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OLDME 10; NO. 159
10 Ml tfra DRINKER.
Call and look at our £150.00 lot of presents to be £iven
to you and your friends at the end of the next three
months. %
Every purchaser of a glass of Soda gets a numbered
coupon ticket entitling the holder to a chance on (Jrapho
phone and the privilege of voting for a friend.
L Setters.
1m All footsteps lead to Kenoon Mott’s
| ) jeweler, whert they wsnt good
done. „
W A tired, sleepy, bilious ill ia cured
IhJiy Dr. Sawyer’s Little Wide Awake
Little Wide Awake Pills reg
><ri&te the atomach and liver and till
the bill.
Look at Your
Kodak Number.^
One of these numbers wins the
a NO. 5614
b No. 1829
C* NO.-2743
and No. 9906
8 No. 1181
Any on* bottling either of above number* will please bring it in at once
Somebody most the Kodak Outfit. We want to start other drawing*.
Plast'a t-h*#ge of Schedu'a a. m„; train No, 93 leaves Brunswick
Effective 6 o’clock a, m., July 2d. u „
8 p. m. ; train No. 94 arrives Hruns
following schedule will be operated by
wickS a, in.; train No. 92 arrives
Plant System in ami out of Brunswick
Bruoswick 9 p. m.
Train No. 91 leaves Brunswick 7:30
Special Sale of . . \ .
Our $L§5 Waist for -99 c.
On-$1.50 “ “ - 11.1?
Our 12.00 “ “ - - - $1.39
See Display in Window.
Big reduction in Ladies’ Under-;
- t wear and Skirts. }
I r
Envelopes, Bill Heads, Letter Heads, Statements, and in fact anything in the job printing line at the Times Job Office
A'l gir U love candy, lint none love
candy as they do Autonio Ksteva,
Spanish candy at Brown Drug Com
For Diabetes use £TU
Advertise in Tins Times,
By Next Week Manila Will be Al
most Completely Deserted
By the Troops.
It Was Impossible to Land the Soldiers
Prom the Transports For
Quite Awhile.
Washington, July 15.—The war de
partment received a dispatch trotn
Gen. O is today, stating that twenty
inches of rain had fallen ao far in
July, attended by typhoons, making,
for u time, the landing troops on the
transports impossible at Negros. It
has been impossible to unload the
Sixth Infantry until within the last
day or two. The California regiment
is now embarking for home- The
Colorado regiment leaves tomorrow,
and the Idaho,Fourth Dakota and Wy
orning regiments leave next week.
Robbed Grave.
A startling incident, of which Mr.
John Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as fellows;
“l was in a most dreadful condition.
My skin was almost yellow,eyes sunk
en, tongue coated, pain continually
in my back and sides, no appetite—
gradually growing weaker day by
day. Three physicians had given me
up. Fortunately a friend advised
frying‘Eleotric Bitters;’ and to my
great joy and surprise, the first bottle
made a decided improvement. I con
tinued their use for three weeks, and
am now a well man. I know they
saved my life, and robbed tbe grave
of another victim.” No one should
flail to try them. Only 50cents guaran
teed, at all drug stores.
Young men who want the finest and
most dehsious candy will buy none
but the Spanish imported at Brown
Drug Company .
The popularity of Dr.sWawyer’s
Ckatine as a KiUwey cure is far reach
ing, ae it permanently cures all Kid
ney disorders and brings you back to
the realm of perfect health that in
suree true happiness.
mi is pieiess
Anri therefore you should
not abuse it, for when once
gone, it can never he re
turned to you
Call now before : t is too
late and have your eyes
tested free, and we will tell
you what you need.
vVe have everything in
.Jewelry and do all kinds of
repairing and engraving.
Tlip J<*welpr, 215 Newcawtle Bf,
Tim k by wire dally from Washington. Official
Inspector of watchea for Southern Hall
Miss Jsannstts Colsan Breathed Her Laet
Yesterday Morning.
Yesterday morning at nine o’clock
at her parents’ home on Mansfield
street. Mies Jeannette Colson passed
peacefully away.
The announcement of the death of
this lovable young lady caused the
most profound sorrow throughout the
entire community. Although she has
been extremely ill for aeveral days,
the hope was entertained that her life
would he spared, and there were few
who weie prepared for the terrible
shook that was in store for them yes
terday morning.
