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■lll 1 ■ ill HI
Bit tli Nans of Tlioss Wlia Are to bi Tr U Have
Not Beea Given oit bj ttie Officials.
A general oourtmartial baa been
ordered to naeemble at Savannah on
the 27th of August to try mob persona
as may be brought before it.
The offioUls in tt-e adjutant gener
al’s ollloe refuse to giye the names ot
any of the people to be put on trial or
the nature of the charges against
them. Th°y give as a reason for not
giving out the information, however,
taying that It would effect the pro
gress of the court to give the names of
the offenders before the court meets.
It is not known whether or not
there will bo any commissioned < tli
oers on trial, but, judging frum the
make-up of the court, which consists
of several high commlsaiontd cffloera,
it ia beijeved that there are some
tpioy charges to be aired.
The court will probably be in eea
aion for several days, aud it is eaid
tbat it will dear up the military
atmosphere around Savannah. There
has been considerable correspondence
between the adjutant general and the
Savannah cfllcera recently, and it is
believed that military obaunels in
Savannah are iu a wrangle about
Lieutenant David Barrow,of Savan
nah, a prominent young attorney, is
judge advocate of the oourt. Lieuten
ant Colonel Thomas S. Wyliy is presi
dent of the body.
The session of the oourtriiartial will
be held in the armory of the Sivannah
Volunteer [Guards, and will be con
ducted aooording to the ru'es pre
asribed for oourtmartial in the
United Slates army regulations.
The following order has been issued
by (be adjutant general calling for the
session and appointing the (Ulcers
who are to compose the tribunal:
“Speoial Orders, No. 161.
'*l. A general oourtmartial is ap
pointed to meet at Savannah, Ga., at
8 p, m., August 27, 1960, or as soon
thereafter as practicable, for tlio trial
of suob persons as may be properly
brought before it.
“Lieutenant Colonel Thoms* S.
Wyliy, Jr., First infantry.
“Major Thomas Screven, First in
“Captain I’atriok F, Gleason, First
“Captain Charles H. Richardson,
First infantry.
“Second Lieutenant Oeorge 11, Rich-
The Quakers Are
Honest People.
tThe Quaker Herb Ton
ic is not only a blood
purifier, but a Blood
m a k er for Pale, Weak
ami Debilitated people
who have not strength
nor blood. Itacteasn
tonic, it regulates di
gestion, cures dyspepsia
and lends strength and
- -■ i tone to the nervous sys
tem. It is a medicine for weak women.
It is a purely vegetable medicine, and
can be taken by the most delicate.
Kidney disease, Rheumatism and all
diseases of the Blood, Stomach and
Nerves soon succumb to its wonderful
effect on the human system. Thous
ands of people in Georgia recommend
it. Price SI.OO.
QUAKER PAIN BAI.M is the med
icine that the Quaker Doctor made all
of his quick cures with. It's anew and
wonderful medicine for Neuralgia,
Toothache, Backache, Rheumatism.
Sprains, Pain in Bowels; in fact, all
pain can be relieved by it. Price 2">o
and 50c.
a medicated soap for the skin, scalp
and complexion. Price 10c a cake
vegetable ointment for the cure of
tetter, eczema and eruptions of the
skin. Price 10c a box.
F. A. DILLINGHAM, Proprietor,
Folhill's Drug Store
ter, First infantry.
“First Lieutenant David C. Barrow,
First infantry, judge advocate.
“A greater number cf < Ulcers o moot
be assembled without injury to the
“Immediate example being neiee
•ary, the oourt will sit w.thout regard
to hours.
“By oommai.d of the governor.
“Acting Adjutant General, G. S T.”
The oourtmartial ia the only way the
officers have if rect fy lug matters, and
it may he ihat several others will be
convened in a short time.
There are various matters arising in
all the regiments that have to be set
tled occasionally, and the courtmertial
ie the only method by which it can be
It has been several monlbs sir.se s
court marital baa been in ses-inn in
Georgia, the last ore being held in
Atlanta, when a number of the m'litia
men were discharged from tlie State
for raidiog stores in a certa n town in
North Carolina, while en route borne
from New York .
