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5m ('hits
Actifleasant/y andfivmpt/y.
Cleanses the System
Gently and Effectually
when bilious or costive.
Presents in the most acceptable/cum
the laxative principles of plants
/known to act most bene/tcially.
for safe by druggtsfs - prict 50* per bo fT ?fo m
You don’t need the doctor
for every little trouble, but
you do need in the house a
trusty remedy for times of
danger. Thousands are saved
by having at hand
; a certain cure for disorders of
; the Liver, Kidneys and Blad
der. Use It at once for lame
bi£k, furred tongue, lost ap
petite and changes In urine or
1 SI a bottle, at druootata.
•T. UMN, NO.
> BUTTS, The Druggist.:
Wall Paper
—at tue—
502 Monk St.
■co b* found in nnr display
Trimmed iiaxh,
or quickly developed in work
rooms from tbe large andKeautiful
assortment of Millinery o#da in our
Milliners of artistic tastes and deft
fingers produce hats wbich equal in
style and attractiveness many of tbe
biffh priced imported models.
Our prices are not the least pleasing
part of cur offerings.
Matters 8a and to Be in a State of Great
Ccnfusion in the Texas City.
Reports hom Galve.ton safe that
toiurance matte, sin the stricken city
are in a eta'e of gteat confusion. Prob
ah'y every insurar.ee company doing
business in Texas has a special ago t
or other representatives on there, ne,
but many who come lrom other points
are unable to effect an entrance into
thecltj on account of the martial law
which now prevails there.
While the less of life and damage
to property is great, the losses will be
pretty well Scat ered among a great
many comp >niei, and no one company
will suffer* very heavy losses, in all
p: ob.lity.
The Insurance companies -tfre there
fore not particularly unersy as far as
they themselves are concerned, and out
of a spiv t of humanity no great efforts
will be made to ascertain the statu*
thore frdSl an insurance standpoint un
til the prrs-nt suffering is relieved. It
will probably he a month lefore all
claims can be ascertained,
Representatives of some Insurance
companies at Galveston are among the
dead there.
C*l4 Steel or Death.
“There Is tint one small chance to .are jonr
ite aud tnst i through an operation," was the
awful prospect eet before Mrs. 1. .B. Hunt, of
Lime Ridge, Wta., by her doctor after vainly
trying to cure her of a frightful case of stomach
trouble and yellow jaundice. Ue didn't count
on the marvelous power of Electric Bitters to
euro Stomach and Liver troubles, hut she
beard of it, took eeven bottles, was wholly
cured, avoided aurgeon's knife, now weighs
morMend feels ever. It's positive
ly guaranteed to cure Stomach, Liver and Kip.
ucy troubles and uover disappoints. Price SO,
! at all drug stores.
Misses. Gale’s select private school
will open Oot. 1 at their residence, 70S
E street.
Thorough instruction is given in
primary, intermediate and collegiate
departments. This institution of
learning is of seven years’ standing,
and the teachers are progressive, em
ploying sli the new and improved
method, of instruction.
Russell’s Chill and Feyer
Tdflic is acknowledged to be
the Best on the market,
every bottle guaranteed.
For sale by all druggists.
The following; valuable building lote,
charmingly aituated in the resident
portion of the city, ai*e for sale on eaey
135x180, on Union street, running
back to Reynolds street. This piece
of property oan be divided into six
lots, 45x00 eacb, tbiee frootlng on
Union and three on Reynolds streets,
and is situated immediately north of
the residence of Mr; Glauber. Lot on
the east side of Union street, opposite
residenoe of Mr. John H. McCul
lough, 00x180 feet, can be divided into
four;lots 45x90; two fronting on Union
and two on Ellis streets. Lots 180x180
feet, cornering on Albany, Albemarle
and Amherst streets,scan be divided
into eight lots, 45i90 feet each. Also
lots on Gloucester street, between Al
bany and Amherst streets, and lots on
Albany, between Gloucester and F
streets; and on Amherst street, be
tween Gloucester aud F streets. To
anyone wishing desirable building
lots, either for tbeir own residence or
for rent, cannot fail to be satisfied with
these locations. For further Informa
tion apply to
J. E. ncßiosot).
GEORGIA, Glynn County.
