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W* It 1 lyric you played lut nighi?
Lyric and ballad and optic, too;
Li'e and Wav and Ihe dawning light
Marching and doubting and winning through
How can i name them? tbe thousand thing*
Tou taught the ivory key* to ray—
Leave*, and rlyera, and swords, and wing*,
And the low red (lame of theending day.
All that memory holds to me,
All that fate’a worn dice may win,
bwnng to my sigbtlike tß&qjrimming so*—
Laughter and Fama and bin. StSM £
I found the heart of forgotten sprinter.
Aprils, golden with Hope and Dream,
Started up with the stir of wings
Along the bend of the stream.
1 haard the craeh of shields that lift,
I heard the shouting from bridge and ford,
J heard the battle corns down the rift.
To the Thunder-song of the Sword.
Knights in their harness galloped by
With the trail of their crimson flag above—
Then, soft, like tho gray in a twilight sky
Tour magic whispered of Lore,
1 know my art for a trick of rhyme I
I hear my poor words jar and break
The merry gods in tho halls of Time
Laugh at the songs I make.
The skill is yours to lead tu along
By purple mountain and lyric sea;
Tbe clouded vision and broken softg
And weary quest they have given mo.
• -Theodore Roberta in Independent.
very narrow gores, and many of them
Characterize tbe walking skirt.
As for tbe fashionable materials, It lg
hard to say where tbe limit Is lo come.
AH varieties of materials are bought
out for the fall—camoiabair and other
nappy material with up-stand:r hairs
jAre shown, ass nnt h _ fiiAAit
cloths, Corduroys, cbeyio's and soft
woollens are also shown, hut it begins
l to rflQh as if we were g lug to carry out
the Prencfrekjstora of wearing the same
material for wwh'tvui jJ aumnj,#, Cor
talnly, orepoas, ere*/ tiff chime*, vell
ings and even foula:dj pll bo wot. fl
late into iho winter, and gjiyag tff"those
materials are 81 arming for tk<
theater, lunchaftjj&ieaana dressy conn
Fluorescent silks arc to fco conspicu
ously popular, and in eymblnailonj with
♦ho various velvets which are ehown
e==a== ____^d u lar y beautiful and
D Pages of talk on our furniture voulc
give but half an idea of the beauty and t'ccnc 1
/ my found here • Why not
Visit the Store
) and let the goods do their own the
P prices their own entire
v train load of suits and odd pieces have been placed
1 on these floors since last you were here. Bee about it
No better time than now. Never wsre the prices
J on high grade carpets so low as at preWftt. Never
P have the patterns ceen so so
2 excellent or the price so attractive. Buy new car-
I pets now and make your home more attractive.
J Bach new season nuds this department in better
I condition to fill your wants, The principal foreign
J carpet and rug centres have representation here .
I We are quoting " ..
A Lower Prices Tlijin Ever.
A Frenchman said recently: ‘He 1
every woman have two hours a dav of
serious m mat occupa'i-in, during
which the faculties of her mind will
regain their balance, all her prwers
wilt be systematized, her tired head
will be rested apd her good sense and
judgmeit will dwell In her agi ated
heart.’’ Every housekeeper knows the
of his words. The care of the
home may he a delightful occupation,
but it ought not to exclude every othjt
Interest. There can be no happiness
for a woman with brain and imaglna
tion In a life that 1 imtts be?to mere do
mestlc drudgery. Every housekeeper
should study herself and learn her “one
talent”—for she surely hat one—and
turn Its development as a relief. By
so doing she bring* added happiness to
her family ss well as to herself. The
least companionable wife le the one
wholly occupied by housetlold cares, as
all men know In thehr souls.
Mrs. M. Elkan and son, Clarsnoe,
returned Tuesday from a pleaaart
trip to New York.
Miss Alioe Wood, who has beec
visiting friends in Brunswiok, return
ed to the city yesterday.—Jackson
ville Times-Union and Citizen.
Mrs. Brewster Phillips, of St. Sim
on, is visiting relatives in the city,
Swiss Siiiin Jve Perkins, of Si, Si
mons, is vinjUng the Misses Ralston.
Mrs. R. J. 11l I*B. who has been ill, ia
improving, to the delight of her many
M's. Uoojer, of Bt. Simons, is visit-
Jlfg her daughter, A. E. Wenz 1
Mrs. Qersrude Allan return tlwrt'y
friimA visit in In
Master Siotia WYiifht il epemlirg
soma tiiiiAir, r^ , . l ixrliqg.
Utile Stanley Bfobston was tbe for-
tur-a e winner of a two pound box of
Huyler’s candy as a prize at the mafi
n: e yesterday.
