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fifty ft utfej
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_ ,
Total Amount of Busiores
for Ste Maw fart. 1 ! 1 ,!
Son i-n;k
THE GFfiSlrl i
:• 1
As Compiled apt.. Ctto ? ,f.
sen—fo.al of r ; V 0
Arrived and !.o?.-.-rd ■. -f
During tin Month.
Although Augu-: t . • ' tgf
of tlm liulli a , n>; 1 aid
in shipping clrch li;c ■ hriil
ended Friiia.' v. v-. ; n ' > 1 1
one in all linos. Thi- Mi at:
of shipping fur the in nah v . i.s: A
042, divided at: folic.
Foreign Ship.no.’.'.
By 9 v'-t- ■ a\\:. ■ . 10/1
registered tods. meU 1 : j
Five barrels pencin t.' ,
125 gallon.! tnrpcn' tor./,
phosphate re ro.-.i. .
2,077 barriiia tu,/ 0 Ue:
lumber. it'G.'.-od ft- ■
slihigies, 71.' oy e.urj.i.i. lip, vt
of siilpiuem s2i!f.9;E. W*
Do. nest r. 5 ’ISjSlfiS
Bv 3.) vessi Ik. will gnfimmsaf ..i'2f
v Mr. iji
l.llHl balos Jk:< s; :g, Ol
r. Ik sy.Up, 1.070 uidW i>i|t^® : 7,4'io
barrels rotjm, *;.*• '• 1 ’’Trfs.it% ..on-
' .- 'ttbdLyjMpy
* r &.d|r.~ l¥3sw .. '■ I
.i- mi<: i sijk, fHp
Fojflgn . 4. .... j.' ~m- >S
Ilia: ,li. .. .‘.. . .
lmppi'r, .; ."iSSr.
$ / ■~r
SI; SV2 012
Arrival^for Month.
8<1( nm-rtf . . .Y ■..A ..li
Steam ra ..’/... f 2ii
Barks ... \a ...
Brigs -.... .. :
Tata, 41.
, - .!#'
■ -
Batch cf l.itcrteflf.g itriii* Getbeieo
for NrW* 'nontlfif*. j
ii. -ijf' h l -’ !
eiow.i' il v.ilh i'W‘>nV<# ..(did most, oil
them •.'<• 1 Ait ■ti|Jp i >r ofi'cit-H
Tin wor! i' tfhv, cdu hoop''
is i> regret-..i rig in (.tod 'shape with
the njimhyi >t hands >■ ■*<■ <•>. I
search N bibor is tin* only trottbl •
tilt* or !iie Iris Rig.
■fh<* spring tides wit! fiogin <*.':. •-
ami the flsherim a wiil have to ta\‘*
some Utile 'it*.
There will be no excursion in on
Atlanta. Birmingham mid Atlantic
railroad today amt for -.’si reason
the reg'titar II o'clof. nip to St;
Si,mon wilt not he made.
Coney, King & Cos., wi?> shortfv
fciv ai.i' to the wholesale fish huf'.i
tie'*, here. The hu.inesa wt'i be riia
on a large scale.
The atr‘-i*t force is now busily cn-i
gao 1 it, , .lit. - ! ■ ■ o' a jim tAii
it r
A ill! •fell r.'.spi grant hat* opeited ini
the store for ly (••cetljiied by H.j
E. Bcrr'e: on Monk street.
A large ntnber*of country pcopKM
The .police made only a few arr t“j
last night. Offlci r Kofli i had s ie
little trouble In carrying > drun%
man to jail but he landed him.
Wood-Bailey Qomr iny Enjoyed Cco t
Business on <-tr§t Day.
The Wood-Ds iCotnyan*
opined it . °^ !
Urir.wwijJ*. ’
Riflemen Will Carry
a Crowd to St. Si-
Iwff '-A:,
mon Tomorrow
Most of the 'hitrebants Will Close at
2 tTElock and Give Their
'* Hair -, Ho'iiday.
