asked if such perf
sons would leel any apprehensions o
bodily injury or would take any pre
cautions to guard against clanger.
He replied Inspiration aiways over
rides all fear, bodily pain or injury.and
renders the person who believes ho is
acting under inspiration wholly oblivi
ous to such considerations.
The witness was asked if such per
sons usually planned with deliberation,
and replied: On the contrary their acts
are sudden in both conception and exe
cution as a rule and they seldom at
tempt to avoid the consequences in any
way. There are two kinds of insanity.
"Doctor," suggested the prisoner,
"there is crank insanity and the Abra
ham insanity. The latter is the school
1 belong to. Tell us what you think of
Abraham, doctor?"
The witness described what is com
monly called temporary insanity where
a man commits an act which is only ev
idence of insanity, and where a person
is to all appearances perfectly sane in
all respects both before and after the
Guiteau "That's just my case exact
ly." Witness- I do not. believe in such in
sanity, and in all my experience have
never seen an instance rot it.
Corkhill Doctor, we had a young
man here from Chicago, an agnostic,
who testified that one In every Ave is
insane. What would you to say to
that? - ,
Scoville asked to have the ques
tion read by tho reporter and sharply
rebuked the district attorney for per
sisted attempts to injure the character
and to cast slurs upon the witnesses for
M N I V D IiORMBER 28. 1881.
the defense. I do not care to be con
tinually objecting to such matters. He
may continue to do so if he elioses, and
we will wait tell we get to the jury.
Corkhiil 'll, then, suppose yon
The witness on reulv to the question
said, in the group of wider that yo'Mig
man makes one. the oilier lour win ue
pretty tnfe. The witness thought a
person acting under inspiration to com
mit a deed would not be deterred lroiu
the commission of that act throuirli any
consideration of personal harm to all
ot her person.
uuitcan "un, you are talking aooui
cranks now. I don't belong to that
The witness then proceeded at some
length to give reasons for his opinion,
using the expression, I have frequent
ly noticed that his most violent inter
ruptions have been made when the
weight of evidence was against him.
Tim counsel for the defense objected,
tí the witness was usurping the founda
tion of the jury, who aione could pass
upon the fact that the evidence was for
or against tne prisoner.
. The court overruled the objecti jn and
the exception was noted by the defense.
Guiteau "You are making great ado
about nothing, Doctor. Ido not pre
tend I am insane- Tell us what you
know about Abraham, get your money
and go home."
The witness closely analyzed the con
duct and remarks of the prisoner dur
ing the trial and concluded he had been
play his part ever since the first day.
At the outset the prisoner, he said, had
directed all his abuse against one of the
counsel, and afterwards against all of
Guiteau "Well, you see, doctor,
Corkhill has corrupted the rest of them.
'Evil communications,' you know, 'cor
rupt good morals.'"
The first hypothetical question
of the prosecution was read aim objec
tion made by the defence to the clause
assuming that he raised an axe to kill his
sister, which act the prisoner denies, on
the ground that the witness could not
be asked to pass upon the hypothetical
questions containing two propositions
diametrically opposite.
After argument, the court sustained
the objection, and the prosecution mo
dified the question, lú the modified
form it was put to the witness, and he
replied, I believe tho prisoner to have
been sane.
Objection to the question and reply
wan rioted by the defence.
After recess. Dr. McDonald again
took the stand.
Corkhill then read the second hypo
thetical question.
The witness answered, assuming tho
facts set forth to be true and adding
that statement to others, it strengthens
my opinion Üiat tho man was sane on
the second of July
Exception to questions and answers
was noted by the defense.
The witness visited Guiteau in person
and examined him on the main inci
dents of his life, including the assassin
ation, which the prisoner cal.ed "my
inspiration." The witness asked him
why, if it was God's work, he didn't
leave the details to the Almighty' and
not practice with u pistol.
