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■pnes Has the Circulation and the News Saraca-Two Requisites That Count With the Advertiser
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fai its
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of the
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f tbe
15 tliP
00 of
'■* **&
m re-
* AT cu * BwuNii
I•• *?{&&'' yrnfi-i ‘“*~. ~^z-* i * ~ **— _•• : ' $ 'w' ** *' i
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1 Mr ~ ,~K ”-*■ *_;'ja •■•■'*" '*— tf •. • ~ . .5 {■ #*
* .•' 4 *S->'!.t.--—e
Emory ond Mercir; Jin' beginning of i
a movement among tLe 'female col- 1
leges of Hie state lomujig- to uDiform j
requirement, and the investigate i by
the associat ictn of .be' curricula ol
BBboal* in the sdgte vrupowered to j
grant degree*: ail tjme questions
will be before tbs association, It. will j
be seen that these questions involve i
all the vital issue* which enter into'
the future edncir'ton-*! prosperity of!
the state. Uls 'sit .that the rest ses
*ion of the association will be wonder*
fully fruitful in moving forward the
educational l>fe of the state.
~ Among the many interesting ad
dresses to be made are the following:
H* Relation jsf the Association to the
'S-egialation of the State and What
What Relation Might lie—Superin
tendent G. G-, Bofld, Athene, Ga.
’a, Education of the Negro—President
ISeorge Sale, Atlanta baptist college.
*’ Some of Georgia’s Educational
Needs; How to Them Super
inipitdeet 3. O, Wmcl’.ard, Nv- w r.ao.
VVii ,t Kind N ...rn a! S,* ,ings
!>• We Need at !' i i.i .rgia—
l’rof. K O. Bra-in, c<>i.r of peda
gogy, Slate X. re i.i mail's, . A h.-t.a.
CUssica! V..c .... . Educa-
Ji I- .■■-.} ■' High
\%AV; uft*.
. ;
IT- E Him n
VColbga • meats
Ala’he mu': I
Aoliege r 1 ; -J
A-atil: -
■ K - " fibh. V? S- imk
m. 77,
for the Common Schools—Supt. A, F.
Ware.’Cordele, Ga .
literature in a State Course of
Study for the Common Schools—Mies
Mamie Pitts, Atlauta.
Mauual Training in a State Course
of Study for the Common Schools—
president Lyman Hall. Technological
Mbcol, Atlanta.
Iji’byefology and Hygiene io a State
gpirse of Study for the Common
Stools— Prof. D. L. Ernest, Athens,
of Aotl-Bellum
amkols— Piesident K \V. Smith, I.a
gWdress-Hon, O. It. Gleun, state
HBoI commissioner.
||Pe Origin and Purpose of Degrees
IJ. J. Pearce, Gainesville.
ifF’IV list Schools Should be Permitted
To Grant Degrees—Supt. Fermor Bar
rett, Toceoa.
■viiig? Atkinson’s Campaign Managsr Thinks
Uso South Stiirjian Has a Pino Chanoo.
Hon. Harry F.Dunwodv returned
to the city yesterday from Atlanta,
where he has been conducting tbe
campaign of Judge Spenoer R. Atkin
son for the democratic nomination for
Mr. Dunwody was relieved by
Ham Atkinson, having to come
to Brunswick to attend to some urgent
legal business. In a conversation with
a Trice reporter Mr. Dunwody sid
Atkinson was gaining
ground every day and that be had re
cognized splendid chances of success.
"Hob Berner,” said Senator Dun
wody,“ig developing much atrength,
the greater part of which is being
drawn from Csndler. Berner is hurt
ing Candler at every jump.”
Senator Dunwody thinks Candler’s
refusal lo meet Judge Atkinson in
joint debates has done ttie former much
harm. The Sanator will ha in the city
for several days.
The Brunswick Candidate for Judge Has
Mads a Clean Sweep Thus Far.
Coffee countv grand jury yesterday
endorsed lion, Joseph W. Bennet for
the superior court judgeship,
Collet's endorsement was thought
to be certain for McDonald. Three
counties have thus far acted on the
judgeship, and all of them, have en
dorsed Bennet. The next county to
act is Charlton, which is claimed by
both sides, but is believed to be ser
tain for the Brunswick man. It looks,
at present, as thjugb Bennet will go
through the circuit with the action of
only one county against him—Ware,
th: home-county of his opponent.
To the Members of the Executive Com
mittee of the 11th Congressional
District of Georgia:
You are hereby requested to meet
at Waycross, Georgia in the parlor of
the Phoenix Hotel on the I6tb day of
Rkpril, IS9B, at 11 o’clock a.m., for the
Airpose of fixing a time and place for
the congressional convention
Wor the district, and to transact such
other business as may be necessary. -
John C. McDonald,
Chairman Dem Ex.Coni.lltb Con. Dist.
The Upper House Had a Cuban
Day of it Yes
Th Firry Senator Makes & Red Hot
Spoeoh—Frye, Rawlins and For
aker for Cuba.
Washington, March 29.— I The senate
was again crowded today. When Sen
ator Mason, of Illinois, eutered the
people in tbe galleries recognized him
and applauded vigorously.
