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Easy to Take
Easy to Operate
Because purely vegetable-yet thor
ough, prompt, healthful, satisfactory—
Hood's Palis
fhe Brunswick limes.
ornoi j
CW. DEMING.t !- - LEditor.
ROLAND A-MULLINS, Business Manager
Subscriber* are request*) to notify the offle
when they fail to get any tone of The Times.
Attention to this matter ml. bo appreciated by
the publishers.
UThe Horning Times will', be Delivered by
arrier or mall, per year. tS.OO; per week 16
cents Correspondence on Uvo subjects
solicited. Beal name of writer ehould ac
company eame- (übieriptioni payable in
advanae. Failure to receive paper ehould be
reported to tbo'.bueiueee office. Addreael al
oipmuuioatione to Th Time*.
I Wallop rhtllp Brook*.]
Never be afraid to bring; the tran
soendent mysteriee of our faith—
Christ'* life and deith tad resurrec
tion—to the help of the humblest end
commonest of human wants. There is
a sort of preaching which keeps them
for the great eraerganolee, and soothes
the oommon sorrows and rebukes, the
cemmon sins, with lower considera
tions of economy. Such preaching
fails. It neither appeals to the lower
nor the higher perceptions of mankind.
It is useful neither as law nor Uospel.
It is like a river that is fi ozen too bard
to be navigable, but not bard enough
to bear.
Never fear to bring the eublimeit
motive* to the imallest duty, and the
moit inhnite comrort to the *malieit
trouble. They will prove that they
belong there, it only the duty and the
trouble are real.
For He who bore all sorrow neighed.
Nailed to His own ench lesser urossi
He knows the burden on ns Said, (
The secret pain, the hidden loss.
Touched will) cmr woes, lie llfteth up
The humblest followers in His tralniv
11. maketh sweet the bttUr cup,
And death itusir U blessed gain.
How many hue Mild, “X "Will lot*
Hod; I ought to, and I will?” and so
have wrestled and struggled to do
what they copld not do—what in their
heart* they knew no real reaeon tor
doing—and bare miserably failed, and
now are satisfying theuiselres with
loveless obedience, or else have left
(Jod altogether, and tall their hearts
that they must forego all such beauti
ful, hopeless ambitions.
Ab, iny friend, wbat you need is to
get away round to the other aide of the
matter. It is not whether you love
Uod, but whether God lone you. If
lie doe*, and you oan know' that lie
doe*, rrjofca in it day and night—go
•mging for Joy of It about your work
and your play. And a* you go singing
for joy that God lore* you, behold,
the reaponae is born .before you know'
It, and you are toying God, aa count
less souls hare always loved Him,
“became He first loved us.”
You may as well expect to run a steam
engine without water as to find an active,
energetic man with a torpid liver and you
may know that his liver is torpid when he
doee not relish his food or feels dull and
languid after eating, often has headache
an 1 sometimes dizziness. A few doses of
Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets
Will restore his liver to ita normal func
tions, renew hit vitality, improve his di
gestion and make him feel like a new man.
Price 26 oeute. Samples free at Bishop’s
drug store.
People who never look forward to
the future, seldom manage to get
ljuick Relief for Asthma.
Alias Maude Dickens. Parsons, Kansas,
writes: "I suffered eight years with astir
ma in its worst form. I had several at-
tacks during the last year and was not ex
pected to live through them. I began us
ing Foleys Honey and Tar and it hat nev
er failed to give immediate relief.” W J
Butts, the druggist.
The only thing original aboutjthb
average joke le the din of stealing it.
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident, of which if r. John
Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the subject, is
narrated by him as follows; ‘T was in a
most dreadful condition. My skin was
almost yellow,ayes sunken, tongue coated,
pain continually in tack and sides, no ap
petite—gradually growing weaker day by
day, Three physicians had given me up
Fortunately a friend advised trying Klee
trie Blttera, and to my great joy and sur
prise the first bottle made a decided im
provement. I continued tbelr use for three
weeke, and am now a well man. 1 know
they saved my life and robbed the gr-.ve of
another victim.” No one thould fall to try
them. Only 60c, guaranteed, at all drug
It’s a poor piano that never won a
prize at some county fair.
