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VOLUME 10: NO. 103
i. is-wfrat you are likely to have now*
You crave cooling drinks, beware of ice water or
alcoholic compounds* Try the delectable
draughts dispensed from our refrigerating Soda
Fountain. "
I w kn\or my jmn
Many Barf! and Pina
Lands ws\
7 room, two story dwelling, centrally
located, only f?i>ti,' ] .vCAh, s(ti month*.
12 and IS months. 4 room, one story
dwelling |W0 V -1 houses, t room* each.
W. J. BUTTS’...
We have moved teniporntily to the store of the'
lininswiek Book Go. (Dunn’s Old Stand) for the
purpose of having oar old place thoroughly remodel
'■ • V;; > ;0.,
ed. We afe rehdy for|business at our new stand
and our Soda Fount will be running in full blast.
W. J. BUTTS, Druggist.
Two or three tight* occurred on the
streets yesterday. The combatant*
will he beard in the mayoi’s court to
morrow morning.
If you want a atyliah horse and
buggy go to H. 8. McCrary.
A BeautifiA Exposition
Of all that’s new and nobby in Ladies Crash,
Pique and Demins
§. White Lawn and Pique
Waists. Underskirts, House
dresses, Wrappers. Belt
Buekles in fancy and black
|iet. Jet Leather and Pique
| Belts all colors.
H’' New Xeckwea-i, in fact an
...exclusive assortment of all
1 * timei.i - f..r !.. use.
property where you get best results. Collect close, settle quick, our motto. Daniels, Fogler & Cos., 221 Newcastle
Store or Office is Complete Without Electric Call Bells. Give Them a Ttial. J. A. Montgomery
$llOO, Improved and vacant lots in
every part of city. 10,000 acres of
land in one'body, suitable fora colony*
mile, from city, for fi!0,000.
I every variety of land and city
property for sale on easy terms.
1 w W. B. Burroughs.
Maria. Band Will Play in Hanover Park.
The Marine Band will give Hie sec
onrt one of their series of open air con
cert.in Hanover Park tomorrow (Mon
day; night commencing at 8 o’clock.
Should Disturb the Seienity of Our
Minds These Coming
Summer Days.
This is True Americanism and Should he
A'ways Before Our Eyes—How One
Ingtitu'ion Viewed It.
The winter season and the north At
lantic are not promising- as to time and
.locality for a vacation trip. The old
sailor, however, who, when the winds
blew and the chimney-pots went tumb
ling, preferred to take his chances on
old ocean, had a measure of reason.
One may he free at sea from some se
rious dangers on shore (the grippe, for
instance) and as to temperature, the
sea is always more equable than the
Hut in Paris, already in the last of
February, tho days were clear and
-mli. The grass and the shrubs were
U'cen, and the beginning to
put out young leaves. It is a milder
there than we have, neither so
hot in summer nor so cold in winter,
and agreeable always. This is the
reason why one may see the Parisians
taking refreshments and meals at side
walk open-air restaurants even in mid
winter. *
We are going.to say, however,
“ Whatever way the wind doth blow,
There | some soul would
Then blow it Fast or blow it West,
The way it blows, that way’s the
For after all, it may lie that men
grow more active and strong in the
crisp, sharp airs of the North American
continent. If adversity is good for hu
man beings, why may not cold blasts
and all kinds of weather gymnastics
such as are so common with ns, be good
also. It won’t do our climate a bit
of good for us to think otherwise, and
possibly it may give us contented
minds, just the thinking that is
best, even in weather conditions, Ho
we will be patriotic on the subject and
grin and bear weather conditions, as
we do some other conditions, for the
sake of pride in native land and insti
No institutions of this country are
more patriotic than the life insurance
companies and none of them equal the
patriotism shown by the ' >ld Phnmlx
of Hartford.
Never was this fact better illustrated
than In April 1898 when the inquiry
for war permits from new and old pol
icy holders of this and other companies
were daily made to the agents of this
and other companies.
While some were charging large ex
tra premiums and others were restrict
ing their policy holders to service in
their states, tho Old Phornix wiped out
its restrictions as to war and stood
ready and waiting if called on, to pro
tect the widows and orphans of its pol
icy holders who should die in the de
fense of our country.
Once again is this grand old company i
before the people offering to them a
new form of insurance, and so complete
is it that the form and style of contract
has been copyrighted by the company.
Its new life, endowment and annuity
form is the perfection of insurance for
the young and old alike.
Before insuring get a specimen copy
of the contract by sending your age to
the general agent, -J. B. Abrams,
Brunswick, Ga.
In WTiich to Adjust an Old Indebt
edness to Light & Water
Soms Understanding Wanted Rsgarding
the Flushing of Mail Tanks in
Sewsrags System. *
The oity of Bruoswi6k and Bis
Brunswick Bight and Water do,, hav*
disagreed on the subject of dualling
the sewers .
It was started Friday night when
council had before it a petition from
the Bight and Water Cos., asking for
an adjustment of the oity’s indebted
ness incurred in hushing the main
tanks of the sewerage system, some
sixty four in number, whioh the
Water Cos lias performed ever since
tbe sewers were laid. Contrary to the
company’s expectation, the matter
was tablrd.
Yesterday lteoeiver Greene, of the
company, sent an official note to May
or Atkinson, stating that unless the
city oounoll made some terms of set
tlement of the matter within twenty
four hours, he would have ttie water
shut off from the tanks,
Mayor 4 , kinson replied through
City Attorney Johnson to the effect
that in the interest of the public
health he would disallow the water to
'be cut off and suggested reoourso in
the courts to settle the iiislter. He
also instructed the chief of pol’ce to
prevent the threatened action of the
Water Cos.