Lyervkody will have tlieir rliancv
to gti Id the island Monday and enjoy,
••hr delightful sea breeze and have
a dip in the surf. Besides this ideas
mo Uiniv will be a ride by moon
light w jth. mnsir by t)ic band. Tide
•riflemen will also entertain you dm
be? the day and night—with a rllle
thoot in tile murulnff.; exhibitions of
tpesi duty. extended order drill in
hri afternoon and a prize drill and
ail nt nigUi. All ibis for 60 cents.
A good btass band has be: n en
.-a.-':V, tofurnish music for the bail
• id : ring 'buck tin
who stay to the dance. Ideal. Atkin
sn Is chairman of tile ball commit
tee and will 'see Ihtil the door is in
gOisi.’oohdir.ion for darn ing.
haeufc Douglas wiil 'drill the boys
U vx.ee ;.-,i order and show you how
c ;i!paj’. fl turn (1 "Ur' tide of war tit
their hivor at the battle in Chick-'
.11ir •a. ■ tie the tout-1
f,.rl of. tin' ladies and children wlhj
ho made a: l good order is pron; !
. •and. The tare will be 58 cents for
the rujtnd 1 ■ ijc Children 26 eentr-.j
r h-, pi's can lie our. based irom any|
id ihe KUtVineji and at Morgan s. |
!I ;u tier’a and Bmcv'n dvugottires.i
•lertiing H l’ryantn ami at the boat.;
ihr. tmer Atiaquln will leave;
.&j‘. xd of Monk street 10 a. m. 2.3' ;
hi. and 7,30 4*. m.. am
v ;n |f:tiru from the Island 11 a. m.j
Tso pitta, mud 0.30 and 11,?0 t.i. m.j
Help Hus hoys to make this flic lies I
field day- tiiej- ever had.
A N w Industry.
Ndilce ) dJjwletl to tne announce
ine'U. of .T. ..U. Bap-'wtn in tills Sa*u
ufn yin-' MV. Baldwin ,gn\v has
fflif) ecpilni sTfitjc facTry In' Cfpera
tt'iu and Ik retidv to flltt atl order-
Mi' has had many years experience
in this liu/fiitess and .gum-ante.- s.o |
i. faction.
.51. ;t ihit;k of it. During the njonlhj
lot ASgiP-u there was shipped from .'•
j j,.)!-! oi Rmnswick to foreign ;net diTn
, stit. ,ipGi■-, oreiv twenty two millioa
/,(*(, o( wood, which- of cou ••:.(* . In
. ; iiiticd < .ei ythtiig of wood, such ns
1 eA'fttUn, lumber, shingles, etc,
j C:ohr i; nev •in the history of any
* Lutheran Church.
3! .lures l/iithlcrtiii church will
imld Sunday ; diooi td:i *• 4 |>. ht.
ij. ; vices at Sp, tn. Itfcv. J... B.
.e„ the ]®#Wr, will officiate.
Con* - /.' King & Company Will Enter
the Fish and Oyster Busi
ness on Extensive Scale.
Coney, King & Company is the name!
of the latent firm to cuter biisir-cr.-'.
In Brum.wick, turn; It promises to
!•:■>• in fh&
u |i, •. in!. " of ,-I one;,.
The new firm p. moses tn
lish ahd oyster business on
nsive stale. The firm haa
quarters on tower Ray street 1 and
~ be ready for> Wiataess a TwsclML
ext W-i I'D- mcmh#s’, of Cue'
¥ .
s known > ouog bus-
Coney will bg the.
lh ‘
* .. .. ...in ' oTunAinfl
Tit. ißu^*®**’ o I's ' epwl-w
atfeiiUdiT to tbe
~„.r a Thev wlPDt*®
hand a* A tin I ™
„.b <,t all :lmm. wi!j
Ditto cater to the l-i- V j
i .ill.* * wi.oe^ns'p'
due." 1 %
Kt .. ,-*i Ui. ■ . , j-s 1
m fA*-~
jiiiii and Pe;,i juios
Drawn Trcm Saw BaxeV
m hi mm li!
