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Number of Routine Mat
ters handled by Council
Last Night
Contract* Submitted for Additional
Work on Hospital— Lively Discus
sion over Re-Leasing of Wharf
Foot of Streets.
The fegula weekly meeting of the
city council occurred lasi night with
Mayor Hopkins ami Aldermen Wood.
Kobinson, Downing, Newman. Aiken,
V upper and \t atkins i resent.
It might tie described as a dark ses
s on. The old gas lights refused to
; ve the usual service and the contract
ed electric lights were not forthcom
ing. Asa matter of fact it was so
di-nce in the council chamber tliat it
vas quite impossible to tell whether
tlie gray mustache of Alderman Tup
le) was in place or whether Alderman
l'otv nine a hand some, gotee was there
( not. However, the members group
id in tin* darkness and finally settled
Down (o business without, the use of
candles w hich would have been w.i in
ly welcomed.
Under the head or communications
ti c following matters were transact
• and:
Petition or Chris Slier'. asking lor
liquor license on Ugh-I hor; si reel
on otton same was referred lo Ihe na
val committee.
Prom K A. Silvern, pci-ding out
t at tie held a lease on the Central
tote! propt-nv or. Newcastle street
nut that to reason >b a certain ii‘.<h
It Una i-ulidm ’ni on the first floor ot
• aid building property was being sen
rusty damag-m. Mr. Silver# introduc
ed affidavits if a number of witnesses
who testified that the odors coming
1 otn the fish house were injurio o K>
the property. Referred to committee
in sanitation, light anil watei.
From P. J. Buckle. of SI .Joseph's
convent, poll Ung out ih.'-t n severe
pressure 7>t the school uecie -Mated
certain infringements on the atree
i. int whereby said institution was
gtanteil tax exemptions, and praying
that the ustia 1 exemption he granted,
inferred to commtltee on taxes and
From W. I. Stone, Graham
vising council that he was la posse
non of five, 7 per cent bonds of the
<:ty of Brunswick due in 1909, asking
rcuncll if some arrangement could not
be reached wl ereby lie could realize
rn same. Referred to committee on
taxes and revenues.
Under the head of reports the com
n ittee on railroads and harbors con
tributed considere.oly to llie interest ot
the meeting. Thie committee bad In
charge the application of .1. K. dn
llignon for a u-lease t othe whact pro
perty at the foot of George street. The
c< mmlttee, through Us chairman, Al
• erntan C. I>ownlug, reported that the
r- atter had been discussed in various
fi inig and had finally agreed to make
anew Tease, but to vary horn the old
cne in the natter of compensation,
ihe report recommended the new
lease on the following conditions: For
the first five years an annual pa...>nl
ct SIOO per year; for the next .five
years an annual payment of $125 per
y< ar, and for the succeeding ten years
mi amount to be arbitrated. Alder
u an Aiken asked If this lease made
any provision for Improvement. Alder
an Downing explained at length. May
or Hopkins In putting the motion warn
ed council against such leases; he said
that Brunswick could not afford, if
rhe aver expected to be a ctty, to thus
vote away valuable water property
without suitable return. He pointed
• ut that at the present time two small
•treet* were the only public highways
to tha water traffic and buggented
that council rhould go very slow In
the way of making new leases at twen
- years on water property. The re
, of the committee was adopted
uty Mr. dußignon was granted anew
tease for twenty years.
From the committee on sanitation,
light and wat r. having in charge the
rr quest of Mrs. T. F. Smith for anew
gas lamp at the corner of Albemarle
end (Irani streets reporting adversely.
Adopted .
From the committee on hospitals
rnd charity subrouting contracts from'
He wen and Thomas and Oilmore and]
(A ood. respectively, for repair work on
the city hogfltal. The contract of
llowen and Thomas carries Jg/HiO fer
general work aud that of Gilmore and
Wood $487 for plumbing work. The
report was adopted with a motion to
One woman Man KallS
Outright and a Number of
Others Wounded
Eastman, Ga . Fell. 2. —As the result,
of a shooting affray near Rhine ,Ua...
in this county Idle yesterday afternoon
one man \V. P. Livingston, is dead
and four other persons, M. A. Burn
ham ,W. P. Bryant, Mrs. Ray, a sister
of Bryant an Ia young man by the
m ine of Coffee lie morta^^mnded.
