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The Brunswick Times-
Brunswick Publishing Company, Pub
lishers and Managers,
1 In Oglethorpe Block, F Street.
Delivered by Mail or Carrier.
One copy, one year. $5 CO
One copy, six months 2 50
One copy, three months I 25
One copy, one month 60
One copy, one week 16
.Sunday Edi Lion, 8 pages, per year 1 00
Ten per cent, discount on all Subscriptions
when paid in_ad vanee.
Correspondence on live and clean subjects is
solicited. Address all communications to Tilli
Mousing Times, Brunswick, (ia,
Official Organ of the City of Bruns
wick and County of Glynn,
.Subscribers are requested to notify the office
when they fail to get any issue of The Times.
Attention to this matter will be appreciated by
the management.
Advertising rates will be furnished on ;ap
Orders to discontinue subscriptions and ad
vertisement.s must be in writing.
When Business Booms
This Fall, as it is expected that it
will, the men w ho
Will get the most of it, as they al
ways du,
In good times or dull times.
Those who are after their share
of the business and ns much mere
as they can get are making their
preparations to secure it.
To Advertise
In the most effective,economical
and satisfactory manner
Secure space in The Times.
Zki.aya, of Nicaragua, is proving a
clever understudy to Weyler.
Tins Waycross fair will be tlie South
Georgia event of the autumn.
M acon’s carnival, like Macon itself,
is a big thing, and ThkTimks extends
“ Uic good and you will be lonesome,”
writes Mark Twain. There is more
truth than poetry in the paraphrase.
Tun highest class of entertainments
at the lowest prices are the induce
ments offered by the lyceum.
If we are to have an opera house let
us have a decent one. A worked-over
livery stable will hardly be satisfac
A Boston poet has sent a poem to
one of the papeis, entitled “Oh, Let
Me Die at Home!” The editor has
promised to let him, provided he
keeps away from his office.
It will be the rule after awhile that
when Dr. Guiteras starts for a city the
authorities will come out with a state
ment, announcing several cases of yel
low fever and thus save the doctor the
The New York Journal admits that
it acted illegally in effecting the es
cape of Miss Cisneros, but says it is
willing to stand the consequences.
With an unlimited supply of money to
pay for the services of indomitable
and ellioient men, there is practically
no limit to the capabilities of a paper
like the Journal.
The charge that the great state of
Michigan was without a governor for
a month, during the time ot Governor
I’ingree’e jaunt to Venezuela, sarcas
tically remarks an exchange, is indig
nantly denied at Lansing. Governor
I’ingree left hi* rubber stamp when
he went away, arid the rubber stamp
has governed the state admirably all
the while, with the assistance of a
[From Governor Atkinson’s Message.]
Georgia’s total penitentiary popula
tion is 2,357.
Fulton county has the largest num
ber of penitentiary convicts—244.
Chatham county has the second
largest number—l 76.
Glynn county now has 49 convicts
in the penitentiary.
Dawson, Echols, Fannin, Gilmer
and White counties have only one
convict each. Murray and Towns
counties have none.
The crime of burglary is represented
by the largest number of convicts—B7o.
There are 373 murderers in the penal
service of the state.
There are 81 rapists in the state pen
itentiary—and 78 attempted rapists.
Comparatively infrequent orimes
are represented in the penitentiary by
69 for arson, 6 for bigamy, 2 for infan
tioide, 3 for incest, 3 for kidnapping, 2
for mayhem, and one for personating
The rescue of Miss Cisneros from the
Havana prison is likely to cause inter
national complications. If Spain should
call upon the United States government
lu give Up the pf leGueF uf Wat, able au
thorities say this government would be
in houor bound to do so. But this could
not be accomplished without such a pro
test from the American people as has
rarely been beard in these times of
In the meantime, if Evangehna is in
this section of the country we give her
a cordial invitation to visit Bruns
wick and vve pledge all of our local
military and constabulary to her de
fense against the pursuing vengeance
of her'iate insuiters.
Tub plaint of the “out” is, nine
times out of ten, prompted by a desire
to get “in.”
Orangk blossoms will soon be in de
mand in Brunswick.
