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Two wore day of
Meeting of the A. U I. W. to-night.
Put your linger on the new lr:if you
intend turning over, at the beginning
f the new year.
The Hoc! River lmnklt Mrongly
agitates the division of San Miguel
county into halves.
Most of the railroad men who eanie
from other points along the road to at
tend the hall, returned yesterday.
Arrangement s are being maile to
start dancing aeadeniy at Raton. A
similar institution would do well in this
J. E. Cohcnour has purchased Car
ter's candy store on the south Mde of
the plaza, ami yesterday took control
of it.
All who intend joining the A.O.U.W.
should attend the organization meeting
at Odd Fellows' hall to-night. Last
chance to join as a charter member.
Prof. Henry E. (Jordon. who has
charge of the Trinidad academy, was
.named to Miss Sue E. Renedict at that
place on the evening of the 2(Sili.
The ladies of the Methodist Episco
pal church will give the public a grand
New Year supper Saturday night in the
hall over the New York clothing store.
A children's party was given at the
resilience of Mrs. T. Y. (Jarrard yes
terday afternoon. All the little folks
in the south portion of the town were
present. "
E. R. Mttore of the Lamy House, is
keeping one of the best hotels on the
line. Everything possible is done to
give all satisfaction who stop at the
I. amy House.
II. M. Porter, of Springer, has com
pleted a telephone wire from Springer
to Cimarron. M.M.Chase has like
wise ordered the extension of the line
from Cimarron to his ranch on the
Madame I)u I'ree is engaged in a six
day's walk against three men in Tomb
stone, Arizona. When through there
she will go to California and Oregon,
and expects, it is said, to go to South
The person holding the lucky number
eight that drew the handsome set of
furs at Jalla Uros., Christmas eve, has
not yet shown up. If he should not
make himself known within thirty days
from the dale of drawing, a new deal
should be given.
A complete directory of all the Las
Vegas churches lias been compiled,
printed and framed, and placed in the
prominent localities about the city. It
gives the name and location of each
church, the name and residence of the
pastor, and the time of holding servi
ces. The Little Mac mine at White Oaks
has three shifts of men employed in
working it, and Leer's stamp mill is
pounding away on the ore at a lively
rate. We are informed that bullion
will be shipped from there within a
A meeting will be held at Odd Fel
low's hall on the plaza to-night for the
purpose of organizing a Las Vegas
Lodge of the A. O. U. W., or Ancient
Order of United Workmen. All per
sons who are interested in it should at
tend, as it will be the last chance to join
as a charter member.
S. Patty yesterday removed his tin
shop from his former location in the
Rlanehard building, near the plaza, to
the new building u.l
gan's second hand store just east of the
bridge. He thus has larger and more
convenient quarters, and will soon be
prepared to receive orders.
The Trinidad Timen, in speak
ing of a new operator at that
place, says: q
all tenderfeet, he was the green
est, and his idea of the West beat any
thingever read of in dime novels, or
ever written by lierner, the Las Vegas
liction writer. '
1. U. McDonald, first lieutenant
Fourth cavalry, commanding company
"A,"iat Fort Cumnungs, was in town
yesterday accompanied by three Indian
scouts in uniform. One of them, Tlo
cone, was formerly one of Victoria's
band, hut on account f some trouble
he left the band and is now lighting
against him. They were all photo
graphed by A. F. llurnhani at Fur
long's gallery yesterday.
Wm. Foster, a brother of Dr. Henry
Foster, proprietor of the Clifton
Springs, New York, died at the Hot
Springs night before last, of mountain
fever. He came west to Pueblo some
time ago, where he was taken with tho
disease, and came to the Hot Springs
two weeks ago with hopes of recovery,
but he got worse instead of better, and
died. He was the father-in-law of Mr.
Alexander, of the firm of Russell & Al
exander, water works contractors. His
remains were sent east on yesterday's
Passenger rales on the A. T. & S. F.
will be reduced on January 1st from
nine and a half to eight cents per mile
in New Mexico. This is a wise reduc
tion on the part of the railroad com
pany, as almost every man who conies
to New Mexico will patronize it in the
way of freights to a much larger
amount than the amount of his passage
money. A greater reduction would be
more beneficial.
To-morrow we shall commence the
publication of a daily lcttcrf rom Santa
Ve from the pon of a versatile and able
correspondent. This correspondence
will be continued through the coming
session of the Territorial legislature,
and will embrace everything ol import
ance connected therewith, as likewise
local happenings at tho capital of gen
eral interest to the public. The (ía
zette proposes to give all the news of
the Territory m a condensed and read
able shape.
