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fhc Drunswick Times.
Established 1889.
The Brunswick Call.
Established 1892.
The Brunswick Times-Call.
t in Oglethorpe ßlock, 2llF Street
<JkFI>.H j iKLKI'HONI NO 31.
HOLANI) A. MULLINS, Business Manager
Mibscribers nrc requested to notify the office
when they fail to get any issue of the Times-
CalL Attention to this matter will be appre
ciated by the publishers.
The Ttmea-Oall will he Delivered by
c irner or mall, per year. W OO; per week 15
cent! Correspondence on live subjects
solicited. Real name of writer should ac
company same Subscriptions payable in
advance. Failure to receive paper should be
reported to the business office. Address all
c mmunications to
Brunswickians should bo proud of our
excellent fire department.
One genuine American is worth a
million Mark Hunnag.
Hooscvelt seems to be the whole ice
Wugon. Roosevelt thinks so.
It is a strange thing that the men who
own the least property have the moat to
Because there is a big demaud for
houses, landlords should not increase
the rcuts.
Theie is but one brave man in the en
tire country, and that is Teddy Hoote
velt of New York.
It is said Ihere is more pluck and en
ergy to the square inch in Valdosta than
auy city of its size in the state.
The whole Spanish defeat was due di
rectly to the great, grand and brave Mr.
'I heodore Roosevelt of New York.
The Washington Post Is sure that Li
Hung Chang is altogether too fond of
life to lose his head in a good causj.
The Macon News remarks that Dewey
and Joe Wheeler are sample* of the
men whom Ttddy brands as cowards.
It looks Very much like Jacksonville
Will get ibo Florida state bouse. Noth
ing Is too good for this excellent city.
The ladies even look a hand in the
New York race riot by sticking their
hat pins into every negro they could
Stop talking about killing the “poor
Filipinos." Ikiuk of the “yoor Ameri
cans’’ who have lost their lives in the
We read every day of some political
loader forsaking the republican party.
In tact, all Indications certainly point to
Bryan's election.
'1 he Fitzgerald people are certainly
hustlers. A railroad aud a cotton fac
tory are the la est for the live little
wiregrass city.
Mark Kauca wants Minister Conger
to come home aud make some campaign
speeches, if Minister Conger has as
much sense as he is reputed to possess
he will let Mr. Hauna alone aud attend
to his business in China.
Attorney General Terrell has decided
that armories are not subject to taxa
tion. The question was referred to him
by the governor some time ago on com
plaints from Richmond and Chatham
counties, where the tax receivers of
those counties demanded that military
organizations give iu the armories for
The average reader ot the Times-Call
doubtless does not know that the ex
pense of this newspaper is somewhere
in the neighborhood of a thousand dol
lars per month, and that it is their duty
to see that the revenues reach something
above that figure.
You all know that thiß city has long
needed such a newspaper as the Times-
Call, and now that you have it show
your appreciation by a liberal support
Remember that all of this money re
mains right, here at home, and what you
pay us returns to you.
'The official report of the meeting of
council published in these columns yes
terday morning created a great deal of
talk among the business men and citi
zens genet ally.
Hundreds remarked that an error had
been made in the city’s books and that
as soon as the expert examined the same
the discrepancy would be explained.
Nobody believes for a minute that Mr.
Harvey baa conducted his office in any
nay except the right one, and the great
faith the people have in this young man
will serve to keep down any criticism
until a thorough investigation is made .
Mr. Harvey is regarded as a model
young man and stands in the front
ranks of Brunswick’s business men,
and tho Times-Cai.l has as much faith
in him aB any human being.
His letters to council and to the guar
antee company aro like the man, honest,
and frank.
Mr, Harvey will find that his friends
will be true to him in this seemingly un
fortunate error.
Monday was the wannest day of this
Contributions to the Atkinson monu
ment fund continue to pour in. The
movemeot which waß started in Newnan
some time ago has met with popular fa
vor all over the state, and the friends ot
the late governor of Georgia are liberal
in tbelr subscriptions.
Already more than $2,000 has been re
ceived, and it is expected tnat when the
work of soliciting funds is begun in ear
nest tbe amount will be swelled to more
than SIO,OOO m a rhort time.
It is proposed to erect a monument
something on the style of lhat of tbe
lato Benjamin H. Hill,which now stands
in tbe capito! at Atlauta. Just where
the monument is to be located has not
been decided. Some of the subscribers
want it ia Newnan while others say it
should bo in Atlanta.
The movement for tlio monument was
started in the home of the late govern
or, and it is contended that for that rea
son it should be there. Some of the
friends of Mr. Atkinson say, however,
that when lie was elec.ed governor he
ceased to be a local citizen and was a
resident of the oapilol of the state and
for that reason the monument should be
placed m tho capito’.