Tlie prisoner Hushed a little, and said:
The Almighty of men leaves His details
to His agents'. The prisoner said, re
garding lutivre plans, that while he was
not insane lie had studied up iusanity
and believed the jury would find that
he wiis legally insane on July second,
and would acquit him. That he Would
go to the insane asy;um and after a few
months the commissioners of insauity
would pass on the case and find him
sane, of course, and discharge him.
The witness be ieved Guiteau a perfect
ly sa Hi man.
Murtevii Ki.letl.
Richmond, Dec. 27.- News was re
ceived hero this morning from West
Point on York river, of a terrible dis
aster to the steamer West Point, of tho
Clyde line, plying between that point
and Baltimore. The West Point ar
rived at West Point early yesterday
morning and the gang began discharg
ing the cargo. They cleaned out all
I lit) freight between the decks and had
gone below i ito the ho:d to tal e out a
quantity of kerosene oil, when at ten
minutes past twelve, midday, an ex
plosion occurred which blew off the
side of lite vessel into the river and set
li 'e to tho ship. Nineteen persons, in
cluding four of the crew and nearly all
of the steward's hands perished. The
first and second officers escaped, one of
tisem being badly injured. The Capt.
being on shore was saved. The crew
were mostly from Baltimore and the
laborers from Richmond.
The Man fflm Run the Porambnla.
tine Lodgi ig Il.nia b.
The history of Mr. Pullman is that of
a busy man sagacious, ambitious and
useful. He is now about 47 years of
age, in perfect health, systematic in his
habits, and good for twenty years, at
least, oí work. He has a home in Chi
cago that cost nearly $400,000, where he
lives mostly win e in America. He has
elegant summer places on the St. Law
rence and at Long Branch, at which one
of his four brothers, two of whom are
preachers, or some of his immediate
family or friends may be found during
the summer. He spends much of his
time in Europe. The secret of his be
ing able to accomplish so much busi
ness is his marvelous powerof discrim
ination in selecting his lieutenants. . He
simply has to order, and the work is
done. Mr, Pullman got his start in
mining in Colorado. He made some
money there, and Mr. H. I. Kimball
was, 1 believe, associated with him. It
is said that ho was worth less than one
$100,000 when he began with the sleep
ing cars. He bought out the patents of
Wagner and Woodruff and organized
the Palace Car company on a small
scale. The same company now has
over 1,200 palace, hotel and sleeping
cars running in this country. Tnese
cars cost more than $15,000,000. The
Pullman Southern company, of which
he is president, has about eighty-live
cars running, and is building new ones
as rapidly as possible. This company
is managed by Major Thomas Hayes, of
Louisville, and he has handled, it.as he
does everything else, successfully. I
hear that it had nearly $400,000 debt
five years ago, when he took it. It has
about paid this debt in live years and
added $500,000 worth of cars a pretty
good record. Pullman cars have been
put on the roads in England, but none
are running on the continent. In Eng
land they aro very successful. In this
country the railroad company pays
three cents a mile for every mile the
car is pulled over the road. It furnish
es lights and gas. The Pullmans main
tain and equip it. Some of the roads
have abolished the Pullman cars and
put on a line of sleepers of their own.
This custom is not growing, however,
some of the roads having abolished
their own sleepers and recoutracted
with the Pullmans. The hotel cars do
not pay on any line, but are kept on as
a convenience, and in the hope that
they will pay llindly. The chief enter
prise w ith Which Air. Pul man has been
connected since he organized the sys
tem of cars that bears his name was
the elevated system of New York. The
cars were and are made his works. His
next enternriso was the city of Pullman.
This is now occupying his lime and will
keep him busy for a year or two. He
wi 1, doubtless, enlarge it even beyond
its present scheme, and add new indus
tries to the vast ones already collected
there, and thus, maybe, the need for
more workmen and more hands. Neto
York Express.
Ii'a 'it All Wind.
Las Vegas is enterprising. The other
towns in the Territory, just springing
into existence, say she is windy and
gets her prominence on the strength of
blowing. There is some truth and much
enyy in this charge. She is not modest
in setting up her claims, but she has
something really worth bragging about.