Unlese food is digested quickly It will
ferment and irritate the stomach. After
each meal take a teaspoonful of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat
and will allow you to eat all you need of
what you like. It never falls to cure the
worst cases of dyspepsia. It Is pleasant to
take. W. J. Butte, the druggist.
If poverty is ever abolished, every
man will have to do hie own work.
This is to certify that 1 have for fifteen
years used Dr, J. H. McLean’s Volcanic
Oil Liniment in my] family. Have alto
used it when necessary for my horses and
have never found any Hnimant that will
equal it. W. THOKPK, BIL,
Ennis, Tex. *
For sale by W J Butts, the druggist.
If you need a tonic take Ki-na Ki-na*
the Tasteless Quinine Tonic—26c a bittle
A falling glass in th* kitchen usual
ly indicates a domestic storm.
Call at Biahop’a drug store and get a
ires sample of Chamberlain’s Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They arc an elegant physic.
They also Improve the appetite, strength
en tbe digestion and regulate the liver and
bowels. They are easy to take and pleas
ant in effeot.
Many a sick man’s life hangs In tbe
baianoe of tbe druggist.
Negleot Is the abort step eo many take
from a cough or oold to consumption. The
oarly uee of One Minute Cough Cure pre
vents consumption. It is the only harmless
remedy that gl'es Immediate results. It
cures all throat and lung troubles. Chil
dren all like It and mothers endorse It. W
J llutts, the druggist.
The end of the busy little bee Is usu
ally a painful one.
Editor’* Awful night.
F. M. Higgins, editor Beneca, 111., News,
wao atUicted for years with pile* that no
doctor or remedy helped until he tried
Bueklen's Arnica Salve. He writes two
boxes wholly cured him. It's the surest
pile cure on earth aud the best salve in the
world. Cure guaranteed. Only 26 cte. Sold
by all druggists.
A penny in the band is better than
a nlokel in the slot. < r 1
“Hunger is th# Beet Siuoe,”
Yet some people ere never hungry. W hat
ever they eat ;has to be ‘‘forced down,”
There ia, of course, something wrong with
these people. By takinglHood’i Sareapa
rilla a short time they; are given an appe
tite and then they enjoy eating and food
nourishes them. If you find your appetite
failing, just try a bottle of Hood’s' It is a
true atomacb tonic and every dose does
The beat family cathartic it Hood's Pills.
Tbs stars and stripes fioat on the
wave of popularity.
When you need mediein j you should get
the best that money can buy, and exper
ience proves this to be Hood's Sarsaparilla.
4 iC on found
jn: Those Flies
don't you kill thnf \e\\
Daisy Fly Killcm
V> Attracts and kills FLIES
■Ti the million. Lasts all summcsw Sr
.15 Cents!
f sofl oHbfge Aayti&g'
For sale at drug, grocery,
*— stores, or ao cents Dy mail
TIIJEBKCNSWicR MORNING, juhe 24, 1900,
Tbs darker the background, the bet
ter ttoe friendship shows up.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you If you used Dr.
King’e New l.ife Pills. Thousands of suffer
ers hsve proved their matcbleae merit for
elck and nervous headaches. Thsy make
pure blood and strong nerves and build up
your health- Kvy to take. Try them. On
ly 25 oents. Money back if not cured. Bold
by all druggists.
Liwns this season will be worn ala
Stavatlon never yet cured dyspepsia.
Persons with digestion are already half
starved. They need plenty of wholesome
food. Kcdol Dyspepsia Cure digests what
you eat so the body can be nouriehed while
the worn out organa are being reconstruct
ed. It is the only preparation known that
will instantly relieve and completely cure
all stomach troubles. Try lit if you are
suffering from indigestion. It will cer
tainly dojyoujgood. W. J. Butts, the
A child sometimes ge’s on the wrong
track because of a misplaced switch.
