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--vv : '*■ 'Y ■ '■ ‘ r” * "W’
. V;' .. ’’ ' v ' !
And in order to save expense of moving
onr goods, we hereby offer v
A _ av oT I StlOW CftSES ' MIRROR, DESK.
. ftot including Freight. -av F sl No Gbo&Jata Back Or itamps Given During This Sale.
'#r , ■ . . y w. w, , *4L jr; ' - .* ;
o, w. h k-k i 4 o N h uR. L. HARRISON & CO.
M. ’ • • 'T:
Sale Begins Today. Merchants Will do Well to Call and Buy This Stock.
One tract of land contains 6 a'creß,
acres in flntj,.cultivation with four
room clwe ling, good stables fine fruit
irem and grape vines, situated.on Gib
son creek, known as the Melts place
This is a line place f„r truck farming,
also for fishing and catching and raising
terrapin. It is a mod pleasant and
healthy place to live and ected
Irom all storms.
Also one tract oflfi acres fine land
w,th about SOo cords of wood :mu piling
on it, situated on the old Darien read
4 1-2 miles from Brunswick, a fine
plsca for a dwelling and a mist
Bbie placj for the wood and piling that j
are cn it: land good for farming. See me ;
C. L, Parker,
Cor. E and J sts, Brunswick; Gu.
Yes, August Flower still _fcae tie
largest eaiejof any medicine in the civ
ilized world. Your mothers andgratd
motbers never thought of using any
thlrg else .for indigestion or bilious
ness. Doctors were scarce and they
seldom heard of apendicitis. nervous
prostration, heart failure, etc. They
used August Flower to clean out the
system and stop fermentation of undi
gested food, regulate the actlor of the
liTer, stimulate the action of the ner
vous and organic system, and that Is
all they took when feeling dull and bad
with headache and other aches. You
only need a few doses o' Green's Au
gust Flower, In liquid ft •no to majke
you satisfied there is. nothing prions
the matter Iwlih you fitn pie botti
at Butts drugstore or Brown Drugt
Should be in; every household me, e
cite chest. It affords rer*afr rel'ef
The Brunswick mercbint will sell
, very few ovt'ooaie this year. The
pfound thinking man hs found that
there is much economy m having ll
old coat relined, cleaned and pressed,
or i eew collar put on, J;m Carter
at the Brunsv-ir' C:err icg and Press
ing Cos., 504 Monk street.
G->ld;fcwa>te A Son,Troy, Ala., wiote: Teeth
lna’a speedy care ot old sores and eruptions
Upon the skin have bees reinai kable.
A cheap remedy for coughs and
colds 1b all right, but you want some
thing that wjj believe and cure the
n get severe and daegorous results n
throat,and lurg trouble, What ha
dot .Go to a waimrr end mere regula
Climate? Yes, if possible ; if rpv po
slble for you: thru in either cfcf,„tait
tb-mnily remedy that bss teen irtre
iuced Id ail clvilived countries witjb
success in sore throat and lung troubles
Boscbee's German Syrup. It 'not on'y
stimulates the tissues to destroy the
rftra disease, but allays InflaraAtlon
and causes expectoration, gives a good
n'ght’s rest and cures the patient
Try one qottle Recommended tnar.v'
years oy all druggists jn the world
'ample bottles iyt~ W. J, Butts srd
Brown Drilnf’ 00.
It Heals tbs Loogs.
When suffering from * racking cough tyke
dose ofFotey’i Iloney and Tar, The eprcrcs*;
will be relieved and a warm, grateful feeling,
and healing of the parta affecteAwill re expe
rienced. Take no substitute. W, Jf, Butts.
TteJjusieat aod mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King’s New
Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar
coated globule of health, that ohange?
weakness into strength, lisle.sues- j
into energy, brain-fag into mental!
power. They’re wonderful in build- !
ing up the health. Only 25s'. per
buttle. Held by all druggists.
Those who waot the best work, at;
the lowest figures, should bring it to i
this office. On Urge dodgers, our
prices and work will make yon a con
tsnt customer, if yru will give us the
first jib. Rmg up 31, and a solicitor
will call.
To Georgia Bttto Fair at Valdosta, October
2*#tb to Woven Imt 4th, via riant System. One
fare from points Jn Georgia* Florida and Ala
bama, pins 50 cent* additional for admission
Military rate 1 cent per mile each direction, li?
or more on one ticket. B. VV. W'ftfCNft,
Paf-mgiger Traflic Manager.