Woman is often referred to by inau “doubling
his joys and halving bis sorrows.” That may be
complimentary, but It would seem to he rather
hard on the woman. For in plain terms it
means that whore things are going well with
the man,his wife makes them go better. But
when tilings are going ill with him, he expects
the wife to share half his burden. And there's
more truth than poetry in this presentation of
masculine selfishness. Men don't appreciate
the fact that the strain of motherhood
atone ia a burden higgor than all the
loads that re t upon male shoulders. They
see the wife grow lb n, pale, nervous and worn
without a thought that she is over-burdened.
Among the pleasant letters received by Dr
Cioree are those from husbands who have
waked up bofore it was too late to the crushing
burdens laid upon the wife, and in the search
for holp have found In Dr. Pierce's Favorite’
Prescription a restorative which lias given back
to the mother the health of the maiden and the
maiden’s happiness. “Favorite Prescription’’
always hoips, and almost always cures. It has
perfectly cured ninety-eight out of every hun
dred who have used it wlteu afllicted with dis
enses peculiar to women.
A woman says Die ram is too famii
iar when it begins to patter on the
Usd Drinking Water —Every one
suffers . greatly from the different
kinds of water he is compelled to
drink, and nothirg is so likely to
bring on an attaok cf diarrhoea.
Perry Davis’ Pain Killer is the only
safe, Quick and sure cure for it,
cramps and cholera morbus. Avoid
substitutes—there is but one Pain-
Ktlzsr, Perry Da v s’. Price 250 and
Some people deb for oompliments
with bated breath.
The laws of health require that the bowels
move once each (lay, and one of the , enalties
for violating this law is piles, Keep your bow
els regular by taklug a dose of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets w hen necessary
aud yon will never have that severe punishmen
Inflicted upon you. Trice, 2.1 cents. For sale
by Bishop's drug store
WANTED —One large unfurnished
room by a single gentleman; prefer
room in private residence; references
furnished, Address D, care T.mes-
FOR SALE —Cheap, handsome fur
niture. L, Times-Call.
Bears the a 11m Urf You Han Always Bsi#
Dont throw away the old suit until
you have teen .1 un Carter.
Have spells of “tired
feeling” now and then.
This feeling is caused
by some derangement
in the stomach, liver
kidneys or bowels, and
must be removed before
the natural vigor and
buoyancy of spirits can
be restored.
quickly corrects the dis
turbance, purifies the
bowels, helps digestion
and sends the blood
tingling through the
veins, carrying life and
renewed energy
throughout the system.
W. J. Butts, Special Apnt.
Wichita, Kansas, Aug. 24.—A novsl
met bod of formally opening tbe new
afreet car line from here to Fairmount
has been decided 00. Tbe opening day
will be entirely in charge of wofnen,
who will aot aa conductors, tbe pro
ceeds to go to charity, Tbe promoters
of tbe occasion are the Welles’ Cirole
of the King’s D .ugbtera and tbe Chil
dren’s Heme, The scheme has attraotn
ed much attention in this vicinity as
an instance of well pleased philan
Are grand, but skin eruptions rob
life of joy. Buckleo’s Arnica Stive
cures them; a!so, old, running and fe
ver sores, uloerg, boils, felons, corns,
warts, outs, bruises, burns, soaids,
chapped hand a , chilblains. Best pile
cure on earth. Drives out pains and
aches. Only 25 cents a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by all druggists.
It’s only natural for a fellow to feel
cheap wb°n bis saltry has been re
If you have a baby in the house, you will wish
to know tne best way to check any unusual
looseness of the bowels, or diarrhoea so com
mon to childrcu. O. r. M. Holliday, of Demlug,
I lid., who has an eleven months* old child, says:
“Through the months of June and July our
baby was teething and took a running of the
bowels aud sickness of the stomach. His bow
els would move from five to eight times a day
I had a bottle of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy in the house, and gave
him four drops in a teaspoonful of wa er and
he got better at once.” For sale by Dr. Bishop's
dreg store.
