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Did You Ever Know
any one who smoked the same kind
of Five Cent cigar any length of
time? Five Cent cigar smokers are
always dissatisfied—always trying
something new—or something differ
ent, as there always seems to be some
thing wrong about the cigars they have
been smoking. Ask your dealer for
Old Virginia Cheroots
They are always good. *
Three hundred million smoked this year. Price, 3 for 5 cents.
fiTPANS emtces
doctors find
"A Good
For mankind _
IBMpfc hmnli pain, induce tleep, ud rnloß, life.
tea (Hen refieft No natter what'e the natter, ana vitt
* W Tay aunplee and aaa thaaaead itrnO
■••hh nt ba nail n any addien ea moeiae ad lafaa.
hr<nlpaa.?bndial C.„
We can sell you a nice two
story dwelling for less than
A small payment down and
balance SIO.OO per month.
Jno VeruKi
wines, Liquor,
Cigars, Etc.
Is now ready for business, We will sell you goods 10 per
cent less tnan original cost.
606 Monk Street.
The Addicks Faction Makes a Bolt the
Wilming on, DeJ., Aug. 21.—The state
convention of the regular republicans
met today. The Addicks parly, a split
from the republican party, nominated
candidates a tew days since. The regu
lars will not accept the ticket named.
There is a strong sentiment favorable
to state treasurer, L. Busier Ball, for
governor The last meeting of the Adv
dicks party was unlawful and two of
the men named are ineligible, so anoth
er meeting will bo held day after tomor
row. They nominated George W. Mar
shall, of Kent, for goveruer, at the for
mer mee ing and will reaffirm tie nom
The Remedy for Stomach end Bowel Troubles
"I have been in the drug business for
twenty years, and have sold most all of
the proprietary medicines of any note
Among the entire list I have never found
anything to equal Chamberlain’s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remeey for all
stomach and bowel troubles,” says O.
W Wakefield, of Columbus, Ga. “This
remedy cured two severe cases of cholera
morbus in my family, and I have recom
mended and sold hundreds of it to my
customers to their entire satisfaction. It
affords a quick and sure cure in a pleas
ant lorm. No family should be without
it. I keep it in my house at all times.”
For sale by Dr. Bishop’s drug s'ore,
An interesting table of contents
that of the dinner table.
It Savod His BaEy.
•My baby was teiribly sick with ttediar
rhoea; wc were unable to cure him with the
doctor’s assistance, and, as a last resort, we
tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoia Remedy,” says Mr. J. 11, Doak, of Wil.
liams, Ore. U I am happy to say it gave imme
diate relief and a complete oure.” For sale by
Or. Bishop’s drug soore.
Hot wordi between friende are usu
ally followed by a cold wave.
cheat rate to Chicago.
Acoount national enesmpmeut G.
A. R., to be held in Chicago from Au
gust 27 to September 6, the Tlant
System will sell tickets at rate of
124.75 tor round trip. Tickets on sale
August 25, 20 and 23, limited for re
turn up to and including September 3.
An additional extension may be ob
tained by depositing tioket with j lint
agent prior to neon September 2 upon
payment of fee of 50 cents for each
tioket presented .
Putting food into a diseased stomach is like
putting money into a pocket with hole?. The
money is lost. All its value goes for nothing
When the stomach is diseased, with the allied
organs of digestion and nutrition, the food
which is put into it is largely lost. The nutri
ment is not extracted from it. The body is
weak and the blood impoverished.
What most people want is something mild
and gentle, when in need of a physic. Cham
berlain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets fill the Li
to a dot. They are easy to take and pleasant in
effect. For sale by Bishop’s drug store.
YouM find the finest line of Pre
serve* at DeVoe's.
Coßip’imenfs are the red fires that
light up I fe’s dingy wave.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood I
Cure Impofency, Night Emissions, Los 9 of Mem*
ory, all wasting diseases,
JHtteKrl all effects of self-abuse or £5
excess and indiscretion.