They WUt i?c Called Upon to Serve
the County In D teu.eT '.Vt.
the Oour* Is.tc Cor.vetu
‘ In Regular Session.
The (following: jutois, gran,l and
petit, were drawn yeStel'daj fro.n the
m-w jury m ixos, v aio j-,e ;
been luil.-dted by the jury voumiis
si-mors: • •
• Grand Jury.
'l. C. Fevgtt'ioff, V\ ip Nu ■ Uatir
lid. IH'dffor,, W. A. tiaokett
O Elliott, Ci. it/ Itramri. W. I. \V;
A. MiUor. T \V La mil, .1. M Keen
It. K Brii'senii'-l;. <l. \V. Arnett, I
A. Wiiilliamstm, ,1. I’. Twomi-.*■. W
A Knight,’ tAT. t; w.- i, <:. n. ’t,
lor. F. 1). Scarlett. .1 !l Wtiilintie,
l H. VHtd'.i’.v, .1. O’, l’ufcell. J. W.
Cieea, W. LA i.ane .1. If. ilirvey,
It It. Hopkins. IV. D. Bailey, C. 1
I Hood worth, U. M. Jor.es .; \V. Col
P'tit Jury
B. V,, MyddMon, U \V. t,ano. 0.
V.'. Rlcliardsou. 1!. 1-3. - llurforb.
D. 8. Atkinson, C. i>. Steiner, Ciiu:,.
\V. Tgylor, .1. L. iin is, J K. It.
15 a nor, (I. VV. Harper. (J. W. Ashe!!
I>. \V. Winn. T. F Winter, A. L.
: Boyle, W. A. I uno, Clinton Brown,
!A. D. Boone, Jr., Titos. Fuller, \\ F.
| .1 nerkin/er, K< tnion Mott, C . C. Ca
rp-, ,
V A’ ”l 15:1 i’t
T' 1!. mi, I'.r.vl 1' io; o. .1. It. C
If) it el g. ’ !:n H C-• !l a
f * r, W.
s.vmonH. G. V. C*V'.
port in' tii u irtd has this re ord been"
Cnpl. Otfo Jotiauc.-iscn. the official
1 . oil matistieimi, yeulcrdtiv figured
out rxai tly how much wood had been
siOjj.-d and in a , r
..... *
! 017,112(1 feet went lo for.iin ports and
’ 17,557,744 to domestic ports
J. B. Abramt. the gi in-ral inannger
of- the Aiken Canning Company, who
lias ho. n at lli.nywuon rlnrmg the
mimni.T operatitig a fruit and vege
table canning factory, will arrive in
i.i .city this Dcii. to prepare for
♦ opening ui the i r [aclsjn curly
next month.
A mimber of iniprova-mcuts will be
made at the local plant and it a!
inobnbic that spun, ic -v ,machinery
.if ill be insiallcij .t he ctmiitig, sea
on is xpcct.il to ye ..me of tin most
ouccesMitU, in Ue history of tho oys
ter canning industry,
F. w. Leben Purchases the Bakery ot
’ J. M. Hoddenpyle.
Known a. . > 1
the' ba' tt.'j - lin '• and i.
J. At. itoiidU|iyli u r of A
and P sfri'-t and mhP conduct He;
in the future /
KbM.' first <
HpKlisb;j#sf In ' > <■ of Ce
wttjd t?n'd sb.aranttms ■: dinfactlon to
'■very Hisiyitr-r.
' going to mal e a spcciaff, c
:fit, OUt-Of-tWM !'
Jttw.- mint.-: day < -. rs, nro re otved,
,Hl.. n-.bery .. ■ -un I one in i s 'i
: ehimti of the word ml a
cldtflulhittis '-iii nn nia
■I .it ff ■
Ciimissionßrs Is Hold Ilieir
. figpir Meeting on Next
- Tuesday
i iilSf IS EKPtOTEfI
The Chances Aft- that the County
Yv'ili Reerhln the Same for the
I-.' cert Year—Reduction
% i -adv ir State Rate.
