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HfILPME 41; NO. 27
■V r
% Gash Rebate
Painter’s Material and Supplies at
To Close Out That Line.
Lumbsimin fr m led >m Vio'im of Injuries
R cived in the Wreck.
Mr. W. C. Davis, (he lumberman
from Indiana who was n jured in the
recent head end collision it Waycrose,
died yesterday and bio ramnin* will be
Doctors a
Reccommend Leibig’s Extract of
Malt. It’s a great tonic and health
|* builder.
We have lots of it.
W J BUTTS, The DnSst.
“On the Corner.”
Popular Prorrieto' Has M<>Tf and Joross the
® Strutt P'cm Fo m*r Plaos.
Mr. A. Pilaveds, the popular restau-
proprietor hae inov-d to the plane
rb sire-’ In m iii former place
W profit on every pair
mmL> shoes purchased trom
mir window. The value is
$5 .00. But our price until
are all gone is
C3 . S S.
See the Point?
The Sizes are from 6 to u.
sent to Wabash, led. for interment
Mr. Dario bad both lego cruobed and
it is presumed that the obnek proved
too much for him. Hio wife accompa
nied the remaino home.
A new and popular attraction com
ing to town. Wait for it.
and is now in the quarters formerly
ueed by the Brunswick Restaurant.
Mr. Palarula hae built up a good line
of custom since he tmbarked in the
restaurant business and bis friends
are pleased to note bis advancement
Coming to town—The White Show.
Young Brunswickian Grets Choice
Position on Southern.

Great Railway Syotom Shorn ito Appreei
ation of Faithful S'rrioeo Rendered
by Former Chief O'erk of Leeal Offlee
Mr. Krnest 11. H jusema", for many
yeare chief clerk of tba Southern rail
road here, left Uet night for Mtoon,
where he goes to taka the agenoy of
the Southern at that important point.
This promotion was in recognition of
the faithful eerrieee performed by Mr.
Houseman ever eince he went with the
eyitem years ago in an bumble poei
tion. He is e young men of sterling
worth, and bis promotion iea striking
illustration of the Rvalue a man oan be
to hie employers by faithfulness and
bard work, and the appreciation which
goes with such work. Mr. Houseman
is probably the youngest man In tba
United fttatas holding suoh a responsi
ble position as the Mtoon agenoy is
known to be, and be has hosts of
friends here who will rejoioe over his
promotion and wish him good luok.
tisocial Agent,C. L. Candler, has not
yet announced who he will appoint to
socoaed Mr. Hooieman aa chief olerk
of the Brunswick agenoy. Housemen
is e prominentJUmog, and one of the
best know R men that ,Order in the
State, wb-
He has bffn of great aeaiatanoe to all
the agents who have come to Bruns
wiok, and in speaking ot him list
night to a Timps reporter, Mr. Cand
ler bad nothing but the most sincere
words of praise for him. A feature of
Mr. Houseman’s promotion that is
especially noticeable is that it cornea
as a reward of merit, and this should
commend itself toevery man connected
with the great Soutberi? Railway sys
Hold a Meeting In Nswmau’s HU and
Make Speech* s.
All the military oommands
important meetings tonight and with
tbs Riflemen the election of a com*
mending officer will be tbs one tbiDg
to attract not only Ibeir attention blit
tbe attention of almost everyone in
Brunswiok who has read of the oontest
now on for that offioe. There are two
candidates being run by the boys one
side wanting Mr. Jack Styles and tbe
other wanting Capt. Frank Dunn for
commanding officer. Tbe Dunn men
olaim that they bare tbe majority and
that as tbe recent nomination was not
conducted according to law and pre
cedent they will refuse to abide by
it and will place Capt. Dunn’s name
before the company for tbe position.
Tbe Stylet men claim that their man
was legally nominated and that tbey
will el*at bun. Tbe Dunn men held a
rousing rally at Newman’s Dell last
night and tbe enthusiasm tbey showed
over tbeir favorite certa'nly bespeaks
tbeir loyalty to tbs popular young of
ficer. Speeches were made, and gen
eral good cbeer prevailed. Twenty
five men were present, and these are
claimed as solid for Capt. Dunn.
Tbs Naval recsrvet will alto ballot
Richmond, Va., Society Belle, Flays Prtm
iaent Roles in James Yoaag’s Pro
dnotioa of‘‘Lord By ran.”
The plsy of “Lird Byron” hed a
very deoided local interest, says the
Richmond (Va.) Hews in speaking of
Mr. J unea Young's mi pert) production
of/'Lord Byron,"inasmuch as a prom
inent member of Mr. Young’d compa
ny is Miss Mary Thurston of tin's oity.
Miss Thurston has studied in dra
matic schools in Hew York City and
with Mr. Charles Pierson, the veteran
eotor, who has taken up bis residence
in this oity. For some time she taught
elocution and expression in the Hor
folk Femsle Co'lege. Bhe has come
to her taak with great natural ability,
and her many friends throughout the
oountry are not in the least surprised
at the result. Io Horfolk she wss re
ceived with every demonstration of
approval, and at the Academy last
night the mads suoh s decided hit that
Mr. Young ledger on the stage at the
ourtafn call at the end of the first aot.
It was a very graoetu) tribute to her
genius on the part of the star. Mias
Thurstonjjlays the part or Lady Byron
wflfe ail the fire and and beautiful
dignity that Is required, and she shown
marked versatility later in the play in
the obaraoter of a Grerk woman. It
is a olever pieoe, of character work,
and it ia easy to prediet, on the
strength yf Mias Thurston's first sp
pearande, that her futare in her oboe
en profession is a very bright one.
A obeep, profitable and entertaining
show will be the White Show. Welt
for it.