It is exasperating to one who known Foley’s
Honey and Tar, and knows w bat it w ill do, to
have a dealer rocommeiid Bomotblug else us
“just the aarao,” or “Just as good” for colds,
cough*, croup, la grippe, etc. W. J. Butte.
Misses Gale’t private tchuol
wil open Oefe.T t'ftfrir*resideDpe,'7oß
E street. ‘-'S' ' '
■'' V ST *’
Thorough is given in
drparfwenis.msfitution of
letrniugis of- seven yean,’ standing,
apd the teachetratc 'progressive, em
ploying’ey improved
methods t-t tuatrncyi>. , y J?;
Half ibe IPcyftf .U la ijaikttefs
aster Ut£ hubs? ft ibeefpTEalyh. rjftiiej would.
.start to f¥e*t jbeir kld-tfeS WJfif .SWey** Kid-
Cure, thb'wkpriKetWbobjMad n,fml,back,
.**£• hffldrfMie’ and • rhSniniffd pains would
disappear. W'-J.-fialts.
■ *„—__2Su£t—2,—■*-
'. The uatjynr of the tlie
foo4 <ionsumiilg nationsSfe^Gf!-fftod
di&C*t*<3 g vei strength* Jtjoti cannot
•!i you eat, yon need Jt
directs Yrhiityov eat,..- tj>,a heed
self. 1? c<>dfaiiisstU of the Oigttt'.M- V.-mbbied
with the beatknown toniciAd
r{ will eveii diesis of fwla W abot
tie. No other It fft*
stantly relieves aod cum all p.U>mO<i£t rouble*
w and Butt* f
For BJaddfer Itoubles
| use STUART’S 01N and
! When jou sleep for coughing, it is
| hardly nu'prfsr? that any one nhould tell you
that fa# need a few dosea of hainberlain’
Co<Soj remedy to silay tfce iridtation of the
throat and make sleeo. poasihlo. It is good
Try it, For lale at Pi. Bishop’s drag store.
The emergency bagp sent by church societies
to Kansas soldieri \fL the Philippines cQnki) ’ ;d
among the a hox of PeMTHTs Wi ?h
fTand Salvos the well known ctfrf^for piles, in*
juries and skin diseases. The ladies took care
to qhtnin the original lie Witt’s Witch Hazel
Salve, knowing that all .the counterfeits are
worthless. W. J. Butts.
Nervousness in eured by making the blood
rich and pure with Hood’wSaisaparina. When
yon w'ant a good medicine"get Hood’s.
High living, intemperance, exposure and
many other things bring on Bright’s disease.,
Foley’s Kidney Cure win prevent. Bright s dis
ease and all other kidney or bladder disorders
if taken in tin - Take ? othing else. W S
Ki-na Ki na.—Quimne in a (antolcss form,
without affecting B* m< iicinal value, combinod
with asctanliid and iron. Just the thing fr
children. I’lcasanf take, str.c a bottle. For
sale by W. J. Batts, the drug<ist.
8c Prints now 4o yard
6c Prints now 44c‘
7c Prints now 54e
Brilliantine worth 65c now 4ic
Poplin worth 85c now 55c
Henrietta worth SI.OO now 80c
Blue Brilliaptlne worth 75c now 54
Camel ’s Hair worth 65c now 42c
Camel’s Hair worth 25c now 124 c
Dress Flannel worth 25c now 15c
Dress Flannel worth 35c now 21c
Blue and brown Henrietta 15c now 940
Henrietta ass’t colors worth 25c now 17c
Serge Dress Goods worth 65c now 42c
Imp'td Dress Pattern worth $1 now 65c
Impttd dress pattern worth $1.25 now Site
Taffeta Silk worth 95c now 624 e
China Silk worth 50c now 38c
Big lot Silks too. numerous to-mention.
Liberty Batin former price 60c now 42c
Dress Silks former price *1.25 now 83c
Black Satin former price, 86e now 55c
Black Satin Duchess form*bprice $1.25
now 72c
Silk Velvets, all colors, former price
SI.OO now 72c .
Silk Mercerized in colors former price
40c now Z&jie
Ladies’ Colars, former price 10c now 7c
Ladies’ Cnlls, former price 15c now 114
Skirt Deiilmc, former price 100 now 134
Creaton. former price 10c now- 7c •
Table Linen, former price 50c now 30c
Allover Lace, former price 90c nowooc
I/Ve Will Also Rent our Store to a Good Tenant
{•, i.'* .. ' .'v -' A,' . , Vv 4'
Accouftt Of the annual rnoetluir of
tho National Afcocifition of
War YeUrn-j at
Oot. 9 to 11, the plan . Sjst'-rn will sell
tickets from Chattanooga
and return atone fare /fer round trif>.