At a m.s t. , if the roaiintssioners
af loads : and revruues to tie held
Puesdr. i it. is probable that the tax
rap' for -be c ounty for- the present
■ ixf.l. nltl'.oindi i* ha
not yet tiei-p deilnitel.v decided.
There is considerable interest bo
■i ■ i! "nit- • and in the fixing e*i 111
rate, man.' icing of the opinion that
sear- chapg. will be made, but noiw
!, f C eoiimd-sion u-r are able to die
cuss lliife question, as thej an at
mneh at sea as to what will he don"
as Hi.- public.
.As ' well Known, the state made a
induction of ten cenis on the I hour,
■>nd dollars in the state rate. Last
'.ear if was SI,BO and the county
.ale was $7.15, making a total ot
; 12.5.4. While this is a bit higher
H ,11 that f 11- 1 ■ majority of tin- (Odin
tbs In tho stilte, it is pot generally
fiiliugbl tital the coSnuuissioners will
.ml"- a reduction this year, although
I here-,has bee.n S'liie.lHtle iucrenSn m
tile tux' retuniM.
With a decrease in the st/itc rate
however, the people, of tills county,
: veil ag e,!si m fto state,
’•••'<! nay roll e4nli iefts Pl' the i hoVm
pad. a .
Sliepshea.d teay. Sept. 1.
ioneer, 1 to l.tlodie captured IHe fu
turity rate; Pope Juanwemne iu sec
|Oud -nut Deniiniil tliffd. Pan, the
' .ii< lid inn , a iliac. Tb
iof • worth If! -o.
Pivc thoujjjaml spectaiors were pres
. lit. 'Hie Ittrgcst number of book
ike. - o on Mu' trank were
.a • .iileiici tnday T -re weri I;2U
of them.
Leave for Greece.
i \ party of four (ire ks headed by
Ui' l.jims, leave odily for New
. /(irk iuid from tliere they will tak •
a steamer for Greece, their former
J bom. whore they will ri-peud two <sv
I throe iiioulhs.
St. Mark’s Church.
There wilt be services at St. Maths
ch.iiVb today, Rev. If arty Cnssil ot!l
--ciaiing. Holy I'.orinnunlou and Service
at U o’cioi k.
Negroes Will Have a Big Tjme and
The Day is to be Generally
Observed. Here.?
Tomorrow‘‘ls Day anil tho oi:
..-ion will lie observed In
crutiHviick, as wicll ns elsewhere
b-T0 i.iganizenilnlior i" einployid.
The olorc.l /• bm'; oreaiiizatlous of
" -.‘lit, V. II ("7, pAd ti" day In ry<-
fashion, i , a t* u ' "hU' Minouh
will me-rcji , gjg (day oft end ;,r
a good rt l’tirt. Ik.;. _ .-.^j
The negj --i* innla^lyfN
trade iyT
include // ' X
"j J • ' potatoPi-]
i / .•■ 1 k.. 1
& v
\ J ’■ :'e
ksmmissioners Have Com
pleted Ilieir Work of
teisiiig file Boxes
ftf® HUS lilt ADDED
5 here Are Now More Names in tti
Grand and Petit Jury Boxes
Than Ever Beofre— Names
Added to Both Boxes.
Tite Glynn county jruy commission
rs yesterday completed the work of
re-, ising the jury boxes for the n%i
two years, and the number of jurors
in both boxes is now the largest in
the history of the county.
When tliu jury list was revised two
lears ago, if will he romeinftered, i
large number ol names were added,
carrying the total up to 745. inclu
ding the gruud ant petit jury boxes,
but i!il.s year the large number lias
boon surpassed and now there are
BidJ names in the two'box. s.,
of this number (here an GOV names
in the petit jury box and 1.99 in that
of the grand jury. Last y.-at there
were *5Bl in the petit, jury box and
1G.3 grand jurors.
