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9 oo Drops
AVl’getable Preparation for As
similating the Pood andßcguta
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Tromotcs DigeslioivChperfut
ness and Rest. Contains neititer
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral.
Kox Narc otic ,
Sral- .
Mx-Smum * 1
fbJUbS-ttt- I
AaU rM * 1
fion, Sour Stonvich,Diarrhoea
Worms .< Convulsions, Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature or
Alb monlhs old
)3 Ditsts - }^Cims
IHPAN’S tabuies
A Good
for mankind
Te* lor lr fMti.ti DroggUt* Grocxn, IteatMmmto,
Jf Kewo-Sund.. General Store* and Barber*
Sr**": ***7 induce *leep, and prolong life..
1 — r *r* tft _ No ■**• wKat' the natter, one will
yy ffooo. Ten samples and one tW—testS*
gßte , agg^s.a,aa!gi
QlltrmiNG RENT
We can sell you a nice two.
story dwelling for less than
A small payment down and
balance $lO.OO per month.
Coney & Parker
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kLiine, Cenieut, Plaster, Hair,'.Shingles and Laths.
line 18 525 Bav St.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the i t
Signature //I y
d W
(\ Jp* In
r 4& Use
va For Over
Thirty Years
Some Military Men May Have to Pay
Large Sums,
The state of Georgia may sue some
former oftloeraof the militia for prop
erty issued to them white in obarge of
companies. There is considerable
property of tbs state which has not
been accounted for and which is Boat
tered among the many ex-members
of the oompames that have been dis
Tha bonds of the companies are oo
flte with the inspeotor general, and
it may be if the property is not forth
coming the bonds will be brought into
The projerty is of various kinds.
Governor Candler was notified of the
fact by the inspeotor general and had
the matter under advisement. He hae
not yet taken any action in the mat
ter, but it is thought likely that he
will order the officers to be sued in
event the property is not returned or
properly accounted for. •
The militia companies were fully
equipped before the Spanish-Amerioan
war, but when some of (be commands
were disorganized the state property,
consisting of knapsaoks, guns, hats
and other articles furnished to some
extent, were not returned when the
retiring oflloere made their reports.
Now the question has arisen as to
how to get the property back aud to
determine jus: who is responsible for
it. The articles which have not been
returned maybe worth several thous
and dollars.
Equipment of any kind is very much
needed by the state just at present, it
is the deletminatkn of the iuspeotor
general to get back as much of the
uiiseirg property as possiblr, and if
be cannot do so collect the value of
that whiob haa been lost.
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Ease, a powder for the feet. It coolb
the feet and makes tight or new shoos
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Sweating feet. Allen’s Foot-Ease re
leaves all pain and gives rest and com
fort. We have over 80,000 testimonials,
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A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of
Annie E. Hprieger,of 1125 Howard it.,
Philadelphia, Fa., when she found
that Dr. King’s New Discovery for
Comtump'ion bad completely cured
her of a hacking cough that fur many
years had made life a burden. All
other remedies and dootors could give
her no help, but she says of this Roy
al Cure—“it soon removee the pair, in
my chest and I oan now sleep soundly,
something t nan scarcely remember
doing before. 1 feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Universe.”
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New Discovery for any troble of the
Throat,Chest or Lungs. Fricesooand
tI.OO. Trial bottles free at all drug
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move once esc;, day, ami one of ihe i ensltles
for violating this lew 1* piles, Keep your bow -
els regular by taking a dose of Cbamlierlain’t
stomach and Liver Tablets when necessary,
and you will never hava tiiat severe pun,si,merit
indicted u| on you. Price, 15 cents For sale
by liisliop's drug stor e.
Fire in Buffalo.
Buffalo, Aug. 2.—Fire early this
morning destroyed seven buildings
occupied by commission merchants.
Two firemen were bodily injured,
Loss is placed at ot e hundred and
fifty thousand dollars.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor sod Manhood
CuroTmpotoncy, Night Emissions, Loss of Mem*
ory, all wasting diseases, _•
all effects of self-abuse or A
kjafTT-* J excess aud indiscretion.