Will be sold before the courthon.se door in
said count*, on the first Tuesday In October,
IQO, w.thin the legal hours of sale, to too
highest blfcdei for cash, certain property of
which the following is a full and complete de
scrip tiotytowit: That certain undivided one
eighth interest of, ift and to that certain lot or
tract of land lying and being in the City of
Brunswi k, county of Glynu and State of Geor
gia, and known and designated in the plan of
said town and-city as the eastern one-half of
Town Commons lot number on-hnndred and
fifty-8 x (156), said lot one hundred and fifty six
being bounded as follows, towit: On the north
by Jti street, on the east by Albany street, ou
the south by lot number one hundred and flftr
seven (157), and ou the est by Wolf street.
Also, a certain undivided one half of. in and
to that certain tract, lot or parcel of land situ
ated in the State of Georgia, county of Glynn,
and City of Brunswick, and in that portion of
the City of Brdnswick known ns Town Com
mons aud described as follows, towit; The
western one half of Town Commons lot num
ber one hundred ana fifty-six (156) and ini
provem nts thereon west of Cochran *vmnw.
Also, a certain undivided one half interest of.
in and to that portion of that certain tract lit,
or parcel ofland in the State of Georgia and
county of Glynn, and In the City of Bruns
wick therein, and known and designated upon
the Town Commons map of said city as that cer
tain northwestern corner section of Town Com
mons lot nnmber one hundred and thirty nao)
between Amhert aud Albany streets, being rec
tangular in ahap*, having ends thirty (<{)) feet
and sides ninety v 9( f et, which is raoro min
utely bounded as follows,towit: enthe north
by Towu Common lot number one hundred and
twenty nine (129) ninety feet, on the east by
Amherst street thirty feet, on the sonth by the
southern portion of said lot number one hun
dred and thirty ninety and on the west, by
the eastern p>rtton of said lot number one hun
dred nnd thirty thirty feet:
Said property levied on as Use. property of R.
T. Hitch to Satisfy an execution issued from the
City Court of Brunswick in and for saifr county
in favor of English-American Loan and Trust'
Company against, said 8. T. Hitch; said prop
erty being in possession of R. T. Hi ch. .Levy
made and returned to me by U. S. Pyles, depu
ty f heriff. This September 5,1900.
Also nt the same time apd place
the following described property towit:
That oeriatu lot tract or parcel of land situ
ate lying and being in the city of Brunswick,
county of Glynn and state of Georgia known
and described qu Summons map of said city as
Oixville lot No. l,east •( Gordon and south of
Prince streets. Levied on as property of estate
E, 0. P. Dart, under and by virtue of an exe
cution issued by H. J Read, tax collector,for
state and county taxes due for the year 1899
amount of tax SI,BB with interest aud ulr
Levy made and returned to me by R. S.
Pyles, deputy aberill,
Also nt the same time and place,
the following described property to-wit: That
certain lot, tra t. or paroe* of land lying eituate
and being in the city of Brunswick, Glytau
Cos. Ga.Jtnowu and described on Baldwin’s map
made in the year 1887. of said city as the West
ern one fourth of Old Town lot No 41 b Levied
on as the property of Lucy Drayton, under aud
by virtue of an execution Issued by H. J.
Read, tax collector for state and chanty taxes
due tor the year 1899, amount of tax, $7.81 with
interest hud all costs. Levy made aud returned
to rue by lti S. Fyles, deputy sheriff.