The cominissioners have been en
gaged Iti the work during the en
tire week. It being necessary to can*
vass Hie entire digests of the coun
ty. it will be seen that over fifty
names were added lids ,vear.
No A. Excursion
The regular excursion over |
Uu> .-Viiinii*.' Wrtnlnqfcam arm \tl.im i
lis railroads to this City IvrfPe points!
eltpig Ih.i Mile Ilf the load will not ;
I lime today, ill. fact. I>.• g i,, .-n i
discontinued for Hi" summer. The ( x
■ e.iirsioiiM over litis road from Rruur
v.-ieie and Jacksonville will he et inti ti
lled for a short time yet.
Brunswick must have more rest
deuces, els, the great influx of now
people will have to sleep in the streets
’t'hat'.s all there is to It.
“Do you know.” nuld a real estate
man to a News reporter yesterday,
“1 don’t know wluit we are going
to do to meet the demand for first
class resiliences in Brunswick. You
may not think so lint font men have
"con to me today to rent, houses,
but my list was exhausted, in fact
for some weeks there has been a scat
spend A -FE W DAYS
Justice S C. Atkinson, of the su
preme court, n! Georgia, if In the city
for n few days on 1 a visit f relatives
tin friends. , . .e,, : 1
Justice Alkim.ni) has been a member
Of the fiupvpmec ourt foj a number
of mouths me! it* il ; rlmnry held
Inst pimith be was for
! nth the utiejuili'od term lie is now
tilling and the long term. Justice At
klason was vgrected by bis man;
frb nds ia Uyr r.|tj^
An Expcndw Session.
Slate Treasurer R. E. Park has
Ciynplet: and bis stal mi at of the total
cost lo tho state of the recently ad
jmirncd ncssion of the legislature
dflie entire exp use of Gl4 tifty day.
'isloiUD'as si.:i,:tus jn ngiiimjt $5,
ty the session of I!t05. 1111 In
P . tTtckets Selling Fast.
/Tickets for the veterans . xeiirslou
crowd will ij
li'i ...ji 1) Xt-M
witv. k dM
Was Guest of Demo
crats of Jersey Citf
Prominent Men from All Sections of
The State Were There to
Join in the Welcome.
Jersey City, N. J., Sept. I.—There
was great excitement among the demo
crats of ttie city over the visit ot
William ,1. Bryan. For several week/
ever since the letter in which Mr. Br\
an accepted the invitation of the dem
ocrats of this etiy, preparations have
been going on for this event and alt
was in ri adlness for the arrival ot
the guest of honor.
Mr. Brayan arrived here about -1,30
this afternoon and was received upon
his arrival by a large committee or
democrats beaded by Robert Davis,
(diaries Black and other democratic
leaders. He was first escorted to tin'
Davis memorial house Where lie hell
an informal reception. Then he was
escorted to tile Gahtuett eiult where lie
held an informal reception. After the
i eruption the party in carriages
rode through the hill section of low
er Jersey City. Democratic organi
zations from all sections of the state
were represented and fireworks illn
initiated the path along the route.
Only One Arrival.
The steamei Comal, ('apt. Risk, ar
rived in port yesterday from Mobile,
and will said tomorrow fo Ne\Y York.
There was no other movement of
Good Size Payrolls.
The payrolls along the Bay were uu
usually heavy last night and yie, •aver
age merchant did a little 'hotter tiffin
they generally do. Tomorrow being:
labor day there will bo no work on
the river front.
Many Going to College.
• A large ntimhet of Brunswick stu
dents are preparing to leave for the
different colleges. This City Will no
doubt send the largest, thi* year in
iter history. Nearly all o fthe edu
cational {institutions wit open dm
It'S the pr.-sent niontfi.
ci< -' fo suitable vcsiii. n,, sln llruus
wiclcii Mur.-. houses will have to he
% '" *• dux. of uew I'ogideurs
com iimaa.”
it Is jt '.veil known fact that liuuica
“t “ J" uiiim at preseii
lliere is not one d' ldrabe home., the I
rented, while there arc iinin
ixus >1 families Linkl*ms to
if is my (o tho tmsimss m*‘n io buii !
ioort: iu* nur-iS to arcoruodate the jn
eftaso in now ooiuors.