When in need, call on J.
W. Watkins. He loans mo
ney on personal property.
Jim Carter represents Wanamaker.
Tern.. From Ail Over G o gia We]
Tk P r
Tie arproaebieg litle icon e-t r>
Aviinilal- r ng l , S pi*. 3 aid 4. unde
he au p.ce* of i lie S a’e in |r m, i'!
o tie biggest mi liary iv nt f lie
v-ar in Georgia. Colonel G orge T.
atir, who is to have ctmrgr of tbr
hoot, w>ll in a few days le-ue an nr
(er giv ng the final and, t> 11 aid ag' -
g'beiffic-rs who aie 'o s-ei-t hio
.•I their sever 1 position?. This mil’
arj evriii 1,. a'Daned a't’iui r all
ter th- S at-, and G. In: ei Oat n ro
■.a assurances tbat something 1 ke 3<>
earns w 1 be on the range dur.ng the
wo days if the contra . This will r<-
quire that 16 learns work b ir way
var the ra-ge at one time, with pos
silly ten men on the skirmsh line,
'hat would require ibe pre ence ot
17 i fillers on tbe range, ekoh man Ir
charge of 8 fini g rqusd. It is 'o be
seen that it it> no little thug to pul
ff an event of tbia character.
C (lone! Cann baa heard from mili
tary org.n zaliora in all .icionsol
Georgia that announo their tr 'e ’tior
of cum g hereto enitr teams. From
the present u lnuk there will b“ two
teams each fiom Waycros , A bary
aid Allan's, aid t-ama from Bruns
w 1 rk, Valdoeta, Thcmaavill •, Cu t.ber'.
Fort Gaines, Americua, Haitibr dge,
Culumbu’, Macon, Augusta, States
boro, and Liberty oounty. B tid u s
this, them will be tbe Savam ah t.i m ,
consia'ing of one from eaoh company
in tbe F rst regiment of iofnn'rj, the
Naval reserves, the Chatham Art Pe
ry, rut iht G orgia Hussars. Tins ig
going to make tbe contingent s tine
one, and (bi- shoot, it ia believed, ill
reguil in increased in erest in military
events in Georgi -.
The Cnarles Marks medal, v liicb is
to be cootes’ed for at tbia shoot for
tbe llret t me,will be epeo to a t> r m o'
live men making ibe highest. >cores,
without regard to team in tbe mm
pany matches, by shooting at the 200,
300, 600 aid 600 yard ranges, five shote
at eaoh range, and ten ahots on the
A revolver match has also just b en
ariarged. This ia open to teams from
any regiment, battalion or oompany,
(infantry, cavel'y, artillery, or naval
reserve,) using 38 or 46-calibre revol
vers, wi h service eights, and not Lea
than three-pound trigger pull, at 50
yards, at an eleplioal bulleeye target,
ten abote to eaob mao , ammunition
original.-Savannah Press.
The woman who is lovely in face,
fotm and tempo', will always have
friends, but one wbo would be attract
ive must keep ber health. If sbe is
weak, sickly and all run down, sbe
will bs nervous and firriuble, If sbe
has constipation or kidney trouble,
ber impure blood will cause pimples,
blotchee, skin eruption*, and a wretch
ed complexion, E'ectric Bitters is tbe
best medioioe io tbe world to regulate
•tomacb,'liver and kidneys, and to
purify tbe blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexion. It will mske
a good-1 loking, charming woman of a
run-down invalid. Only 50 oeots at
all drug storea.
Southern Railway announces rate
of one dollar for round trip to Savan
nah every Sunday tickets limited to
date of sale. Notice is givsn that
no baggage will be checked on excur
sion tickets sold at rate of $1 for round
trip via Southern Railway:
Dr. C. M. Gowen will ba absent
from the city for a month.
Now is the time to make tbe old suit
do its best. See Jim Carter.
