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No Torturo Fnual tn the „ Not mueh * ttention >• often P *id to the
liu IUIIUIG uljUul IU (lie first symptom* of Eczema, but It is not lon*
, , _ , before the little redness begins to iijh end
Itclwi! and Burning of
T ANARUS,, - - - durable. It is a common mistake to regard
Til S FearfU M seasfi • roughness and ndnesa of the skin as
|||| ISHIIUI DIOGOdO. merely a local irritation; it is but an indlea
n. tion of a humor in the blood—of terrible
Kczema-whieh is more than snin-deep, and can not be reached by local appli
cation* of ointments, salve*, etc., applied to the surface. The disease itself,
ithe real cause of the trouble, is in the blood, although all suffering is produced
Khebiood^ 6 *^ n ' ony w,iy t 0 tne disease, therefore, is through
' Mr. Phil T. Jones, of Mlxersville, Ind., writes:
I had Eczema thirty yeare, and after a great deal
of treatment my leg was so rsw and sore that it gave me ft fljl
•on* tant pain. It Anally broke into a running sore, and
began to spread and grow worse. For the past fire or iTlinaiiiii I
six years I hate suffered untold agony and had given up J
all hope of ever being free from the disease, as I have *1 W/w
been treated by some of the best physicians and have f\ y I-T' 1
taken many blood medicines; all in vain. With little T‘
faith left 1 began to take S. 8. 3., and it apparently • '*'■'T>’"<A-
naade the Eczema worse, but I knew that this was the
a a l I 11 ® remed f rid of the poison. Continuing
8.8. 8., the sore healed qg entirely, the-skin-became as JAitJ-J /.i-Ji'y
dear and smooth, and I was cured perfectly.”
Eczema is an obstinate disease and can not be cured by a remedy which is
only a tonic. Swift a Specific—
—U superior to other blood remedies because it curVdiseases which they oan
not reach. It goes to the bottom—to the cause of the disease—and will cure
tbo worst case of Eczema, no matter what other treatment has failed. It is
the only bleed remedy guaranteed to be free from potash,, mercury or any
other mbteral, and never fails to cure Eczema, Scrofula, Contagious Blood
i dancer, Tetter, Rheumatism. Open Sores, Ulcere, Boils, etc. Insist
upon S. . S.; nothing can take its place.
L • Books on these diseases will be mailed free to . any address by Swift Sne
fnlrio Company, Atlanta, Georgia. '
Ice Cream,
- •
Ice CreamSS<>,da
Milk Shakes,
It ‘ Soda-Water,
Wine Cocoa.
Full Line of Cigars and Tobacco
Fresh'Fruits andlConfectiuneries.
•3021 Newcastle Street
Bniwict Ml i a do.
305 : Newcastle : Street.
We do a general hanking bnaineas
as well as a Savings Department. Sav
ings depositors are pa'd 4 per cent
interest, compounded quarterly. We
’ soljei' business, and promise our cus
tomers courtesy, promptness, and as
liberal treatment as conservative
management will warrant, f
FRANK n. AIKEN, President.
H. H. RAYMOND, Yiee President.
H w <}a T- K, Casiuer,
For Bladder troubles use
GIN and BU
Bicycles Bicycles.
B. J. Olewine, 505 Glou
cester Bt. Renting repairing
and sundries. Finest rent
wheels, and the best equipped
sfiop for repairing bicycles in
Georgia. ' Up-to-date sun
dries. Firloss piessfngcr!
kervlcc 'Phone 144.
( , !g*ra,"’r')bccoV.rt Oram.' Agents for
UeltbrSlnd Cuban tix, Kitil.ugli Lee,
Howell U>bb, Kegalia del Principe
Cigar*, nkfl Duet, t titur— Pnequaled
228 and 230 - lhiy St.
We Carry One 6f The Largest Stocks
Of whiskies, wines, brandies, etc., in Brunswick, or South
east Georgia. We buy in large quantities—therefore have
the inside on prices. We can till every order, because we
have every line of foods know’ll to the purest
products ot the still and vineyard. Our Murray
HilfDlub, Lewis’ 66, Carstair’s InvincrWTamous Yel
lowstone. Also handle complete line of straight whiskies.
Piug orders 4 specialty. We pay special attention to the
|ug trade. \ Prompt attention given ip ail orders. Agent
for the Acme Brenner Gomoany.