She has the most energetic, pub.ic-spir-ited.
driving set of business men in the
Territory. This element alone will
make a successful town, because they
are up early, watch their opportunity,
and keep ahead. During her brief ex
istence she has built up several streets
with nearly solid one and two-story
blocks, built a horse railroad from the
depot to old town, supplied the cily
with gas, put in a telephone exchange,
established two daily papers.organized
a police force, put in a line ot public
water works six miles long with a head
405 feet high, started an academy, a fe
male seminary, given good support to
pubiic schools, organized two or three
churches and built two or three good
hotels and a number of others not so
good. Most of the work has been done
by individual enterprise, subscription
and corporations. There is no Territo
rial law for organization, and, conse
quently, no town debt. Even the po
lice is supported by part payment from
the county coupled with individual sub
scriptions. Vermont Union.
The Art of Talking.
If we notice closely we shall find that
the people who are the most popular in
social life are those who understand
not only how to talk themselves, but
how to make others talk. This is a
very valuable gift. To be able so to di
rect conversation as not to uispiay your
own knowledge, but to draw out the
opinions and quicken the thoughts of
those with whom you talk this is an
accomplishment indeed. It makes each
a. contributor to the enjoyment of all,
and it leaves with each a pleasant sense
of having said something which others
were glad to hear. This is very differ
ent from the consciousness of having
been bored r snubbed or both,
which lesser folks often carry away
from the presence of a fluent and tyrau
ical talker. There is a good deal of
this sort of conversational missionary
work waiting to be done, and the time
which we spend in chatting about the
weather might be very profitably de
voted to it. It should be borne in mind
that there is scarcely auy one of aver
age intelligence who cannot, if he is
drawn out, talk instructively about at
least one thing, the thing with which
he is practically the most familiar, or
which is connected with his regular la
bor. Is your conipauion on the car or
on the street a machines!, a manufac
turer, an artist, a builder lead the con
versation around to the one subject, if
there are no others, in which he is sure
to be interested. The result will be
that you will p. ease him, and gain fresh
knowledge yourself. Whoever talks
much thus with specialists upon their
chosen department or labor or thought,
will get together a fund of valuable in
formation, not to be learned from the
About Advertising.
The Indianapolis Journal has an ad
mirable article n "The Evolution of
Advertising," in the course of which it
is very truly said: "Advertising has
been, like every other adjunct of mod
ern life, a matter of evolution. Now it
is a tine, as well as a useful art. It is
inseparable from business. It is busi
ness. It continues to develop. Now it
is well understood that the journal
which sustains itself for its characteris
tics as a newspaper has no rival as an
advertising medium. The day of plac
ards, mere advertising sheets, huge
and preposterous sign and bill boards
have passed. He who would command
the eye of tho public must seek that
medium which for other reasons com
mands public respect. A good news
paper, which is eagerly seized in the
morning because it is a man of the busy
world of the day beiore, can have no
rival as an advertising medium. It
meets a thousand eyes to which the lit
tle fraud living on the credulty of its
advertising patrons never comes. It
imparts to their advertisements some
what of the dignity and good faith of
its columns. Tho result is that the best
newspapers are the best advertising
mediums, and become so only when
they have earned and maintained a
character for enterprise and reliability.
An Austin, Texas, dispatch savs the
narrow gauge railway will be graded to
Stanton colliery will be flooded to ex
tinguish the fire, throwing the miners
out of work till spring.
A certificate of organization was yes
terday issued to the Young Men's
Christian Association of Bloomington.
The Captain General of Cuba has dis
covered false certificates by which 170
negroes who ought to be free are held
in bondage.
The Debtford flour mills at London,
were burned yesterday. Besides a loss
of 90,000, many persons were thrown
out of employment.
New Voiik, Dec
Silver Bars
Stocks irregular but firm
Western Union
Wells, Farpro 4- Co
Npw York Central
Panama ""
Union Pacific .,'
Central Pacific
. 27.
1 KV,
1 90
1 32''
1 89
1 Wi
Reduction In Coal Flgnrcs.
I will sell coal from this date at $9
per ton. Car load lots or more than
five tons will be sold less.