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Jjilblood builder. Brings , _
rVwTthe pink glow to pale fCQ
cheeks and restores the
of youth. By mail QTS*
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Nervita Tablets^™
Positively guaranteed cure for Loss of Power,
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
jCaresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
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Results' of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opinm or
Liquor. Bv mail in plain package. $1 .OO a
box- 6 for 86.00 witn our bankable guar
antee bond to cure in 30 day# or refund
money paid. Address
Clinton A Jock-on 8t- CHICAGO, ILL.
t-or sale by Brown Drug
ICo., Brunswick, Ga,
A Rumor is Current That the He
Pretoria, August .—The Boers are
retreating northward shelled by Hamil
ton. A rumor to lie eff.cttbat Gen
eral Botha has surrensjered is current
Of ths Traok.
This means disaster and death when applied
to a fast express train, It is equally serious
when it refers to people whose blood is 6lsor
denf. and who consequently have pimples and
sores, bad stomachs, deranged kidneys, weak
nerves, and that tired feeling. Hood's Sarsa
parilla puts the whole wheels back on the track
by making pure, rich blood, and curing these
Constipation is cured by Hood's Pills. 25e.1|
Evansville, Aug 2.—The democratic
district convention was called to order
here today amid scenes of considerable
Wht moat peoplo went la something mild
and gentle, when in need ot physio. Cham
berlain's Stomach aud Liver Tablets fill the bill
to a dot. They are easy to lake and pleasant in
effect. For ante by bishop's drug store.
Reunion of Parson’s Brigade.
Corsicns, Tex.. Aug, 2,—The re
union of Parson’s brigade here today
bat brought over 15,000 people to the
oity. The day’s festivities began
with the the national salute
at sunrise.
There s a story of a farmer anil hie sou driving
a load to market. Of the team Urey were driviug
one was a steady, reliable old gray mare; the
other a fractious, balky, black horse. On the
way the wagon was stallod, and the black horse
aulked and refused to pull. “VVhatTl we do, fa
ther!”’said the younger mail. “Well,” said tire
father “I guess we'll have to lay the gad on
the old gray.” That homely compliment to wo
men: “The gray urare’a the better lioras,” aug
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he borne, it 1b laid on the woman’s back. How
often she breaks down at last under the added
weight of some “last straw.” Women who are
dragging along wearily through life can gain
real strength by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. It puts hack in concentra
ted form the strength-making material, which
working women use up more rapidly than it
can be restored by Nature in the ordinary pro
cesaca of nourishment and rest. Dr. Fierce’a
Pleasant Pollute are universal favorites witli
women becauae they are easy to take and thor
oughly effective in curing the conacquenccs yf
Colored People Invited.
Manager T. Newman ssys thore will
be seats for the colored people at the
games of the Fats and Leans at the
baseball grounds Friday afternoon and
he invites them to be present.
to aae FOLLY’S KIDN'KY CUBK In time. If
taken In eai Her stages of Itright's disease and
diabetes, His certain cure. You havo noticed
the high death rate from these diseases, and it
is not wise to ignore early symptoms when a
medicine like KOLFY’.H KIDNEY CUBE oan be
bad W. J. Butts.
Chiosgo, Aug. 2.—The National
Socialistic convention, an organiza
tion composed of meu and women
Interested in various reforms, opened
its annual sessions at. Lake Muff to
“I am a switchoian,” writes A. J.
Jtnnesse, of !)201 Butler St., Chicago,
“and am out in all kind* of weather.
I took a cold which settled in my kid
ney and was in very bad ibape, I
tried aeveaal advertised medic nee
with no bent fit until I
mended to take Foley’s Kfflßfcure,
Two-thirds of a bottle cured W.
J. Butts.
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use. We refer lo the One Minute Cough Cure
D will quickly cure all thr.utl and lung trou*
hies- W, J. Butte.