Senator Frye introduced a resolu
tion, reciting the conditions in Cuba
and directing tbe president, on his
discretion, to take steps to drive the
uaval and military forces from the
of Utah, intro
duoed a rt*<s|Con
dependence wnw
against Spain |N ™*
Senator Fmj|l|.red in the sen
aUjka re9 pjteLl independ
. k ■ of tH
i! ■ WyfT /‘i
Maine incidents, hf r . TjgigWsdwWfu
ban question
was done with the Maine incident.
The Foraker, Frye and Rawlins res
olutions went to the senate committee
on foreign relations.
Senator Mason followed the intro
duction of the above resolotions with
a vigorous speech. He described viv
idly the disaster of the Maine and
said ’hat if any of the victims had
been senators or sons of senators we
would not have been forty days de-J
daring war, and yet the lives of alia
American citizens were saored alike
under our law and equally entitled to
Senator Mason said the catastrophe
should be replied to vigorously. He
could not speak for others, but for
himself he was for war. This declara
tion brought out a vigorous outburst
of applause from the galleries, Mason
declared there oouid be no peace as
long as an European nation owns and
butchers slaves on this hemisphere.
He said it was not necessary for the
Maine court to fix the responsibility,
as the law did that. lie stated that he
would oppose the proposition looking
to indemnity and would oppose the
making of a diplomatic incident of the
catastrophe. He would oppose any
kind of autom my or any plan to assist
Spain, bur, his d-maod was that the
Spanish ii g be driven from the west
ern bemii here.
“Let us awake,” said Sena:or Mason,
in conclusion, “t'l glorious war, as did
our fathers—war that shall insure the
honor and rispect of our fl ig ail over
the world.”
The populists and silver republicans
in both houses held a conference to
il y, aDd it resulted in a set of resolu
tions, which were presented by Allen
in the senate and a bill in the bouse,
declaring for Cuban independence.
j * ' 1
j His Royal Highness, the Heir Ap
parent, Was in Bruns
wio& Yesterday.
..-•■j —
■ -j.’r
Aooompanied By the Belgian Minister te
the United States—A Large Ret
inue of Servants.
"Couite d’Ethj’’ was a name wraeii
on the register at the .lekyl iQI
club house yesterday. It was
by no less a than lIIsJHEH|
Highness* Leopold, Prince of^
giana. At
Comto d'F.thy. i! is alini|M:| ,|rt: i;
to say, is not the real
prince. Uni, ts tra*f-v|.;®
and In doesn’t t.r.'ptisflHHHpUjig
eyes of the me’ ''■■H.nMSj
where be goes, as a
"PowerMM|w ■ eminence. i.’l mgl
karge e/VtkprcpWfi*! ! P withjisjeety.
■'\k > ' ■.e lIA to th
1 ’ ■ %. **■* I
* 1 S. f laud
\x! To
C 1 If Ij) e ’ :.f; •S '? is wfcx i 1
flft the prince mel
, .1 me n her el
and Sir. it.Tnr
t W. ...si- : rt.y-
membership card
yr: .lekyl. The [irince ae
e.> \£T' courtesy, and has been
the past ' vo days a' the re
*ld is the on l y prince who ever
jtbrotigl Bruuswiok. lie is the
. irlber of a royal family to he
at Jekyi. Mnnagir Grob,
of Ins coining, had
a made, and the prinoj
and bßparty will not, he able to say,
when tlt-ir tour is over, that tiiey
were ever more pleasantly entertained
than at Ji kyl.
In the prlnc.:'s parly were Mr. Njoo
stone, minister from
United States;
Junzblufh, of (he UefgTan army, the
prince’s special traveling companion,
and Dr. Molts, iy# private physician
v '' i; XJ - : * ' ■§ 4
prince, who
was interviewed by a reporter. He
was surprised that liis incognito hi®l
not held here. f
enjoyed my visit to the de
ligil fill resort which you have so near
you Ahe said. “The Cuban matter?
Indeed. I cannot discuss that. AH the
reporters ask me about the war that is
supposed to be coming. I am sure that
I know nothing about it.”
I’iie royal party left by the 9:30
Southern tram. They do not ride in
tite cars, in order to attract as in
dention a3 possible. They went
tv Augustine and then through
his two days on Jekyi the
pMoce occupied himself mostly in
walking about the grounds and along
the island roads. He is very modest,
uncommunicative, doesn’t drink any
thing stronger than mineral water,
andheniukes Turkish cigarettes. He is
a lKt reader, thoroughly educated,
people look upon him as one
wIM \ make an ideal sovereign. He
dolHHMkke the American girls and
to win a bride in this
country. When he got on the train
yesterday morning lie plunged at once
into the contents of a Belgian transla
tion of ‘‘Quo \ adie,” which novel, bis
secretary said, he was reading for the
third time.
lu a very lew years now—for bis
father, tbe king, has lived a fast life,
and i3 rapidly declining—Brunswick’s
visitor of yesterday will be crowued
with tbe royal diadem of Belgium and
become one of Kurope’s sovereigns.