These are all promi non
ti e county and have large family"Hj
On account between
W. B. Biyant and a young son of M.*
A. Burnham, bad blood has existed be-’
iween tne Burnhams and the Bryants;
for some days Date yesterday after- 1
noon W. B. Ih'yant, W. P- I.t^ttgston.'
a brother in law of Bryant, Mrs. Ray I
a sister of Biyant and M. A. Burnham,
end his son, Lcßoy Burnham .were on'
ihe public road near Rhine in and 1
riar which place they all reside. |
A fusllade or shots immediately tang
out and when the smoke had cleared
away, it was found that Livingston
vas dead an! M. A. Burnham, Bry
ant and Mrs. Ray were seriously
Burnham was carried by his son to
his home in Rhino and a short whtlej
niter dark Burnham, bis son, I.eßoy,
the young man Coffee and several wo
rsen and r n*Hirer, were In a room
v bore Ihe wor.-.ded man was being
fun-1 for.
Suddenly a rur.-.hot rang nut on the
n : IP air. and a load of buckshot came
■BOSS fill.
Two Petition* for Voluntary Bankrupt
cy Received from That City by
Judge Isaac Yesterday.
Two applications for voluntary hank
ri-t.ley were received by Iteferee Isaac
• -.■■terday, both coming from Waycross
one of the petitions came from K.
J\ Wilson, a eeneral merchant of that.
<ity His liabilities ate placed at
something over three liiotissild dollars
and his assets at $570.47 all of which
he asks to he set aside as a bonie
st eat).
The creditors of the bankrupt mor
el.ant are mostly in Savannah and
Wayerc- . The Downing Company is
jW- only Brunswick firm effected by
the failure, the bankrupt being indebt
ed to tliis company in the sum of $211,-
The other failure was that of C. M
Fhippc rson, a stenographer. It ap
pears that Sliii person is in debt to tho
tune of $650.3". and bus asset!! amount
ing to only $76 He does not ask lor
u homestead.
Both the cases were set for hearing
on February 15 in this city.
Judge Isaac returned yesterday
r ent Ifoughts, where he has neen hold
ing a session of the bankrupt court
and a number of matters in several
case were disposed of.
VartdalU Gives Pensions.
Terre Haute. lnd„ Feb- 2. —FJvcry
man in the employ of the Vandalia rail
load who has readied the age of 70
year* was retired on a life pension to
the effect that a suitable resolution
be passed authorising the mayor to
sign contracts as named above.
From the city attorney, pointing out
that the present ordinance of the city
f iovidod less penalty for the selling of
v.hlsky on S .i day Ilian was named in
the state code and requested that an
ordinance lie adopted by the city coun
ell increasing said penalty. The re
port was adopted and the motion pre
vailed that the city attorney he In
structed to draft an ordinance to that
e fleet.
Uitfler the head of resolutions the
following were introduced;
By Alderman Wood, providing that
(be present weekly session of council
R abandoned and that in future city
council meot on the second and fourth
Thursdays of each month.
fly Alderman Aiken, authorising the
mayor to Sig i certain contracts wit n
Bowen and Thomas and Gilmore and
Wood" looking to repairs on the city
.lust previous to adjournent Mayor
hopklns announced the appointment
i the following ordinance conimlttee
in compliance with a resolution at a
] recent meeting making this a general
committee. The gentlemen named on
the committee were Aldermen Aiken,
'•'upper and Wood.
After electing W. B. Cook a member
' of (he board of council ad
><•♦<• ... ....
(Clashing through a window of ilia
! room. This shot struck young Coffee.
No Wat rants Sworn Out.
Sheriff J. C. Rogers immediately
went to the scene of the homicide,
all parties refused to swear out
units. It is report
Per of the of both are cunlJH
gating at Rhine and news of renowiW
MA hostilities is momentarily oxt.ectvd.
Mr A. Burnluiue the wounded manj
is about fifty ;eMkof age and has J
' large family coniifcram. including fugg
'grown are known to be ml
Piety fearless attd reand in the id
l of guns. The ol
lin the difficulty
younger but all have large families.
