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The Brunswick news
Published By
President and Editor.
Vice-President ar.tf Managing Editor.
Business Manager.
Entered at the Brunswick, Ga., Post
office a* second-class mail matter.
Terms of subscription in the city
nd by ma.l free of charge to all parts
of the United States and Canada, Mex
ico, Porto Rico, Guam, Philippine. Is
lands. Cuba and Hawaiian Irlantis.
Month f
Three Months
Six Months ;' 50
One Year B '°°
Business Office, Editorial It-orn W
Th- City Editor .- -
The Kditor 1
(Lynn Couut}',
l ;-.f ui Brmite.v ci;,
til.,mi County Cejnnti -
r.t ipers.
'I a*: Culled Stales Court of
ItauUs ttpicy tor tins d.s
x X -A. A t. A
Correspondence sulictusd, hut '<•
recoivc alt I.UOD, K'ttolii m A ’a
a- - -on;', .ni-d ly a P niui ( ’
not fir publication, hut a- a
guarautue of good fuith.
Rejected cohir.iaii aiUor.a v.ill L
returned if a.cc jiuyAiiir i by P‘----rII' 1
Remit land* should l made by
postal nolo, i'll;'-, ti'.-'di'jf c>.. I, <-i
rctfliitrn and I-1 <-■ r. Addro.s,
The News notes that !’•<' id’ll'
, unrny of the M-rchtuits .*:• M'm r
W t ansportti< on < -ui| a.r, , ill • •*■
aim south this work looking Ii sunn**
suitable south Atlantic s-apart for a
wrw port of entry, both passenger and
freight, for his ships, If there is ono
port on tin- whol Atlantic sciiho;o-.!
that merits a call from Presidentj
Whitney and that has the induce Clients
to offer him that seaport, is Bninuwl -it.
Last year the Mallory Steamship
company, which for twenty years past
had had lraffle arrangements with his
port, both freight and passenger f>r
obvious reasons known by a -v eit
many, pulled out of Brunswt-x. Tills
pulling out did not at that tlm ■ appear
to “cut much ice" with th-> question
of commerce at Brunswick, but la<c:
it developed that it did moan much
or did take much from this port, ’the
fact of the matter Is, that when the
Mallory line pulled out, Bn; seek
was left absolutely without pars.-nger
traffic to New York. She war I- I.
with freight accommodations of the
Bee line, but wholesalers, shl. p is,
and people generally attest t-- tin- fai l
that the 800 lino hast no tegular dans
of sailing and that the ii.aacu'a,:' ; in
those dates manage O work a hav.l
t.hip on the people ef this city
So, if President Whitney h really
seeking for new business in the smith
Atlantic territory nntt if h ' '■ ’ a";-
desirous of locating a per. both !'*
ductivc in freight am; ptsi-.'iiger btu -
iiiess, then most e"rta!:ilv bis o-1
bnsh.ess eye should net lo se sight < f
Brunswick Brunfiwi -k, -is is \ II
kr.cwn. is the po.T f.H'iy - -'! •’' a
the south Atlantic or tSttlf por's. act
only in a land-lock* tl harbor ird anly
in its nearness to ihe cth l '- great put.
of entry, lut D-'e'et:-; or the fact that
it is absolutely and *Utect’>' 1 u the
ocean and ••* r and situa - a.i i■l' e
case in Jo .-’.-mu tile > " Savannnh.
eleven, 'twelve or four Ice 1 rai'■
mac Etna!! creek
So, wo say to the r.ietnh.-rs of the
board of trad and to the Ur- riov
Brunswick ustoc’ation, t > the r y
council, and to c'.hcvs in . - ’
they would b lb, .. . . iv;v
Brunswick red fer Biupsv.ic'.:
eats, they -i aid at once eo.unKi'i!- a' '
with President Whitney and see if
tin Merchants & Aliners company . au
nt; 1 - induc 'd to com- into Biun- -
wick give to our people a sch-d He
both, in the matter cf freight and
i passenger that they ni.-rit. and that
should and by right ought to
jES S .. —— ——
The Glynn ccunty grand jury which
adjourned yesterday fceli i ves in bond
ing the county to make some needed
improvements lr. the county. The
members deserve to be complimented
for their enterprise in so recommend
ing and It is hopel that the county
commissioners v 111 look in to the mat
in view of the pending appointment
of the negro Crum to the office of col
lector of the port of Charleston, the
following from The Post of that tit;.-,
is interesting;
' Elmer Duvej, who us -d to he sec
retary of the republican national com
mittee and a political confidante of
Mark Hanne, and who is sa'd now to
be very close to President Roosevelt
and to President-elect Taft, lias 1,-an
making a hurried visit to fxindo:- anj
Berlin, and it is pr • anted that he was
| sent by the p-' -sidenl to inquire or
i King Edward and of Emperor William
|as to their 1 ensure concerning cer
jtain changes in diplomatic repre-en-
J mtion of the l'nlted Statet that a--
In .oi:teniplall(ffi. In other words, it
i, desired to know if the English and
ti e German gov tun < nts will i e -vil
isfiet} to have as ambassadors : io- -.