A woman’s headaches may come
from several causes. She may have
a headache arising from nervousues,
or from digestive disturbances. Nine
cases out of ten, her headaches come
from disorders peculiar to her sex. It
may show Itself in the symptoms
which are characteristic of a dozen
disorders. Thousands of times, wo
men have been treated for tbe wrong
disorders. Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Pre
scription was compounded for the sole
purpose of relieving womankind of
these ills and pains. Thousands of
women have testitled that after taking
treatment from several physicians
without benelit, the “Favorite Pre
scription” cured them completely and
quickly. It has been used for over
thirty years and has an unbroken
record of success.
The woman w'ho hesitates is invited
to send 21. one-oent stamps to cover
only the cost of mailing a copy of
Doctor Pierce’s Common Sense Medi
cal Adviser, which contains plain,
clear information about all of the or
gans of the human body and their
Buy our boys strong school shoes, at
The Plant System Announces Its Kates to
the Great Exposition.
For the Tennessee Centennial and
International Exposition, Nashville,
Teitti., May 1 to October 30, 1897, the
Plant System will sell round-trip
tickets trom Brunswick to Nashville,
Tenn., at the following rates on dates
named below:
$23.65 —Tiokets to be sold April 14
and 24 and daily on and after April
28, until and including October 15;
final limit November 7, 1897.
$17.35 —Tickets to be sold daily on
and alter April 29, until and including
October 15, 1897; Unal limit twenty
days in addition to date of sale.
$12.60 —Tickets to be sold on Tues
days and Thursdays of each week, be
ginning April 29, and until and in
cluding October 26, 1897; final limit
ten days in addition to date of sale.
$11.35 —Applies to military compan
ies and uniformed brass bands accom
panying them, moving in bodies/of
twenty-five or more on solid ticket; to
be sold daily, beginning April 29. and
until and including October 26,1897;
final limit ten days in addition to date
of sale. Same rate will apply to bona
fide students and their teachers in
parties of twenty-five or more on solid
tickets, upon application of principals
of colleges, schools and universities;
to he sold May 15 to June 30,1897, in
clusive, and September 16 to Ootober
25, 1897, inclusive; final limit ten days
in addition to date of sale.
A big lot of school shoes at Palmer’s
J the World’s most friendly smile are
l Q always ready for the well-dressed
k* I*" man. There’s no mistake about
this. Energy may miss its mark. Talent
may go a-begging. Virtue itself may die
of neglect. But there is always a welcome
and measure of success for good clothes.
If you wish to test this bit of Philosophy,
just order one of the elegant suits of
M. Born Si Go.
Chicago Merchant Tailors
Whose productions are noted everywhere for choice
material, neat fit and finish, and perfect ap-to-dete
style. A “OORN M salt of clothes Is- a pass
port to the World's friendship!
300 Selected Pattern* to order from*
LEVY, Sole Agent.
Gold Dust Was All Right, but There Was
Something More Valuable.
Lady Clara Klondike, the golden
haired daughter of the first Duke of
Dawson, stood within the grand old oak
en hall of her father’s palace, overlook
ing the frozen river and the snowclad
hills. Sho was clothed heavily in rich
and elegant furs, for the winter had
been long and cold and the end was not
She shivered as tho seneschal an
nounced the arrival of tho Count of St.
Michael’s. Full well she knew the intent
of the count’s visit, and she steeled her
self for the encounter which she knew
must follow quick upon their meeting.
Seeing the fair being standing by tho
wide fireplace of the drawing room,
looking more lovely than he had ever
seen her, ho approached her side in a
whirl of emotion.
“At last, ” he ejaculated in suppress
ed tones.
“Why?” she inquired in a tone of
voico which made the Klondiko winter
seem liko a tropic dream.