From present indications it looks as if
the movement will be a big success.
Judging from the contributions already
received, when no ac'.ive canvass for
contributions has been made, it is
thought by those in charge of the work
that a sufficient s ra of money can be se
cured to erect one of the handsomest
statues in the state.
The chief of the New Yo k fire de
partment keeps a force of men in front
of the different engine houses wi h hose
iu hand ready to treat the poor horses
that woik on the hot streets to a cold
water bath. In this way it is said that
the<i vei of many of the faithful horses
have b:en saved Every liackman and
drayman should keep a moistened
sponge on the head of the horse and al
low the poor animal water as often as
possible. A little care on the part of the
driver can give so much comfort to the
poor dumb brute.
It is safe to say that W. 8. Taylor
will not be returned to Kentucky lor a
trial. A special says:
“There is considerable speculation
following the Powerß trial at George
town as to whether Governor Beckham
will make a second requisition on Gov
ernor Mount, of Indiana, for ihe return
of Taylor and Finley to Kentucky for
"One of the attorneys for the proba
tion says:
• T know of no requisition and of do
reason why we should ask for one
Governor Mount has doubtless heard
what sort of evidence was brought out
against both Taylor and Finley in the
Powers case. He has once refused to
give them out. It looks to me as if it
it is up to Governor Mount to act in le
pendently In the matter,”
Governor Moant will of course refuse
to deliver the murderer into the hands
of justice.
Deafness Oannot Be Oared
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube gets in
flamed, you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing; and when it is en
tirely closed, deafness is ihe result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal con
dition, bearing wi’l be destroyed forever.
Nine cases out of ten are caused by ca
tarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give Ono Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & Cos , Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
On Aug. SOib, in New York City,
there will be a battle that from a
soientiflc point of view, wi 1 in all
probility aurpaaa anything recorded in
the biatory of the American priae ring.
Corbett and McCoy, tbe two great'
eat boxtrg this country baa prodeoed,
will meet, and if all aigna don’t fail,
it will be a “beaut.” They are both
past maetera at the buaineaa. although
differing in atyle. And tbia fact
rnakee tbe opmona of competent crit
ica the more intereating.
“I am • switchman,” writes A. J.
Jsnnesse, of 9301 Butler Be., Cbiozgo,
“and am out in all kinds of weather.
I took a ould which settled id my kid
ney aud was in very bad shape. I
tried sevesal advertised medioinss
with no benefit until I was recom
mended to take Foley’s Kidney Cure,
Two-tbirds of a bottle oured me.” W.
J. Butts.
TUe pretty tug whioh is being built
for Mesa. W. M. Tuppsr & Cos., will
bs launched from the Mallory time
diy next week. There is not a prettier
oraft in tnese wateis, aud the build
ing of this boat here ihows what
Brunswick is dsitined to do in tbs
ship building line wi.bin the next
few years.
DeVoe can please you with the best
groceries to bj had,
V. B. Conklin, Bowcrsville, o.,saya: “Ire
celred more benefit from FOLEY'S KIDNEY
CORE than from montha of treatment by phy
sicians.” Take no substitute. W. J. Butts.
FOR SALE—A good gentle buggy
horse, also nice buggy and barcess,
Apply 1 ‘M” ears of Times-Oall.
Going to bed to tumble and toss and
dream; to pursue in vain the phantom
sleep through long weary hours and rise
to anew day unrested and unrefreshed.
That is the way with many a woman, who
is tormented by the aches and pains re
sulting from female weakness, and other
diseases of the delicate organs of woman.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription was
made to cure just such cases and it does
what it was made for. It heals ulcera
tion and inflammation, dries debilitating
drains, cures female weakness, strength
ens the body, soothes the nerves and
enriches the blood. It gives lasting
strength for the day and sound sleep
for tne night.
For three years l suffered continually.” writes
Mrs. L. J- Dennis, of S.S Bast College St.. Jack
sonville. Ills "I sought relief among the medical
profession and found none, until Induced to try
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. When I
commenced taking this medicine I weighed
ninety-five pounds. It built me up until now I
weigh one hundred and fifty-six pounds—more
than I ever weighed before. I was so bad I
would lie from day to day and long for death to
come and relieve my suffering. I had internal
inflammation, a disagreeable drain, bearing
down pains and such distress every month. But
now I never have a pain—do alt my own work
gqd am a strong and healthy woman. Thank*
La your medicine.”
Biliousness is banished by the use of
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets.
A Gsme Between Two Pioked Clubs
on for This Afteroocu.
