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Ul£ Non-Irritating
Easy to take, easy to operate—
Hood’s Pills
The Bfanswick Times.
'' • -sLii-jt.
orrick ii <>ithon aiock.au r stmt
unit,* j tKLKFHOMS NO SI.
Nubscrltiers are reqnme to notify tbe offloa
alien they fall to get any lone of THe Times.
Allentlon to Ibis matter nil be appreciated by
The Morning Timer will be Delivered by
carrier or mail, per year. <6.00; par week It
cents. Correspondence on live enbjecte
solicited. Ksal name of #riteT should ac
company same. Subscriptions payable in
advance. Failure to receive paper should be
reported to the bnsineee office. Address al
communications to Th Times.
Orders to discontinue subscriptions and ad
ertiaemcnts must I* in writing.
> Publishers
CW. OCMINOs - - 1 Editor.
ROLAND A. MULLINS. Business Manager
(Sir John LiiMiock )
It is oot true that the ordinary pur
suits of life—agriculture, manufac
tures, and commerce—tbe pureults to
which the vast majority are and must
be devoted, are incompatible with the
dignity and nobility of life,
p, Whether a life ia noble or ignoble,
’depend* not on tbe oalling which Is
adopted, but on the spirit in which it
iMtolloffed. Tbe humblest life tnay be
noble, while that or tbe most powerful
monarch, or tbe greatest genius, may
be ooutemptib'e. Commeroe indeed,
la not only compatible, but I would say
further, that it will be more success-
oarried on In happy union with
Wbanßuvkio says k with due
modi fiction, true of
docs matter whether a man
tbe petal of a rose or tbe obaem of a
precipice, so that love and admiration
attend on him as he waits
forever on his work. It dost not mat
ter whether he toils for monthi on a
few Inobea of hit estiva*, or cover* a
palace front with color lo a day, ao
only it be with a sol-mu purpoee, that
be baa filled his heart with patient:*,
or urged bia hand,to haate
We read and admire the heroes of
old, but ever; one ot ua has to fight
bis own Marathon and Tbermopyloe;
every one meet* the apbynx sitting by
the road he has to pass: to each of ue,
a* to Hercules, is offered the oholce of
vice or virtue: we may, like Parie,
give th# apple of life to Venue or
Juno, or Minerva. We must not in
deed, be dltcouraged if success be slow
in coming: nor pulled up if peonies
quickly. We usually complMl of the
nature of things, when the ranlt is in
Sente*. in one of hie letters, men
tions that his Harpaete,
bad nearly lost her ey, -light, but“. She
knoweth not that she is blind, she
aaith the house is datk.’’ This that
seunsyL ridktuluus unto us in her,
b*|sL|rth unto us al'.
No man understands that be is c >v
etous, or avariciou-. He saith, lam
not sc, nor ambition-. But no man
can live otherwise in Rome. I am not
sumptuou-, but the city requirelh
great eapense So do we deceive our
aelvet daily.
■■ 111
tome See Through a Glass Dark'y.
1 have been benetitted so many times by
Cheney's Expected that it seems useless to
glva testimonial. I cannot understand why
everyone does not look upon It as I do
For coughs and oolde It is pra eminent. ,
Bogan 8. Morris, Philadelphia. Pa.
Myf-ouatry eggs are fresb, as I am
getting them eicb day in small ship,
•fhtlk Harper's. ’Pboci'l6B,
first Bap' lst Church.
1 ual lervices Sunday morning at
11 o’oloc*', condncied by the pastor.
Yourg [eople’a meeting at 10 s. m ,
and Sunday school at 3:15 p. rn. At
night, 7:30, K-v. Dr. Edward Thom
son, of Ailm'a, will deliver oue of his
masterly addrtases on tbe “Sabbath”
question. All are cordially invited.
I"i some of the Swi*s valleys llie inhabi
ilaiits are effli:tfd wiili goitre or “thick
neck. 1 ' instead of regarding tide as ad -
formily ibcy se. m to think it a natural
feature of physical development, and tru
riats paving through the valleys arc some
t'm sjec ed *y the goitrous Inhabit nta
because they are without this ofTensive
swelling. Thus a form ol disease may be
come to common that it ia regarded at a
natural arid necessary coi ditlon of life.
