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fhe Brunswick Times.
Established 1889.
The Brunswick Call.
Established 1892.
The Brunswick Times-Cal! |
ROLAND A. MULLINS, Business Manager
I in i>Klet)inrpe 810ck,211 F Street
OrrICE j uslkFHOH* NO 81.
Subscribers are requested to notify the oftlcc
when they fell to get any Issue of the Tltnee-
CalL Attention to this matter will be appre
ciated by the publishera.
The Tlmes-Call will be Delivered by
carrier or mail, per year. 86.00; per week 16
cents. Correspondence on live subjects
solicited. Real nama of writer should ac
company same Subscriptions payable in
advanae. Failure to receive paper should be
reported to the business office. Address all
c immunications to
Brunswick, Ga.
Tom Sharkey probably realizes the
fact now that he is no prize tighter.
Roosevelt’s St. Taul speech Is becom
ing very paramount, personally speak
It is so hot in Burlington, lowa, in
the sun, that umbrellas catch afire and
burn up.
The Empress of China can never hope
to beat the sprinting records of Oom
Paul or Aguinaldo.
Spellbinders are hurrying to Maine.
The Tom Reed ttate is considered very
apathetic to say the least.
Mr, Bryan will bj able to show in
November that he is a true expansion
ist in both territory and votes.
In order to keep cool in Chicago Us
people arc compelled to abstain from
a study of Director Merriam’s state
ment of its population.
The republican papers are trying to
ekplain why there is such a rapid de
crease of the betting vote on McKinley.
The decline goes on, however.
The Columbus Rodger enters a protest
against the cruel and Inhuman treat
ment of the poor coloied man by the
brutal tnobs of New York and Chicago.
A g’.rl baby has been born to Mrs. Geo.
Vanderbilt in Biltmore bouse. Mr
Vanderbilt announces that her name
will p, Cornelia otuyvesant. The lit
tlestranger is heir to a fortune of S3O
Congressman Brantley will begin a
canvass of the Eleventh district about
September Ist. This is not necessary,
though of course the people would like
to ht ar the brilliant young orator and
statesman discuss the issues of the day
■—Ocilla Dispatch.
Mr. McKinley, it is stated, has de
cided to remain in Washington until
after the Chinese muddle has assumed
more or less definite shape. A govern
ment official made ihe statement to the
press yesterday that the president de
Cided to give his personal attention to
everyihing that may develop in China
from now until there is a settlement of
exiatiug conditions, and in lino with
that resolve would probably cancel his
appointment to participate in the ap
proaching exercises of the G. A. 1J , at
The mob in Akron seems to have been
ths genuine article. It did not have
even a definite purpose. Starting out to
lynch a negro accused of assault upon a
young girl, the mob presently found it
self destroying public pro,city —an act
ion that could not by the greatest
stretch of the imagination be made to
line up with the original purpose. A
million or so dollars worth of yalual'le
city property has been destroyed, the
police force cowed and put to flight, the'
fire department men driven from their
I machines and prevented from doing
ilieii work, then the mob dispersed, each
member probably asking himself what
good bad been accomplished and bow in
thunder he happened to be mixed up in
such a foolish affair.
Mostly boys and young men, says the
report of the occurrence That phrase
is significant. The matured citizen is
slow to take part in lawlessness. He
knows the futility of it, and besides, he
is aware that respect for law Is the best
guaranty of the safety of lives and
property. The youth, however, has
neither experience nor self-interest to
guide him. He allows the fancy of the
moment to influence his conduct. An
other important point is that the young
men of the day are far less patient with
the negro than the elder whiles—and
this is true in all parts of the count y
Tho mob in New Orleans was mostly
composed of boys; in New York many
youths were seen taking part in the pro
ceedings These young men havo no
knowledge of old-time troubles, old
time relations, and nothing but an aca
demical acquaintance with the issues
that led up to the war of 1861 60s. They
regard the colored man as something
apart, and they are fierce in fomenting
discord between the races, i’ossibly al
so the character of the negro is change
lng. There is certainly visible a great
er readiness on the part of the negroes
to be offensive, to be on the lookout for
■lights, and to demonstrate that they are
“as good as other people,” and perhaps
just a little bit better.

Mark Hanna when asked why the
Hon. Thomas B . Keed declined to par
ticipated in the Maine campaign vouch
sated the explanation that the distin
guished ex-speaker of the national home
of representatives was “a very busy
man.” And et it develops ttat Mr.
Reed is speuding the summer at his
cottage near Grand Beach, Me , enjoy
ing the delights of old ocean and throw
ing dull care to the winds generally.