R V, Douglas,
206 - - Jay St-
When in need of job work don’t forget the Times Job Office Prompt attention and first class work our mott j
John 11. Soock, Jr.,
Headquarters at Oglethorpe
Hotel, F, O. Box,' 202.
ElectricaLwork of every de
Brunswick, - - Ga.
Opp. Oglethorpe Hotel, Brunswiok.
Southern ♦ Mattress - Cos.
Remo yep
Information given on ap
Successor to Isadore Meyer, New
castle street, next to Clark’s Har
der Shof. Finest stock of
Tifcbe found in the city. Age'd for
1 ,'eie Cigars, the finest be cigar on
D J. ion oni
G. t M l Son.
Grain, Hay, Flour, Feed,
(Gfits, Mc5T, etc .
*l7, *l9 and *2l, Newcastle.
"WiR utyoAY
For the benefit of the Seaman’s
Bethel Sunday school an entertain
ment will ba given at that church
cbis evening. A charming muahtal
program will be rendered and re
freshments served. No admission
wiii be charged, and nil are invited.
In honor of her birthday, Mias Ger
trude Keine entertained a few little
friends most charmingly, several af
ternoons ago, at the borne of Mias
M illie Slater, on Reynold* atreet.
Misa Ruth I.evison will visit friends
and relatives in Chicago, the latter
part of the summer.
Mrs. M. Selig leave* this week for
the north, after spending several
pleasant mouths in Brunswick.
**• %
A charming young lady of Oalbea
ville will via'it Brunswick shortly, the
guest of - Misses Frslda and Leonie
Joergar;-*t thair home on Nawoaatla
atreet. •
CcI.J.H. Dilworth has returned
from a business trip to Camden
Mr*. Harry Ingram left yesterday
for Darien, where she will join her
husband and make her future borne,
Mis* Frances Wranoh left yester
day for Dalton, where she will spend
several months with friends.
** m
Miss Maid* McDonald lias relumed
from a pleasant visit to Atlanta,
jvhere she stood as one of the
dainty bridesmaids at the wedding of
a friend .
A party from Rome, aixty or eighty
strong are in communication with
Mr. C. M . Tilton, concerning ratee
and accommodations to be secured on
St. Simon Island, They will arrive
here on July fifth, #
Mrs, G. M. Gibbons of Tampa, is
expeoted here in a day or two, the
guest of tier sister, Mrs. A. 0. Blain,
at her home an Albermarte street.
Mr. H. F. Dunwody is addingtoand
improving generally, his new home on
Union street, which will be ready for
ooeupancy shortly ,
Master Thomas Fuller is expeoted
back the Utter.-'part of this month,
from Charleston, where be has been
attending school the past vjpr.
A large number o( vUiling young
ladies are receiving many attentions
from social Brunswick at present,
A meeting la called of the Ladies’
Aid Society of B’. Marks Episcopal
You will wish fa indulge
in while old Mercury is play
ing ai’ohrid the 90’s.
We have
Imperial Lime Juice,
Imperi,#Lemon Juice,
Imperial Root Beer,
Hire’s Boot Beer,
Unsweetened Cream,
for Ice Cream and Milk
Koh-I-Noor, English
Breakfast for Joed Tea
church, thfft afternoon at tbs reotory
at which all members are requested
to be present.
Judge I. H. Branham returned
Monday from a very pleasant visit to
his son. Dr. H, M. Branham, in
Bruuswiok.— Fort Valley Deader.
Miss Mary Quarteriuan, a very
ebarmiag young lady from Quitman,
is the guest of Mrs. VV. .1. Way,
Mr. and Mrs. C. 1,, Candler left
yesterday for Finuers Point, Virginia,
where Mra. Candler will visit while
Mr. Candler will attend the conven
tion of Southern Railway General
Freight Agents, at Norfolk, They
will be gone about one week and re
turn here uext Saturday. Miss Postell
of Macon, who has been the charming
guest of Mrs. Candler here for the
past, few weeks, accompanied them .
* *
Congressman Brantley returned
yesterday from a several trip
over the district during which he was
the orator for several school closing
Mr, John Twomey baa returned
from a aeveaal
berland. *
The coming moonlight excursioba
will be the occasion for many pleasant
parties visiting the island during the
next few days.