“Oh, sweet Claire,” ho murmured,
“so long have I yearned for this mo
ment. Day unto day uttereth speech and
night unto night showeth knowledgo,
but all days were dumb to me and all
nights black in ignorance while I have
been waiting to como thus into your
presence and offer you my heart, my
hand and my fortune. ”
Thus speaking, he flung himself at
her feet, the meanwhile ten large and
soiled Indians from the headwaters of
the river came forward rolling into the
beautiful reception room ten barrels of
pure, unadulterated gold dust worth
$19.35 an ounce at any mint in the
At first Lady Claire’s fair face took
on a kindly look, and there was in it
almost a rosy flush of hope. She watch
ed tho barrels eagerly, for they looked
so much like the barrels her father was
w’ont to pack hams iu ere he had come
hither from Chicago* so many years
However, it was but a moment until
she detected nothing in the barrels save
gold dust, and she involuntarily and
convulsively clutched at her bediamond
ed and gold stomacher, hanging now so
loosely about her fair form.
The count, still at her feet, took no
notice, for he had not spout the winter
in Klondike and did not know how it
As she saw what the count was lav
ishing upon her she drew back and
touched him with her foot as a token
that he might arise.
“Take back your gold, count, ” she
said, waving her lily white hand for
the Indians to withdraw as they had
come—that is, accompanied by the bar
rels. “Take back your gold. I have no
use for it here. It was kind of yon to
think of it, and I am sure I appreciate
your courtesy, but Charlie McManagin
has 40 pounds of boiled dog which he
says shall bo all mine own if I accept
him, and you must excuse me, count,
really you must ”
Before the ice broke up in the river
in July the count began to understand
Lady Claire’s choica—W. J. Lampton
in New York Sun.
' A Subtle Thrust.
She —I went to a fortune teller’s to
day just for a lark, and she told mo a
lot of tilings.
He—Yes, some of thorn hit pretty
closely, but I hopo you don’t think
there is anything supernatural about
their powers. They use shrewd judg
ment; that is all.
She—That may be true, dear. She
told me I was married to a man who
fell far short of what 1 deserved. —Tit-
How It Got Itt Name.
In making the round of his garden
for the first time Adam’s attention was
attracted by a rich looking, down cover
ed fruit growing on one of the trees.
Ho pulled one of the specimens that
hung within easy reach and took a bite
of it. "Well,” he exclaimed rapturous
ly, “you’re a peach.”—Chicago Trib
A Ready Advocate.
“What this country wants to do,”
said the reformer, “is to raise the re
quirements for officeholders. ”
“Exactly so,” replied Senator Sor
ghum, “and allow me to remind you
that the principal requirement of an
officeholder is liis salary. ”—Washing
ton Star.
Invariably Heath Healing;.
Caviarsaudwischski—Hal No moro
bombs! I shall simply send the czar this
gun! His doom is sealed.
Powderpuffski—But it isn’t loaded.
Caviarsandwischski —Isn’t that kind
always the most deadly?—New York
A uri'attT Novelty.
“I saw a man eating shark, ” said the
boarder who had been at the seashore.
“I saw more than that, ” said Asbury
Peppers, “without leaving home. I saw
siuaii eating real chicken. ”
Whereas, on the 4th day of April, A. D. 1805,
Catherine A. Leavy, of the*county of Glynn and
state of Georgia, did sign, seal and deliver her
certain warranty deed to secure debt to the
American building, Loan and Tontine Savings
association of Memphis, Tennessee, its success
ors and assigns, convoying in fee simple the
premises hereinafter fully described, which
said deed to secure debt was recorded on the
loth day of April, 1895, upon the genoi al refolds
of Glynn county, Georgia, in book “N. N.,’’
pages 61 to 67, inclusive, reference to which said
record of said deed is hereby had lor ail Pur
poses hereof; and.
Whereas, said deed to secure debt was made
by said'Catherine A. Leavy to secure a certain
advance or loan of money made to her by said
association in the sum of fourteen hundred
($1,400) dollars, and to secure the payment by
her to said association the sum of sixteen dol
lars and eighty cents ($16.80) monthly, as dues,
on the Ist day of each and every month, begin
ning with the month of March, 1895, being in
stalments due on 28 shares of stock held by her
in said association and upon which said ad
vance was made to her, and to secure the pay
ment by her to said association the sum of
seven ($7) dollars monthly, as interest, on the
Ist day of each and every month, beginning
with the month of March, 1895, being inter* si
at the rate of six (6) per cent per annum on
said sum advanced her, and to secure the pay
ment by her of all taxes aud other legal charges
assessed against said premises, as well as all
insurance premiums upon said premises, as
well to secure the performance by her of cer
tain other conditions and stipulations iu said
deed to secure debt contained; and,
Whereas, it was and is stipulated in said deed
to secure debt that should the said Catherine A.