In addition to the immediate fami
lies of the several parties, there ere
a great many relatives on both sides,
|id of whom a-e known to he fearless
and ready to avenge a wtor-.g run*
It is thought here that the end has
not yet been -eached.
The killing occurred 1 mile from
Rhine at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon
end involves prominent parties.
The exact cause of the fight has not
been ascertained. No nrrestn have
l een made yet. It is not certain who
started the row and no one seems to
1 now who fire I the shot which killed
Livingston, at whose place the alf,■in
occurred. The name of the woman is
Mrs; Georgia Ray.
Lneeda Biscuit Company Wilt Tender
Reception to Ladies of Brunswick
Tomorrow Afternoon.
Since Thursday morning the Ogle
thorpe hotel lias meen one of the bus.
test places in the city. It is the head
onarters of the special reception and
exhibition committee of the National
Biscuit Company, who ate here far tip'
purpose of arranging a novel and mi
nt na I reception for the ladies of Urttns
wick and vicinity. This reception will
le it eld Saturday afternoon at 220 New
castle street from two until five
si clock.
in this undertaking the National
Biscuit Company lias adopted a meth
od of illustrating the possibilities ot
scientific baking that is at once pleas
ant and practical, and withal, unusual.
Besides an exhibit of many of their
n.ost delicious products the reception
a ill include an enjoyable musical pro
The National Biscuit Company has
arranged litis reception, feeling that,
every lady in Brunswick ought to
know and wi 1 be interested in know
dig the high degree of purity and pro
tection to which they have brought the
manufacture and marketing of their
products. They feel that every wo
ji an who comes to know Uneedt bis
cuit —to know their crisp, delicious
goodness, as well as the absolute puri
ty and cleanliness insured by their
package which excludes all air and
moisture, will never again accept an
ordinary soda cracker in a common
Pftper bag.
Ho many people have really learned
to know Uueeda Biscuit that over
three hundred million packages nave
been sold, and the demand is ever ln
ci easing.
Following tiie popular approval of
lineeda Biscuit, the protection of a
package which excludes all air, dust
and moisture was also given to other
delightful products of the baker's art
that had in ih j meantime been perfect
to, and so today the trade mark of
the National Biscuit Company, on each
end of a package of biscuit, crackers
'md wafers is everywhere recognized
as a guarantee of quality,
Nabisco Bugor Wafers and Festino
Almonds are Iwo of the delicacies that
will be served with the refreshments
si the reception. They are among the
r osi delicious of the products of the
National Biscuit Company and are es
pecially appropriate as dessert confec
The reception will be held at No, 22b
Newcastle street on Saturday after
noon, from two until live o'clock,
There will oe appropriate 'refresh
’ meets, including of the finest
pioducts of the National Biscuit Com
-1 pony, elaborate decorations and a
hesrty welcome and pleasant enter
jtainmeut for all.
□moo to
Club So Notified Council
Last Night Through Al
derman Downing
Aiken Had Something to
™ay About the Made by
B th Club—Money
l to he Accepted,
city hospital seems to be play
mg in pretty good luck.
With a great big fair, which greatly
(chanced its exchequer and with al
$2,000 approp: iation from the .leiiyll
Island club .here comes another offer
of SI,OOO.
Just previous to the adjournment
cf the city council last night Alderman
I owning secured the tiixir and an
nounced to council that Mr. Baker, oi
li e Jekyl Island club, had advised him
tl ala certain member of the organiza
(-on was willing to donate SI,OOO to
ihe city hospital in Brunswick, if the
city was willing to make neper tenia
loan was the case with t’-e $2,000
previously donated by the club. At
ccr'iian Tiovvt "g stated that lie would
ike smiVe definite instruction from
council bafor: replying to Ihe com
,u miicat lon of Mr. Baker.
