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TEe Brooswick Times.
... Zitabltahsd 19.
The Brunswick Call.
EotablUherl 1891
Tbe lirunswick Times-Call,
ABXHOB H. LBAVY ----- Editor
BOLAND A. MULLINS, Bonnes. Manager
I mOalethorpeßloek,2ll T Street
orricK | ibuefhoxm no si.
Subscriber, are requested to notify tbe office
when they fail to get any Issue of the Times-
CaU. Attention to this matter will be appre
ciated by the publishers. /
-The Times-Call will be Delivered by
carrier or mail, per year. SS.OO; per week IS
cents Correspondence on live subjects
eeUeiled. Beal name of writer should ac
company aame- Subscriptions payable in
advance. Failure to receive paper shonld be
reporteS to the business office. .Address all
communication! to
Brunswick, Ga.
And Georgia is all right.
Somebody said wc needed rain.
Populism is deadlsm in Georgia.
Sheriff Berrie made Mb usual good
Judge Sparks’ record is Indeed a good
Those who are egotistical should not
be and vice-versa, I
'"’’Tol. Lawton did not create half the
ta'k he anticipated.
The national election is now little
more than a month off.
Pay your subscription bill. You will
sleep easier, eat easier and liye easier.
The Daily News, Atlanta’s new paper,
will make its appearance next Monday
From the largo number of proposed
bills from Glynn, our representative will
certainly earn bis salary.
a =ar v~
Tbe New York Herald thinks McKin
ley will win. Butfwhat matters what
the Herald's thoughts are.
The Montgomery Advertiser wants to
know what i* the matter wjth Quay, as
he appears to be as voolferously silent
as Ueed.is.
•k _ _
It is too bad that this the great Em
pire State of the south will go ugaiDst
Bryan because Col. Lawton ts going to
vole for McKinley. Too bad.
When a woman devotes a good deal of
her attention to charity, her femiuuus
friends eay she is trying to keep her
mind from her mean husband.
Lord AVoo!seley is authority for the
statement that the end of all tbiegs, In
liia opinion, will bo China fighting the
United States for the supremacy of the
When a school teacher comes batu
Irons her summer vacation she looks five
years younger, hot af'er she has taught
two weeks, she begius to look ten years
older than when she went away, remarks
the Augusta Unrald.
T--T.’.’ '■'■UlT,'
Reports received from Mi parts of
Georgia indicate a very (Altering vote
.J>r democracy, aud ** the eyes of all
America watched ua we haye done our
selves proud.
But the vote yesterday is not what we
will roll upTor Bryan and Stevenson in
In many counties the populists oppos
ed the regular democratic nominees and
had with them the republicans, but in
November the McKinley followers will
have to go it alone, while the united
white forces of the state will present a
solid front.
In Glynn county the vote was not
very large, but it rained nearly all day
and this accounted for the falling off.
Georgia, dear old Georgia, we wish
that every state in the union was like
The Times Call will from tlmo to
time publish lists of industries look
ing lor locations, and by some activity,
there is no doubt but that we can sue
ceed in bringing new enterprises
Below we give the tt-st of cur In
tended series of “hunting locations:*’
The McMyler Manufacturing Com
pany of Cleveland, Ohio, is seeking a
L. K. Crist, of.Oeborn, O:, Is casting
about for a location to estaj|i;sh a spring
and wife mattfess lactory. *
Tbe Carl Anderson Company, of
Chicago, maau'acturcr of gasoline en
gines and general machinery are look
ing for a location.
£ The United States Antiseptic Pack
ing Cos., of 601-002 Tremont building.
Boston Mass., are seeking anew loca
tion to establish a factory.