It ta so, to a large extent, to what ia called
diteasciof women. Every wrman suiters
mere or leas from irregularity, ulceration,
deliberating drains, or female weakneis,
and this suffering is so common and ao
universal that many women accept it as a
condition natural and necetaary to tliei
sex But it Is a condition unnatural and
unnecessary. The use of Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription strengthens the deli
cate womanly organs and regulates the
womaly functions, so that woman is prac
tically delivered from the pain andmlaery
which cate up ten years of her natural life
between fifteen and forty-lire • Favorite
Prescription” makes weak women atrong
and sick women well.
I wil 1 give just as 1 w prioea and the
best goods, as any o’her honeat grocer
can. Harper's. ’Phone 158.
Out ia Friosi.
Minsger Wolffe, by giving the man*
ag> meat of Joshua Simpkins a guaian
lee, has placed the prices of reserved
seats for that show at fifty cents for
tbe emire 1 iwer fl lor. altrac
’tlon comprises over l.wenty people and
charge $l eltewhere. At this reduo
|rtrmthe 'Bouse ev.culA iV. Hats
now on sale.
If the reader of this should chance to
know of any one who ia subject to attacks
of bilious colic he can do him no greater
favor than tell him of Chamberlain's Colio
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It always
givea prompt relief. For sale by 1 N.
Bishop, druggist.
Received, another shipment Gardi
yellow yams. None like them. Har
per’s. ’Phone 158.
Seven churches united laat night.
Dr, Thomson presented his.discussion
in a masterly in inner.—Cleveland (O.)
Daily L dger.
Bnekian’i Arniea Salve.
The beet salve In the world for out*,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped bands,chilblains
corns and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures plies, no no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfeot satis
faction or money refunded. Prioe 25
ent. For sale by all druggists.
l)r. Thomson is a man of national
reputation and an original thinker.
All present were impressed by tbe el
oquence of tbe speaker.—Atlanta (G)
Daily Journal.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve,
Was the result o( his splendid health. In
domitable will and tremendous energy are
not found where stomach, liver, kidneys
and bow els are out of order. If you want
these qualities and the success they bring,
use I)r. King's New I/fe Pills. They de
velop every power of brain at and
Ocly ‘JV at all druggists.
forf k Investors.
We have foe sale $lO,OOO of a six per
cent gild bond: these bonds are in
sums of $5OO and $l,OOO. We recom
mend these bonds as a safe and desir
able investment. For particulars and
prior call upon Brr lion, rendigd
Cos. J
The Approach of Motherhood in the
Occasion of Much Anxiety to AIL
Everv woman dreads the ordeal
through which she must pass in becom
ing a mother. The pain and suffering
which is in store for her is a source of
constant anxiety, fear and dread, to
aay nothing of the danger which the
coming incident entails. The joyous
anticipations with which she looks for
ward to baby’s coming gives way to an
indescribable, dread 6f the Ordeal when
she fully realizes the critical and trying
event which will soon approach and
have to’be end bred.
Women should Hail with delight a
remedy which insures to them im
munity from the pain, suffering and
danger incidental to child-bearing.
Such a remedy is now offered, and
women need riot fear longer the hour of
childbirth. “Mother’s Friend’’—is a
scientific iiriinient—and If need before
confinement, gently and surely prepares
the laxly for the great requirements
and changes it is undergoing, insures
safety to both mother and child, and
takes her through the event With com
parative ease and comfort. This won
derful remedy ia praised by every
woman who has used it.
What woman is hot interested In
"Mother's Friend?” This wonderful
remedy has been tested and Its price
less value proven by the experience ol
thousands of happy mothers who
have used it during the most critical
period of woman’s life—the approach
and culmination of motherhood.
It has won their everlasting praise,
for It gave them help and hope in
their moat trying hour and when
most needed. Every woman may some
day need “Mother’* Friend.” The
little book, "Bel,ire Baliy is Born,”
telling all about it, and when it should
lie used, will prove of great interest and
benefit *o all mothers, and
will lie sent free to any address upon
application to the Bradneld Regular
Company. Atlanta <3*.
Edward Thomson, i.L. D., is sn elo
quent lawyer-preacher. He advocates
Sunday reform in anew way. AT
thinkers ought to hear him.—The
Christian Advocate.
Prevented a Tragedy.
Timely information given Mrs. George
bong, of New Straltaville, Ohio, prevented
a dreadful tragedy and saved two lives
A frightful cougliliad long kept her awake
every nighd' She had tried many remedies
and doctors but steadily grew woree until
urged te try Dr. King’s New Dlacovery.
One bottle wholly cured her and she writes
.this marvelous medicine (a'to cured Mr
bong of i severe attack of pneumonia.