V9V9A nerve tonic and PILLS
jwi jaD-blood builder. Brings
LiL **Tthe pink glow to pale Rfl
vZ'Qter cheeks and restores the
of youth. By mail cts.j
nsoc per box. 0 boxes fori ■ -■—
$2.60, with our bankable gaurantee to cure
or refund the money paid. Bend for circular
and copy of our bankable guarantee bond.
Nejvita Tablets
Positively guaranteed cure for Loss of Power,
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
tion, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity, Paralysis and the
Results of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. By mail in plain package, SI.OO a
box, 6 for $5.00 witn our bankable guar
antee bond to cure in 00 days or refund
money paid. Address
CUnton & Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL.
For sale by brown Drug
Cos., Brunswick, Ga,
| After He Comes
S he has a hard enough time. Every
£ thing that the expectant mother
J? can do to help her child she should
S do. One of the greatest blessings
£ she can give him is he; Ith, but to
2 this, she must have health her
£ self. She should use every means
*> to improve her physical condition.
2 She should, by all means, supply
£ herself with
| Mother’s
1 take her
h the crisis
isily and
ickly. It is a ,
liment which
t-es strength
and vigor to the \
iiscles. Com- 1
>n sense will j
sc les are, !
:h bear the i
n, the less j
pum there will be. j
A woman living in Fort Wayne, (
lnd., says: “ Mother's Friend did
wonders for me. Praise God for
your liniment.” !
Read this from Hunel, Cal. j
“ Mother’s Friend is a blessing to 5
JJ all women who undergo nature’s I
jj ordeal of childbirth. ”
IGet Mother’s Friend at the
drug store. Si per bottle.
Atlanta, Ga. I
Write for our free illnrt-ated book, *’ Before ;
Baby is Born.”
Sedalia, Mo., Au<*. 21—The campaign
tas opened actively by the democrats.
The republicans will follow the lead
and begin wo,k at a meeting to be bold
here next Saturday. It is believed that
a revolt is rife among the colored repub
licans over tie failure of the party to
recognize them as they believed they de*
Fortify the body to resist malarial
germs by putting the system in perfect
order. Prickly Asii Fitters is a won*
derful ays'em regulator. \V J. Butts-
Burton, Tenn., April 18,1899.
I feel it my duty to tell of the benefit I have
received from the use of Dr. J. 11. McLean’s
Liver and Kidney Balm. I had rlicmatism in
my back, legs and ankles. My feet were greatly
swollen. I could scarcely get from oue room
to another. I used three bottles of Liver and
Kidney Balm together with one bottle of Vol
canic Oil Liniment, and was completely cured.
Have gained 23 pounds. Andy M. Jones,
Foi sale by W. J, Butts, the druggist.
Pride as a beggar is the equal of
want—and a great deal more saucy.
Millions will be spent In politics this year.
We can’t keep the campaign going without
money any more than we can keep the body
vigorous without food. Dyspeptics used to
starve themselves. Now, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
digests what you eat, and allows you to cat all
the good food you want. It radically cues
stomach troubles. W. J. Butts.
Very Low Rates to Chicago and Return.
National Encampment, g. A. K., Chicago, 111.,
August 27th—Sept. Ist, 1900.
On accouut of the above occasion, SOUTH
ERN R Railway win sell round trip tickets
from all stations on its lino to CHICAGO, ILL.f
RATES. The following rates will apply fi ora
points named:
Athens, Ga., s2l 55 Atlanta, Ga., sl9 35
Augusta, Ga., $23 70 Brunswick, Ga., $24 20
Columbus, Ga.,s2l 70 Elbertoo, Ga,s2o 35
Fort Valley,Ga., $22 60 Gainesville, Ga., S2O 96
Griffin, Ga., S2O 65 Helena. Ga., s2l 25
Jesup, Ga., $24 25 Macon, Ga„ $22 00
Savannah, Ga., $24 76
Ticket will be sold from points in the State o
Florida on August 24 h and 25th, and from
points in all other States on August 26th, 26th
and 27th, with final limit Septembor3rd, 1900.