Leavy make default in the payment of the
aforesaid dues and interest for a period of six
(6) months, or make default in the payment of
the tuxes assessed against said premises and
the premiums of insurance due upon said prem
ises, or fail to koep said premises in good re
pair as in said deed to secure debt provided,
then, and in either event, the entire amount of
said advance,together with all dues, interest,
lines and other charges should become due and
payable, at the option of said association, and
thereupon it should become lawful for said as
sociation, its successors and assigns, its att >r
ney, agent or representative, without further
notice to said Catherine A. Leavy, to enter
upon all and singular the premises thereby
conveyed and collect the rents and revenues
thereof and to sell and dispose of said premises
at public auction at the courthouse door of
said county of Glynn, state of Georgia, after
llrst advertising said sale ouce a week for four
weeks next before the date of sale in some
newspaper published in Said county, and in its
or their owu name, or as the agent or attorney
of said association, who is thereby duly author
ized. constituted and app -inted the agent or at
torney in fact of said association to make and
deliver to the purchaser at such sale a good and
sufficient deed of conveyance to said property,
and out of the proceeds of such sale retain a
sufficient sum to pay the following charges, to
wit: Ist. All costs of advertising and selling
said property, including 10 per cent
lees. 2(1. All money or monies paid out and ex
pended by said association on account of taxes
and insurance, or in keeping said premises in
good repair. 3d. A sum equal to the full
amount of said principal loan or advance, to
gether with all unpaid dues, interest, tines up
to the day of the sale, less the withdrawal value
of fourteen (14) shares of stock of said associa
tion at the date of the sale, and render the bal
ance, if any there be, to said Catherine A.
Leavy, her heirs, administrators or assigns;
Whereas the said Catherine A. heavy has
made default in thepajment of the aforesaid
dues or assessments upon said shares of stock
for a period of twenty-eight (28) months up to
and including the month of Octoner, 1897, and
has made default In the payment of the afore
said interest instalments fora period of twenty
eight (28) months up to and including tile
month of October, 1897, and has failed to pay the
taxes upon said premises for the year 1896,
amounting to the sum of $20.25, winch sum said
association has had to pay, and has made de
fault in the payment of"insurance premiums
upon said premises for the years 189(1 and 1897,
amounting to $BO, which sum said association
has had to pay.
Now, therefore, under and by virtue of the
power of sale contained in said deed ro secure
debt from said Catherine A. heavy to said asso
ciation, there w ill be sold, by the undersigned,
attorney for said association, before the court
house door of the county of Glynn and state of
Georgia, city of Brunswick,on the lirst Tuesday
in November, 189", the same being the second
day of November, 1897, between the legal hours
of sale, to the highest bidder for cash the follow
ing described premises, which are described
and conveyed in said deed to secure debt, to
The north forty-live ($5) hy ninety (90) feet of
old town lot number one hundred and six (106),
situate, lying and being in the slate of Georgia,
and county of Glynn and city of Brunswick
therein, and in that part of said city of Kruns
wick designated upon a map of same made by
George R. Baldwin in 18117, as old town; said
45 hy 90 feet of old town lot number 106 is
bounded as follow's, to wit: On the north 90 feet
by Queen’s square, on the east 45 feet by New
castle street, on the south 90 feet bv other part
of same lot, and on west 45 feet hy Grant street:
, also the eastern one third xeostern 1-31 of old
old town lot No. one hundred and forty-nine
149] in s lid city of Brunswick,containing sixty
by ’ninety [6ox9Bj feet, fronting sixty" feet on
Howe street, and running hack along Reynolds
street ninety feet, hounded on the north by
Howe street, oil the east by Reynolds street, on
the south by old town lot No. 15U and on the
west by the remaining portions of said old
town lot No. 149, together wituall and singular
tile rights, members, appurtenances and im
provements unto sail tracts of land being, be
longing or in any wise appertaining.