Thus the matter stro™ City coun
cil has taken no action toward a hasty
sett lenient and the Water Cos. com
plains of unfair treatment at tbe hands
of the municipal authorities. .
T j ~
Need attention, don’t go away from
home and go to%ta£gc expense when
you can get. the same results—if not
better—here in the city .
We have Hie knowledge and we can
adj nat glasses to your eyes PltorKijlAr.
We guarantee both tbe frames and the
lenses and exchange them Free of
Charge whpn necessary. And then
again it costs you a great deal less.
Our examination is
r r e;
Call and see us.
The Jeweler, 215 Newcastle St.
Ti mj. by w ire iai Iy from VV as bington. OHi iul
1 rupee tor of. watcher for Sou tliern Kail
i Every!hing in jewelry, silverware,
etc., at Kennon Motl’s,.lhe jeweler and
optician, 215 Newcastle street.
Deduai’s soda water, ice cream an
candies are up to date. Give him a trial
When you go driving get your turn
out from H. 8. McCrary.
Chocolate bon-bons made daily at
Banquet Speech Made by Mr. Ed
win Brobston of This City at
That Place.
A Gathering of Businoss Men From all Over
the United Stales Listened to the
Eloquent Ooator.
At Southern Fines, N. C , was held
bn April 18th, 19th and 20th a most
important convention, and one that
will have most important bearing on
the South in that it will probably lead
to other like gatherings.
The idea was conceived among the
progressive people of that thriving
little winter resort among the bills of
Carolina and backed by the Seaboard
Air Line Railtffcy it took shape in tbe
form of a convention by which about
one hundred and twenty-five north
eru and eastern bankers, business
men and oditore, who were really in
terested in looking into the south’s ad-,
vautages and resources, met at the
Piney Woods Inn and talked with
southern men from various sectious
and iieard them tell of the south and
its advantages. Brunswick had a
representative there who occupied a
very prominent plaoe on tlie'prograui
and his speeches both on the resources
of Georgia, and his banquet speech in
responfe to the toast “Georgia” has
won for him some kind expressions,
both from the Georgia and North
Carolina press. Lack of space forbids
our printing the address in full on the
resources of Georgia, but the banquet
speech is here given as delivered the
evening of the 19:b.
When Governor fiusseil of North
Carolina, had concluded in response
to “The Old North State”, "Georgia”
was proposed and Mr. Brobston called
on for response, lie was greeted with
applause ami received quite an ova
tion. At conclusion he said : “Air,
Toa .(master, as I stand in the pres
ence of so much beauty, wit and
gram ; as I see before me so many
lovely women and handsome men,it is
hard to realize that lam not in the
presence of a Georgia audience. You
see wo have the iinest folks in the
world down in Georgia, and lliost
that we don’t raise we get from other
stales; in faot the cream of emigra
tion lias ever planted itself in Ceor
gla, and even New F.ogland is sprinkl
ed among our parent stock.
“An enthusiastic citizen of ycur
state thought to put a quietus on rue
this afternoon at the experiment
farm, when he said, ‘loud enough for
me to overhear, and evidently for rny
ears: “North Carolina has about
everything in it that Georgia has, ex
cept'Georgia Crackers’ ”, I mildly
replied to him that: “Our Cracker
state is so full of charm, to her people
that they never leave it,” ,
“But among the most honored of
our goldenhearted people there are
none who outshine those of us from
the Old North (state, either in point of
ability, patriotism or numbers for
that matter.
“Why, the North Carolina vote in
elcotion times ia worth a seat in con
gress, almost in Georgia, certain it
it is that in the district where J live
Ice . . -k-
* Freezers.
the North Carolina voto is reokoneu
on and can always be counted for the
side of conservatism and honest gov
“You ask me to talk about Georgia
when i have done nothing
landing here two day* ago,
"Yeaterday 1 spoke ilfty minutes on
your program. I told of our great
mountains and rich valleys, our
granite, marble and gold, our coal and
iron, and water power, great forests,
and our agriculture, our horticulture,
our wonderous climate.
Our great rivers, our sheltered har
bors, and our beautiful cities; and
nowhere have I overdrawn the pic
ture. You hnve only to come to Geor
gia. Yon can soon and easily verify
those things I have positively stated,
And now as a Georgia Cracker let me
compliment this Yankee town in the
tarbeel state. Southern Pines ha.
shown an enterprise and thrift that is
peculiar to thefe northern towns in
May Week
Sale at. . .
Begin n in g^—^
Monday May Ist.
Last Till
Saturday, May 6.
Will be a
Great Bargain Harvest. An investigation of
our Great May Week Sale will be an agreeable
surprise. We will convince you that every dollar
spent at our great May Week Sale will equal two
spent elsewhere.
Call and be Convinced.
the south. We have one or two of
them in Georgia, aud they are always
the wonder and pride of the slate.
We want more of them. More in
Georgia, more in North Carolina and
more all over the south,
There is day break over thu bills for
th's Southland of ours and Georgia
and North Carolina and Alabama and
Tennessee and South Carolina and
Virginia and all the others are march
ing on to take a position in the new
We are rich in natural resources.
We are rich in the integrity and
energy and patriotism of our own
people and we are are being wonder
fully enriched by the influx of good
old Anglo Saxon blood that is coming
to us now from among the best people
of the north, east and west, 1 am
glad to have been here, am aorry to
leave and can never forget the pleas
ant impressions of Southern Pines.”
DeUusi’s candies are made every day.

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