Run 'mr l.lbrrlj.
(ieorgf Stewart, iuearcerated iu the
county jail for Mealing from the Nation
al Hotel, made a dash for liberty yes
terday afternoon about three o'clock
luit was brought up shortly with a
round turn. He. w as detailed to carry
water from the acequia to the jail. The
guard did not keep very close to him as
he had manacles on his legs. Stewart
watched his opportunity and managed
to unlock his manacles with a string, as
he stated to a reporter, lie then made
a run for liberty, passing around Woot-
en's planing mill and coining down the j
fence back ot the tAZETTE oince. llic;
1 ... ..... i . a .
guard discovered his night ami took!.
i- in T i i., i in
after him. When Stewart reached the ;
! Oazf.ttf. oflice the gnar.l lired at him, !
the bullet Hying high however.
glancing along the roof of the building
diil no damage. At that moment Frank
Wilson, of Wclls-Fnrgo Express, and
A. lleve rushed out of Ileise it Strauss'
slm... !in.i ,..,,,, ,iowll ,. Stewart with
a couple of pistols. This flopped his
wild career and he surrendered. Stew
art said that any man would run away
from prison life if he got a chance and
he did not think he was to blame in llic
mailer. The guard did a very repre
hensible thing in shooting at the pris
oner when in town. Had he been any
thing of a marksman and sent his bul
let no higher than a man, it would cer
tainly have passed through the Ga
zette composing rooms, where it
would hardly have failed in hitting
some one. A guard or anyone else
should be severely punished for shoot
ing in town. The great chances are
that some other one than the person
shot at will be hit.
The 1. X. O.
A meeting of the directors of the D.
& X. O. railroad company for this Ter
ritoiy was held at Springer Thursday
of last week to transact business per
taining to the compauy in Xew Mexico.
The offices of the company for this
Territory are located at Springer. The
directors represented at the meeting
were Gov. John Evans, Charles Wheel
er and John S. Rrown, of Denver, and
H. M. Porter and Harry Whigham, of
Colfax county. The latter is secretary
under the incorporation for this Terri
tory. The most feasible routes for the
railroad through Colfax county were
discussed. Mr. Porter presented the
advantages of Xew Mexico for this
road in as strong a light as possible.
It will traverse Colfax county through
the eastern portion just west of Raton
city. After a general discussion of the
various disadvantages of the routes Mr.
Wheeler thought it advisable to send
parties through northeastern New
Mexico to make a thorough examina
tion cf the country and report upon the
feasibility of routes and the probable
advantages of the various lines. Thi
wc believe, will eventually brin the
road, although the company may not
at first have, contemplated coming so
far south in Xew Mexico yet the ad
vantages to be gained will be shown so
great as to finally determine them. We
arc open to thorough and systematic
investigation and ventilation.
Ilifi'hmi.v Robbery.
j Yesterday a Mexican ranchman came
' into the city from Las Faualcs, a small
! Mexican village about nine miles from
i Las Vegas, bringing with him a load of
hides and other produce, which he sold
to a plaza linn. He was watched dur
ing the day by some ill-intentioned per
sons, who supposed he had received
considerable money from his sales. Be
tween seven and eight o'clock, yester
day evening, he left the store of Geof
froin & Dcsmarais on the south side of
the plaza, and walked south through
the street leaving the southwest corner
of the plaza, past Trinidad Romero's
store. When a short distance south of
Myer Friedman & Bro.'s wool ware
house, he was suddenly surrounded by
live men, Mexicans, who pointed pistols
at him on every side,. and ordered him
to surrender his overcoat, supposing
that his money was contained therein.
He had to give it up, of course, and
they quickly dispersed . He reported to
the police, but they were unable to ob
tain any clue to the thieves.
The overcoat contained no money,
and the loss was slight, but it goes to
show that such occurrences are becom
ing altogether too frequent and some
measure should be taken of ridding the
town of this class of criminals. For a
man to be surrounded by a half-dozen
robbers, pointing pistols in his face, on
a public street, before eight o'clock in
the evening will not do.
Jrmez Spring i'oniilry.
Mr. E. B. Moore, lately in from the
Jemez Springs country,gives a glowing
description of the future of that coun
try. He says there are beds of sulphur
in that region containing thousands of
tons of pure sulphur. In addition to
this source of wealth the silver mines
are excellent, anil the copper and gale
na .deposits also run as high as 212
ounces in silver. The Eureka, owned
by the Illinois and New Meiico Mining
and Smelting company, has a shaft 100
feet deeji. There are also u number of
other valuable mines being developed,
but the native sulphur mines are an
immediate source of wealth if worked
at once.