Tickats on s-ale.Oc'. ? and p, final.llroit
, - * .-*? ’ *
Oct. ',3.
Accpont of the fitficky Trottini?
Horse Alps, 'jHWtlnE
tVt,-a,irk-7,Ttli'p. I?i*rit 'ffjr'txem I
wiTl'juL, rUfl.t-j from to
L‘'Xog'r>p and* retiiirp .fare for
the ro. nd t |p. •• ■ThflMs S Jpt
. - I
80 to Vc ~ 1, iirxit e<l unUkXm t m .
* '
There is a fascination abo it bj|sFfoflt6 to a
ba-ijafHG man. Buf ths conservative gind caS-
prefers to have the lesser per
of interest 'atfajjie larger percent, of safety
Tb re liftto busino.** man who
would not eogftder It h m>uu4 proposition to in*
veat ih an enterj>ris| in whica absolute loss
was impotable and which offered ninety-edght
cliancea in abundremof a rich profit. The sta
tistics of core* Effected by Dr. Pierce’s Golden
j \ledicai ffacovery show thaf ninety-eight per
i cent, of, cases of “weak lungs” oan be absolutely
cured. Almost if not ail forms of physical
weakness may be traced to starvation. Starva
tion -aps the strength. The body is just as j
much etaryml when the stomach cannot extract
nutrition fniha the food it receives as when
there is no food, “Weak lungs,” branchial ~f-fActlons.
fActlons. obstinate doughs, call for nourishment
“Golden Medical Discovery” supplies that
nourishment In its most condensed and assim
ilable form. It malms ‘ weak lungs” strong, by
strengthening the stomach *B,i organs of diges
tion which digest nnd distribute the food and
by Increasing the supply 01 pure bkvxi.
A Card -
The of Manner Salve have au
thorizedWeilDdeislgned to guarantee It for
burns, cute, sores. ulcers, tetter, eczema tCnl
all skin diseases. Vou have your money back
flt doesn’t do all It claims. W. J. Butts.
Bears the ll# Kind You Haw Mvays Bw{ii
Big nature ■" 2b"""
... KAjra?AOTtnU:D by...
gr MOTE Til r. WAljg-
500 Bolts of Ribbons All Colors and
Widths Going AT COST.
All kinds Belt Buckle and Ribbon Pins
One $45.00 Music Box for $27.50
One $25.00 Music for sl4 00
A lot os Ladies’ Wraps and Jackets
White Table Linen worth 35c now 21c
White Table Linen wortli 50c now 39c
White Table Linen worth 75c now 55c
White Table Linen worth 95c now 66c
Wnite Table Dinen worth $1 now 824 c
Jeans worth 20c now 114
Cpttonade worth 15c now 9c
White Pique worth 10c now 74c
White Pique worth 124 c now 94c
White Flannel worth 40c now 27 l-2c
White Flannel worth 25c now 16 l-2c
White Flannel worth 35c now 14 l-2e
Corsets worth 50c now- 37 1-2
Corsets worth 75c now 59c
Corsets worth SI.OO now 75c
Comforts from 70c to $1.50 each
Blankets from 40e upwards
White Linen worth 50c now 33c -
A lot of white Lawns, Swiss, Organdies
M.ouslln de Soire
Towels, Damask, Scrim, others too nu
merous to mention
Boys Pants 25c now 19c
" Cams Near Dying
“ For three days and niKtite 1 aqffared agony
untold from mi attack of cholera, morbus
firouKhton by entinff cuonmbere,’ r eays M. E.
jJ.owthcr, clerk of the district court, Ccnter-
P*l"' lowa. ‘1 thought I stiould surely die
[and tried a dozen different medicines, but all to
no pnrpoeo. I sent for a bottle of Chambor
lain Colic,Chob ra and Diarrhoea Remedy and
• three doses relieved me entirely. 1 went to
fdejgj and dl i not Awake tor eight hom e. On
awakening a tew hours ego I felt s, gratified
that the first work J to < n going to th* office is
tow-rite to the manufacturer, of this remedy
* ••< ilteja my grateful . thanks aod say
•Gad Ijles* yon tofil tlje eidendid medicine yen
r ke.’” ThlF-remedy la for*ate at J,r. Bfsli
SeS%iid hand household
furniture bought and sold,-
also piahos, organs, trunks,
mirrors, carpets, etc. .T. W,
Wa’kins. *..'•■
Cheap Via Southern Railway.
av '* -v .t
rJMiCON. G % Qvfttfd Lodge, A. M. One
Tlai-e round Ticket - uttiklc *ctober 2'.'
fioal limit November 2, IPOOr^
LOtTHV”ILLE, KY.,--Annual convention col
ored OddfHlowg. Ono fare for- round trip
Tickets on uaye Sept. .'9*3o, and Oct. 1, tlual
limit Oct 9.