Also at the same time and place, the
following described property, to-wit; That
certain lot, tractor parcel of land lying situ
ate nnd being in the city of Brunswick, county
of Glynn, state of Georgia, and known
and described on Baldwin’s map of
said city, made in the year 1837 as
Old Town lot No 479. Levied on as tlio prop
erty of F. M. Dart and children under by
virtue of an execution issued by 11. J. Read,tax
collector, for state and county taxes due for the
year 1899, Amount of tax $61.25,,with interest
and all costs, l-evy made aml returned to mo
by U. f?, Pyles,.deputy sheriff* x jL
Also at the acme time ttr&'. *pTac6, the
following described property <o*Wit: All
that certain lot or paaceL ot land
situate ana lying in the city of Brnnswick, in
the Evansville addition theitftfT and known as
Kvausvfllc lot No. 41. jA , vit‘d.‘bn as the prop
erty of R. 11. ABton, tinder nnd by virtue of an
execution issued by U. J. Read, tax collector,
for state and. county* taxes due for the year 1N99
amount of tax $17,75, with interest and all costs
J<evy made and returned J<*Bio by R. S.J’yles,
deputy sheriff. *
Also at thu time anil place, the
following desermea propei ty towir: All thl
lot or tract or lAM’O.el of situate, lying and
being in the cify bt Brunswick, county of
Glynn, state otXjteorgih, known as the north-j
woit one-fourth Of Old Town lot No 1(19. Lev
ied ou an the property of W. A. Jeter under
and by virtue of an execution issued by il. ,1.
Read, tAix collector, for state uud county taxes
due for the ve ir 1898. Amount of tux s*2s with
interer't and all co-ts. made and returned
to me by R. ft. A'yiefl t riepuvy / *!ierifl.
Also at the same time and place, tbe
following described property towit: The lease
hold interest in and to the southeast one half
of Town Commons lot No/181 between .Stone
wall and Cochran avepuea. Levied on as the
property of James and Hattie Render under
and by yirlric of an execution issued by 11. J.
Read, tax collector, f<Jr *tate and county taxes
due for the year 1898, Amount, of taxsr>.stf with
interest and all eort*. Levy cgfede and returned
to me by U. ,S. Pyles, doiiUiyjpifM n.
Also at the and place
one Peerless Job printing chases and
rollers. Levied on and Hold rm she property of
r. a. heavy under and by vJrm<* Qf an ex
ecution issued from Glynn Sjmw-ripr dourt In
favor of A. Kaiser <& lb other ftb,d against
C, a. Leavy, principal, and it. It. Hopk*m and
11. 11. security on replevy bond for s7l
principal,s7.2s interest aud $21.2$ cont.
Also at the name time ami place
the following described property towit: All
that lot, or tractor parcel of land situate, lying
anp being in Miocttyof Brunswick, county of
Glynn and state of Georgia, in the New Town
of said tffty, being the northwest one-half of jot
No 2269. Levied on as the properly of Elvira
Moore under and by virtue of an execution is
sue 1 by 11. .J. Hi ad. lax collector, for state and
county taxes due for the year : ftn. Amount of
tax $5.76 with interest md all- costs. Levy
made and returned to me by It. 8, py lea, depu
ty sheriff. , *
Also at llio same time ami place
to the highest nod best bidder, the
followug described real estate and im
provements thereon to Wit: The undivided
one-sixth interest of U. Dart in and to that
certain tract, lot or parcel of land in said city of
Brunswick and known on Baldwin,* map of
Bald city made in 1K37 a*l)d Town lot No. I7'J:
said lot being bounded on the north l.v V
Mtreot, on the by Udion street, find on the
west by Reynolds strort. Levied on ns the
property of Bald defendant, U. Dai t, to satisfy
an execution out of the Huperior court of said
county. Principal $:;51..'5n. besides interest and
cost. Written notice of levy given defendant
as iequired by law. Ixjvy made and returned
to me by R. b. Pyles, deputy sheriff.
W. 11. REBRIE,
Sheriff Glynn County, Ga.
Alto at the same time and place that car
tain other It raot 01 parcel of land in the Tows
Commons of Brunswidk. Georgia, and known
as the western one half of Town Commons lot
No. 71; said western half of said lot containing
76x100 feet facing on Jonson street in said city.
