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Tli* Bea Hive The Bee Hire The Bee Hive Tie Bee Hive The Bee Hive
jitlS ' '■
If you need assessories for your
Easter Gown—lnspect
\ The i ’ & P Kid gloves
Ever* pair goaranteed. All eizee. New oolore.
Per pair SI.OO
Belt Buckles
*MAPy,,njfw Meaignain Buoklee and Ring* juat re
N<JTE-*-By purchasing year Buoklee and Rib
bon here we will make your Belt FREE.
| //' are New and Shown Here Exclusively
Ribbon waists White Silk Hosiery
Thrioe Around Pereeole /
Tiee Edged, with Kerch,.!*., L
’ ' to Wear Raptor Neckwear. of all Kind*.
... The Bee | • Thi Bee Hive. I
" .lefts.-- 1 * ’ m
J i M*' 'tun i
Flertw 4 ' 4t Waffs
241bs Patent Flour _sse
Jlecker Oatmeal perpkgjQfr
1 JE?
Oil per gallon 15c
ttolle Butter per lb 25c
Cor. Kgmon
The Quakers Are
Honest People, j
tThe Quaker Herb I
Tonic is not only a
blood purifier, but a
blood maker for Pale,
Weak and Debilitated
people who have not
strength nor blood. It
acts as a tonic, it regu
lates digestion, cures
and) spepsia and lends
strength and tone to
the nervous systeth. It
Is a medicine for weak women. It is a
purely vegetable medicine and can be taken
by the most delicate. Kidney diseases,
Rheumatism and all diseases of the Blood,
Stomach and nerves soon succumb to its
wonderful effects upon the human system.
Thousands of people in Georgia recom
mend it. Price *I.OO.
QUAKER PAIN BALM is the medicine
that the Quaker Doctor made all of his won
derful quick cures with. It’s anew and
wonderful medicine for Neuralgia, Tooth
ache, Backache, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Pain in the Bowels; in fact, all pain can be
relieved by it. Price 26c. and 50c,
medicated soap for the skin, scalp and com
plexion. Price 10c. a cake.
table ointment for the cure of tetter, eceema
and eruptions of the skin. Price V>c a box.
t FOR SALE BY - * *
Polhill’s Drug Store
W. B. Corsets
Long waiat, Short waist. All oolore.
Per pair £oc upward
Today we are showing exdusiva novoltie*, hand
aome new effects In White Taffstta Ribbon
Edged will. Velvet and Thread for Sbernnga .
Price 3 yds for 2S cents.
has muohyr , f : |
r,Ttox •
SMUPkty WM to * the widow
' ; *ave Hen. Burnham of Machias,
.;’*n the doctor* said abe could not
Plllllßnorning,’' write* Mrs. 8. H. Llu
t 1 iWko attended her tliat fearful
K I“A11 thought the moat toon die
frcY%pntt:monl, but ahe begged foe r. j
KiiHM New Discovery, sayfngTt bad morel
tha®onoe eavid her life, and had cured
)y>Af conaumption. After three mall
■ etw slept eaally all nicht, and it*
KBcr use completely cured her." Thia
|Sveloue medicine is guaranteed to cure
jj||rhroat, Chest and i.ung Diaeaeea. Only
lHnd sl. Trial bottlea free at ail jdrug

Har your eyes tested, treated and
.lecisea by a home man. 1
I ully guarantee my work. Examina
tion free. Kennat) Holt, Graduate
Optlolan, 21B"S'ewn**tle street. 3t
Proud Parent: “My boy’a learning
to play the cornet.” Neighbor (sad.
Ij): “So 1 bear.”
Russell’s Chill and Fever
Tonic is acknowledged to
be the Best on the market
every bottle guaranteed. For
sale by W. J. Butts and I .
N. Bishop.
A pure whiskey agrees with any
(cod, iu fact, aids digestion. It tones
the stomaob. increases the flow of the
gastric juioeaandto promotes strength
and drab. A pure wbiakey like BAR
PICK’S Whiskey. Sold by T. Naw
man.; 2w-3m
‘Ultra” Ox oira
The Palmer Shoe Cos.
Bruwwfak, N*w Tark and Pari*.
.'W* .racimtenipUllng guiuif to the Carla
toMM apply tOCapt. f tto Joban
>**• r-blflie hi agent for the faateat line of pal
aee stktmshffw lietneen tbe halted state* and
Korop*. rat** for the round tHp from
Krua i. u> Horn and rotorn will Be from
tISS tp Vr '-.iiding | steamship asnammoda
tiona. ApplVritljoba afv.tild be .tude about nix
week* before died line of going
St ’Vr ’; ■ i
|Afte* UfOnpiie-^litU^J
lyP 8 JpVknaafc. Foley-* Honey and ,
Ky jpnteed to cure the grippe cough (
you ti< iig and well. W. 0
|§p!7thedrugfltt. j
See “The Newport," a boot Which
is ex’ r. m.ly durable for summer us< 1
Painter Shoe Cos.