Alderman Aiken took the floor and
severely arraigned the council of last
year for having made the contract
with the .lck.il Island club, providing
ior ihe $2,000 donation. He said it
'ins not a donation and am.i i: ke l it
us a long-bended, far-sighted, dollar
and ten cents for one dollar scheme,
whereby rich (orporation cares fur its
infilc.ted at the hands of the Brunswick
oospltal. lie said that when he was
fust, elected to council that he believ
ed that Jekyl island had ahsololcdy do'
i aied the money, hot later, when con
i'tinted with ilie facts he had found
i ot that it was neither a donation or
an myi roprial'on, but was simply a
scarp scheme on ihe part of the Jekyl
Island chib to provide a hospital for its
However, M", Aiken said that it was
no worse to lake the $2,000 at that
time than it would be to take the sl,-
U 0 al this time and he concluded by
l (Ovlng that the offer of Mr. Baker
to donate $1 (00 be accepted on the
same basis that prevailed when tne
.'J.imiO was ('mated. The motion pre
vailed, and the chances are that, the
i.osipital will r.et liie additional thous
and dollars.
Announced T'-at Deal for the Site has
About Been Closed and it is Ex
pected Work will Soon Begin
it lias boon Authentically announced
that all of tlie property necessary for
a site for the passenger and freight de
pots of the Atlantic mul Birmingham
i abroad with Ihe exception of one
lot has been fit.ally brought to a close
and i* is generally believed that the
deal for this piece of property will lie
made within the course of a few days.
As was announced in these columns
yesterday morning, tile dea! for the
land necessary for the terminals, has
been quietly i nder way since the, sub
ject was Drought up several weeks ago
ana the announcement was made yes
terday that ail of the property north
o' the Oglethorpe hotel, except the
above stated piece, has been secured
by the road.
Just what is causing the deiay in the
deal for the lot was not stated, but
from a well Informed source It is un
derstood that the A. & B. Is now pre
paring the p'ans for the ney depot
and will begin active work in the
immediate future.
Train Kills M. A. Brawdy.
Columbia, 8. C., Fell. 2.—M. A, Braw
c’y, aged <53 years a farmer of Dale
Beaufort county was killed by a train
nt Oreen Pond yesterday while return
ing from (he funeral of his daughter
While waiting at Green Pond for the
local train Mr Brawdy attempted to
moss the rn'lroad track, The fast
nail siriick the man killing him l-
r.'ost instantly
New York Herald's Southern Edition
The New York Herald publishes a
sieclal southern edition giving ail the
southern society news. Exclusive re
ports from the winter resorts, All
tbs nows from evsrywhsrr
Were Sent 4
Brunswig]! from** Jekyl and
J Board of Health Acts
■£f •
<<£qF>f Po’ice Burney lias on hand
today the very unpleasant task of be
ing compelled to put to death six very
l amlsome Jersey cows. In fqot Jersey
cow% that came from tile mulli-million-
and for a brief spell
on Jekyl island.
TC make a long story short at last
l iglij’s counci’ meeting
turn w,s read from the ot health
auviilng that six coi'raßßK now-_ln
the city wliu-n. ‘W
tiony, were r
lnvestigatioiidpSgyVhe fact that
the bcviao§jLjPP'-cnTlfn]ad been con
(lemiaci) al J.-kyl and
Dr. Geo. tq>eslmgtf|
This wIL the Only Work Transacted
at the Meeting Yesterday
The Imard of trade met in regular
session yesteiday morning, with quite
n number of members present.
The only business transacted was
.lie election of two or three new mem
bers. They were: J. W. Clark, of the
telephone exchange. J. B Blilch,
agent of the A. & R.. Dr, II M. Bran
ham ami lid in W. Dart.
The board proposes lo resume active
pork at the next meeting and a num
ber of matters will go ff.ken up. An
effort will he made to el nil the mem
bers out weekly and a lino of work
will lie planned for the present year.
r-lre Yseterdav in Home of Widows
and Single Women at Reading, Pa.
Two Structures were Burned
Reading, Pa, Feb. 2. A fire in this
city today completely destroyed two
large structures at I lie home of wid
ows ami sing! i women.
There was a regular stampede when
the fire was discovered and it is be
lieved that several of the inmates por
u-hed in the building though nouiing
definite is yet known.
it is not known how Ihe fire origi
nated, but thj llamos rapidly gained
aeadwuy and the firemen had quite a
difficult task in extinguishing the tire.
The structures burned were occu
pied by a number of women, ami the
flames had almost reached them lie
fore the inmates knew that Ihe build
ing was on firi.
Eut Recent Decision would no Doubt,
Govern if Other Cases Came up.
Only Cobb comity is affected by tho
recent decisien of the supreme court,
which separates the, oflles of clerk
of the superior court and treasurer ot
the comity, says Attorney Generat
John C. Hart.