Miss Colson was one of Brunswick's
most popular aud lovable young
ladies. Her sunny, genial disposition
won for her the admiration and friend
ship of all with whom she came in con
tact. She was only daughter sf
Mr. and J. Colson and was
the idot of her parents’ hearts.
The funeral services will he con
ducted this mouning at llo’olock from
First Methodist cliuruk, by Rev. J. A.
O. Co- k and Rev. M . A. Morgan. The
interment will take place at Palmetto
cemetery where all that is mortal of
this estimable foung ldy will be laid
to rest forever.
The following gentlsmen will aot an
pall-bearers: Mr. K. t). Walter. Mr.
Charles Fleming, Mr, U. 8. Watts, Mr.
Morion Msyre, Mr. George H . Smith.
Mr. W. Jennings Butts .
Beautiful, brilliant Jeannette Colson
entered into reel on the 15th of July,
, For her pure brightjiptrit, winging
it* wey to her Heavenly Father’s
sheltering arm*, freed from tbe hind
ering weight of mortality, bow ahall
we dare to grieve? Her ehurt stay
earth brought' of
worldlinsss for her, while it left a
fair sweet memory, precious beyond
words, for those who knew her.
She lies passed to of
all that was noble and lovely in her
character, in tbe peace and rest of
Paradise. For tiioee who loved her
however, our hearts are ft 'led with
deepest sympathy: the brightness and
light has passed out of many lives
made beautiful by her love and ten
May (lod in His mercy comfort these
stricken ones, and temper theirsorrow
so that her memory may become a
perfect aspiration lifting them ever
nearer to the heaven of perfect peace
where she lias found her rest.
“Farewell, for life’s short span,
To thee to whom our utmost well were
Who farest now where living waters
With One whose words rest on tby
spirits still
In that far land where thou art gone
There is no night, fsrewe'l, farewell!’
A Fbiknh
$5.00 Rsward.
A ntandh g-reward of five dollars
will I e paid for information leading
to tbe arrest of, with proof to convict,
any person or persons breaking any
gas or electric lamp globes, any pub
lic spiirol, nr other property, belong
ing to the Brunswick Light & Water
Cos., or removing or breaking any gas
or water box. or turning on water or
gas and using same, without knowledge
or consent of said company, places
where water or gas for any cause has
been shut off.
W, 8. Gkkknk,
10 25 ly-swf. Receiver
Official Information as to How and
Where the Paris Exposi
tions Began.
The Grand Entranoe Alone Will Cost Many
Small Fortuees, Besides the Otkar
Smaller On's.
Officially, the origin of the Paris
Exposition of 1900 dates from the
month of July, 1892. The first Paris
Exposition was held in 1855; the next
tn 18C7, and the third and fourth in
1878 and JBB9, respectively. Shortly
after the closing of the Hat exposition
the idea of a great centennial inter,
national exhibition, to he held in the
last year of the nineteenth century,
was mooted by the public, hut it was
not until July, 1892, that an official
move was made in the form of a com
munication fMMM Jules Roche, the
then Minister of Commeroe, to Presi
dent Carnot.
It is too soon to say what will be
the money cost of the Paris Exposi
tion of 1900, whether it will give a
Burplas after its expenses are defray
ed, or whether, like tbe exposition of
1888, it will result in a money deficit.
The French Government estimates
the total oust at $20,000,000 (100,(KM),000
franca), and accordingly a guarantee
fundgftir that amount has been brought
into existence.
The grand entrance to the exposi
tion of 1900 will be off the Place de la
Concorde, close to the Seine, but there
will be a multitude of other entrances
in the Champs-Klysees, the Champs
de Mars, and the Ssplanade desln
valides. The exposition authorities
themselves do not know what will be
the most popular soil striking feature
ofthe exposition, but it will doubtless
prove to be one of tbe followlog, all of
them novel and attractive :
1. The street of modern Paris, run!
ning along the embankment from the
Fltoe de la Concorde to the Pont de
I’Alma. This will illustrate the art
and wit of France and will contain
palaces of dancing, song, and all that
is refined in the curiosities of Paris.
The directors of the Opera and an
other leading Paris tlioa'ro are en
gaged upon its elaboration.
2. M. Deloncle’s telescop", bring
ing tbe moon's surface apparently
within 40 kilometres '25 miles) of the
3. A city ol gold, near the Trooa
dero, showing every detail of gold pro
duction, with Californion miners arid
models of the mines.
4. A g gantic turning palace, or
revolving tower, 100 yards high aad
lighted throughout by eleotnoity .