23-6t George Ross.
A few more dolmans left. Will close
them out at cost at
13-2á-6t. Clemeat MarMneVs.
- " X) 145. .
,. r77 joea! office
Naothwrstrrn llaman S.
Ernest Havier, a noted Action
in a story called "A Little. Ineidenw
the Southwest." relates how parson ,
who was beloved by al! the cC.1n.tr3 1
'round, was murdered, it was mpposi d,
by a man until that day esteemed bj
his fellow men. They tako him from out
of tho sheriffs custody, hold a Judge
Lynch court, and are about to string
him up when a stranger presents him
self who turns out to be a notonou-
stago robber, and declares himse.f ti
be the parson's butcher. He demands
10 be hanged ou the spot. He cou 0
not see an innocent man hang for hii
crime. The court is touched, and see.
him across the border. Although thi
"little incident" sounds a little tliin.wt
must take Mr. Havier's word for th
truth of the story. His moral is a po
etical and beautiful one, and we gladly
give our readers a chance to baisu witii
pleasure, for it is they that are implied :
"Manhood and heroism are
to be found free, pure and unadultera
ted in very many places where the
hand of science has not reached, the
voice of civilization been heard, or the
dew of culture descended. But emo
tions which grow elsewhere and devel
op into what is finest in tone, are here
found in their elemental beauty. It is
not often that we see one man who will,
in the very shadow of the gallows, sub
stitute himself for another, that the hu
man justice he has outraged may be ap
pealed from to that celestial justice
which tells of hope for all. The life of
a new nation is a perpetual struggle
while it is new, and it is forever being
carried on along its borders. The pio
neers of the southwest have been tho
forerunners of communication with a
tropical garden, and the sacrifices they
made then are being turned to tho ad
vantage of the settlers of to-day.
Visit Dunlap & Winter's drug store
on the Plaza before purchasing holiday
goods. 12-28-4.
A fine line of holiday coods, toilet ar
ticles, towels, perfumery, etc., just re
ceived by Dunlap 5 w inter s. i2-'8-4t
Christmas Toys.
Marcellino, Boffa & Perez have a
magnificent display of Christmas can
dies, toys, fruits, oranges in brandies
and everything which a person may
wish to purchase for holidays. They
have erected a Christmas tree or rather
arch and loaded it with articles suit
able for Christmas. Purchasers should
not forget to visit their store on the
plaza, before buying, as they will be
bound to be suited. They have in hand
also a large assortment of musical in
struments, toy instruments, pianos for
children, etc. Call and see them. All
these goods will be sold very cheap.
100 Piniis
Of fresh California celery, apples, white
and red, fresh Magala Grapes, fresh or
anges on the limb, fine fresh pears,
Messina lemons, and a full line of ele-
fant Christmas toys and candies of all
inds at Marcellino & Boffa's. lí-'.H-üt
From now to New Year's at
C. E. Wesche,
Will sell Jackets, Dolmans and Tar
latan, At Cost
All kinds of ladies and gentlemen's
slippers at ten per cent, below cost.
A line of fancy holiday goods of every
description at C. M. William's drug
store in Railroad avenue. -12-21-0t.
FurnlMhrd Ilooins t Hen!.
Airs. Wm. Savage has several nicely
furnished rooms to rent in a desirable
location. Inquire at her residence, two
story, Gothic styie, on Ziou hill, on
Blanchard street. 12-24-2w
To lie Found at the Purk Grocery.
Bologna sausage, side meats, mack
eral, ham, dried beef, pickled pig's
feet, tripe, breakfast bacon, and every
thing just received.
Oranges on their native branches at
Our Kemum.ts
In laces are just the things the ladies
of Las Vegas want. Be sure and see
them. N. L. Rosenthal.
Toilet dressing cases at C. M. Wil
liams' drug store on Railroad avenue.
One car load of the celebrated fancy
patent flour just received by Clements
& Alartinez.-12-23-Ct.
I am still offering some big bargains
in all kinds of merchandise suitable for
the holidays. N. L. Rosenthal.