I Till! II IT
-♦ —* • ’'
Report War. Sent Out Yesterday That
President Rposevelt Been
Badly lnju.-ed
Dynler Hay. Sept, 1.-lt was nimov
>mt here this morning that President
had hcen iniiiiusly jsijured
tmle It was fenrcil thal the
bad met vvilji a painful
iicspdent, hut tho report was imin>-
diately denied.
An army • ooirespondenl was di
patched to Sagamore iilfl to learn
the truth.
Winding up Btrcet Taß
Oil! or Rlehardson ha (inis!
ed the job of coßer reel lay
'"biMMil Will^^
fflS FOR
* ' n.
Expected That There Will
Be an Overflow in the
Lower Giles
Believed That by Pressing Build
ing Into Service Again the
Children can foe Accomoda
ted . Comfortably.
The public schools of Brunswf
and Gl.vnn count j will open on Mom
September 24, and the indications :
that there will he tin overflow In
grades below Iho sixth.
Superintendent Balk'd will r>
his office for the purpose of iss
admission cards on Monday, Se;
her 10 tit the court bouse, and
expected tint there will be a
for seats thy new pupils. Only
who are now in possession ol
will have to apply but they
be on band early when the be--
;To a News reporter y ,- >•
, ■ 11 < 1i nt Ballard stale?
expected ati overflow of a
ipnpild in -the tower 'grades
schools buu he thinks the boa and or
education wail be able to accomodate
them by pressing the old aeadeuiy in
to use again. •*'* rft £3F ~' *
Superintendent Ballard taqics to*see
ihc- stUmpl in Old Town established
this year. It will be remembered that:
the board decided last year to open-,
this school, bii/t it was impossible:
to secure a. suUtable baiktliig for a:
s, boo! section of the
The aitperlitlWßjjt states that If tho
Atlanta, Birniin^J^i\and Atlantic
railroad agrees to the phipositiou now
before them submitted IV' Ihe hoara.
ttf education whereby ;n settlement:
will be rcaidied for the property north
of- MeOnlloiighW ikuclt which has
been purchased \W ttie road for ter
minal.:, that. IheJVitird will have suf
ficient. funds tcSpstabUsh the new
school In Old Tniwii this year.
Prom Un presemt outlook the conr
ing 'term will be \ie most -sue, ess
fui in the history and
fbe be a lAcord break-
To Oglethorpe Lodge No 4, Uni
form Rank, K. of P.
Tour are hereby invited to attend
the field day exercises and hall given
by the Drunswick Riflemen, Monday
September 3. 'I hose who attend are
requested to wear their uniforms. We
promise you a pleasant time.
Committee of • the Brunswick:
To the Business Meh of Brunswick
We are going lo have a field day og*
Rl Simon island on Monday, Septem
ber 1900, Labor Day, and respect
iully ask that you give your clerks
Die benefit of a. half holiday so that
tin > can have one last trip to tho Is
land and help hr to make the affair
a success. Tills will end the season
11 the island. We greatly appreciate
pmd, favors and hope you will find
ll convenient to grant this one.
Committee of Brunswick S'flemen
Last Excursion of the Sea-on.
The Confederate veterans cf Jac'
son camp will give an excursion
Fernandinu on Ssptember J. r *.
steamer Lmmcliuc has been chart.
lor the occasion 4ttl a plcast
tmhe is insured. The steamer v
l| ie Mallory dock at 8 s
at. 12 o'clck;
arriving idr/lrunswtck
desiring to vlsi >
<-u lit IMS II
■ Pli'ulv of (in
Hi' I.' : 1 c.i.i bes
..ad also fr *
jw ■ ml Plum t
|nt trip. Xt(
HhJJO, child r

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