* Ladles Oxfords, all new and nobby
The Pal may SbneCo.
Chsap Ratea via P ant System.
account annual reuniqp United^ou/edemte
Hatfiran*. Louisville,' Ky., May 30 to JuaaK
Tjagrarttii qi will sell round trip tickets from
Bn>it*wick,fttafc. 'l'wjydy " sale May 17 . >S
and 29; final Sail June ti.
Account Brat Annual Carnival Cctabretiou
Tampa, Fls., April I to 7, riant System will
sell rate of HUMS round trip. Tickets
oa sale March 31 sad April 1, with Bnal limli
FOR RENT—Nice 7-room house,4o#
O St. Apply to Mr*. Gann, |O6 G St.
Kwybody likes Good Coffee, but it’s
hard to get-Good one time and Poor the
. Isn’t that your experience ?
Let us supply you. “Our Own”
Brand is the things and will please yon.
PHONE ltd. art
Through Kiedneaa ef Manager Wolffe.
Will be Delivered in the Opera House.
The Lidlee’ Memonel Association
have secured the new Grand Opera
Honsa for the Memorial da; exer
olaes, through the kindneta of Manager
Wolffe, wbieb ia greatly appreciated,
by them and the oitieenaof Brunswick
generally, who will therefore have a
comfortable place in wbioh io assemble
and listen to the brilliant young ora
tor of the day, Mr. Shelby Myrick,
who will be here for the occasion. At
that time the medal wbioh bat been
offered by the Daughters of the Con
federacy for the beat composition on
the “Confederate Heroes,” written by
a public toboolchild,” will be awarded,
and the winning eaaay read in public.
There will be many interesting fea
tures of the exerciser, not observed
Brunswick before, nod probably the
largest audieooe aver gathered In that
magnifloent edifice will be present to
tike part in them.
Thoa. W. Carter, Ashboro, N. C., had
kidney trouble and one bottle of Foley'a
Kidney Care effected a perfect cure, and
he eayt there is no remedy to comprre
with it W. J. Butte, the Druggiet.
Special prices pn Diamond Jewelry
and especially Rings, for this week
only. Kennon Mott, Jeweler, 215
Newoaetle street. reJ| 3t
Cet federate Veteraae’ Meets Sat
’ onlay AfWraoea at Fear OVeek,
Aa announced in yeaterday’sl Timet,
the meeting of the Confederate- Vete
rana’ Association, whlab jwaaAtohnve
beeu held Wedn I■' J ; ’
, 3st
P* . 1 j.." .fp§" .s.svP'hen i
urds j afternoon t iktaMßr
MrStfflarw&glsa m, /
It l* riijuealed | ' € IV /
piece. The Dr bters®”Z§ *}
eraoy are r| eted
that time, a* there will be *ubJectgK||
discussion which will be of interest tS
them in relation to lha obeetvano* of
Memorial day.
If troubled by a weak digestion, lose of
appetite, or constipation, try a few doeee
olChamberlaln* Stomach and Liver Tab
let*. Kvery box warranted. For sale by
Bishop's Drugstore.
Close lleted persons can be olaeeed
together, bot the generous men standi
a loao. **
“Better Late than -isvir." !t,< be,t ‘.
ever, to be never late about taking Hood *
Sarsaparilla to purify j our blood. Take It
The erop of Easter bonnet* will be
exceedingly Icxurient thi* yeer.
A Frightful Blunder.
Will often oaus* a horrible Burn, Scald,
Cut or Bruise. Buckiec * Arnica Salve,
the beet in the world, will kill the pain
and promptly heal it. Cures Old Sores,
Fever Sores, U loers, Boils, Felons, Corn*,
all ekin Eruptions. Best Pile cur* on
earth. Only 26 cent* a box. Cure guar
an teed. Sold by all druggist*.
Beet value# in lediee $2.50 Oxfords
at the Palmer Shoe Co’a.
Something new and etylieb in I.a
diea Oxford Ties.
The Palmer Shoe Cos.
I will be at the following places on the dates
named below f" the purpose receiving tax re
turna for the Slate and county, for the year 1300.
Sterling, April 4th SOths Bt }>-
St Blinona, April 7th-18th: May 14th.
mi.. „
Brunswick. April lJtta, 18th, 14th-86th, *.th,
‘ h: May Mth, a th,*ih. E DtißßitKLTi
Receiver Tax Bemrna,
Glyaa county, G.