Levied on as the property of D, D. Cameron io
satisfy that certain mortgage fi. fa. In favor of
George Johnson for principal 9284.80, besides
intore-t* and costs. Written notice Of levy
given defendant as required by law. Levy
made and returned to me bv K. B.Pries, depu
ty sheriff. \V. 11. BERKIE.
Sheriff Glynn County,Ga.
Will be sold before the court house door in
the city of Brunswick, Glynn county. Georgia,
during the legal bourn of nale on the flint Toes
day In October, neat, that certain lot or tract
of land situate, lying and being in the 27 dis
trict G. M.j Glynn county,Georgia, and known
as a part of Col nel’a Island, containing 45 acres
more or less, bounded north by Blythcback
river aud Fancy Bluff creek, south by part of
said island, laid out. in city lots, east by Blythe-
‘ c f? r * and , Wcst by said city lots And Fan
i,V c ‘ ee f i - levied on and sold as the
! ° r , tlle South Brunswick Railway
“ n<l bv virtue of a tax fl. fa.is
*-ri fr' ‘Hiam a Wright, comptroller-gen
orßla in I'vorof Glynn county for
' ’ J axeB due for is 99, and against said rail
company. This September ft, 190*. ■
W.U.BERRIK,Sheri fl\
- .. :T'
I’l liuc SALK,
n.? I ,'" 01 County.
*y v 1 rl 116 of a power of sale con*
A u i- 1 ? er ! aitt des to secure debt from
e !L. • UK * e , to l-o American Building Loan
and iotttine Savings Association, of Memphis,
'y l \ H ’ h 4fid recorded in Book L. L.,foi
-1 VV re 9.bl’ds of said county, refei ence to
wmUi deed and the record of same is had for
all purposes—(the said lleleu g. Rice having
slore5 lore than six months defaulted in paying
the dues and interest which slm in htr said
deed to secure debt obligated herself to pay,)
there willbe sold lieforethe door of the court
house, in Brunswick, Georgia, between the leg
al hours of sale, on the first Tuesday m October
1900, to the highest and best bidder for cash, the
following lots of. land, (anife the •™*'ret"s:nent£
vhereon; described on afITT in the map and piau
of the city of Brunswick made by George It.
Baldwin, as Now Town lots Numbers 1882.1888,
1881,1885 and 1888. To bo sold as the properly
said Helm G. Itieefor the purpose of paying
the indebtedness seoured by said deed; princi
pill being $477.51, bosides Interest. du-8, line#;
etc. Pin chaser pays for titles. This August
Mist, 1900.
By American Building and Ton tine Sav
ings Association, of Memphis, Toun„ At
toruey in Fact.
Attorney for said Association.
GBOBGIA—GIynn County.
By virtue of an ordcr.of the court of Ordinary
of said county, will be so dat public outcry ou
the first. Tuesday in Octolier, 1909, before the
court houito door in said county, between the
usual hours of sale, all that certain lot, tract
or parcel Of land lying and being in Haid Btate
and county and in the city of Brunswick, and
being described according to the survey and
plan of satcHdty made by George It. Baldwin,
civil engineer, in IBs7, asfollows, towit: 821-2
feet by 45 Uio eastern 1-4 of Old Town
lot number 537, having tho following courses,
distance* and medsuremouts: Commending at
a point on the western lno of C chran aven
ue 2ft feet south of the southern line of London
street,and running thence south along the
western line of Cochran avenue 321-2 feet;
thence running westerly ai right angles 45 feet;
thence running northerly at right angles 52 1-2
feet, and thence easterly at right angles 45 feet
to the point of beginning. Said land belonging
to tho estate of Amanda Hughn, deceased.
Terms cash. This tho 7th day of September,
1800. J. U. IvNIBB,
Administrator,Estate Amanda Hughs.
Georgia-Glynn County.
