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NO. 229
Grants and Cattle for Sale
I AM in uosition to contract for the
prinr delivery of any number of Texiis stuck
cattle, tan ana see me.
THE ONE-HALF interest in a
mniriiinocnt stocked cattle ranch In Western
Texas can be bouxbt at a bargain. Cattle men
should investigate this prepcrty.
I HA.VE a magniiieent Water Front
imigo on the Pecos riv-r north of Fort Sum
ner for sale at ft bargain. To stock men do
slrinit to establish themselves on the Pecos
river this property will bear Investigation. .
I HAVE 'or sale soveral Mexican
land grants, both confirmed and patentod and
unconfirmed, that aro the best stock muges
that can be procured. All grants recommend
ed for eonlirmation by th? surveyor snneral
aro severed from tho pabilo domain. Those
grants arc the only solid bodlts of lnnd thai
can be bought in New Mex't'O, and range In
price from '0 cents to $2.0(1 pa: acre, owing to
titlo and quality of lands, and arc to bodies of
from M),Pi to 400,no(i acres. 1 will cheerfully
give all the information possible regarding
this class of investment!.
No. 613. Is a rnnge on the" Pecos river that
will support 7,0 Oto 8,iK)U head of cattle, the
owrwrof allien desires to lease or makcun ar
rangemeni with some cattle mnn, to tukoa
given number of catt loor sheep for live year,
at the end of which lime he will return tloubx1
the nnmbcr of cattle received, Insuring 0 per
cent Increase.
No. (114. Isa range capable of supporting
AÚ.U0Ü head of cattle. There is at present 2 ,
000 head of entile on tho range, togeiher with
all the parapharnalia connected with a wel
equipped cuttle ranch ruiisn'coet-sfully. This
S a magniilftut range, well wutored, line
gramma grass, and well sheltered, it Is. at
once a tin dividend paying property and
wor.liy tho attention of capitalists.
No, 815. Is a fenced unconfirmed grant, of
over 100,000 aere-, with cross fence t separate
the beef caltlt from tho gcneial herd The
cattle, some 4,500 in number, are of hiiih grii'te
with plenty of full blooded bulU. This is one
of the best equipped ranches in the territory.
The homo r neb is conneettd by telephone
with one of the tailroad stations on the Santa
Fo road, while tho different stations on the
ranches are coneectcd by telephone with the
home runeb. This is one cf the best dividend
paying properties in the territory, and is
worthy of attention .
No. 017. Is a fine mountain ranee near the
city of Las Vegas that will support easily 1,000
headofeattle. together with all the necessary
buildings. Will lie so;d ul a good figure.
J. J.
Music and Spanish Departments.
Instruction Thorough.
Tuition Low.
Clasps In Zoology. Philosophy, Double -Entry
It iok-keeping. i lilted states II istoiy, nnd
Comp isitlon and Hhetoricwlll be funned Jan
uary 7th.
For Particulars address the
' Cairo, Jan. 10. Tho following will
probably be the new cabinet: Snbet
l'ama, minister of the interior; Ma
homet Taluki l'uslia, minister of public
works; Umler Arabi, minister of internal
affairs; Abetl Klkatler, minister of war;
Mustapha Fasba Feinki, minister of
The khedive in a conversation saiii he
was convinced his action was riijht in
accepting; unreservedly the advico of
England, who3o motivos wero only
good, and therefore identical with his
own. Ho said England alone had
helped him in the hour of adversity.
Alexandria, Jan. 10 It is utated
that tho king of Abysinnia has left Dna
with an army and is marching on t'J
A Turkish gunboat will bo sent to the
Arabian ports of the lie J Sea, where
emissaries of El Mahdi are inciting the
populace to arms.
London. Jan. 10. It is slated Ibat
tho French cabinet havo not decided
upon the Egyptian question. Ferry
thinks the preseut a good timo for
France to regain her positioH in Egypt,
while some of his colleagues deprecate
any action in the matter.
Dublin, Jan. 10. At a meeting of the
national league Sullivan, M. P., said
the orangemen who attended the re
cent orango meeting nt Uromere wero
imported hirelings. Ho doplored the
death of these orangemen, but laid the.
men's death at the door of tho land
lords, who brought the ignorant dupes
to Dromero to assail a peaceful meet
ing. Dublin, Jan. 10. A balifl" named
Simms, returning from Tulamore law
court last evening, was faulty shot by
an unknown person.