The coal mines of this vicinity are
simply wonderful. Some of the veins
show a solid bed of sixteen feet of coal
and it is said that 11 number of these
coal beds can be seen as they crop out
of the mesa.
Jnwt No.
The citizens of Las Vegas and Min
eral Hill have had a rousing meeting
and started a movement for the devel
opment of the mines at the latter point.
i A stock company of $5.000,000,has been
organized, to purchase the best proper
tics and develop them. The citizens of
both places are full of enterprise, and
alive to the necessity for developing,
home resources. Trinidad Timet.
A line of fancy holiday goods of every
description at C. M. William's drug
store in Railroad avenue. -1?-!M-8t.
('. Sperling, from Socorro, at lb
Y. W. Potter h it for Colorado Soring
Myer Friedman got oil' for Springer
ti. J. (iaincy returned from Albuipier
pie yesterday.
Steve Girranl i up from the ranch
on the Pecos.
Trinidad Romero i-in Albuquerque.
u0 wcnj yesterday.
,,.. ,. .,
(t. . ills a Chicago man. arrived
., . . . . i
the city yesterday,
w,l,r f- H;illey -boanh-d (he train
'croay ir rania re.
G. C. Alden, fromGalesburg, Illinois,
arrived in the city yesterday.
J. L. Pope and Frank W. Mills of
Wichita, Kansas, are at the Depot Ho
tel. .
W. 1$. Waterloo of the Chicago Tri
6?fr reportorial daft' went on to Santa Fe
M. Runnel), the rustling reporter on
the Albuquerque Journal returned to
his home yesterday.
Mr. Gardiner, of the dry goods linn
of Gardiner & Gillies, left on yester
day's train for Albuquerque.
Price Lane started for St Louis yes
terday. He will make Xew Year's calls
there, and run up to Chicago on allying
trip befre his re ..urn.
N. Brock, Lincoln, Xebraska, and
James Sweet, Xebraska City, arrived
in the city yesterday and are stopping
at the Depot Hotel.
.unos j'.. wnsou. wno nas neen ine
riifKt ..f r7niliirtnr Wm llivon for the !
" , , . i
past two weeks, left
vesterdav on a
short visit to Pueblo.
Dr. Tipton yesterday received a dis
patch informing him his brother was
seriously ill at Matrons a short distance
up the road. He packed his satchel
and went up on the Atlantic Express.
The Vermont I'nimi says: II. H. Me
in tyre and wife of Littleton, X. 1L, are
in town visiting friends. They will
stay till after Christmas, when they will
go to Xew Mexico, where Mr. Mclntyrc
has secured a position" as school
Notice of Kc.iiiovitl.
s. Patty, the proprietor of the tin
shop formerly iu. tho ISlanchard build
ing near the Plaza, has removed his es
tablishment to the new building the
second door east of the bridge. Ho
there has more room ami is better pro
pared to accommodate customers.
Real Estate
I ....... .
Rental & Mine ftptsiJONES&GO.
Look At Our Bargains !
T wo small new houses and furnished rooms
for rent. '
Rnsincss Men nnd t'npl talisls. Alten '
tion! '
Two thousand dollars for one sixth Interest ,
in a business property situated on the best cor
ner in the city. Rents for $2ii0 per month-. A
rare chance.'
Four ThoiiHuml One Hundred Dollurw
For a fine brick business house cm Railroad j
Avenue. Iients for $75 per month. , ';
Eilit Thousand Dollars, Accordion lo
Invoice, will buv a well established business, !
located, proiits from 75 to 100 per cent. Stock !
all new. Parties must get out-door business j
on account of health.
Well Furnished limine For Ken I on
Street railway, flood well of water. Property
fenced in.
Four Thousand
Dollars. Wc Have n
Verv desirable piece of business property on
Hailroad Avenue House in condition to re
ceive goods. This property fronts railroad de
pot and is a rare bargain.
One ThouRnntl One II 11 11 di ed Dollar
For a house and lot on 0 rand avenue. Houso
nicely furnished, contains four rooms, well
fenced, good stable, buggy shed and out houses-
One Thousand Five Hundred Dollnrs
Willbuyiin eleven-room house', good picket !
fence. New house. Hent on this property
guaranteed for one year at $4U per monih. Th.s
property is a line investment.