oosons whom the u'-r.t pro;i.-1.-nf 'as
: n mind to s- n ! to t'i<- capitals ’ 1
myites to represent the Inter- ".s oi
the AmCi ii an governtneni. Tic:
of c-ui re, a wholly pro; ir c- i -id
' ticii, foi the l.'nlted i-ltatoy sl,r. I li,- ;
bo t . ei. and lu an I - , -
i.y a mlutoi'-i or nn aura 11 ?-• . .u
would l.c |u " . i. n rrafa > ■
government of the t-r.ti u !••-
he is acciedited, Such representm
v.T-nJd b<' off-ns.vo to 'ho <>■
ormoent and ituwi.a f. ur
poin' of vi ,v, a.• . i .
scarcely be- .■• < <1 '. it'.-,
rharr.e 'of mtr Intense .
'•llitt Why should net >Ma ';■•
1..!- 1 to feT .. In- the of .1
poTutmerd-. to f*eh’n: f
Cr.it <1 f'.iate--. :ik cl; j - !•• id? V y
: le till! t.ot, the ,; I, ,' . J
commpv.'t'oi: te efr’it! .1 to r,.t u- |
acn; id- iniion r • C be-d • .
own gtr.vrntn' tit. ;e *it ! • I ■ . >
fun'an cotifitre? ,l;l • • I
Kuos'Veit and tr. Till'; t and ~s
aary to the various rorntnuci;: i
tin- C.eted fl ate. ot (,ih< wis • I-’ ’•>
l.iOiußelves t.:i t'i tip :‘a .
tile people toward rOnt'T.i.du' • 1
pOilCulentß to tbo'i S' 1 tic"
would be no Crum up; -'in'n - '
; uuch a wholesome rule w- r • fol; . 1
And wo have hop-; that sucli a . -ib
will be followed tind< r the Taft ad
ministration. ( eriutnly 'lt will t i
! Ill" spirit of .dr. Taft ' Atlan’.'i :p- • '
1 is lived it], to."
| Ind entions are that the meeting ef
i the city council conjointly with the
citizens mid shippers yt-sterdaj to
gether with the head-, of the traffic
departments of the various railmv,
lines entering Brunswick might 1 i
productive of some and. I’he
for a number of years was in tin- u
tic department of a great railroad
tern, and lie knows to a certain • .
tent just what demands are mud
upon the railroads, just to what i \
j tent its earnings are d-pleled, m l
just to what extent there is an si
normal sentiment in most, every • -
tlon of the country looking to a s s
plexus blow at these euterprirei
The News does not believe that th.
proposi-d increase in switching el. :■
which, on its face. i. arbitrary, ei s
[ from any intent on the part te'
railroads in question to r she a tl
at Brunswick. It knows t.il’
Luat every lailroad n thes> tiun < :
UcpriT.slon, win a ii c , a:'c i:t i.-
leavln.tr, is seeking for revc: ar; is
tie.-, to make r. in.-.'-, ar,o. i m
' to overcome an alin-.n r.v.S
tar rg its eornir • r: ; r.c'ty.
j Of course. The News is in s.v:n 'h
iVi.h.llie position i.f the shi; -A: j
l ii ae ot any kit: ! v v-yitr- t . : '•
•to ivO per * nt. is r.’ t.- i ;nnl. is :
! urai, must ha; e .son*. ! l.la . •.! ;
I lation, but a- , --.Uust u.::t itv. r; ,• ■ * -
i have the ' "v et of the lailroad
j that Brunt;v. ie’.; has Lceii enjo.-'i!.;
t r-cme unusual and extraouena:. < ■-
,t - i< sat tilt a. id •ef til vail ad* on
j the quei ti* nt f renLllin;: tates As w.
ciat-.-d >• •rday morning, the:-- tin
j two sides to every e.u stion, and w.