M,e BUt-.h Fo sytl.e has return'd
to St. SiniGcg from a visit of several,
days to Mrs. Wm. McDonald.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Porter are
spending several 'weeks in Virginia.
Mrs. J. Hunter, after a visit to
Mrs. Wm. McDonald, is =aw at her
borne on Kills street.
Rev. Bishop Kelly,of tbe Savaonsb
diocese, will visit Brunswick on Sep
tember 30th for tbe purpose of open
ing tbe cogyent tbe next week and
will preach at tbe Catholic church on
that and y,
Miss Ktlileen Norris has returned
to Darien, after a pleasant visit to At
Mrs. F. M.Bcarlatt ‘a spending some
time in fi’ort Valley.
Cards have been received in the oity
announcing the approaching marriage
of Mias Katharine Merrimsn to Mr.
Arthur Oliver Jobrsin. The wed
ding will take the 31 of Oc
tober in the historical old ohnrcb of
Prloci Winzst, a* Gsorg*-
town, 8. C. Miss M rriman it a niece
of Mr. John J. Wimberly, of this cit.-,
“It Is the little rift In the lute which ever
widening makes the music mote.” It Is Just a
little rift in the health of a woman often which
gradually lakes the spring from her step, tbe
light from l>pr eyes, the rose from her cheek
and the nqgjlc from her voice. Perhaps the
bugbear which has frightened the woman from
the timely help needed at the beginning has
been the dreaded questions, the obnoxious ex
amination, the local treatments of the home
physician. There it no need for these. Nor is
ihe re need for continued suffering. Dr. Fierce’s
Favorite Prescription can be relied on by every
woman suffering from what are called -female
troubles” to renew the bealto and cure thedia
case. Women are Wonlahed at the results of
the use of this Awd&ti™- ft not only makes
weak woitoen “roffSSl and rosy cheeked,” hut it
gives them hack the vigor and vltaHty of
Free. Dr. Pierce’s people’s Common Song.
Medical Adviser, 10S pages. Is sent free on re
ceipt on 21 one-root staiods to pay coat of mail
ing only. Address Dr. K. V. Pierce, lluffaio,
N. Y.
Mr, W. R. Smith of Atlanta was in
the city yesterday.
Our Greatest Specialist
For 20 yea.** Dr. J. Newton Hath
away has so successfully treated chronic
diseases that he is ackttf pledged tods?
to stand at the head of his' j rpfesaion In
this lide. His exclusive jajL -Utgi of
treatment for
without the aid of
cures In 00 per cent, of
the treatment of !.* of vT’ V forces
nervous UisortlesS, kidney and urinary
complaints, rardlysis, blood poisoning,
rheumatism, catarrh and diseases pecul
iar to women, he is equally successful*
Dr. Hathaway's practice u more than
double that of any other specialist.
Cases pronounced hopeless by other
physicians, readily yield to his treat
inent. Write him today fully about
your case. He makes no charge for
consultation or advice, either at his of
fice or by mail.
26 Bryan Street, Savannah, Qa
* * -
Mr, W. R. Maxwell of .New York is
registered at the Oglethorpe.
A Night of Terrpr.
“Awful anxiety was fell for the widow ot the
Macbirs, Me., when the
doctor* eaid.be Loukhtot lire lilt morniug.
write* Mr*. 8. a f Lincoln, who attended her
that fearful night. “ All thought she mtut
oon die from rnenmonla, tint she begged for
l>r. King * New Discovery, .tying it had more
than once eaTed her Ufe and had cured her of
conaumptlon. After three email dote, the rested
eaally all night, and Ita further use completely
eared her. ” Till* marvelous mediciue la guar
anteed to cure ail Throat, Cheat and I.nngDi.-
cu.es. Only Wc and |l 00. Trial halites tree at
all drug .tores.
Russell's Chill and Fever
Tonic is acknowledged to
be the Beet on the market
every bottle guaranteed. For
eale by all druggists.
ELliice, the stove doctor, repairs al
* iV?, cook stoves and ranges, buy
It St Becon<i •tores, 414 Bay
Several Oaves Tried Yesterday
Mayor. Atkinson had quite an interest
ing court yesterday morning, there be
ing several cases. They were as fol
Agnes Neal, fighting and resisting ar
rest; |lO or 40 days.
Jim Jackson, disorderly conduct, did
not appear, and bis bond of 310 was for
Otlie Pearson, disorderly conduct, $8
or 30 days
Squire White, drunk acd disorder y,
35 or 30 days.
Henry Wi son, disorderly cpndnct, fs
Or 80 days.
Cored f Chrome Diarrhoea After 30
Year! of Buffering.