This decision doe-lared void and un
constitutional the acL which consoli
dated the office of clerk of tlie super
-10! court and treasurer of Cobb coun
ty. it thus applied only to that coun
ty, and does not vacate office* In other
counties where they are held under
similar consolidation acts, Oilicers in
other counties v.ho hold two effleos
under special acts may go right on
lidding them until some point is made
in the court against it. When Hits is
done, Judge Hart, says, it is ) reliable
The decision in the Cobb county ease
will govern end. that acts similar to
this one will likewise be declared un
constitutional end void.
Girl Wa s Tired of Living.
New York, Fell. 2. The lifeless
1.-ody of a yoime woman who had given
the name of Ma/.ie Leigh wns found
kneeling beside a bed in a hotel at
Tenth street and Fourth avenue today.
The young woman had shot herself
in the heart. She told a woman with
whom she hoarded that she was a
student in the Northwestern university
and had elop ,1 from Evanston, Ills,,
with a student. The girl left a note
saving she was tired of living.
Adjusting French Claims , i
North Held. VI. Feb, 2 Con Pe et
*; de la Ho, ra, commissioner repre
senting France and Commissioner
Jose de Paul. .1 Venezuela, had a pre
liminary meeting here today wf I* F.
M. Plumley, the referee who will puss
an opinion and name the award in
r.,aims of the French govern in on t
ugainst Venezuela .involving several
million dollars. The coinmissione-i at
tended a reception given in their bon
er at Montpelier this afternoon by
Gov. Bell.
did. retorting that they were afflicted
with tuberculosis, it seems, however,
tiiat the cab le was disposed of in
Brunswick .consequently this report
from the board of health.
At the meeting last night It was
moved and carried that the chief of
ponce be instructed to kill the stock
tndan and have same cremated at the
city crematory. It was also decided
tuai the city attorney be ins!motel ~o
(haw an ordinance prohibiting the im-
of diseased cattle into the
Chief Burney was seen by a News
last night and says he
cattle put to death
Contractor Darling Coming to Make
Preliminary Arrangements.
It is understood that Contractor Dan
in 8, of Wayeioss. who has the con
tract for the erection of the new
Frist Methodist church, will arrive in
the city sometime next week for the
Inr pose of making preliminary ar
ranged! ts for beginning active work
on the new edifice.
Some disposi urn is to lie made of the
1 resent elmivli within the next few
days, anil it is more than probable that.
■ will in- sold and torn down. During
ihe Lime that the new church Is in
lourse of construction services will lie
conducted in the council chamber at
the city hall.
Kuropatkin, it is Reported, Slapped
Face 6f Anrther Officer in a Per
eonal Encounter Yesterday.
Paris .Fch. 2. —According to the St.
Petersburg on espondont of the IScho
in Paris, who wired Ills paper today,
General Kurojatkin and General Orip
eiihnrg had a personal encounter yes
t'Vilay as a tesult of a dispute.
The correspondent states that Gen.
Kuril] atkin struck the oilier general
with his fist several times.
flip altercation was caused by Gen.
Kuropatkin accusing Gen. Gripenhurg
i-r sacrificing ten thousand men by
refusing to obey orders he had receiv
ed to retreat.
Woman Who Murdered Her Husband
in Vermont Will Not be Hanged
Today—Granted a Reprive'.
Waterbary, Vt., File .2.—Governor
Bell tli is afternoon announced here
that a. reprive had been granted to
Airs. Mary M. Rogers, sentenced to lie
l ung tomorrow, until June 2 ,
This wotna t as is welt known, was
condemned to die tomorrow for the
murder of her husband. All arrange
ments Bad been made at the jail for
her execution.
Governor Hell stated that the re
t'llve had been granted in order to
allow some alleged new evidence to
1 1. brought betore the supreme court.
The supreme court will take up the
ease at their regular May term and
this interesting case will he heard,
'the governor further announced that
the decision then rendered would be
iinal. and if the woman was found
guilty by the state’s high tribunal the
execution would occur on the date set,
June 2.
Fishermen Have Trouble Handling
Stick* of Dynamite.