Twelve Hundred Dolinrm. I
Will buy a house nnd lot on Main street, ten-1
trally located. House has four rooms, good
collar, coal house, wood house, etc. Furniture ;
for sale with properly,
One Hundred nnd Fifty Dollar
Eaeli will buy first-class lots in lloaonwald & j
l.'o's addition. We have two or three excellent. :
bargains in this addition.
One Thousand' Dollars
Is nil we ask for 11 house, lot and furniture, 011 1
Douglass avenue. This property is cheap t
Three Thousand Five Hundred
Dollars will buya house and two lots on the
corner of Main and Seventh. I!riekhouse,eght
rooms, two lots. Heing situate as it is on the
corner of two principal streets of Ihe city,
mukes It desirable and (heap.
Four Hundred nnd Fifty Dollut-s.
We have two eentrally located business lots
tronting 011 (Irand avenue near Center street.
These lots will be in the market fora few days
at $4.10 each, Here is a chance to get good bus
iness lots very cheap.
Twelve Hundred Dollar
Will pay for two of the best business lots 011
Douglass avenue. These lots tiro located on
tho corner and will double in value in the next
six months.
KUhlyFlve Dollar
A piece will buy two well located lots nlliienn
Vista addition.
One Hundred and Fifty Dollnis
will purchase a lot fronting on Grand avenue.
These lots are near InteiHlcean street, and are
a bargain. We have six of them. Call uud
look nt the lots In the next fewdays if you want
Sixteen Hundred Dollar
Will buy a houso and two lots on Fourth street.
House has six rooms, hall pantry and closet.
Part on time if desired. This properly Is finely
Twelve Hundred Dollar.
Will make you owner of a newly and well con
structed house on Douglass avenue. House
has three rooms and clothes press. Unimprov
ed lots in this vicinity are being disposed of nt
from f 5(W to fiw.
Other property all over Ihe city, ( all ami
Look Out For
Bargains in this
If you want your property sold quick, plae
it onourbookn.
Las Vegas, X. M.
To I.onn.
good real
tato security.
J. J. Fit.irorrell, thr llvn real '(.tute man,
lias inr Hule a lurtre number of llm; business
ami liittfnililc resilience lots in ilitferent pints
of the new nnd olil portions of the city. 1'tir
ties sei kinjr investment In reiil estate, busi
ness chances, business nuil ilxvelliiur houses,
sbotllil enll on I'itziferrell; lie enti tircoiiuno
ilute tnem.
A Iture Chunco:
Cií'ÍOfl w"' 1,,lv choleo lots on
JOKJKJ Douftlxs Avenue that will un
doubtedly 1m; worth f 1,000 withih six months.
d7 Pi lo wi" ''Y choice resilience lots
U) I U just north oí Main Street tui'l ninth
of ( hurles Wriirht's resilience.
OJfMlwill buy business lots on Duntflus
ijitJtJ (streetcar) street tout will lie worth
tlM) in a short time.
J.nn U01.LAU8 will buy iiburiraln iutlio lot
'lUU just opposite the postónico.
1ft lOI,I,AUS a month, for twelve months,
lO will buv a Choice llcsiilenee Lot.
QCf DOLLARS will buy a GoikI Fonrltoom
jDJ Mouse, near Machine Shop.
QñA WU'AKS will buy Choice Lots on
ÚW Main Street.
(CHOICE Resilience Lots in IScuna Vinta uil
J ilition
Tfin r, I'l-ARS will buv a House anil Lot on
iJl MMn .street, renting- lor Twenty Dol
lars n month.
1QHnn Dollars will buy u Mutrnlflccnt
lOUUU Cattle ItnnKeTen Miles Square
Well Watereit and Sheltered. All under wire
ií w dollars
will buy six choleo resi
donen Lots.
Alts will buy a house anil
two Lots.
rtAA IH1LLARS will buy a choice resi
yjyj donee Lot.
1 (( C DOLLAHS will buy one of the
1,VJ best ltusiness Lots on Railroad
) liUXmtED DOLLARS will buy u three
O room Mouse with Lot near tho Depot.
w0 1 rfVvlIl buy two houses with three
tpáflUU lots, fronting the Park. A great
biirgnin. Renting for $fti.(J0 a month
A HARK CU AN'CK. Will sell a valuable in
terest in White Oaks mines and mill ma
chinery at a great bargain on account of sick
ness, inquire of . I. J. Kitzgerrcll the live real
estate mun.
c! 1 ti PT Will buv an elegant lour room
ipXAtjyJ house in tine order, renting
tíííiO Will buy a nice resiliente on Main
pJtJJ Street renting lor U a month.
