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The name of our shoe for Tough
_ Boys.
Sizes $2.00,
Our Fall Line of Burt & Packard
Men's Shoes are in. Correct Shape."
53.50 and 84.00
, Only at
•Accuracy Exactness.

We flo not guess about anythtng"7n
¥ our prescription department. We use
accurate welgius and measures. We
also use oxaet methods in compound
ing the various Ingredients into the
► fncdulne as it is when ready to take.
► And then we are always precise in
► checking over the prescription as a
y final precaution to make sure tout
y everytiung Is all right.
Wo are going into details in this
way just to show you how thorough
we aro In every part of our prescrip
► tion work. THOROUGHNESS is ex
a< lly too word.
We want and Invite you to bring or
send all of your prescriptions here to
Im lllind.
New Telephone Subscribers.
The following new telephones have
been connected since distribution of
last directory:
No. 2X2-2- Win. M. linker, residence.
No. 337 —E. Burdette, residence.
No. 219 F. 11. Chandler, residence.
No. 279-1 Henry Glrvin, residence.
No. 183-3- .1. S. Savage, residence.
No. 2(17-5 15. S. Tabbott, residence.
No. 14(1-3 McDanany & Cos.
Fortune Favors a Texan.
“Having distressing pains in head,
back and stomnen, and noing without
appetite, I began to use Or King's
New l.ife Pills," writes W. I’. White
head of Kennedale. Tex., “and soon
felt like n new man.” Infallible In
stomach and liver troubles. Only 25c
at all druggists.
Feed! Feed!
Corn, Oats, Hay, Bran,
Cotton Seed Hulls,
Everything at wholesale prices.
Gasoline 5 gals. 95 c.
Corner t and L Sts. Phone 205,
i Just Received i
A ~
£ A Beautiful Line
* *
£ OF
A We Show Them Cherfulty.
jd.H. HeHep& Bro.;
* 220 Newcastle. 302 Biy \
A Parson's Noble Act.
"I want all the -world to know,"
writes Rev. O. J. Bud tong, of Aahaway.
R. 1., "what a thoroughly good and re
liable medicine I found in Electric
Bitters. They cured me of jaundice
and liver troubles that had causer!
me great suffering for many years.
For a genuine, all-round cure tn< y ex
eel anything I over saw." Electric
Bitters are the surprise of alt for
their wonderful work in Liver, Kid
11 ey and Stomach troubles. Don’t tail
to try them. Only 50 ets. Satisfac
tion is guaranteed by ail druggists.
For Sale.
The Franklin place on Monk street
on easy terms. Large house and
beautiful lot.
dome dedal
slews 7(ctes.
The Southern Girl.
Her eyes
Would match the southern skies
When southern sides are bluest;
Her heart
Will always take Its part
Where southern hearts are truest.
Her voice,
By nature and by choice,
E'en those who know her slightest.
Will And
[email protected] soft as gpuuiern winds,
When southern winds are lightest.
Brignt .pearls,
die gems of southern girls.
Her winning smile discloses:
Her cheeks.
When admiration speaks.
Are only southern roses.
Her laugh
As light a: wind or chaff,
flieaks clear at witty sallies.
As brooks
Run bubbling through the nooks
Or all her southern valleys.
—".). 0." in New Orleans Picayune.
• •
.Miss Aline Jeffers Is visiting in
Ml. Pleasant.
* # •
Mrs. T. J. Wrignt is visiting in
uortu Georgia.
• ,• m
Mrs. A. L. Franklin is enjoying a
visit to Clarkes vllle.
m m m
Mr, W. J Hodgson, of Waycross.
is the gues( of Mrs. V. Jeffers.
* * *
Mrs. J. S. ttaynionrl wit! retain
tiortly from a visit to Nova Scotia.
* * V
William TDnry is the name given
to the little son of Mr. and Mrs, K.
H. Dudley, ,lr.
• * *
Mrs 4' J. OTerrel .has rettfritcsi
from si pleasant visit to relatives am'
tiiendH in Atlanta.
m ■ •
Mr. and Mrs. W N. Orambling am
their children are the guesis of Mis.
V. .1, rr. I for a few .ays.
• * •
•I Alfred Comes, of Mobile, is the
guest of 'his parents, Mr. and Mr
G. W. Coates for a, few days.
• • •
Misses Eileen Jenkins and Beulah
Ellenwood leave Sunday to spend
some time visiting in Atlanta, Macon
and Savannah.
• * •
The regular meeting of mo Oak
Grove ■ emetevy society will be held
ibis afternoon at 5 o’clock In the rha
l'd- Mrs. O. f). Wilder, tne presi
dent desires a full attendance.