“X{ suffered tor thirty yean with diarrhoea
and thought ( waa past I*tug cured.” gays
John 8. Ilallowaj, of French <?Smp, tHan “I
had spen to much time and money and Buffered
so much that I had given np aiOtopsdof recov-.
erg. l waa o feeble from the effects of tbediar
rhoea that I coaid do no kind of laborc mid not
even travel, hot by accident I waa per nltted to
find a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera
apd Diarrhcsa Remedy, and after taking sev
eral bottles 1 sin entirely cAred off' that trou
-1 am so pleased with the result that Ism
anxious that It be in reach of all who suffer as
t have/’ For sale by Bltbop't drug store.
Wbm you want something nice in
Jama sod preserves call at De Voe’
**l bsd a running sore on my leg for seven
years ” writes Mrs. James Forest of Chcppew*
Falls, Wls “and spent hundreds of dollars in
trying to get it healed. Two boxes of Banner
Balve entirely cored It.” W. 3. Butts.
M'. Max Marks leaves tomorrow for
Atlanta, where be bas accepted a po
OhamWUin’B Cbngh Remedy a Great
The soutliiag and hoaliig qnalltles of this
remedy, ita pleasant taste and promat and per
manent euros have ia.le ft a srvst favorite
with isjople everywSlVo. it is especially prized
by mothers of small children for colds, croup
and whooping cough, as it always affords quick
relief, and as it domains no opium or other
harmful dreg, It majr.be given as confidently, to
a baby ato au arfr.lt. For win by Bishop#
drug store* jff
Tb R ,beW quite an interest
ing meeting armory last
night. sjg
Russell's Chiht and Fever
Ton if is adn|Bse4ffed to he
the Best oa. the market,
©very cottfll guaranteed.
For sale by all druggists.
Mr. M. from a
V. w ‘' ’
Vtccqpygjp or oi„tM*!e sore*. senlil* and
pft 1 ** ajyiir aamd hyTinaner Salve, the most
henloMfniedieino in the world. W. J. Butt*,
Take I-a\ative''Riomo Quinine Tablets. \II
druggist* refund lb* money it, it fail, to cure.
E. W. Grove's Mffoature I* on each box. Me.
Bear* the Kind YOU Hsw AIWDfS BgggM
The progressive nation* of ihe world are the
great f.xjd consuming uationr. <4ood food well
iligested g vot streugth. It you cannot digest
all you eat, yon need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It
digests what you eat. You nead not diet your •
self. It contains all of the digestantn combined
with the best known tonics and reeonstruetirea
u will even dsgests all classes of foods in a bot
tle. No other preparation will do this. It in
stantly relieves and cures all stomoch troubles
W J Butt*
Mr. A. H. Laoe has returned to his
home in Valdosta.
I *l-WAYS keep on hand
There is no kind of pain
or ache. Internal or exter
nal, that Pain-Killer .will
not relieve.
sears the name,
Did You Ever Know |
any one who smoked the same kind j
of Five Cent cigar any length of <
time? Five Cent cigar smokers are j
always dissatisfied— always trying I
something new— or something differ- !
ent, as there always seems to be some- t
thing wrong about the cigars they have |
been smoking. Ask your dealer for i
Old Virginia Cheroots'
They arc always good. 1
Three hundred million smoked this year. Price. 3 for 5 cents. |
Ladies Silk Lined Underskirts 25e up'.
Lace Curtains worth $1.25 at 79c per pair.
- Pi!'S&sv-Shams worth 79c at 49c per pair-
Table Oil Cloths worth 30c at 15c.
Bureau Scarfs, Center Pieces and
Table Linen Greatly Reduced.
All the latest styles in Millinery just received.
Every flat
Personally Selected
while in New York. You will be convinced by 1 ” i
examing our stock that we carry the fin#in the
The Largest Dry Goods Store?"
208 and 208 1-2 Newcastle St.
Coney & Parker
Coal and Wood, Brick,
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Hair, Shingles and Laths.
Phone 18 525 Bay St.
A "ISE PROVISION —be without some of our
Wines and Whisky in the house. It is the best for
health and hospitality. The doctor prescribes it and
friends approve it. Pure, rich, mellow.
206 Bay Street.
When Cutting M
Use any of my brand a of WINES AND 1
LIQUORS and nature will be greatly CfeT i a — ' lv.
agisted in the work of recuperation. ~ * , \
**y goods are of excellent quality, and
have been bo Med and matured under 1 / ' * j
our immediate supervision, Each ISHHCj
brand has been get. c ted because of some EBSBgPZI j \
special merit. Find out which suits. i
prices to suit.] I ; A!

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