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Ice Cream JjO Cents,
Ice Craem Soda and Fruits I0 Cts-
Nothing Charged.
No Objectionable PartaeA^Berved ■
Naval Battalion. Order H 3.
The Bi'talion will form in front of
tlie Armory on (I oueester St, at two
p. m. today, prompt, for the purpose
ot taking part in tlie Memorial Exer
cises. Blue uniforms aosrfSEjfciDs witti
a,ll ‘W V'; V jf^
If tf!*^
Frank D.
Clean Your Old ____ ,
Straw Hats With (
Ism ■ >in ! Bgjjl
• sgjaHk : ffiE
It r
ate in tie Memoiul Day parade,
harder of: F. I). M. StrachaN,
I.if u^Mmuie riding .
P. Exer^WWotlber.
* i Crash
t Anew lot of }
c (Demins
fand Pique
|||k rk -- 75c to $?.50
************ ***********.*
Bits to be sold out regardless ofco.it
Ifcthing for housewear'at a bargain.
Comdg. Nav. Bat*., G. S, T.
C. r„ Ei.uot, Lieut, and Aide.
Attenti on. Torpedo Dlv. Naval M lit a.
Yon are hereby ccmmarded to ap
pear at the armory today at 1 :30 p. m.
in bine uniform and leggms to par
ticipate in the Memorial Day parade.
of, .Tab. S. Wrioht,
L'eut. Commanding.
■|H. Taylor, Eierutive Gflioer.
„ t Confederate Veterans.
■ •
< oiifi and ratt Vettranr. A
special meeting is called at your head
quarters today, April 20, at half past
two o’clock, to take part in the Mem
orial day exercisis. By order of the
Breeden*, W. B. Borkoikihs.
llorac k Dart, .Secretary.
1 HONOR I mil H ■
* •...? >\r
Imposing Ceremonies in Which Civic and Military Organ
izations Will Take Prominent Part.
To Deliver th' Address at the Opera House In the Person of Mr. Shelby Myrick of
Savannah Programs, Orders and News Notes Giving Details
of To-Days Proceedings.
I’rep.ra'ions for observing Mi mo
rial day here today are the moat ex
tenaive made in some yeara, and will
be elaborately carried out. The parade
will be composed of military and civlo
organizations, reboot children and
llrempn, under marshal of the day,
Major R. Ernest Dart, of the Firat
Georgia Regiment, and an iltioieot
staff; while Coinrnamler Frink' I>.
Aiken, of the Georgia Naval Militia
Battalion, will have charge of the mil
Mr. Shelby Myrick,of Savannah the
orator of the day, is here, the guest of
Mrs, ,1 M Midden, and bis fame hav
ing preceded him as a brilliant young
oratarfthe public are on the ijui.vive
of exp-otancy to hear him.
The exorcises will be held in the new
Grand Opera Hume, and at an earty
hour this morning, the weather (tide
fair to give Brunswick a perfect day.
At the Optra Hotut.
T.e pregram arranged is as follows :
Prayer by Iter. Mr. Ho’lingsworth.
Song by ch nr.
Com position by Burford Coney.
Presentation of Medal to Burford
Ciney, by Mre. R. R. Hopkins.
N>rg by choir.
Address by Mr. tthelby Myrick, who
will be introduced by Hon. H. F. Dun
Mr*. K. F. Coney will deliver to the
veler n. the crosses donnted by the
I iz lighters of the Confederacy.
Servioee will dose with betedicllon.
Orders of Marshal of tbs Day.
lirntiswick, (Is., April 25, 1900.
1. Hj virlue of a request from the
lidies of the Memorial aeacciatlnn.'he
nnders ! gned as omen command of Ihe
parade in honor of Ihe confederate
dead Thursday, April 26, 1900.
2. Ist L eu'. Henry Hirsch, Ist
lnfty.G.S. T , is detailed as adju
tant. SergC Major F. L. Henley, Ist
fnft. G, S. TANARUS., wil ant as sergeant
3. The parade will form promptly
at the city li II at 2 :30 p. in., and com
manding (:Ulcers are urged to report
promp If with their commands. The
aides w'll report at (h same hour
(un uuUd.)
4. All Ua. State Troops, In line,
will be under Ooinmand of Commander
F. D. Aiken, naval battalhon, and
commanding < flic—re of ooinpanies of
Georgia state troops will report to
him at tbe oityr .lull at hour named
veterans and all
other organizations will report to the
B. Tb ’ full iwing form il lon will be
Si|uad of police, under I/. I.eviron.
Marine band, under Leader Baum
Cjh federate veterans, under Gapt.
Horace Dart.
. Torpedo diviaioi, N, 11., under i/.
J.H. Wright.
First division, N. 8., under T.leift.
F. D. M H’raohan,
Brunswick R flsmen, ur.d-r Cept.