Small in size and great in results are De-
Witt’s Little Early llisers, the famous lit
tle pills that cleanse the liver and bowels.
They do not gripe. W. J. Butts, the drug
Every man is his own best friend—
also bi* own wont enemy.
Fatal mistakes are made by those who
do not heed the earlylsymptoms of kidney
or bladder trouble 'that often end in
Brlght’e disease or diabetee. When Foley’s
Kidney Cura makes tbe kidneye well bow
foolish it is to delay. W J Butts, druggist.
True faitb never goes borne empty
The Chinese ask "how is your llvei?” In
stead of -‘how do you do?” for when the
liver ii active the health is good. De-
Witt’s Little Early Kisers are famous little
pills for tha liver and bowele. W. J. Butts,
the druggist.
With the coming of the new wt man
we may took WwMIH twin i in Imirthii
Shake InkfTour Shoes
Allen’s Foot-Base, > powder. It cures
painful, smarting, swollen feet and in
growing nails,and Instantly takes the sting
out of corns and bunions. It’stbe greatest
comfort discovery of the age. Alien's Foot-
Kase makes tight or new' shoes feel easy.
It is a certain cure for sweating, callous
and hot, tired, aching ieet. Try It today.
Sold by alt druggists and shoe stores. By
mail for 250 in stamps. Trial package
FREE, Address Allen S. Olmsted, l.tßoy
N. Y.
It seems queer that the highest
priced gowns ire often the lowest.
Ivy poisoning, poison wounds and all
other accidental injuries may be quickly
cured by using DeWiCIV Witch Hazel
Salve. His also a certain cure for piles
and skin diseases. Take 'no other, vv J
Butts, the druggist. I
the fool sometimes boasts of
being a self-made man.
For two yeare Ira W Kelly of Mansfield,
Fa., was In poor health on account of kid
ney trouble. He consulted several physi
cians and spent considerable money for
medicines without obtaining relief until
ha '.tried Foley's Kidney Cure, and now
writee, “I desire to add my testimony that
it may be the cause of aiding others."J{W.
J. Butts, tlia druggist.
Bullook has been in tbe dry county
column for 20 yeare.
Cheap Insurance
Many a man has' been insured against
Bright’s disease diabetes or other danger
ous ailment by a fifty cent bottle of Foley's
Kidney Cure. W J Butte, the druggist.
Flannel oakes are probably so called
because they clothe tb# inner man.
Reports show that over fifteen hundrtd
lives have been sawed through the use ot
One Minute Cough Cure, Most of the e
were oases of cmgh, 'asthma, whooping
cough, grippe, bronchitis and pneumonia.
Its early use p.avente consumption. \V J
Butts, the druggist.
ft ml beautifies the ntlT.
* Promote* ft lusuriunt growth
Never Fails.to Restore Orsy
Hair to it* Youthful Color.
liftlljrtlff is ltd ItftH tAslinft*
* " f4te. ftel 31 IIQ ftt IkrugflfttS.
Theatres* Free Par 1900-1.
The “International Drama,” a lead
mg Theatrical paper, desirea to ar
range with some lady or gentleman in
every town in the United States to
send it a brief weekly report of the
bappenmga of the theatres in (heir
town fur the season of 1900-1. For
this service, they issue to the oorre
spondeot their “Critic’s Credential
Card,” which entitles them to the
usual oourtesies of Dramatic Papers
(two passes to each play). It is not a
hard taak, nor does it require ao ex
perienced newspaper writer, but they
must have a responsible person, who
will not abuse tbs privileges. The
“Critic’s Card” enables the correspon
dent to see all plays tbat are presented
during the season without expense.
For fu:l particulars address, Editorial
Dept., The Duane Publishing Cos.,
Publishers, 23 Duane St., N, Y.
The poet’s realization „of the ideal
comes in the guise of a bank check.
Uoneosaary Loss of Time.