No other man who ever set foot on
Brunswick soil has been able to look
forward to suob a future.
The Square on Whioh He Lives Profusely
Deoorated in His Honor.
Washington, March 29.—Captain
dlMgafi, of lbe wrecked battleship
here this morning from
at 7:11 o’clock, accompanied
jfcmaster Kay, Chief Engineer
\\ % W* . i
;I ;>!&, f? '*l r
Howell, NavHj a( Sur _
geon lien.Tt .
was i in mediately M^^RSBj^^Fhoiru 1 .
Tbe captain’s sides
of tbe square on which he lives bad
profusely decorated their residences
with flags and bunting. Sigsbee then
went to tbe Navy Department to re
port bis arrival, and in course of Ins
conversation said lie bad not yet re
ceived any assignment to duty, lie is
ready, however, as soon as be oould
get Ilia wardrobe replenished, to go
Ex CLainpion Said to Cos Considering a
Politioal Career.
Sai. Francisco, March 29. —James J.
Corbett seriously of taking,
a liainlJi '• Lam came cf politics,
and ex champion lias
more than an even chanco of going to
congress. From one of Croker’s chief
lieutenants Corbett recently received
an intimation that his name was be
ing seriously considered as a candi
date in the coming November elections
jaßfcroposiUon to make a congress-
VTul of Corlf-tt, he said, was a
practical one . Jim is very pop-
Hr in New York, and well known
Wriong that clans in the metropolis
{which makes politics a business.
He has a home in New York in a
district .that always gives a good
majority for the democratic ticket.
His friends in Tammany have in their
power to give him the nomination,
and it has been intimated to him that
this will be done.
Dauntless to New Yerk.
Jacksonville, March 29, —The steam
tug Dauntless will leave to-morrow
for New York, where the benefit of
the Cuban cause. Captains Floyd and
Myers will be in charge of the steamer
on her trip. The steamer on her trip.
The steamer was hauled out on the
ways of the Merrill-Stevens Engineer
ing Company yesterday to have her
hull painted and other minor repairs
made before taking her departure.
The Dauntless lias an enviable repu
tiem as a filibustering steamer, and
will donbtless attract considerable at
tention while in New York.
War Material.
San Francisco, March 29.—A large
quantity of ammunition and rilles was
unloaded at Balias Point today,
He Fears that Riots Will Re
suit from the Excitement
iu Havana.
May Take the Course of Attaoks on
Blanao and Other
New York, March 2‘J.—A special dis
patch to tbe Herald from Washington
today says. “Havana’s quiet is in
danger of being disturbed by another
outbreak such as occurred in tbe
Cuban capital just before tlie Maine
dropped anchor there. Consul-Gen-
eral Lee has cabled (lie state depart
ment that the situation is critcal and
there Is danger of further riots grow
out of the intense anti-American feel
ing among the VVeylerifes.'
“In the light of General Lee’s dis
patch the administration authorities
are as much concerned about the situ
ation in Havana as they are over the
fear that congress will attempt to
forem ihe hand of the president, and
these regarded as danger
points of the situation.
“Captain Sampson is in direct com
munication with General Lee, and at
the slightest sign of trouble a message
from the consul-general to that naval
officer will result in tbe arnva^^f
j'GMLAIf-war in lla
nuu. . uinlet'
steam And ready forgpu emergency,
• <
. 1 VV
Will C. Gates is Murdered for Resenting an
Attack on Uaolo Sam-
Louisville,March 2b. -A murder that
had in it features of international in
terest occurred about noon in a bar
room in one of the suburbs of this city.
The yictiiu was Will C. Gates, a young
man of prominent family. The mur
derer was l.outs Burgees, a French-
The cans? was a quarrel over the
Cuban imbroglio. The Frenchman
was denouncing the conduct of the
United States toward Spain. Gates
resented No attention was paid
to tborr by i be hark" >pr, wjo stepped
to the front of tin saloon. As he did
so he heard a blow, and Gates fell to
the floor with a deep cut in bis neck.
His windpipe was severed and be
died almost instantly.
Burgess was at once lodged in jail.
He has been loafing in the neighbor
hood for some lime. Nobody knows
anything concerning his antecedents.
It is presumed Gates was drinking,
but he was not a quarrelsome man,
fie was married and had three child
Luetgert Not a Suicide-
Joliet, 111., March 29.—Early this
morning it w#s reported that Adolph
Luetgert had Committed suicide at the
penetentiary. There was rio founda
tion for the rumor. Lue'gert bad not
made any attempt to end his life. He
still hopes to have anew trial granted
by the supremo court.
Gold Beakers Die.
Tacoms, Wash., March 29.—During
February blizzards on Valdes glacier,
Alaska, numbers of parties seeking
their way lo Copper river lost their
hearings ann were compelled lo camp
in snowdrifts in the glacier for days.
When they Unally got hack to Valdes
four men wer found missing, and up
to Feb. 27 had not returned.
Pops Anxious for Peace-
New York, Maroh 29, —A dispatch to
the World from Madrid today says:
“The Pope has again made oflloially
demonstrations friendly to Spain and
lndicdting a desire for
Cuba, There is a

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