Will buy a good hotel on Rail
road Avenue renting at f.Vl
per month
t9."CnMOXTHI.Y PAYMENTS. $250 will
pfJUliuy n one room house with a splendid
lot eentrally located. Enquire
.1. J. I'lT.OKKlUa.l.,
The live real estate agent.
,T01 I.l2.si: -Four lots ;dii Douglass and
.-. Lincoln Avenues,
(ff DOLL A US will buy a line
-.iJ J KJ stock dairy nuil luriiiinir ranch
near the citv.
fi l'Uurs will buy one of the
JJJ J best shingle mills in the terri
tory, together with 3,000 acres of tine land.
For a shingle mill man who understands the
business this is a fortune,
rr f VV Dollars will buy one of
1 W.VJVJWtho larirest and best un
pointed stock ranges in tho territory; a splen-1
did residence; eight miles of river front : mi-:
mcrou8 lakes nnd springs; well watered and :
well sheltered ; all under fence; making one of j
the best stock ranges in the world, (rant title 1
Q f T "A will buy a good new three room 1
O'it-lvJ house nnd two lots near theniil-
rond depot nnd round house. j
kin fWWl 'lead ot sneep lor smc i
t Wethers, ewes and lambs. ,
Will buy one of the best busi
ness houses in the city, rent-'
i ing at $1,0(10 n year.
' I also have for sale several lino stock ranches
! in tho dillerenr portions of the Territory,
A number of desirable, business houses on
tho different business streets of the city, also
! offices, restaurants and dwellings. If you want
to rent property call. ;
i Itcmember that the best business chances',
are always to be hud by calling on
I J. J. Fitzokhki:i.i.
Tho live real estnte agent, oilice on (nind
i avcmie.
I 2.000 lieatl of best improved cattle for sale.
I For particulars enquire of .1. .1. FITZGKK
; HF.b, the live real estate agent. 11-Stf
t7iE1 luul n
llave just opened a Large and Complete
Stock of Staple and Fancy
crs. old Adams hx-
KvcrytbhiK New and Fresh and sold at j pi'CSS Office, Eft-St LaS
sea hock rice,s
Second floor East of Ibink HuiHinir, on
Nothing more fitting for holiday pros
cuts can lie found than the toilet arti
cles and holiday goods just received at
Dtinlap it Winters. 12-28-41.
BELL CO., The Plaza Grocers
affa Uro's
Railroad Avenue,
Opposite Gross, Blackwell & Co,
$50 WORTH $50
Every five dollars
worth of i'oods pur
chased at Jaffa Bros,
from Decembet 3rd
entitles the purchaser
6 a 1 1 e k e t for a
chance in a nice ladies'
fur set, mink, worth
50. To be drawn
December 24th.
Jalla Bros.
Santa Clans,
Last week gave timely notice lotlie
people of Las Veas that he had arriv
ed 111 the City and was, as usual, al
lie would this week warn his friends of
the approackine
Rush VCrush
And ask them to call upon him al oucc,
ho they can make their selection from
the Largest and most complete stock
of Toys ami Christmas Articles ever
brought to tlvs City.
West Las VcRti-j.
Eggs! Eggs!
Warranted fresh.
35 cents per dozen, re-
Visit Dunlap & Winter's drug store
on the Plaza before purchasing holiday
i We
Í fund
cheerfully re
money when
are notsatisfac-
Isidor Stern.
TO 1
Southwest corner of plaza.
llofore rmvli'.t-;nir.
Hailroad Avenue
i Las Vpctas nnal R Hnko P.n
Having now Completed their Yards
At Bottom Trices.
They kocp a lurgro supply nlwuys on hand, and have every facility for hundlln the sumo.
Delivered free of chiirjre to nny part of the city. Fairbanks scales used.
Unusual Inducements Offered to the Public
j Office: On Itallroad Track West of tne Depot,
i nry a inrprc anu complete stock ot piece froous
suits in the latest slylo.
. (Meaning nnd
ot short notice.
Call and seo us.
c.n. browntn'o, Eow.Ann nEvnr, C. F. AM.F.N
Old and Reliable!
'.Established in ItfTO.
Office Lincoln Street, near tirand Avenue
Unimproved lots and property for sale
in all parts of the city, at prices from
$50 to $1,000.
Improved Busincsn and Residence
; property at prices from $450 to $'20,000.
Property in Las Vegas Town Com
pany's Lands.