F. A . Dunn.
School children, under M-eirs. G.
A. 11. Ji rulings and G. W, Cline.
Fire depart men’, under Chief John
C. Green.'
Mayor and council (In carriage?).
Oorator of the day and ladies of the
Memorial association (in oarriages). f
Cit z -ns.
<>. Line of nnrch will be as fol
lows :
From the olty hall t the Grand op
era house; Grand opera house hack to
MamlMd street; di wn Mansfield to
cemetery. After exercises at oemetery
lire will re form, march back Mtni
fl-ld to Newcastle street, down New
castle to opera house.
7. Appropriate exercises will be
held at the opera house, program for
same to he announced from the stage
as has previously been published. By
sp cial rrqnest of tbe I.adieu’Memo
rial association a quartette will s'ng
"Tenting on the Oldl Camp Ground,”
and tbe audience, especially the Con
federate veterans, are earnestly re
quested to esiist its the cborut.
8. At the cemetery, after decora
tion of tbe graves by ladiss of tbe
Memorial association and school chil
dren, military sa'ute will be tired, the
Marine band will play “Nearer My
God to Thee,” and buglers will sound
9. Parade will flu Ally be dismissed
at opera b u o and commanding a <ll
oera will lake charge of t‘ e'r respect
ive commands.
Major let loft. G. S. T..
Marshal of the Day.
Attractive Features of the Day.
The program arranged for Memorial
day exercises is the most interesting
that lias ever betn he'd in Brunswick.
Hie choir, composed ot ilie be t talent
in the city and of Hr. Million island,
will be one of the leading feaiures of
the occasion, singing, ae it w I', nil of
the most popular old war songs of tin
early sixtier, the eongs remembered
by every man who wore the gray. An
other feature will be tbe ohildren from
all the schools of the oily, who wili
take a prominent part in the parade,
carrying (lowers aa their lit
tie arms will hold to lay above the
mounds of those who sleep.
Exeroiees at tbs Opera House.
In the opera bouse, where theexer
oites Will be held, beginning at 2:30
o’clock, there will be the largest audi
ence that has ever assemblid in that
■iipsew . wre '■ '
h ndsome building, and the oooasion
will be one long to be remembered by
Will Be Given by Daughters of Cenfedsraoy'
Veteraui Today.
At the fifth [annual inecting' v <>( the
United Daughters of the Confederacy
held in Hot Springe, Ark., the follow
ing resolution was introduced by Mrs.
Plane, of Georgia, on the subject of
h tving oroaeee of honor for Cjnleder-
B’e veterans, giving credit to Mre.
Alex S. Erwin uf Athene for orig ne
ting the idea.
“Whereas, It has been the custom
of every oivil;/. id nation to bestow up
on its members of the arm and navy
and such others is peculiarly deserve
it, medals and croes of honor—such
as the Vlotor.a Grose, of England; the
Iron Cross, of G-rmany, and the Cross
of the T.sgion of Honor, of France
and medals and crosses bestowed by
tbe United States government; and,
“Whereas, We, the daughters of
the Confederacy, recognizing tbe fact
that the army snd raw rf the Confed
erate states have never had such deco
rations conferred open them, consider
ft especially our privilege and ilu'y to
supi l j that di ficienoy ; ami,
“Wherea-, Every veteran of tbe
anny and navy if the Confiderate
states 'acquitted themselves like meu !
in’he ‘times that tried me..’a sotila’
an) gave an exhibition of dauntless
ami unyh lditig courage in the face of
overwhelming odds, such as has never
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215 Sewcastle Strict,
Impcctoi of Wa cben for Southern Ituilwny. Time daily from Wi* lilting ton
before been known in tin history of
the world;
“Therefore, be it resolved, That we
the Deugbtere of the 0 miederacy, do
confer upon each and every memb r
of the arny arid navy of tin Cjnfed
erate states of America a oroes to be
ki own as the ‘Sjuthern Cruae of the
Legion of H inor,’ to be banded down
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We wij 1 be pleased to have you'call,
m., m < . * . -• i-
from ono g-neration to auotUdr <** a
moat priceless heritage, bsughV v j |t
w.is, with the blood of flieir- LitMv*,
and though- of no intrinsicvajiye
iu itself, to stand as a reo-ord ifor ail*
time of the imm ry
represented nil that wps 1 dly in grin
ft tylf l T , f T"'
ciple, pure in pal riotjam sad damn*
lese in courage. -
“Resolved furibeK,* That it be made
a feature of M-tuiuriiU day to confer
these crosses.’’ ' \
To the veterans of Brunswick wh?i
have made application these crosses
will be delivered this a fternooc ; to all
others who served the cause faithfully
the crosses will be given gladly by
the ohapter of Confederate Daughters .
upon apt lication.

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