Judge Alfred J. Crovatt lias return
ed from a day’s visit to Charleston .
Invitations have been reoeived in
Brunawiokio the wedding of Mias
Georgia Doerflinger, daughter of Mr.
aod Mrs, F. Joseph Doerflinger, of
this city, to Air. William Henry Leo
pold ;of Savannah. Mtsa Doerflinger
ia one of Brunewiok’s prettiest and
most charming young ladiea, and has
many friends here who will regret to
tee her leave this oily, to make her
future home in Havaunah, Mr. Leo
pold is connected with the auditor’s
department of the Plant System at
Savannrk and occupies a high posi
tion of trust and responsibility. The
wedding will occur on Wednesday
evening June 91st, at six u’olook from
St. Marks Episcopal ohuroh. in tbia
Invitations were received here yes
terday to the wedding of Miss Lena,
daughter of Mr. and A.
Marks, of this oily, to A.
Gerslion, of Atlanta, whiob will occur
Tuesday evening. June 27th. at half
past six o’clock at I lie rooms of the
Progress Club of this oily. The brids
Is one o( the fairest and most charm
ing of the many attractive young
ladies of Brunswick, and the groom is
one of Atlanta’s moat prominent and
popular young business men. There
wilt be a reception from 7 until 12
o’clook at tho elegant new rooiqt of
the Progress f lv,Vh
Mr. William Merchant left: last
night for Auburn, Ala., where he will
spend one or two weeks on a summer
vacation, fpa many friends wish for
him a very pleasant time and safe re
The ancients believed that rheumatism
was the work of a demon within a man.
Any one who has had an attack of sciatio
or of inilammacory rheumatism will agree
that the initiotion is demoniac enough to
warrant the belief. It has never been
claimed that Chamberfin’s Pain IJalm
would cast out demons, but it will cure
rheumatism, and hundijeds bear testimo
ny to the truth of this statement. One
application relieves the pain, and this
quick relief which itaffhrds is alone worth
many timet its cost. Mar sale by 1. N.
Old papers for sale, 20c
per hundred at The Times
The Sc others Railway.
We are authorized to announce the
following low rates via the Southern
Railway. Mcßae, Ga • Commence
ment exercises South Georgia Col
lege. Four cents per mile one way
for the round trip. Tickets un sale
June 3, 4- and 5, final limit June 8,
Warm Springs, (It. Annual meet
ing Teachers’ Association of Georgia,
One fare for the round trip. Tickets
to he sold June 24, 25, 28 and 27, with
final limit Ju'y 4, 1599.
Dublin Ga. One fare for round
trip. Tickets on sale June 29, and 30,
final limit July 2. 1899.
Cave Springs, Ga. One fare for ;
round trip. Tiokets to be sold July 3
and 4, final limit July 8, 1899.
Change of Plant System Sohedule .
A change of schedule on the Pl> •
Bystem hat been announced as (
Train No. 91 letve Brunswick 7: ’lO
a. m,; train No. 93 leave Brunsw <
7:45 p . ra.; train No, 94 arrive Brit
wick 9;20 a. m,; tram 92 arr ; v ™ Brt
wick 9 p. m.
A man may dress as well ns his o\ i
good judgment and the assistance of ii
artistic tailor may elect. He may ta
“tubs” but if liisdigetiveorgansare out
order, he will have an unwholesome t>,>-
Hkrano#.* His complexion and the white
ot his will have a yellowish cs .
Hia ton gin will he coated, appetite p r
hia teeth bis breath abominah
He Done big (Anistakable sign of or -
atipation. The quickest, surest, eaei t
way to cun* this rjgouhie into take !
Pierce's pleasant Pallets. They are mi
of retired, oonoentrated vegetable extra
Nothing in the least harmful enters ir
their compJrnion. Th|y hunt down •
Impurities, and “ them move or '
They are product of many years'study am
practice. Dr. I'ierce‘cannot afford to pi t
forth a worthless article.
Address with 21 ceitt in one cent stamps,
to cover oost of mailing only, World’s Die
pensary Medical Buffalo,
N. Y., and get a free cojiy of the "Medical
Cumberland hotel npehes touiorrc—.