Undor and by virtue of a power of sale con
tained in that certain deed to secure deed
from Alfred F. Turner to the American Build
ing Loan and Tontine Savings Association of
Memphis Tennessee, which deed is recorded in
Book N. N., folio, 274 of the reeordu of said
county, reforonco to which deed ami record of
sumo is had for all purposes, (tho said Alfred
F. Turner having for more than six months de
faulted in paying the dues aud interest which
he iu his said deed to secure debt obligated
himself to pay.) there will bo sold before the
door of the court house in Brunswick, Georgia,
between the legal bonrsof Sale, on the first
Tuesday in October, 1900, to the highest and
best bidder for cosh: That certain lot of land
in Brunswick,Georgia, and in that part of said
city of Brunswick known us Town Commons;
and being the Western ono-luiif of Town Com
mons Lot Number 140, (and improvements)
and in that block of lots located between
Wolf and Albany streets, in said city.
To be Hold as the property of said A F. Tum
or for the purpose of | ayiug the indebtodnesa
seen red by said deed, principal being $308.28,
liesides Interest, dues, tiiww,, etc. Purchaser
pays for titles, This AugHibt, 1900.
By American Buildinff noan and Tomiu©
Havings Association of Memphis, Tennes
see, Attorney in Fact.
Attorney forauid Association.
Georgia—Glynn County.
To ail whom it may concern: Henry G. Cur
tis having tn proper form applied to no for
permanent letters of administration on the es
tate of Samuel Curtis, late or said county, this
is to cite all and singular, the creditors ami
next of kin of Samuel Curtis to be and api ear
at my oflicc within the time allowed by law
and show cause, if any they can, why perma
nent administration should not l>e granted to
Henry G. Curtis on estate of Bamuel Curtis.
Wituess my hand and oflicial signature this 4th
day of Heptember, 19C0.
Ordinary Glynn County, Ga.
v '
Noth-'.ftlven that the undersigned
ban ftffjHWßßpfn the of ordinary of said
county fov iPave to sell land belonging to the
estate of Bridget Minehan for the payment of
debts, ftaid apnlilmtio < will be heard at the
regular term of the court of ordinary for said
county to be held on the Ural Monday in Octo
ber, 19 0. It EBJCNI JO TOHII AB,
Administrator upon the Estate of Bridget
M inchan.
GEORGIA—GIynn County.
Whereas, Ella J. Jennings, administratrix of
George W. Calvin estate, represents to the
court in her petition, duly filed and entered on
record, that she has fully administered George
W. Calvin's estate. This is, therefore, to cite
all persons concerned, kindred and creditors,
to show cause, if anv they can, why said ad
ministratrix shoo Id not lie discharged from
administration, and receive letters of dismis
sion on the lirct Monday in December, 1900.
HORACE DA RT, Ordinary.
GEORGIA—GIynn County.
Notice is hereby given to all creditors of
the estate of John Mahoney, late of Hillsbor
ough county, Florida, deoeused, and formerly
of Brunswick, Glynn county, Georgia, to ren
der an account of their demands to me within
the time prescribed by lav*, properly made oat.
And all persons indebted to eafd deceased are
hereby requested to make immediate pajmeut
to tbe nntfaguJgned. This August 24, J9uo.
Administrator of John Mahoney.
The Federal Transport and ) In Equity in the
Insurance Cos,, et. al., | Superior Court of
m* l of ald;county
The Atlantic Cotton Cos., f Suit to enforce
*et. Hi. | payments to capi
) tal stock.
The defendants, J. H. Ernst, Carlo Ernst, C.
Schumacher Sc Cos., a copartnership A. Norton
& Cos„ a copart nershlj), tt.IV. O. Edge. W ill ism
O. Allison and JB. Thtfftias.are hereby notified
and required to be and appear m person or bv
attorney at the next December, 1900, term of
the Superior Court of said county, to be hold in
the court houat of said county, at Brunswick,
an the flrat.Monday in December, next, and by
10 o’clock, s. m., of said day. then and there to
answer the plaintiff* in this action.as in default
thereof the Court will proceed as to justice
may appertain. Witness the Hon Jos. W. Bcn
nt. Judge of said Court. This 27th day of July,
1900. F. doBIGNOK,
Clerk SaperiorCourt,GlynuCo M Ga.