Bulb curjs are positive proof of the match
lest mrr jaTilils grand remedy for curing
all and lung troubles. Only
500 and 4.00. Every Bottle guaranteed.
Ti iai bottles freo at all drug stores.
' A Miinndsrstsnding.
Misunderstood symptoms of disease
lead doctors to treat something else
when the kikneys are out of order.
Foley’s Kidney Cure will bring you
health when other medicines have fail
ed. PtYea iiu ii’.itu't. NV.J.Brti
Dr. Thomson is a lawyer but for
the past seven years he has devoted a
third of hia time to furthering the
cause of a Holy .Sunday for Amerios.
He created an excellent impression,
and many enro led themselves as
members of the League.—Augusta
(Ga.) Daily Chronicle.
“I think I would go crazy with pain
were it not for Chamberlain’s Fain
Balm,” writes Mr. W. H. Stapleton, Her
mlnte, Pa. “1 have been afflicted with
rheumatism for several years and have
tried remedies without number, but Pain
Balm is the best medicine 1 have got hold
of.” One application relieves the pain.
For sale by 1. N. Bishop, druggist.
Dr. Thomson is not only an oratorf
but is a man of great ability and a
mos' entertaining speaker.—Anniston
( Ala.) Daily Hot Blast,
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for years by
the chains of disease is the worst form of
slavery. George D. Williams, of Manches
ter. Mich., tells how such a siave was made
free. Hesaye: "My wife has been so help
less for twelve years that she could not
turn over in bed alone. After using two
bottles of Electric Bitters, she is wonder
fully improved and able to do her own
work." This supreme remedy for female
diseases quickly cures nervousness, sleep
essness, me! ancholy, headache, backache
fainting ar.d dixxy spells. This miracle
working medicine is a godsend to weak,
sickly, run down people. Every bottle
guaranteed. Only 50 cents. Sold by all
Jo-hm S mpk'ai.
, The bumorous comedy drama, "Jos
hua Simpkins,” accompanied by two
bands a> dso exc-il <nt ore jertrs, will
be seen at the opera bouse Mooday,
February 19 h. It is a rural pi ly in
four actr, bound (ogetber by an intrr
esting plot and produced with special
scenery carried by the company. In
the third act a realistic saw mill teens
is introduc and, when a resl buzz saw is
seen cutting tt rough a real I-g at ter
rific speed upon which a human being
has been helpl -ssiy bound by bis ene
mies and 1-ft to an evident death.
There is an abundance of comedy in
the play, while there are many fine
singing and dancing special ies inc -
df n'al'y introduced. Seats are now on
sale. Brices 25 35 and 50.
Care Free.
It la deep-seated, obstinate case-, of liheurna
tiim that B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balui cures.
It matters not what other trcatrmnts, doctors,
Kpra: a, liniments, medicated air, blood \ orifler,
have failed to do, B. B. B. always promptly
reaches the real cause and roots out and drives
from tbe bones, joints, mucous membrane, and
entire system tbe specific poison in tbe blood
that causes rheumatism and catarrh. B. B. B.
*s the only ieinedy strong enough to do"lhis"so
there can never be a return of the symptom*.
Don’t give up hope but iihk your druggist for
B. B. 8. --Botanic Blood Balm or BH*. Large
bottles 91, six bottles (full treatment) $5. B. It.
is an honest remedy real cures ol
all blood dlseanea after everything else fails
We have absolute cowdence iu Botanic Blood
Hlara; hence,so you may test it, we will send a
trial bottle free on request. Personal medical
dyice free. Address BLOOD BA I.MCO M
Atlanta, Ga.
Jim Carter with hia orig
inal method ol cleaning dottier.
N' w Telephones.
will please lake ro’ice
of the following rew subscriber* which
bave recently been connected.
■ No. 182, A.^^f^Bank l -, residence.
No. 200, V, M. M Hiook, meat mar
-No, '2Ol, ArfMjkie.yregertsen,
ofiioe. Sfe
No. 148-2 Rev. J. B. Osme, resi
deone. ** .
No, 9, Moses Isaao, residence.
No. 114, J. R. B. Danfortb, resi
No. 139-5, J. R. Morton, residence.
No. 186, C. 11. Tsylor, grocer.
No. 205, Dr. N. B. Wallace, resi
A supplementary list of above names
will be sent or mailed to each subscri
ber in a few days. Those receivmg
tb : i list by mail, are request! il to kind
ly paste the same into their exchange
list. J. R. Halky,
Volcanic Eruptions.