Asi.be hotel is being run this season
by Thouiaville people, iti* very lik“-
ly that the patronage from this city
will he quite large.-Times Enter
prise •
Know* that the Peerless Remedy
for Diseases of the Liver,
Kidneys and Bladder is
It has Cured Thousands of Des
perate Cases. Try It.
W. J . BUTTS, the Dragg-e’
Oordele Chautauqua June 14 % 22.
For the above occasion the Pis t
System will sell round trip tick rs
from Brunswick to Corded* at rate of
$5,05. Tickets on sale .lime 12- 22
inclusive, with final limit to Juris 25' h.
Or. Mary A. Brannon’s Female 8t ,*
A perfected Scientific Local TANARUS ?•
ment for all those delicate id
painful Diseases peculiar to ' >-
K/S ld ni*'n. Relieves InHammatio, f
Iraa.vsw* BjHCMf the Womb, It regular or Pa: >1
fX fiat Periods, Jleals Ulceration, C ss
W Leucorrhoea, Diseased Ova s
jTr+S an, i Falling 'he Womb b
VlftSL ■ i-fll storing - strength to the mus *s
ve.nMnk. supporting the Uterus* Relit 3
that tired feeling, and you soon know you. t
a queen among women, in body, mind and h (,
Recommended and for sale by fi- H. I‘olhill
W. J. Butts. Brunswick. Ladies who wish spe *1
advice, write for book and symptom blar "i
uk. MAKV A. BRANNON. 102 Capitol Ave.. Atlanta. j
JK Florida Central & 4
Peninsular Railroad!
Time Table KlTcctlve April IS, 1999.
I.v Brunswick r. soatoopi ,| SOUTH * EAST 84 M IJHI
A r Jacksonville Of, a 7 40 j . ■ - 1 —— -
I.v Jacksonville 4 !p: jLv Brunswick 9 25 a 9 lOnCHT
Ar Brunswick S :> Ar Savannah 12 27p U lujfrr..
I.v Brunswick U ‘5 a 9 U) p! Ar Fairfax 2 15? 2 05 a
Ar Savannah 12'27p 11 flip! Ar Denmark 8 90p S 80*
I.vSvannab 508 a 807 pi Ar Augusta 945 p 8 58a
Ar Brunswick . BuO a 805 p .Ar Columbia 4 Hip 445 a
south hum i>i v . i Arcrnmnlmii." : • '■ JSS
I.v Brunswick 6 no i. 4 OOp * J Chartrtt9,. C. 8 40 p • Ms
Ar Jacksonville .... 920 a *•# P I ttfi.bm7.Sa Va a%S
\r Cainesvilic !i 01 p" 10 * >lAr cLarlottesvilie !. 450a8 8 p Ill'll
t S 1 K " I 37n i ai‘ Ar Philadelphia 1185 a 168 a
Arrctbmg!.:....:: : tSS: tr Boston.. toe-
Ar Taviircn 833 p 530 a WEST DIvT &N. 0 2 22
Ar Orlando 5 0i) p 8 36 a— 7-7 • r— ———
Ar Winter Park 5 27 p Lv Brunswick 5 20 p, 4 0)p
Ar Owenstioro 3 46 p 4 21 h JLv Jacksonville I 920 a „ jup
Ar Plant City 4 40p 632 rffAr Lake City |II 3t a1025 p
Ar Tampa. 6 Hop 0 30 aAr Live Oak 12 22pUS5p
Ar Monticello... .... 2 50p 4 p
Ar I'ailahasaee lM3p SOOp
Ari Quincy 4 41 p 8 26 p
* Ar River,Junction .. 6 2’ p J
Ar Pensacola 11 OOp 8 80
ArNMobile... 3 C' a
Oi leans 7 40 a
No, 22 on Sundays during Florida i.eglsiatsve Sesciou will leave JacksorTillt, at 7;60 p, m
carrying Pullman alcepin# car toTallaliasaee.
An .vHiaiit Jacksonville fiom the north and oast. No. 35 at 9:ooaala... la.. N0,58 at p.