The game of basball betv, em two
pioked c'ub”, which was to have oc
oprred yesterday aftern O', "lipca
poned on acocunt of a garni betwee
two local ooiored teams. It has been
deoided to play today aid tbe gams
will begin promptly at 3:30 o’.L.ck.
Tbe p ooeeds if tbe game w> 1 go to
tbe Brunswick baseball club.
Toe lack of energy you L-el tbt
backache and a run down condition
generally, all mean kidney disorder.
Foley’s Kidney Cure will restore youi
strergtb and vigor by mskirg tbe
kidoeys well. Take no substitute.
W- Butts.
Tbe Joint committee, recently ap
pointed by ihe labor unions of ihe
oity, is now oot’aoiioltlog funds to de
fray expenses of tbe big Libor D<y
celebration , Tbe union* were in good
floanoial condition but a great many
sick benflts bad to be paid and ibis al
most drained tbp treasuries.
Jf you wish to cure scrofula or Bslt riieum
permanently, take Hood’s Sarsaparilla. It ex
pels all impurities from the blootf.
Tb* ooiored baseball oinb of this city
will leave shortly on an extended trip
through tbie state and Florida. Tbis
club is managed by George Feeder
and Gilbert Williams and th- y bave a
full list of paid members.
A dry goods clerk defines a o uuter
irritant as a woman who insists upon
examining tbe entire stock, and does
not buy snytbiog.
A Minister’s Good Work.
“I ba.l a severe attack of bilious colie, got s
bottle of Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, took two doses and was en
tirely cured,” says Rev. A. A. Power, of Empo
ria, Kan. “My neighbor across the st eetwas
sick for i vev a week, had twoor thiee bottles o
medicine from the doctor. He used them for
three or four days without relief, then caii. and in
another do.'tor who treated him for some days
aud gave him no relief, so discharged him. I
went over to see him the next morning, Me
said his bowels were in a terrible fix, that they
had been runuing off so long that it was almost
bloody flux. I asked him If he had tried Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
and be said, ‘No.’ I went home and brought
him my bottle and gave him one dcse; told him
to take another dose in fifteen or twenty min
utes if he did not find relief, hut he took no
more, and was entirely enred. I think it the
best medicine I have ever tried.” For sale by
D- Bishop's drug store.
It’s a dootor’s business Jto study
health. Doctors confidently recom
mend HARPER Whiskey. Sold by
T. NEWMAN, Brunswick, Gt.
Willi buy a Model 59 Columbia Chain’ess Bicycle.
Will buy a Model 51 Ladies Chainless Bicycle.
Will buy a Ladies Cushion Frame Bicycle- This is
something nice. Try one—buy one!
sls 00 to $20.00
W ill buy a good Ladies’ or Gents’ Bicycle, at the
cs o rvj t fr cz: nr cd f=? s
Of Stone. Erick and Frame Buildings
Manufacturers of Cement, Tile and.Artificial Stone.
WfitAr (St Summer
* Bargains in
A clearance sa’e to make room for new goods.
f Parlor Suit, 5 pieces, worth SJO, now $29.
1 Oak Refrigerator, worth S2O now sls. .
I Osk Brd Room Suitp, 3 pieces, worth $25, now sl3 gP-SB3HBMr
Bed Louog-s, worth sl6, now sl2.
Centre Tables 59 cents to $6.
ice Cream Frtejters wpr.h $2.50 at $1 98
d'^,*, ar * < ’ aß9or tment of Sideboards, Cupboards ||j|F
Prices Below the Market, tey
CHUE HALL, Proprietor
You can get the best the market affords by eating here
m DR - MOFFETT’S fi Allays Irritation, Aids Digestion,
P '*'*'• iS--- Z I BTr Til IIS A Regulate, the Bowels,
TeOpSl § EE THIN/|
®tjfp|S'/ -JB-(Teething Powders).J, k.TEETHlNAßelieve,theßows*
Bfo£ Costs only 25 cents at Druggists, *
Ormail 25 cents to C. J. MOFFETT, M.D..BT. LOUIS,*"
EVERY BAKKKL SELECTED hae s'ood our quality test. Failure to come
op to the required standard means failure to form part of our stork of Wines and
Liquors. Only that which is good value for money is offered.
206 Bav Street
Macon and Baltimore Woman’s College. Primary, Aoadenoio, Musio, Art,
Elocution end Business oourses. Small classes. Individual work, New
building. Horn* life. Pupils enter Vassar, Wellesley and Rmdulpb-Maoi n,
on certificates. Next session begins September 6th. For illustrated ostgloguiL
ddress Mrs. W, T. Chandler, Principal,Llewllyn D. Scott, Associate Prieoipw

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