On account of 'he death of Samuel Oort is,the
Ann of Curtis,Carrera* & Cos., by mutual cony
sen that been diMOtVcd. ei V
PROCLAMATION.-State of Georgia.
ecutive Office, Atlanta.--Submitting constitu
tional amendment regarding pensions for the
widows of confederate soldiers to a vote of the
people a tt-he next general election.
Whereas, the general assembly of 1899 passed
by a constitutional majority the following act
’•An act to amond sect’on 1, article 7, para
graph 1, of the constitution of Georgia, so as to
extend the provisions of said eectiou, article
and paragraph to tho widows of confederate
soldiers, who, by reason of age aud poverty, or
infirmity and poverty, or blindness and pover
ty. are unable to provide a living for them
selves, and for other purposes.”
Sec. l. Ite it enacted by the general assem
bly of Georgia,.and it is hereby enacted by au
lhority of the same, that section 1, article 7,<
paragraph 1, of the constitution of Georgia, be
and the same is hereby amended by inserting
alter the word “service” iu the 13th line, the
following words: “or who, by reason of age
aud poverty, or infirmity and poverty or blind
ness and poverty, are unable to earn n. living
for* thejnselwe so that said seek.on when so
amended, will read its follows, towit: “To sup
ply the soldiers Who lost a limb, or limbs in the
military service of the confederate states, with
substantial artificial limbs during life; and to
m a Irfckn Ttr.-.v i r.-r. ~ fr. r ~ J
|>iviiUUO u* BULu LUUlrUvt HLt;
soldiers as may have been otherwise disabled
or permanently injured in stick service; or who
may, by reasoif of age and poverty,or infirmity
and poverty, or niinduess and poverty, art un
able to provide allying for themselves, and for
tho widows of such confederate soldAera as may
have died in the service of the contoderate
states, or since, from wounds received therein,
or disease contracted in tno service, or who by
rersonofage and poverty, or infirmity and
poverty, or hlinaneas and poverty, are unab'e
to provide a living for themselves; provided
that the act shall only apply to sucti widows as
were married at the time of such, service, mid
have remained unmarried since the death of
such soldier husdand.”
Sec. 2. Beit further enacted, that, if this
amendment shall be agreed to By two-thirds of
the general assembly, of each house, the same
shall be entered on tneir journals with the yeas
and nays taken thereon, and the governor shal
cause the amendment to be published in one or
more of tho newspapers in each congressional
district for two months immediately preceding
the next goueral election, and the same shall be
submitted to tho people at the next general
election, and the votersthereat shall have writ
ten or printed on their tickets, u For ratifica
tion of section 1, article 7, paragraph 1, of the
constitution of this state,” or “Againßt ratifica
tion of section 1, article 7, paragraph 1, of the
constitution of this state,” as they mav ohoose;
and if a majority of the electors qualified to
vote for members of the noxt general assembly,
voting, shall vote in favor of ratification, then
said amendment shall become a part of said ar
ticle 7. section 1, paragraph 1, of tho constitu
tion of this state, and the governor .shall make
proclamation thereof.
Sec. 3 ropoals conflicting lawe, Approved
December 21, 1899.
Now, therefore, 1, Allen I>. Candler, governor
Qf said state, do Issue this, ray proclamation
hereby declaring that the foregoing proposed
amendment of Mie constitution is hereby sub
mitted, for ratification or rejection, to the
voters of this state, at the general election to be
held on Wednesday, October 3,1900, asurovided
in said act. ALLEN I). CANDLER,
By the Governor, Governor.
Secretary Executive Department.
Servioe By Publication.
STATE OF GEORGIA--County of Glynn.
John Rogers, ) In Glynn Superior Court, May
vs. J Term, 1900.
Susie Rogers. ) LIBEL FOR DIVORCE.