Are grand, but ekin eruptions rob life of
of joy. Buckien’s Arnica Salve, cures
them, also old running and fever sores
ulcers, boils, felons, corns, warts, cuts
bruises, burns scalds, chapped hands, chil
Main*. Beet pile cure on earth. Drive
out pains and aches. Only 25c a box.
Cure gua-anteed. Sold by all druggists.
John Ditr, Poeeyville, lnd„ says, “I nev
er used anything as good as One Minute
Cough Cure. .We are never without it.” It
quickly breaks up coughs and colds. Cures
all throat and lung troubles. Its use will
prevent consumption. Pleasant to take.
W. J. Butts.
F'squsnt Coughi"g
h flames the lui g--. Fnl-y’s Honey
and Tar stops the coughing and heals
the lunge. The ordinary CjUgh m di
cines which are simple exp-ctorante,
will not do this, as they keep the lungs
irritated in throwing off pbl-grn. W.
J. Butts.
JUsT REC KIV ED.—Twenty-five
crates of file tomatoes, which I am
se ling at lOcta per quirt, or three
quarts for 25ots. Freth rggs, per do
xen, 13ote. A. C. h ffere, 219 Newcas
tle street.
Sacrificed to
Blood Poison.
Those who have never had Blood PoJ*
ion can not know what a desperate con
dition it can produce. This terrible
disease which the doctors are totally
unable to cure, is communicated from
one generation to another, inflicting its
taint upon countless innocent ones.
Some years Ago 1 was inoculated with poison
by a nurse who Infected my babe with blood
taint. Tbe little one was
unequal to the struggle,
and Us life was yielded !?W
ap to the fearful poison, w
For six long years 2 suf- 7
fered untold misery. I
was covered with gores 9m
and ulcers from head to £7 CM
foot, and no language
:an express my feelings ffc aA
>f woe during those long F%
rears. I had the best
medical treatment. 8 ■
*ral physicians sure
lively treated me. but
to no purpose. The mer
sury and potash seemed to add fuel to the
swftfl flame which was devouring me. I was
advised by friends who had seen -wonderful
eurea made by It. to try Swift’s Specific. We
<ot two bottles, and 1 felt hope again revive In
my breast—hope for health and happiness
igain. I Improved from the start, and a com
plete and perfect cure was the result. 8. 8. 8.
Is the only blood remedy which reaches des
perate cases. Mrs. T. W. Lx*.
Montgomery, Ala.
Of the many blood remedies, S 8. S.
is the only me which can reach deep
tented, violent cases. It never fails to
sure perfectly and permanently the
m >t desperate cases which are beyond
the reach of other remedies.
S.S.SJriie Blood
Is fubelt vkobtabl*, and is the only
blood remedy guaranteed to contain no
mercury, potash, or other mineral.
Valuable books mailed free by Swift
Ipecific Company, Atlanta, Georgia.
It is generally acknowledged that
the Brunswick Cleaning and pressing
Cos , under tbe management of Jss.
Carter, ie the best place in town to
bave your clothes put in good order.
Under tine head advertisements will be in
serted for one cent a word for tbe first
inaertion, and for every anbaeqnentconeacn
tive insertion thereafter at the rate of hal
a cent a word. No advertisement will be
taken for lose than ten cents. Cash in ad
vance invariably required for ail advertise
ments in this column-
FOE REN T. —Two furnished rooms
for g ntlenien. App'ylto 405 <!. street
FOR RENT.—Several furnished or
unfurnished rooms. Apply lo Mrs.
Day, 401 G street.
FOR KEN T—Three two-story houses,
n 'ar corner 1 ami D street*. See J.
D. Fogler, 306 Newcastle street.
FOR RENT. —Good, comfortable,
room house. Posee*iou given M rcb
Ist. Apply to Mr*. Ginn, 405 G.
Foil Kexi—l will rent to email
family one half bouae No. 309
north Gordon street. K-nt Reason
able. Wm. Hobb*.
For Sal-K—Ooe mule and wagon,
cheap; app'v to I.ang A AV jcd.
For Sai.ic- One Young pony, well
broke’for saddle or buggy; apply to
Wm. Nlgh’ergile, Jr
LOST—On I'nion stree’, be' ween
Gloucester and Minefield street*, a
black chiffon boa or neck niching.
Return to Mrs. AV. H. Andersor, (103
Mansfield street and receive reward.