From the north and northwest, No. 87, 8:55 a. m. From tho wat, NO, 1, '*•4o y ta. Fro* \ tho
south, No. 14, 7:05 11. n., No. 10, 4::“.* p. m.
i^-os. IV) and 31. carry I'ullmau Bullet sleepers between Jacksonville and Nrv* Tcik and >.
t-woon JackHouvilic and Cincinnati, via Aahville, Nos. 33 and 84 cun/ FuFj •' ’tuffet s
between Jacksonville and Now York All mealß between Columb'a and r.fP or' on
dining car with trains No. 35 and 30. Nos. 3H and 37, Cincinnati, Florloa j-n*. ,i*nß Limit!
solid vestibule trains, with through sleepers and thiough passenger cotchCa L: *' \n J- >1 nvih'*
and Cincinnati via Cattanoogu. Nos. 13 and 14 carry rullman Buff jtelfepi*ig *.r. L* f wten,!.
KOtivi.le and Tcn\ua.
Stoaniors for Boy West and Havana--No. 35 makes oonuectlofl ct Fort T:.:*'* . with aloame.'j
leaving Mondays, Thursdays j.nd Saturdays; No. 37 with those leaTiitf Tauday Fridays
Nod. 1 and 2, sleeper hciweon New Orleans and Jacksonville.
Full iuformat iou given by agents of the Southern Uy. and F. C 4k P.
I>. F. M A A Wit L, ' A. O. MacDONELU L. A. W
see, V, r. A Gen Mgr. Gen. l'ass. Agt. Act', (ion. rusa. jig f .
Corrected Daily by ('apt. Otto.loliannese u
For survey charts, coast pilots, tide
tables and other publications of the
United States coast and geodetio
surveys, apply to U. W. Doming
Times olliee.
Fort of Brunswick, Juno 12, 1899
[’Urt Brig, Prculdcnoia, Carnacho,
Sal C V 1 ***
S3 Rio Grande, Avery, New York.
Sch Jessie T.ena, Devreaiix, Havana
Sell Mary TANARUS, (trosby, Trim, N Y
Sch Jennie W Righter, Grossly Bath
Sell .Tohu L Treat, Gilmore, New Ha
To lie Found Anywhere During the Summer
Moutbe. Grand Plunge and Bathing Pool.
Hrigbt’a Disease, lUioumatißm, Malaria, Ner
vous Dyspepsia and Prostration.
Skin Diseases,Kczema, and all Blood Affections
For descript ’ve iamphlet with testimonials
address Sitwaneo Springs Cos., Huwanee .Springs,
Practical Sign
Writer and
Paper Hanger,
213 Grant St.
Heal Estate Agents*
32,000 acres virgin pins land, welf
limbered, in south Florida F C & I’.
road running through it. No timber
been cut off land, at $2 00 per acre.
One fourth cash, balance in I, 2 and 3
payments to suit.
One etock farm 1,500 sores, $3,000.
250 head of cattle SB,OO per head. Al
together or land without stock.
(food houses for rent in city.
fin REMIT,
Cor. Gloucester and OicletUnrpo St tt.
A. PA LEV KIM, - - Proprietor.
Elegant meals served on short no
tice. Cuisine the best. Special or
ders given prompt attention. Nice
furnished rooms for lodgers.
Old papers for sale 20c
per hundred at The Times
Cumberland Route,
(In ea<m dl.eotlon.)
Fer&andinN X.ine-
Southbound northbound
8:00 a. m. Lv Brunswick Ar, 6:30 p.m,
ti;(JO a. m. Ar Jekyl lal.-.nd Lv. 4;30 p, m.
IO:oO a. m. Ar Cumberland... Lv. 3:80 p. m.
12:00 m. Ar Fernai 11-.a.,..Lv, l:B9p.is.
9:16 p. m. Ar (F. C. A P Lv. 9:00 a. m.
Cumberland Route Special Sohedule.
Commencing Sunday, May 28tli.
Lv Brunswick Ea> a m *OO p m
Ar 8t Simon Pier 1C 00 am 800 pm
Lv St Simon Pier 13 00 n’n 6 00pm
Ar Brunswick 100 pm 600 pm
W. M. ITUPPER h'CO-, General Agent*.
Brunswick, <4a.
Schedule In Infect June 11th. 1k99.