To the Defendant, Suslo Rogers:
You are hereby commanded to be and appear
at the December Term,uext, of Glynn Superior
Coin t, to be holden at the court house in
Brunswick, Glyun County, Georgia, on the
First Monday in December, 1960, and by Ten*
(10) O’clock of the forenoon of said date, then
and there to answer the complaint of the plain
tiff in the above stated case in his Liool for
Witness tho Honorable Joseph W. Bennett,
.Judge of the Sup rior Court of Glynn County,
this the 10th day of J uly, 1900.
_ , „ . ' H. J\ duBIGNON,
Clerk Superior Court, Glynn ( ounty, Ga.
State of Georgia—Comity of Glynn.
.Mrs, Ella Markhnni Libel fordivoroe: in the
Superior court or Glynn
VS. county,May term, 1900,
.. Order to perfect service
Mart,n B. Markham granted at said term.
To the Defendant, Martin B. Markham. m
You art* hereby required, in person or by
torney, to be and appear, at the December
JArm, 1900, of Glynn Superior court, to bo hold
en in and'i'or said comity, at the court house,in
Brunswick, Glynn coun tv, Georgia, on the first
Monday in December, 1900, and yon will be
there by ten (10) o'clock, of the forenoon of said
day, then nnd there to answer tho complaint of
tho plaintiff Mrs. Ella Markham, in tne above
stated case, in her libel for divorce.
Witness tho Honorable Joseph W. Ben net,
Judge of the Superior court of Glynn county,
this the 24tU day of August. 1900.
A. O. TOWN.SEND,'*’?
Deputy Clerk of the Stipe* - ? "Court, Gl.vnn
County, Georgia,
Attorney for Plaintiff,
3KSr~ —
sutc of Georgia—Cousiy of (i'.ynn.
Mrs. Edna Wylie Libel "for (JiTorec; in the
Superior Arnrt of Ulvnn
vs. county,, if ay term. 100041
- Irder. Beryler#
Jame. tty fe. granted at said term. i M
Tu tboLofcndtmt, James Wylie. J '
YolVurS licreby required. In peraon or b"
torney, to be and appear at the DcA
term, lUi.o, of Olynn Superior court,to lu'Tiptu
en In and for said county, at tho cOurOtKrttse.
In Brunswick, tilyun county, rtqoruiif; on the
first Monday In December, iuuo, will
be there by ten (10) oteloSK iTlhe fflrenoon of
said day, tlion and there to answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff, Mrs. Edna Wylie, In the
above stated case, in her libel for divorce.
VVilnossthe Honorable Joseph W. Benntt,
.Indue of the superior cohrt of Olyun county,
this the tilth day of August, lUOO.
Doputy Clerk of tho Superior Court, Olvoi
(.'ounty, Georgia.
Attornev for Plaintiff.
Stale of Ccorgla—Connty of '
Mr,, IJ/zio Long Libel for divorce; hi the
i?Ui>erlur court of Glynn
rs. gounry. May term, lUOO.
Thomas A. 1.0n,, ZSS&tVffiLZ" 1 "'
To th A. Long.
r 6< llr.l, | U person or by at-
oiinf**2’ “* *"• Weecnher
fovJSfd c"C , „^".t C u l e‘'c' U „H
house In Brunswick, Glynn ennjl.. Gem*?a’nn
the first Monday in lWa3Gs.?BM?am!*ln!
w.ii bctherc by ten HO, Cel" k oiTc’forenoon
of Mid day, then and there t-> answer the com
pl.int of the plain,iff, Mrs. I.izzle Lon? in the
aboye stated case, in her libel for divorce °
Wilnesa the Honor.hi. Joseph W liennet
Judge ef the Superior court ef Glynn county
this lh tilth day of August, |yt.o. y co,ln ‘y.
„ , , ~, A. O. T’uWNSEND,
Deputy Clerk of the Superior Omit, Glynn
County. Georgia. ’
Attorney for Tlalntllf,
service: bv publication.