Mr. W.S. Whedon, cashier of the First
National Bank of Winterset, lowa, In a re
cent letter gives some experience with a
carpenter in his employ that will beof val
ue to othermechanlo. He says: “Iliad
a carpenter working for me who was
obliged to stop work for several days on
1 account of being troubled with diarrhoea.
I mentioned to him that 1 had bten simi
larly troubled and that Chamberlain’s Col
ic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy had
cured me. He bought a yife from the
druggist here and informed me that one
dose cured him, and he le again at hie
work For talc at Bishop’e drug etore.
The original bunko mao probably
came over in the steerage.
All who suffer from piles will be glad to
team that DeWitt’e Witch Hazel Balve
will give them iostant and permanent re
lief. It will cure eczema and all skin dis
eases.]; Beware of counterfeits. W. J.
Butts, the druggist.
Baseball players and working men
often go out on strikes.
Backache should ntver be neglected. It
mean i kidney disorder, which, It allowed
eaee, diabetes or other serious and often
fatal complaints. Foley's Kidney Cure
make* tUe kidney* well. Take nothing
else. W J Butts, the druggist.
The world is sure to hear from the
amateur cornet player.
e* —•
Blood Poison Oarsd by B. B. B.— Betti# Free
Peep-seatede, obstinate cases, the kind
that have resisted doctors, hot springs and
patent mediolne treatment, quickly yield
to B. B. B (Botanic Blood Balm), thor
oughly tested for twenty yeare, Have you
mucoot patches in the mouth? Sore
T roat,. Eruptions, Eating Sores, Bone
ins, Itching Skin, Swollen (Hands, Still,
Joints,| Copper Colored Spots, Chancres
Ulceration on the body? Hair and eye
brow j fall out? Is the skin a mass of boils,
pimples aud ulcers? Then this wonderful
B. B. B. epeciJio will completely change
the whole body into a clean, perfect con
dition, tree from eruptions, and skin
mooth with the glow of perfect health. B.
B. B. drains the poison out of the lyetem
eo the symptoms cannot return. At the
same time B. B. B. builds up the broken
down constitution and improves the diges
tion. So suffereis may test B. B. B. a trial
bottle will be given away free to sufferers.
B. B. B, for salo by druggists at $1 per
large bottle, or 0 large bottles, full treat
ment, $3. Complete diiections with each
bottle. For Trial bottle address BJ.OOl)
BALM CO., Atlanta, Ga. Ueecribe trouble
and Free medical advice given.
The ice man knows how to make a
little go a great weight.
A Thousand Torigues
Could not express the rapture of Annie
K. Springer of 1125 Howard street, Phila-
delphia, Pa., when she found that l)r.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
had completely cured her of a hacking
cough that had for years mads life a bur
den. All other reme Jie6 and doctors could
give her no help, but she says of this royal
cure—“lt soon removed the pain in my
cheat and 1 can now sleep soundly, some
thing 1 can scarcly remember doing before.
I feel like soundii g praises thioughout the
universe.'' So will everyone who tries Dr.
King's New Discovery for any trouble of
the throat, chest or lungs. Price 60cts and
1. Trial bottles free at all drug stores.
Every bottle guaranteed.;
/vfh In some cases the external signs of Contagious BUxid Poison are so slight that the MUILC
tyf nL / ifcj, victim is firmly within the grasp of the monster lief ore the true nature of the disease ITIAIIIV
fpi , ' vIL is known. In other cases the blood is quickly filled with this poisonous virus and the llfiSAAl/O
” JW: > -.7 M ~s w° lleu glands, mucus patches in the mouth, sores on scalp, ulcers on tongue, sore I ■rl'lkjh
”Cl * - / tr-J throat, eruptions on skin, copper colored splotches, and falling hair and eyebrows ” ■ VVIIw>
leave no room for doubt, as these are all unmistakable signs of Contagious Blood Poison. a| A |
Doctors still prescribe mercury and potash as the only cure for Blood Poison. These poisonous min- [wf |1 4,l|i * *h
erals never yet made a complete and permanent cure of Contagious Blood Poison. They drive the disease * ,v * wfWl
back into the system, cover it up for a while, but it breaks out again in worse form. These powerful minerals produce mercurial
rheumatism and the most offensive sores and ulcers, causing the joints to stiffen and finger nails to drop off. Mercury and
potash mako vgrecks, not cures, and those who have been dosed with these drugs are never after free from aches and pain.