A committee of his old fellowcitizens
of Maiuc called upon him not long ago
and urged him to enter the but they
were unable to move him out of hil re
Mr. Keed cannot consistently support
McKinley. While speaker of the house
lie was the lion In the president's path
He would not agree to the administra
ion’s policy of reckless territorial ag
grandizement, and retired from congi ess
on that account, lie has been most se
vere in his comments upon the policy,
and he could not now In good con
science recant and seek to vote for a
man whom he believes to be an absolute
dcstrive to the country’s institutions. It
he should take the slump in McKinley’s
behalf his owu utteranc.s would return
aud plague him.
The Times-Call of Bruuswick came
out as an eight-page folio on August 10,
which improvement is remain perma
nent. Comrades AluTius and Leavy,
publishers of this most excellent papier,
made a long step forward iu this pro
gressive move. The business men and
citizens of Brunswick and Giynn coun
ty appreciate this effort and will sustain
it by bestowing upon the Timks-Cali.
the liberal patronage the editors and
publishers richly deserve.—lluskin Com
ing Nation:
The record of the Glynn county com
missioners is one that the taxpayers # of
thii county should feel proud of Chair
man Ogg devotes a great deal of his
time to the cause of the people, and the
Times Cali, takes this occasion to in
form him that the good work is appreci
ated .
A tew more yeirs of Mr. Ogg and his
able board will put Glynn in an envia
ble financial condition.
Brunswick baseball club, assisted
by an umpire, won a twelve inning
game from Waycross a few weeks ago
by a score of 4to 3. The Magic City
boys are of the opinion that they can
wipe up the diamond with Brunswick,
and would like to get a return game
from the City-by-tbe-Sea.—Waycross
Brunswick has a strong boys’ team
and the Waycross people may arrange a
game with them.
Cannon Farrar.
Yon who will go forth on the path of
life to meet the Lord Jesus, the bride
groom, beware but of one conscious,one
admitted, one unresisted Bin, Nothing
quenches so surely the holy lamp. You
may try to think of the sin as venial;
You may try to hold each fresh conver
sion thereof light; but it is even thus
that star he star, the whole heavens fade
away from tho human soul: even thus
that one by one its excellences vanis 1 ,
its virtues faint, its graces cease to
shine. As when a man descends slowly
into some dark mine and carries a taper
in bis hand, and knows tkat so long as
the flame of that taper burns bright and
clear,so long the atmosphere he breathes
is sale; but as be gets lower the flame
begins to contract and to grow pale, spd
then to waver, and, at last, as the foul
'og damps surround and imprison it ex
pires with a sickenfng fume; even sj ii
is, alas. With him with, from the sun
light of God's countenance, descends
deepe r and deeper—with coubcwus stlf
surrender, with willing guilt, with un
resisting will —into tne deep, dark un
derground of a besetting sin.
Never let us despair of ourselves;
never let ue despair of others. There is
a light that lighteth every mau that
cometh into the world. We may aim
it as with the darkness of the mine; we
may make it bum low, as jn the yapors
of the charnel house—but quench it
quite finally and utterly we cannot.
,'Our lamps are gone out,” ssy the fool
ish virgins in the parable, but it is in
the original, not "our lamps are gone
out,” but “our lamps are being quench
ed. are going out.”
Therefore I bid you take courage.
Even if iu your slothfulness the lamp
has burned too low, even if in your
sinfulness it has been all but smother
ed, yet. oh believe that even now there
is One who will not quench the smok
ing llax, there is a breath of God which
even now, like a stream of fire, can re
kindle the smouldering flame.
Deafness Oannot Be Cared
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of tbe mucous lining ol the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube gets in
flamed, you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing; and whin it is en
tirely closed, deafness is he result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal con
dition, hearing wi’l be destroyed forever.
Nine cases out of ten are caused by ca
tarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed '
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & Cos , Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall’s Family Pi!ts are the best.
Tilt JBiiy Girl
Often changes to the jaded woman. "I
ern’t see what’s come over Mary • she
used to be such a jolly girl,” wa£ the
remark of a young woman visiting a
_ . married school
mate. Marriage
changes a wom
*&&& sequence of
marriage rob
weakness. It
L.. . makes weak
women strong and sick women well.
<i For two years I had been a sufferer from
chronic diseases and female weakness.” writes
Mrs Allen A. Bobfon. of 1135 Rodman Street,
Philadelphia. Pa. "I had two different doctors,
and they gave me medicine which only relieved
me for a time, Mv niece advised me to
take Dr Pierce’s Favorite Prescrintion. I con
cluded that to open a correspondence with yon
for your advice would be safest, so I did, and
have tarn highly benefited. I find that after
taking sis 1 .-tiles of ’Favorite Prescription’and
five of ' Gold.!; Medical Discovery ’ and follow
ing yoi-r advice t r*Krd to local treatment, I
am now a strong woman Accept my sincere
thanks fot tile interest rn iahested in my case
and the happy results obtained,”
Sick women are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce by letter free. Correspondence pri
vate; Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N.Y.