Berlin, Jan. 10. The Vassinho Zei
tung states that liisraarek has directed
inquiry to be made as to whether the
exemption laws which allow Bremen
and Hamburg provision ships to land
with American pork should not bo ex
tended to Prussian ports.
ST. Petersbuuo, Jan. 10. It is
rumored ttiat a nihilist reconlly at
tempted to murder the ohief of police in
this city.
Not Much Done iu the House,
But Considerable Said
in the Senate.
Mississippi Appropriations
Soldier Votes Wanted
by Everybody.
Washington, Jan. 10.
O'Hiol. of Mo., asked leavo to offer
a resolution directing tho committee on
Mississippi levees to investigate the
present manner of improving the Mis
sissippi river.
King introduced a joint resolution for
tho immediate appropriation of $1,000,
000 for tho preservation, repairs and
construction of certain works for the
improvement of the Mississippi river,
Springer offered a resolution author
izins; tho comniilteo on expenditures in
the department of justice, In making
investigations, to send for persons and
papers. Adopted
Wood offered the following, which
was adopted : That the secretary of
the treasury bo requested to state to the
house the amount of gold certificates is
sued by the treasury department be
tweeu December 1, 1873, and December
1, 1881, and it nono were issued his rea
sons for tho non-issuaneo. He is re
quested also to give the amount issued
during 1882 and 1S83, and his reasons
for the limited issue thereof in those
years, and his reasons for discontinuing
the issue of silver cerlilicates since 1881,
and for not issuing tho gold and silver
certilicates required by law.
Lamb Introduced a bill lix'ing the
hours of work for laborers for tho gov
ernment. Keferred.
Adjourned until Monday.
Dawes introduced a bill providing for
the creation of a United Slates postal
telegraph company, under the direction
of tho posloflice department, and the
creation of the oflieu of fourth assistant
postmaster general. This official is to
bo president of the board of directors of
the company, and for the establishment
of postal telegraph ollices at postoliices
throughout the United Stales, and the
transmission of correspondence from
such offices.
The chair laid before "l lío seuato a
communication from tho secretary of
tho interior transmitting correspon
dence concerning mailers in Yellow
stone Park. It shows that the only
authority regarding hotels, granted
since the last session, is contained in a
lease executed to Hubert Douglass mid
Rufus Hatch. There has been trespass
ing and depredations ou tho park, game
has been ktlled and timber cut in viola
tion of the rales. Tho superintendent
is powerless to prevent stieh violations
of tho law, and there is a great dual of
bad feeling between tho improvement
company's people and tho superin
tendent. Petitions wero presented by Sherman
from the ex-sold lers and sailors, asking
for a grant of land.
By Voorhees, from posts of the grand
army of tho republic, praying for the
passage of a bill now pending repealing
tho statutory limitation in regard to ar
rearages of pensions.
By Plumb, from 1,'iOO citizens of Kan
sas and Missouri, praying that the land
knowu as the Oklahoma land, Indian
territory, be opened lor settlement.
By Conger, from posts of the gram!
army of the republic m Michigan,' ask
ing for further awards to ex-soldiers.
By Logan, from many ex-soldiers,
asking for Iheopeninguf the Sioux res
ervation; also asking lor tho passage of
the equalization of bounty bill.
Miner, ol Mow loik, presented a
joint resolution of the legislature of
JNew lork relating to the lung pliiguu
among caltlo, requesting the represent
atives and senators of the stale in eon
gross to urge the enactment of a law to
carry into effect tho recommendation
made by tho cuttle commission in their
report transmitted to congress in Feb
ruary, 1882, for tho extinction of the
lung i iague.
Voorhees introduced a bill to equalise
the bounties of soldiers. This bill,
Voorhees said, is a copy of a bill passed
by congress nine years ago, but vetoed
bv President Uraut on the ground that
it would take more money out of the
treasury than the public interests would
warrant, nut there is so much now said
about the surplus revenue nnd the
abundanco of money, ho would intro
duce the same bill now, and he hoped
it wouiu meet me early consideration
of tho committee.
The seuato took up Van Wvck's reso
lution directing the secretary of the in
terior to suspend action as to issuing
patents on certilicates of lands granted
tho Now Orleans & Pacilio ra! trend
company until congress shall at this
session determine the question involved
in tho claims ol said corporation. Van
Wyck stated ho hud prepared a substi
tuto tor the preamble to his resolution.