—— - -- ~ No 7 Nk
Northbound. #t 23 %9
l7v Brunswick ftiL'n 9da 4(JOp iKp
Ar. Everett OitUa 10 itia 6Uop| 9 6dp
Lv. Jeaup. li 10 83p
“ Burreuey li‘ y ip ■.•••
“ Huxley 12jJ(p
“ Hazlehnrst 1 Cvp .... 114w*
“ Lumber City j t)a ...,12 04a
“ Helena ? Br. 12 85a
14 MtsHter 1 21p
- EaHtinau *46p ... 100a
•* Empire . 8 .• • .*}
Lv. Hawkinsville -,_•••• 2 in> ■ ■
" Tehran - . No J* 3 kdp 183a
“ Macon QOfw 4 oip 2 60a
*• Flovilla 903a 5 4 lp BUp 8 4fla
•* McDonough 9 4L". C 22p 8 60p •*••••
Ar Atlanta 10 40a 7 2>>p BJsfp JROfa
Lv. Atlanta"' 4 OOp OOpT\ <Vp 580a
Ar. Cliattenooga 8 40p 6 *Aii 80<>a 950
Ar. Memphis ... .. ’oa TJOp 7 iOp .7 408
AT Taouisville ..... Tdup 7fep
Ar Bt Air Lin*-, ftjwpj TOhs
Tr. TSTicinnatlQT& C ~ 1 im TW§
Lv. Atlanta. j 4 HTp JSia
Ar. Birmingham llOlOp
“ Memphis I 7 45a 580 y
" Kansas City... 7 ,, . __ 6 Sag
Lv AtlanTa ..." L ... 1255 m ifTkOp
Ar Waahlngton . |TU>)a . .. “OlSra
'• New York.. M 23a
Routliboand. "j*.
Lv. New York... *.... I§lsn
“ Washington.. 10 45p 1116a
Ar. >flftnda. "ffSop -■ ■ • 5 10s
Lv. Kansas City. 910 p . ... 10
** Memphis 9 OOp 7 00a
“ Birmingham 600a 4 45tf
Ar. Atlanta jl3C*a . ■ ■. 10 40p
Lv. Cincinnati, Q. jTc B OOp * 30a B OOp JXa
Cv. FT LoubvTTr Lfim | '* | 6 1? P
“ Louisville, 7 4.~!p i Oui 748p| 7 40a
Lr. Memphis 8 C‘jp 9 !oa| gtSf j f Ct'ji
Lv. Chattanooga. 8 16u tr lCp, 4Ta! kkip
Ar. Atlanta 11 50* l >Jajll dG'iaft/jl
Lv. Atlanta T a 90,M<iSn|ll<rj
“ MidJonough 6 'vl 3“‘2S.II.VJ*
Ar. Sfaoon 7 .'O*** r 22$ i|oa
Lt. Ooohran _ : .■ * CNj
Ar HawldApvlile. . 1“ .4* ,77* ♦
LvTKnpTre ...... ?r ... ‘'*
" Eastman. .1 'Aa JCOS
M Miesler i- <4ai
“ Heleua . f dfo .... 3 Ufa
M Lumber City jj Op | £ l)s
44 fUztahur*t I * OCp .... 4 2fta
*• Baxley j I 4 Lis
“ Burrency.. i * .i2p
Ar. Jssup ..[>*< SBp ...... 1 oJa
Lv. Everett 10 3&.. 1 KdOp 8 l<o 6 50a
Ar.Bronswiok .. ... fibrin,) ' 6 A.y ? *64
iXoa. !3 am! n. iv>pping C(: *8 W*
tween Brunswica anu Atlaj.*a, nstA ;on .Tack*
nopvllle, Fla., and Cinrlnnati via E' aru.t suu
Nos. 15 and lß.—Puiiroati > &epIHL Caro ov
tween Atlanta and t/nejny ‘l, \na
aleo between C’hatu i oogA ani Mem
Tralus 7 and 10- Drawing Boom
Buffet Bleeping Cars * *n Mrcou nad
Asheville, N. C.
Nos. 7 amt £—Puljmnn o" eping Cars bo
tween Atlaats acd Cn: tsnuKjga
Nos. 0 and 10—Ooaorvatlo.. Chair Cars be
tween Macon and Atlanta.
Oonnection.it Union Atlanta, for all
points north, east ano _
Third V-P. tc Oen. M;~. t Traflo Manager,
w. zimr- D - a s. Q
GiT Pass. Agt. AssA M Pais. Agt.
Washington, D. O. _ Atlanta, Ga.

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