We sell the celebrated
“Old Simp”
Cove Gap Pennsylvania
rye for
75 c Per Qt,
This is genuine E. Simp
son & Cos, whiskey intro
duced in Brunswick by
J. C. Lehman.
Phone 194,
204 Bay St.
. Wi Belli SOI People
f' • - lU'iWßa rart'ioi b ■ toier jte i:y • r-. Some will
new tifcry and low grade
pSdSXaVST t 11 * n( i |ro ounce tl.tm whi.e others
PaMj ■ m !fil h*ve o ir, rineat a 1 The-line of
go> iwe car.) s n ei.t td.for ine b) these
* J Of enperiovq.uDty. Won't cost much to
indulge yuar taste for a Ist is go kl. be
yt cause our prices are not at a 1 high,
The Equitable .
Life Assurance Society,
Of The United S bates.
Outstanding Assurance §!,004,4H5,422.(!n
Assuranee Applied for in 1899 )87,15.M1.<;i().(M)
Examined and Declined 1D.054,778.00
New Assurance Issued 2 d,501,852 00
Income 55,878,200.80
Assets December 30th, 1899, 280,191,25r>.80
Assurance Fund (#216.184,97 I ).C0) and all
other Liabilities ($2,688,814.01). •- - 219,073,809.03
Surplus 01,117,477.77
Paid Policy Holders iu 1899 24,107,541.44
Jimofi W. Alexander. .InnifH H. H> !e, dohn \.SR v\art, I.cvi P. Murton,
laouts EiUtgerapl, T. Jefferson oolklge, Rui. it 1 1 ueoin, uiuiit.
Cbannwy M. Depew, Jacob H. " bitr, D. O M ill- I tioina- Ci. i;
Wm, A Wheelocfc, \N in. A. Tower, H. llaarHti; k .Ihiim s 11. I nham
.Warcetlus Hartley, John Jacob \stor, John sioane. Suh ey D. Itiploy,
A. J. Cassatt, Gage Tarbell, Wm. A'cxamlei, John J. Md • ok.
Cornelius N. Klis*. George.! Gould, Mavi Uughitt John E. •"•carles,
Ifenrv G. Marquuml, \. \an HaotvoorJ, 11. J. Faiichltd, Samuel M.lnmnn
Goo. 11. Bgnir. Etl\ ard W. Lambert. M. K. IngalG. Ge* NY . ('srloton,
Tbo. I>. Jordan. Geo. T. WiDon. David H Moffatt, K. Bomitnoi Colt,
C. B. Alexander, >n W. C. Van H*rne, Brvton Jorteph T. Low. 6k
Charles 8. Bm{th, 11. M. (' L> s ni Dial iv- mm
Thomas 8. Yoitug, ~ T. Ih*WiU \rVau lilff n. Y. !>< v, vsvr.
• *
.Times W. Alexamter. Pn*ident. -
James H* Utile. N ice-Pi' Hident, Gage 1-.*Tar! ell, So mul \ < P i.nt
G’Oige T. Wilson, Trir I \ k c-preMdent. I horn - D. Jordan. ( omptroilr i
William Alexander. Sere; ary 8 4n* y I>. Hiplea . Treasure**.
William 11. Mclntyre \-- -iant Secret ry. J. g. Van < ine. Actuary.
James B. Ixonng. K-gistrar. I VV*. Ja. ksou, Auditor
Loward l I ambert. M. I> EJaa ard Ct.i tu. M !>., Me<l.’al Directn^
Brunswick, - GEORGIA-
213 Newcastle St. - Brunswic®"
Synopsis of Household Goods,
Golden Oak Chamber Suites,
Golden Oak Side Boards,
Hall Raess,
Parlor Tables,
Dining Tables,
Kitchen Safes,
Matting and Art Squares From Kensington
f Housework is had work without Gold Rust"
Feather Filtows need wishing once a year.
Choose a bright, sunny day; fill a large tub half
full of water that i almost boiling hot; dissolve
Gold Dust Washing Powder
io it to make a good suds; put one or two pillows
in, acccording to si/e. push them up and down
and rub them between the hands until clean. £
one suds is not enough, use two or more; **
in clear warm water, wring as dry a a
and hang them out; when dry, shake w
they will be as light and soft as new pillowlA.
The above is taken from <ur free ► ,et *
Sent free m reduce! to
Ohitefe, ft, Louie, New York,
Hook Cases.
Antique < >ak Seeij
Odd Pieces*
Bed Lounges,
Feather Pillows,
Toilet Sets, .
% sam
1 ;; JBHk s •Kffjß

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