S. S. S. acts in an entirely different manner, being a purely vegetable remedy ; it forces the poison out of the system ami
instead of tearing down, builds up and invigorates the general health. S. S. S. is the only antidote for this specific virus’.and
therefore the only cure for Contagious Blood Poison. No matter in what stage or how hopeless the case may appear even
though pronounced incurable by the doctors, S. S S. can be relied upon to make a rapid, permanent cure. S. S S. is not a
new, untried remedy ;an experience of nearly fifty years has proven it a sore and unfailing cure for this disease It is the
only purely vegetable blood medicine known.
Mr. H. 1.. Myers, <oo Mulberry St.. Newark. N J., say*: - I was afflicted witli * terrible blood diaease. which was In spots at first but afterward*
Spread all over ray body. These soon broke out Into sore*, and it ia easy to imagine the suffering I endured. Before I became convinced that the
“‘dor* could do rae no good I had spent a hundred dollars, which was really thrown away. I then
aMmtmrk l r, "‘ v “bateut medicine* hm they did not reach the disease when I had finished my fir.t
bottle of S!> . S IMi greatly improved and waa delighted with the ,esu.i The la.ge re.l soloufie,
on my chest leg ,n t., grow paler and smaller, and before long .luappr... >-,1 eni:t elv 1 iraalned
'WjßNfcc and my appetite improved. I was aoou entirely well, and my skin a
few ifcll iv '"wl • Sel “ 1 for our Home Treatment Book, which contains valuable information about
this disease, with complete directions for self treatment. Our medical deiwirtment u
"bSErfry charge of physicians who have made a life-time study of blood diseases Don’t
hesitate to write for any information or advice wanted. We make no charge what
ever for thia. All correspondence is held in the most sacred confidence. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY ATLANTA GA.
Rob Roy Flour a—
rxj r-> ||
\ I
Liberty Bell
Baking Powder
That’s Enough. H
Maileito order on ’short notice.
Just ifcdVM u>* most j
I have also* full sail complete stock Clotting
end Gouts’ t'urntslung Goods, nml please all
class of traded J 1 make a specialty of
Give me an order. Guaranty sat i#f action In
price, quality ami workmanship. I can do bet
ter work for lean money, aad *ell you.better
uroods tor leas price, than any house in thie
The Merchant Tailor.
Bloodworth & Jones
New Livery Stables
New Buggies
Fine Horses!
Prompt attention given all
orders. Drayage a} spec
Phone 24-3. E St.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves a nd permanently cures
Pyspepsia, Indigestion. Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia.Cramps,and
all other results of imperfeetdigestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt A Cos, Chicago.
\Y. J. Butts,'the’Druggist.
. I .- -w
“ / / "N X f
|rv f/V
R. V. DQ&GkASt
Groceries, Tobacco, Flour, bac^

Grain, Hay and Bran A[*S^ewak^j
2lt> Bay Street, * Brunswick. Ga.
C HUE ALL, Proprietor, m
You can get the best the market affords by eating heiw
For Backache use
Wall Paper
502 MonklSt.
Along with you that will o<x disturb
your he and, alienate your frigid* or dt-i
yc.ur pocket book. Our list of
oontams the nsuiei of many exce.leat
good* wh’ch w ll prove Just the tbtag
for 11.hing, tramping or picoio trip*.
Umd for bospi tslity
Wurth mure prloe would iu
jdluste. J W - , A
most fatal of all dis
eases. I
lULCI 0 Guarantied Rtmtdy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the best far
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c. iod Ji.oo. .
W. J. Butts, lbs DrufglUtj
Vm Biff G for u„arl
,!t,. 10,0.
irritation, or
of ■icon RKmZrtnM.
• _
or wot in Ui* raj**

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