C. R. Hanchett and 11. £i. Haochett,
representing the Ideal Foundry Com
pany, of Girard 'Station, Pa., are
ing about for a location.} ‘ v
" • v
' - : *■ • J
It is conceded by best republican fig
ures that, to carry the bouse of repre
sentatives at all, they must fight hard
er than in 1698.' ,
They nqw have tilt 185 nDtnihCrs (♦
163 democrats, seven populists and two
- •aL/'A. . * V V
silver republicans, a bare over
all of IS votes. ?-
Tbe new suffrage of Sacuf
of the 3outbern stale?, Qla
will add several Vctes to tbe demo
cratic strengih from this section, in
creasing it from 109, as at present, td 6
115 or 116 in tbe next house. Tbfe
! -*L . . •£
leaves 03 votes to % be secured in •I'®
north to give thm tn; n H.oritfc liLtUe.
whole Louss. Of this number
now bave 55, sjralght dcmoofaU m the
northern states, which, with the two
silver republican and the six popu
lists from the northwest, would give
them the necesEary 63.
The republicans confidently expect to
gain one or two members in Missouri,
but they may be diiai pointed, soil
they arc as liable to lose In Indiana as
to gain tu Missouri.
In the r,mainlng northern state* the.
democrats have by no ineije ’heir nor
mal proportion of members. Michigan
Minnesota, Wisconsin and lowa have
solid republican delegations, and there
are distrioU in tikes'* state* which nor
“Every cfbud Has
a Stiver , Lining/*
of Art Hood etfoeloptnj
/wmand■•no'iv A sr/wr lining in the ih*pt
of * specific to remon’C them. It is Hood’.'
S*rsapAf{iU. America's Greatest Medicine
•uAich drives out all imparities from the
blood, of either si r r any Age.
We live by our blood, and
on it. We thrive or starve, as
our blood is rich or poor.
There is nothing else to live
on or by.
When strength is full and
spirits high, we are being re
freshed, bone muscle and brain,
in body and mind, with corn
tinual flow of rich blood. This
is health. ... . .
When weak, in low spirits,
no cheer, no spring, when rest
is hot test and sleep is not
sleep, we are starved; our blood
is poor; there is little nutri
ment in it.
Back of the blood, is food, to
keep the blood rich. When it
fails, take Scott’s emulsion of
cod-liver oil. It sets the whole
body going again—-man woman
and child.
Wei! stndyou a
SCOTT & ISQWNE, 4Ptart New York,
mally go democratic, while the balance
of thtlr northern votes sere secured in
a year and under olrcnmstancgs which
reduced them to the lowest level of
their s’rength.; -.3
If elected, and the republicans are ter
give President McKinley *
support him i£#y will hav% tp do taott
huetlfnSthanlfr appuneut In the
campaign, •
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any cs ofGatsrrb that can
not be cured bjr Hal’- (Jatarrb Cure,
Props., Tole
d,o. ;
We, the undersigned, bave known
F J.,Chem>y for tbe last 15 years, and
believe .bim perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
■y out any obligations made
ruax, wholesale druggists,
Waidfng, Kicnsn & Mar
vl ft,- wholesale druggists, Toledo, O.
Htli’jj.eatarrhC ure it taken inter
■ >i' - ■*. v 'Tan * aa
acting ; direcflj uppo tbe blood
Abl muoefis surfaces of the syaflm.
ghts. Testimonials free.
HalUe Family pills are tbe bhst.
*■*“ — *’■ 1 ■ £
|. ! * V J> v PLANT a'TSTEM. •’
Hnifiswrek *t’B a. m.
! r.-y Brunswick r. 45 p m j
Train fiO'ftrives Brunswick 10 a. m". ’
f .Train S8 arr.ves Brunswick 6 p. j*.
rjC • , ... ... *
It ffajpered in a Drogfter*- -
’ “One dar lasi winter ,1 lMy catjO jny drug
store and ikad for a brand..f 601#* medicine
that I did not have in Hock,’’ Mr, C.-Tt
Giandiu. the popular druggist of Ontario. X.f.