Our Knowledge
01 lie mi Eye
1 based upon long and practica
experience, and helps us greatly in
giving you Just the kind of glasses
yon need.
We mako noTfolsmike, and only
fit glasses where they are needed
so you ran no risk in coining here.
Prescription work & specialty,
Examination Free.
Cali and see us.
Time by wire daily from Washington.
Official inspector of watches for So. Ky
for officers tonight, but tbe slecJon
will not be contested, it having been
settled by recent nominations. A
pleasurable eurprise is lo store for tbe
Reierves tonight, planned by the offi

“I am indebted to One Minute Cough
Cure for my health and life. It cured me
of lung trouble following grippe.” Thou
sands owe to the prompt action
o this never failing remedy. It curee
ooughs. colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumo
nia, grippe and throat and lung troubles,
ts early use prevents consumption. It is
the only harmless remedy that gives im
mediate resnlte. VT. J. Butts.
Russell’s Chill and Fever
Tonic is acknowledged to
be the Best on the market
every bottle guaranteed. For
sale by W. J. Butts and I'.
N. Bishop.
London Does Not Take Much Stock
in Those From Cape Town.
Neither Does London Enthuse Over Ex
profsdpnvasioa sf Orange Frse State by
a Third British Army
New York, Jan. 31.—The diapatob
from Cape Town wbioh quo'es Gen
eral Buller as saying he hoped to be in
Ladysmith in a week, Is discredited in
London. The report of fighting a
Crocodile pool disposea of the rumor
that the British had relieved Mife
king. There u no great enthusiasm
in London over tba expeoted invasion
of the Orange Free State by a third
British army, for it is considered
likely that the Boers have; planned a
goed defense.
Col. Villebois- Mareu'l. tbe French
strategist, has started for Culesberg
to assist in repelling the British ad
vanoe. Confirmation hat been re
ceived of tbe report that tbeohier Boer
shell faotory in Johannesburg has been
blown up. For tbe present the British
can do nothing to help Ladysmith.
Borne experts believe tbst General
White will try to out his way out, He
muat either do tbia or surrender, for
hit'food supply is almost exhausted.
It is said that upon the fall of Lady
srnitb, Dr. Leyds, in Europe, and
White, in Waabington, will
appeal for mediation.
Tbe British public seem to bare to
tally lost confidence in General Buller.
Tbe next big news Is expected to be fur
nished by the Boers. Tbey have dou
bled their energy in tbe elege in Kim
berly, ard msy be expeoted to dose in
on Ladysmith.
There is no sign, except tbe anxiety
of the British cabinet, that any hostile
demonstration against England iaoon
template*!. Russia and France are sure
to take advantage of England’s help
lessness by grabbing territory in Asia,
but tbe czar Is living up to his repu
tation as the foe of the war.
Having e Greet Bun on Chamberiain’t Cough
Kerned jr.
Manager Martin, of the Pierson Drug
Store informs, us that he is having a great
run on Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. Be
sells five bottles of that medicine to one o
any other kind, and it gives great satisfac
tion. In these days of la grippe there is
nothing like Chamberlain’s Conch Remedy
to stop the cough, heal up the sore throat
and lungs and give .relief within a very
short time. The sales are grow ing, and all
who try it are pleased with ite prompt ac
tion— Bouth Chicago Dally Calumet. Fe
ale by I. N. Bishop,Druggist.
Savsaish Waate Whit' Primary.
Tbe political faction in Sivannah
led by Col. Waring Russell and Sol
Wm. Osborne have endorsed resolu
tions favoring a white primary.
Method in Their Madness.
Aside from the virtues of Cheney’s Ex
pectorant, 1 prefer it because of its paiita
ble nature. On the slightest excuse my
children beg for a dose of it. I believe
they like to take cold.
Mrs. Mary E. "'ilson.St. Louis, mo.
Our Speoial Mixture brought a cer
tain cow up from two quarts to fifteen
quarts in Isas than two weske. Bur
nett’s Feed Shore.
To Wright Building, corner
Monk and Newcastle, by
January 28th.
Tho'e E * o'fd to Sorvs Du'ing the Ensuing
Yea r .
ihe stockb. 1 lira of the Downing
Company have eleoted as their officers
and directors for the ensuing year,
the following:
President—C. Downing.
Vice-President.—-R. W. Patterson.
S cretary—J. J, Couoley .
Directors— C. Djjvniug, R. W. Pat
terson, J, J. Conoley, A. IC. Buck, T.
J. Covington, W C.Varlen.
The Downing Company isa bulwark
of strength to domoierotal Brunswick,
and haa beep, for years, a mainstay
to tbs business and shipping interests
of this community.
Fatal delays arc caused by experi
menting with cougo anil cild cures.
Foley’s Honey and Tar will prevent a
cold from resulting In pneumonia,
Closing Out
at -
Actual Cost
Our entire line of
It is squarely against our policy
to carry things over from one sea
son to another. That’s why we are
closing out all our winter stock at
actual cost.
See our windows and note prices.
Whit the Figures Ctmpilei by (Jap*. Ott#
Johannensen Show,
Official statistics, as compiled by
Capt. Otto Johannensen,offloial statis
tician of the Board of Trade, show tbe
month of January, 1900, to have been
a record breaker in this port. Tbe ar
rivals were the biggest on reoord, be
ing a total of 69, divided as follows;
14 steamships, 16 berks, 36 sobooners,
with a total tonsge of 60,028. The to
tal value of exports, domestio ship
ments and imports from foreign tail
domestic list#, - ~
190. The January shipment of cross
lies was the biggest of any month on
There is every indication of a pros
perous year in Brunswiok, and tba
starter gives fair promise of what the
future will be.
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