Best Way to (Tire Backache,
Backset es are ciueed by disorder in
kidneys. Foley's Kidneys Cure wi'l
make tbs right, l ake no substitute.
W. .1. Butts.
E litor’* Awful Plight.
F. M. Higgins, Kfito Beo.c* (111.
New*, was rifiicted for jesrs witti
Piles that no doctor or remedy fielptd
until he tried Rucklen’s Arnio* S,!ve
He writes two boxes wholl? cured
him. It’s the surest P.le cure on esrib
and the best sslve in the world. Cure
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all (‘ruggists.
For Bladder Troubles
use STUART’S GIN and
Starts at the milestone of ccoi
omy. That milestone is local
ed right in this store and yo
begin traveling the “roy:
road” as soon as you commenc
dealing here. This week oiu
special surprises will be
and every cool and dainty kind of Summer
Our motto:
building, Home life, l’upila enter Ysssar, Welleslec .nrt ill, vr 6W
on oertiflnate*. Next session begins September Oh For iflitHtretirt '
address Mr. W, T. Chandler, D. rV'X'
Some Fine Horses Will Run
Those who see tl)e great game of
baseball bet ween the Fats and Leans
Friday afternoon will also have ti e
pleasure of witnessing some excellent
horse raoes, So far The following
have entered horses: Fleming,
Walttf, Taylor, Cohen, Neeslequist
and Lane.
The Dread of people with weak lungs
who suffer with stubborn coughs is
consumption. Foley’s Honey and Tat,
if taken in time, cures the cold , heals
the lunge and always cures inoipient
Consumption, W. J. Butts.
Pierre is Hot.
Pierre, 8. D., Aug. 2-Tbe hot
weather record of yesterday of the
government servioe shows ill
The lack of energy you feel the
baokaohe and a run down condition
generally, all mean kidney disorder.
Foley’* Kidney Cure will restore your
strergth and vigor by racking the
kidneys well. Take no substitute.
W. J. Butts.
Artesian, wells to drive at $250 each.
Rise and okpacity guaranteed will
also guarantee to complete wells in
15 days, Cali on er addrtsj A. 11.
Bakku, 205 U 1 messier s’reet.
Cheap Rate* via P ant SytVm.
Atlanta, Ga.—Grand Lodge Ancient Order
United Workmen, August S-ti, JBOO. One and
third faro round trip.
Richmond, Va.—Annual session Sovereign
Grand Lodge I. O. O. F., September 17-32, 11)00.
Tickets sold September 15, lit, 17, with Anal
limit September 25, at rate of one fare round
Detroit, Mich.--lUennm! conclave Knights of
Pythias, August 27 to September 1, HiOO. Tirkets
to be acid August 24,20,2(1, with Huai limit Sep
tember 5, at rate of one fare round trip.
Brunswick, Ga.
B. W. WItENN.r.T.M.,
Savannah, Ga.
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W. J. Butts.
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n record of cures a a Hood's Sarsapai Ills. When
you want a good medicine, get Hood’s.
Petition to Incorporate.