Property in Rosonwald's Addition.
Property in Rosenwald & Co.'s Addi
tion, i
Property in IManchard & ('o."s Addi- !
Property in San 'Miguel Town Site
Co.'s Addition.
Property in Raynold's Addition.
Property in Las Vegas Hill Site Co.'s
Property in Rucna Vista Addition.
Embracing Property in tho following
"A" 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, , 10, 11,
14, 1C, 17, 15), 22, 24, 2i, 21),
81, 40, and elsewhere.
Property in both East amd West Las
Ranch Property in San Miguel and
other counties.
Stores and Houses to Rent.
Also 11 good, well established and
paying Business in Las Vegas for sale.
Call and examine for partionlivrs and
I prices.
Office open from 7 a. 111. to !i p. in.
to 1l
Eat Las Ye;ras X. M.
and Onices, are prepared to Sell
where all orders will receive prompt attention.
aim trimmings and aro prepared to put up
repairing a spei laltv.
Work done
Opposite Lockuart's Block,
Wanted-For Sale-for Bent-Lost.
WA N I ED A llrst-eluss manufacturer of
llligree Jewelry. Passage to Leaven
worth, Kansas, will be pnid. Address Jonn F.
Kirkliam, 410 Deloware Street, Kansas. 1-J-tfMit
WANTED To buy second-hand stoves both
cook and heating, at I'attv's, the tinner.
ANTED A good cook at ihe residence
01 j. uaynoids.
"17"ANTED A man and wife desiro a sltua-
ation on boarding ears. Clood meat and
pastry cooks. F.nquiro or address this office.
"irANTKD A small or
medium-sized tire-
y proot safe for
cash. Apply to Mills Sc
yANTi:i). A tfo:.d cook at the Miehiiraii
Houho, opposite depot.
"17"ANTE1 Everybody who
liken a K001I
V meal, and a sood lied to slei
o in. to conip
to tho National Hotel, South Side l'luzu 11-lutf
WANTED. To buy and sell second hand
(foods. Will buy and sell at reaonahle
rates. Money advanced 011 goods at a reason
rate, I also muko furniture repairlnf a speci
alty. Neil Cnliran, first Imildiiur east of the
ITUIIt HEN I One of the best business honses
J on Sixth St-reot,' under construction. .1.
J. Fitziferrell, tbo-Live Ileal Estate Agent.
ITtOK KENT Oncof the best stone building.
now under construction, on Hailroad Av?
enue, suitable for a wholesale business. J. .1.
Fit.pcrrcll, the Live Heal Estate Ajrent.
F"11 SALK-2,0Kl head of sheep.-Apply
I). N. Haca nt Las Conchas, or addrc
Las Vegas Postoflice. IW5-2m.
Foil KENT Five rooms and a cellar in Mrs.
llubbeU's houso on West Mum street, op
posite the postoffleo. Inquire of .1. J. Fitzifor
roll, the Live Heal Estate Ajfeiit.
I 71011 KENT Threo-room frame house on
J Muin street. Inquire of ,1. .1. Fit.iferrell.
the Live Heal Estato Aircnt.
HJK KENT Onefour-room houso on Blanch-
I; ard street. .1. .1. Fitzperrell, tho Live ileal
Estate Agent.
T NSTALMENT Pf.AX-Will sell a few choice
1. residence lots on monthly payments.
Live Ileal Estate Agent.
ITtOlt SALE A lot. of good horses and mules.
' For particulars call at Ihe Exchange cor
ral, west of the plaza. 11-lU-tf
17IUK SALE. Native shingles can tie found
: at Mr. nlanchard's store, on l ho plaza, at
wholesale priced. 10-4-tlmt
?ORSALE. unary birds, singly or In pairs
i: Apply to .Mrs. roil
otter on the street back of
the National Hotel
171011 SALE l'XK) cedar posts. Apply to
" Geohok Hoss, or at Lockhart's store.
Furnished rooms. Apply to
1' Mrs, Judge Hubbell opposite Gazette of.
BACA HAIL For rent for balls, parties,
entertainments, lectures, etc. For terms
apply to A. J . Hue a.
B Uy Burton is no longer connected with the
hall. 13-0-tf.
Reduction in Coal F gures.
I will sell coal from this date at 9
per ton. Car load lots or more than
five tons will be sold less.
2S-6t George Ross.
A fine line of holiday goods, toilet ar
ticles, towels, perfumery, etc., just re
ceived by Dunlap & Winter's. 12-28-4t
& Bakers.

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