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F jtolWtlYkßE
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
, ■•; •- g SQvAt pAKISO fpwPfW
Psual icfviCM wer held at the
Presbyterian church Bunday Iter- W,
p. Hollingsworth, pastor. Subject of
morning aermon, was "Dreamers
evening, "Jerusalem, within the city
walls.' in connection with the lecture
on Jerusalem, Mra. W. H. Uyer by request
•ang “The Holy City."
lt*!V. Walter M. Gilmore hae returned
from a tad vieit to hie old home, Hanford,
North Carolioi, where he was called by
the death of hie father, a ebort time ago.
Ootheliret Bunday in July, the Way
croae Hietriot Conference will hold a
meeting In Brunswick, in McKendree
Method'at church.
- -or -
Just received, Bring your
pictures along, we are
Every day.
*•” WAFF.
Money saving prices in
itti Sift cuts. M Hip. is.
'J’he largest and best assortment to select from in
Brunswick, Goods well bought are half sold, that is
the way we buy them* M e offer you a Suit of five pieces,
siik tapestry, spring edges, mahogany finish, for SIO.OO.
Tbe dictionary meaning of “Purity,” is ‘'Freedom from foreign admixture
or heterogenous matter.” The meaning given of “Excellence" ia “Went in an
unusual degree, surpassing others.
•The Cumberland Club Rye
We put into glass and now present to those who use an alcoholic stimulant as
a beverage or to those to whom it is prescribed by the phyaiciau for any Hil
arity of vitality, Is perfection in both-Purity and Excellence. Properly
maturad in the barrel we transfer it to glass quart bottiea with utmost care.
Purchasers of whiskey secure a nutritious stimulant of the greatest attainable
eioellerea and in every detaii superior to anything before the public.
SnißSWick Wholesale Wine and Liuqor House
No. 10G - - Gloucester Street.
Em dopes, Bill Head*, Letter Heads, Statements, and in fact anything in the job printing line at the Tunes job Office
Work the Last Four Week,
M its Thompson’® school clone® in a. week or
two, after ®uccc®aful term, iu which all
the pupils fifty* (lone fine work, reflecting
credit on them®* Ive® end tbeir teacher.
# *
Mb* Joule Bniilh he* h bu*y room full ofht
tle folk* who will I* given their freedom early
In Jnly, after a year of bard study and great
Misses (,ale will cloac their reboot on rritlsy
next, onwbick day they will glyv a pleaaant
plcaie out to the Doerlllngsr place, and award
the medal* and honor* l" the head pupilaon
I.hnground*, Kach pupil will have a friend or
two invited, and the occasion yii'Oini*** to be a
liappy one.
Mia* Fannie tir*nl Nightengale eloeea her
ai'hool ahorlly.
At the puldie Ktdieol*, the closing exercise*
w ill lake place on the drat and aoeqnd if next
month, and promiec to he unifatially attractive
Ibia year. The Kxeeleior literary Hociety
w ill hold it* last meeting on Thureday, June
drat,and the Cirammllr *hol eociety will hold
IP on Friday.
The graduating etas* thie year, composed of
Misses Prance* Wrench, Harriot Bingham,
Lcalie Kulle, Aunatiel Tabbott, Annie Hailey.
Amelia -egiil, l.ydie Jeffers, and Mr. Arther
Hitaaell. Theireommeneeinent exercise* will
be lu theiehool auditorium ou Friday even
mg, June second, the salutatory will be read
hy Miaa Leslie Hulta, and the vuh Uctorie*, the
hist honor divided, will toe read by Mi** If ■
riet Bingham and Min Wrench, ilia* Wrench
reading laet. Col. tV.O Brantley will deliver
ihc addresa.
At the Baptist church choir, composed
of Mrs. John Trice, organist Mrs, G, W'
Blanton, Mrs. W. 8.l l-ee, Mrs Hugh
Torter, Mrs. J. W. Wallace. Or. 0, W.
Blanton, Messrs Kd Allen, K. K. I.amance
and Charles Fleming had arranged an
unusually fine program of muaic for
iHt BKunwiLH. times Tuesday morning may 23 iy ,
Rsv • E Z, F. Qo'dsn Writrs Entertainingly
Ab'int Brunswick.
In the last issue of the Baptist Mir
ror, ptihlitoed at Macon, Key. K. Z, F,
•Golden, the editor writes entertain
ingly about Itrunawick and her peo
ple . He says:
So many earnest years speut in
Brunswick makes the aritieipa ion of a
vigit to that place very sweet. After a
dusty day on the train, we reached
the ‘city by the sea” to find their ex
cellent young pastor awaiting us st
the depot. He took us at once to bis
room at the hotel and made us com
fortable for our stay. A few hours
later, the sad news of his father’s
death at Tucket, N C,, reached him
and he left at once for the home of bis
childhood, with a sad heart. Brother
Walter is the only child of hisparenta.
The death of his father leaves bis
mother alone. May the Lord comfort
these hereaved.ones and sanctify this
first sorrow to the greater usefulness
of this already very useful brother!
We heard many expressions of tender
sympathy for the pastor from the
members of the Baptlit church and
from many friends outside the church.