Mrs. 11. 11, McAllister and Miss
Sadie MsAlllstor left yesteruav for
Mlllcdgpville. W icrc Miss .... Glister
will enter scnool. Before' returning
to .'Brunswick, Mrs. McAllister will
visit Augusta.
* * *
For late summer and eaiiy fall, the
most important part of a costume is
the neck finish. The girl who does
not pay attention to these accessories
makes a big mistake. A quantity of
new neck ruches, stocks, collars etc.,
tides one ov'er tne between seasons
time, when one's gowns, are passer
and i! is yet too early to wear new
fall clothes. ,stocks of while inadras,
cheviot or other materials of this or
der are favored and some have the
ends embroidered wit a emblems of
Soil, ping pong or college Hags. Boas
oi silk liberty choffon, or la.ee are
popular, some with life cape on the
shoulder and long streamers.
For mid season wear, the ever use
ful pongee or foulard gown is recom
mended. One of brown foulard wife,
white polka-dots, trimmed in cream
laee made a very stylish and suitable
rosin mo for gone mi wear.
An exchange told recently of a
new fad that women have adopted,
that of being charitable in speech as
well as in deed, the "truer charity,
after all. If this departure be ft fad.
Tug may ii live am) thrive. Out of
the motley throng of fads, good and
bad. -silly and sensible, here is ~no
truly good and truly sensible, good
lor the world and for the women who
adopt it. The "new thought" and the
work 01 Ralph Waldo Trine and
others of the now school of philosophy
who preach the Christ-spirit (not the
inconsistent and ufichristlike inter
pretation of Christianity that has mar
red the world), are doubtless respon
sible for this new cult. It is im.eed.
a wholesome and commendable cult
and let us hope that its influence wilt
spread even 10 the remotest hamlet,
wnoro as in the great city, woman's
chief topic is apt to he some other
woman’s (or man's) failings and fol
* * *
This ha.>it is one (hat grows rapid
ly ami waxes strong and its hurtful
ness is immeasurable, not merely to
tue one attacked, but to the critic
herscif. It rebounds at last, like a
boomerang, losing her the confidence
and friendship of those to whom she
confided her criticisms, tor they nat
urally label her as dangerous, not to
be trusted. Two charming women,
noted for their golden charity of
speech, and each most lovable and
popular, gieatly because of it, re
cently discussed this subject with me
writer over our glasses of iced tea
on a shady veranda. Earn advocated
the spread of the new “fad” and one
called the writer’s attention to the
article mentioned and hence this lit
tle sremon.
Largest load of wood in the city for
75 cents. Ring phone 13S-3 or call
’phone 13S-3 or call at yard, corner
Swan’B Down flour is he best.
Read the News’ Want Column.
There is nothing going on in court.
eircies in Glynn county at present.
Not even the justice court is in ses
The weather prophet promises bet
ter weather today and says it will
probably be clear. He has said this
all along.
Rice birds are in season now and it
is said that the d, Cerent rice planta
tions in this county are filled with the
birds. Many hunting parties are out
The Riflemen will hold their regu
lar weekly meeting in their armor?"
tonight. Hereafter the company will
hold meetings and drills every Wed
nesday night.
The Augusta gravel ordered by the
city last, week will prohab.y be here
wuoin the next few days. It will be
used on Newcastle street from the
corner of F to Morgan’s drug store.
Brobston, Fendig & Company, of this
city, will conduct a big auction sale
of town property in Douglass shortly.
Six hundred lots in tne center of the
city will be sold from the block.
Guy Tabbott, who had such a strug
gle with a burglar early yesterday
morning, received several bad bruises
about the face In the difficulty. He
ays 'he thinks the burglar was n
No more burglaries were reported
last night, but people in every see-
Gon of tne eily arc now on the watch
for the thieves. It seems to lie one oi
two who are doing the robbing and
they are well organized. At 1< ast fit
teen houses have been entered during
the past two or three weeks.
Will Build Residence.
T'apt. W, S. Bull has sold to Mr.
I.eo Altholmer the cottage on Madison
street which the former has occupied
with his family for a number of years
past. Gapt. Bull w, soon negin the
erection of a handsome residence on
Bine street, corner of Madison, and
Mr. Altheimer and family will occupy
their newly purchased cottage- .vi
liany Herald.
Bran New Coeanuts,
(fresh from the trees.)
N. Y. Sickle Pears,
30 cents half peck.
Fancy N. Y. "Apples.
New Tokay Grapes.
- 355-2. 211 Newcastle St.
Cheap to Jacksonville.