By deposit of tickets with joint ngent of Cen
tral Passenger Association, at Chicago, prior
to 12 oi' noon, September 2nd, 1900, a'd on p.ty-
I ment of fee of fifty (5") cents In connection with
.ach ticket attune of deposit, the return final
limit may be extended until September 2oth
Persons loca'od at non-c upon stations should
notify agent several days in advaneo of date
they contemplate leaving, in order that he may
supply himsell with proper tickets.
, For detailed information relative to rates
j schedules, reserva' o s, etc., call on or address
I any agent of the Southern Railway or its con
1 flections. 8. H HARDWICK,
A. G. I*. A , Atlanta, Ga.
For Backache uS3
Livery, boarding and sale Btableß.
Finest turnouts in tbo city.
Tel. 97. Newcastle Bt.
This week our Midsummer Sale is on.
We take orders for carpets this week and
deliver them in the fall
Uver 100 samples to select from.
Lace curtains, porch chairs, portieres,
go-carts, carriages,
refrigerators and toilet sets will go in
this sale with 2? per cent off for cash.
With you as to whether
you need glasses or not
V/C/f I 1 call on its, and wo will
f I 1 tell you. You never
/ I I know a person to have
I brain fever.sunstroke,
ml - I fl congestion of the brain
'mCmbeo V I if °r apoplexy, who has
t '* * never been subject to
‘headache. Persons subjec to headache, alwayshave
weak eyes. Weak eyes may be the cause of all the
trouble- Call on us and we will tell you. EXAM
Jeweler and Graduate Outiciau.
215 Newcastle Street,
Jppector of Watches for Southern Railway. Time l.y Wire daily from Washington
OflillilßF/ Uhls
Jnst Received
AT E. EARLES, 203 Newcastle St.
Also a large assortment of children’s
ha tsand bonnets, laces, zephyrs, worst
ed’ hair goods and switches made to
order a specialty.
Bloodworth & Jones
New Livery Stables
New Buggies
Fine Horses
Prompt attention given all
orders. Drayage a spec
Phone 24-3. E St.
Hay, Grain, and
Ray near Mantfk-ld Sf.
GEORG! A-GLY x County.
To \a hom It may concern: JohnJ Spears h:s
applied for permanent letters of admmisna
lion upon the estate of John Campbell, of said
cotin'y, deceased, nd said matter will be hear!
•it the September term, 1000, of the court of or
dinary of said county. I.et objections, if any,
be 111wd on or before Monday, September 3.19 0
Augu.-L 6, 1900. HORACE DART,
Ordinary Glynn County, Ga.
Administrators Notice,
GEORGIA -Glynn County.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
hug applied to tho ordin irv of said county for
leave to tell land Tielonging to the entitle of
A man la Hughs and for the payment of debts
oi *nid eat mi:, said application will be beard
at tho regular term of the court of ordinary for
-aid county to he held on the first Monday in
September, 1900. This the 6th day of August,
1900. J. K. KMHB,
Administrator Eitftieof Amanda Hughs.
Breakfast Foods '•
fir Hoi Woailier.
Breakfast is the most im
portant meal of the day to
many business men. The
day starts with it, and if
thiugs go wrong at break
fast they are apt to go
wrong all day. Boy your
breakfast foods here and
yon will be sure of a good
meil and a good temper. I
Cream of Wheat,
Wheat Farina,
Pettijohn’s Breakfast
f 312 Newcastle Street.
L -
'[Confound “5
Those VUcsf‘%
3 Why don’t you kill them! |
Daisy Fly Killed
Attracts and kill. FLIES bf *-I
the million. Lasts all luma* f.
15 Centsi^
IS LSI ! I The Investor’s Fund pays semi-monthly.
The oldest established In America. No certificate
holder ha* ever lost a cent. Payments made to all
sutmcrlbersevery i.* days. No trouble. No delay.
Money refunded on demand. Write to day for pur
. tlculars, free to any address,
j (b K. MACKEY A CO.,
Bond Dept. No. 04. Hudson Building, New York,

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