Iho new preamble and resolution wero
agreed to as follows: Whereas, it is
claimed by tho Mew Orleans & Paeilie
railroad company that, inasmuch as
tho nttorney general had decided in
favor of tho company as to tho land de
matided by them, and the secretary ot
the interior felt conslruiued to act upon
and accept said opinion, and the com
pany also claim that congress has no
further control or authority oyer said
lands or the demands of said company,
therefore, resolved, that tho socretarv
of tho interior bo requested to suspend
action in issuing cerlilicates or patents
for said lands to said corporation until
congress at this session shall determine
the questions involved in tho claims of
said corporation.
The senate resumed consideration of
tho new rules, tho pending question
being on the motion of Vest to strike
out from rule 28 the clause providing
for a commilteo on internal improve
ments, to which shall bo referred all
subject relating to the improvement of
rivers and harbors ; also the bill known
as tho river and bnrb.ir bill.
Maxey referred to the remarks made
by Fryo yestorday in regard to English
shipping, and said tbo true reason for
tho difference between the development
of English and American shipping was
to be found in tho fact that England in
vited her commercial marine to carry
free loads into her ports from all parts
of the world and to carryiree loads out.
From the day of adoption of the high
protective tariff could bo dated the tie
cadeneo ef American shipping, Re
ferring to tho argument of the protec
tionist that protection is necessary to
preserve our lndustrn s from competi
tion with the pauper labor of England,
Maxey staled that tho farmers of tho
united States, who ask no protective
lam. are, as a matter ol fact, pompee
itig today with tho pauper labor o
Egypt. India, Austria, Poland, Russia
and China, nud tho timo will como
when even New England will demand
tho destruction of tho tariff.
Morrill aid not Know what luo ques
tion oí me tarín naa to uo witu the sen
ato rules, but ho said tho commerce of
Great Britain did not declino from 1821
to 1846, when tho English maintained
protection. The repeal of tho corn
laws was tho greatest, measuro of pro
tection the English manufacturers could
at that havo received.
Beck said there would never be a re
vivai oi American snippiDg until men
were allowed to buy ships where they
Frvo was dolisrhted to hear tho onin
ions of the other sideof the chamber ex
pressed so unresorvedly for free trade.
Ho hoped ho would hear other senators
on that side expressing themselves to
tiie same effect. There had been some
doubt for sumo months mst lust where
the democratic party stood in regard to
ireo trade.
Morgan slated that there was not a
leading man in the democratic party of
tho United States.certainly not in either
house of congress, who h:i3 thus far
given expression to tho idea of freo
tradointhosen.se tho gentleman from
Maine (Frye) would imply. Tho demo
crats favor a modification of the exist
ing tariff' for the purpose of reducing
he unnecessary burden of $100,01)0,000
a yoar of unjust taxation placed upon
tho country by tho republican party.
Neither party had tho courage to bring
up a bill for the . repeal altogether
of Iho odious navigiftion laws. It
seemed as though tho pocplo had or
ganised a general muster and buat the
long roll upon congress before thoy
could induce cuigress to do anything
in tho question. Spending tho people's
money seemed to bu the graven con
sideration, among legislators, while
poverty nnd wreck wero tramping
around tho country with sores of winch
Larazus might be ashamed. Strikes
aro heard of everywhere. Thousands
and lens of thousands of men all over
the land, in the depth of eold winter,
are without food, clothing for them
selves or families, and compelled to
implore tho charity of the rich masters,
by whom they were surrounded. The
democratic party, Morgan said, would.
notwithstanding the objections nnd re
monstrances of republicmis, continue
opposing high tarilt until justice was
done the people. Wo are a rich gov
ernment ami poor people, and the
cries of tho poor for broad and fuel,
if 'hoard in the senate as heard 'else
where, would howl down tho very storm
of winter, yet these tire people as to
whom there must be silenco in that
The motion of Vest was agreed to.
Without reaching a vote on the rulo
tho senate went into executive session
ami soon after adjourned.
Facts, Opinions and Gossip Around
the National Capital.
By Western AsroolMVil I'rcR.
Washington, Jan. 10. At a meeting
of tho ways and means comiuitteo Mor
rison announced the following sub-coin,
mittees: Changes In tariff laws, Mills
A. S. Hewitt, Kolley; changes in in
ternal revenue laws, Blount, lititd, Kas-
son; rotund of custom "mitics, A. i.