Hro, Oilmore seems to be growing in
the affection of the people to whom he
ministers. We are more and more
convinced that he was*ent of tie
Lord and, so far aa we could see, there
is no reason to expect him to leave
this field for thirty years to come.
Brunsniik is rapidly regaining her
lost business lhrift . Business houses
which buy* been vacant are now occu
pied, and a visitor can discover life
and confidence. We were fold that it
is almost impossible to find a vacant
residence, and the real estate men
have “broad smiles” on their faces.
We have never lost hope in thu future
of this delightful oily, and we believe
the time of her upbuilding is at hand.
May they never have auotber*hoom !
Our church there is in line condi
tloo The work ie moving along hope
fully. Brother Gilmore expects to
begin a meeting very soon with the
assistance of Bro. Pari Minor, from
Valdosta, i.-t us pray for them .
We niissrd many old familiar faces
and wi re greeted by many new com
ers. The pushing of many brethren to
their reward impressed us sadly. But
that is as it should ha Wa snatched,
from a busy day, lima enough to visit
I'eacinJ. R. I.amhright who is very
feeble and may not tarry long, lie
has tieen a useful man and is bv< and by
a large oirn'e of acquaintances. He
had a stroke of paralysis several years
ago from which he lias not recovered.
Something of the old feeling of the
pastor to tills people came over us as,
in the absence of the pastor, we con
ducted tiie funeral services of the
baby child of our young friends, Mr,
and Mrs. A. D Gale, It was a severe
trial to give up the little one, but our
earnest praver is that ttie Great Com
forter may sanctify the sill etion to
the good of the parents.
Business called us away after only
one day in Brunswick, which makes it
necessary for us to return there, soon.
Piominent Brunswickians Noticed by the
Various Newspaper Men.
In concluding our labors and in
taking leave of the court, we desire to
exteud to his Honor J udge Joseph W.
Bennet, our sincere thanks for the
expenditlous manner in which he has
transacted business of our county,-and
for the clear able charge which he de
livered to our body. We also extend to
oui Solicitor Gsueral Hon. John W.
Bennett, our thanks for his kind at
tention and assistance to our body in
the transaction of the business which
came before ns.—From Wayne County
Grand Jury presentments,
The Augusta Chronicle of May 14
Cases Taken up by Judge Ben
net on Yester
This Provei One of ths Sn rpruca of the
Day to R“gu'r Court Habituei—Nows
Spreads Rap dly.
■fudge Hennet oonvened Ulynn Su
perior court yeaterday and the crimi
nal dootet was then taken up.
A surprise was sprung on the reg
ular court habitues by Judge Bennet
wha.*he imposed fines on tardy wit
nesses and jurors. The floes were
light and immediately paid by all
whom they were imposed upon but.
news ol the court’s action spread and '
It was noticed Hist no more absentees
were recorded during the day.
1 Us cases tried were :
State vs Ed Flower, alias Joe Bur
ford—Burglary ; Utility
Slate vs J I. Newsome—Assault and
battery, plead guilty, fined $lO and
State vs Jos James—Burglary with
second oount for larceny from the
house. Ouiliy
State vs Frank Spencer, alias Jo
Brown Larceny from the person,
plead guilty, fined (S months on chain
gang or $5O and costs
State vs Cheney Williams—Burglary
with a second count of larceny from
the house. Not guilty
State vs Sam Harold—Burglary. Not
Fines for being tardy at opening of
court were imposed as follows:
Messrs. I’ster DeVaris, $2; C Me-
Uarvey, $1; K. and B. Borchardt, $3
each ‘
Dock l’onder, ,f M darter, Ben Trss
vant, Sam Harold. $2 each
(Sunday) contains a three column ar
tide on the great speech made lijf Mr.
Kit win Brobston, Brunswiok'a enter
prising real estate orator, at the re
cent Business Men’s Convention at
Southern Pines.
The ftiitnstrial editor of this influ
ent'al Southern daily opens Ills three
coliiinn article with the following
complimentary and deferred words:
‘One of Ueorgia’s representatives
at tbe Bout hern Pines, N, C., meet
ing in April, was Mr. F.dwin Brob
ston, of Brunswick, who has been a
most native worker in the cause of
southern development, and who has
reaped some of tWW most notable re
suits in tbe state.
Mr. Brobateu was a member of the
commission in charge of tieorgia’s
exhibit at the Omaha exposition, and
lent very valuable service in thisen
located one of the most notable
colonies that has ever been brought
south. Through him the Shakers, of
Ohio, the quaint but moat upright
people who work a community of in
terests, having been induced to locate
in Georgia. Mr. Brubston is a young
man but is entirely energetic, ever
lastingl)' persevering, and above all
thoroughly practical. He is a good,
clear talker, he knows bis aiihjeot,
especially when that subject is Geor
gia’s resources, and if there are any
strangers around it wili be found that
he has impressed them sufficiently to
excite their interest and awaken a
desire to know more about the great
est state in the union. Mr. Brobston
remained at the Southern Pines meet
ng several days, aoi as a result is in
correspondence with a number of
northern gentlemen who are looking
to the south for investments.”