“Pile wss disappointed and wanted to know
what rough preparation 1 could recommend. I
said la her I that I could freely recommend
Chumberloln’s Lough Remedy and that abe
Could take a bottle rtf the remedy and after
giving It'S fair trial If she did not and it worth
the money to brine hock the bottle and I would
refund the pnee paid. In the coulee of a day
or two the lady came bank in company with a
friend In > e*d rf a cough medicine and advised
Jier tohny a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough!
Remedy I considerdhal a yen- good recoin,
fnendatbm for thMsmedy.” The remedy owes
Us "toat, popularity and extensive sale in a
large manure to the personal recommends- 1
tions of have been cured by its use.
ft is for sd*Pr. Bishop’s drug store.
SAVE MONEY-lly having tbe old
ol<itties dyed, Jim Carter is the man
to do the w.iek,
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
- ■
Take InxaU/n Hlfimo Quinine Tablets. Hi
druggists refund th money if it fails to cure
E. IV.Gfov-Vsigns)die is on each ho*. Sic.
Plant System Mileage Good on Msbf
O her Roads.
Commencing Oct. Ist, and until fur
ther notioe,Plant System of Railway's
mileage tickets will be recognized by
the Atlantic Coast Line, Richmond,
Fredericksburg A Potomac, and tbe
Pennsylvania railroad (between Quan
tioo and Washington). Thiels a long
looked for privilege by the working
man. Under these arrangements,
Plant System mileage ticket* are good
batweeo Port Tampa and Washington,
Punta Gorda and Washington, Mont
gt mery, Ala., and Washlrgton, Alba
ny and Washington, Brunswick and
Washington. In faot, between every
station on the Plant System and Waab
ington, and intermediate points on
the lines mentioned. It will at once
be Men that this scheme affords many
advantages to the traveler.
The most iiamty and effective pill* made are
DeWitVa Little Early Risers. They are ane
qaaied for all liver and bowel troubles. Never
gripe. W. J Butte.
This evemißgat 7.80, at thelpastor a
ipNdy, la the rear of the First Baptist
wi*yk, ther* trfu be organised a class
Wtemture. The
oourne of twenty-five les
son* on “Tfee Ufe sh<l Teachings of
Jesus.” The class will meet weekly at
the same place and time, *nd will be di
reeled by the pastor, W. M. Gilmore.
The aim will bo tp e*. a .clearer add
more comprehensive view ofyke peer
less life and maebings of the Christ that
tha Student,roay be better equipped for
life’s duties and trial* and Ter tbe en
joymeut of heaven. Charts, map*,
blackboards atjd other helps will be
used in impreaaiiSg;Jto The. stu
dies are ’ free c|af( is open to
anyone; regard!:- - ; ~..
T u|prc vcn t* con u h toa
aati lan?? tfoWe %nhCurtf
\Y J JJuttA; n ■
a- ? ¥
Thestoies of all the -
were closed yeeterda|, j also wtSre the
liquor retabUahmeijt*,' , &d
count a<a did
net deceive it| will ,
b: ready for : ,t,s
early (bis moroing *01! Ihif look>r
w secures!
Tha Orcosadp S*ieun*t W (S,* Time Glxi
JTjKvany. tlaae Hi* Pcrnmal Attention.
g-.-l-' M'Olifoolrtr*bar-*r.rtH.n narnb--'
, ai*Urt?k rrtinittH* nhicla rU-y
lIAthAW> r ft Wh’rb wr-riunt all flratlar;
m-,fu r fh.if'iA nol I‘r. H*alavra voHMod.
F.y4jrywtth4iim i*r.iOet carefully
jjik.-.n .c • -T.u ft U ,{ OiR ewe X
i- P°*IOO of th kliW RAvkil r.
WSjkV d"t*rnJ'n*si. 1 hn-
Jr <*a*je iffitroaU'4 Rppar
■ atc-iy andmp<iciaf*fcr *<l
m m ministered which xr
fS speclaUir prpfwred under
.7 Dr. Hathaway *e iiernonal
-M. x '/ soperr Jsloa for each car*<*.