Marshall N. 0. Fob. 2—Barney Stan
ton, aged 22 was Instantly killed by
‘.ho explosion of a slick of dynamite
find James 1 synle was badly injured
ns a result of the explosion.
The tiw.) young men were Hulling
fiom n small beat und hail-been using
dynamite to kill the (Ihli. Blanton
was holding n stick of dynamite with
a lighted fuse in his hand, prepared
to throw it into the river when Haynie
node a remark to him and forgetting
the dynamite In his hand, Stanton
turned his hem: to speak to his com
panion. At thiw instant the explosion
Stanton wa- instantly killed his
I body being hoirtbly mutilated.
Jttffflv DOWN
Stevedores and Others will
Continue to Pay Off in
- . ■->•# *f;v
Council Acted on the Matter in Execii
live Sessio’, Which Lasted for
Quite a While—Vote Called,
Which was Four to Three
The city council of 1905 for the first
Brno held a star chamber session last
eoess ify for holding such
PiWIWbUs not manifest, hut Al
"erman Aiken moved that such a
course lie penned and it was carried.
The occasion for this unusual proce
dure way Hie discussion for appeal ot
the license ordinance with regard to
tiiat section of it which prohibited
stevedores an 1 others from paying off
in barrooms.
This question Is familiar with t.h#
general public. At a meeting of coun
cil several weeks ago the old ordi
nance giving stevedores this right was
denied. AL a subsequent, meeting this
clause was repealed and last night a
strong petition was read from a large
number of preachers asking council to
adhere to its original proposition ana
refuse the ordinance in question .
When the matter was reached la
general council. Alderman Aiken ask
ed for an executive session. Alder
man Neiwman seconded the motion and
lor about 40 minutes council in star
cl amber sens.'ion, wrangled with th#
proposition. Finally council l-eassem-
I led and on Uic reading of the caption
ic the ordinance several nay vote*
were noted. On the original section
one, two and three the same dissent
ing voice heard, and finally a di
vision calledby Alderman Wood, th#
ordinance Wa--- repealed by the follow
ing vote: Ayes. Aldermen Aiken, New
n an. Downing and Tapper. Nays, Al
dermen Watkins, Wood and Robinson.
It is understood that Aldermen Aik
en, Tapper and Downing voted for ths
repeal of this clause for the reason
thai they did not believe it was con
In this connection it may be of in
terest to state that this finally adopt#
the license ordinance for the year
Colson Hardware Company Will Con
duct f. Retail Business.
The building on Newcastle street,
formerly occupied by J. H. Heller &
Bio., is now being thoroughly over
-1 aided. When completed the store
v. ill he occupied bv the Colson Hard
ware Company, which concern will
carry on a i cueral retail hardware
Business. Besides handling everything
ia the hardware line the company pro
poses to have a large stock of lamp
goods, etc., such as have not been
handled very extensively before in
Friinsw ick
The Newcastle street store will be
managed by \v. J.- Butts, who recently
-purchased the interest in the business
ol Judge J. M. Colson, J. JB. Dnbberiy
will remain in charge of the wholesale
store on Monk street.
This well know firm has been ex
panding! considerably of late, and it*
'business now extends to ail sections
ef the state. They have given espe
cial attention lo the whoeisale busi
ness. but by ti e middle of the present
month they will he in position to well
took after tho retail trade.
The Meeting p.t Thomaavlll* Agree* on
Important Subject.
Thomasville, Ga., Feb, 2. —Repre*an-
te tives of thi cotton mills of south
Georgia met here this afternoon in
convention in response to the call of
W. 8. Spain, oi the Atlantic and Qluf
mills at Quitman .
Four mill* namely, Pelham, Quitman
Valdosta and Fit/.gerald, were ropro*
tented. The object, of the meeting
war to discuss certain abuses which
have *| rung up In the mills during
the last few years.
The chief attention was paid to the
question of one mill enticing tabor
f-.om another. An agreement to close
this practice was decided upon by tfte
meting. A fttcular letter advocating
this will be sent to the mills not repre
sunied aud unanimous action Is hoped
Checked up Local Office.
Auditor Goodloo, of thl
Atlantic Coat Une, with headquarter*
in Valdosta, was In the city yesterday
tor tho purpose of checking up the
local office. He loft during the after*
i.oou fqr other points on the read,

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