Shanghai, Aug. 25.—W. W. Rock
bill, special commissioner of the United
States to China, who was appointed by
President McKinley to personally in
spect and report on conditions in China,
arrived here today. Mr. Rockhil has
signified his Intention to proceed north
ward to Tien Tein at ones and wi Ibe
gin his investigations without delay.
The Remedy forScemaoh and Bowel Troubles
“I have been in the drug business for
twenty years, and have sold most all of
the proprietary medicines of aDy note
Among the entire list J. have never found
anything to equal Chamberlain’s Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remeey for all
stomach and bowel troubles,” says O.
W. Wakefield, of Columbus, Ga. “This
remedy cured two severe cases of cholera
morbus in my family, and I have recom
mended and sold hundreds of it to toy
customers to their entire satisfaction. It
affords a quick and sure cure in a pleas
ant torn. No family should be without
it. I keep it in my house at all times.”
For sale by Dr. Bishop's drug store,
DeVoe can please you with the best
groceries to be had,
Tbe lack of energy you f,e! the
backache and a run down condition
generally, all mean kidney disorder.
Foley’s Kidney Cure will restore your
6trergth and vigor by tusking the
kidneys well. Take no substitute.
W. J. Butts.
Blessed is tbe man who is unable to
ob’ain oredit- for he will have no
debts to pay.
V. B. Conklin, Bowersville, 0., gays: “I re
ceived more benefit from FOLEY’S KIDNEY
CURE than from months of treatment by phy
sicians.” Take no substitute. W. J. Butts.
A dry goods cleik dtflnes a counter*
irritant as a woman who insists upon
examining the entire stock, and dees
not buy anything.
A Minister’s Good Work,
“I had a severe attack of bilious colic, got a
’ bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud
Diarrhoea Remedy, took two doses and was en
tirely cured,” ssys Rev. A. A. Power, of Empo
ria, Kan. u My neighbor across the st eet wag
sick for over a week, had twoor ihiee boitles o
medicine from the doctor. He used them for
three or four days without relief, then called iu
another doctor who treated him for some days
and gave him uo relief, so discharged him. I
went over to see him the next morning, Me
said his bowels were in a terrible fix, that thej
! had been running off so long that it was almost
blood y flux. I asked him If he had tried Cham
berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
and he said, ‘No.* I went home and brought
him my bottle and gave him one dose; told him
to take .another dose in fifteen or twenty min
utes if he did not find relief, but he took no
more, and was entirely cured. I think it the
best medicine I have ever tried.” For sale by
Dr. Bishop's drug store.
Willi buy a Model 59 Columbia Chaiuless Bicycle,
Will buy a Model 51 Ladies Chainless Bicycle.
Will buy a Ladies Cushion Frame Bicycle. This is
something nice. Try one —buy one!
sls 00 to $20.00
W ill buy a good Ladies’ or Gents’ Bicycle, at the
downing co.
A CD E3l Ij I E£T F 2 ? S=3
Of Stone. Brick and Frame Buildings
Manufacturers of Cement, Tile and.Artificial Stone.
' bargains in
A clearance sa'?? to make room for nevv goods. '
{ t Uit ’ 5 WoH b S4O, now $29.
I u o fr, *‘ rafor ’ WOr, M-0 OoW sls.
" and Room Simp, 3 pipcee, worth $25, now $lB
Bed Louigpg, worth $lO, row sl2.
Centre Tables 50 cents to $6.
Eoe Cream Fnoz-rs wor:b $2.50 at $1 98 j
mdl.’haifs' a,Bortine,,l; of Sideboards, Cupboards Bp
Prices Belowllie Market. WSm‘
CHUE HALL, Proprietor
You can get tue best the market affords by eating here
215 grant st.
/pyfp FT! DR. MOFFETT’S * Aliays Irritation, Aids Digestion,
I jITCT USM /l * e S ulatcs Bowels.
I tt I HIN/l
pig j -JL- (Teething Powders) XJL TEETHINA Relieves the Bow.*
fosts on 'y 25 cents at Druggists, Troub ANY age!™ *
°rma aScontsto C. J, MOFFETT, M.D..ST. LOU is, r.'
- HUHUU.D I> kpi'Uii i im ...... n iim
tip to 'he required standard means failure to form part of our stock of Wines and
Liquors. Only that which is good value for pioney is offered.
206 Bav Street.
Macon auu IjHiiitnute uu.n’s College. Primary, Academic, Music, Art,
Elocution and Business courses. Small classes. Individual work. New
buiiding. Horn-life. Pupils enter Vasssr, Wellesley and Randolpb-Macon
xr* xV-^' eM . ,on b, ‘* :iDB e P t,,m ber 6th. For illustrated catalogue'
address Mrs. T\ , I. Chandler, Principal,Llewllyn D. ouutt, Associate Principa

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