Wanted. A respectable lady to as
sist in taking a family of four children
east. Mr. Titlow, of Los Alamos,
having lately lost his wife and desiring
to take his family east makes this otter.
Any lady desiring to embrace this op
portunity to go east, will leave their ad
dress at the Gazette office where Mr.
Titlow will get them at once.-12-25-2t.
Just received a carload of apples that
will be sold at bottom figures at Eugene
Clemm's, Centre street. 12-24-3t
J. C. Blake has removed his harness
shop from the plaza to Shupp's build
ing, cast of tho bank. He now has
more room to accommodate his largely
increased stock and growing business.
He employs the best workmen and can
fill orders for harness, saddles, etc.,
promptly and satisfactorily. 11-lS-tf
Native wines, port wine and a largo
assortment of tho finest liquors in the
market at the store of M. D. Marcus,
Centre street. 12-21-2t
Stratton & Storms Cigar, 400,000.
Four car loads and more coming direct
from New York to Bennett & Co.'s es
tablishment. Go thcro if you want the
best cigar ever made.-12-23-2t.
Viena leather goods at
13-33-et, Charles Ilff.li.
Japanese goods of every description
t CharlesIi.fklp'.
Truer, i
M ml
K. M.
Desirable Bus'ness IIoiisps. E
i-s.tlenees nun Unimproved C''y
:ty offered 11. .owest prices
, : iü f r non-resiients ilents . '
ti. All kinds ot ;egiu 0 ai;ks it.
Ueeds, Leases, Mortgage ui ti
instruments affecting tlit rau
1 uses
sa 0
j 1 or
exchange af real estate exeeuieu aim
4750 DOLLARS N the pi ice nr an eUirant
II iv I piilift .iiriiil ftnvtur- of t.rlck and
st ni n Tí lroiul Avenue that reuts for
Í75 ior tuontli
600O POI.LAHS will buya onebair nt.-ret
III a I'liick i f Im. tilings tituatcd In the
m t leimble bus.n 88 portion of the
town, that I rinys a rontul ncomn nf ÍI60
po: m in tli.
5000 D iLLA ÜS will buy one of the best bufii
tips hnimes in East Liis Vegas; rents
for $11 U ier nuniili.
5150 DOLLARS will buy a block of build
lugs in tho best pnrt of town that rent
for tl.VM per year.
350O DOLLARS for the fluent corner, with
substantial improvements, inLus Veifas.
T.iis is a rare Inirffain.
IE 00 DOLLARS will buv a
fcr-ect tlmt is worth ti,W
lot n Sixth
A Hplentlid
1QCODOI.LARS will buyn 1 -1 on DnitgUM
.Ai'cniiotnnl wr, 11 double in value within
twelve months.
7O0O DOLLARS will buy an circuit new
ho el on two if the best emir rl its in La
Votra -. Rents for 1:,0 per month.
19000 DOLLARS will buya com-r In Las
ik'IH .lint i paying a Uik rent on the.in
ViiHiini'tit. T'i.s earieT is cov red by fine
bniid.ujfs and is a great barRiiiti.
2000 DOLLARS will buya ho i?e and col
li. t lot on l .niffla-t Avenu-i that pavs a
rent of per month
3S00 IOL:.AUSwill buyn Ann livery nim
ble thuf rents for $50 per month. The
lots alone are $:i,:n worth the money
110 O DOLLARS will buy a business next
to the Optie block.
4SOO DOLLARS will buy three nieelotn
next to the new San Miguel National
Hunk. Sito.
1500 DOLLARS will buy a lot next lo tin.
new Sun M iguel .National Hank building.
24.00 DOLLARS will buy six nice lots in
rear of the new San Miguel .Vutiouul
Utiult building.
1200 DOLLARS each will buy two nice bus
mess lots on Douglas Avenue.
800 DULLAKScMchwill buy two niee'lots on
Lincoln A venue in the lute burnt district.
20OO DOLLARS will buy four niee coi
ner lots close to business center on Liu
coin Avenue..
fiOO DOLLARS each will buy six nieo resi
lience lots cluMo t-j Episcopal i hurcli.