On account,* of the turpentine opera
tors convention at aacKsonvllle, Sep
tember 10 and 11, the B. & B. will
-ell round trip ticket to Jacksonville
September 8 and !), goo a until Septem
ber 11. for one fare lor the round
trip. This will afford tne people of
Brunswick a splendid opportunity to
visit the Fiorina Metropolis.
For rates call on B. J. POKD,
City ticket agent.
Having bought out Mr, F. H. Mai
land's interest in the forwarding busi
ness. 1 have this day formed a part
nership wi.ii W. H. Whaley and will
corttinue the business under the title
of W. H. Whaley & Cos., and respect
fully ask a continuance of the fr.uron
age of our friends. c. A NOYES.
\ Notice.
* have this day disposed of a!! of
my interests in the Arm of F. II Mal
lard Av. 0.. to Mr. C. A. Noyes, who
will continue in the business' Ail
liabilities due by tire above Ann will
lie paid by him and all debts due the
above Arm will be collected by him.
SpeciaJ Rates to New York.
From October 3rd to 6th, inclusive,
the Southern Railway will sell round
trip tickets to New York anil return
at the exceeding low rates of $21.25.
For further information, schedules,
and sleeping ear accommodations call
on. . C. 1.. CANDLER,
General Agent.
fi •: at


F ‘Phone 11. 312 Necastle.
For fashionable dressmaking go to
Mrs. J. R. Walter, 511 First avenue,
three doors from Newcastle. Terms
Monday-Tueed ay-- Wednesday
in Biack, Tan and Solid Colors at
19 e.
These are our regular 25ct. values.
A glimpse will convince you. These
goods talk for themselves. Get clos
er to them and convince yourself.
11. S. McCrary is back from a visit
in Gainesville.
.1. A Ward, of ll'ader. vs- in the
oily yesterday.
W. T. Cooper, of Atlanta, was in
too city yesterday.
T W. Holmes, of Dalton, is pond
ing a few days in the city,
M. A. Halo r, leaves this moinin;
on a business trip to lack.son Vi lie.
•E. F. Carl or. a will known Savon
na’iiian, spent yesterday in th< city.
J. J. Parks, of Pendarvis. On., war
among the visitors to me city vector
Geo. it, Kraus*, who has been v< ry
ill, was considerably improved yes
ter lay.
.1 It. Young, the well known naval
stores man of Savannah, was in the
city yesterday.
W. J. Butts, the druggist, leaves mis
evening to spend a week or ten day,;
at Tate Springs.
Agent Ford, nf fhF S. \ L. and B.
& I!., was out of the city yesterday
on railroad business.
S. A. Sri-cr returned vest* rday from
a visit :o the east. He also spent
some time in Canada.
F. E. Twitty leaves this evening for
a several week's vacation to lie spent
at Tallulah Falla and other points.
L. M. Terrell, of the railway mail
service department, who has been in
the city for two or three days, left
last night for Washington.
and a 1
complete line ,
f of the -
t Rogers’ Knives,
F Forks, Spoons, Etc, -i
£ Fine repairing.
l mm mo it, o. o r 3
► The Leading Jeweler,
>- Inspector of watches for the 1
► Southern and Bh 11 Railways. J
► Keeper city clock. Time"
i- by wire daily 4
at 11 a. m.
I We Offer
[“Charter Oak” Range,
► Beautifully Nickled lrimed. At,Only
I $35-00.
I 0,, ' 1s an<l onds in rugs, window shades. rope portieres at ‘
> your ownprires. <
\Jt. ZM. Jflilkr & don.
All the ,
l r ,
/ • ~ 'MI
Of t hi- lit. are In In- loiunßifj^r
i In-re iii our store.. |
| Otir groceries iced very little
* praising.
1 _ j
TYioy sell on their own
and tnoir increasing popularity,
and our very reasonable price are
making 11s talked about in just
the manner we
f Our greatest aim is to sell the
I beut groceries in Brunswick at
I the very lowest possible prices, |
i t Give us a trial and bt
l Phone 158.
■ ' I
If it's good to e*t, wo bavte it.
Rob Roy Flour has no equal.
A Boy's Wild Ride For Life
i VViih family around expecting hinr
I to die. and a son riding for life, 18
I miles, to get Dr. King's New nn~ o\-
| 't.v for Consumption. Coughs and
; Cold.-, W, H. Brown, of LcesviHe.
; !nd.. endured death’s agonies from as
Afuna but t C ■ u:
jp'.im. Hi- *•! now
-'V ovot y n, '"t." I. !: . ;,i : eu'<-~
jof Consumption, Pneumonia, Brouchi
jtis. Coughs. Colds ami Grip prove .-s
| matchless merit for all Tar oat and
: Lung troubles. Guaranteed bottles
| =oe and’?].oo. Trial bottles free, at
i all druggists.

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