No twopeople umafft'ehßl
by Afautlcular the
OB tIiT ' *’ wn xnaiiner, coniHs<teiit
iy no two people should be
treated in the same way
jJPE*?’' i.TX'-s for same complaint
'■ sv-CkTyt Ur Hathaway is a sp>clal
-IRI In the best st ne of the
word—he treats speefal dle
■ 11 - ases hi especial manner.'of
ofhieown—• syshrm studied out years iro while in
Kwmmw Am am college and hospitalpractice audlm
tvory vasuf proved end upon constantly
iMOUIIy darlnt tbe twenty years since—
twenty yeere of the most extensive
■ mated. practice eojoyed by any specialist In
thiicountry- Dr. Rathawav> jrreut.md unliormaoc*
cesa ts due to this individual *y*t*in < ( f treatment
exclusive In wite of hundreds of requests
TmAmM from doctors to all !arts of the
■ rtatlaOlii world, asdumr for the privilege of
usinjr Dr.llatha way'smethodof trea tmentlje believes
U wiser to allow none betide himself the knowtodcre
of his remedies, as he is t- >o well awa.'e of theiuTs
chtel which may lie done by the anskUlfu! use of any
m ._ clu systcm.nerermindhowpfrhrt.
Blood and Skin Dr. H Ithsway’s trefitment for
Dlaaaaaa. Wood diseases In whatever staire
uiieatea. cures all forms of olwnmmrw,
blotches, pimples, etc., and not only restore* the skin
and scalp t their nAtural condition, h it so purifies
the hlixid that the disease is permanently aud com
pletely driven from tbe system ami all ih,* without
administering poisonous damrerou* dru<*.
J Hi trvatmvnt o! v ArKVK . v | a
Vai tcocelo and and Mricture i!*a meth.-vl ezcln-
Stricture. l “. ! ' 0 •*' *
ot all caw* rv-ti.’t* In * p*rf*ct
anj permanent enra. No I, riun!*d ana
no pain or incmvvnlooc- am *xperln-ad hr U.
Kt'ant Iha oxponw of thia traatmcnt 1* mud, Iw*
an that of any oparatlon. or b.i*i>ital or in.titura
iraatmw>t,anrt(a both fa ad .nraTra-tomi tha
organsto acondltbrn of perfect, normal h"at(l,
Olsaasea. gi^V^fJ^T’
everyone who%dsHmhs name an./addreA 10
Mew Book f^r U-thMwn-'* now
"vi OOOK book Manliness. \ rur, Health’* has
FREE. fln,t •tfSonof
I M n .^ <^m.’k l e’; 2?SSSSfe
, n,EE * l:;. r * drK> •“ >,u ‘' r
. ■ NK> !t T OW HATHAWAY M. O.
• ww „ Dr. Uathawaj&Co.,
15 Bryan Street* f<avannM> n-
An Expensive “Tip”
is the one which you cut off and
throw away every time that you
smoke a Fiye Cent cigar. There is
nearly as much labor in making this
end as all the rest of the cigar, and
yet every man -who buys a cigar cuts
it off and throws it away. You get
all you pay for when you smoke %
Old Virginia Cheroots
Three hundred million Old Virginia Cheroots smoked this
<s* year. Ask your own dealer. Price, 3 for 5 cents. r
lways v
By Advertisers Who Use These Columns.
Quantity and Quality of CiiuMinr pm
and Quality to Advertisers <
And We Give Both’
When you can get them at home for the
same jsrice and besides you save the cost
of freight and drayage.
and a message will receive prompt attention. %
We don’t mind calling and talking the matter
over with you and giving you our estimates,
and if we fail to get your order that is our fault,
not yours.
Times=Call, f
and 211 F Street. A

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