Hewitt, J. K. Jones, Mckinley; refund
of taxes on tobacco, Blackburn, Her
bert, Hiscock; refund of taxes on spir
its and mult liquors, Herbert, Black
burn, Russell; rotund of miscellaneous
internal taxes, Kurd. BHniiil, Russell;
relict for lost United States bonds and
coupons, J. K. Jones, Hiscock. The
committee decided that I ho. qumdion of
revision of the tariff should oP"fjH tf
the sub-committee, but should bo con
sidered in the entire committee. Mills
says this question will not be before the
committee for ten days or so, and dur
ing the interim information wilt be gath
ered to aid in the work of initiating
steps) be taken.
The house committee on public laad.-,
will hear au argument Monday on the
question of the Texas Pacilio territory
land grant, now claimed by the South
ern l'ucilic railroad. tor8UU,6ü7 alleged
indebtedness, including 10 percent net
At a meeting of the senate committee
on commerce tho Gibson joint resolu
tion appropriating $1,0S0,0UU to be im
mediately available to continue im
provements cf the Mississippi was
agreed to.
Confirmed Norman A Comp, United
Stales assayei-, Boise City, Idaho.
Nominations Brewsler Cameron, ro
ceiyer of public money at Tucson, An.
Paymasters, Thomas D. Blovs, Honey
Glove, Texas; Charles Evans, Fort
Worth, Texas; I. N. Hibbs, Lewiston.
Immediately after tho adjournment
of tho senate a caucus of republican
senators was held to consider tho expe
diency of proceeding at once to tho
election of a president pro tempore.
Friends of Senator Anthony reported
he is gaining health, but had doubts us
to the advisability of his undertaking
tho duties of the presidency pro tem
pore. A comniilteo was appointed to
confer with him ou the subject and fur
ther action postponed.
In tho Yellowstone correspondence
transmitted to tho senate today, there
appeared a loiter from Supt. Conger to
Secretary Teller, which ho asks tho lat
ter to consider private. Iu it ho says
tho hotel company's people help them
selves to whatever they want insido or
outside of tho government enclosure,
ruining timber and allowing their herds
to overrun the government grounds,
wilfully break down find destroy fences
erected by tho superintendent. Ilo
bart, of tho hotel firm, threaluus to tear
down the fences. The secretary placed
Conger's letter on file, and ho instructed
him to notify Hobart that he must com
ply sirictly with tho conditions ot the
Lieut. Jungman, in his report to the
secretary of war concerning the im
provements in the Yetiowstono park,
estimates that $210,000 can bo applied
prolitably next season in improvements
upon tho old roads, laying out now
ones and building bridges. Ho does
not favorably regard the proposition to
build a railroad through tho park, and
considers the apparreut necessity for a
railroad will disappear upon the com
pletion ot a system of good wagon
After African Trade.
By Western Associated Press.
New York, January 10. The cham
ber of commerce has adopted a resolu
tion that the president of tho United
States be requested to pppomt a com
mission to confer with the African in
ternational association, of which the
king of Belgium is president, for the
purpose of procuring to other countries
liberties of commerce with the residents
along the banks of tho Congo river, of
which the Portuguese now hayo a monopoly.
The Gazette's Collection of New
and Notes from AH Tarts
of the World.
Burying the Belleville Victims
Criminal Items Foreign
Contagious Cattle Diseases.
Washington. I). C. Jannnrv 10.
I'lio committee appointed at tho con
vention of cattle men recently held at
Cliicsgo to prepare a memorial to con
gross setting forth tho damage to stock
interest uy reason of contagious dis
eases which exist to a limited exlent in
this country, and suggest legislation
best calculated to protect the cattle in
terest, met at tho department of asri-
cu It tire.
Senator Miller in addressing tho com
mittee said the trouble heretofore in
secti'ing legislation on this subject was
because there had been no concerted
action on the part of states. Ho ex-
iressed the opinion that the senate was
reatly and willing to pass any measure
hat mut iho approval of the country.
Tho bill failed to pass last congress be
cause, unfortunately, it was not fully
explained when introduced.
Hatch, chairman of the house com
mittee on agriculture, said no bill
was adopted by tho committee while ho
was chairman which proposed reference
of dhii ases among cattlo to anv branch
f the government except to the de
partment of agriculture. Ho was of
ho opinion that within tho next twenlv
days the comniilteo would report a bill
to tho house, and ho believed it would
pass with as lurgo a majority as did
tils on tho samo subiect which were
passed by tho last congress.