Said sale had to satisfy the amount of dues,
assessments, interest, tines, taxes, insurance
premiums, attorneys’ fees and other charges
due by said Catherine A heavy to said associa
tion on account of the aforesaid advance to the
second day of November, 1897, the date of sale,
as in said deed to secure debt provided, and also
to satisfy the amount due liy said Catherine
A. heavy to said association ou said original
advance or loan, after deducting the value of
said fourteen shares of stock in said association
on the day of sale, and also to satisfy $— costs
and charges of making this sale. Notice of sale
given said Catherine A. heavy and tenants in,
possession. J.M.CAhNAN.
Attorncy-al-haw for the American Building,
hoan and Tontine Savings As.ocmtioii, of
Memphis, Tonu.
A f.L Nervous Failing Mem
ory, Impotoncy, SleeplewpneHs, otc., caused
by Abuse and other Excesses and Indis
cretions. The if quickly and surely
restore Lost Vitality in old or young, and
fit, n man for study, business or marriage.
Prevent Insanity and Consumption if
taken in time. Their use shows immediate irnnrore
-aent and effects a CURE whero all others fail. In
tiist upon having the gennfie Ajax Tablets. They
have cured then sands and v,ill cure you. Wo give a
positive written guarantee to effect a cure in each case
or refund the money. Price 50 cents per package, or
six packages [full treatment] for $2.50. By mail, in
plain wrapper, upon receipt of price. Circular free.
For sate in Brunswick, Ga., liy WILLIAM
Elberta peaches, canned in Georgia.
They are tine. Ask your grocer for
them. tf.
Free—With every pair of school
sc hoes a lunch basket, goes free at
Kob Roy Hour has no superior and
few equals. It is beautiful. tf
Steel shod school shoes at Palmer’s.
California Restaurant-
CHUE HALL, Manager.
Founders, Machinists, Boilermakers and Blacksmiths.
Saw Mills, Locomotives, Boilers, Engines, Printing Presses, Dynamos, Mo
tors, and all kinds of Electrical Machinery neatly and promptly
repaired. YVe will respond to calls on
Marine Work At All Times—Night or Day.
YVe will furnish all kinds of supplies and materials for the trade at lowest
prices. All cur work will be done b.v first-class mechanics.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. 629 Bay St.
Agents for the Celebrated Kidgway RruncuiiVk fVI
Engines and Dynamos. DrUIISWiLK, vJd,.
Groceries, Tobacco, Flour, Bacon
and Provisions,
Grain, Hay and Bran A Specialty
182 - Brunswick, Ga.
Atlas Engines _
Portable and stationary boilers, shafting’, pulleys,
belting, pipeing, injectors and fittings, sawdust and
coal-burning grates. Twenty carloads for quick
delivery. Get our prices. Come and see us.
Lombard Ii on-works and Supply Cos.,
CAPACITY 300 hands. J4.WO r lS.Sta, u3,i
Gloucester St.,
(Opposite Express Office.)
Work in
Copying and
Enlarging ol
AH Kinds.
Orders Executed Our Private Wires
For Cash or on Margins.
Local Securities Bought and Sold.
Telephone, 530.
Board of Trade Building, Jackson Building,
Savannah, Ga. Atlanta, Ga.
Brunswick Representative.
DATCMTQ U. s. and foreign
Eugene W. Johnson
Solicitor and Attorney in Patent Caasos.
41729 New York Ave., Washington, D. C.
Office established ISGB. Charges moderate
Correspondence requested.
Fils Wifi
HI iiion.
of firearms
done with neatness and
and dispatch.
All Work Guaranteed.
Cor. Monk and Grant Sts.
6-15 P. O. KESSLER
Ice Cream,
Ice cream soda,
Milk shakes,
Soda water,
Wine cocoa.
Full Ime of Cigars and To
FreslrFruits. Confectionery
Eli Zissamato,
Suits thoroughly cleaned ami neatly
pressed for one dollar, at Sager ,v.
Carter’s, 504 Monk street.
’l'ry our fl school shoes Palmer's.

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