OO DOLLAUSeach will buv several nice cor
ner lots in thu tluena Vista addition.
OS DOLLARS each will buy Ufteeu lot In
tho Dill SitoTjwn Company's addition.
129 DOLLARS each will buv four nice lots
Hunting on brand Aveiiuo In Hill Sito
iown Company's addition.
ISO DOLLARS each will buv corner lots
ono and two in block m.rty 'five, 11.11 Site
Town Cjmpu-iiy's addition.
ISO DoLLAItS each will buv five lots in
block tu.r.y-sali.ll 8. te Town Company'
leo dollar
tk-g.U 1 t.S
pnuj.'su.ii t
a .1
;u.iy's siud....
each w.ll buv twenty-two
n uio l.il Saú Towh Com
ii. i.
I! buy 1-.h :C und It
Hill S.to Town Coin-
250 LOLL A .Sei'-hwIllbuvl'itsiSaml ; :n
LJ n.acK.U 8...J Towu Jo.iii.anv'n
J300 DOLLARS each will buv lots 17 to 21
indusi.u in block ati, H. l S,te additi.,11.
HO DOLLARS each w.ll buv lots 22 to "fi
inclusive in block y, aUl S.ro ttdduiou.
SOO DOLLARS each w.ll buy lots 27and W
in bloec ú7 11.11 Site addition.
ISO DOLLARS $!,ri icac . w.ll ' uv lots3 to 7
inclusive, block 37, 111 :lu-. ILll S.ce uddi-
2B5 DOLLAUSeach will buv four nice lotH
in block iW, 11.11 Site udd.t,.,n.
200 DOLLARSeach will buv two n:eo corner
lots in block 40, Hill Site addit.aii.
150 DOLLARS each w,ll buy tlvo nice, lots in
block iu, JlillSit.'i.dd t.on.
225 DOLLARS each w.ll buv four nice cor-
ner lots 111 block !i, (fronting toward the
City;, Hill Situ addition.
20O DOLLARS each will buv two splendid
lota in block Hi, Hill Site addition.
Resilience Property.
tention 1 I havofor sale the most elegant
residence ami the handsomest furnished home
in Las Vegas. Wo sell everything complete
trom tho well stocked cellar to tho elegant
double parlors, together with tho family car
nage and horses. Call for particulars.
(MfiOO wilt buy an elegant six room house and
fourchoioe lots, with necessary outbuild
ings on Railroad Avenue, near tho depot.
$3300 will buy an elegant, modernTniilt brick
house and two nice oorner lota, eight
rooms, all fenced in, and rents for 0 per
m .nth.
$2000 will buy r fino brick houtto with four
rooms, on Muiu Street, that rents for )
$a00jwill buy an elegant framo house, eight
largo rooms; two n Ico lots; good well of
water; nico sua le trees In front yard and
rents for $ per month.
$1300 willbiiyamce frame resiUVnoowllh four
rooms and two corner I , ts; rents for $.KJ
$80O will buy a newly built frame bouse, with
four nieo rooms.
$4.500 will buv an elegant residence with Ave
comer lots that aro wortíl (2,wa cash.
Houso has twelve large rooms und rents
for $100 per month.
$1,100 will buy a desirable reshlenco with four
largo rooms, on Main Street between th
two towns.
Ranches for sale of all sizes and all prices for
pastoral und agricultural purposes.
Do you want to buy n lot ?
Do you want to buy a house?
Dojou want to sell a lot?
Do you want to sell a botuto?
Do joii h 11 vea bouspto rent?
Do you want to renta bouse?
Do you want to Invest your money ho ns to
secure the 1 m returns in tho shortest time?
If .8 , cull u us, and wo will endeavor I
piense ymi. .
No troublnto iinsweripiestions.
No troiibleto showy. 11 mimiiikI.
It'you come to LtH Vegas ) loculeni- invest
Ik-sure tocóme and s(.(. uuud we will do you
Optic Block, East Las . N Vs, M.

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