state of Georgia—County of Glynn,
io the Superior Court of Glynn County:
i Be petition of Oliver N. Taylor. Wra. S. Tav
?>'■, the city of JJrunawick, Ulynn county,
Georgia, Aiftliony W. Cook, mos. It. Cook, ,la
cob 11. cook, Meboeca A. Cook, t,,r Cookelmrg,
t-ennsy vaunt John W.Cook an J Ida M.Calvin
otinuslmrg,Pennsylvania, and Hattie J. Kosh,
ot Clarion, I>, uuay lvauin, leapectfuily show*
unto this court: J
1. That they-ilreiro for themselves and as
-80,-lairs to become incorporated under tne
Conlpimy ” l,l ° 01 1,10 "' iuylol '- tJuok Cypress
t. The term for which yonr petitiom ra de
sire to lie ineorporatud Is for twenty (20) years,
with the privilege of renewal at the expiration
of that time. The capital stock or the corpor
'**o Jie ono hundred thousand dollars
(100,000) divided into shares of one bundrrd
dollars (1100) oach, with lull power mid auth
ority to increase the capital stock by a mal
orlty vote of the stock issued, to a sum, not
greater than three hundred thousand dollars
(*(100,000.) The principal ofllca of said coropora
tion is to be located in Glynn county, elate of
Georgia, with (minority to establish,'whenever
tne business of the corporation may require
or Justify, other offices in any other locality or
city within or Without the coniines of this
state. .. ?*
:l \onr petitioners pray, that upon ten per
centum of said capital stock being paid in,eith
in money or tn real or personal property, equal
in vuluo often percentum of said capital stock
tln-y may be allowed to coimnsneo bußinesH.and
with full power and authority iu said corpora
tion to uecopt and lecoive, in pnymout of stock
subscriptions, leal and personal property
or real or per sona^property at least
equal in value to of such sub
scriptions. Vour petitioners further pray that
*aid corporation may have and use a common
seal, change, alter or destroy the same at their
pleasure,sue and be suqd, plejtd and TMS\itnpioad
ed with in the courts of thlawtoto -vtiier
state, or in the courts Ot VBk this * Ht&ves,
and have in addition thereto ollfTOffli al pow
ers usually given corporations, whether spec
ially mentioned herein or not.
4. The object of said corporation is to en
guge tn the aqulsltion, manufacture and sale of
ail kinds and character ot lumber, shingles,
cross ties, and all and singular anx ar
ticle or articles which can or may be manu
fiictuled from trees, timber, wood or their pro
ducts, and to that end to own, maintain, oper
ate and conduct any number of saw mills,
shingle mills, dry kilns, skidders, trum ways
and other machinery, appliances, vehicles and
other means needful or necessanr iu or about
Bald business. To acquire and dispose 'of any
tree or trees, timber, lumber and wo and, whether
manufactured or unmanufactured, or whether
the same be in an u factored by said corporation
or any other person,natural or artificial. To
have the power and privilege of operation in
connection therewith a general and special
merchandise business. To hat e the powen and
authority to do a commission and brokerage
business or a commission or brokerage burd
hess, To load dr unload any railroad cans, ves
sels, steamships or other means of transporta
tion used for transports g passengers or
freight on water and charge tor the same. To
engage In the business of towing or propelling
by steam or other motive power, any vessel,
steamship, or any commodity or commodities,
timber, bargo or craft within or without the
waters of thitestate, and upon the high seas.
To have the power and privilege of acquiring:,
in whole or In part, any yessel, steamship or
other craft propelled in whole or in part by
steam or other motive power, To haye the
power to charter vessels, and to act as ship
brokers or agents. To have the power aud
privilege of acquiring or constructing any ca
nal, railroad qdtetn way for the purpose of
f i iiiispvting aWvTfmher,logs, article or ai tides
or freight o' either to he man
ufactured byJaH corporation or any other
person*, or fur shipment to the inarkctß of the
world, or for delivery to any customer of said
corporation, and to do any and all actsperti
nent, incident to,or neoi sary to be done and
performed for the successful operation of the
business for which your petitioners desire to
be incorporated and not especially herein
enumerated. To such end and purpose your
petitioners pray that they may be incorpor
ated, as aforesaid, with full power and auth
ority. In said corporation, to have, hold, use
and enjoy any and all real and personal property
of every description whatsoever that may be
come necessary for the operation of the busi
ness for which your petitioners desire t<> bo
incorporated, and with full power, in said cor
poration* to trausfer and dispose of the same,or
anv part thereof, at vHI and in nay manner
which may be deemed expedient or necessary
for the best into reals thereof. With full power
and authority, in said corporation, t > borrow,
money and pledge the as-ets thereof, In whole
or in part, to secure the same either by mort
gage, deed of trust or other instrument when
ever, aud at such times it is beneficial or neces
sary for the interest of said corporation.