'an i. t pro morning to say
Iwb' h is the jus; in E - .
j t -’ll, but v.. th Ii ■- t 1 ;•
leas a-'.tkm on Uu: part of G - con
j mere ini radius. U'.e diy, Eo in
cr.l enur.cll. and tun pe. pit will hnn
uV. v.t a sc.tisfac' ; y state of affair
iin the or-s: nt unfo.*' mate friction be
lt w—en the shippers cf Bnirswi k. •;>
(wholesalers and the railroads entering
, this city. It has tieen our experi
, once that t '.’.son, and 1:1 crate ar.d ; m ,e.
|i productive to far greater extent than
threats, scowls, and the like, and
! while our meeting -esterdav afternoon
| could only go to a certain extent it
. did show n good feeling, it did show
| Halted action on the part of the peo
i plo of this city, and above all, it did
, show that the railroads and their rep
resentatives were willing to cooperate.
I The News believes that the railroads
will give and take and it is pleased
to note the harmony and unanimity
with which yesterdays meeting was
conducted. Till, kind of iut<-!inps go
far towards producing a good eff-et
in Brunswick. They are the kinds of
movements that we have been advo
cating for years.
When the people of this city I-am
to come together in a cinmcn car
3tid put their shoulders to the wheel
without malice or the fear of it. with
out reward or the hope of it, we say
wb-.g th's kind of meetings come the-
Brunswicks future is fixed. Now for
a prophecy: the Increase in awiicbiag
charges j n Brunswick will be ratisfa -
-idly modified.
To Cure a Cold m Ts Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
let;. DrtiggistK refund money if It I
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one secret of lung Ilf--. His method
deals with the blood. Hut lung ago
millions of Ameticans bad pro> ed '
Electric Bitters prolongs life and al- j
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enriches and vitalizes the blood, t J
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i and tone to the entire system It’s a 1
godsend to wreak, sick and ip- iiitu' -
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to D. L Alklnson.

- 'M • -LL 'irt n . . to eh
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•' *'•' •' :a v. s! ceutract. ! , yto .fl
1' ... t.'o'vor
j ■ i !, A lanta, Ga.
f: Jk
1 Of
j - - -it , f- ; ll;i e t M, 1,.
I ill! Ogiehorpc S(.
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lows pin. Owner cun have sura,,
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checks, badges, seals
B. Fa n.
1 IvlNi JS( WOOD j sdr so
I l- rwl. d'-lii and. Striotlv <
i hour F
Soldier Bai ts - • i,
■ - v<. v
jvnm.K- and a to cause
' ! *' ' - - rr. . :1”
j "f.. wrne f' " :; ' Et dev mi a cough
i ’ 1 . pj ;of ail r ine-
Les. for years. ;y we ght ran down
Dr. K ng’s New Discovery, whi. h *-
sto ;:(1 my hecitfc comp'.: ,vly. { Ilflw
T-.'-i 'S ! ouuds. 1
■bsttns'r- co igh*'. n-’ni n I ;;-* a
ma, t nd to pr. vent pneumonia it’s uc
tlvaled. Et'c r,r,d $ I .■■<>. Trial bottle
I;, R.s-- Dru; Sto?&.
V/ashington Once Gave Up
' r ' > Y,' p, 5,-, 4
and m .
bite < aas and lar re, d—p so-e*
ui COV'-r b.s I- The and , *„-!
' ! Duel *• And-, S -ivw
‘'•Ftnple .; * ured r: • , ,^ to
Washir u-n. < * Bosquevfil- TV .- For
_ *>re. ' 6*l.
preme. 2ac at P.;,ry, j t .,„ - .
omo pr; 1 a r, l v n.n co vsi r
Whereas Richard Jackson -xecuUr
of the will of Lavinia Jackson repre
sents to the court in his petition dale
fded and entered on record iha- h
has faithfully administered I-avinia
Jacksons estate. There i s ,he r ,,f OM ,
to cite all perrons concerned, kindred
and creditors, to show cause, if any
they can. why said executor should not
be discharged from his admini-tra
tio. and receive letters of dismiss!,,,
ob the first Monday in March IHOS
Horace Dart. Ordinary.

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