Commissioner Luring informed tho
commission that a communication had
been received from Minister Lowell by
Secretary Frelinghuysen-, which said
upon reassembling of parliament Earl
DalhousH would offer a resolution tond-
ng to facilítate tho importation of
American calilo. Tho communication
ilso said the earl found himself cmhar-
assed by tho admitted existence of
plomo pneumonia in eastern cities.
Alottat, iho London agent of tho de
partment of agriculture, who is in
Washington on leavo ot absence, in ro
p'y to the contents of the communica
tion, (suit! should Karl .Dalhouso offer
a resolution another resolution having
an entirely opposite view would bo sub
mitted by some other momber of parlia
ment. A sub committee was appointed to
consider nil the subjects before the
commission and formulate for its ap
provnl a report to bo made to tho full
commission tomorrow.
Burying the Victims at Belleville.
Bv Western AsmkjIíuoíI I'ress.
Bki.i.evii.i.e, III.. Jan. 10. Tho
funeral of the ideiililied bodies of the
victims of the conveut lire, who wero
residents of Belleville, took placo this
morning. Services wero held at St.
Peter's church, which was heavily
draped in mourning and tilled with a
very large crowd of sympathizing and
sorrowing puop'e. Solemn requiem
mass was sung. Bishop Bailes, of Alton,
officiating, assisted by llev. Father
Abheln;, of Milwaukee, spiritual di
rector of the order of Notro Damo. A
miiultftof priests of tho diocese wero
also present. I hero were two funeral
orations delivered, ono iu English and
one in Cerman, after which tho proces
sion was formed, consisting of bovs and
girls of tho parochial schools, young
men and ladies ot the societies, the sur
viving sisters, clergymen, mayor and
city council of Bodoville. and a very
largo number ot citizens and strangers.
It proceeded to (ireen Mount cemetery,
where the interment took plnco and the
hit-t sad riles wero performed. Business
was suspended in the city, and nearly
everybody in the place took part in the
sad ceremonies.
A Freeh Move in the Railroad War.
Ily Western Associated Press.
San Francisco, Jan. 10. The Chron
icle is in possession of a circular issued
hero, signed by the Ireight managers of
the Union Paeilie, Atchison, Topeka &
Santa Fe, Denver & Kio Granito, Mis
souri Pacific, Burlington & Missouri,
Atlantic & Paeilie, Central Paeilie, and
lines under iho control of tho latter,
reading: Wo aro iustrucled by Albert
Fink, commissioner of tho trunk line
association, to notify all contracting
merehauts that goods shipped via tbo
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western road
from New York and New Fnglnnd
points will be charged full local rates
west of tho Missouri river. The circu
lar is countersigned by U, W. Histino,
commissioner of tho transcontinental
association. Tho same journal asserts
a similar circular has boon issued boy
cotliug tho Chicago,, Burlington &
The names of those buric(kwho haye
been identilied are: Mother S'iprior
Mary Jerome, three sisters, Modesata,
Angelia and Edwina, nd pupils Katie
Urbana, of Vandalia. Ills., Gertrude
S. ranch, of Duqnoin, Ills. The remains
of tho unidentified victims were also at
the church, but were removed after the
services and will be buried in one coflin
Sunday. The debris in the ruins of tho
convent having been overturned and
no additional bodies found, search was
stopped. About noon tho jury held a
consultation to agree upon a yerdict.
An Indian Fight.
Ry Western Associated Press.
Wausan. Wis., Jan. 10. News is re
ceived of a tight between bands of Chip
pewa nnd Pottowatomie Indians be
longing to reservations in this state
The light took place within tho borders
of what is known as t ho township of
Hull. A short tune ago a band of Pot
towalomies and Mcuominees encamped
for a time m that section. 'The camp
was moved and subsequently a band of
uinppowaseneampca in the same place,
Two ponies belonging to llicChippowas
strayed into the camp of the other sav
ages nnd were shot. The Chippewas
assumed a nosiuo altitude, winch re
sulted in one of theirnumber being shot
by a Pottowatotuio. A few days later
tho bunds came together and in tho en
gngement which ensued five were killed.
No other details.
Gov. Ireland Speaks.
By Western Associnted Pross.