A Half Million Gallons More Than
is Needed is Daily

Reoeiver Greene la Now Credited With
More Than Fi'ling H's Ccn'raet
With ths City.
Yesterday the committee appointed
by Mayor Atkinson, ta measure the
water supply, made th-ir report. It
was composed of Mr. A V. Wood.Citj
Engineer C, 8. Wylly and Mr. L. C,
Bodet, A Times reporter and Mtyoi
Atkinson were present at their in
vestigations and secured the follow
ing facta from the report:
Since the output faorn the new well
was turned into the resuvoir. the
water supply is 1,000,000 gallons per
The amount estimated as required
for the consumer* i 500,000 gallons
per day.
City Engineer Wylly (dates that
this ia a’ (lie >ate of UK) gallons per
connection which i* 40 ga>lons p>r
day more than any wa'er company i
expected to furnish consumer* . The
water consumption is based as foi-
Ijfte: There are 800 connection*
with an estimate %f If consumers to
each connection which makes 4.M.0
consumers. Thege at 100 galftns
each ia 400,000 gallons. The city flu-h
tanks use 28,800 and street sprinklers
19,000 est„ while for waste add ten. per
cent, making a total of 025.580 that
tiie company now furnishes. The
committee reports that 1.000,000 gal
lons run into the reservoir and Re
ceiver Greene states it takes all he
can pump to supply consumers. He
therefore says there is a daily wate
through sprinkler* and other means
of about 600,000 gallons.
May or Aikmson reports that the
company is now also tilling its con
tract in regard to water for tire pur
poses and taking these reports all to
gether the Water Company is now
hold ng up its end of the business.
For Diabetes use STI-
AliT’S GIN and lU'CHU.
liifTHE REEHIYE.isgs:
flltl. s. KAKMK.It, Proprietor. 21.: Newcastle Street, t'.rmi wick, tin.
Originator of Lo\i Prices.
OtK MOTTO: "Omi Price tor All.” and that’s the Imve-t. Watch pat for the fellow w ill. the two price-. the offer, n* of so article worth
10c for me and dually cutting the same down .0 Mr to make y-u think you are a favored customer and eW.WS {TV2& *
here and is nothing more or I, a, than commerei.l taking. A child can purchase hilt of ic-od. here as w*, and ,M os chra,. a, the shrewdest
boye Tl,i, ,v,ok we inaugurate a low price movement on some high grade goods. , ake a few momenta time to examine the grand vatoo. in it...
Parasols, Beauties
They air Ie retail
Imiw * ami line* an*l
tnmmingw* As Ibo
t*Ara-l tl in amt bn*
•o we p a e o
Our rutire stork to
move ’em quickly,
as follows!
t.ot No l—l’arasols worth U|> toG.OQ. on sale
I*>l No. S•• ” •’ * • “
Lot No 3 * " “ “ 44..-.0. -
Lot No. 4 ~.s pt.SO, .**
No trouble to show the goods.
i,,, a-j,!,. It’s just si,out house cleaning dm.- We -.vi.uu>
L3CB buriains dispose ot our odds and ends in our oui tain sloek
ami have “rut prlees" and with each pair or curtains >ve give a <ni
pleto set ot fixtures and a curtain pole VKKE
Mitchell<& Thomas
Feed, * Sate -and - L'very - Stable.-
Stylish horses and Fash
i given prompt attention.
rti ° ne 9; - • 420 NB " cas,,e st *
Be sure tod see my
■ **• . 2?-?!* J
These sales are not l.mited to two days’ business hut as long as qqai tities
last. “*
H. B. DILLON, - 208 Newcastle.
Business College.
| |
1 t
To furnish a Thorough, High-Grade Buftnees Training to bo Hi *** with
an English education, at the least possible cost, m the shortest timty consis
tent with thoroughness to teach nothing that is *npe;Nitons and orififi nt b ing
that is essential.
Shorthand. Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Penmanship . Th
school was opened in Brunswick May 15 mi the office formerly occupied"!)) Vh fl
Business Departnvetit of The Brunswick Time* . •
Address P. O. Box So. S5.
i -
Every week frmu day to da)’ trfc look around t> find
thru h'tve not M>ld a* rapidly a* we whdi. Snch, w fc£s new and 'still
in fj-i.hoi. wo reduce 10 prtO* that n*ver f*t* to nett. Mood ay ia the
<i iv tvdu um first i* made. ofutwuism au boar, *o low the price,
w • - in in y oflot -r. *:< ** aold in day* Mart,
l . - ntk .ye n"* l ' i r!*♦* that ire .
Counter No: 1 Loch article... 5c
Every yard ... . . .5c
W e hae selected honest values.
Counter No. 2 Each article 9c
Every yard 9c
Appropriate goods at appropriate prices.
Counter No. s—Each article ./.15c
Every yard ’. 15c
Contains many nevy arrivals in stylish
(' muter No 4. —Each article...* 25c
* Every yard 25e
These prices show what we say is true,
what we do is legitimate, what we promise
is fulfilled. " V-
Counter No. s—Each article.. 49c
Every yard. 49c
Worthy goods at low prices.

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