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December, 1963
4-H Club
Projects In
Full Swing
The 1963-64 4-H Club year is in
full swing on the Fort Apache
Reservation. Five 4-H Clubs have
been organized with a total en
rollment of 170 members, 104 of
which are girls and 66 boys.
Clubs here have been organized
at Theodore Roosevelt School,
East Fork Mission, Whiteriver,
Cibecue Day Scliool and Cibecue
Arizona 4-H Clubs are organized
groups of boys and girls (between
the ages of 10 and 21 years)
engaged in Agricultural, Home
making project work and related
activities. 4-H Clubs are con
ducted under the guidance of
local volunteer adult leaders who
are trained and serviced by the
Extension agents. "Learning by
doing", 4-H members elect
officers, plan and conduct pro
grams based on local needs and
interest, hold regular meetings
and take part in community
4-H Club Work. ... is concerned
with the development of individual
abilities and capacities for learning
as well as the intellectual and
moral character and qualities of
effective citizenship. The program
Implements the work in the home,
scliool and church. 4-H club work
has the objectives of helping
young people through "learning
by doing" experiences to:
-acquire knowledge, skills and
attitudes for a satisfying home and
family life.
-Develop a sense of respon
sibility. . .
-Develop initiative. . .
-Develop self-confidence. . .
-Develop self-control. . .
-Develop an ability to manage
time, energy, and money. ..
-Develop an ability to make
decisions and solve problems...
-Know themselves. . .
-Accept and practice traits of
healthful living. . .
-Appreciate nature, understand
conservation and wise use of
natural resources. . .
-Learn to live harmoniously in the
home, community, and .country. .. I
The 4-H leaders are a very im
portant part of 4-H Club work, and
serve on a voluntary basis. It is
an honor to serve as a 4-H leader.
There are many opportunities
within the 4-H program for varied
types of leadership. Boys and girls
have many project interests.
Adults who work with one pro
ject are known as project leaders.
Another type of 4-H leadership
comes from the club membership
(boys and girls who are fourteen
years of age and who have com
pleted two years of club work) and
are known as Junior Leaders.
Local leaders can be a great
help in working with the project
groups, as often as necessary to
instruct and supervise the mem
bers in their work.
4-H Leaders Handbooks are
available to all leaders.
WASHINGTON D. C. - Congress
man George F. Senner, Jr., today
announced that a contract has been
awarded for the construction of
forester lookout towers on the San
Carlos and Fort Apache Indian
According to Senner, the Bureau
of Indian Affairs contract calls for
expenditure of $25, 500 for one
tower on each of the two
Reservations in the vacinity of San
Carlos and Whiteriver.
Winner of the contract was the
Peterman Donnally Corporation of
C£B£'M Congress
ural-L.. ga By Rep. George F. Senner, Jr.
Congressman 3rd District Arizona I
On my birthday, as I sit here writing this, the sound of the drums!
for President Kennedy as his body is being brought to the Capitol I
Rotunda, to lie in repose, is still in my ears. There is an air of un-l
reality that hangs over Washington. Bits and pieces of the past fewl
tragic days seem to float in unrelated sequence across this city, thel
heartbeat of our nation and the nerve center of the world.
The Halls of Congress are tensely quiet for the moment. There is
a sense of urgent expectancy underlying the mood of mourning tHat
prevails because on Wednesday, November 27, the 36th President of
the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, will come before a Joint Session
of Congress with suggestions of his leadership for the United States in
its future course of action.
This is a time for drawing together and for unity of purpose. Crises
of the gravest and deepest proportions are upon us and we cannot afford
to turn away. I know President Johnson personally, and I believe that
he will carry the mantle of leadership without faltering. His know
ledge of people and of this country make our new President more than
equal to the tremendous responsibilities that an assassin's bullet has
thrust upon him.
An assassin's bullet! In a single instant America and the world were
deprived of a great man and a great ideal. We lost a symbol but
perhaps in that horrible moment we gained a new understanding of
ourselves. Out of the unspeakable, terrible deed for which each one
of us must share some responsibility must come a realization of funda
mental value or else the late President John F. Kennedy will have
given his life in vain.
President Johnson has asked for your help and God's. lam sure that
he can count on the American people to rally behind him and I am
also sure that he will constantly seek and receive Divine guidance.
We have too many groups whose slogans are Up with! Down with!
and too many who are against everything or oppose everything and
never offer a constructive solution to our problems.
Hatred achieves nothing but more hatred. Violence only leads to
more violence. Each is nurtured and strengthened by the other. Both
are offsprings of bigotry and intolerance.
Hatred! Bigotry! Intolerance! Violence! These are the fires from
which the assassin's bullet was forged.
Month after month extremist and radical groups across the land
poured forth their poisonous, vitriolic garbage which ultimately found
its focal point in Dallas and left behind for the world to see the mortal
remains of our President, a police officer and the accused assassin.
This is our shame - that we have permitted insane emotionalism to
replace reason, blind passion to replace logic, fear to replace under
standing, hate to replace sound judgment.
Let us now clearly understand that we will no longer permit our lives
to be shaped by events, but rather that we should shape events to fit
our daily lives.
If we believe in the Lord's Commandments, in truth and justice,
peace and love of fellow man, then those who set the stage for
President Kennedy's murder and who would drag us all into the morass
of degradation will fail.
God help all of us.
The Fort Apache Scout
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GUARD RAILS - Tribal work crews line up
guard posts at Whiteriver during improve
ment prog ram on Reservation. Heavy log
posts will act as safety barrier and will also
do much to help beautify area.
e rejoice in
> lOft* ' the happiness
of the Christmas season, and extend our
wishes that your holiday is the best ever.
Vic Owen
Clarice Owen
John Sliter
Authorized VW Sales & Service
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