Whereupon, Your petitioners pray that they
may be incorporated under the name and style
aforesaid, and for the term of years, and for
the purposes,and in the manner herein alleged,
and with all and singular the powers allowed
corporations of like character granted under
the law hof this state. And your petitioners
will ever pray.
ATKINHoN A Dunwody,
At torney Petitioner*.
Original petition filed in ofliee. This 12th
day of July, A. 1),, 1900.
Clerk Superior Court, Glynn County,Georgia.
Georgia— Glynn County.
J* H# F.dn lfignon, do certify that the within
and foregoing is a true copy of the original pe
tition to incorporate “The Taylor Cook Cpyress
Company'’tiled thin day in the ofliee of the
Superior court of Glynn county.
1 hi* July 121 li. a. P., 1900.
. u 11. F. IU JBionon,
e/ierx superior Court, Glynn County, Georgia
State of Georgia County of Glynn.
James H. Wright et al,
and Injunction arul K<*
Foi ter A Lang, ct al eoiver pending in
.. , Vrt - Glynn Superior Court
Merchants and Traders* May term,l9oo.
Hunk, el a 1.
All perform interested in this cane desiring to
flh* interventions therein are requested to do o
within ninety days from this Cute. After the
expiration of said timo no other intervention*
will he entertained. Lot this be published
twice a month for three months in the Bruits,
wick Call and also in the lirunswn'.k Times.
This in oj*en court June 7th, 1900.
PAUL K. SKA BROOK, Judge Atlantic Cir
cuit, Presiding.
R*!IB park sirs }
Clean*.-* and fK-autifTea the nalr.t
Promote a * luxuriant growth, i
Pails to neetore Gray
Hair to Its Youthful Color. I
I'rt‘Vi-ntit DiuidriitTaml halt tailing..
Mle. and }t(Jat j
.mm ui • '** v uJtiy |Hia OS QIC
have established it beyond question.
It repairs the tissue-wlasta of hard
physical labor; it sustains the over,
worked brain and develops the faculty
of thought *
It cures Malaria, Debility, Dyspepsia,
Dow Spirits, Insomnia. Poor Appetite.
Malnutrition and Stomach Tumbles, and
builds up the run down or fkhaustcd
system. T
50c and SI a bottle, at druggist!.
•T. .OUIB, MO.
W. J.BUTTS, The Druggist,
Bloodworth SJones
New Livery Stables
New Buggies
Fine Horses ]
Prompt attention given all
orders. Drayage a spec
Phone 24-3. E St.
(he most fatal of all dis
eases. y
fULLI 0> Guaranteed Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE £oe. and 5J.00. P
\V. J. Butts, the Drugglißt
302a NewcaMe SBT.
(him :/
GYCHjXs and tobacco
Ice (CminM Etwr Car, XQk; Shake
, M Water'Etc,,
All Winds of'Oandjr.
Wall Paper
502 MonkfSt.
Are seen in our showing of
More than a suggestion of comfort
10 the popular Short Baok Sailor Hats
in natural Tuscan, L’anama, Java and
other fancy braids. There’s comfort
itself, and style and value, too.'
Flowers, Chilton, Libsrty Satins,
Ribbons, at fairest prices.}
I ’ho rAgU for unnatural
(1 irit.'liM ll H liJ Rl'lt iiTIM,
irritations or ulcerations
of mu coat membranes.
Painless, and not aatriit*
. <? ent *> r tx&owt*
Sold by I’vngtlnta,
or sent in plain wrappok
by express, prepaid, tot
fl.oo, 0r.3 bottles. (£%
Circular sent on rcuuosb
BEST! The Investor's Fund pays semi-mordhly.
The oldest established In America. No certificate
holder has ever lost a cent. Payments made to all
subscribers every 15 days. No trouble. No delay.
Money refunded on demand. Write to-day for par
ticulars, free to any address.
<!. K. MAC KEY C 0..
Bond Dept. No. 04. Hudson Building. New York.

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