[9OO Drops]
AVcgetable PreparationforAs
similating iltcFood andßegula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ness and Rest. Contains neither
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral.
fam/Jun SeuL~ \
Abe. Senna * )
ReAuMe Sails - I
Anise Seed. *■ 1
Mrm,Se+d- l
ma*y/**t Flavor. /
Aperfecl Remedy forConstipa
lion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
Alb inonlliV old
J) Dosi S 7 MS
725lB— BBEaiMB—E3B£' JBSBa—
, V^/N/N/VN^N/WFWB/\^/^r>/WN/V^/V^V^WWWW/a/VWV>/N/WVWWW/N^WV'i
: AHig^D,r tution SHORTER COLLEGE, S, A . \
i | 1 —■ " —■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Situation Beautiful. Climate delightful and Invigorating. Health record J
( 4 unparalleled. Home comforts, careful supervision. Young girls received. Alls
i .A live with the faculty in the college. Bulldlnic* worth 9150,000 FqiilpiiM-nt \
1 t • excellent, well appointed laboratories, good gymnasium, etc. Faculty, large, C.
ie* /~X~?t. 'PSr - a and composed of aide and experienced professors. Couraea extensive and C i
i ’C—JI *■ -fcrV JL thorough, in line with those given in the leading universities. A large Endow- r *
i l * 77 A.rtßy.Wbjy } men!, ensuring students superlative advantages at moderate cost. The Trustees J.j
I f t fcd ' j'.W - grant a nuniher of scholarships to deserving yi’iing ladies Art and Elix’Utlon /
i 5 lMa] departments ably conducted >1 ulc Fitfully unsurpassed in America; musical \
J w ■ Ssv**®!ihll equipment excel It-lit. A PRIZE PIANO (gift of a generous friend of V
! WMiJSm :7* iU* .jf. fc J BpIBOBSMI education,, to he awarded for the lies! work I Ins is nt u n-t liouaitiid-dollHr l
l*H\ i* Plano -perhaps the grandest musical prize ever offered r_:
* 1 iu an y *’ollege hi the world During the past term all space was tilled. Young f”:
I I f ß **-- ladies would do well to make early application for admission in September.
' 1 -- - Write President Simmons for a catalogue, which will he sent free, postpaid. V
.77777777 read~lh>wn “ ” ' head Tip 77777777
No. 87 NO.SB. Tim© T&bi© : No. 88 NO. O
Passenger Mixed NO. 35 5 11 a enger | Mixed j .....
Effective Sunday, Daily. Daily !!7! 77
Daily. Daily. May 27 12:01 am ......
VA vv A VCKOas tt .vIO.N
7. 715 am. 7 500 pm jLv Brunswick Ar 112© pin 10 15 am 7777777
7 10am.. 1120 pm.. Ar Washington Lv 307 pm 430 am
Direct connection made at Wavcross with trirou n ’'ullman Sleeping Cars
Charleston, and all points North; also fo ; Mont, < mery, Birmingh in, Nashville, St. Louit i
aud all points West,
Reeling chair ch s between Waycross and Montgomery via Thomaßvillo. I
Between Port Tampa, Key West and Havana. 4 J
I.v Tort Tampa 10 00 pm Mon. Thurs. Sat. lit navnna 2 30pm Mon. Wed and Ba,
Ar Key West 8 0 > pm Tues. Fri. Sun I Ar Key West S 00 pnr Mon. Weil and Sat
Lv Key Wests 00 pm Tues. Fri. Sunday ILv Key West 10Of p. m. Mon. wid and Sat."
Ar Havens 6 00 am Wed. Sat Mon I Ar Port Tampa 2 30 am Tues. Thu* and Sun
8. R. KNOTT, Vice President, Savannah, Ga ~ ~ 4k
WB. DENHAM, fiKO. W, (JOt I h)> Tt w n pitm'v A
General Supt Division Pass. Agent. Pass Traffic tier A
savannah, Ga Brunswick, v, a. Savannah, dl
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the / x
Signature /Aju
of w
a Jjv In
hX> Use %
W For Qvej;
Thirty Years

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