5. The gradd and little palaces of
tbe fine arts of all nations.
6. The pavilion of the press, and
those of the special commissioners
which will b 8 scattered over the area.
7. An enormous terrestrial globe
by the famous French geographer, M
Reclus, placed, owing to its size, out
side tbe exposition proper.
8. Palace of tbe army and navy
and a palace of food, or alimentation .
While the authorities are in doubt
as to what will be the moat popular
feature of the exposition there is no
doubt in the minds ot the authorilid
Do You Buy *
. . Your Flower
Pots and *
. . . Jardinieres
* at the .. .
at. ttie home office as to which is the
most popular policy ever issued by
the Phoenix Mutual Life, and that,
is their new J., R. A. contract which
provides against any contingency
which may arise at a future day, by
providing for itself, aud the company
agrees to pay the insured he
lives than if he dies, thus reversing
the old forms of insurance.
Drop a line to J. B. Abrams, Gen
eral Agent, Brunswick, Ga., and see a
specimen policy before insuring.
Don’t trust to statements made by
agents, unless guaranteed by the com
pany, they are often misleading.
Don’t forget that the Brunswick
Cleaning and Pressing company, is
the right place to have your clothing
cleaned and repaired.
Mra, G. 11. Mulligan, of Savannah,
is in the City visiting the faintly of Mr,
V. R. Mitchell on Richmond street,
Another Week . .
. . of Big Sellinp
k: a is j=z fs * s.
Another week of value giving which shrewd shop
pers cannot afford to miss.
Ladies’High Grade White and Colored Lawn
If you need any. take advantage of this upper
tuuity, you can’t do bettor by waiting.
Ladies’ Shirt Waist* formerly $1.50 now sc
Ladies’ “ “ formerly $1.25 now sGc
Ladies’ u “ formerly SI.OO now Wc
Lad e*’ u tt formerly .76 now 25c
Only a few ou hand. These must go profit
not considered.
At 16c Parasols worth 25c.
At :isc Parasols worth cue.
Atß9a Parasol* worth SI.OO.
Ladle* wrapper* made of Percale and Lawns
full over hips. 111 fancy figures and
strips*.all new summer ooloriugs
formerly SI.OO, now at
The balance of our season’s supply of I best
line fans will bo placed on sale this week at
greatly reduced prices, as follows:
Lot I—l,ooo Fans open ana shut go at 2c
JvOt 2—1,000 Fans open and shut worth from 8c
to 10c at Just sc.
lx)t ;i- 100 Fans open and shut, wry handsome
designs, these were 200. on sale this week at 13c
Good, large size palmetto fans go at Jc.
The Luinb’r Export From Ih’a City ia
The indications are that the record
made in the export of lumber laet
month will be exceeded this mouth.
In June 29,000.000 feet of lumber
had been shipped from from this port.
Up to last evening at 6 o’clock more
than 15,000,000 feet bad beau shipped.
There is no doubt but that July’s
record will go beyond last month’s in
the vicinity of 1,500,000.
O' all the delightful caudiee ever
made, Antonio Eateva’s surpasses
them all at Brown Drug Company.
Cooling and soothing in its effects,
you will find Dr. Sawyer’s Arnica and
Witoh Hazel Salve for eczema, piles,
hives, burns and cuts.
All the go—imported Upauisb oaudy
at Brown Drag Company.
■ “**eWJfc|(Wfß- .-TTHTf HHP
If you need any, take advantage of this op
portunity. Von can’t do bettor Iy waiting.
Ladies’ white duck skirl* formally 75c mark
ed (loud to ago
Ladies’ white duck skirts foroiei ly 85c mark
ed down to clone out at 400
Ladies’ white duck skirts, embry trimmed,
formerly |l.si) now to close out at 98c
Ladies’ rilb*d cotton vests, low neck and
slevclcss, each on sale at. Gc
Ladies’white Swiss ribbed cotton vests, low
neck andelevelose taped each at 8c
Toilet Waters and Soaps.
Colgate Dental Powders, large size,. IGo
Large size cake Cako f Colgate Bay Rum
Soap 8c
Turkish hath soap 6 oakca for 24c
Talcum Powders 5c
Bottle Vasal Die. 4c
Colgate# populur size extract*, pur bottle. .100
Colgate* Toilet W aters, 3 oz bottles at 370
1,000 Beauty Pin* just received, go at lc
Shirt Waist Sets formerly 35c,g0 at 20c
1 lot of shle combs, jnst received, go at 120

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