Mrs. Clyde Freeman, Libel for Divorce. R.
turnahlo Pi December
y- Term, 11)00, of Superior
Court of Glynn coon
0. J. Freeman, ty, Georgia.
Toth.said defendant,O.J. Freeman;
You aro hereby required* personally or by
attorney, to be and appear at the next term ol
tb Superior Court of sold county, oonranin*
on tho first Monday in December, 1900,then and
there to answer the plalnillT, Clyde Freeman
upoftihs merits of her petition for divorce lllod'
Fas in dcfaull of such appearancr
Of voceed a. lo Jusdce shall appor
r WA li,e lion. Joseph \v. llonnut
jeriorCourt, ties 'itf day of
‘ A. O,TOW- ”U.
, rerlor Court, c i.
J'lttr’s, At^.
Southern Railway Cos.
Office of General Agent, Brunswick, Ga.
For Savannah, Washington and New York.
Lv Brunswick 6 40 am 9ospr
Ar Savannah .10 80 am 19 50 am
A v Washington 735 am 85Q pm.
Ar New York 2 03 pm 6 23 ana.
For Jacksonville.
Lv Brunswick— 500 am 325 pm 905 pm
Ar Jacksonville.. 925 am 740 pm 180 am
B’or Macon. Atlanta, Louisville and Cincinnati.
Lv Brunswick 6 40 am 9 05 pm
A r Macon 1 15 pm 3 00 am
A r Atlanta 3 50 pm 5 20 am,
Ar Louisville 7 50 am 7 80 pm
Ar Cincinnati 7 45 am 7 40 pna.
From New York, Washington and Savannah*
Lv Npw Vftrfe , v Jjm 1215 am
Lv Washington.. 955 pm 11 15 am
Lv Savannah ... 15 pm 620 am *5 00 pm
Ar Brunswick... 025 pm 805 am 835 pm
' * From Jacksonville.
Lv Jada^nvillo.... 1
Ar BruAsyrick 6 25 pm
from Cincinnati, Louisville, Atlanta and
Lv Cincinnati 8 30 am 8 00 pm
Lv laouisville 7 45 am 745 pm
Lv Atlanta 10 45 pm 12 05 pm
Lv Macon.. 1 00 am 2 SO pm
Ar Brunswick 7 10 am 8 35 py
Cor. Monk and flrant Sts
Civil and c.i^*'S4|fc !3 Matt<3'nded to
bueiness OJcnfidentlal. ®n
quireß conduct. secrecy.
L- J.
■■ ■ ■■
L, J, Leavy & Cos
Anv, tier Commission
nd Gener
;ting Agent*
‘Consignmy Solicited and
Prompt Ret 4l Rendered.
Speoial /*** ?m Paid to
(^S3g^ nta
B. WlNp,
Messenger Service?
* Cleveland, Monarch, Crawtord’
£lk, Dixie.
Best of Wheels for the
Least Money.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
Itartlflcially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach It in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and perraanentlycurea
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Soiir Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps,and
all other results of imperfeetdigestion.
Preoared by E. C. DeWltt ACo, Chicago- j
W J. Butts, tbelDruggist.
Allen*,;K(.ot-Euso, .'powder. It cures plufnL~,
smarting, nervous feet nndilngrowjng nail,und
instantly taxes tho sting out of corns and bun
ions. J t’s the greatest eomfyr t discovery of the
age. Allen’s Foot-Eaae makes tight or new
shoes feel casp. It Is a certain cure for sweats
tng, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Trv i*
y '., f !' l|d l, y a' l oruggiats and shoe stores.
By mall for Me in stamps. Trial pactkngo Free.
Aildross Allen S. Olmstoad, Lo Roy, N. V 4
HSrkeh 7 ! 1
lid tx aiitlr.ctf tho mUf.k
>f il liixtirlnnt growth. |
lla to R. more
U Youthful Col'*T l
••twlniff snil hair ♦aUtw^

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