Austin, Tex., Jan. 10. Gov. Ireland,
by invitntion, addressed the Texas
stock Eon's convention this afternoon
at great length. Ho disclaimed having
advised tho pasturemen to take their
shot guns in hand and redress their
wrongs, but he would say, "If you find
a man setting tiro to your barns or cut
ting your fences and you shoot him
well, I make no pledge." This was vo
ciferously applauded. Being taken as an
implied promise of pardon of fence
's cutter Killers.
Hurdering a Child.
Bv Westtrn AssociatoojPreiS.
Riverhead. It. I.. Jan. 10. (Jeorire
Jeffrey, indicted with his wife for the
murder of a child of tho latter by a
former husband, makes the stnteuieut
that he killed the child by holding its
body between his knees ami twisting its
head one way until ho thought ho had
broken its neck, and then he twisted
the head the other way to make sure he
had killed it. Jeffrey contemplated
killing the child a long time, and
thought he could do so by continued
cruelties nnd not bo held guilty of
crime. Failing, ho at last broke its
neck. lie hated tho child because he
was not its fattier, and its existence in
terfered moro or less with his wifo earn
ing money for him. Ho had no other
motive for tho crimo. Being informed
of hrr husband's confession Mrs
Jeffrey became very lighthearted. She
said siio was present when he killed tho
child, and sho made no resistance. &ho
could have no comfort in lite while it
Tho Funeral of Dr. Lasker.
Bv Western Associated 'Press.
New York, Jan. 10. The body of
he lato Edward Lasker, tho Cernían
atesman, was removed from the
utiso of Henrv Kiehter. his consiG. on
Lexington avenue, to temple Emanuel,
ifth avenue. The remains wefo ac
companied by Kiehter, Lasker 8 brother
ftlontz, ami by tho pal. bearers, the
German ambassador and Herman con
sul general of this city, Mayer Flitson,
esso Soligman. Carl Schuiz. Lewis
May, Win. Steinwuv. Dr. A. Jacobv.
Jhteob II. isehiff, Lazarus ,Uosentiold,
Meyer Stern, H. Blum snd Hugo
Wcsendcrf. Services were hold in tho
templo later in tho afternoon. The
body will bo in tho templo nnlil Satur-
av. when it will bo laken by steamer
to luí rope.
Firo at Pueblo.
Uy WeKlero Asunclntcd Press.
Pl'EULO, Col., Jan. 10. At 4 o'clock
this morning the Tivoli variety theater,
argo building ot tramo and brick,
autrlit tire and was totallv destroved.
Very little was saved. The loss ou the
building and contents is $12,000; no in
surance. J he damage lo the buildings
adjoining was $2,000; insurance ifru0.
he theater was managed bv Morris oi
Harris, and tho building owned by
ames A. CaDheld. Iho ticket seller.
Thomas Sturtevanl, was seriously
burned, and A. P. Davis, a carpenter,
was crushed by a falling wall whilo as
sisting a fireman, hut will probably re
cover. Two others wero severely hurt
Dy jumping train tho upper windows.
A string wind was blowing at tho timo.
A Desperate Negro.
By Western Assocluted Presa.
ill FrALO, lex., Jan. IU. A slicnU s
posse, searching for a desperate negro,
Sandy Robiiuon, surrounded a cabin
on,(ho Baniieriiiuii plantation last night.
Jiiftfph Lathrop, one oi tho posse,
opened tho dour and was shot dead by
Robinson, who seized Lathrop's gun
nnd esuaped. Parlies aro pursuing and
lyuehing is anticipated.
Orphan Asylum Burned.
Bv Weptern Associated Press.
Toledo, ()., Jan. 10. 'Iho thud
story aud roof of St. Vincent's orphan
asylum burned this evening at 0:80.
About 1!20 children, just put to bed,
wero rescued without accident. The
loss is $3.000; fully insured. Tho cause
is unknown.
By Western Aflíioeíuted Pres.
Wesser. Idaho, Jan. 10. A masked
mob took Charles Dicterd. the murderer
of Buck Bozio, from the jail cell, shot
and beat him and then dragged him
half a mile to a slaughter house and
hung him to a windlass u ied for butch
Business Troubles.
By Woiitorn Associated Press.
San Francisco, Jan. 10. M. Water
man & Co., grain dealers, have failed.
Liabilities, $1,500,000. Tho failure is
duo to tho decline in charters and the
fall in Iho price of wheat in England.