ASHEVILLE,N.C.--Annual meeting Mig6is
alppl Vallcp Medical Agsodat .-n. one fare
for round trip. Tickets oh sale oct. 6-9, Una]
limit oct. IC.
KANSAS CITY. MO...Account of Nation Con
vention of the Chriatlan church, UcJcetswill
heboW to Kum-a-i City* Oct. s.jo, with final
limit Oct. 2d, at rate of ono fare lor the round
trip, plug H.
HIA. TKNN.—Chicamaaga and
ir-nattanoogi Nations’ Pork Comrmsgioii.
n-onion ol the -‘ociety of the Army
Sr.nrlf- Cuoittgrlami Con/cdeiato Veterans
TOVnattnualm etinp; National Assotlation
rou?d ?H. SVi % V teninrt - ° ,u * r ”' for the
*** CHstoben and 9,
witn nnal iUni||)ct©b#r 13, 1000.
. ,r*
L AWgjlftTlo?' Ux •£ t V ki y breeders*
Tickets orL*i Pc ' r for the round trip
uctodr I,U ‘ ,r ' Ur **• w,lh flnal
A Tor?nVll?Mbi\V eJSS*.iffS" l *** , Fil ] r
cent ~er mile m °*
CH Un.EKTOK. *. C.~Aemisl Cos even Hon
-egiie of Initcu. MotiiclyitUUes, “. a ,
far.: for the round ’yip pin,
sale December 8 and 11,with itinr
t.uibei 21, luoo. *
AMFniC’PB,GA,-Grand U*jpA.V.ua a.
Masons and Auxiliary. Due And oui-third
fares for the round trip i ”"ets on ssVs
SeptotulHrrWi to October a, with Bi„.i i.mit
October 7,1800. -
LUMBER CJITV, Gs—Colored Campnieetiug,
One and one-third fare- for tae lot.n i trip
Ticket, on sale Hapteinbor 2T and 30, vritl.
final limit 0.-tobet 1,180-,
Boys Pants 50c now 374 c
Boys Saits from 65c and upwards
Ladies, Children and Gents of all de
Oil cloth worth 25c now 19c
Gents Shoes worth 1 .35 now 95c
Gents Shoes worth 3.00 now 1 80
Gent’s Shoes wortli 3.00 now 2.25.
Boys Shoes worth 1,60 now 1.10
Gent’s Clothing worths 00 now 2.50
“ “ “ 7.00 now 400
“ “ “ 990 now 6.60
“ “11 50 now 7.50
“ 9.50 now 6.00
“ “ “ 12 00 now 8.00
“ “11.00 now 7.25
“ 10.50 now 725
“ ' “ “14 50 now 10 00
“ “ “ 13.50 now 8.90
And many other Suits too numerous to
500 Gents Pants
A lot of Gents and Boys Ilats and Caps
A lot of Gents Underwear of all kinds
Collars, Half Hose Jewelry, etc
Gents 25c Neckwear now 19c
Gents 50c. Neckwear now 38c •’ggj
124 c Sea Island Percale now ICc
10c Sea Island Percale now 74c
$! ,00 Ladies Shoes and Slippers now 75c
#1.35 ladies Shoes and Slippers now 95c
$1.50 ladies Shoes and Slippers now $1
A lot of Children and Misses Shoes space
not sufficient to name prices, -33*3
Ladies, Children and Gents Rubbers
The key to health iin the kidney*
and liver. Keep these organs active
endjeou have health, strength and
oheer/ul spirits. I’riokly JAasb Bit
ters is a stimulant for the kindeys,
regulates the liver, stomach ar.d bow
els. A golden household remedy.
VV. J. Ruttj, druggist.
To Stop a Cold.
After exposure or when you feel a cold cora
log on take a dose of Foley’a Honey and Tar.
u JffWtoef Us to stop a cold If takon in time. W
Bloodworth & Jones
New Liverv Stables
New Buggies
Fine Horses
Prompt attention given ah
orders. Drayage a spec
Phone 24-3. E St.
Cor. Mouk and Grant Sts]
PTKK& \j untt s,,d bcavMflM the hair.
iGaurlai t gruwtu.
.f® Howtoro Gray
frJKW&rSL GaorlruH ni.d hr ■■|,illir..

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