Go to the Palmer Shoe Cos. for the
latest ia Ltdlea’ Fine Oxford*.
The o|ily Grocer in the
City selling Fox River
or Clover Hill Butter at
30c pen pound.
Vegetables a Specialty-
219 Newcastle St.
(Continued from first psge- )
at soon as possible, that these two so
•eleoted may select a third maoeger
for each preoioct.
You will observe from the amend
meet made to the ag-eement embodied
in 'be joint report that it ia provided
that the executive committee of which
H. F. Dunwody ia obairman and tbe
executive oommittee of wbieb F. E.
Twltty is cbairinan shou'd each name
one delegate to the state, co, greaiioo
al and senatorial conventions, both
delegates ao appointed toeacb c inven
tion to have them by
both commituA tbie suggestion is
made becau.cf U g are D0 o onte=tsfor
toy of the cjpg( or W bicb nomina
tioo* are
We will name M, -WR.-Hopkins as
one of the refriitrarilfovnjpd for ;, n
said agreement.
We leero that oolyWkwhites hue
regietered tbie year at%. V f „ me tblrg
over 800 less than regia AIL ln i S 9 BiSO
it isappareot tjyrr#.Ti| m e is re-
SK T to be
Cm ; r 7 ep^-/rorlnou,i.
You will observe* r “ *<n
■gules f ' 111 the
, .*■' > figk
leevy ,0 the ex^^^Lco
■QSfftst ot the several c
I 'oner for
member* * and couifflP
ly c fficerr.
W* trust your oommitiee will coo
our with tbe reasons which actuated our
mat* meeting in making tbe changes
in tbe report. We w,ll thank you to
advise ua at soon as your committee
bat anted upon tbit report.
very tru’y,
PBW .1. E. duBIGNON,
“Prevention is the best brid'e.’, You can
prevent sickness and cure that tired leel
ing and Ml blood humors by taking Hood's
Americas ha* a * cornet band .”,
1 Take Ki-na Ki-na, the Tasteless Quinine
Tonic, for malaria—2Bc a bottle.
Tour Hit summer’s clotbiog can be
made wearable for Easter If you take
it to Jim Carter.
D.ve aud Ferrl* brand Breakfast
Bacon and Hama, atW. H. DeVoea
New Millinery, at Tbe Bee H>ve.
The Celebrated M A
Is the finest that can be made—lt is IO YEAR3 Ol
and Fully Matured.
It is $4 gallon, $1 qt. 50c pint- 2M
No matter wbat price you pay, you can’t gel better V
placed tbe Exclusive Agency of this celebrated Cream of J
R. V- Douglas, Remember no j|
BrunswioK has the genuine Cream of
I. TRAGER & Cos., Indofl
Cell at K. V. Douglas' acd get a small sample b#
Hay, Grail, and
Bay riar Min,llrld St.
New Shirt Waists, at The Bee Hive.
Fine line of Meats, Bacon and Hami,
at W. H. DeVoe’a.
New N-ckwear, at Tht Bee Hive.
Fine line of Meats, and Hama,
atW. H DeVoe’a.
Lowest JPrlcea, at The Bee B n.
Ctoned tl.tod*, alwaya fresh, at W.
\ *
H. IXVoeVtoA
—lr’lfeiisgEr- i
l a i.nppe > | W^j^CTvs
months and ..
JHHB|lbley s Honey
eu'ts after the
/ taitive protection and**
passed the darj^M
and Tar afTorf-jF
: f Butts, tb* Druggist.
CUrity from
Sweet, S® VU,V
bulk, at W.
■ice, at Tbe Be* Hive.
Superior I)jU p iok | Mt io
p°nmao’s bueioee* i*
Banning eoret, uloers, toil*, pimples
etc. quickly cured by Banner Salve, the
most healing salve in the world. No othsr
“just as good." W. J. Butta, the Ihugglat.
The average c.-olist gets there with
both feel.
A Monster Devil Fiab
DestroyAg its victim is a type of Con-
power of thia murderous
malady is Iflt on organ* and nerve* and
muscles and brain. There’s no health till
it's overoome. But Dr King’* New Li e
Pills are a eafe and certain cur*. Beet In
the world for Stomach, Liver. Kidn.y*
and Bowel*. Only 26 cents at all drug
One way to obtain credit ieby not
Deeding If.
Easter Novelties, at The Be- Hive.
Russel Ps Chill and Fever
Tonic, every bottle guaranj
teed' For sail 1 * by W.
Butts and LH. Bishop, mk

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