They had under charter some thirty
thousand tons at mi average of 53 shill
ings. A largo portion of the lounge is
already hero, with average rates of 27
shillings, making the loss on charters
about $200,000.
Buckley & Co., dry goods, have as
signed. Liabilities about $200,000; as
sets about $250,000 ; preference aggre
gate, $130,000.
Appearance of the Indescribable Phenom
of London, Eniland, nsMsted by Prof. C. C.
Ilraddon and 1). H. Heams,
Miss Kay Is tho only living medium who
ban tho endorscm-nt of member of the Uoyal
gek-ntltio Society of England. Bhu will give
Light Materalizing Seance !
Given by her before tho Hoynl Sclentlflo So
olety of Knglnml-Ijord Hnlelgb, Pmfem r
Crouki, Wallueo, Sergonnt. Oux, and others.
Spirit Hands, Forms and Faces,
Spirit Carpenter, Etc.
Doors open at 7. Commencca at ?
J 7 Center St.,
The Only Exclusivo
mff ,i I iJLa Vit miIi Milu I
Store in the City,
Boots and Shoes
Made to Order.
Tie pairing XJromptly
Real Estate
Office on Bridge Street, opposite
the Gazette office.
Offers Bargains
Real Estate.
Bargains in
Rentimr House.
Offers Bargains
and Banchcs.
Cnnstittitly on hnml, brat In tho trrrftory.
Mrtkm a perfectly while wolt lor pi ft storing
and will luitü more ssml for stnno unit brick
work ibauany otht-r lime.
a E'afcut
SI raw
And ciiiiBciiuoiitly ovonly burned. JUiU'iioJ
tni'jk riiirrit by the kiln nnd onn ship to Hny
point on Iho A. T. & fc. F. R, l(.
Leu ve crdem at Loc-khail & Co., Las Vvgiu,
or ututresH,
HOT $lltIj'CR$
I'llH VceiK Hot ISpriiiitN,
s. in
lutormalion Laving boca pktucit bo-
fore mo showing Hint Louis Moya was
murdered on tha 13th iluy of December,
18H3, nt or near Teqiiisqnito, Mora
county, Now Mexico, nnd thai tho mur
der lias not been apprehended.
Now therefore I do hereby odor a re
ward of live hundred dollars for the
capturo mid conviction of such mur
derer, to he paid out of tho territorial
funds on satisfactory proof of such cap
ture and conviction.
I - Done in executive chnm-
seal. ! beis nt Santa Fo, January
I 1 0, 1881.
Lionel A. Sheldon,
UovernoroiNow Mexico.
By the Governor :
V. ü. Kitcii, Bocretary. It
For the next 30 days to come.
This action we Blmply take to sell our winter goods off. in order to make room ior our Borinii
stock coming. Our goods are all new, aud are the nobbiest in the city. "We therefore invit
everybody to call immediately at our store.
Pin Mr
Shipping in Car
Office at Deoot
Store Houses iu the Mountains, 1 and 1-2 Miles above
LAS "V3(3
r Browne, Manzanares & Co
Sari WViolesatc It caler in
Blasting Powder. High Explosives, Fuse. Caps, Stoel, &c. ,
noixr, GrWLlizL ana Feeds
Wool, Hides,
Warehouses on
Will supply the Wholesale Trade with staple goods ait as o
unutJB as tan uo uroujini ironi eastern points.
Rooms 1 nucí
Money lo loan mi iir.iiK rly . lit In my linmla to or rent.
I l.uve Ciittio, hbui n. II 'l ies, Kimrh I'rnnerlv. Wilier Frnnla wiih ...,.. rn
Hoiwk, o.jiK i'ti-., for milRaiidcxphtuiim. ...,, -"J """i
1 have mi oxtin Hivo Knstfrn anil Pnrvljm mil tnt proprrlr In New Mexico nnd Tixim Por-
!fry'ot: fr'"lm"lco ""le'k n" "rellt'"" p'
, Cattle Sold for Spring Delivery a Specialty.
aü ! EST
Different Styles
GrontS' DF'ia.rnJ.srtlxxs Goods.
Caps,Boots,Sh oes,T ru n k s , Va I i se s -
wholesale dealpijiu
Moil Ice.
Lots a specialty.
- LS, 2SJ". UVE.,
Outfitting Goods,
AceDts for the best
- "W 3" IR? Tn
Pelts, Etc.
Railroad Track.
8 Flasia Hotel.
of Suits
lULwutl i


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